Big Brother Canada Live Feeds: Alec says that he was just joking when he said that we needed to bone.

10pm Big Brother Time: When the live feeds start for the first time a bunch of the house guests are sitting around the living room talking about random stuff. Out by the hot tub Gary is talking to Kat? Kat talked about about how she thought the others made too big of a deal about blood on the toilet. Kat says that she was brought up differently and said that it’s a sanitary issue for her. They finish up their smoke and head back inside.

10:15pm Topaz, Liza, Aneal and Gary are all in the bedroom. Liza is changing while Aneal and Gary talking. Topaz tells them that they are going to play games like Truth or Dare tonight after they finish up their vd’s. Aneal asks if they should throw HOH. Gary says no because they are coming after me (Gary). Gary says that Liza wants him to win so that he can do her dirty work. Aneal says that he is going to win it. Gary you better invite me up there with you. They talk about how everyone is talking about throwing the HOH. Aneal and Gary start talking about voting tomorrow. Aneal says that he thinks it will end up being a 12 – 0 vote. (Tom used the veto and took himself off the block and Kat was named as the replacement nominee.)

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Big Brother Canada Episodes Live Streamed

The Big Brother Canada Season 1 premiere episode airs tonight at 9pm central time on the Slice Channel. At we understand how frustrating it can be to be blocked from viewing a channel or show based on your geographical area. As this channel is currently unavailable for residence in the USA to view, we have set up a site where we will be streaming the 3 weekly episodes live.

In addition to streaming the 3 weekly episodes, Simon and I will be transcribing what happens as it happens in the Big Brother Canada House. We will be posting updates several times throughout the day which will include screen captures, videos, and transcribed text from the live feeds.

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Big Brother Canada House Revealed

Today on ET Canada the Big Brother Canada house was shown off. What’s my first impressions.. looks cool a mix between BBUS and BBUK. The BB Canada House was built from scratch and from the videos the production company was able to pull it off although I do see some exposed CAt6 cabling near some of the cameras. When it all comes down to it for me it really doesn’t matter the type of house they stick these people in. Look at the house they’ve been using for Big Brother US.. Still we stay up all night waiting for the house pictures to be leaked showing us that the wallpaper is blue instead of red. For BB It’s all about casting and we won’t really know what type of cast we have until we’re 1-2 weeks deep in the live feeds.

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Big Brother Canada: GARYEXTRAORDINARY & S*X Facts

With the release of the identities of the Big Brother Canada cast comes more information about the cast members. On the US version of Big Brother there are always a few cast members that have youtube channels documenting their life, talents or their wacky sense of humor and the cast of Big Brother Canada is no different. Already surfaced are the youtube channels of Gary Levy and Peter Brown.

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Big Brother News From the Internets “Never Gonna Wash These Hands”

From the looks of things we won’t be finding out about the Big Brother Canada cast until the premiere episode which I guess is cool since the show starts in 12 Day in correction it has now been tweeted that we find out about the Big BRother Canada Cast soon, “Like Real Soon”. Speaking of starting in 12 days how many of you are ready for BB Canada? Since Media day was today we’ll be getting a peek of the Big Brother Canada House very soon. Keep an eye out for it on ET Canada. Still no word on BB15 open casting calls that should be happening unless it’s all-stars. I have almost zero faith that we will get a episode of 100% rookies.

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Big Brother Canada: 10 WEEKS, 15 Strangers – What type of host will Arisa Cox be?

With Big Brother Canada premièring in just over 2 weeks, more and more information will be released about the host Arisa Cox, the BBCA House, twists and the 15 cast members. We recently learned that Arisa Cox will be the host of Big Brother Canada but what type of host will she be?

The following is an exclusive interview with the host of Big Brother Canada Arisa Cox, where she explains her history with reality TV and what kind of host she will be for the show. Arisa explains that just over 10 years ago she was on the first season of a reality show called The Lockers.

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Big Brother Canada Live Audience Tickets, Get them NOW!

today we find out that Big Brother Canada will have live evictions much like BB USA. Awesome news if you live in Ontario too bad for us in British Columbia (Simon and Dawg :( ). I Shouldn’t complain though at least we’re finally getting a BB and the last time I check Environment Canada the weather outside where I live is 8 degrees and in Toronto it’s -5 with a winter storm warning in effect.. HA

What Tickets are available?
The first four evictions are available now
February 28
March 7
March 14
March 21

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Big Brother Canada Host Revealed

It was released today that the host of upcoming Big Brother Canada is Toronto native Arisa Cox. (@arisaCox)

Here is a excerpt from the press release.
“We’re thrilled to have Arisa Cox join Big Brother Canada. As host she has the unique experience of playing the role of amateur psychologist, puppet master and confidante to the houseguests and with her magnetic personality and extensive background she’s the perfect fit,” said Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President of Content, Shaw Media.”

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Big Brother Canada to have FREE 24 hour live feeds

A press release from Shaw Media this morning confirmed what we all were hoping for. Below is a copy of the press release. The important part is will offer a free 24 hour live feed available for streaming daily following the series premiere on February 27th

Canadian fans have the chance to: eavesdrop on the houseguests 24 hours a day, vote on twists and turns, engage with the houseguests and play the Big Brother Canada Power Play game for points, prizes and power. Big Brother Canada and all digital components launch February 27th on SliceTMand at

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