Emmett and Jillian decide on the Nominations “I thought dairy farmers were honest”

POV Holder: Next POV March 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat


7:21PM HOH Room Emmett and Jillian

Emmett is grilling Jillian about her conversation with Aneal. Earlier today Aneal was telling Jillian that she should put up floaters or break up a showmance. They both laugh at Aneal’s nomination suggestions. Aneal was trying to get AJ as the target.

Emmett: “If AJ was any good at this game he would be gone but he sucks so we’re keeping him”
Jillian: “He wants us to put up AJ bad”
Emmett: “Fuck that… Aneal is a weasel”
Emmett does not like Aneal at all “I fu**ing hate how aneal goes around talking to everyone”
Emmett lists off the possible targets “Aneal should be scare, Danielle should be scare.. GAry should be scare.. and Suzette should be scared.. Suzette is scared shitless right now”
Jillian: “No she’s not she trusts me”
Emmett wants them to guarantee someone from the other side goes home next weekl, ”We’re going to draw a line in the sand”

Emette: “:You gotta think about it we’re 9 they are five.. put two of them up and they use Power of Veto we still have targets to take out.. I fuc**ng don’t like Aneal.. I like joking around with him but he’s a weasel.. I bet Aneal gave me that one vote.. I bet it wasn’t gary.. he came to me right after the vote and said oh it wasn’t me… It’s like he’s trying to stir up sh!t”

Emmett’s eviction order is Danielle out, suzette out then Gary
Jillian: “Gary hates me”

Emmette and Jillian were hoping that one of the other guys (Tom/Alec) had won the head of Household Competition. It would have been easier for them in the following week. Emmett tells her that sooner or later someone from the other side is going to win HOH.. but it doesn’t matter they have the numbers for now.

Jillian doesn’t know what she is going to do with these nominations.. (they are talking in circles.. )

Emmette: “GAry is here to win.. we got Gary, Danielle, Suzette, Aneal and Lala.. we’ll keep Lala til the end”

Jillian: “So gary and Danielle”
Emmette: “Ya I think so”
Jillian: “What about AJ”
Emmette: “No thats a stupid move”
Emmett tells her during the nomination speech to tell them that they are strong competitors.. Emmett then suggests he goes up as a pawn then if POV is played Danielle can be backdoored.
Jillian: “What if one of them POV and you go home”
Emmett: “Oh.. ya FU** that”
Emmett:” We have the strongest people in the house..”

Emmett mentions how boring his Diary room sessions have been, he hasn’t been talking sh!t about anyone. They

They start running through scenarios if the other side wins HOH. They are certain Tom is going up. Emmett tells her they have the votes but if the other side wins HOH and POV one of them will be going home. Jillian says she’s going to be a nervous wreck next week during the HOH competition.

Emmett instructs her to get in good with Suzette, try and bring her into the group as a temporary member. Jillian giggles. Emmett: “We get Suzette it’s one less person we have to worry about winning HOH”
Jillian: “You are evil.. didn’t you tell me that dairy farmers are the most honest people” They both laugh. Emmett tells her they need to wait until tonight to talk to Suzette. He says that Nominations are tomorrow and Sunday is the POV, Emette: “Monday, Tuesday Wednesday to campaign and Thursday say goodbye”

7:55pm Jillian tells him that out of the 5, Talla, Suzette and Aneal will have the least chance of putting her up if they win HOH. She’s wanting to put up Gary and Danielle.

The plan is to tell Danielle that she is a really strong player. They will pretty much tell Gary the same thing but add that he’s a really strong social player. Emmett instructs her that they will tell Aneal that they are putting up Alec of course they will tell Alec that it’s a ruse. Emmett wants to see how Aneal reacts cause Aneal is so hell bent on getting the 4 guys to turn on each other.

7:51pm Backyard Andrew, AJ, Liza, Tom Aj is talking about his job.. He works developing consumer packaging and advertising.


8:08pm Topaz in the tub yo


8:21pm HOH Bathroom Topaz and Jillian Jillian tells her that the ‘9’ are safe. Topaz says she’s closer to Gary and she’s getting a bit close with Suzette but hasn’t connected with Danielle. Topaz and Jillian agree that Danielle is their number one target this week. Both girls feel like Danielle hates them. Topaz believes that Danielle is a Threat and won’t be a waste of a vote.

