Big Brother Canada Commercial “The Biggest Show in Canadian History”

The first couple Big Brother Canada Commercials aired today during the Survivor Finale. One showed casting events and tossed around some pretty big claims with the other containing a skit with Boogie and Will doing their “Ring Ring” …. “Chill town” … “Hosers EH!” Thing. The Commercials says there is 14 players that made the cut to be on the show. It also boasts Big Brother Canada will be “The Biggest Show in Canadian History” with the “Biggest Competitions”, “Biggest Evictions” and “The Biggest Betrayals”.. Not sure but it sounds like they are stretching the truth a bit ;)

Big Brother Canada Premiere Date is set For Feb 27th. There is still a lot of unknowns about the show but it still has us very excited here. We Know the House is being constructed in Toronto, After Dark is going to air on Slice network and Dawg Did not get cast :(

The Dream of Having Dawg on Big Brother has now been crushed once again.

Vote Dawg don’t shit on a dream

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6 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada Commercial “The Biggest Show in Canadian History”

  1. I’m just worried Big Brother Canada is going to end up like all our other versions of American Shows… Terribly. I’m so looking forward to BBC and I don’t want it to end up badly like Canadian Idol, So You Think You Can Dance Canada… COME ON GOOD PRODUCTION!

  2. Hey! I see Dawg is ahead in the poll! Will he stay there is the question! I sure hope we’ll get to see it in the states. If not, then at least I can read about it all here!

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