Tiff “He thinks he has an opportunity to stay and he does not! I’m not going to have him keep chasing me around.”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Nominations: Britini Christian and Sarah
Power of Veto Players: Sarah Beth, Britini, DX, Claire, KY, Alyssa | HOST: Hannah
Power of Veto: Britini
Power of Veto Ceremony: Britini used the power of Veto. DX nominated Chrisitan in her place

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Big Brother Spoilers – Christian is the target. Alyssa and Christian are working hard campaigning but it’s not going anywhere. This vote won’t flip unless Tiff has another dream tonight. Feeds are being blocked a lot again today.

1am HOH room – Derek X, Kyland, Sarah and Hannah.
They talk about the accents they’ve done and how if anyone is going to get “cancelled” it would be Tiffany. Hannah – pretty much the only ones I did were the Indian one which I am Indian and the west African one which my mom is from Africa. And then I did a bunch of European ones but I can’t get cancelled for that. They may try but.. So I feel okay! Derek – but as a totem pole of getting cancelled Tiff is at the top. Kyland – and Big D. They’re both shields. Sarah – Tiff doing the German one was top! Kyland – did she say “I am hitler”? Sarah – yes, yes she did. Hannah – I have no recollection. Derek – I won’t repeat the phrase. Sarah – I’ve already forgotten. Kyland – I may have misunderstood her. Hannah – No… ah yes. Anyway. Kyland – so votes? You said you are feeling good. Sarah – yeah I feel good. Pretty much everyone has told me that they’re keeping me. Big D and Brit told me that they’re going to tell Christian that they’re keeping him but that they don’t mean it. They’re keeping me. Ultimately even if they are lying to me.. I should have enough votes with everyone else. Derek – I did just talk to Brit and she said that the jokers were getting badgered all day today. Brit is getting really annoyed with them (Alyssa and Christian). So honestly don’t add to it. She is getting really annoyed with Christian. Let them dig their own grave. Hannah – there is just not a lot of self awareness going on.

1:15am Bedroom – Azah, Tiff and Brit
Tiff – he asked me again for my vote because he thinks he has yours. I am only going to to be forced to say Brit is not voting for you because I am not having him chasing me around this house thinking that all he needs is a vote from me and Claire to stay. Azah – that is putting her (Brit) in a difficult position. Tiff – THAT is putting me in a position. He is telling me and Claire that he just needs us to vote because her and Big D promised him their vote. He believes he has four votes. He is either looking for a vote from you or he is looking for a vote from me and Claire. I have already told him I need time to think about it. I don’t have an answer for you. Azah – that is the answer I am giving him as well. Tiff – he thinks he has an opportunity to stay and he does not! He thinks he has an opportunity to stay because he needs one vote because they promised him their vote. I am not going to have him keep chasing me around. It makes him think that he has an opportunity to stay but no one is voting for him to stay. I gave you the story to tell him. And the only thing that is going to happen is Alyssa is going to be pissed. The only reason I am not telling him yes is because I still got to live here and so does Alyssa. Alyssa thinks y’all are voting for him to stay .. how is your damage control for that.. or do you not care? Brit – at this point its two people .. we have the damage control ready for Alyssa no matter what happens. Tiff – you got to break it to them some time between now and Thursday. I am sorry, I wanted to vote to keep you. I thought that was the plan however I like this game, I still have to live here and respect DX .. he nominated you to go home .. I am trying to get on his good side. I don’t want to get nominated again. I can’t vote for you to stay. Its not like he is not going to know. He thinks he needs one more vote .. but he needs THREE more votes but he doesn’t know that. He is pressuring me thinking I am the swing vote and I am not. He doesn’t have the votes period. If he does want to have that meeting I will tell him .. Christian these people are not voting for you, your vote doesn’t just rely on just me. Brit – I get that. I don’t want to be in this position either. Tiff – so what is your plan are you just going to vote him out and not tell him? Brit – that was one plan. Tiff – you know he is going to keep asking tomorrow. Brit – I know, today was hell for me I got pulled 8 times! Tiff – that is why you just have to say no. Brit – I agree with you Tiff, I do. Big D joins them. Big D explains that Christian has told him that he has Tiff and Claire’s vote. I’ve told him I don’t think you do. I am telling him the same thing that you’re tell him. Brit – no you’re not because I’m in Tiff’s story.

