Liza to Tom “The boys aren’t going to get rid of their Cuddle Buddies”

POV Holder: Gary Next POV March 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations: Gary and Aneal
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat

I’m broadcasting the live feeds here


12:34AM Kitchen Andrew, AJ, Alec Chilling out talking about bromances, Showmances ant Tom being messed up being on Slop. Andrew: “I love Slop Tom” . AJ looks like he’s about to die or perhaps he’s so exhausted from running the house.

And here is Slop Tom


12:44AM Hammock Liza and Tom

Tom and Liza both have Family in the US. Tom really wants to visit New York.
Tom: “I want to hit up ground zero”
Liza: “You missed it.. It’s all being rebuilt.. I can show you the cool places in New York… I go to New York 5 times a year.. I can drive to My Cottage in 5 hours”

Lots of General chit chat some game talk
Liza tells him that Suzette threw her under the bus “BIG TIME”. Tom says his number one target is Suzette, He’s not going to backdoor her he’s going to get her out straight up.
Tom: “If i’m going to backdoor someone it’s going to be Jillian”

Tom and Liza both agree the final 9 is no more everyone is breaking away from the idea. Tom tells her he’s going to do whatever it takes to get to Jury house. Tom: “I need you to want to win this game.. One it’ll benefit me”

Tom tells her to stop telling people she wants to just make it to Jury, He wants her to win HOH, Make a big move and get to final 2. Liza: “I don’t want it as much as you” Tom:”Fine make it to final 2 and i’ll win and take you out for dinner”

Liza about Gillian “Gary and Danielle are crazy after her (Jillian)”
Liza says that all the “Boys” have a cuddle buddy and they all don’t want to get rid of them. Tom agrees says that Emmett will never get rid of Jillian, Alec will never get rid of Topaz.

Tom is thinking they try to get Suzette up and rally the floaters to keep Aneal. The hard part would be getting Suzette up as the nominee the votes are the easy part.
Liza likes Danielle alot
Tom: “Jillian has got to go I need her gone so I can control Emmett”


12:55AM HOH Emmett and Jillian

Jillian is a bit stress that she’ll get taken out next week. Jillian doesn’t think she was mean. Emmett: “People will still put you up because you are a tough competitor.. thats why I’m going to put you up when I win HOH”
They giggle… Emmett brings up the conversation he had with Aneal in the storage room. In the conversation Aneal said Jillian and Emmett were his best friends.

Jillian thinks Suzette is trustworthy because they told her not to talk to Aneal and she done just that. “I think if she wins HOH She won’t put me up”

Emmett: “Tom told her(Suzette) straight up that if he wins HOH he’ll put her (Suzette) up” Jillian isn’t worried about Talla nominating her.

Emmett says Tom is the only guy he trusts 100%.
Jillian says there could be a final 4 boys
Emmett is all worried asks why
Jillian says she doesn’t care there could be a girls final 4 or 2 girls and 2 boys. Tells him that the girls are not dumb.

Jillian wants to know if she can trust Emmett with stuff about Tom. Emmett says he’ll tell her stuff but doesn’t want her to use it against him.

Jillian: “You stressing out about anything”
Emmett: “Just Sh1t back home… nothing in the game”




12:40AM Hot tub Jillian, Topaz, Jillian, Emmett and Andrew

Joking around that this is the first and last season of Big Brother because they all get along and have been nice to each other.

Gary thinks the Veto Ceremony is tomorrow he heads to bed.

Mostly General chit chat..

Andrew brings up Danielle from Big Brother 14 and how she had this “Brilliant IDEA” to tell everyone she was a Elementary teacher instead of a nurse. They all agree it was a ridiculous thing to say

Talk moves to dating websites..


2:00AM Tom and Liza Hammock time

Liza tells him that Alec and Peter are very very close so watch what he tells Alec. Liza brings up Jillian having bad grammar when she talks. Liza and Tom think that perhaps she’s not a teacher.

