Kyland WON HOH!! “Anybody could have won except him. I am so mad!”

HOH: Kyland
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7pm Storage room. Xavier and Alyssa.
Alyssa – we would have had the f**king numbers!! Oh my god they’re all f**king idiots!! They’re all pissed. They know that if Christian had stayed that wouldn’t have happened. Ky can’t go and now SB is not leaving. Xavier – I know! Alyssa – idiots!!! Because they’re too scared of Christian!? Xavier – they’re all worried because now he’s probably going to take a shot at them. Alyssa – and Christian would have bombed that! Xavier laughs – he would have done okay! Alyssa – he would have bombed that!

Bedroom – Azah and Britini.
Azah – I am probably going up as well, you don’t know but what you need to do is just remain calm. Brit – I know, I know. Azah – I need to not be emotional and go put on a happy face. Brit – yup!

Storage room – Tiffany and Xavier.
Tiffany – DON’T EVER throw anything again! I am sorry you could have just had it! Xavier – Mmmmhhmmm. I know you wanted me to. Tiff – I, I wanted it because I really wanted to see my son. Xavier – I know. Come here. Tiff starts walking way. Tiff starts crying – no, because I messed up my whole HOH. Anybody could have won except him. I am so mad! Like just.. don’t! Xavier – take a second. Its okay. Its okay! Tiff come here. Tiff – you could have just won it. Just wasted a whole f**king thing. Tiff leaves. Hannah joins Xavier in the storage room. Xavier – basically no one wanted it and Kyland won but he wasn’t throwing it. I threw it to Tiffany and then he (Kyland) beat her. I was like BRO.. you know know the right answer .. answer wrong! Hannah – it is already contentious between the six .. this is just going to make it Tiff trust Kyland even less. Xavier – oh Tiff, Kyland, Azah, Big D, basically no one in the six trust Ky after how he kind of played that. Hannah – yeah. Xavier – we are going to have to do some damage control. We’re going to have to be parents again this week. Hannah – yeah. Xavier – its going to be fun because I was Azah is already pissed and she is not hiding it. I am like Azah bring it back! Hannah – game face! And Big D is obviously physically freaking out. Calm the f**k down. Xavier – and the bottom line one of the six won.. none of us are going home. Ky has reason to go after Britini and he can make up excuses to go after Claire if he really wants to. Hannah – or Alyssa. Xavier – if Alyssa is next to Britini.. guess what Britini is going home or I win the veto and take Alyssa off Azah goes up and Brit still goes home. Boom! Hannah – he could potentially have the blood of five people on his hands… he puts up 2 people.. one could win a power.. they take themselves off and he has to put up another person.. Veto and second veto. And also with that third power that kind of messes things up because Julie said something about flipping ..I’m thinking maybe it gives you an extra vote and in that case we would no longer have the majority. So even if I go up as a pawn next to Derek X, I could go home. Xavier – I knew the answer but why would I want to win it again. Hannah – exactly you’ve won HOH already, why would you want to win it twice. Xavier – and this was not the week to do it. We will figure it out. I need to go do damage control. They leave the room.

Havenot room. Kyland talking to himself.
Kyland – I am actually not freaking out for the record. This is good at the end of the day. The six have stayed in power. I just don’t understand why Azah didn’t pick the kings. I am not worried about her as a person. I am bothered because my understanding of the house outside of the six obviously .. the house target was Alyssa and Xavier so it would make the most sense for Brit to go that way. She had the very first pick of the house.. she could have picked Alyssa and Xavier no problem.. BUT she put up me and SB. Obviously I couldn’t lose to SB. Here is my situation .. being targeted sucks. I am not worried about the six at all for the record. 0% concern there. But somebody could have let me know. Why not get out the only people that would have saved SB first.. X and Alyssa. That don’t make no sense. So Britini should be panicking but I probably won’t even put her up. There are a few things to consider.. Brit asked Claire to throw it to her. I don’t know. Obviously DX is not going home. So DX and the six. DX probably has the best shot in the house at getting that power. That is also good. Or at getting the $100. He is a calculated gambler which is what we need right now. Noms are are 10:30am tomorrow.. I have to start my talks tonight! Everyone write down .. Oh that is fun.. oh sh*t okay! YES!

Bedroom – Hannah and Derek X
Hannah – Alyssa was out. X wouldn’t have gone after you this week. Tiff wouldn’t have gone after you this week. Kyland wouldn’t have gone after you this week. Big D and Azah wouldn’t have gone after you this week. And the person that wins HOH AKA Kyland has the blood of 5 people on his hands. You’re already a big target.. why would I want to paint myself as a threat when I am not. Derek – that’s really true. Hannah – At least not yet. Why would I want to be the first HOH (since jury starts), kind of like Frenchie and how that bit him in the a$$. Derek – I am scared Kyland is going to waste his HOH. I personally hope he takes out Alyssa. I think he might but him and Azah are butting heads so I don’t know. This is between us but I am confused why Azah picked up twice. Because Brit picked Sb and Ky which made sense. Then Azah picked Ky and.. Hannah – we have conversations with Kyland we just have to reinforce the fact.. Claire joins them.

Bedroom. Hannah and Tiffany.
Tiff – I am just so mad at me.. that was so f**king stupid. I just wish X would have got me out. I would have rather X got me out than F**King KY! F**KING KY! I can’t even be mad because he (Xavier) tried to let me win and I got the f**king thing wrong. Claire – its okay! Tiff – no its not f**king okay! I let my whole F**King team down. Hannah – you didn’t let us down, I mean I lost to you.

Bedroom – Azah and Britini
Brit – are you okay!? Azah – I am f**king pissed! Brit – I need to breath! I am pissed! That is the one person I didn’t want to win the fan HOH. Brit leaves. Xavier joins Azah. Azah – the thing that gets me is he (Ky) said that he was going to throw the comp this week. He said he was going to throw everything this week. He went for it. The thing that makes me sad is I know he is going to put Brit up and he is probably going to send her home. Its going to be me and Brit. And Brit is probably going home this week. I know that we have to prepare for that possibility. Azah starts crying. Xavier – he has some explaining to do that is for sure.

Havenot room – Big D and Kyland.
Big D – Tiffany is a f**king wreck! She got it wrong! She got it wrong! That’s not on you. I am not going to lie, I did not feel comfortable with her winning because of everything. Ky – all I would appreciate is if a rumor starts between the six about me not throwing it.. Big D – Azah is pretty bummed because you kept picking her. Ky – but literally look at the people. Big D – I know. Kyland – like literally giving us away. Big D – but because she kept being picked I would have picked like me and Tiff or something like that. Ky – I can’t pick Tiff.. it would have literally given us away. They go through the options in the HOH and why Ky picked who he picked to knock out. Big D – here is my thing.. you have 4 choices to send home.. and 3 of them you’re close with. Ky – who is the third? Big D – Derek X, Claire, SB… Kyland – but here is the reality we only get one. So if Claire is Tiffany’s .. then she is not mine. Big D – that is true. Ky – who is the number one or number two person to get $100 tomorrow. Big D – Alyssa? Ky – no. Big D – SB? Ky – no. Big D – Tiff? Ky – Derek X .. he has the entire country knowing he is out numbered. Big D – Mmm.. Kyland – Derek X will tell me if he wins it. Big D – who are you going to put next to Claire? Kyland – I am going to let the house decide. Big D – Azah is probably just upset because she studied her a$$ off. We need to make sure Alyssa goes out next. Ky – then Claire and SB.