Tiff – I just want to be able to get to the end of this together without any promises. Brit – I am going to get the fire. Tiff – you’re not going get the fire Brit. Brit – yes I will! Azah – I think we should just go to sleep and we can figure it out tomorrow because I don’t know if we are getting anywhere with this discussion right now. Big D – we can just call a spade a spade and call him in and tell him he is not getting anyone’s vote. I have no problem doing that. Tiff – I really don’t. Big D – we can do that, if that’s easier. Brit – I don’t know who I got into this position. I don’t understand, I don’t get it. I don’t like it. I have been running away from him all day. Big D – I have no problem telling him to leave you alone and to give you time to think. Brit – if you need me to tell him, I will. Tiff – that is not what I am saying. You don’t have to do anything. Brit – I will tell him.. oh my god. Azah – I think you should take some time and go to sleep. I think its a lot. Big D –

1:35am – 1:50am Brit, Tiff and Claire.
Brit starts crying – The craziest part of this damn week is I am campaigning for people that would rather see me up. Tiff – that is why you don’t owe them anything. Brit – I know, I know. No one wanted me to come off. Why are they putting so much pressure on me. I legitimately don’t want him to go but I can’t beat him. I don’t want to put y’all in jeopardy. Tiff talks to Brit about how to explain to Christian that she isn’t sure if she can keep him. If you’re telling her yes, and then its a no.. she will have a reason to target you. Brit – oh my god. Tiff – you have to change your answer from a yes to an I don’t know. I know I said I would vote to keep you but you guys cornered me after nominations.. I know I said yes but I may have spoken too soon. I need time to think about this and I am sorry.

1:58am Backyard. Azah and Big D
Big D to Azah – so my mindset right now is that I am going to go to each person and tell them that I don’t want to be a part of this alliance anymore. Azah – don’t say that..

4:00 am Azah and Ky
(Discussing the cookout)
Ky explains this week how they were trying to make Alyssa feel safe so if she won’t the Veto she would use it and they then would put Christian up.
Ky says DX had no intentions to send out Brit.
Ky says Alyssa thought she was working with the queens.
Azah – I don’t care who is working with whom whatever.. With all this you have two cookout members that have no idea what is going on
Ky – I agree
Azah – they are trying to figure out stuff on their own
Ky – I agree
Azah – They were told up there (HOH) that the noms need to stay the same… i’m like that makes no sense why the noms need to stay the same.
Azah doesn’t like that Tiff is “gamming her now”
Azah – there’s no need
Ky – clearly I am with you
Azah – I’m pissed. you have Christian running around trying to get votes. Tiffany barges in the room and tells Brit.. You need to tell him [Christian] you’re not voting or I am going to tell him.
Ky says it’s hard for Tiff to stop worrying about votes in jury.
Ky explains that Tiff needs brit to tell Christian she’s not voting for her so when the vote comes out 3 to 6 she can scoop up Alyss’a jury vote.
Ky adds that she also wants to stay in good with Alyssa. Points out that X and Alyssa are the closest
Ky – she is looking to be Alyssa’s second choice for a jury vote.
Ky – she wants the vote to be 6-3 and she doesn’t want to risk that vote coming from anyone other than her.
Ky – I feel comfortable telling her personally that’s not OKAY. A) that is prioritizing your game above teh six.
Ky – I don’t think any of us should try to get Jury votes right
Azah – I get is I understand it’s a game whatever like I said what I don’t like don’t try to game me
Ky says the only advantage Tiff will get from what she is doing is a personal advantage at the expense of the 6.
Azah – I’m telling you now I was trying to work things in the beginning I have good relationships with everybody but I’m not working anything.
Azah says someone [Tiff] is trying to make decisions for her game.
Ky mentions how a member of the 6 is being dishonest. [TIFF]
Ky – I feel like this is dangerous to say.. I feel like there’s only one person that is doing that. I do still agree with the layout with the 6 it strategically makes sense.
Azah – was the plan from the beginning to get out Christian?
Ky – yes
Azah – who
Ky – Derek personally
Azah – he came up with the plan himself
Ky – he came up with the plan himself
Ky says Hannah might have something with Tiff and Claire which takes him back to his previous point “If you are part of something outside of the 6 I think we should know.. that’s the ain conversation we’re having”
Ky – it’s not a plan we would have enacted if he didn’t feel he had support..
Ky says the Cookout isn’t sharing information like their new side alliances. He thinks the 6 needs to share everything they have “cooking” on the side.
Ky – do you agree
Azah does agree she doesn’t have anything on the side.
Ky and Azah agree it’s too early for members of the six to working so hard for Jury votes.
Azah says Tiff told her in front of Brit that “we never talk game so that’s why when I’m with you we just talk”
Azah – in front of Brit that’s messy
(To summarize. DF and Azah are pissed at Tiff for not respecting them or Britini. They’re pissed that Tiff is making side plans and alliances that are a mystery to them. Kyland more of less told them about the royal flush and hinted that Tiff is making alliances and trying to collect Jury votes. DF has now said that he wants TIFF out first out of the cookout. The cracks between the Cookout are getting wider by the day)

