X – This week we need to stick to 7-2

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Nominations: Britini Christian and Sarah
Power of Veto Players: Sarah Beth, Britini, DX, Claire, KY, Alyssa | HOST: Hannah
Power of Veto: Britini
Power of Veto Ceremony: Britini used the power of Veto. DX nominated Chrisitan in her place

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Big Brother Spoilers – WOW the last 4 hours of feeds have been FIRE. Tiff tried to flip the vote but the jokers appear to have stopped it. Tiffany did some good damage to her game over the last 24 hours and the final result is the flip is dead. Looking forward to seeing if she lost DX, Claire or Hannah through all this.

3:26 pm Tiffany back to planning out the next 3 seasons.

Df knocks at the door “You locked the DOOR on me what are you doing?”
Tiff – thinking
Df – oh my god.. at least you let me in
Tiff – DX I don’t know .. I don’t know if I trust your people. He is presenting a really good case.
Tiff – he is so green with me and with most people he is honest.
DX – I agree
(This was a long conversation to summarize Tiff started floating the idea they should keep Christian. DX wasn’t onboard)

4:07 pm Tiffany and X
Tiff – If I make an argument for Christian to stay and Christian stays I know I am no longer on that side of the house
X – Him, Ky, SB and Hannah but we have Hannah so it’s really Him, Sb, and Ky
Tiff – If sb goes it him and Ky
X – DX and Ky and we know we have Ky so it’s just DX on an island
X – You got Claire. BIGD and Azah have to come to us so what DX and Britini the woman he just put up on the block? No he’s by himself
Tiff – if benefits to have DX on my side like it benefits you having Christian
Tiff says if they send SB home. Christian wins HOH and puts Ky and Bri on the block. Britini goes home.
X – Ky’s still here
Tiff – Sb is gone you have Christian and Alyssa
They do a lot of their strategy by looking over the chessboard. Pretty much they are planning out what to do if Sb leaves this week. They think they can control Christian and Alyssa.
They want to use DX and Christian to take each other out. Part of their strategy talk includes a Battle back (it’s hard to follow this conversation)

X says if the “6 crumbles I would want him on our side”
Tiff – Christian?
X – mmmhmmmm

They start planning the scenario if the 6 crumbles.
Tiff – Me and Claire with you, Christian, Alyssa, and Hannah
Tiff – Ky, SB, DF, Azah, Britini (OMG that’s the dream Team.. lol)
X – we have the best physical competitors in the house, Between you, Hannah and Alyssa, and Claire.. Who do they got? SB, Britini, Ky, DX and Who are these two? Azah,SB?
Tiff – Sb is gone so it would be 5 vs 6. I like this better..
X – IF the 6 crumbles which they may
Tiff says she’s playing 3 different Big Brothers in her head she can’t sleep at night
Tiff says that Ky is playing them all even the six. (Projecting much?)
Tiff – I do believe there is a duo twist in the house and I do believe SB is part of it in order for her to get the prize money.

X – The jokers still want to work with us
Tiff – Azah is really working with DX which is fine. I know if I flip I’m not working with him anymore
X – but he can’t compete anymore
Tiff – he knows I want SB’s a$$ out

Tiff – will Hannah split for DX?
X – for you and I? yes
X says Hannah was with the 6 so sooner or later she would have to split from him.
X says if it’s a mental comp he can beat Christian.
Tiff – I want Christian to stay and I want SB to go I need to know what to do

Tiff says she has DX not Ky.
Tiff – just like you want to keep Christian a little longer I want to keep DX a little longer

They decide the better spot is to flip and take out SB.
Tiff – what do we have to do?
X – we have to get that 5th vote
Tiff – if we do this me and Claire will vote together
X – me and Alyssa have already promised Christian. I told SB today the vote will go 7-2
Tiff – because DF doesn’t give a sh1t I think we can get DF to vote with us. If DF ky’s or yours?
X – df is closer to me than ky
Tiff points out that DF wants a girl to go
Tiff – in order for me to flip it’s better for my game to get Christian and DX to make a deal I’m not going to just Flip my vote on Thursday I want DX to know Christian will be staying only because we have an agreement.