7:40pm Havenot room – Kyland and Xavier.
They talk about the HOH comp and how it played out. Xavier – you’re HOH now, what moves are you thinking. Ky – I will say that all four girls are open for this time. Even SB even though that would be sh*tty. The way that she has been acting has been kind of weird. We had talked about distancing.. but after the vote it was hard to hug her. For the record right now she is an option but she is not ideal for a lot of reasons. I think that DX is the most likely to win the $100. And we need to minimize those chances because if he does win on the first try he will win on the second. I am curious .. and you don’t have to tell me ..if you have a large fraternity of people voting for you? Xavier – I won’t have a large amount .. I think I’ll be sitting at $50. Ky – are you open to telling me what you do for a living? Xavier – I’ve told you. Ky – you get tired at 10 o’clock bro! I am not questioning you as a person. I am still good with us. X – I don’t have a large following. Ky – Are you thinking Tiff and Claire possibly? Ky – that is challenging. X – you couldn’t go Claire and Brit? Ky – I could. Ky – I don’t know if the powers should adjust the orders at all. X – Alyssa was in a main showmance. I am not saying that is a reason but if you take a shot and you miss because she has a power. Ky – I don’t think I will take a shot at her this week. Unless the six talk and it makes sense to. X – the chances of her getting a power are very high. And she is not coming for you.

8:03pm Havenot room. Sarah and Kyland.
Ky – how are you doing with the vote? Sarah – I feel a little silly. I thought it was dramatic. I am going to get myself evicted, it was too much. But I feel good, I am really really happy and relieved. I am happy how the comp went overall. I think it was revealing. Ky – what do you think was revealing? SB – I don’t think both Brit and Azah did not want you to win. I think everyone in the house is cool with X. Ky – what are you feeling? SB – I guess happy. Ky – it doesn’t seem like you’re happy. Sb – oh my gosh I’m sorry. I hate to bring it up now .. maybe I am an idiot but I really thought Christian and her were just friends. And to be targeted right away just made me think our behaviour is coming off to other people and I don’t want people in the house thinking that we have a relationship and I don’t want Shelly (SB’s girlfriend) thinking that either. Ky – not that’s totally valid. That makes sense. Sb – I just felt like because of that I couldn’t celebrate.

8:15pm Bedroom. Xavier and Alyssa.
Xavier – I think you’re in love. Alyssa – no I am not! They’re f**king idiots! We would have pinned them. IDIOTS! It cracks me up! Xavier laughs. Alyssa – I don’t even care if I go on the block this week. It is so f**king funny that the pitch Christian had was here compared to SBs. And the only reason why they took him out was because they figured they could take out SB this week. And they all feel dumb as hell! IDIOTS! Xavier – I just want to talk to Ky to make sure that we don’t see the block. SB will probably not see the block. I think it will either be the jokers of the members of his former team. Here is what you need to do .. if he asks you who three people that you were going after prior to Christian going home. Be like Derek X, Hannah and probably TIff or Claire. And for reasons just says like I don’t know that I could beat them .. not that its anything personal. I said DX, Hannah and Cliare. Alyssa – Did he ask you? Shouldn’t I switch it up and be like DX, Hannah and maybe someone as a pawn.. I don’t know who the third person would be.. I have a valid reason to put up DX and Hannah is close to him.

8:14pm – 9:10pm Havenot room. Tiff and Kyland.
Tiff talks to Ky and tells him that she is happy he won she was just upset because she really wanted to win to see her son. Ky – and I wanted you to too. Ky explains how he still doesn’t know what the actual answer was for that question. Tiff says it was peer pressure. You did nothing but try and help me. I should have just not have answered the f**king question. I don’t lose well. Ky brings up the drama with her the other day. Tiff rehashes what happened and why. Tiff – I don’t know who should go home with who you can nominate. I don’t think sending sending Brit home is best for us. Ky – I don’t want to send Brit home. Tiff – if we send Alyssa home X is going to be mad. And I don’t know how you can put SB on the block. So I feel like you’re in a f**ked up situation and I feel like I could have done it. Ky mentions Claire. Tiff – if Claire has to go up then Claire has to go up I don’t know if we have enough votes to keep me if I am up. Ky agrees. Tiff explains that Claire is my person but that she is not above the six. We need to agree to have better forward communication. Maybe it is just me but if feels like your game is closer with SB than me so it makes me take a step back.

9:18pm Havenot room. Kyland and Alyssa.
Alyssa – congrats donkey! I don’t want you to think that I am not happy for you. It was an emotional day. Ky – I am sorry for Christian. Alyssa – its okay its a game. Just so you know if I win HOH I would not put up you, SB or X. Ky – I don’t want to be in a situation where I am making promises to anyone. But I can’t imagine any time soon .. given power I don’t think you would have gone after SB or me. I can’t make any promises but as of this moment, I just can’t imagine a reason why .. especially giving that game.. why it would make sense to go after you guys. Alyssa – same it doesn’t make sense for me to go after you. Ky – I definitely want to do something for gathering information before these noms.. I don’t know what but I do want to do something. I wanted to know your perspective on trying to get.. (being Ky he goes off on a tangent about who might get the fan votes.) Alyssa – so what would you want to do regarding raising hands. Ky – nothing to do with raising hands. Alyssa – my two people I would say to put up are X and SB. Ky – I’m thinking for the format.

9:40pm Bathroom. Xavier pacing in the bathroom telling himself to keep it together. I could have helped Whitney stay.. All these people I could have helped stay. Bro come one!

10:12pm Havenot room – Brit and Kyland.
Kyland – I didn’t go into (the HOH) thinking he needed win. Alyssa – my reasons for not picking her ..because I love SB dearly. I have never been next to someone on the block and have them stay. So for me she was the only person that I wasn’t 100% sure what direction she was going to go. If I had won it she was going up, she was going to be my target. Ky – saying that by not picking Alyssa because it would show your cards that you would want to target her. If picking someone first lets them know that is who you’re after, why would that not apply to me. Brit – why would that not apply to you? Because I have given my word. I can assure you that if I win HOH the next couple weeks you are not touching the block.. And if you would like 3, I will go three because you weren’t going up anyways. And If I get a power this week I will let you know since it would end up affecting your HOH.

11:35pm Bathroom. Brit and Derek X talking to the camera Brit – give us the HUNDO because we gave you what you wanted last week.