5:00 am feeds cut..

6:30 am Azah and Brit are in the bathroom. Brit is still stressed about this weeks vote.

Sorry folks there will most likely be no updates until later in the afternoon.

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1) It is Tiff’s fault for Christian following her around because she did act like a mother to him(his head was literally lying on her chest like a kid would do roughly a few days ago) 2) I wouldn’t be surprised if Azah wants to hit Derek F’s head with a frying pan to knock some sense into him

Kid Rock

Tiff is being a bully! She wants to save face for her own game and is trying to throw Britt under the bus! I’m starting not to like her at all! ~ Black male in Detroit

mad max

If Tiff had a brain in that bun, she’d shut up! UGH!


But the thing is if Tiff/Claire were saying what Big D/Brit are (telling both noms they’re safe) & Chris was chasing the Jokers saying THEY are the swing vote like he’s doing to Tiff then Big D would be just as mad b/c THAT is his game — to complain & suggest he’ll blow a gasket — if he’s nominated— if he wins HOH— or if he’s not considered in every situation first. Did you not see him get all blown up in X’s face this week? (X was only trying to suggest SB could leave instead of Big D went on the block – & DF took offense & wouldn’t even let X speak. I mean doesn’t X recognize it’s his responsibility to win comps, keep Big safe & also take him to F2?

OH — and he followed that by saying “I’m running this game” —- delusional couch for sale


How is Claire able to clock who TC members talk to each day, and tell DX that X talks to all TC members the most if Claire is in one room, other than get DX to think TC are working together?


The best way to deal with it would be if the incoming “fan voted power” was a Diamond POV that Claire wins. She would know from her live feed camera chats that fans wanted Ky/X or Ky/Big D on the block. Once one of them was cut it would send TC members a message that BB Fans weren’t loving TC & that might make them stop prefacing getting them all to the end.

Unfortunately, that’s prob not what the power will be — plus Xavier just manifested DX winning it by saying “If there isn’t already a power in here, I dont think it’s coming until next week & there is no way in hell he (DX) is getting a power”

The minute he said that Twitter blew up with EVERYONE saying to give it to DX lol. Unfortunately, DX would likely put up SB & Ally – UGH

But to answer your question as much as Claire likes/trusts DX she also has clocked how close he is to Ky. DX says he wants F4 of him/Hannah/Claire/Tiff but he also still can’t seem to stop the Ky bromance & as long as he keeps him in the game late he’ll be vulnerable.

