Big D “Y’all thought some pots and pans was some sh*t!? I’m going to have some b***hes weaves & sh*t and lighting them on fire!”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Nominations: Britini Christian and Sarah
Power of Veto Players: Sarah Beth, Britini, DX, Claire, KY, Alyssa | HOST: Hannah
Power of Veto: Britini
Power of Veto Ceremony: Britini used the power of Veto. DX nominated Chrisitan in her place

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Big Brother Spoilers – As of 5 am on Thursday Christian is going to be evcited. There was a flip attempt on Wednesday but it fizzled out.

6:57pm Bedroom. Xavier, Sarah and Kyland.
Xavier – is everybody okay? Sarah – I am out of the loop to be honest but I’ve been told not to worry about it so I am laying low. Xavier – do that. yes! I’m still in dad mode right now. Xavier leaves. Sarah – I like him a lot. Kyland brings up wanting to make something between the three of them. Sarah – I feel I am in a weird situation because if I win HOH and I want to target Alyssa it probably will be Hannah sitting beside her. Kyland – makes sense.

7:07pm Bedroom. Azah and Britini
Azah – he lost, he’s got to go home. The same thing could happen to us but you’re out here getting stressed and you don’t need it. Nobody needs it and its only if you allow it to happen. Brit – I’ve got to stop it. I’ve got to stop it. Its slowly making me sick. I will tell him that it is literally making me sick. I cannot talk about the vote any more. I am not talking about it! I am done! And just be like it is literally making me sick. I am having stomach spasms. Azah – and if he asks you again just say Christina, I am not talking about it. That’s it! That’s all! That’s all! Xavier asks them if they want to chat in the other bedroom. Brit – thank you! Its been a lot! Brit – I have decided if he comes up to me I am saying I am done Christian. I am done talking about the votes. I am done! I cannot be involved in this anymore. I am literally having stomach spasms because of how stressed I am right now. I cannot do it anymore for my health. Big D – I agree. You do not have to talk to nobody you don’t want to talk to. But when I want people to talk, they don’t talk. They got quiet as a mouse .. when I came upstairs with you. People got quiet as a mouse. Come on girl! Show me that bite! Let me see what it is! So quiet, why did you get so quiet girl! Because you met your match!? Azah – Xavier over here acting like a true father.. dad. Big D – what the f**k is going on!? He ain’t playing! Azah – that’s why he’s my pool boy! Big D – at the end of the day I will be real with you .. if you don’t like me .. and I tried to like you.. I gave you the benefit of the doubt even when people were like she’s rude, she’s this, she’s that. Now I don’t like you! Azah – its her game that is the one that is being tanked. Big D – Because I come from the hood .. when we make a deal, I’m a stick with that. Its a business. We ain’t got to be friends. Because she will never hear from me again. I ain’t got nothing to say to her. She can kiss my a$$! Her attitude I did not like last night. If she wins HOH, I will end up on the block. If I win HOH, she will end up on the block. It is what it is. I could give two sh*ts! I don’t care! I am staying in the corner because if I pop the f**k off y’all thought some pots and pans was some sh*t!? I’m going to have some b***hes weaves and sh*t and lighting them on fire and flushing them… Big Brother switches the feeds. No one else knows the conversation besides us three and whoever Tiff told. So she probably told CLAIRRRRE and she probably told DX or whatever. He was just concerned about Britini. Here is the difference, Brit is grown woman.. Azah – with a masters degree. Big D – Yes, smart girl. When I talk to Brit and I need for her to understand I will talk to her in a firm voice where I am at her level. Azah – and if I need to talk to you or give you a pep talk like I did out there I am not going to talk to you disrespectfully or like a little kid. Big D – she is over here giving you Detroit Michigan ..she don’t need to do that. Brit – what I don’t appreciate right now is that I am at the centre of Christian’s plan. Azah – you don’t have to be. Brit – and I am going to stop it the next time he comes to talk to me.

