Big Brother Canada Week 2 Power of Veto Winner Results

POV Holder: Gary Next POV March 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations: Gary and Aneal
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat


8:16pm Bedroom Tom and Gary Tom is telling Gary he did a good job in the Power of Veto Competition. He’s not sure who Jillian is going to put up as a replacement nomination but he’s worried it might be Suzette. Tom thinks it’ll be a stupid move if She puts Suzette up.


8:20pm HOH Emmett and Jillian Emmett tells her that they will figure out what they will do tonight so best just be quiet about things until then. Jillian is wondering that AJ should be put up as a pawn. Talla and Aneal join them, talk turns to Chit Chat


8:25pm Bedroom Liza and Tom Tom is thinking they try and get the pawn sent home this week to show Emmett and Jillian they are not in power. Tom isn’t trusting Emmett anymore. He wonders if Danielle will be put up. Liza says no Jillian already told Danielle she is safe this week. Talla joins them says they can chat with the HOH later tonight. Liza points out that Jillian hasn’t been looking at Tom very Happily.


8:28pm Have Nots Alec, Tom and Aneal Aneal is telling them he wants to just make it to jury. He’s so desperate right now.. “I completely balled int eh Diary Room.. I’m F***ed”

Tom tells them it’s the Jillian and Emmett show right now. “If she’s stupid enough to put up Suzette that you’re safe bro.. ” Alec mentions that apparently Jillian made a deal with suzette to not put her up. Aneal: “So who do you think she will put up if not Suzette.. AJ?”
Tom and AAlec say no it’ll be Danielle
Aneal: “Then who are you guys voting for”
They don’t give him a answer.

Aneal: “I promise i’l be a asset.. I won’t fuck around I want to be here”
Tom suggests that Aneal starts walking around confident to “ruffle some feathers” Tom makes it clear he wants Suzette out. Alec keeps his thoughts to himself he does say that Aneal has a good shot against Danielle and a very good shot against Suzette.


Still in the have nots room. Tom tells Aneal that before today they all thought Danielle was the target then all of a sudden they find out that Aneal is.
Aneal tells them he’s a strong player and has a good chance to win mental comps, “I will f***ing r@pe the HOH” (Meaning he’ll win the next HOH Comp) Aneal pleads with them to keep him informed about what is going on becuase he feels he was screwed today. He always thought him and Jillian were cool he feels a bit blindsided. Toms starts saying that Jillian’s ego has exploded since she won HOH.

I noticed that during the Power of Veto competition everyone was cheering for Gary. Alec points out that he was cheering for Aneal.

Aneal leaves.

Tom says they may want to take Aneal’s deal under consideration. Tom is worried how unexpected Jillian vote change was.


8:45pm Storage Room Aneal and Emmett

Aneal confronts Emmett asks him why he wants Aneal out. Emmett doesn’t have a answer for him says he would have been happy if Aneal had won the Power of Veto. Aneal starts to cry.. “Why why do you want me out.. Don’t you think I can help you’re game” Emmett : “yuou are strong player”
Aneal: “No I’m not.. I don’t win anything.. “
Emmett: “You have a good social game.. look and will and boogie they never won comps”
Emmett: “I don’t know Aneal.. just see how the week goes”
Aneal: “I don’t want to leave.. I’m here to play i’m hear to keep you and Jillian safe”
Emmett reminds him that he was in the same position as Aneal was in last week.. He was in the house for 20 minutes and BAM he’s nominated and lost POV.


8:55 Bedroom Danielle and Talla

Danielle wants Aneal gone because he’s a Sh!t disturber.

Gary joins them.. Tells them not to worry Jillian wants Aneal gone. Talla leaves

Aneal joins them, “Who do you think they she will put up”
Danielle and Gary just say that If AJ goes up Aneal is safe.
Aneal: “But If they put anyone else up do I have your votes?”
Gary: “I dunno if AJ is put up he’s gone.. you are already sounding defeated bebe”
Gary says Aneal needs to relax and figure shit out before he starts coming up to people asking for their votes. Aneal mentions that Jillian has deals with everyone in the house.
(Video is uploading to youtube right now)

9:21 living room Jillian and Emmett are playing chess. Aneal and Andrew are making Battleship game and suzette is lingering around chilling.


9:29pm Hammock Danielle and Talla Tom is lingering around

Talla: “She going to have to put up Emmett” Danielle isn’t sure that is going to happen she thinks Jillian has a target and is trying to figure out who wouldn’t mind going up as the pawn. Talla wonders if Suzette will go up. Danielle hates Suzette as well but doesn’t think it’ll happen because apparently Jillian and Suzette made a deal.

Tom: “I’m just trying to get my pump back.. my size” Tom tells the girls he’ll talk to Emmett and remind him that they all helped him out last week.


9:33pm BAckyard Bros working out

Emmett pretty much tells him that Aneal is the target this week. They make the plans to go final 4 with the Bros Alec, Tom, Emmett and Peter. They will keep their lady friends until final 7,6,5.

Emmett mentions how Aneal was crying in the Storage room wanting to stay one more week. Emmett has no sympathy for him he since he was in the same position last week. Both Bros agree that Aneal is a weasel and has really nothing to offer their alliance.

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Aneal is gonna evict himself from the house. He’s being melodramatic and keeps crying to everyone and asking what to do lol.


yeha aneal needs to calm down. With tom being pretty anti emmett/jillian right now aneal has a serious chance to survive the block, but getting weepy and frantic isnt going to help.


Thank you!


I think Liza has a shot too.


Who are pov participants