Big Brother Spoilers Andy: “Spencer and Howard are Rats .. you need to lure it in and kill it”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots


11:26pm Have nots Howard freaking out grunting and crying he’s feeling like he’s losing control.
Someone opens the door, “Is howard here”
Howard grunts out “GET OUT”
Howard: “Help me lord.. I can’t do it by myself help me lord help me.. help me lord.. I can’t do it by myself”

11:35pm Spencer and Judd are in the storage room talking. Spencer asks Judd if he can put in a good word for him and to tell Helen that I am solid. Judd says yeah sure. Judd and Spencer shake hands. Spencer leaves the room. In the bedroom – Spencer asks Howard if he is okay. Howard says that he is good. Howard is moving his and Candice’s stuff out of the other bedroom. Spencer offers Howard his and Judd’s drawer. Howard and Spencer head into the havenot room. Howard is visibly upset and looks like he is about to lose it. Spencer asks what happened. Howard talks about how a lot of racial comments have been made and Candice feels like we are being weak by giving up our bed …which we are but.. if we stay in there I am going to lose my temper. Howard says that he can’t let that happen. Spencer offers Candice and Howard his bed and says that he will sleep in the havenot room. Howard says that its okay. Spencer tells him that if there is anything he needs to just ask. Spencer tells him he will give him some space to collect his thoughts and leaves the room.



11:45pm In the lounge room – Jeremy talks to McCrae, Amanda and Judd. Jeremy talks to them about how he doesn’t agree with what Aayrn and Kaitlin did. He says that they shouldn’t have blown up like that and he doesn’t think they handled it right. Jeremy leaves and heads back to the bedroom. Kaitlin comes in that tells him that she sat there and listened to the whole conversation where he threw her under the bus. Jeremy says that he didn’t throw her under the bus he just said that he didn’t agree with the way they reacted. He tells her that they are not handling this right, this is a game. The odds are stacked against you but you can’t act like that. Jeremy says when you were doing that I just put my head into my pillow and wondered why. Jeremy talks to Kaitlin and Aaryn that they can’t always be on the top. He says that their blow up didn’t help things but that they can fix it just like how he did when he blew up that one night.

11:32pm HOH Bedroom Candace, Helen, Elissa, Andy, Jessie

Candice tells them that Aaryn flipped her mattress knocking off her clothes and pillows, “thats disrespectful especially coming from the girl that said racial slurs.. what is she doing knocking over the black peoples bed”
Candace says that she told Aaryn if she finds her bed flipped one more time it’s going to get serious, “It’ll be like Evel dick in her banging pots and pans”
Candace says Aaryn was “Talking all black” to her and called her shanequa. She is in shocked that she has to deal with this in the Big Brother House.
Candace: “Who flips a mattress”
Helen: “America is watching”
Candace: “Whoever Is Aaryn’s Parents did a horrible job of raising her and if you are racist like her it’s 2013”
Helen: “You and Jessie sleep up here where it’s save.. Aaryn’s days are numbered she knows it”
Andy and Helen keep reiterating they have we votes we have the votes.. Andy says they are on the winning side so let the other side do whatever they want in a couple weeks everything will be peaceful again. (LOL omg Amanda is going to mess this friendship alliance up you just wait)
Jessie says Aaryn got in trouble for flipping the mattress.


11:45pm HOH Helen, Jessie and Candace
Helen saying the behaviour from Aaryn is uncalled for. Flipping the mattress etc.. Jessie: “They are like Jessie you know how you are being portrayed even Julie is making fun of you.. the whole house laughed at you.. you tried 5 different showmances and none of them worked”
Helen: “All of America thinks you are a genius for joining our side.. so shut that up.. OK”
Judd points out that Julie highlighted to Aaryn “Do you know the cameras are around”
Helen pacing around says she’s putting up Aaryn and Kaitlin and if POV is played Jeremy goes up.
Helen says Gina was lied to today she lost nick they got to cut her some slack.
Elissa joins them makes a comment about how Gina is crying so much
Helen didn’t think Nick played a very good game. He didn’t talk game to anyone. Helen thinks Nick strategy was to hangout with Gina who was close to Jeremy who was going to be his ticket to the end

12:06:20 Elissa: “Nick was definitely in an alliance with them.. When I did my thing (Diary Room) they were always like How does it feel to get another ……. Feeds cut” (Diary room does it again)


12:16AM HOH Andy and Helen
Andy: “The five of us need to talk before Helen starts talking to Jeremy”
Helen says she won’t talk any game until they have that meeting.
Andy says he knows it in his gut that Spencer and Howard dropped a vote onto Elissa so they could blame it on Jessie. Andy says Jessie is 100 times more trustworthy than Spencer or Howard, “I know it I know it Helen”
Andy explains that Spencer and Howard were going to flip to the other side then they saw they had the power so they came back.
Andy : “I was watching them all day today.. They were meeting with nick with Jeremy and with each other.. I’m 100% positive they are rats”
Andy: ‘Here’s the thing when you have a rat like that and it’s close you need to lure it in and kill it”
Helen that is so disappointing about Howard. Andy mentions how they totally over sold it after the vote happened, “cheering we did it we did it”

They both agree that Jeremy has played a really straight forward game so far.
Andy: “Spencer and Howard are Rats.. Howard swore on the Bible that he didn’t vote David out.. anybody that does that we can’t trust a word Howard says”
Andy says he can barely talk to Spencer any more he so full of sh!t. Helen thinks it’s Spencer doing it all and Howard is just following them along.

Helen says If Jeremy for some reason magically saves himself from eviction because he wins a Power of Veto Spencer is going up . Andy agrees fully.