7:45pm HOH room. Hannah and Tiffany.
Tiff – His roommate was applying so he applied too. He was not a fan, he didn’t even know what this show was. So trying to explain strategy, the game .. how things go.. just because he watched one or two seasons doesn’t mean you fully understand. Hannah – its not even that goes back to in order for him to trust us he feels like we need to communicate everything with him. I am processing things differently.. like it doesn’t matter if I am not being told about the royal flush alliance or this or that. I am still putting 100% of my faith into you guys. Tiffany – MMmmhhmm. Hannah – we are all playing the game differently and that is where it is starting to make me nervous. Some strategically, some emotionally, some trust needs to be earned.. others are putting their blind faith into the six. How in the world are we going to continue working together if sh*t has already hit the fan week 5! Tiff – I think that is something that is found in many other alliances as well. Hannah – the difference is that other alliances have not had a mission. We have a mission. We have a greater purpose that goes beyond the game. Other alliances have not had the privilege, that honor … that burden I guess to execute and carry out. So that is why this is so important to me. How in the world are we going to do damage control. I mean I’m sure you don’t care about your personal relationship with Azah and Big D moving forward. Tiff – that is not true. The thing that bothers me the most is that I genuinely care about Azah as a sister. I genuinely care about Big D… Like I would be friends with him and Azah too. Our game play is interfering with our personal. Hannah – okay so I misunderstood you .. for them its different where their personal is interfering with the dynamics of your guys’s gameplay. Tiff – it is their personal that is interfering. When they play the tape back they are probably going to be like F**K her because when I vent, I vent! It doesn’t take away that outside of here I respect them both but they lost some respect from me today because I would never come at them like that. That was not game. I need you and X more than I feel like I can have anyone else. I don’t know what way Ky will move when SB is gone. If I have to choose somebody over Azah and Big D.. to trust and move forward with in this game and to have my back .. it would probably be Ky. I can trust him more because he is not playing a personal game.

8:10pm – 8:40pm The house guests are playing the mafia game ..

8:47pm Bedroom – Tiffany and Christian.
Christian – what is happening? Tiff – I don’t trust no one in this house. Christian – including me? Tiff – no I love you kiddo. I had a plan and I was getting you. I told you I don’t trust the f**king Jokers! Christian – not even the one? (Brit) Tiff – you saw that sh*t that they tried to pull in that room. Why the f**k would you bring two people to talk to me? Christian – she didn’t bring them. Tiff – I don’t care. I ain’t talk to her yet. I ain’t tell her why I wanted to talk to her. Christian – its not over yet. Tiff – its not.. it just pissed me off so bad. They really messed up my relationship with them in this house. I am not giving up, I am just upset. I am always okay with you kiddo. Its not you. That was unnecessary and uncalled for ..and they know that sh*t! That was not game, that was personal so I don’t like it. Christian – I agree. Tiff – but we have time. We still got time. Christian – I am not going to have any more game talks. Tiff – that is probably best for today.

8:54pm Bathroom – Xavier, Alyssa and Christian.
Alyssa – did you talk with her? Christian – she is still fighting for me. She said that there is still a chance. She just needs to know that one of the jokers is voting for me to stay I think. But she hasn’t had an opportunity to talk to them yet. When I told Brit to go upstairs it went crazy because everyone pissed her off when they followed her upstairs. So I don’t want to talk to Britini in front of anyone because I don’t want Tiffany to see me talk to Britini because I told them I’m not going to have anymore game talk. So one of you two need to go up to Brit and say.. Alyssa – that’s what I was going to say.. Christian – one of you two need to tell Britini that. Alyssa – do you think I should because I haven’t been talking game. Christian – all you have to say is Christian is staying if you tell.. don’t tell her .. because Tiffany is going to go up to her. Just tell her that when Tiffany pulls you aside.. Xavier – if you do that in front of Azah and Big D .. they will probably vote the opposite way. They say they’re all individual voters.. bullsh*t! They’re all going to vote the same way. Alyssa and Christian – I don’t think so. Christian – I think Britini is going to do what is best for her game which is keeping me. Alyssa – Tiffany is going to come up to you and all you have to say is that you’re voting for Christian to stay and then he will stay. Christian – as simple as that. Xavier – if she is going to say that she actually has to follow through with it otherwise there is no point.

