Big Brother Canada Media Day Videos


February 15th Big BRother Canada had it’s Media Day and we finally now get to see the videos about it. For all you Big Brother Canada Fans this is a must see. The Big Brother Canada House is looking pretty awesome once you start filling it with People. Can’t wait to see the houseguests shoehorned in talking mad shit. Jon brought up a good point that kinda has me worried/wondering about the House and the competitions. He noted that the backyard is much too small to be having the competitions like the US variety.. hmm.. hopefully they’re is a area they haven’t showed us yet where they plan on doing the comps. Worse case we got lame comps that take place in the house…



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12 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada Media Day Videos

    1. I think you brought up a big unknown with BB Canada… we’ll find out soon enough.

      I really hope the comps are not lame but if they are doing it in the living room they probably will be.

  1. Hey you realize you’re missing a guy from the houseguest head shots on your main page, right? This cast sucks anyways. Fuck BB Canada!

  2. I don’t think it’s fair that the Big Brother U.S. version is aired in Canada but the Canadian version won’t be aired in the U.S.

  3. Hey dawg or Simon like u I live in the lower mainland of bc and I noticed the first big brother Canada ep is in high def wed night at nine do you have any idea if this will be a regular thing or am I stuck watching it on slice in low def …I know bb USA is all low def but on the hd channels it looks far better ??? If u can shed some light that would be awesome

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