Big Brother Canada Spoilers Tom to Topaz “I want you to make it to Jury”

POV Holder: Next POV March 3rd
POV Used POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat

Streaming the feeds tonight

10:10pm Hot Tub Emmett and Jillian basically reiterating their plans to nominate Gary and Danielle and not tell GAry he’s the pawn until after the power of veto competition. (On a side note apparently conversation about Emmett’s blue balls are all the rage.) Emmett tells her that the ring leader of the other side is Aneal. Jillian wonders if she should put Aneal up. Emmett does think they should yet still likes the original plan. Alec would prefer Gary stays longer than Aneal. Topaz agrees. Alec wants Danielle out this week, Suzette next week then Aneal. Topaz reassure him she doesn’t talk serious game with anyone. She has talked a bit with Jillian and Tom but nothing major.


10:35pm Lisa and Tom HAVE NOTS
Liza explains that the Head of Household TV is controlled by production, “Big Brother will show the HOH what they think is relevant “

They call the camera that is watching them “Flipper” Liza: “Oh I’m in love with this machine” The camera has been panning around for them.

Liza says if she tells him something he has to swear to keep it a secret because otherwise it’s going to get her evicted. Toms says he wants her to stay in the house he wants her to make it to the Jury. Liza says her biggest threat in the house is Jillian. They are both shocked that Jillian isn’t getting rid of Suzette, “Why the f*** do you make a deal with Suzette she’ll do shj!t”


9:48 Storage Room Talla and Jillian (This conversation starts in the kitchen hence the picture)

Talla is asking her who the nominations are. Jillian says she’s thinking about Danielle because she’s been talking Sh!T about her. Talla is shocked that she’s doing that. Talla asks if one of the guys is going up as a pawn. Jillian hints.. “Maybe” (Basically tells her) . Talla: “I promise on my family I won’t tell this to Anyone”.

Jillian asks her if Talla would use the POV and take Danielle down. Talla says no way she’ll vote to evict Danielle and won’t use the POV. Talla tells her she really wants to compete in the POV so if Jillian gets Houseguests choice she has to pick her.

THey leave the room on the way out Jillian asks her if she wins the HOH next week is Jillian safe. Talla says of course.


10:54PM HOH Emmett and Jillian Jillian relays the conversation she just had with Talla with Emmett. They agree they’ll talk to Suzette and AJ to see how many votes they have. Jillian goes to take a shower “How to I take a shower without being shown”.. feeds cut to the kitchen.


11:15pm Dinner time.. havenots are complaining about being on slop


11:15PM Hammock Tom and Topaz
Topaz telling him she’s playing very friendly with Gary. Tom says his goal right now is to get their 9 to the final 9 then the game changes. Topaz mentions that AJ can be used as a pawn.

Tom says From the beginning been been wanting final 9 with the group and now finally it’s starting to click with people. Tom: “Aneal has to go.. he can’t make it to Jutry house he’s got to go in the next 3 moves.. eventually he’ll win HOH”
Tom wants to show the otherside their alliance because it’ll break them down. Topaz agrees.

They both want to get Danielle out this week then Suzette and Aneal. Tom says she’s gotta keep working on Gary incase he wins HOH. Tom brings up a scenario where they use Gary to take out Aneal during in 3 weeks.

Tom: “I got Talla covered”
Topaz: “I got Talla cover”
Topas: “the only ones we don’t have covered right now are suzette and Danielle “
Tom: “and Aneal “

Tom says that right before Kat left the house she told him that she knew aneal before going into the house, “Fishy Shit” (LOL the great lie of Kat’s)
Topas: “Oh well they all gotta go..We have a good team”
Tom: “We got a solid 9 then solid 6 but someone has to get hurt”
Tom doesn’t want to backstab Emmett but he knows he’s gotta go when they drop from 9 to 6. He knows that upstairs in the Head of Household room that Jillian and Emmett are planning to cut Tom loose at the same time.
Tom: “Not to knock on Emmett but.. he said he’s 8th generation (Farmer?) he’s got a family of wealth .. he doesn’t have the hunger that I have I have a hunger for this game”

Tom wants Jillian to be the first of the girls to be gone. Topaz keeps saying “ya ya ya ya ay ya ya ya ya.. someone’s gotta go ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya yay ya ya I know ya ya ya ya ya Someone’s gotta go”


11:50PM HAvenots Topaz and Alec (Video coming) Comparing notes.. They don’t trust Suzette but they think she’s harmless. Suzette has no strong allies and won’t be winning any comps again. (It’s Alec’s March 2nd). Alec says that AJ is to him as Gary is to Topaz. Alec wants to keep AJ around for awhile, Alec is a bit nervous AJ will do something rash if he wins the Head of Household competition. Topaz thinks if AJ wins HOH Andrew will be nominated.


11:55PM HOH Jillian and Suzette Momma bear trying to stay off the block



12:18AM It’s Alec’s birthday today

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Ok I have just started watching the live feeds today. Can someone please tell me why Aneal is following Jillian and Emmett around like a lost puppy????


Is this kind of a boring cast? There are 14 people left and they’re already in bed. I think they need an alcohol infusion stat. I hear Canadian beer’s like moonshine.


They will introduce the alcohol soon and then it should liven up. I think their internal clocks are all a mess too. With BB USA they at least get to see outside and know when it is daytime or nighttime. Here even the outside is inside! It would mess with your internal clock


It would definitely throw off my internal clock. I just hope BB starts feeding them booze soon because the debauchery is always funnier the more people are left in the house!