11:54pm Chess – Xavier and Alyssa.
Xavier – once he (Christian) got the feels for you I don’t think he really cared about the 750k. Protecting you in the game and making sure you made it as far as possible but what happened to him. I don’t think he really cared and there is something to be said about that. Alyssa – there was no love. Xavier – you know like the feels. Alyssa – I wonder what Julie asked him. Xavier – I hope she didn’t ask him the love question because that is a little heavy. Alyssa – right like what do you say? Alyssa – at least with that he would have told me. Xavier – I think he might tell you. They talk about the possibility of the the final two being two minorities.

12:37am – 1am Bedroom. Alyssa and Britini
Alyssa is upset about Christian leaving. – I just feel so bad because he (Christian) didn’t even get a change to fight to stay and I got two chances. Brit – you did the best you could. Alyssa – I know but I couldn’t even campaign to stay because it was bad for my game. Of course I wanted him to stay. I could have done mor but it would have been bad for my game. Brit – this past week was all sorts of weird.

12:53am – 1am Kyland comes out of the diary room.. Who wants to see my HOH room!! They all head up to the HOH room. Kyland’s HOH pictures are of the same person. Big D – Ky you have a girlfriend?! Kyland – she’s single. Ky reads his HOH letter.

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In looking at the Big Brother Casino & Big Roller Room I’m wondering how it will impact the mindset and games of the hamsters. Although casual fans vote I scoured the web & virtually ever poll I check ranks Derek X first, then Hannah/Claire typically are 2nd/3rd.

If it’s true Ky won HOH & the Cookout is pissed b/c he refused to throw it to Tiff things sure could get interesting this week. This means he IS NOT prepared to take out SB yet. The question is who will he target – Brit, Ally, DX (Tiff?) – you now Big D is going to push him to put up Tiff/Claire even though he said he wanted SB or Ally out next.

As for the fan votes (depending on whether Grodner let’s our votes even count) what I’m eager to see & will be telling to the hamsters is who gets selected in those top six slots & more importantly if any members of the Cookout (other than Hannah) land in the top spots. A popular Twitter site ran a poll asking who fans wanted to win tonight’s HOH with Hannah winning by a whopping 40.9% margin. SB was 2nd with 14%, Claire 9.2%, Brit 7.8%, Ally/Tiff were tied with 6.8% & the rest of TC members ranging from Azah 6.2% to X with 1.9%. Fwiw Ky was second last with about 2% of the vote lol.

If the voting from the above combined with typical polls are reflective of voting presumably DX, Claire & Hannah should be the $100 recipients (or at least two of them). At worst one of them lands in $75 tier.

Could fans who hate the idea of what TC is doing to the season rally to make sure Ally, SB & Brit land in the higher range? And if they do how would Tiff, Ky, X, Azah & Big D feel about being lumped into the cellar $50 tier? Would that impact their game play?

Tbh, I could see Brit being in the $50 range with her Joker team so what if Tiff was the one who moved up into the $75 tier — how could that impact TC? Would Big D & Azah use it as a way to say she’s not loyal? I mean they seem to find any reason to shade her esp Big D so it’s not out of the question. Or if Ky lands there would Tiff do the same questioning him?

We know Ky & Tiff have been the most vocal about veering away from TC and certainly if the early input from the HOH is true things are only going to heat up. I have a feeling if Tiff doesn’t land in the $50 tier but Big D, Azah, Ky & X do especially if Brit is there too & DX/Claire/Hannah are the $100 trio she’ll take that as message from fans!

B/c I’d prefer to see DX/Claire play deep into the game I’m almost inclined to give Tiff all 10 of my votes (or split them between Claire/Tiff). If you think that’s a logical assessment & also want the end of TC maybe follow suit (or tell me if this logic is wrong b/c I’d like those of us who want TC to end to figure out a strategy to break it up). Sorry Simon I have NO DESIRE for any of the Jokers to gain power – Azah will target Ally/SB, Big D wanted the same but I’m sure he’d gun for Claire just to put Tiff OTB & Brit would want to put up Ky/Ally but be convinced to do otherwise is my guess.

We’ll have to wait but my initial guess for fan votes is:

$100 tier: DX, Claire, Hannah
$74 tier: Ally, SB (and one of Tiff, Ky or X)
$50 tier: Big D, Azah, Brit, (with two of Tiff/Ky/X)
Note: Jokers bottom 5 are: SB, Tiff, Brit, Ally & Big D in that order but Tiff was top 5 two days ago while Brit, Ally & Big D have routinely ranked there)

The potential for the fan voting to impact the game in a myriad of ways exists for all the hamsters. Christian made the point Weds that if he’s evicted all the white males will be gone — if everyone in the $50 is a POC will his statement resonate with Ally?

Similarly, will this new room up the ante on Ky & X trying to win HOH/POV to target & take out DX sooner especially if he gets $100 this week? Likewise, if DX, Hannah & Claire are the $100 recipients how will that impact them? Claire has been on the precipice of figuring out TC would this push that along & if Tiff is in the $50 category would Claire be shook? Will Hannah who is one of the more socially savvy look at abandoning TC if all her teammates are $50 & she’s the lone $100 recipient?

Overall it will be very interesting to see how the voting impacts each hamster, if being in the bottom tier upsets any of them & whether it shifts strategy.

Other questions —

  • how much will it cost to play each game
  • are there limits to the number of times they can play each game? I’m guessing the first reward will cost $50 or less so everyone can play at least once.
  • If you win one of the prizes can you also win the second and third prize? Again – this could impact strategy b/c if DX waits to play the biggest prize (assume that’s changing the noms) will that move him up the pecking order.
  • If someone who is up for eviction next Thursday still has money can they give it to someone else in the house? Like if DX is evicted & still has $100 can he give it to Claire?

All I know is it should be a very interesting week with this new twist in the game. For those who want TC to end – let me know your thoughts on above or how you’re voting so we can try to make a concerted effort and impact these tiers (assuming Grod hasn’t already decided lol).

Edited to add: I can’t believe I’m seeing this online but a bunch of people are voting all Jokers just so there are more fights & to mess up Tiff. Maybe I’m getting old lol — but I watch BB for the strategy/game NOT to see a couch call a teammate b*tch repeatedly.

Plus I’m hoping Claire gets a $100 just so Ky rethinks putting her up b/c that seems to be his main target atm.

Big Brother 23 Fan

I won’t give any votes to Tiffany.

another name

So, In initial feeds it sounded like X was saying he refused to throw to Tiff. I think he was saying Azah because he kept picking her. That would have made Azah and Tiff the final 2? If i’m getting a clearer understanding.
I’m wondering how Ky explains targeting Claire to Dx?
X has already implied that he should get to keep Alyssa because Ky gets to keep SB. More with the non cookout people are tradeable objects not people…. that annoys me. They are not trading cards.
Interesting dynamic now, when Ky is in an active alliance with everyone except Brit and Alyssa. Part of the over allianced club.
Tbh, i don’t really care who he targets, he’s sort of screwing himself.
If Brit goes the jokers go berserk. 2 cookout members pissed.
If Alyssa goes X is mad he has lost two in a row.
If Claire goes… who knows if one of Tiff’s personalities gives a crap.
However: if Ky pissed off the cookout, and Ky targets against th wishes of his backup group, what happens to his game?