12:42AM Bedroom Andy, McCrea, Amanda, Kaitlin, Aaryn

Amanda is telling her the actions she chooses right now is making is bad game play and are the reasons why David and Nick are home. Amanda: ‘You decided to get Elissa against you guys that is why Nick and David are home right now”
Andy jumps in saying they all had the opportunity to use the twist. Amanda: “You didn’t use it correctly”
Amanda says from a game perspective keeping Elissa was the best move for their game, Sure it’s not fair that Elissa gets MVP every week but it’s working for them.

Amanda says Jeremy is the only smart one out of you all he’s laying low while Aaryn rampages. Amanda points out that Flipping a mattress is stupid when you might need their vote down the line. Aaryn says she’ll never get Candace’s vote. McCrea: “That is why you suck at this game.. you have to suck it up sometimes and take it on the chin”


1:05Am Bedroom Gina, KAitlin, Jeremy, Andy and Amanda

Jeremy mentions to them some of them really need this money it will make a difference. Adds that Elissa doesn’t need this money shouldn’t be in the house. Amanda says Elissa doesn’t want to stay that long. Andy: “She’s helping us get the people targeting us out”
Jeremy: “I don’t think David and Nick was coming after y’all … good game moves though you kept her safe for two weeks”
Amanda: “There may be targets other than you guys“
Jeremy: “But that’s not who is going up”
Howard comes in hugs Gina she starts sobbing.. everyone else except for Kaitlin leave.


1:16Am Howard and Candace Howard pleading with her to sleep in the bed and he’ll sleep in the have nots just for tonight. Howard has to keep his cool he need’s to be alone. Candace doesn’t want to sleep in the bed because “they” will start messing with her again. After some persuasion Candace agrees to sleep in the bed.

Gina is crying so loud you can hear her throughout the house. Kaitlin and Candace are holding her as she howls

1:26AM McCrea and Amanda
McCrea tells her there was a boys alliance called the Moving Company. Day two of his HOH They came up and pitched the alliance to him.
McCrea: ‘I didn’t want to be with them at all”
McCrea says that Spencer was spearheading the Alliance. They really wanted to get rid of Amanda which wasn’t cool for him, “you’re my queen.”
McCrea: “It was me, Howard, Nick, Spencer and Jeremy”
McCrea says Nick was actually good at the game but the rest of them were f***ing dumb. McCrea: “They f*** suck and I didn’t want to be part of their sucky alliance.. who do we tell”
Amanda: “Don’t tell anybody nobody trusts Spencer and howard.
Andy joins them. .
They tell him about the Moving Company. Andy says he knew it. McCrea is worried Howard and Spencer will use it against him.
McCrea “I don’t want Sh1t pig Jeremy to make it”
McCrea says the moving company sucked, Howard, Spencer and Jeremy are all crappy at this game he never wanted to be part of the alliance. McCrea discloses the last weeks scheming says he was never going to vote Elissa out he just told them. Points out how paranoid Spencer and Howard were. McCrea says he was doing reconnaissance for them. McCrae says they have to keep this a secret and start cutting down Howard, Spencer and Jeremy

McCrea tells them that Nick would always say He was going to cut Gina loose and he couldn’t stand her found her annoying. McCrea adds that Jeremy would say the same thing about Kaitlin.

1:40AM Feeds flip to Aaryn Apologizing to Candace. Candace accepts the apology

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155 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers Andy: “Spencer and Howard are Rats .. you need to lure it in and kill it”

  1. only aaryn and kaitlin could pull ahead of jeremy, howard, and spence, as the biggest targets in the house inside of 5 hours – simply amazing!

    1. I know right! As for Aaryn she really thought she would be “America’s sweetheart” but she turned out to be “America’s Nightmare”

      1. i agree…bigbrothers rating would go up if mvp was giving to different hgs evry week.. tired of Elissa getting it every week and if she doesnt get it Helen will …someone on her team. and people who can really play the game are going to go bye bye..

        1. 18 thumbs down, because the person claimed they’d like someone other than Elissa to get MVP.

          BAAAHHHHH….you people are sheep.

    2. As much as I like this game, I think CBS has this game completely the way they planned it. THEY KNEW elissa was going to be public enemy number one because 1) She is rachel reilleys sister, the competition beast 2) She was planning on not telling the houseguest..

      So what do they do? They bring in this MVP factor and a hidden hoh type power. Even a blind man can see elissa was going to win the Fkin power week after week. Honestly if this secret power wasnt in the game the MC would of ran all over the house.

      And mccrae the snake, just made his odds of making the final 5 much harder. GJ bro, Gj!

        1. Tim, they already do. But by doing it the way they do, CBS *makes* America think they actually have a say, and each MVP vote made puts $ in the CBS coffers.

      1. Just because someone has the MVP does not mean the house has to vote that person out. Look who the HOH nominated the past two weeks – PERSONAL noms. The MVP made strategic noms, especially this week. The house did not have to vote them out, but they did because they were the right noms. I would hazard a guess that there are just as many Rachel haters as those you like her. The reason Elissa keeps getting the MVP is because of the actions of the HGs towards here for no other reason than she is Rachel’s sister. And last night the comments that she doesn’t deserve to be there because she doesn’t need the money? Since when is that a pre-requisite?

    3. the dumb thing is that the girls weren’t necessarily helen’s prime targets, jeremy was. but now the way they (read: aaryan) reacted, I would say she is target number 1 now. im really surprised by how well jeremy is reacting, he can really keep his cool!! the hilarious thing is that the house voted out nick, who i don’t think aaran and kaitlyn even really trusted (just through jeremy) basically. they should be happy a competitive player is out and quickly realign. but that won’t happen…

    1. you can’t half jump ship….you piss people off that way…you make a choice!!!