Brit and Big D walk into the bathroom. Christian – when do you want to have a conversation. Big D – I’m cooking your dinner right now. Big D goes into the washroom. Christian whispers to Brit – if you vote for me to stay, I am staying. Brit nods. Alyssa helps Brit with her nails. Alyssa whispers to Brit – Tiff is going to come up to you and ask you who you’re voting for.. if you say Christian .. he will stay. Brit – okay. Alyssa – will you? Brit – my first choice is not him going .. he knows that. Christian – if she asks its yes. Is there anyone persuading you .. no. Alyssa – I don’t think she really needs to tell other people .. she can tell Tiff. Christian – no, you can’t tell Tiff that we talked to you. She is eventually going to pull you aside because I tried to get you up there but that pissed her off because the rest of the jokers followed her. She only wanted to talk to you. As long as you say your voting for me no matter what .. that is enough and I will stay. Alyssa – are you comfortable with that? Brit – it is a stressful position for me to be in. Christian – after this you’re with us three (X, Christian, Alyssa) plus Tiff and Claire in every single battle. We are going to be fighting with each other. That is the difference .. and then SB walks out tomorrow! Completely f**king shocked!! Everyone else that thinks that she was guaranteed to f**king stay .. completely f**king shocked!! I am here and I am your shield and fighting for everyone else in the f**king house to go the f**k home. And if they win, they’re coming after me and her. And you’re never going to see the block again until we’re gone. Because she (Alyssa) is the pawn or he (Xavier) is the pawn. And I am the target. Brit – I know, I know. Alyssa and if he stays I will not tell a single soul who the other three votes were. I will not tell anyone. In my head its 7-2 right now. I will not tell a single person that you did that. Brit – okay. Alyssa – you’re helping us out, we’ll help you out. Christian – this one vote can change the rest of the season. Brit –

9:10pm Bedroom – Brit and Xavier.
Brit is crying. Brit – if this doesn’t work they’re all going to f**king hate me. Xavier – No. No one is going to hate you. Take a deep breath. Brit – I just feel like there is a lot of pressure on me right now. And obviously I want him to stay X. Xavier – alright, I am not Alyssa and I am not Christian.. what do you think is best for your game. Brit – I want Christian to stay but I am so afraid that if this vote doesn’t go this way and I am on the wrong side .. then DX is coming after me in two weeks if he wins. And then I am know as the person that flips. I’ve already been on the block and the target.. like I could have gone home X. Like I was literally going home if I didn’t win. I am terrified because I don’t want to go up again .. but I know its going to happen. There are pros and cons. On a game level I trust Christian. On a threat level I don’t know why I feel like this but I feel like everyone is going to be coming after me if he stays. But like I want him to stay .. I just don’t know what happens if he does. I just feel like well how the hell did he stay!? I don’t know X, I don’t know what the right answer is right now. Xavier – that’s fine. And Tiff and I are not on best terms and the fact that I …Like I have been at the centre of his campaign this whole time. Its been a lot to handle. I am trying, I really am. I don’t want to be the person to blame for him going home. X – if the votes aren’t there, no one is blaming you. Brit – but like everyone has been telling me what they’re going to do. X – including Tiff and Cliare. Brit – yes. X – and what are they doing? Brit – that they’re not. X – if they’re not that’s okay. You can tell that to him. Even he said that he is not going to blame you. X – was this before or after. Brit – after.

9:24pm – 9:55pm Britini and Tiffany.
Brit – are you at all seriously thinking of keeping Christian? Tiff – I was thinking about it and that is not a secret. Even DX knows that. Brit – at this point .. truth be told.. because Christina has never said my name. Alyssa I can’t say the same.

9:57pm HOH room. Derek X, Sarah, Tiffany, Kyland.
TIffany to SB – you have not had a one on one with me. I just wanted to let you know that you have been spared one more week. SB – yay! Thank you.