Tiff = let’s do it
X – tiem to flip a house
they hug
X – something is wrong with you
Tiff – I love this game
X – we need to get the 5th vote

The plan is X is going to work on Df and Tiff will talk to Claire (Tiff has a lengthy conversation with Claire about flipping. Claire is says she’s onboard)

4:35 pm Azah, DX, Brit, and Df on his couch
DF – Lemme tell you something we all decided what’s best for our game instead of her Tiffany trying to cover her ass
Azah – why are their votes contingent on ours?
DF says everyone is trying to cover their asses with Alyssa in case she wins HOH next week “I have no F**Ing problem saying that to him”
DF – She acted the f*** up last night and now she’s still acting the f** up (you have no idea how much she acting the f* up )
DF – I’ve been sitting in my room all day so I don’t POP the f** off cause if I POP the f** off everybody is going to wish they left BIGD alone
Brit – this was solved this morning.. They’re making us look bad and I’m not cool with that
brit brings up Tiff telling her either she tells Christian she’s a no vote or Tiff will do it for her.
Brit – that was the threat last night
DF – I’m going to handle it my way.. your HOH is done you did great. He’s [Christian ] going to have a one on one with me I’m going to sit him down and look him in the eye.. in those pretty blue eyes and say no one is voting for you to stay. Everyone is bullshitting you with these conversations
DX – everyone needs to get their emotions LOCKED down I don’t want it to get hot.
Brit – I told him [Christian ] you don’t have the votes to stay I’m voting with the house
DF – I’m about to go upstairs and tell this man he doesn’t have the votes to stay and go off on tiff for all this F***ing bullshit
Azah tells DX the jokers are SOLID votes to get out Christian. “we’re not lying”
Azah – any hanky panky or trickiness there’s no question

DF gets up for the first time in days to go upstairs and tell Christian he’s going home.
DX stops him tells him not to get heated
DF says he won’t he’ll say “Hopefully there’s a battle back you’ll take the hit”
DX – if you see tiff
DF – I don’t have nothing to say to miss.. I don’t even know her
DX – you can be mad at her don’t have her be mad at you
Df – you are you talking about I don’t know who that is.

DX marches upstairs he doesn’t find Christian in the have nots.

4:47 pm Xavier and BIGD
X- when we first talked this morning I thought he was going 7-2 I don’t think that’s happening anymore.
DF – X I don’t know what you want me to do at this point. Here’s the thing TIFFany is saying he’s staying.. But how she’s doing it is this
DF – I would vote for you but I have to go with the majority of the house
DF – she’s saying the house is pretty much the jokers
DF – what the house wants..
X – they’re not voting him out so if you vote against him I don’t think you will be in the majority
X – the reason I’m telling you this is since day one I told you I will be looking out for you on this
X – everyone wants to take a shot at SB everyone wants her ass gone for valid reasons
DF – why are they switching their vote
X – no one was saying it one way or another
DF – now you’re telling me..(he starts to laugh) OH MY GOD I can’t believe I’m out of cigarettes
X – for Sb she has Ky, Hannah, Probably Azah.
X – For Christian, he would have me Alyssa, Tiffany, and Claire
X – if you and Britini want to keep SB then it would be 5 to 4 but if you want to come over here it would be six to three and Azah we would make sure is not touched I would make sure Britini is not touched.
X – we have Christian to take out DX and DX to take out Christian we have them shooting at each other until we have to take them out which you know I am more than capable of doing (DX will give you a run boss)
DF – I know that
X – this is what we signed up for dog
DF – I can’t have.. I’m not going to Continue having Alyssa and Christian here simply for the fact that at the end of the I know you have a word but you come last when it goes with those two.
DF – if we don’t take this now he’ll take a shot at me or someone who we’re working with

DF – SB is easy to take out she can be taken out next week I told you I wanted Alyssa to go
DF – My gut is telling me if I don’t take him out ME I won’t have another opportunity at the end of the day if it comes down to me and you. He’s taking YOU over me
DF – I don’t have my Frenchie, You have your Frenchie still
DF – if he [Christian ] wins I’m going home
X – no, he’s not even thinking of your name he wants DX
DF – DX likes you and me and everyone else we’re working with
X – Christian doesn’t not like you

DF – my gut is saying get this mother f*****r while you can
Df says in the future Alyssa and Christian will put the two of them on the block
X – they will not put us on the block I can almost guarantee
X – they won’t get that far in the game. Your paranoia is getting you BIGD
DF – they both get on my nerves.
DF says this would be the dumbest move keeping Christian around.
X says the problem with DX is he’ll figure out the cookout. Alyssa and Christian won’t figure “that sh1t out”
X says DX is one of the most intelligent men in the house.

DF – I can’t believe you’re trying to get me to keep this mother f**er I can’t deal with them anymore
X – that’s personal not game
DF – I am thinking about game
Feeds cut.