Edited to add: whichever of Tiff’s personalities is driving right now (think it’s Tiff1) has no problem with Claire being on the block, but thinks she should not go on the block next to her because of last week’s jokers tension.

Lynn Wheeler

I only voted for Azah

another name

I’m not voting for anybody. I haven’t seen the full US rules for voting.
I read the full rules for the CAN voting system, got to the part where they can eliminate votes during or after the voting process without notification… and opted out.


No way he can be persuaded to put up Tiff. Big D said if he never talked to her again he’s solid with the 6.


Gave all 10 votes this week to Derek X. Next week will give all 10 votes to a non-poc and the third week will do the same, if there is any non-poc left. It’s a shame that the game was turned into a racist joke. If this doesn’t undo some of the damage production caused by setting them up evenly half and half by race where they would all be protected by their white counterparts for the first month, I’m not sure the season can be salvaged. Next year, I suggest they do 2 seasons – one all black players and one all white players. At least then we can go back to playing on strategy, social skills etc. instead of solely based on the color of your skin.

Clown shoe

So you’re complaining about race, yet you’re actively voting again POC and then suggest that they segregate the season into black and white? You sounds silly, hypocritical, and extremely triggered.

Tiff’s My Gal

Omg that’s asinine!

The Beef

Or put in 8 white and 8 black and let them go at it “race war” style. Whoever wins the most competitions and vetos wins! Leave your social skills at the door.

Isn’t that what they are basically doing this season with the POC alliance? It’s secret, so nobody knows about it and they’re just picking off the non-POC players left and right. At least next year everybody will know it’s OK to target people based on skin color, right?


I like the cookout and want it to last. Tiff’s plan was solid so I like her. I can’t stand DF! I wish he would’ve dropped out of the cookout. Bye!!

My fave player is hands down DX. I hope he can shake the cookout cause I would love to see him win. And the way Tiff is behaving super emotionally, she may cause the cookout to crumble. I’d hate to see it…

I gave all 10 votes to DX, Tiff and Hannah.


100% agree with all of this.


I am mad. I don’t have a cell phone (nor do I want one) so I can’t vote. My favorite person in the game is DX. All of my votes would go to him…every week. I would never give any votes to Tiffany just to see her reaction when she finds out that she is in the group getting the least money. I’m sure she thinks that since she’s been running the show in the house that she will be getting lots of money.
In fact, just because I don’t like the way they are using their “other”, I would NOT give anyone in TC any votes. I want to see the end of that group and I hope it’s soon.
Don’t send them ANY votes and watch this alliance blow up when they all realize that they got the LEAST AMOUNT OF MONEY!!
So…yeah, I will use my husband’s cell and vote. I just wish there was a way to do it from my tablet.


I wish the thumbs down feature was back!

The Beef

Despite everything we’ve seen so far – the arguments, the disrespect, the selfishness and selfcenteredness – I’ve seen or heard nothing to indicate the Cookout is ready to give up on it’s mission to get to the end with six black players in the final 6. Even now Tiff seems ready to give up her “person”, if that’s what it takes for “the six” to move forward in the game. X didn’t like it, but he accepted the fact that Christian had to go, when it became apparent that DX had made that decision (a decision made outside of the six), and moved forward with Alyssa as his “new” person. Obviously Ky is keeping SB this week, and since he’s beholding to DX, Hannah gets to keep him. That only leaves the two “red headed step-children” of TC – the two who have contributed the least and expect the most – Azah, who will most likely have to baby-sit Brit through another week on the block, and Smoking D, who doesn’t have a person and doesn’t seem to care about that (Why would he? He’s being carried through this game anyway, so why does he need a side person to carry along with him?).

I’m torn as to is this admirable that these people seem to want to do this for their “culture”, as they’ve mentioned several times now (especially Xavier and Hannah, who seem the most invested in getting this mission accomplished, which is somewhat surprising to me in that Hannah is only 21 years old), or is this really racist behavior, despite the fact there’s never been a black winner of Big Brother? I can understand the importance of having a black winner, but is this really the way to do it? I can even understand working together to accomplish that goal, but to target only white players with a goal of having all black players in the final 6 with a secret alliance, seems to cheapen that win for me. Another name says they talk about their white side alliances like they are playing cards. I’ll take it a step further and say they talk about them almost as if they are pets, like they have full control over whatever they do! I don’t like that either another name, mainly because I think those people are not catching on to the Cookout because they are fully woke, and they just don’t believe the POC in the house would do that to them, for whatever reason!

I guess they will find out soon enough that they did do it, and we will have our first black winner on Big Brother this season. It’s pretty much too late now for any other outcome other than that, and I’m fine with that, because there are at least 4 of them who possibly deserve to win at this point in time. I’m just concerned with how they went about doing it, and what it’s going to open us up to going forward. Everybody seems concerned that no other black players will ever be able to do this in the future, when they should be concerned with ALL races banning together to go against each other in “race war” Big Brother. Wouldn’t that be great viewing for the country? I wonder how long that program would stay on the air? All because production and six people decided, not only must a black person win, they must have all six black people in the final six in BB 23.


I said to someone the other day, i wouldn’t care if they were all together nit the second that it was said just bc were black (paraphrasing), it became wrong…. i dont care what u guys think, what it looked like, or if maybe it indeed it was that, in the past no group has ever said lets stick together bc were white as their initial motivation to play together. Add that to the fact that so many people whether its production or society have been championing it is wrong. To me it all goes back to last year where Nicole spoke to Davonne privately about getting her vote against David. Day said no and Nicole responded its ok i get it if u cant vote against ur friend, and Day said almost offended “O hes not my friend!! But as a black woman i couldn’t vote out another black contestant.”… Think about that, if ur Nicole, that had to suck bad. Now just do the simple flip and imagine Nicole saying that exact phrase to Day about whoever white person was on the block. THE OUTCRY!! The support of The Cookout isn’t right and is racist from its very core.


So my question is if someone notices the cook out alliance do you think they will actually bring it up knowing how racist it could sound? I’m annoyed that they are gonna leave horrible players in just because of the tone of their skin. I understand where they are coming from but it’s just not fun to watch. And the double stander is just wrong.

The Beef

I agree that THIS has something to do with the reason why the Cookout is still “unknown”. None of the non-POC cast members wants to be the person to even suggest the possibility all the black players are working together to eliminate them, because in the event they might be wrong, then THEY will be the ones who look like racists for even thinking of it and bringing the idea up! So they are so fearful of being seen that way, they are burying their heads in the sand in complete denial of what is happening right in front of their faces. The fact that all of them are friendly with each other would also tend to make them think there’s no way the black players would do something like this to them, although we all know lying and backstabbing is an everyday part of the game of Big Brother. Racial targeting and voting though is new to the game this season, and we all know if it was being done the other way around, as “Shawn” said, there would be such an outcry, it would be on the national news, CBS would be running disclaimers at the beginning of every show, and the people who are championing this as “great strategy” by TC members would be howling for whoever was in that white alliance to be fired from their jobs and identified as Nazis and KKK members for the rest of their lives!