10:54am – 12am Havenot room Alyssa, Xavier and Christian.
Christian talks to Xavier and Alyssa about what he wants to say during a house meeting. Christian – its not about the point .. well it is about the points that I make but also that everyone hears what I have to say. I am not going to say anything about who votes where or anything like that. All I am saying is based on the one on ones I’ve had I know multiple people are scared of those 3 people. When I have this team meeting someone is eventually going to get up and walk away.. which is fine… SO I need the 3 or 2 most compelling points that convince the majority of the people. I think the majority of people would be convinced by ..there is a trio in this house, it is an extremely strong trio and every single one of the people in the trio has won a competition. I know everyone is scared of my ability to win but if I go home every single one of you which is the majority of the house .. every single one of you that are scared will be picked off one by one by those three people. And if you’re working with them, just know that it is those three and then whoever else because you’re at the bottom. IF I stay, I will be the target. Me making a scene right now makes me an even bigger target. So I will be the target for the remaining people on this side of the house and I will fight against every single one of them. They will target me every single week until I am out of the house. Alyssa – and that is why I am making it clear as day.. Christina – I am making it clear as day.. that with me in this game I will target every single one of these people until they’re gone.

Xavier – Quick pause, you (Alyssa) talked to Ky today what did he say? Alyssa – oh a bunch of BS. Him saying that .. honestly half the time KY talks I don’t understand what he is saying. I zone out. (LOL exactly how I feel listening to Ky talk!) Ky really just said that he didn’t know about him going up, the only thing he knew was that a king might go up 10 minutes before. I was like that doesn’t make sense Ky because SB.. Xavier – so basically you want to fully burn the SB bridge? Christian – fully burn SB bridge and I think I will take baby D out. Xavier – if she (SB) wins, we are both going up and that doesn’t sit well with me. That’s where I have an issue with this. You guys are assuming .. yeah SB is definitely going to throw me up. If we don’t burn that bridge that is not a guarantee. Christian – SB is turning on all of us for the trio. You’re the one that pointed out the trio. In what way do you stay over Baby D or Ky if she is in power. Christian – I need to point out that there is a strong trio. Xavier – you want to do this tonight? Christian – I have to. Xavier – I get why you want to do this but personally I think it is going to backfire on her (Alyssa) and I and her and I are up no matter who wins. Christian – I think truthfully you guys are gone in the next few weeks no matter what if I am gone. Xavier – I don’t think so. When you do it in public you f**k over our games and we’re going to be out right after you sitting in jury and neither one of us can win. Think about today everyone did everything based off emotion. Christian – so I should just go home so I don’t hurt your game? Alyssa – the percentage of this changing anything is much smaller than our game being ruined by it. Xavier – I think their minds are made up. People told you the were keeping you because they (Azah, Brit, Big D, Tiff) didn’t have the balls to tell you they were voting you out. Christian – well I guess I won’t do it so I don’t hurt your game further.

12:09pm Kitchen – The havenots get to eat again!

Tiffany talking to the cameras – they want to see a b***h from Detroit!? They gonna see a b***h from Detroit!!

1am The house guests are sitting around the kitchen table chatting about random things and watching Claire play 52 pickup.

1:12am Bedroom. Alyssa and Big D
Big D – I just don’t f**k with her. I don’t like her. I don’t trust her. Alyssa – Why? Big D – I can just see through her bullsh*t. She is emotional. She snaps at people! Alyssa – Who did she snap on? Big D – Its just her tone how she talks to people so I just don’t really like her .. just in general. Things have just accumulated over the course of time. What happened today? Big D – No it was just her tone. And I didn’t like how her tone was. And to Britini.. because people are trying to figure out what they want to do and she likes to bark orders and stuff like that at people like she is the big boss .. and I don’t like that! I don’t like people like that. Everyone has their own individual game. Brit is this little a$$ white girl. Alyssa – she is going to be uncomfortable if you come at her like that. Big D – correct and she was crying and sh*t. Alyssa – about what? Big D – she was like you need to go tell everyone what your decision is and she was like I don’t know what my decision is. So yeah, I just don’t like Tiff.

