Big Brother Canada: Aneal says you were winking at me saying final 2 and now I’m half way out the door.

POV Holder: Gary Next POV March 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations: Gary and Aneal
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat

5pm The Big Brother Canada Live Feeds get turned back on and the house guests are no longer on an outdoor lock down. Danielle and Suzette are in the bedroom talking smack about Tom. Suzette says that Tom is a meat-head and says that he just wants to see people blow-up on each other. She says that she isn’t going to respond to him anymore. Suzette says that Tom isn’t welcome in Vancouver.. that’s for sure. She says don’t ever come to Vancouver, Tom! Suzette and Danielle both talk about being worried that they will be nominated as the replacement nominees. Danielle says she isn’t sure if she wants to be here and says that the $100,000 isn’t worth it. Suzette says that Tom told her that he only had two one night stands.. and she says yeah, like whatever, I’m sure! Danielle agrees and says that he is such a liar.

5:10pm Meanwhile up in the HOH room, Aneal asks Liza if she will tell him if he is out or not. Liza says yup, just let me wait till I know who you are up against. Liza gets called to the diary room and the live feeds are blocked again.

Big Brother Canada March 3 2013 547pm

5:45pm The live feeds come back and Aneal is in the havenot room crying to Talla about not wanting people to hate him. He says that he doesn’t want to isolate himself because then you look stupid. He says that his mind is racing and just doesn’t know what to do. Aneal asks her to just talk to him when they find out who he is up against. Aneal says that he just doesn’t want people to hate him. Talla says that is such a strong word, people don’t hate you. Aneal agrees and says that its just hard when you get blindsided. he says that people would kill to be in this house. He says that he hopes if he is going she will at least hang out with him in his last few days. Talla says that she will and tells him to go out there and hang out. Aneal says that he will. Talla tells him she wants to go to sleep. She tells him to wake her up when it’s reward time. Aneal leaves the room.

Out in the backyard, Jillian is talking to Aj. He tells her that he supports the decision to vote out Aneal and says that he has seen a change in his behavior. Aj says that some people just aren’t cut out for this game. Aj says that he will be just taking it week by week. Jillian starts to tell him who she is nominating as the replacement but decides against saying anything. Then the live feeds get blocked again.

Big Brother Canada March 3 2013 613pm

6:15pm The feeds come back: Aneal, Liza, Alec and Tom talk about how hard it is to be on slop. Aneal says that Peter will just sit in the kitchen and watch people cook and eat. They all agree that they can’t do that, they have to leave the room. Tom says that people are just eating like pigs and wasting food and sh*t. The conversation turns to talking about what twists their might be coming up. Tom wonders if someone might come back. Aneal doesn’t think that will happen there are already too many people in the house. Aneal wonders if Andrews twin will come into the house. Tom says that you would know just by the way he would act. Liza says that she doesn’t think someone would admit they have a twin if they did that twist. Aneal and Tom agree. Tom heads inside. Liza asks Aneal if he goes, which she hopes he doesn’t but if he does she wants him to give her a run down of everything he knows before he walks out the door, like how Kat did. Liza tells Aneal that she thinks Jillian made a deal with Danielle .. she made a deal with Suzette and who knows who else.

Big Brother Canada March 3 2013 621pm

6:30pm Meanwhile in the kitchen: Alec, Aj, Suzette, Emmett, Peter and Andrew are playing the card game “A$$hole”.

6:35pm – 6:55pm Aneal heads up to the HOH room to talk to Jillian. Aneal tells her that he just doesn’t get it. Aneal says that he hasn’t done anything for people to hate him. Aneal asks if Jillian would be willing to call everyone up here and confront them about it. Jillian says that she could ask them but she isn’t sure about doing that. Aneal says that he’s been told that Emmett is the one that wants me out. Jillian says that she doesn’t know what to believe anymore’s just become a lie fest now. Aneal agrees. Jillian says that she has been told that the lies started with you. Aneal says that he hasn’t lied or concocted anything. Jillian tells Aneal to wait until after the nominations to campaign. She says wait and if I put you up against Danielle, then campaign. Aneal says that he will. Aneal says that you were up there winking at me saying final two and now I am half way out the door. Aneal asks how many people want me out the door, 9? Jillian says like 8 people. Aneal says I just want to quit right now if the number is that high. Can you just confirm that its not Tom or Liza ..because they are the ones telling me not to give up. Jillian says that she can’t confirm or deny it. Aneal says so as of right now the house wants me out. Jillian says that someone put the word out that you were lying so everyone is conforming …like great at least its not me. Jillian asks so there is nothing that you want to come clean about? Aneal says no. The only thing that I can think of was was when I was approach with was when Kat was trying to work with Suzette to flip the vote to get Emmett out.

Video of Aneal campaigning to Jillian:

8:50pm Feeds are still on HUSH HUSH .. POV Ceremony results coming
9:14pm Feeds are still on HUSH HUSH .. POV Ceremony results coming

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Aneal has turned into a complete cry baby…gonna get him evicted!!


The floaters alliance has sub alliances that include Danielle and Talla.. plus Jillian isn’t liked by Liza and Danielle


hmm…well at least aneal has been more proactive today. If danielle goes up I really hope goes home…shes a waste of a space.


missed a word in what I was saying lol…”I really hope SHE goes home”


Simon could you please post the link to the episode tonight? It should be live back east in about half an hour, right?


Ya i’ll turn the stream on as soon as episode 3 starts.. like 20 minutes


Thanks, hon! I bookmarked it so I don’t have to pester you next time.


FYI 8:39pm and the feeds are still on HUSH HUSH .. POV Ceremony and possible luxury comp