So, the best thing would be Claire winning the power (depending on what it is) & telling Tiff b/c that would potentially give her the assurance she needs to break up TC & go with their little foursome instead of TC. Let’s face it TC is making her insane anyway – now Azah is following Big D’s lead & calling Tiff a bitch too.

Meanwhile they are the biggest hyprocrites in the house & they only play one day a week. This is the first time they’ve had any real power (their vote) & look at all the extra they’re doing with it. I’m not a huge Christian fan but the fact that trio is enjoying making him jump through hoops, lying to him etc when he kept them safe just speaks to their lack of social nuances – BB 101 stuff.

They didn’t even need to give him an answer but for Brit/Big D to tell him “your safe” when they never intended to give him their vote was completely unnecessary. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope someone cuts the couch long before F5 b/c he doesn’t even play the game – he’s just there to be dragged to the end & I can’t stand the thought of him getting near a F2 chair just for lying around, calling women bitches & being condescending with no resume warranting a reason to open his mouth.


We are in full agreement that there needs to be a power like the Diamond Power of Veto if they don’t have that itself. I also agree that Derek F has been delusional ( Do we compare him to the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland?). It’s annoying to me that Tiff was complaining about the result of what she was doing with Christian as pure gameplay. That being said I know Britini was also annoyed with Christian and Alyssa for hounding her on her vote. Either way the results of this week should be good viewing for the next weeks . If someone doesn’t vote the way they said that they would it should be easily traceable.

I want Derek X to stay as long as possible. Hopefully others will be serving as shields so that he is given cover (however unintentional the cover is)

Larry Pooper

Derek F flat out brings it… He will win!


I hope you are being ironic. He brings nothing to the game. He’s just a fat bully and I can’t wait until he’s gone. He’d have been the first one evicted if I was playing. All he does is lay around,
eat, and run his mouth. A complete waste of space that someone else with some brains and skills could have had. Can’t stand him!


It’s going to be hard to bring it when he’s already bringing the couch.


Britney is such a f*cking mess crying and stressing over telling Christian the truth or not.

Woman up and do it already and for the love of God stop crying!

Everyone really should give him Wednesday and Thursday to mentally prepare to 100% leave and therefore just have as much fun as one can before their eviction.

Let him and Alyssa do what they gotta do Wednesday night… And then let him get all dressed up on Thursday before he walks out the door to see Julie.


Not understanding the ranking grid. 30% give Tiffany 0 stars—like her or not, she is playing a good game. And 10% give DerekF 5 stars?


Some people rank based on game. Some rank based on who they like. Others rank based on who they want to bone. Etc..

The Beef

Yet once it’s all said and done, somehow the rankings do seem to work out how they should. The most recent rankings (day 34) the top 8 players are pretty much who I think are the 8 playing the best games, with the exception of Azah, who for some reason is ranked way too high at number 6. Christian is ranked way too low at number 12 (yeah, he’s not too good strategically, but he’s a very good physical competitor and has won so many competitions, so IMHO he should be higher than 12), but like you say, popularity counts too for some voters.

I don’t know how anybody can give Brent, Travis, Whitney, or Derek F a damn 5! None of them ever won anything, nor did any of them ever really influence the game strategically, although 2 of them (Brent and Big D) thought or seem to think they are totally in charge of it! Azah plays emotionally, but at least she plays and gets involved somewhat in the strategy of the game. Big D does nothing but lay around and sleep, waiting on the next cattle call for dinner! How do you reward that type of game play with a 5?

I still wish DX had seen more than 2 seasons of the show before going in there. Given TC, the odds would still be stacked against him, but if he were more familiar with how this game were played I think that boy would be Hell on wheels in this game! As it is he’s doing a pretty good job playing the hand he’s been dealt, especially after Frenchie “frenched” him up during the first week. He’s going to be badly hurt when Hannah sticks the knife in his back, all in support of “the cause”. Knowing him, he’ll probably think that’s a good enough reason to do it though, and he’ll be a big enough man to forgive and forget. If he does, he’ll be a better man than I am, because I wouldn’t be that forgiving of my supposed #1 backstabbing me – not after I just guaranteed her safety in front of the whole house while desperately clinging to that wall.


