Big Brother Canada: GARYEXTRAORDINARY & S*X Facts


With the release of the identities of the Big Brother Canada cast comes more information about the cast members. On the US version of Big Brother there are always a few cast members that have youtube channels documenting their life, talents or their wacky sense of humour and the cast of Big Brother Canada is no different. Already surfaced are the youtube channels of Gary Levy and Peter Brown.

Here is Peter Brown’s facebook page. Not totally sure why he calls himself “Parker Jakobowhitz” but he does.

Here is a quote from his facebook page:

“That’s not your real name.”
“Does it matter?”
“Well, it makes me wonder what else isn’t real.”
“That’s because you’re a writer,” she says. “That’s because you make things up for a living.”
“And” -she shrugs-“I’ve noticed that writers tend to worry about things like that.”
“About what?”
She gets into the car. “Things like that.”

Here are just a few of Peter Brown’s YouTube Videos:

– S*x Facts 3: The Friend Zone –

– Lies Guys Tell –


Aneal Ramkissoon YouTube Videos:
– Aneal Ramkissoon –

– Aneal, you will be missed. –

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2 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada: GARYEXTRAORDINARY & S*X Facts

  1. Well watching Peter’s vid’s makes me soooo grateful he’s been quiet in the house. He comes off as a guy who is under the impression that his views are groundbreaking and original. Arrogant, not well-acted, even with an obvious script being read. Even his friends (co-stars) are not gifted with talent. I vote to evict Peter from Youtube.

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