1:50am Bathroom. Xavier and Alyssa.
Xavier – I can’t have SB hating us. The more people that tolerate us, the less people that are coming after us. Alyssa – you don’t think if SB wins she’s not putting me up? Xavier – if she puts you up I am going to try and get her to put up a bigger target than you. Alyssa – if her or Ky win, I am going up. Xavier – its not a matter of going up, its who you are sitting next to. I think you would stay sitting next to anyone with the exception of Hannah. And I don’t think she would put you up with Hannah because of Derek X. Alyssa – so me and Big D. Xavier – she isn’t going to put up Big D. That is doing nothing. Alyssa – Big D is pissed at Tiffany.

1:55am Bedroom. Alyssa, Big D and Christian.
Christian – I caused some sh*t today! Huh?! Big D – yes you did! They high five. Christina – you went a little pissy guy. Walking around the house – we’ll have a one on one LATER! Big D – I’ve been letting b***Hes have it! Christian – I am happy with how I played this game. Big D – there is nothing you did wrong. Everybody’s time is going to come. My time could come next week. If you look at the slaughterhouse .. the slaughterhouse is going out. Alyssa laughs – have you not noticed that?! Frenchie, Brent, Whitney, you, .. and we’re f**king next! Big D and Alyssa laugh. Big D – its a f**king curse! Christian – I am going to try and do everything I can to come back. Sh*t is going to get real if I come back! Big D – let me tell you sh*t is going to get real week by week! Its going to get more and more awkward, more and more tension. If I win, I am not going to do one on ones.. I’m going to make everyone sit in a circle.

3:40 am

4:25 am Showmance Zzzzzzz
They chat a bit at 4am Christian goes on about never playing the game just for money.
Chrisitan – you need to stay strong
Alyssa says if she doesn’t win they’ll put her and X up or her and a joker
Christian – they would have done the same thing if I was here.
Alyssa – it’s now a 7 to 2. I feel bad for X
Christian – Today I realized I contributed more than just competitions for you guys. I realize that the day I was leaving.
Alyssa – you’ve contributed a lot
ALyssa – I really suck at this.. just with SB people trying to spread rumours
Alyss a- I hope America feels sorry for me next week and gives me something
Christian says he’ll give her all the votes he has and get every person he knows to vote for her.
Christian – if there’s a power I can promise you it’s yours
(We’ll be back for the live eviction at 5pm )

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I would LIVE if Big D burned Tiffany’s weave.

Next he needs to flip her bed and then toss it in the pool.

I just know he always wanted to be a cast member on the Bad Girls Club.

Miss Impression

The only thing the couch does is talk.


no kidding!


Not true!

He also eats and sleeps.


Well, in fairness to the Couch, he did march upstairs yesterday with an intent to tell Christian he didn’t have the votes. He then stayed vertical for at least 20 minutes when X told him about the vote flip plan.


I thought I read somewhere that Hannah was like a superfan and knows the game really well?. She can’t be. She’s talking about no other POC that have had the privilege, the honor…what? She better brush up on her BB history then. Does she think that just because of BLM that all POC have something to prove on this show? Davonne tried it last year and it didn’t work. Frankly, I am so tired of hearing about their “mission”. It doesn’t matter what color you are to win this game. It’s a game of strategy that does include physical challenges for power, lying, and backstabbing. If you don’t have a tough skin and a good strategy, you will be gone. If you don’t know the game and love it…don’t sign up!


Since BB3 the producers haven’t cast a POBC that could win the game, they only bring stereotype versions that get evicted at the first chance. Da’Vonne is an example of that, she couldn’t win or strategize if her life was depending on it, but they keep bringing her back because she caused a lot of drama.

So far, all the POC have played well, and I honestly can’t be mad if some of them want a person of their color to win the game we all love, everyone wants to feel represented. If they keep up, they will deserve it.