      PS I am so in love with Judd at this point!!! he is so loveable: Judd points out that Julie highlighted to Aaryn “Do you know the cameras are around”

    2. Yap in one of the conversation Howard suggested to backdoor Helen. Howard voted Elissa out and lied that he did not. I used to like him but after voting Elissa and can prays with his alliance and lied and then will try to backdoor Helen later, he needs to be backdoored. He is the snake, He is hypocrite and hoping that candice and Helen realize very soon that Howard is a fake, I do not like him anymore. He needs to be exposed. After the bullies go Howard must be the first one to be released in Elissa and Helen alliance. Rooting for either Helen, Andy, Judd, Amanda, Candice, Jessie to go all the way and Elissa to jury house since she does not needmoney anyway. What would be nice and rock the house if Helen becomes both HOH and MVP and it will be very hard for the houseguest to guess who MVP is. WOW.

      1. Well why not, do you not understand Nick and the MC was his real alliance? He voted Elissa out because it was part of the MC plan to make it look like Jessie.

        1. All true, Hernanday, but Andy was *all* over that. He correctly told Helen that he’s positive that Jessie didn’t flip; it was either Howard or Spencer (It was Howard.) MC strategy always fails, because the other side has been far better, at both executing their own strategy, and figuring out what the failed MC strategy attempts were.

  2. Jeremy is still scum. If he would of been more humble and not so damn cocky he would be in a better position. I still cant get over what he has done and said to Elissa. The “hat incident” should get him voted out of BB. He is just kissing a$$ to save his own. Im sure the others can see that.

  3. “12:06:20 Elissa: “Nick was definitely in an alliance with them.. When I did my thing (Diary Room) they were always like How does it feel to get another ……. Feeds cut” (Diary room does it again) ”

    Funny how production cuts the feeds so people don’t see how bad production is controlling this game from the diary room.

    1. I think that is crap too! Each year the producers have their favorites in the game and let them get away with stuff or do stuff in their favor. Last year they let red-haired guy get away with cheating! Dan still pulled the wool over his eyes though and didn’t get sent home. I just wish they would give them the rules, interfere when necessary, like with the racial comments, but otherwise, stay out of it and let them play. That is why we love to watch this game. It is like putting a variety of fish in a fish bowl and seeing which ones get eaten and which ones survive.

      1. People that truly believe Production doesn’t manipulate(rig) then they must not pay attention to anything or even watch DickatNite, Ian (from BB14) was talking about Production attempting to get him to save Dan, and when Ian said no, they created that comp for the “extra VETO”, that JennCity won and they convinced her to use it on Dan.

        Same thing happened many time in season 13, after the clown shoe comp, that Jeff was supposed to win, along with that HOH that was set up for him to win (keeping the vets in power), but he accidentally threw the shoe out the bin, then the newbs won POV sending him out, then HOH putting Rachel and Jordon up allowing a 2 week swoop of 3 vets, leaving Jordon alone and the game in jeopardy heading for a newb to win, production clearly didn’t want that so they brought in Pandora’s Box(everyone opens the box) early to save Rachel.

        Some people need to open their eyes. Even past HG knows what’s happening and talks about it(watch DickatNite) Dick mentions it often.

      2. And I wouldn’t buy into America’s Vote, we all know that’s some utter BS(See Jeff’s Coup D’Etat, or like Chima calls it Coup D’ECrap)

        The only time America’s Vote matters is what the Have Nots get to eat for the week.

      3. I’m just reiterating what somebody said on an earlier feed, but Production’s manipulation is part of the “Big Brother” concept – not just the show, but the wider definition of “big brother”, meaning a totalitarian government. “Big brother” tactics are not just about constant surveillance, but also about controlling and manipulating citizens’ (in this case the HGs) fear and behaviour. So, I don’t see Production as interfering, but rather, they are playing *their* game.

    2. It is amazing how production has its favorites that it protects like crazy every season. This whole give Rachel’s sister a power EVERY WEEK with rigged votes is just laughable.

  4. I hope Howard and spencer get evicted soon. It will be their own faults. I called Helen being a good player from the start. She’s obviously intelligent and her job fits so well with BB.

  5. What are the odds that Aaryn doesnt last until next Thursday? I say at least 50/50. It would save Julie the awkwardness of addressing the “go cook some rice” comment.

  6. Really really really Helen?? You really thought that Nick played a bad game?? Ummmmmm hmmmmm?? Nick played an awesome game probley better than you to be honest that was kinda stupid for what she said there awkward…. Anyways they got Nick out because he was strong as a competitive beast and was also smart he was like a Dan so he isn’t that stupid probley smarter than you Helen to be honest… Hey Simon what do you mean about Amanda is going to mess with the friendship alliance?? What alliance is it??

    1. I wouldn’t say Nick’s game was “awesome.” He’s no longer in the house so there was something wrong with what he did.

      1. Yeah, he wasn’t Rachel Reilly’s sister, and production didn’t pull strings to save him. Bad game bro, bad game.

    2. No matter the showmances or player’s cool factor the game is strategy. Nick gave the impression of control by hanging out with the right people until he realized “uh-oh” too late he was hanging out with the wrong people. His strategy was to be the ultimate floater and nobody trusts those types at all. Both sides just let him have it in the form of an eviction.

      1. Yeah, you know, because Porsche didn’t float her way to 50,000 dollars two seasons ago….

        Elissa was helped by production. You can thumb me down, but you can’t change the reality. Production was in everyone’s ears. Helen even alluded to it. Anyone who says otherwise is delusional.

    3. Do you know how ridiculous this sounds. Lets review his game: Alligned with a worm and three douchebags, played a role in keeping the person who would later put him on the block, when Elissa told him he would be the replacement nom if he didn’t lie to her…and he basically told her he would vote her out, his late social game didn’t produce anything…he relied on his alliance that had revealed itself as beyond flawed, and all of this without winning a single comp. That is awesome? You might not know what the word means.

    4. Yeah, just don’t bother. You’re obviously no longer allowed to speak out against Elissa’s Hit Squad unless it’s to note how perfect they are.