Topaz: “I know they want AJ off.. I agree he’s annoying as hell but he’s not a threat” Jillian agrees. Topaz tells her a story about Danielle complaining that all the hot guys are taken in the house. Apparently Danielle thinks that there is only 3 hot guys two are taken and “Tom’s a a$$hole so f**k that” (lol). Topaz adds that Danielle has been mean to Peter because he’s all that left and it’s “A hot Guy”. Jillian: “that’s mean I like Peter” Jillian tells her Danielle is going up and she has to put up a pawn. Topaz is worried thinking it’s her. Jillian “OH MY GOD no.. ” Topaz makes it clear she talks to Gary and gets along with him but that she doesn’t talk game with him. Both girls are thining that their group of Nine is going to make a run til the end (Famous last words.. the group of nine is Alec, Topaz, Peter, Andrew, Tom, Emmett, AJ, Jillian, and liza) Aneal comes in the Head of Household room and the talk shift to random junk.


8:41pm Backyard Peter, Emmett and Jillian Jillian is relaying her conversation with Topaz, says that topaz is close to Gary but is OK if he goes up as a pawn. Adds that Topaz is fully on board with taking out Danielle this week. Peter starts to coach her saying they need to make sure Gary doesn’t know he’s the pawn until after the Power of Veto competition. That way if it’s Gary and Danielle in the end of the POV Gary won’t throw it to her. Peter tells them as long as they have a good chance to make it to the final 6.


9:03pm Backyard Jillian Working out on the other cams Topaz is still in the bath tub talking to Liza (Topaz has been in the tub for 1/2 the day)


9:18pm Aneal and Liza HOH room with Topaz still in the tub

They say Talla has been passed out for the last 4 hours, they think the slop has been draining her. Aneal mentions that Talla and Jillian made a deal during the HOH competition.

Aneal says the only person that would surprise him being nominated would be if Emmett went up. Liza agrees. Points out that Emmett and Jillian got very close as soon as Jillian won head of Household. They both agree that the change was very abrupt and weird.
Liza: “They were shy and sweet and cute.. now BED BUDDIES.. I saw them walking arm in arm..(Jillian and Emmett)”
Aneal says that Tom has been trying to get closer to Liza. Liza has noticed.

Liza says she was trying to get Danielle and Emmett to hook up she told him, “Danielle is hot for you and thats a nut you can crack”. Liza doesn’t think there is any chance of Emmett haveing s$x with Jillian on this show she’s a teacher she would never do that on camera. Liza adds that Emmett has been complaining a lot about “His Blu$ B@lls..” and “The tension” so why not hit that thang (Danielle’s booty being tha Thing) .


9:30pm Andrew grabbing his gunk
9:38pm Backyard Alec and Peter Peter says he trusts Emmett much more than Tom, He’s glad Emmett has gotten close to them. Alec asks Peter if they should try and “Throw Aneal off the sent” They both agree that it’s hard now because Aneal has been living in the HOH. Alec and Peter are happy at how things are working out. The four of them Alec, Emmett, Tom and Peter haven’t been spending too much time together nobody will suspect at how close they are in the game.

9:50pm Backyard Alec and Peter Mad game talk Lots of game talk the this video. Sounds like Alec and Peter have a final 2 deal. There plans are to take Emmett, Topaz, Jillian, Tom, Alec and Peter to the finals. They will use Tom to cut Jillian or Topaz. Alec mentions that Topaz has been hinting to him that Peter has to go as soon as the other side gets sent out of the house. They laugh at how elite they are compared to the other players. They don’t trust Tom and they both feel there’s no point to win HOH until week 5 unless they feel the heat. Peter asks if the Liza/Tom showmance is real. Alec says it’s not Tom doesn’t care about any of that he’s here to win.

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julie chen

do Emmett and Jillian have a budding showmance?


Thanks Simon and Dawg…this is the first time I’m relying only on feeds and you all. PREESH!

jules chen

also how long has topez been in that fucking bath for hahaha


Danielle is the new Jen. I’m starting to think she’s on a different show, Big Brother Canada Adjacent, and she just sort of stops over every once in a while, kind of like Ethel Mertz.


How can Emmett have blue b@lls? There are no women on the farm. Oh Yeah, he may have a chance at the cows!

Pretty Trickster

I hate the showmances!!!! As a US BB fan I am a little put off by the show so far,. the clubby music and the weird intros drive me crazy. (with the women flipping their hair and eye f*&%ing the camera). Im now really curious about production techniques and reality shows in Canada