New Kid

I 100% agree with you. Anyone who feels that race doesn’t matter in this game is blinded ignorance. For 2 decades this show has casted stereotypes of black ppl. This is the first time since Danielle Reyes where there is actually more than 1 black person who is actually strategic and cares about representation. Davonne wasn’t a strategist, she just likes drama and that’s why the producers kept bringing her back. Another point to make for all the people saying that they’re sick of the talk around race..GET USED TO IT! Race is a part of our lives. To ignore it is part of the problem. It’s not like the cookout have a mission to get out all of the white people. They’re goal is to help increase diversity among winners by providing a black winner for black fans to have some representation in this game. When you’re a minority representation means everything! It shows that regardless your skin color, ethnicity, or back ground, you can do anything you put your mind to. Watching this season and seeing all of the amazing gameplay from players like Xavier, Tiffany, Hannah, and Kyland is amazing and I bet it has inspired many young black fans of the show. So for all the people out there hating on the cookout and hating on conversations around race, you need to open your eyes and understand that race is a part of our lives. These black players are just doing something to ensure that we can actually have some representation on a show which hasn’t had any in over 20 years! So instead of hiding from conversations around race and attacking the cookout try to empathize with our position and understand the importance that representation has on minorities. This may just be a game to you but imagine being a kid watching this show and seeing all the people who look like you portrayed in a negative way and getting cut pre jury every season. It makes you feel embarrassed of your background and that you would never be able to accomplish something like winning big brother. If you understand that then you’ll understand why representation means so much to minorities. And if you want to blame someone for all of this blame the producers of big brother for putting black ppl in this position on the show in the first place. If they had casted appropriately from the start this would have never happened.


This season will also create a new threat for the future players. Until now every player going in was always worried about a guys/girls alliance. Now, players will question and worry about a POC alliance. In fact, none of the seasons from BB2-BB22 targeted players based on race, this is the first season to have blatantly trying to make sure a white player doesn’t win. This season will set a new precedence that players will be mindful of not only keeping more guys, girls BUT POC as well now.

I agree that in the past maybe the sharpest tools weren’t cast that happen to be POC, but this season the same could be said about the white players. In fact, the only true alliance that is working together is the “cook out”, including the passengers in Azah and BigD. DX and Alyssa are the only POC that are not included in the POC alliance and even Hannah is concidered as a “+ 1”. They’ll be picked off along with the three remaining white women, unless they open their eyes. As much as Tiffany might have issues with some of her allies, she’s smart enough not to strike too early until you have the numbers to do so.


Yes, yes, yes! (Insert slow hand claps.)

Person of Color

Has anyone heard of BB Nigeria? The whole cast is POC……just saying…..


Right. It’s no different than wanting a female to win.


Do naysayers not realize the cast has been stacked with with white & mostly the privileged since BB began. They would have a token POC or two (which were usually not cast for their abilities but rather dramatic personalities), a token person from the gay community (again, except for Kaycee, cast as the flamboyant person). This is a first season where it appears the entire cast is almost completely equal in their gameplay abilities & the alliance of the cookout are proving you can work together regardless of very different gameplay if you stay committed to your alliance. It just happens a large number of the cookout, along with DX, are my favorite players. ….from a 67 year old white woman that never considered herself prejudice but also has educated herself these past 4 years & has been woke!

The Beef

For you to say that all the POC have played well is complete horse sh!t. In fact, Big D hasn’t done anything in this game, other than take up space and waste oxygen in the house. Azah has been more of a detriment to her POC alliance than a help, has won nothing and has contributed basically nothing strategically to either the Cookout or her Jokers team.

Xavier is probably playing the best game, followed by DX (he’s a POC too isn’t he?), Ky, Hannah and finally Tiffany, who’s constant schizophrenic strategizing tends to take away from her “good” game play. As a POC, I’d probably throw Allyssa in right behind Big D and Azah – not quite in the dead weight category, but she really hasn’t done a lot to prove herself much more than that, other than do very well in the wall comp.


I didn’t say Big D has played well nor Azah for that matter. I’m referring to 6 as an alliance working well. Re my personal favorites would be DX, Xavier, Tiff, Hannah, even Kyland (though hard to understand his quirky genius sometimes) & then Claire.