I vote on my favorites

Paul Sucks

Saw this post and gave Tiff 0 stars!


“Big D talking outside to Cams. He says the Derek at home would do what [he wanted with his vote]. He says the Derek at home would pop the F off. Should I pop the F off? Damm. He says he needs SB to win and put Tiff’s @ss on the block and send her home.” (from Jokersupdates *sorry I cheat on you guys :p*)

I’m loving the fractures in The Cookout.

Tiffany does have a very abrassive attitude and Idk why she thinks she can act like that to Derek F and Azah..

I mean yeah they are less likely to win and target her especially since they have an understanding but clearly he wants someone else to get her out. At least in that moment of anger at her.

We’ll see what happens. At the very least Tiffany is doing herself no favors getting Derek F and Azah’s vote should she be in the final 2 with Hannah, Xavier, or Kyland.


Why are they all so threatened by Tiff being there to play and win big brother? Just because all of the other people there are just hoping to making money on onlyfans after this doesn’t mean that everyone needs to have the same attitude. Tiff is there to win. She is also funny and entertaining and charismatic (the live feeds are obsessed with her to the point of being kind of creepy).

Do you think they are just being haters because they notice that the cameras are on Tiff at all times?


I agree with you. Tiff is playing the game. Just because she’s in the Cookout does not mean that she isn’t allowed to make moves and form alliances on the side. What Ky, Azah, and DF are really upset about is that Tiff is playing the game better than they are.


It’s a back door. Just lie if you can’t take the pressure. Also tiff putting the onus on others is just bristling. Can they tell Alyssa the truth about the vote and lie to Christian? You know, woman to woman we’re in it with you, blah blah.

The Beef

Tiff is just pissed because Brit and Smoking D are messing up her plan to throw a hinky vote to Christian, in order to try and secure a jury vote from Alyssa. She’s worried that if too many vote for him, her hinky vote may be the one that keeps him there and thus screws her up with DX, Ky, Claire, Hannah and Azah. Just another case of her wanting to have her cake and eat it too (get Christian out to please her allies, but also keep Alyssa happy with her personally and possibly get her vote in jury IF she’s not sitting next to Xavier).


I’m so tired of the Gen Zrs trying to throw older people utb for doing things like accents. Tiffany is my age, back when people had a sense of humor and didn’t jump to cancel everybody. These kids are so scared of everything and being canceled, Idk how they will get through life. Tiffany didn’t do anything wrong. And Hannah saying she can’t get in trouble for making fun of European accents, what is that about? Oh, because they’re white?

Hannah is one of the worst of the Gen Z woke Twitter people in the house that think America as a whole is young people on Twitter. If Hannah makes it to final two and wins the grand prize, I will vomit. But it will be a lot of their own faults for keeping her shielded in the house to where she has done nothing and still expect to be carried to the end.


I think I got up on the wrong side of the bed b/c Ky, Big D & Azah are ALL pissing me off right now.

Big D spouting per usual & Azah being hypocritical as per usual. She’s quick to get mad when she’s not hearing about game intel from Tiff — but HELLO what about X & Ky who ALSO never tell them anything? No— no problem with that? And you aren’t in other alliances Azah? You didn’t make a 5 week safety deal with DX? You aren’t in an all girls alliance with Brit, Tiff & Claire (SB?) The Jokers didn’t make deals with the Kings, Queens & Aces & not tell the rest of the Cookout? OKAY Azah.

I hope Big D means it & also that this does come to a head today with Azah repeating what Ky just said about Tiff. I’d love for a Tiff – Ky showdown b/c he can barley comprise a full sentence in 10 minutes – Tiff would burn him in one minute saying.

I’m only in alliances YOU CREATED — well that’s not fair — I have that fake F2 but since you also have F2s with Big D, X, SB, Baby D and who knows who else I must be the one whose trying to ruin the Cookout right? Plus you setting up Christian being backdoored last week so X wouldn’t have 3 solid jury votes was only an issue b/c Azah was supposed to be the pawn not your beloved SB right?