Having said that, I do understand the importance of finally having a black winner to represent the black community. I just wonder if this is the correct path to go down to get to that goal? There are so many good black players in the game this year, it’s very likely one of them would have won without having to resort to racist game play in order to ensure that happened, and to me, the win would have been more valid. Maybe we’re ALL too hung up on the whole race thing, but that’s because it’s always being jammed down our throats on a daily basis, and if we just looked at the Cookout as a regular alliance it wouldn’t seem so bad. But that’s hard to do when their sole purpose for existence, and they keep emphasizing it over and over again, is RACE. Does anybody believe if that wasn’t their one single goal that alliance would still be holding strong at this point in the game, given the issues they’ve had so far? I sure don’t. Shots would have been fired by now at each other. But because of “the cause”, “culture”, and to ensure 6 black people make it to the final 6, so far the alliance still holds and so far it still remains a secret.


Maybe this is why Tiff remains a player I’m fond of despite all her personalities lol.

She has repeatedly said (and did so again tonight) in a convo with X that although she’ll stick by the 6 it’s very difficult for her. For the umpteenth time she talks of her bond/love for both Claire & DX stating she’s closer to them than some people in TC but knows the mission takes priority. She’s also said she carries feelings of guilt that by no fault of their own DX/Claire have no chance to win & won’t know that until after.

Xavier also touched on that fact when Tiff wondered how this is being perceived outside the house with X focusing more on feeling the fact the non-cookout allies put their trust in them but notes what TC are doing no other season has even had the opportunity to do it & names off all the OG BB POC players.

Paul Sucks

How is this even “culturally” significant. It is a reality TV show game! In the grand scheme of things it isn’t really like they would be the first POC to win Big Brother in America and a black person has already one in Big Brother Canada. So I ask, who really cares.

Watching The Challenge on MTV, I learned there is a Big Brother Nigeria. Guess what, they have only had black winners. Is there a public outcry that it isn’t fair? I wouldn’t expect there to be.

Who cares, may the best person win.

Personally I was hoping the twist was that America could pick two house guests to go head to head in a “Thunder Dome” style tournament with Big D and Tiff selected. Now that would have been television!


How about all the teams of guys in the past who get rid of the women???
Or all the years of getting the black people out first??? I agree its not right. But people group together many times due to a common goal.

Big Brother 23 Fan

Kick entitled Tiffany to the curb and fill her spot with Derek X.


Ok. Correct me if I am wrong but what I am gathering is that in the Casino only one person can win a power each week (for the next 3 weeks?)


Yeah, that’s the impression that I get. They are given their $ allotments on this first week. They can choose to play this week or hold their $ to play in the second or third week. So, those players who feel safe this week could hold their $ for next week.

Also, I’m guessing that it will be privately revealed to each HG how much $ they have. Otherwise, it could paint a target on the ones with $100 and $75. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Considering the general population of casual viewers is voting, then my guess is on DX, Tiffany, and Hannah for the $100. DX and Tiff are receiving good edits (to get the casual vote) and Hannah is wildly popular in the BB Twitter crowd.


Claire is also high on a lot of sites/polls (which is good b/c she NEEDS to win this week).

I’ve also seen a ton of people are going to vote for the Jokers (ugh – sorry but personal preference for me would be for all of them to leave in the next 3 evictions although I know it will never happen).


What has Claire done in this game besides being the “cute white girl?” She doesn’t deserve anything.


She won wild card. Yes she saved her self but she has won a comp.


Not trying to be ugly but I wouldn’t call her cute


That’s what I got from Chenbot too. The power of the 3rd week sounds like the Coup d’etat. I hope it is!

Double Ds

I miss Pandora’s Box


Don’t worry. It is coming back even if it is not in the way that anyone would want. Just found out that Lisa Vanderpump has a child named Pandora so….be very wary


Who is kyland going to put up and target ?

another name

Dx wants Ky to go after Alyssa. (in convo with Hannah, not Ky).
X wants Ky to nom Brit and Claire or Tiff and Claire. He says he and KY have to keep SB and Alyssa as long as possible to have the numbers advantage outside of the six.
Ky mentioned something about Claire and losing her jury vote in his solo cam talk.


I like those options

Paul Sucks

I could see him putting up Claire/Tiff to shut Brit up for a week or just go Brit/Alyssa as that is what Tiff will probably push for since pushing SB would be just crazy.


Claire is his target – WELP! I sure hope this results in Claire getting the $100 tier in Casino.

another name

Look at how she’s played so far.
She’ll think she’s a pawn and bank the money for a week and not even participate.
She’s WAY too comfortable.


Alyssa is annoying, I need to her to go home. I wish X would just cut her loose and let it happen.


Ky messed up – b/c he knew the answer (it was a knockout game) but he let Tiff buzz in & get it wrong instead of buzzing & answering wrong. Now Azah, X, Hannah & Tiff are pretty pissed b/c while he didn’t gun to win he also didn’t purposely lose so it looks like he rolled the dice to keep SB safe.

And things could get even more tense b/c Ky who I’ve always liked is displaying an arrogance that I find similar to previous hamsters I wasn’t fond of — (Derrick L). I started noticing it with how he spoke to X about the boot order & this was a similar alpha dog ‘it’s my house’ type of demeanor.

Based on that initial conversation between Derek F & Ky is about to really shake things up although he’s going to say “I’m going with what the house wants” he’s actually going to put up Claire & Tiff — so that ought to go over like a lead f*cking balloon. Tiff & Claire are both going to regret not keeping Christian & I think even X will be pissed that Ky is willing to save SB, & Brit to take out someone he’s supposed to be aligned with.

I don’t even want to imagine how Tiff will react. DX will think the move is uber suspect since he’s in numerous alliances with the Queens.

The one really arrogant thing he said to Big D who is worried SB or DX could win HOH next week is “both of them will send home whoever I want!” (wow – maybe Ky is more like Tiff than I thought).

Ky is already using his HOH to impart his power– asking X if he’s willing to tell him what “he really does for a living” Ummmm Ky why don’t you just call X a liar? Again – I’m not liking this side of Ky.

Then X says so you are putting up Claire & Tiff (he thinks this b/c Big D told him Ky said the Jokers are safe) AGAIN — the condescending (IMHO) response was

X: You just told Derek you weren’t putting up any Jokers, didn’t you?
Ky: I told him I wasn’t going to target his team — not the same thing

I assume X believes Ally is safe b/c they discussed it prior but Ky says all four non-Cookout girls (Claire, Brit, Ally, SB) are under consideration & even says the five of them (meaning DX) but he thinks DX will get the $100 so he’s less likely to go that route — but we know he’s saying that b/c he thinks he has DX wrapped around his finger. Ky does note it’ll be tricky to put up Tiff/Claire – X suggests Claire/Brit.

