Peter: “the only competitions i’m going to try are for the have nots”

POV Holder: Gary Next POV March 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations: Gary and Aneal
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat

I’m broadcasting the live feeds here


10:21pm Aneal and Liza

Liza says that Danielle has offered herself as pawn. Aneal didn’t know that. Aneal wants them to get Suzette up he feels like he’s got a chance to stay.
Liza wants Suzette gone as well but isn’t sure if Jillian would use her as the replacement nominee because apparently Jillian and Suzette have a one week deal.

Liza: “Emmett isn’t even talking to Tom anymore.. “
Aneal: “Ya Tom is super pissed”

Liza warns him that she cannot go to Jillian and start pushing her to put Suzette or Danielle up because she runs the risk of being put up as well. Liza instructs Aneal to get Emmett to talk to Jillian, “Emmett is the puppet master.. he’s the one that can to go talk to Jillian:

Aneal tells her that he’s going to be a beast in the next HOH competition because it’ll be mental and he’ll stay up all night studying.
Liza: “Why don’t you get into Emmett’s ear and i’ll get into Toms ear and we’ll see”
Aneal suggests they try to get Suzette or Aj up on the block.
Liza: “UGH I hate AJ.. get out of my A$$”

Liza: “Why are all the Toronto people going home”
Aneal: “It’s a curse.. I don’t want to go home.. you think I have a shot”
Liza: “Ya.. I would really like Suzette or Aj out.. You have to be very sincere”
Aneal gets up to leave asks her if she finds anything out let him know.. thanks her for the conversation.


10:45pm Alec and Peter

Alec really doesn’t like Tom thinks he’s a “Dick Head, Slime Ball” Alec goes over his conversation with Tom and Aneal in the Have nots room. Alec felt “gross” being in the conversation, he explains that Aneal cornered him and before he knew it he was involved in a strange game talk situation. “I was like these are not the people I want to be associated with” . Alec thinks at this point he would rather keep Topaz longer than Tom. Peter doesn’t care for Tom. Peter keeps warning Alec to not overplay, try and keep game conversation down. Alec agrees says he really didn’t want to be stuck in that room with Tom and Aneal. Peter: “everyone else is overplaying we need to underplay”. Alec asks when they will tell Emmett that Tom is not in their final 4. Alec explains that people get in trouble with this game because they say hypothetical things to people. Why tell Emmett that Tom isn’t in the final four when there is still 14 people in the house, “we don’t know what is going to happen.. one challenge at a time”. Alec says the main thing he wook away from the Aneal/Tom conversation is that Aneal is a sneaky bastard.

Alec brings up again that Emmett can be trusted and he’s a “good guy”. Peter Agrees.
Alec: “Andrew Hates Tom”
Peter thinks they should start working on getting Andrew to put up Tom when the time comes for him to win HOH.
Alec says that Gary likes them and is close to Topaz so they might want to keep him around. Alec thinks Gary is a good guy and they can trust him to a certain point, “He’s annoying as sh!t though”. Alec: ‘topaz tells me everything.. “ Peter says they have to go deep with their side people and follow along with their plans.

Alec: “What should we tell Aneal”
Peter says they need to tell Aneal to calm down and not scramble. Peter comments about the girls are all making final 2 deals left and right, “It’s like they have never seen this game before”

Aneal creeps up the stairs and asks them if they have a minute and want to talk. “Sorry man i’m just really bored”

Alec and Peter talk about AJ being used as the pawn. Alec is going to go up to AJ right away and tell him he’s safe because.
Peter: “All we need is 2 more votes.. we have me, you, Tom, Liza, Andrew and topaz”


10:50pm Liza and Tom

Tom wants Suzette to be nominated.