      This season makes me sick, it’s the Friendship all over again.

    1. Please, Simon and everyone else, do NOT confuse the original Big Sister (me–with a space between the two words!) with this one. I remember from last year that our viewpoints are usually not similar at all.

      1. I was not aware that there was another ‘Big sister’ I am a newcomer. I will find a new name. I did not post last year – so it must have been a third “big sister’?

        1. Thank you! I chose that name because I really am a big sister to three siblings. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and wish you the best!

  7. This is so disgusting I can’t believe production let it get this far. I always thought that people were going a little crazy wanting to sign petitions to get Aaryn expelled but my heart broke seeing Howard and Candice discuss the racist comments being said to them and about them and the sad part is they don’t even know half of them!Plus Kaitlin and Aaryn maliciously bullied Jessie tonight and I love how they say Jessie is a slut (when all she did was flirt with guys who have known their “girlfriends” for like a week or so. They weren’t taken and at least she hasn’t had sex after knowing a guy for like a week or 2 on camera. I laughed when Aaryn said she wouldn’t get a job after this…Best part was Amanda coming in and defending Jessie by outing Aaryn and Kaitlin shit talking each other. Aaryn looked like she was going to cry and Laitlin didn’t say much in response. I actually clapped. Sad to see Nick go but this has been the most interesting night for the live feeds since last season’s Dan’s funeral or Willie’s headbutt.

    1. I think all the comments are awful….but from what I have seen I believe that the asian slurs have been the most frequent? the homophobic slurs and misgynistic ones are definitely up there too with the black…i feel bad for all of them but i definitely don’t feel worse for howard/candace than anyone else ESPECIALLY howard who said that candace overreacted to them to aaryn which was unnecessary

  8. GM is sobbing over Nick and wiping her tears with his shorts. At first I was laughing but now I’m genuinely disturbed…

  9. I was rooting for Howard but he has peas for balls. He doesn’t have to turn into the Hulk after he has been pushed to the max, he just needs to call bullshit on the racist and sexist comments and be a man. For someone so big I never seen someone act so small. From a Christian…

    1. What an load of crap this comment was. Reeks of immaturity and a lack of perspective. Who are you to judge Howard for how he personally reacts to racially insensitive remarks? You don’t know what his experiences are in this area, you don’t know what he’s had to deal with in his life. And what the hell does you being a Christian have to do with this shit?

      1. George, you my friend are an idiot. Howard leaves Candice out to dry when she is being attacked by racists and I lack perspective and maturity? You are an idiot. All Howard had to do is say that is enough with these bullshit racist comments! But he has peas for balls and you have two peas for brains.

    2. I feel for Howard, he is really torn and doing his absolute best to stay calm and stay focused. I just want him to stop hugging the girl who said welfare was ______ insurance and stop being around the four evil people in general. This house is not like being back home where if he sees or hears racists comments he can walk away and not be in the situation, in this house he has to live with racists in close quarters and be around them all the time. Seeing Candace getting attacked and crying is tormenting him and I really feel for him. But he has got to leave the dark evil side of germ, kkk,aryan nation and gm and see the light and stay with the good people.

      1. I don’t see why he didn’t do anything about last week up until this point. The guy jumps ship and floats to wherever the power is. If he had any self respect and integrity as a MAN, he should’ve stepped up to them last week instead of kissing their a$$. He is a classless man and I wouldn’t call him a Christian man, No REAL Christian would swear on a Bible and lie. He has no allegiance even to God.

  10. Its funny to think that Jeremy is being so mature and level headed about what is currently going on. It shows I think that he is actually in it to win it.

  11. McCrae to Aryan- “..that is why you suck at this game.” Oh yeah baby, about time someone told her that to her face!!!

  12. Sooooo…ummm… Jerm is always scratching his balls and goes to HOH, hand in bag of chips, and puts bag back. Ummm.. yeah you can just keep the bag.

  13. For this week we have a new award the MBP to go along with the MVP. The MBP Most Blubbering Player award goes to ……………. GM

  14. Observation…. Before I get into the heart of the matter, understand that I ABSOLUTELY will continue to watch. THIS season has such great great potential. A few bad apples will not discourage me. That being said, I am concerned about the vetting process during player selection this season. I ABSOLUTELY know that they screen for issues like possible violent behavior. But I am very surprised that social ignorance issues was so badly missed this season. I can understand a SINGLE person slipping through the cracks, however it appears that the BB staff dropped the ball this time. While (technically) there is only one clear racist on the cast, there are a couple more that seem to condone the behavior by their inaction. This should have been discovered during the vetting process. As a fan, I hope (and trust) the BB will fix this problem in the seasons to follow. Thanks for listening.

    1. …not to mention, scouting locations (bars, etc.) for girls. Kaitlin’s presence can be explained thusly. She has got to be one of the most horrible human beings (straight out of MEAN GIRLS).

    2. Not just Aaryn, spencer has made horrific anti-Semitic comments that are disgusting and shows his ignorance, and Gina — she’s also said some downright racist comments….but the focus has been on Aaryn for sure – none of that is excusable…..and I’m really appalled by Howard constantly giving Aaryn and Gina a pass – you don’t go hug them without addressing their comments….that’s pathetic – and that has nothing to do with being a good person or relatable to any religious variation – it seems to me that he picks and chooses when to use his “religious morals” – he has no backbone – Candace does.

  15. I feel like Howard should be turning green any moment now. I have respect that he knows how to handle himself and know when he needs to just step back && breath.

    I think what Aaryn needs is one of those 24hr confinement in the have not room. Don’t think it would help too much but hopefully give her a chance to think about everything.

  16. OMG GINA MARIE GET OVER IT LOL boy is she gonna feel stupid when she watches the show when she get home Reminds me of Natalie (chatty Natty) and Matt

    1. You think GM is crying now. Wait until she finds out she has no job when she returns to the real world. She might have to wind up talking naked in front of a webcam for spare change along with her buddy, Aaryn.