All I’m going to say is if Ky is willing to put up Claire but not put up SB the message that will send everyone including people in TC could have long term effects.


Tiff’s plan was for CO members to put up each other with their corresponding pawn. Then supposedly they’d always have the numbers to stay, although the house tension has messed with that bc now the CO has less control over the emotions of their pawns. Not to mention how loose cannon DF could go at any time.

Regardless, as long as CO is still presumed to be together, that is the plan unless they meet to actually work together. But Tiff and X, the alliance leaders, are failing to keep everyone on board with active communication, compared to the entitled demands by Tiff.

In that context, it’s not Ky’s fault or even misjudgment to not put up SB. If anyone outside the CO is thinking, that move would be a sign that an alliance exists. Although SB seems to be the only one capable of figuring that out. But it would be bad for Kys game to cold turn on her like that. She would have to be the pawn, but there’s a good chance she’d go home and she would surely he questioning Ky on why he would risk that. Messy messy game play.


I haven’t been able to follow along this week so I’m confused. Is the cookout over? I’m confused by how upset the members of the cookout seem to be given that a member of their alliance won?


During DX HOH he plan to Backdoors Christian. After veto competition Brit comes off and DX puts Christian on block. Tiff thought she could flip house to save Christian but she screwed things up when she thought she could pressure the Jokers. She tried to talk to Brit but Azah and BigD protected her. This pissed off Tiff. So TCO wanted Tiff HOH but she buzzed in and answered wrong. Ky said he guessed trying throw to her but he answered right. TCO says he betrayed them to save SB. So he has until 10:30am to nominate. Good luck Ky. He’s really in a tight spot. Though from here on there will be a lot of hard decisions

The Beef

Once Tiff missed, Ky didn’t have to “guess” and try to throw to her, he WON! He didn’t have to answer at all after she missed, so he couldn’t throw it to her. She screwed up, plain and simple. If she wanted Ky to throw it to her, she should have sat back and waited on him to answer the question WRONG. She didn’t do that.


It’s not a quick answer lol — but I’ll try to give you the top points.

  • Ky & Tiff are embroiled in a major power struggle
  • ^^^ got worse b/c Ky exposed SB told him about Jackpot (alliance with Tiff/Claire) & called her his little spy. Since then Tiff has spiraled (jealousy but he’s also openly very close to her)
  • Also seem to be fighting over DX loyalty – Tiff won early in week — Ky was on top at week end.
  • Friction between Big D -Tiff (as well as Azah -Tiff) DF despises her, Tiff doesn’t respect their games & isn’t doing BB 101 social nuances to fix the prob
  • X wasn’t happy Chris was back doored (knows Ky was in on planning it)
  • Big D (& Brit) lied to Chris saying he had their vote – so he was telling Tiff she was the swing (& she knew that was a lie)
  • ^^ she told Brit you have to tell him b/c it’s putting me in a bad spot (that caused more friction)
  • Weds Tiff talked to X & decided to try to flip the vote & b/c of the friction sent Chris to get Brit (first big mistake) so Big D/Azah came up to room with her & another fight occurred (we didn’t see it all)

Ultimately the Cookout voted 4-2 to keep SB (Tiff/X wanted Chris) so even though Brit discussed the situation with Claire/Tiff later the decision had been made.

Cookout agreed Ky would throw HOH this week so SB could be targeted. Instead Ky won & although Tiff had a shot (she got last questions wrong) Ky also won three prior rounds before that last Q so it looked like he had no intention of throwing the comp (ie: wants to keep SB safe).

Even with the animosity they all say they are committed to the Cookout. That will get tested this week since Ky is going to target Claire & either Brit or Ally as the pawn. Each will solicit angst from their people– X will be pissed if Ally leaves after losing Chris this week while Azah/DF will be mad about Brit.

Plus with the fans voting for the BB Bucks (to use to win those special powers – see previous page) it could cause more conflict depending on where Cookout members land. But as San Diego Gal smartly points out they might not tell who got what denomination b/c that could make them targets although I suspect TC might share esp if they all got the bottom tier of $50.

On top of winning the HOH (and this is just my personal opinion) other than Big D I don’t think many in TC are thrilled with Ky. He’s a control freak – micromanager. Tiff & X both know Ky has F2s with them Big D, SB & DX and a slew of others alliances. He tries to control the boot order & as witnessed last week took out X’s guaranteed jury vote but also a player that would’ve kept him shielded.

By targeting Claire he’s trying to cut off Tiff’s best (and only?) shield & I think he’ll target Ally if he can’t get Claire (X’s only remaining non-cookout partner). Ky has DX but won’t target him this week (that has to make X angry) and on top of that once Claire goes up instead of Brit or Azah that’s going to look very suspicious to DX b/c of the numerous alliances he is in with Tiff/DX/Claire.

Ky should NEVER have won this HOH b/c of all his alliances, promise to throw & entering that comp knowing about these powers. It tells me he can’t adapt – he needs to feel in control and is driven to make sure he’s set up better than Tiff or X now that jury has started to ensure he has best route to the end.

I think he’s underestimates Hannah as well as what X will do if Ky keeps trying to micromange him & decide who he can keep and for how long.


Wow! You can miss a lot in a week! Thank you for the thorough explanation!!


Really excellent recap. Thank you!


Kyland wins HOH! First thought that came to my mind – Poor Simon & Dawg! You have to transcribe this guy’s one-on-one conversations yet again. It hasn’t been very long since your last tour of duty. I’m hoping we don’t see one of you keel over from post-traumatic listening-to-Kyland disorder. Maybe by the time this season ends, you’ll be able to add a new skill on your resume – multi-lingual (English & Kyland).


He is brutal…I’m watching him not make any sense talking to azah


Why doesn’t Julie tell anyone about the cookout alliance? She always reveals the alliances….not that one.

Jaymie lee

Doesnt want to say oh yeah theres an all Black alliance but its not racist or anything. Weccant have a White one or all hell would break lose. But i guess 2 different rules. Same stupidness from bbcan thought bbus was better- and im a canadian.


All past 22 seasons have been all white alliances, give me a break.


So true. Just wasn’t called that. Check out the 12 Craftiest Alliances on Big Brother. Notice anything similar? Very little diversity. I don’t mind the misssion, it’s a long time coming, I guess I mind callousness of their pawns. BUT….remember past alliances? Same thing. Just targets weren’t always colour based. Same result.

The Beef

Because she doesn’t want to talk about the blatant racism with the house guest who was just evicted? I don’t know – just a guess.

The Cookout

This is very odd. Out of all the people evicted, “The Cookout” has not been mentioned not one time in any of the good bye messages.


They might start now – I think TC were never sure if there would be a pre-jury battle back so they couldn’t say anything in case one of them returned with that knowledge.