They think they have a good chance winning next weeks HOH, Apparently Liza thinks she’s a beast in mental comps, Tom: “We got you and we got Peter.. AJ is useless in physical.. look at him tonight couldn’t even throw a snowball”

Tom: “Gary has beaten every boy in the house in competitions.. Gary is underestimated in this house”

Tom: “Who are you going to nominate if you win HOH, Liza: “Suzette and AJ”
Tom wants to get rid of Jillian and Topaz during the double eviction. Tom is positive that Jillian and Emmett know each other outside this house. He mentions how weird it was that after Jillian won HOH they became really tight.

Liza says that Andrew is “So into her” Tom warns her that Andrew is here to win the money. Andrew getting close to Liza is just a “Guy thing”

Tom: “Andrew talked a final 3 deal with me.. everyone is trying to fast forward it.. moving too quick.. I fu****ng want it to be final 3 you me and him you and me make it to final 2”


11:22pm Aneal is wandering around the house.. pretty much avoiding/being avoided by the other players. At one points he breaks down in the bathroom with Topaz and Talla More pictures of Anneal’s breakdown


11:26pm Havenots room Peter and Liza

Aneal keep coming to be being like what do I do.. I’ve been giving him vague advice.. I thin kit’s going to be either Suzette or AJ”

Liza: “She’s made a deal with Suzette”

They both agree that it’s a stupid move to make up a deal with Suzette. Peter thinks Jillian is a sweet girl but she’s dumb and has no idea how to play the game. Liza:”Jillian pulled a pseudo Suzette this week”3

Peter: “Eventually Tom is going to play himself out.. Andrew and Tom are both so into you.. you can use that to get them to take the other out.. But we have to get the floaters out because if one of them figures out that they have the numbers…”

They start chatting about grabbing prizes during comps and the next HOH. Peter is going try and grab as much cash as he can because he’s poor. Peter has no intentions to grab Trips or win many comps.
Peter: “the only competitions i’m going to try are for the have nots”
Liza is going to really try and get HOH next week.

Peter: “Everyone came here to escape reality.. I came in here to come home” (Just a random quote )

Jillian mentions that this is the first time in Big Brother History that there was 3 showmances and showmances so early in the season. Peter is a bit worried that Tom might wrangle the floaters for one week and control the votes.

(Man is this confusing a lot of side alliances… things could get messy soon)

Jillian brings up how Emmett’s master plan was for him to be nominated. They agree the other players are slow at this game. Peter: “Who are we playing with.. can we just get accelerated to Allstars”


12:04AM Dinner HAve nots eating slop the rest eating salmon.

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I think Peter REALLY messed up telling Liza that he’s gonna throw things…he needs to keep those things to himself and portray a weak persona. I feel like he’s pulling an Ian with his growing ego.


Tom has to be one of the dumbest guys ever. I can’t wait to see Liza play him like a fool (She already is).


Yeah peter needs to stop talking. He’s telling people too much…soon they are going to start looking at him. And I think Aneal has 2 plays to stay safe….but he isnt doing either one cause hes too upset. He could first be selling himself as a total non threat cause when hes in hot water he clearly finds himself friendless…so what kind of damage can he really do to someone if he stays one more week. And his second play is to push tom a bit on the anti emmett stuff in the hopes that he blows up and tears down the big super alliance with it. Looks like aneal will be going home right now though…which is too bad cause i think hes more interesting than suzette, danielle, and aj…the pawns everyone wants next to aneal.


Does Danielle know she is on a tv show?? I think I have seen her a total of like 3 times! Isn’t she supposed to be an aspiring actress??? Pretty sure she doesn’t know the meaning of the word exposure!


You tell me! You’re the one who put her face on your website. lol
Wait, has anyone checked her bed?? Are we even sure she is still in the house?? lol


The less I have to listen to her scratchy sad excuse for a voice, the better.

Ians Beer

With a raspy voice that squeaks out the “f” word, every second or third word, maybe that’s why she’s not getting much air time…is it me or does this whole cast have problem expressing themselves without dropping the f-bomb in every single sentence. I find the females are total potty mouths for the most part. Trying to be Canuck Gangsta? lol