    1. I wonder if we took our own BB fan poll for MVP and compared it. I am wondering if “Elissa” is really winning MVP each time??? HMMMM. With some of the things the production staff does in the DR I can only imagine if they mishandle the votes also.

      1. I am not sure that would work. Most of us here know and respect the game and how it’s played. A lot of those people out there voting are just voting because they like a person–NOT how choosing that person would influence the game. It reminds me of American Idol. People in the audience just yell and scream for who they LIKE, and boo (or use to boo) at Simon when he would make a negative comment on their person, even if Simon’s comment was spot on.

  17. As a biracial girl I’ve had my flack from both races, but I think Candace/Howard should have have defended themselves straightforward and not walk away and come from an educational standpoint and don’t fight with hate and low blows (even though it’s hard)

    Even though Howard has every right to be upset it seems like dude has serious demons from his past or something cuz that was extra, but respect for removing yourself if you can’t handle talking one on one with bigot barbie

    For real if this was outside you know Aaryn would have been KO’d

    Team Helen Judd Andy (I’m sure it will change in a couple days) haha

    Ugh Nick dammit!!

    P.s. Everyone stop voting Elissa MVP she has done nothing game wise to deserve nor is she entertaining and a fan fav based on personality

    MVP twist is laaame…it was cool for like 5 seconds cuz it was diff, but it’s not fare it should be like HoH you can’t win consecutively

    1. Layla, what are you talking about? If it wasn’t for Elissa being MVP, both of those two ducks would still be in the game, David and Nick. Stop telling everyone how to vote, we all know what we are doing. It will cost you a dollar to vote, so why don’t you vote for Aaryn to be MVP and STFU….and you should know by now, nothing is ‘fair’ (not fare) in the BB house. Get a grip!

    2. As a black woman, I completely disagree with you regarding Howard and Candice. They are doing the right thing by not constantly confronting Aaryn for her comments. She doesn’t think she’s remotely racist and this kind of convo would result in a fight. There would’ve have been any way aroubd that. I mean Aaryn can barely take the criticism from Amanda. It’s not the place for that. Like you said if this was outside she would be dealt with, but it’s not. They are in a confined space with no way to get away from each other. By them not participating in a fight or confrontation about race is allowing the other house guests to see what we already do. Hence why Amanda said something. I hope they keep that up… I’m enjoying watching Aaryn be exposed for who she really is.

      1. Over a week ago, I replied to a comment that I thought Howard should have spoken to Aaryn individually in a quiet tone and told her how sad, disappointed and insulted he was at her racist remarks. Then before she could say a word, to just walk away from her. And after that, only speak to hear when he absolutely had to. However, after watching his excruciating inner struggle to regain his composure last night, I can now see how much effort it took for him to even seem calm in the face of such overt animosity. He is well aware of the stereotype of the angry Black man and didn’t want to blow up at her or blow up his game. It was hard for him to even look at himself in the mirror last night and his prayers to God to help him were the only thing that gave him some peace. I teared up as I watched and I don’t often cry. Even though I think it was insincere, I understand that Aaryn apologized to Candice sometime last night. Not sure if she said anything to Howard or Helen. However, words are cheap in this instance. Aaryn needs more help than any of the House Guests or CBS can offer to her. If her past reactions, particularly to Amanda, are any predictor, it would be a total waste of money and time. I would LOVE to see her face when she learns that her “joking” cost her her job and her reputation.

    3. i agree with you…production set this up. those sneaky people… so Elissa will have power,,,yes this MVP is stupid and cbs will probably lose more ratings if bb doesnt change twist again…its going to be so boring if Elissa and her croons get mvp weekly..but i bet it will be Elissa that gets it.. boring.. take the mvp out production…this shows yourr show is extremely fixed.. wow. way to hide it..

    4. Layla, you see how nasty the Elissa fans have become? You suggest voting for someone other than Elissa (who has won zero…COUNT IT, ZERO….competitions), and they accuse you of being Team Aaryn.


      lol…people suck.

  18. Jermy is really sucking it up right now. He says he doesn’t want to get in the middle of a girl fight, people gotta share, he’ll sleep on the floor, etc. I hope these houseguest didn’t forget what he’s REALLY like when he NOT ON THE BLOCK. “Anybody got a problem about drinking the wine – come to me”. He had no problem with that ’cause he wasn’t at risk then. He was eating popcorn when all this fighting went down tonight – pulled up a chair and let the ‘chicks’ go at it.

    1. …cont’d…watching AfterDark and Jeremy just sprawls all 6’3″ of his body across Jesse’s bed and refuses to leave. Physical intimidation, threatening of a much smaller woman (refusing to leave her personal space), then having Kaitlin jump on top of him —- this is just too much. This is frightfully nearing a grey area that they (production) can still allow this to play out. While some of us are screaming for justice and fair gameplay fixated because this is a microcosm of a small slice of America.

    2. I have to correct you. In Jeremy’s case, the wine is called firewater and the popcorn is called roasted corn and chicks are squaws and “sleep on the floor” means sleep on the dirt and “sucking it up” means being a girly coward.

  19. I’m sorry but after Aaryn, Kaitlin and Gina said all those racial slurs and flipped the beds and made it impossible for them to sleep in the same room production should have intervened made them all have nots and said enough or all 3 go home. This is getting too much now. When people start fearing for their safety it is not a game anymore. I cant believe in this day and age game or no game production has let this go on. You are basically saying because it is a game it is ok. Julie must be sick to her stomach watching this go on in the house. Saddest season out of all the BB’s.

  20. there is a petition on to get aaryn removed from the game. the houseguests do not deserve to be bullied or racially targeted when all they are doing is trying to play a game. I encourage you all to sign it.

