Big Brother News From the Internets “Never Gonna Wash These Hands”


From the looks of things we won’t be finding out about the Big Brother Canada cast until the premiere episode which I guess is cool since the show starts in 12 Day in correction it has now been tweeted that we find out about the Big BRother Canada Cast soon, “Like Real Soon”. Speaking of starting in 12 days how many of you are ready for BB Canada? Since Media day was today we’ll be getting a peek of the Big Brother Canada House very soon. Keep an eye out for it on ET Canada. Still no word on BB15 open casting calls that should be happening unless it’s all-stars. I have almost zero faith that we will get a episode of 100% rookies.

There’s BB9 activity again in the news, Chatty Natty is preggers. We’ve all seen her squirt milk on the feeds so no need to worry that the baby won’t get fed, wish her all the best we was a hoot to watch.

There’s a interesting thread at Survivor Sucks “Do you think Chima and Willie should be given a second chance?” Looks like people are pretty split on the whole thing. My vote is Yes for both, the reasoning is simple they were both awesome to watch on the feeds as long as they keep a shock collar on Willie and “the terrorists” away from Chima they will both be fine and not kill the other houseguests.

Big Brother Canada

According to the Host the cast is not revealed until the premiere episode | @arisacox | Lame

Correction to the above, @arisacox tweeted “THIS JUST IN: Houseguests reveal is actually sooner. Like REAL SOON”

Media Day was Feb 15 – 10 Media Types locked in the house | @arisacox | It’ll be on ET Canada

New Promo image for Big Brother Canada | Google+ | exciting shattering news

Promo Video shows a bunch of Canadian stereotypes | Youtubes |

New Promo Video with Will and Boogie | youtubes |

Petition to allow Americans watch the Canadian live streams | petitionbuzz | It’s only got 2 signatures lol vote DAWG!

Big Brother Alumni

powerhouse Arvin cooks on Kentucky new station | | Never Washed his Hands and has been doing this the night before. (Powerhouse)

Chatty Natty from Big Brother 9 is pregnant | img file | We all remember her from BB9 right

BB9 Big She Shelia Kennedy on Millionaire Matchmaker | tvfishbowl |

JEJO hassling the HOFF | Google+ |

Talk to BB11 Michelle Noonan for only $10 a minute | Dialastar | looks like a real bargain

Interview with Rachel | youtubes |

Adam blogs about Doms and Dani’s wedding | burger conquest | and talks about bacon

Janelle Pregnant | Google+ | kinda old news

Big Brother other

Best parts of Celebrity Big Brother | youtube | it’s 3 minutes long which is about the extend that I can handle that show

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You’d previously said you’d try and post the episodes on here for us who live in the US. Is that still going to happen?!