Liza tells him all all they know about the other sides abilities is Suzette can pick up a phone, Jillian can hang off a tree and Gary can throw a snowball.
Tom: “Garry is good at throwing balls around”
Liza really doesn’t like Jillian very much they go over times when Jillian would make grammar errors. Lisa add that Jillian is either a very smart player or a very stupid player.

2:21AM HOH Emmett, Jillian and Topaz Apparently Topaz tells them that Suzette cannot be trusted she’s going around telling people whatever they want to hear.

They all have a laugh about AJ and how horribly he did at the Snowball Comp (Today’s POV). Emmett: “He did that on Television.. can you believe it” (Apparently he did crazy bad they all have a good laugh about it) Topaz is pushing to get AJ nominated and take Aneal out. They’re not sure if the POV ceremony is tomorrow or today (Sunday). Topaz thinks they should pull AJ up into the HOH and tell him in advance. She’s confident he’ll be OK with it.

2:37AM HOH Shower Emmett and Jillian. He wonders if anyone is watching them.


3:01AM HOH Emmett’s strategy to stay off the block.. Sleep with the HOH

3:15AM HOH Jillian and Emmett kissing
You can hear her whispering to him “We can’t do this”

3:42Am and they are still kissing

8am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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Kudos to you Simon (and Dawg) for being able to weed through all the crap that is going on in the house simultaneously and post the mumbling and whispering into something we can actually follow and understand!

I watch the live feeds and then come here to find out what actually is going on!


I totally agree! 3 showmances in the first week? This is going to get messy.


Well, that was an eventful day in the Big Brother house.. I’m happy with how things turned out.

the nation of canada

suzette needs to DIAF


Yeah, Liza is playing well. I really want Aneal to stay. Hopefully the replacement is Suzette or AJ, but if Jillian was smart and if she wasn’t so easily controlled by Emmett (who I am starting to dislike) she should put Tom up. I don’t think Jillian and Topaz have realized that Emmett and Tom are bros to the end, and they will cut the girls loose before they cut each other. I think Peter and Alec are just going along with Tom and Emmett for now, but they both realize that to win the game they need to get them out soon. Tom comes across as the bossy alpha male, but underneath his bravado, he is a whiner and Liza is pretty good at manipulating him for her own game, and he sees it in reverse. Aneal needs to chill and start working people, gently. Whoever goes up against him, he could try getting Andrew, Gary, Talla, Danielle and LIza on his side. Liza might be able to convince Tom that Emmett and Jillian need to be taken down a peg and I think that if they all work on AJ they could get his vote. AJ is in lala land, he thinks he’s tight with the bros, but if someone can make him see that even if the bros were with him, he is number 7 or lower on the totem pole. I think they could convince him that the misfits only have a chance if they stick together against the bros and cuddlemances. Otherwise they are all going down one after another. Aneal is a smart guy, too bad he melted down yesterday, but he can use it to his advantage. Kat’s stupid lies are coming back to haunt him. He should come clean and tell everyone about it. I knew it would come to this when Kat was trying to concoct the lie. I was thinking “Don’t listen to her Aneal! She is toast and it will all come back on you!”. I never saw the logic behind Kat’s scheme.


Hey Simon and Dawg…I just wanted to give a shout out to you guys….I`ve been busy this week and am spending today getting caught up. As a proud Canuck I am totally stoked to have BB Canada. Its great to hear our own accent for a change. Interesting group of children they picked. I am disappointed the producers didn`t see fit to add a couple or even one older player….what`s up with that. One observation don`t these people swear alot…more than on the American live feeds anyway. Danielle is constantly dropping the `f`bomb which in my opinion makes someone present as very unintelligent. Loved you guys and the job you have done in the past and am so looking forward to following the Canadian show with you. You guys are much better than the live feeds since you sift through all the bullshit and give us the juicy game talk. Keep up the good work and expect a donation as soon as I get paid this week!!!LOL


And no French Canadians! I would never have a party without inviting some of my French friends. They are usually the life of the party!