5:28 pm DF, Christian and Azah
DF – if SB leaves nobody wants to take the hit that you angry if you leave nobody wants to take the hit what can happen with Alyssa or some shit like that
DF – that’s the problem instead of everyone being manned up and tell you hey Christian I want you to stay or Hey Sb I want you to leave people don’t want to do that. people want to scheme and lie to people’s faces You know I don’t do well with that.. that’s my trigger.
DF – I’m this close to going the f*** off

5:32 pm Tiffany, Claire, and DX (Feeds were down for 30 mins Tiff and Claire tried to pull Brit into the HOH to try to get her to flip the vote. BIGD and Azah jumped in on this to protect her. It got heated)

Tiff is saying she’s never bullshitted DX if someone in the house says she is “They don’t know me”
Tiff – I will show them who the real me is. YOU and her know me I haven’t bullshitted either one of y’all (cough cough cookout?)

Tiff – My want has always been the same I want SB to go home I am on FIRE right now and I need a cigarette I need a shot of tequila (you and me both)
DX – you want a beer
Tiff – I dunno .. I need a Xanax I need to calm down my heart is racing I am livid .. the way all three of them came in here to ask to talk to Britini
Tiff getting pissed saying is britini is so “F****ING weak that they {jokers} have to protect because I am going to mind F*** her in this bedroom that I don’t like”

Tiff – if she cant’ talk to me by herself without those three then we aren’t talking. She’s smarter than both of them in this game. she’s playing the shit outta them to

Tiff – what the f** if you say I want to talk to Tiff but I have to bring X and Christian in here how does that make you feel?
Tiff – now I don’t have sh1t to say to neither one of those jokers
Dx – Avoid BIGD I don’t want you to blow up your game for this stupid thing
Tiff – I am so pissed I don’t know how to calm down. I am so f***ing livid don’t ever come at me like that

Claire – that was some bullshit.. BIGD came up here being like what’s going on.. we can take ba ba ba ba ba

5:49 pm DF, Ky and X
Df – look what she did. she sent Christian to get Britini we need to have a meeting right now your call.
DF – I said ohh who is up there Christian he said me, Claire, and Tiffany.
DF – I was like OHH I’m going to go up there so she doesn’t get cornered again. She tells Britini oh I just want to talk to you
feed cut

5:53 pm Hannah and DF
DF – me and Tiff are cut from the same cloth. I don’t do well with how you talk to people we know Britini.. she’s not TOUGH TOUGH like us (Hannah ain’t tough tough)
DF – so when she some to talk to her she talks down to her (Tiff to brit) and she talks down to Azah and expects me to not say anything. I don’t like that I don’t go to Claire and do…
DF – I don’t have time for attitude I feel like somebody is trying to be the BOSS B1tch and call the shots

feeds flip to DX and Claire .

5:56 pm snuggling. Ky reassures her this fight won’t affect the vote.

6:00 pm Claire and Dx (Tiff listening to music)
Going over scenarios who is better at winning HOH.. who is targeting who etc.. .

DX – if Christian goes Sb and Alyssa are house targets
DX says he won’t get a shot at this again before Christian gets a shoot back.

X comes in wants to talk to Tiffany alone “let the black people cool off for a sec”
DX – I tried .. I don’t know how to do this
X – let me handle this one
DX leaves..

X – what the hell happened
Tiff says she tried to talk to brit to “feel her out and see if she had benefits to keeping Christian”
Tiff – me and Claire were in here we decided we are going to flip the house we’re voting to keep Christian BOTTOM line we just needed one more vote
Tiff – we felt our best position to do that was Britini
Tiff – BIGD is questionable and he can’t keep his mouth shut

Feeds cut. when we’re back..


“they come stomping through” [DF/Azah]
Tiff – so I said brit you know what we’ll just talk at a different time

Tiff- this is why Black people can’t stick together we got the cookout you f**ers ain’t never supposed to come at me like that
X – Girl this shit isn’t done yet have a seat..
Tiff – she [Brit] needs a bodyguard for me to talk to her?

6:12 pm Hannah and DF
Hannah – why is it so hard for the 6 of us to be on the same page to send Christian home
Hannah – everyone needs to let Christian and SB know where they’re voting.
DF – that is what I was going to do
Hannah – no everyone

Hananh says from what DF is telling her she’s worried about Tiffany if she can’t even speak to Azah how are the 6 of them going to get to the end.
DF – if she wins HOH I’m expecting her to put me on the block
Hannah – no
DF – I’m telling YA what type of woman this is. I will talk to her tomorrow if she wins or whoever
feeds flip to the HOH