The Backlash

Derrick F calling Tiff a “bitch and bum bitch” on national t.v. was not cool at all. This is a game and he crossed the line.


I was actually surprised CBS showed that part, but I’m so glad they did!
Everything Big D said about Tiffany is true.
And I was so happy when he stood up for Brit to the point of cheering him on!


I’ve actually never been a Derek F fan, but that made me like him a bit more. Tiffany needs to get off her high horse.

the couch

Yes, Big D seems like a terrible person, straight up

The Backlash

I do not like Derrick F . If a non black player called Tiff a bitch in that manner CBS would have put up a disclaimer about how they opposed such actions . Tiff maybe over playing the game but Derrick F is laying around ALL DAY like a “BUM” himself . Gay guys are so quick to used the word bitch all the time when referring to females and everyone give them a pass.


So Ky’s target is CLAIRE — hope she gets the $100 tier!!!

This definitely feels like the continuation of the Tiff-Ky power struggle. Sure, there is the Cookout but this is deeper (and obvious). Plus he told someone “Tiff will have ZERO influence on this HOH”. The rift between them is real people & he wants to send a message to her this week.

First, Ky was supposed to throw the HOH to send out SB this week. And while Tiff got the last question wrong he still played four rounds so he had three other opportunities to do what X did by buzzing in & answering wrong. He didn’t b/c he wants to keep SB (hello). Apparently he kept picking Azah which upset her too.

As for who goes up beside Claire he told Big D it might be Tiff (double welp!) & then told X the four non-cookout females are in danger (Claire, Brit, Ally & even SB) plus DX but he believes DX will win the $100.

When DF pushes him on aren’t you worried SB or DX could win HOH next week he arrogantly implies he can control their noms. So yeah – Ky feels like he has both of them wrapped.

He lets live feeders know Brit picked him in comp which means she’d vote for him OTB but he isn’t putting her up (although he tells X he might). He also says he’s worried about going OTB b/c of these powers yet also told DF he might put up Tiff. It seems likely it’ll be Claire & Ally or Claire & Tiff.

Here’s the thing – nominating Claire it’s going to send signals to many people that will question how much he can be trusted. Sure teams are over but he’s also in multiple alliances with Claire (and DX/Tiff) so this will look highly suspect: The Queens, Royal Flush, the Detectives, and I think another one too.

He implied he would “let the house decide the other nominee” which tells me he WANTS to put up Tiff. But if he uses that same argument for Claire will it fly? The only people she’s not close to are Big D & worries about X b/c he doesn’t share much with her plus of course she’s always questioned Ky so this nomination will solidfy her instincts were spot on.

If it’s Tiff/Claire on the block this Thursday would Tiff stay? Azah/X/Hannah would vote to keep her but Brit, SB, DX, & Ally could vote to keep Claire & if Big D decides to say screw it he could send Tiff to jury!

If he’s going to say “the house wanted this” that could blow up on him too b/c everyone knows the majority of people want SB out.

Dive a little deeper & how will this impact his relationship with Tiff, DX, and even X. The latter may pull closer to Ky but after asking him what his real job is as his first comment tonight I think that will send up red flags for X who already thinks Ky winning HOH had more to do with saving SB.

Could be an interesting week. I wanted to see Claire go deep in this game so I’m really hoping she stays – wins either the power or the POV. Claire is one of the few people I believe would put Ky & X OTB so I hope she stays, wins HOH & gets $100 tier to also win the power. She has highlighted the Jokers as being an issue (3 voter block) so with the Casino powers in play & if she does suspect TC she could put up Azah/Big D & then after POV/powers put up Ky if one came down. And whomp TC loses a person.

It’s not that I want to see Ky (or X especially) leave but I’d like TC to be exposed & nervous — plus I’d also enjoy Big D leaving since Ky is clearly planning on dragging him to F2. X I think might bring Hannah but prob also wants to bring Big D b/c they both are worried about taking a female (more females in house which will impact jury votes potentially)- so remove that option please.

another name

Cookout ideology remorse session going on between Tiff and Xavier.
I know it shouldn’t, but it feels staged.
The cynic in me also sees how this conversation, fitting it with Xavier’s conversation with Ky earlier… could be edited in a way to make it look like Xavier is trying to advance the cold war between Tiff and Ky. Telling Ky to put up Claire and Tiff / Telling Tiff how much it sucks to send their plus ones home.
I know. Bad cynic. I just don’t trust any conversations X is in to not have an ulterior motive. He ALWAYS has an ulterior motive.

The Beef

No way he puts up Tiffany. If he does that he’s opening himself up to be crucified on social media for “not being black”. He may make her sweat a bit, but in the end it will be two of Claire, Brit, and Alyssa who end up OTB.


Havent kept up with this season honestly but its jury time so I’m bouta get back in the mix

another name

So, I think that Ky targeting Claire potentially breaks Ky and Dx.

Dx talked to Hannah and Claire and Tiff. Subject: Is Ky trying to have his cake with them while going to the bakery across the street to have another cake with X, SB and Alyssa.

Dx theory:
If Ky puts up 2 jokers, he’s side dealing with X.
If he puts up Alyssa and a joker, he’s still on their team.
Leading to the next move:
If Ky is trying to moonlight on them, next week they have no choice but to cut his options.

What do you think Claire on the block says to Dx?
I don’t think Hannah would be able to smooth it over, because let’s face it, Dx is one of the only people in the house that thinks Hannah operates solely out of emotion not logic.

Claire meanwhile thinks she should stay away from Ky and the HOH so that people don’t realize they are working together. Sideye. Somebody go get the car for the jury house.

Brit is thinking it’s let’s make a deal and she’s Monty Hall… The donkey costume doesn’t help. So far she’s up to three… three weeks safety… ah ah aaaah. But would prefer to say two. And she’s offering to be his spy. Oh great. Another spy for Ky. Can we just start calling him the Spider?

Tiff is on her grand tour of guilt and apologies. Guilt that she’s deceiving the people she likes for a cause, apologies for being… well for being whatever that was last week. You all saw it… what word fits? I’m usually quicker to come up with quips. I think i injured my brain listening to Ky and Brit talking.

another name

Mmmhmmm. So tonight is the first night a member of the cookout realized that Alyssa is the only Latina houseguest. Week SIX.
Sorry. That’s been bugging me since week one.

another name

Thoughts on the Azah / Ky one on one.
He’s trying to logic circlejerk rope a dope her with words upon words so that he can’t he held accountable.
She’s having none of it.
She’s pointing out he was supposed to throw.
She’s pointing out the cookout agreed SB was target, and he agreed to SB or Alyssa.
He’s saying he said SB or Claire.
Azah isn’t buying his attempt at revision well.

At some point somebody was bound to tell him to quit trying to obfuscate with long winded responses that say nothing (this is intentional, if he can’t be penned down with making declarative statements, he can go back and say the listener misunderstood him).
Who knew it would be Azah.
He’s still trying to placate her, even offering to put SB up on the block.
(She should say, good, do it).
This is in response to telling him he is putting himself and his game ahead of the cookout.

