Big Brother Canada: Aneal says you were winking at me saying final 2 and now I’m half way out the door.

5pm The Big Brother Canada Live Feeds get turned back on and the house guests are no longer on an outdoor lock down. Danielle and Suzette are in the bedroom talking smack about Tom. Suzette says that Tom is a meat-head and says that he just wants to see people blowup. She says that she isn’t going to respond to him anymore. Suzette says that Tom isn’t welcome in Vancouver.. that’s for sure. She says don’t ever come to Vancouver, Tom! Suzette and Danielle both talk about being worried that they will be nominated as the replacement nominees. Danielle says that she is questioning if she wants to be here and says that the $100,000 isn’t worth it. Suzette says that Tom told her that he only had two one night stands.. and she says yeah, like whatever, I’m sure! Danielle agrees and says that he is such a liar.

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Big Brother Canada Emmett says he gets a chub but its not a solid, I don’t know what is wrong with me!

12:30pm In the bathroom Tom and Emmett talk about their “cuddle buddies” and how they get excited. Emmett says that he gets a chub but its not a solid.. ah I don’t know what is wrong with me man. Tom says his are rock solid when Liza is up next to him in bed. Alec wonders if Emmett is just nervous to let Jillian know he likes her. “You just got to cross that plain, you know it is!” Emmett says he has already crossed that plain know .. I am just worried about down the road. Suzette walks in and the conversation ends.

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Big Brother Canada: Danielle says she is okay being the replacement nominee..

9am The house guests are awake and getting ready for the day. Aneal is in the bathroom. Talla comes in and asks him if he is alright. Aneal says yeah, it’s a new day right. Aneal has a shower and then shaves in front of the mirror. Topaz comes into the bathroom. Aneal thanks her for comforting him yesterday. Meanwhile out in the backyard, Danielle is doing laps around the yard, stretching and working out.

9:35am Alex and Topaz are in the storage room talking game. Alec tells Topaz that we need to try and steer Jillian away from targeting Tom. Alec says that Tom is just talking too much. Alec explains what his move would be if he were Aneal. He says that he would go to Jillian and talk to her about the reasons to get Tom out.

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Liza to Tom “The boys aren’t going to get rid of their Cuddle Buddies”

12:44AM Hammock Liza and Tom

Tom and Liza both have Family in the US. Tom really wants to visit New York.
Tom: “I want to hit up ground zero”
Liza: “You missed it.. It’s all being rebuilt.. I can show you the cool places in New York… I go to New York 5 times a year.. I can drive to My Cottage in 5 hours”

Lots of General chit chat some game talk
Liza tells him that Suzette threw her under the bus “BIG TIME”. Tom says his number one target is Suzette, He’s not going to backdoor her he’s going to get her out straight up.
Tom: “If i’m going to backdoor someone it’s going to be Jillian”

Tom and Liza both agree the final 9 is no more everyone is breaking away from the idea. Tom tells her he’s going to do whatever it takes to get to Jury house. Tom: “I need you to want to win this game.. One it’ll benefit me”

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Peter: “the only competitions i’m going to try are for the have nots”

10:21pm Aneal and Liza

Liza says that Danielle has offered herself as pawn. Aneal didn’t know that. Aneal wants them to get Suzette up he feels like he’s got a chance to stay.
Liza wants Suzette gone as well but isn’t sure if Jillian would use her as the replacement nominee because apparently Jillian and Suzette have a one week deal.

Liza: “Emmett isn’t even talking to Tom anymore.. “
Aneal: “Ya Tom is super pissed”

Liza warns him that she cannot go to Jillian and start pushing her to put Suzette or Danielle up because she runs the risk of being put up as well. Liza instructs Aneal to get Emmett to talk to Jillian, “Emmett is the puppet master.. he’s the one that can to go talk to Jillian:

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Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Nomination Ceremony Results!

4:35pm After having the feeds blocked for almost 5 hours, they finally get turned back on. (Either one of the nominees shanked someone or production is trying to build suspense so that viewers will tune into the TV episode to find out what happened after the nominations.) We find out that Jillian did exactly what she had talked about prior to the ceremony and nominated Aneal and Gary for eviction. This was a difficult decision for Jillian as she had promised Aneal several times that he wasn’t going to be nominated.

Alec and Topaz are cuddling in the havenot bed. Topaz is talking about how she does not want to be caught on camera sneaking away with the condoms. Alec says but I so want too. Topaz says I know.

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Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Nominations happen this morning!

7:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests with a loud alarm. The alarm continues over the speakers until the entire house wakes up. At 7:35am there is an announcement given to the house guests that the nomination ceremony will be in one hour. Up in the HOH room Jillian talks to Emmett about having to do the nominations so early in the morning but then realizes that she will get it over will and not have to think about it all day. Emmett tells her that the nominations she is thinking haven’t talked to her yet so it is a perfect excuse that she can nominate them and say she didn’t know where their heads were at.

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‘Spoilage’ Gary about Jillian: “I’m just trying to L!ck that pu$$y good this week”

12:50AM Topaz and Peter

Topaz is saying that Danielle is a tough competitor if they vote her out this week it’s not a waste of vote. Danielle may be under the radar but topaz still thinks she’s a threat. Peter agrees. He wonders if anything is going to happen with the phone this week. Topaz doesn’t know but she’s convinced that it’s something bad because last week’s was HOH so this week can be bad.

Topaz: “You can not play in the POV.. then you can be nominated still”
Peter: “Ya it totally could be that.. or it could be a pandora’s box or a cash prize”

Topaz says it’s been hard for the girls in the house. She’s positive they caught a glimpse of her butt cheek and crack. Talk moves to Liza’s farts and how she’s been blaming it on the protein.

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Big Brother Canada Spoilers Tom to Topaz “I want you to make it to Jury”

strong>10:10pm Hot Tub Emmett and Jillian basically reiterating their plans to nominate Gary and Danielle and not tell GAry he’s the pawn until after the power of veto competition. (On a side note apparently conversation about Emmett’s blue balls are all the rage.) Emmett tells her that the ring leader of the other side is Aneal. Jillian wonders if she should put Aneal up. Emmett does think they should yet still likes the original plan. Alec would prefer Gary stays longer than Aneal. Topaz agrees. Alec wants Danielle out this week, Suzette next week then Aneal. Topaz reassure him she doesn’t talk serious game with anyone. She has talked a bit with Jillian and Tom but nothing major.

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Emmett and Jillian decide on the Nominations “I thought dairy farmers were honest”

7:21PM HOH Room Emmett and Jillian

Emmett is grilling Jillian about her conversation with Aneal. Earlier today Aneal was telling Jillian that she should put up floaters or break up a showmance. They both laugh at Aneal’s nomination suggestions. Aneal was trying to get AJ as the target.

Emmett: “If AJ was any good at this game he would be gone but he sucks so we’re keeping him”
Jillian: “He wants us to put up AJ bad”
Emmett: “Fuck that… Aneal is a weasel”

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