6:16 pm HOH Tiff and X
Tiff says she’s tighter with DX than Hananh if she can get DX then Hannah will need to make a decision or not.
Tiff – this is my problem with the 6. We’re not playing the same game and if it wasn’t for the 6 I would be playing with people that are playing the game like me, You, Hannah, Claire, Christian.
X says because they have the 6 there has to be a compromise
Tiff – i’ve been compromising the whole time
X – This week we’ll do what the 6 wants to do and there will come a point where we want to play and have fun
Tiff – ok
X – the 6 comes before any fun we want to have.
X – this week we need to stick to 7-2
Tiff – I probably got his [Christian] hopes up me and Claire
They blame the blow-up on Christian.
X – he’s 23 but he’s really just 14 (LOL)
Tiff – I want to win HOH and put BIGD’s ass on the block

6:34 pm X talking to the camera
Saying he tried to flip the vote to Christian he gave DF his best arguments and he feels like it worked but he can’t jeopardize the 6. “I’m sorry”
X – this means something bigger man and I hope you can understand that

6:50 pm Tiffany and Hannah
Hannah says she feels like Christian will put her on the block
Tiff saying if they can keep Christian she would love it “I still think we can convince DX it’s not a bad move” (OMFG)
Hannah makes a face
Tiff says if she does that and it means she loses Hannah she’s not going to do it Hannah is her person
Hannah – I appreciate that thank you
Tiff – none of this was about Christian or SB
Hannah – it was about communication with Azah and BIGD
Tiff – if there was no six they would have my ass up on the block
Hannah – it’s too early for it to be coming to blows
Tiff – I never come at them like that I let them win against me every f***ing time, I compromise every time I shut the f*** up every time
Tiff – I take the back seat every time.. I never come at them like that
Hannah – yeah
Tiff – You come at me like that? busting in the room saying WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH BRIT
Hannah – yeah
Tiff – I don’t take that lightly at all and I don’t know if ai have enough days to forget taht sh1t
Hannah – Okay
Tiff – I don’t respect their game. Their personalities CLASH with mine
Hannah – yeah
Tiff – BIGD only wanted to be on Television he don’t even KNOW this game
Tiff – So me respecting him as a player I DON’T
hannah – yeah
Tiff – I don’t even respect him as a fan caus you don’t even know the game you never watched it you in here cause you want to be on reality TV so bad
hannah – yeah
Tiff says she lost respect for Azah as a player week one “what is she thinking she’s crying every day she’s attached to britini”

Tiff – how can I respect you as a player in this game. I don’t like their game play.. I don’t know why BIGD is here. he’s only protected because of this (The Six)

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So happy Derrick stuck to his decision

BB fan

Yes indeed because Derek X will screw his game up wanting to be the biggest male target with 11 people left. Him being an untrustworthy puppet and being the biggest physical target left will be his demise!


Tiff is not completely wrong about Derek F. He does need to win an important competition like HoH soon. That being said she and a few others are feeding fire into Britini and they better watch out if she becomes HoH


To be fair besides a Wildcard competition that was given to her she hasn’t won shit either though!

She has done better than him overall though and has more strategy so I can’t hate too much. Tiffany’s personality is very abrasive at times though so she needs to check herself. I mean if she wants to have any shot of being in the Final 2 (let alone win against a fellow Cookout member *because she will NOT have Azah or Big D’s vote) she needs to do better.

All of her recent drama is painting a big target on her back.


This is going be a long night and tomorrow for the house. X thinks he’s keep things 7-2 but Tiff will keep pushing. Someone needs put onb. It’s time she goes to jury.


can’t wait for tiff to go. shes so irritating. she can even win a single comp but talks so much trash about britt and everyone else. at least britt won smth


She did win wild card but she had DX help so I don’t really count it


that doesnt even count. derek x pretty much gave it to her and britt didnt even have a fair shot

another name

Post Chaos.
Can someone clarify for me:

  • Is Couch trying to weaponize SB to go after Tiff? That’s the feeling I got.
  • Is Ky trying to bring Al/SB together hoping he can get in yet ANOTHER 4, this time with X? Target becoming Hannah and Tiff? Again, feeling I got.

Is that what was happening?


Everytime someone in the comments writes DF(U) as “couch” cracks me up lol
Thank you everyone for your posts 🙂

another name

Just in case someone thinks there is fatshaming involved:
I don’t call him Couch because of size. I call him couch because 90% of the times he is horizontal, and most of his strategy seems to revolve around being furniture. Loud furniture.


I LOVED this recap.

Sadly they all do seem like they still are 100% for The Cookout but damn I really want some shots to be fired before F6 so that someone like Derek X, Claire, and Sarah Beth can sneak by to final 5 at least.

Big Brother 23 Fan

Tiffany is delusional! Her ranting that she never comes at the Jokers and she always lets them win is unbelievable.