  21. OMG I am sooo elated that Helen won HOH…. finally we will be able to experience some intelligent game play and conversations and not have to deal with miss “barbie”. I find her as the ugliest human being and think its truly sad people raise their children to think that its ok to think and talk like this.

    Also on a side note as someone who LOVES big brother I was soooo initially excited to have someone named “Erin” on the show…. (using my spelling not hers)…. as there has not yet been one “Erin” to date. Maybe I will be the next Erin they have and it will bring a positive reputation to the name and we will all laugh in the house about what a waste she is. I only hope she goes through some mad self discovery when she’s out and realizes how flawed she is.

    1. Intelligent gameplay? Rofl, it’s us vs them, how complex can the gameplay really be? Just because the people you like are in power doesn’t make everything they do the smartest thing on the planet. They’ll be doing extremely predictable things all week, and one of the three people on the other side will leave, doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize what they’re gonna do.

  22. I feel sorry for the players that are being bullied and abused . No one should go on National TV and be treated so shamefully. A while back I was mad at Howard for going along with Aaryn, by saying he knew that she was joking, and not standing up to her, but after tonight. and listening to his reasons, seeing what went on in the house, Howard has handle himself admirably, There is a saying “You can’t argue with a drunk”, in this case you can’t argue with a bully, they can come up with a million reasons for their bad behavior, and they are never at fault.
    I feel so sorry for GM, she is so desperate to be loved by a man, that she is unable to see the warning signs,
    that Nick was not for her.
    As far as Jeremy is concerned, I am utterly shocked by the way he is handling himself, I really thought he would throw things around , and instead he remained calm and reasonable, too bad he didn’t act like this in the first place.

    1. All Amanda would do is nominate one of Elissa’s enemies (or Spencer/Howard).

      Really, production needs to give the MVP to somebody like Howard or Elissa’s group is going to continue picking off their enemies for weeks with nothing stopping them. It will be an incredible bore.

      Or, you know, just get rid of the horribly unfair twist altogether.

      1. Ellisa’s group? It is only slightly more Elissa’s group than it is Andy’s group or Judd’s group…and only because she’s had the MVP vote. The only people looking out for Elissa is Ellisa and Helen aka the Mom Squad. Everybody else is doing what is best for their own games.

        Ellisa ultimately made good choices for MVP choosing David and Nick (I wonder if Jeremy had stayed on the block, would he have gone home?), and deserves credit for recognizing bigger threats than herself, but her execution wasn’t flawless or even unmessy. Her week one effort to allign herself with McCrae was foolish and clumsy. Week two without Helen and Amanda, she would have been out of there. Chicken or Egg. Elissa made no moves unrelated to the MVP…without it would she have made any?

        While the tone of the game made sense that she was voted MVP in the first couple of weeks, I hope it doesn’t continue to be soley an Elissa power…especially when others are playing the game so much better than she has.

        1. I don’t think anybody really thinks Elissa is playing a good game. She’s receiving MVP because of production. They want to keep her in longer.

          Every single member of Elissa’s “alliance” has floated to her for that MVP power of hers. It’s safety for them and they’re right to do it. And until the power is gone, they’ll continue to cling to her.

  23. did Howard think he could bring in his bible and make it work for him like Dan did in BB14…his anger issues is/will destroy his BB days…

  24. Did I miss the part where nick died and before he did declared his undying love for Ginamarie?

    I’m just dying to know.

    Get a grip girl you barely knew the kid.

    1. Nick was never into GM, and once he finds out what America really thinks of her…GM’s chances with him will be ZERO

  25. Howard stayed loyal even though it was not smart i can respect that. Spencer is a super floater who tried to flip and now no one trust him. McCrea is a little snake with no back bone so i guess that makes him a worm. But he made a great game move and is in a good position almost perfect.

    1. Floaters don’t attempt to manipulate the game playing both sides of the house.

      He was horrible at what he was doing, but a floater he is not. Benedict Arnold is more like it.

  26. Howard is already in Hulk form.. I’m waiting for him to de-Hulk and shrink into his human form. His human form is Steve Urkel. Going to be best twist of the summer.

  27. It is so ironic when Kaitlin calls someone “immature” like do you even understand what the word immature means Kaitlin? Did you guys notice on BBAD how she was one of the first ones to leave Helen’s HOH room to go bully Jessie with Aaryn, but once Amanda came in there she didn’t say a damn WORD to Amanda. Kaitlin is a sheep. She can’t even speak her mind to her hubby Jeremy. She never has any conviction in anything she says and she just reiterates what the Queen Bitch (Aaryn) says or King Douche (Jeremy). She is NOT cut out for this game at all and just seeing her in this game makes me want to hit something. She is the classic case of all looks and no brains.

  28. Perhaps this would be the night where the Xanax gets passed around? Then people may not care about Gina and her wailing reverberating through the entire house.

  29. Amanda is playing the best game, she dismantled the MC without even realizing it, she got the biggest threat out of the house (Nick), and has McCrae wrapped around her thumb. It’s only week 2 but she has a really good chance of winning.

    1. it was helen, candace, andy who dismantled mc – and jess, spencer and mccrae for voting to keep elissa – amanda only campaigned for elissa to brown nose elissa and america to be on the good side of the mvp scenario

      amanda has made too many enemies, both male and female to be playing the best game

      there are many that would put up amanda (and/or mccrae)as a nom, either via mvp or hoh to break up the showmance

  30. Howard made a dumb move but his loyalty still gets my respect. Spencer has no trust from anyone now because he talks too much. He is a super floater. McCrae is a little snake with no backbone so i guess that makes him a worm. But he made a good game move that has him in a perfect position for now. Seeing Jeremy turn into the nice guy is hilarious.

    1. Jenn, Jeremy took Rachel’s hat, i believe it was rachels and used it like he would tilt paper. Opened up his butt cheeks and wipe the inside with it.