Of note: she called him on b-sing her.
He noted Dx may have to be moved up the boot order list (instead of SB), before making the fake offer to put SB on the block ‘for the team’
Seriously. When he asks someone how they are feeling, then doesn’t let them tell him how they are feeling before he goes off on one of his 2000 words that say everything in such vague terms that nobody gives a fuq what his point is… why bother?

another name

Azah’s convo ended. She ended up in tears when she got back to her bedroom. Frustrated by the entire… what… hour long conversation that was pointless.

Ky Claire one on one thoughts:
He’s told her SB and Alyssa are the house targets but not his targets because he’s close to SB, and X is close to both SB and Alyssa.
He says he wants to build as much leverage as he can this week.
He says he has a plan but it could change.
The one on one barely lasted max 10 minutes.
She should be hearing sirens and seeing red flags. I don’t know if she will.

Tiff is back to commiserate with Ky on their shared experience of talks with Azah. Tiff is trying to build her bridge back with Ky. Sideye. Oh get me a shovel. As soon as his HOH is over, they’re going right back to plotting each other’s demise.


I think TCO for got that alliances are helpful but only “ONE” person can win $750,000.00
BB is a personal game. I get that this is first season to have this type of group but it’s still a personal game. This game is becoming bittersweet to me.

another name

They haven’t forgotten. That’s why they are all jockeying to see who gets to keep their plus one longest to take a shot at their alliance members.
EVERY one of them has talked about who to keep around longest to take the shot so that they have clean hands.
As much as they all talk cause, there isn’t a single one that isn’t biding their time and waiting to take that shot.


I find it interesting Tiff is the one who seems to deal with losing Claire better than any of the others process losing an ally. Do you think that was why Ky repeatedly said F, F, F, after their talk?

B/c Big D already pitched keeping Jokers safe & Brit is up there doing the same. At some point as unlikely as they are to win comps you would think the voting block of 3 is going to matter to TC. Yes two of them are in TC but still they vote together.

We knew Ky winning was BAD & with him already making Claire the target that DX would find that really suspect.

BUT — if he puts up Ally then he jeopardizes his trust with X who now knows Brit was IN ON the back door plan so if Ky keeps her safe & puts up Ally that’s going to send up major red flags for X who’ll be in jeopardy of losing this two closest non-Cookout allies in back to back weeks.

another name

Tiff doesn’t have a final 2 with Claire. She does have a final three with Hannah and Xavier, and a final 2 with Dx though.
She’s processed it as get my jury vote to jury soon as possible.


I don’t get it. If Kyland nominates Tiff & Claire, wouldn’t that alert a lot of non-CO people?
DX and Claire, maybe even SB, would be shocked because they thought they are on the same side, not to mention they were all in the same team. Non-CO will think that Ky’s nominees are Alyssa & X or Alyssa & a joker. And if it is Alyssa & Britt, how come no one is questioning why only Britt is used as a pawn out of the jokers, and never Big D or Azah.

I really hope at some point, the powers will keep all the non-CO members safe, it will be really fun seeing the CO scramble and see who they should evict.

another name

The original plan was when you put up a cookout member’s plus one, you nominate their corresponding cookout member as a pawn knowing they wouldn’t be voted out by cookout once they controlled the vote. That meant Ky and SB / Al and X/ Brit and Az/ Ha and Dx/ Tiff and CL would be nominated together so that the non cookout never realized the cookout existed.
Last week’s issues between cookout members, and the new twist have likely thrown a monkey wrench into that plan.


Omg kyland shut up I would self evict if I had to have a conversation with him


This is going to offend some people. We live in a sensitive world these days. Does anyone agree that its kind of fucked that we can’t see the same game play we seen in the early seasons? Not just Big Brother, but Survivor, Hells Kitchen, Amazing Race etc. You cant speak your mind without being called racist or sexist or insensitive?

This season The Cookout (Who most of them I actually like and am cheering for), it seems like this season is favored toward certain races. Im honest to god the least racist person, and believe we all bleed red and we are all the same regardless of skin color. Its annoying to see Big Brother & specifically Big Brother Canada (who clearly target specific people to try and cater to the public in terms of race and sex, which clearly turned out to cast a terrible group (not because of race and sex they are just terrible for reality tv)).

Id love to see Kyland or Derrick X win. Maybe even Xavier, because those personalities id likely get along with the most. I cant help but to hold in the mentality that I feel like theres been a pedestal put up there because of BLM. Where as they create this alliance “The Cookout” and its completely vouched for by the world, but if 6 white people made an alliance called “The Swimmers” or “The Jumpers” it would be the most insane racist thing ever. Its kind of mind blowing.

We live in a world of freedom of speech apparently, and I expect to take mad heat for this comment because people want to please, or fit in, or are biased. However as a guy who has friends of all races, I just believe in equality for all and this is becoming way too much. This whole “I want to be the first asian, or black person, or white person etc” to win, to represent my race. Shit needs to end. Games becoming too political and not about the actual gameplay and integrity of the game. If Evil Dick was on a season these days he would probably be black listed for what he says, if Ramsey said half the shit he said in his early seasons he would be black listed for his opinions, if Jeff Probst expressed how he felt about played like he did in the early seasons we wouldn’t see him again. Chen has felt that with her husband.

Sick of it. I hope to see Derrick X and Kyland at the end, because personally I like them the most. Peace. Have fun hitting the dislike button if OBB even lets this message fly. (Freedom of speech?)

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Hannah Ky talk:
Hannah thinks X and Df will get the most money this week among cookout, so they should play while everyone banks their money for the final week to increase odds that the cookout controls the twist.

She’s talked Ky out of any notion of targeting SB that lingered post Azah talk. She’s telling him to save his jury management. (so Hannah is saving another house guest’s jury management… for why?)
She’s pointed out that Claire wins no comps and won’t get any favorite money, so it’s pointless to target her.
She’s told Ky that Dx will have to go sooner than later (though she’ll be sad… it’s the fourth person she’s said it to, and I still don’t buy it. She’s the biggest monkey wrench in his game).
She wants Brit to be the last pawn standing (so that she and Az can use Brit to take out a male cookout member).
I think she’s trying to get Ky to target Alyssa? I doubt she actually wants him to target Dx this week.

So, Azah, Df, and Hannah from the cookout all have stated tonight they’d like Alyssa to leave in lieu of SB.
Additionally, Dx, Claire from the detectives have stated if Ky doesn’t target Alyssa, he’s pulling a fast one on the Detectives and double timing them with an X side deal. They said this to Tiff and Hannah.


Claire must be really awesome on the feeds. Everyone seems to be defending or targeting her, but she barely appears in the TV episodes.
I sometimes forget she’s in the house.

another name

She’s really not awesome on feeds.
Her game has been lackluster.
She’s made no substantial game moves that are her own… except getting to Jury.