Look I’m struggling with how hard it’s going to be to cut people we care about. X is dealing with it this week, Azah & Big D will have to go through it with Brit, Hannah with DX & myself with Claire. We’ve decided none of them will even get a fair chance & I feel guilty. But on top of it now I feel like we’re all just five easy votes for Kyland to beat his girlfriend Sarah Beth at F2.

Yeah okay – rant over & that ^^^^ outta do it — although let’s be honest that would be saying too much – her better bet would be to smile & say yeah you’re right – then go win HOH & put Ky’s ass OTB beside either X (so he can win POV) or Big D.

Honestly, I’m just hoping the fan advantage goes to Claire b/c she’s the one person I believe would use it to negatively impact TC. Hopefully we learn what the exact power is tonight (I’m crossing my fingers it’s a diamond POV – or something substantial) Claire’s camera talks always cite the 3 Cookout males so yeah I’d be more than happy to give her that power & take out Ky to derail the Cookout.

double d

Tiff & Brit are starting to wear on me. The girl cries if she’s on the block and when she safe. Big D could take a couch to final 2 and still come in second.

another name

The cookout blowup is moving faster than I expected.
I thought week 7 would be detonation.
What we know:
Couch has been saying we have to get the girls out first re: top 6 for about 2 weeks.
Ky has been planting anti Tiff for a while. Micromanaging to the extreme.
Azah? favorite player is Jun… playing the game like season 17 Da’vonne (not a compliment). Seriously. HOW can your favorite player be JUN… and you can’t stand LYING or MANIPULATING in the game? HOW?
Tiff does not communicate with the Jokers well and does nothing to change it.
She knows (from Dx) that Ky is out for her blood.
X is still mad he can’t keep all 4 kings. He’s simultaneously egging on both Tiff and Ky in their cold war against each other.
Hannah…. i didn’t quite understand Hannah yesterday. Her separate convos were so contradictory that I don’t quite know where she actually stands.

Things of note that had me headscratching: as Ky is hinting Flush talk to Azah… how is he going to pin it on Tiff when He and X are both in it and didn’t say jack shit?
How are anyone but Azah and Couch going to talk about making side deals in a judgmental tone with a straight face? Each of Ky, X and Tiff don’t have 2 nominees if they win HOH because they are in side deals with everyone.

Thought: You know how some seasons they have the flashy overplaying one that everyone starts to think is Grod’s chosen one, and then they get evicted so that Grod’s actual Chosen One can ascend? It’s happened. It may be happening again this season.

Larry Pooper

Cookout Smookout I say!

Sir Kirby Williams

Who is the chosen one?

another name

In the way I’m viewing how the season is working so far (keep in mind i’ve not watched an episode on tv, so my thought process is from feeds), I’m assuming that a large percentage are going to be considering Tiff to be the Grod pick.
I’m thinking this might be a red herring. For some reason from the way the house dynamic has been swirling and shifting, Xavier fits the role better in a long term scenario. He’s a constant amidst the ever changing shifts in power.

Game fan



I do have an update in the works that includes the mornings joker drama and the soon to hopefully come breakup of the cook out


Tiff game has been good but when you start being blantly bossy then your screwing your own game. BigD sucks at comps but he has an alliance pulling him along. Also I’m not a fan of the crying women. Cookout needs a blowup. Hoping America’s Twist can really mix things up. I get some of BB is repeated ever season but they forget to expect the unexpected.

another name

I can’t accurately measure how most of the players are actually playing this season because part of the measurement for whether they are good or bad players is how they face adversity.
For this reason I do want a chaos bomb for HOH.
Problem: I don’t actually see anyone that IS a chaos bomb for HOH.

So, first chance some cookout members get, Tiffany is going on the block, and/or her side piece Claire is going to be targeted to weaken Tiff. Claire’s life expectency in both cases took a sharp decline after Tiff got through Tiffing with the jokers. Oh well. Thowing everything catches up to you. She’s too comfortable.