  31. This is extremely painful to watch – a grown man brought to tears by a little blue-eyed, blond. That is frightfully as real as it gets for a lot of people who have been deeply wounded and have to overcome and ‘turn the other cheek’. Scary that a set of people at this age thinks so archaically – I thought it was just my dad’s generation that grew up thinking so negatively about people ‘other than himself.’

  32. Oh SHIT I though Howie was gonna turn into the damn Hulk for a second!!! Those blonde bitches betta run cause they about to get their ass whooped LOL

  33. Is GinaMarie still crying? OMG STFU already, nick is gone and you need to stop crying like a litte b$tch

  34. I am honestly surprised that production has not stepped in and told them to stop with the racist comments. It is grossly unfair for people to be stuck in a house and not be able to leave or respond physically if needed or lose the game. I am not advocating violence but there is a point any rational person can be pushed to before breaking. These racist comments are disgusting and have nothing to do with the game itself.

  35. Talking about production running the game, anyone else find it odd that space cadet Katlin nailed all the HOH answers,esp the math, lol, No she did not win also by design but she seemed shocked when she lost !!!

  36. Kaitlin is not as bad as Aaryn and GM…SHE never flipped the bed only Aaryn did.. she doesnt really say things like Aaryn and GM….all shes doing is sleeping with everyone arch enemy Jeremy..

  37. Does any one think that because this season has had such negative feedback that there will be a Big brother 16 or no?

  38. If I could give Elissa a dozen votes for MVP, I would. Wait a minute…… I can, and I will!!!!

  39. Gina Marie needs to get a grip! She is going to feel so embarrassed when she watches how Nick felt. Same goes for Kaitlin, who Jerk-emy has said he will get rid of and Aaryn who was too busy being racist. They were data to make fun of Jess for what Julie asked her but boy will they feel like crap after they see the season!!

  40. Keep crying GinaMarie, you probably wake up every houseguests. Hopefully, you will get yourself a wish. Too bad Aaryn will joining you in the minute.

  41. WOW…. bought the feeds last nite and that night ALONE was worth the money…..Aryan may be one of the most despicable human beings ever…….unbelievably mean and hateful towards Candace…..then mocking her in a ghetto girl tone trying to get Candace to go off and possibly attack her…….was almost hard to watch….thought it was GM who said something like ” what you gonna go all black on me now”….Howard trying to control his anger in the have not room was intense…..then Aryan , GM, Kaitlyn ganging up on poor Jessie…but Jessie handled herself extremely well……..most dramatic evening /nite on BB ever for me lol……..first time I ever bought the feeds too

  42. It’s funny how everyone loved Frank last year and Jeremy is basically playing the same game this year and he is despised. Gotta give him props for keeping his cool last night.

    At this point giving him the MVP would make the game the most interesting, but I don’t see that happening.

    1. The MVP is not “given”! It is earned by accumulating the most votes by America’s voters. Jeremy was not playing a toned down game, he was being girlishly coward, if he’d won HOH he’d be drinking everyone else’s wine and getting in their face and daring them to do something about it.

      1. Puhlease. If you think that production didn’t just give the MVP to Elissa I got some magic beans to sell you. I give America more credit then that

        1. You can keep your stupid magic beans…………………..I’m too busy voting multiple times for Elissa (Rachel Reilly’s sister)!!!!!

        1. As soon as I seen Elissa in spandex, she gained my admiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Now it is getting to be no fun to watch anymore. I like the big brother game but this racists comments are down right defeating. Both Aaryn and GinaMarie need to go. CBS should send those girls home for picking a fight for no reason. CBS should send those girls home to save their show.

  44. How wonder if the production could expelled GinaMarie & Aaryn for disrespect the equipment and continue the racial remarks.

    1. They already are. Listen to Helen’s rallying speeches in the HOH last night. I like the woman, but she’s Maggie 2.0

      Settle in…the hot guy is gone, and Team Duck Face (Elissa) is back in power-as if they really haven’t been this whole time.

      1. Ok, so the people thumbing me down, are you disputing that Elissa’s side has really had the power this whole time, or that she frequently makes duck face in front of the camera?

  45. I just hope they finally get out the four evil ones. They are not BB villians, they are racist bully pigs. Once they are gone, the remaining ones will pop out villians, but they won’t be personal villians, they will be game villians and that is worth watching.

  46. Well McCrae just joined my list of horrible players…

    Why on earth would you clue Andy in on the MC? Telling Amanda I get (and her reaction of saying keep it to yourself showed what a skilled player she is…even if she goes too hard sometimes) as she can provide cover and back his story should one of the others try to use it and needs to know to maintain their trust. But beyond that it serves no purpose, even if you’ve decided to turn on the former MC.

    The smart play for both McCrae and Howard (Spencer can’t pull this off) should Jeremy go off and tell everybody about the MC is just to acknowledge and downplay, saying: “That was Nick’s baby. He pulled us in day 1 and proposed a secret group. Of course I played along because 1) who says no to alliances on day 1 and actually stays in the house and 2) it was just another go along to get along deal, no different than all the fake alliances everybody has joined looking for safety while they play their own game. What did I ever do that says I was with those guys. Nick wanted David out…and that made sense for my game and the game of those I trust. So if he wanted to be the secret vote that broke the tie and made it happen, so be it. Then Nick was on the block, I voted him out. The MC is a figment of Jeremy’s imagination. He thought he had the whole game locked down with Nick’s brains and his brawn, but I was just humoring him.”