Christian’s reaction to not having the votes: shake my head. Apparently somebody has been coddled and doesn’t understand you can’t have everything you want JUST because you want it.

Dx. Fool believes his Ky’s number one again. Fool believes that Ky and Tiff and Hannah will be his final four…. he’s right back to not being able to adapt his first long term plan. Q: how exactly do you get Ky and Tiff working together AFTER you’ve told Tiff that Ky has no trust for her and wants to target her?

As far as the portion of the house that is offended about manipulation and lying… oh stfu.


Ky telling Azah & Big D that Tiff is doing TOO MUCH OUTSIDE THE 6 is akin to the wolf in sheep’s clothing singing Mary had a Little Lamb.

And hey COUCH & Azah – maybe if you got off your asses more than an hour a day or longer than it takes to just ensure your own personal safety or to make sure the Cookout power trio are putting in work to keep the Jokers safe then you could open your mouth. Azah saying she hasn’t trusted Tiff since DF & her targeted Brit in the WC comp just proves how little she knows about the game. Would she have preferred BEING OTB instead? – – b/c that’s what would’ve happened.

The victim noises from the Jokers over this Christian vote is stupid b/c Big D LIED to both Chris/SB like he does with EVERY VOTE & they are only in this predicament b/c Brit wanted to believe her F2 with Chris was real — more accurately she’s enjoying the sudden hand holding & extra attention Christian is giving her so she was hoping that would continue.

I’m so sick of that trio complaining “woe is me” & playing the victim card like seriously — STFU AND WIN SOMETHING THEN!

Also of interest — in SB’s one on one with Claire she throws her Kings teammates UTB stating : “right after the ceremony, the Kings met and both X and Alyssa immediately said the Queens had to have been in on it.”

SB tells Claire she wanted to reassure her (& Tiff) of her loyalty bringing back up “The Jackpot” saying “I think nobody knows that it’s going on, which is perfect for us.” HA – that’s rich! Little does SB know — Ky already told Tiff that SB told him about the Jackpot as he bragged about his “little spy”

Actually, now that I think of it Tiff probably has a shit load of things she could share with pretty much everyone in the house that Ky has told her (like that ^^^) that would drive wedges between him & each of them. He’s made comments that I’ve heard him say about X, Big D/Azah being dead weight but easy to drag along, SB & pretty much everyone in the house so he really should be careful. He got mad b/c she clocked him on SB & is trying to accuse her of pushing her agenda (which he’s doing even more than Tiff). Even this HOH started with Ky telling DX last week he needed to win HOH to backdoor Christian. Ky just wanted HIS PAWNS up (Brit AND AZAH — not SB).

I’m MORE THAN READY for the Cookout to be blown up — but with the caveat that Tiff isn’t the one leaving – she’s far too entertaining. So here’s to a Cookout blowup tonight with the couch standing longer than 10 minutes & getting in Tiff’s face. Let him blow up & say whatever he feels he can say believing Ky/X & Azah have his back.

That should be all the motivation Tiff would need to win HOH – and when Julie announces there is a fan voted bonus when none of Big D/Azah/X/Ky (or SB) watch them scamper trying to work back into Tiff’s favor. Personally I’d give it to Claire – I love DX but he can’t quit this stupid Ky bromance & I’d be worried he could hurt Tiff’s game by making the wrong choice. Claire is level-headed – super intelligent, has a great house read IS KIND & would make the right move.

Besides I’d LOVE to see Tiff put up Big D OTB. I’d also enjoy Ky getting back doored – but I’d rather the useless Big D get a one way ticket to jury.

Again- people might agree or disagree but if I have to pick bi-polar Tiff or Big D/Azah getting deep in this game it’s a very easy choice — stock up on the psychotropics & let’s go!

Hopeful for a Good Season

Tired of Tiffany. Hope whatever America is able to do it helps us to get her out