    But McCrae being the rat puts him in needless danger and if Andy runs and tells Helen it could make an issue where one need not exist. He’s forcing Helen and Elissa’s (and Candace) hand and potentially making them choose. It’s too hard a play and I doubt either is turning on Howard. They like, trust, and need him. They will blame Spencer if they blame anybody. But they will see McCrea as more of a problem as he’s upsetting the balance they want on their side. McCrae is trying to replay Ian’s game…but Ian was seen in the house as the quintessential non-threat. He didn’t run off 2 straight wins, didn’t have a showmance with a “smart” player, and was the goofy nice guy, wearing dog suits and having hopeless crushes. McCrae is seen as smart and dangerous player, an image amplified by Amanda. Maybe he wanted to play the goofy delivery boy and be Ian II…but that’s just not how the rest of the house sees him after 2 weeks.

    Helen, Elissa, and Candace are going to think McCrae was a bigger part of the MC than Howard. Howard will be closer to the Ian role in their eyes; The nice guy who is friends with Spencer and followed him too closely in the game, but once we evict Spencer, we know Howie is 100%….but McCrae and Amanda are scary. We’ve heard (last night) Amanda boast about lying and creating fake alliances and McCrae was doing the same. McCrae is misreading the house and inviting 3-6 people to bury him because he’s the rat.

    It’s just a totally unnecessary risk, when a two-week, fake, humoring alliance, put solely on Nick, with Jeremy as his muscle, with ZERO evidence and 100% he said/he said versus Jeremy…JEREMY is such a smart, easy play. Even if the 3 MC joined forces to blame McCrae, with Spencer’s vote-blaming rep and Jeremy’s overall rep, it would be easy for McCrae to bat that charge right back at them, McCrae is playing too big, too hard, and too soon. Not smart.

    1. There’s no point in McCrae trying to “play both sides” anymore. The MC is no longer a viable BB15 entity…….

      As a BB HG, McCrae has one *huge* liability. He is not a believable liar. Bobsky, you are advising McCrae to do something that he is 100% incapable of doing well. Amanda can tell instantly whether what McCrae has just said to her is a lie or not. She has told him this. She is right. McCrae knows that Amanda is right about this. Therefore, McCrae *cannot* be the double-agent, even if the MC was still viable. McCrae should stick to what he does best. Get along, be personable, and take his strategy cues from Amanda. Not because he’s “whipped.” Or a “wimp”. Because she’s incisive, she’s good at it, and she’s totally committed to both her’s and McCrae’s best interests. So that’s what he’s doing. Like you have Helen, you are also selling McCrae *way* short here. For him, by a mile, I believe it’s exactly McCrae’s best BB15 play…..

      1. OK…but he just lied to her.

        He didn’t tell Amanda about MC until after the vote and he was certain Nick was gone, which means he lied to her for two weeks. Amanda is dumb if she does not think that McCrae would have told her sooner if he was just stringing MC along. She has to reach the conclusion that even if she was his number 1, than MC was absolutely his back up plan. But at least I can defend him telling her, even if I wouldn’t have, it’s telling Andy that was so stupid and sloppy.

        You’re taking McCrae’s words to people too literally, missing his game. I would tell everybody I’m a horrible liar too. To go into BB and admit you’re a great liar (which Amanda did last night) is incredibly stupid and asking to be distrusted. McCrae has been lying this whole game and was doing great at it, but now he panics and starts telling the truth, a truth that raises more questions than it answers.

        Look, if you’re going to lie or try and pull a caper, rule number 1, number 2, and number 3 is DENY, DENY, DENY. Especially in BB, where there is never evidence, only he said/she said. That extra Elissa vote is cover, on both sides. For Helen’s, it creates suspicion and even worst case scenario happens and the MC band together to out McCrae, he can say “their lying and trying to pin that vote on me. Spencer and Howard split it and now their fingering me to save Jeremy and themselves”. There’s enough confusion that he will be safe. But it serves no purpose for any MC to rat out the group, except Jeremy and nobody would believe him anyway.

        McCrae started panicking yesterday afternoon and hasn’t stopped yet…and he’s still digging a hole.

  47. I have never trusted any of the “America votes” in any season. I think the producers pick the winner that will help the show move along and sell it as America. I laugh whenever anyone mentions that it America voting, it’s not. We are all being sold a bill of goods that they set up for us, nothing more.

    1. elissa will get MVP every week until they do away with it.

      Production may play to the herd of sheep that strictly watch the show, and throw Helen or Andy a bone just to kill the notion that it’s rigged, but they’ll of course make sure that elissa is safe in the process. Just watch.

  48. I’m so confused. Can someone explain how Candace and Ginamarie go from yelling at each other and GM saying she wants the black to come out to two hours later with Candace holding her as she cries?

  49. This is all just sad! People like this will always be around, but in secret…. people that feed off of racial stereotypes and put people down for it. There is no comparison to say that you should feel more sory for asians for the remarks than black people or gay people… i don’t recall who but someone here said something about feeling more sorry for asians because more comments were made (which is not true… alot were said on ALL fronts btw.. but alot of people are talking more about some than others). It is equally horrible for everyone on all fronts, and even those that are white because unfortunately they are being represented by such people. Outside of whether anyone likes whomever b/c of the game… outside of it.. i am saddened, disgusted, sorry for the people in there that had to endure it and no one stood up to their defense! Yes finally one or two people are mentioning it, but they are babying the issue which again is disappointing. Something like this is bigger than a game, and it is respect for human dignity, and it makes me sad to see how much people in that house will sweep it under the rug like not a big deal. I have alot of respect for Candice, Howard and Helen (not so much andy b/c he “befriends” them and never says anything or even shows an ounce of ‘this is not cool.’). As a black caribbean, who loves big brother and has watched it ever since it began, this season has been the most disappointing b/c of these things, but i am happy to see that people are upset and outraged by it b/c it shows me that people have learned alot from years of horrible events (tho still not over)…. we have come a long way and are still moving in the right direction where this topic is concerned. I applaud those that care enough to say something. These women will regret this all their lives and i just hope it allows them to learn and grow in a positive way after from it.

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