The Beef

I wasn’t responding to your comment. My reply was to david-bb22 who DID say “So far, ALL POC have played well”, which is what I took exception too. Some of them are playing great, but some of them aren’t.

Victoria Victoria 3rd Place Victoria

Winning should be based on gameplay, wins, alliances, little bit of luck. To want to win simply because of your skin color and to be so open about it is pretty sick


If the white players were doing the same and be so open about their intentions of stacking the jury and ensuring a white players wins, BB would be cancelled in season. Notice how we’re not getting any “racist” disclamers prior to the episodes. Neither last year.


Um what about 21? Michie, Jack? Cliff n the Crew? BB Campers were all POC. 1,2 n 3.

The Beef

A season with a lot of racist behavior, and some racist remarks, but I’m unaware of anyone who was absolutely targeted or voted out because of their skin color. If there’s proof of that, it should be easy enough to find and provide. To my knowledge, this is the first season any alliance has openly targeted or protected anyone based on race.

Let me be clear, I’m absolutely NOT saying there have never been any racism or racist remarks made on Big Brother, as that would not be true. Just that I’m unaware of any targeting or voting based on race ever happening before the Cookout did it this season.

another name

… just ….
She’s STILL trying to flip the vote?
She’s giving Christian hope.

Now Christian is back to campaigning to Brit, and no heart palpitations, queasy stomach, ingrown toenail, hysterical pregnancy or sudden catatonia are going to work to get her out of that bathroom.
Gollum’s so deer in headlights her eyeballs are larger than her ridiculously large showering spectacles.

That ten minutes of campaigning is going to cause HOURS of drama.

Tiff is going to be Latoyaing these houseguests before the vote, isn’t she?

I have zero sympathy for Brit. She’s whining about being in the swing postition, but instead of just saying no about the vote, she keeps giving Christian more hope.
If voting is too much pressure, and being on the block is too much pressure… ugh.
A lot of the tears she’s feeding right now are fake, because she’s using lines she practiced earlier.

So, X has her go talk to Tiff again. Reality check, X should be going to Tiff himself.
While Tiff tells Brit she was considering keeping Christian,
Tiff is following company line about not voting to keep Christian (as of now caveat added).
She takes the opportunity to guilt Brit about Az and the couch interrupting Tiff’s earlier attempt to get Brit alone so that she, Claire and Christian could intimidate her to flip (you KNOW that was what was up).

another name

How NOT to talk to the nominee that is STAYING

Tiff to SB: You have not had a one on one with me yet but I wanna let you know your ass has been spared for one more week.

After Claire tells Christian she doesn’t have his vote, he talks to Alyssa.
He notes that the first five people leaving are White, and there are no white dudes left.
Time stops in my head for a second as I think about the ramifications of Christian figuring out the cookout on his last night in the house. If the house dullard put the pieces together?
Then I realize, wait, he’d have to doubt Xavier for that to happen.

Kid Rock

I told y’all last week that production with OUT the cookout to the other players! Production always throws a wrench in the plans….

another name

With Ky subtly trying to get SB to target Tiff/Claire/Hannah.
With Hannah and X saying that next to go is Claire unless X wins HOH to take out Dx.
With Couch and Azah mad at Tiff and therefore Claire.
Claire’s game took the biggest hit tonight.


I don’t think that Claire took the biggest hit in this. I believe the one most affected by what went down is Tiff. Also, Claire can’t be the next one to go if it isn’t time to move people into the Jury House yet

another name

usually 9 jurors. That means when they are down to 11 houseguests jury should begin. After tonight’s eviction they are down to 11 houseguests.

Claire took a bigger hit because any cookout still loyal to cookout as a principle are going to move to weaken Tiff by taking her plus one.


We shall see. At least the aftermath should be felt this season for a while. We were able to wish into existence Derek X’ as HoH so who do we want to be HoH next, one of the Jokers?

The Beef

You really need to keep up. After Christian goes tonight (or SB, if there is some last minute drama/vote flip), the NEXT person voted out WILL BE the 1st jury member! So everybody who gets voted out after tonight will be on the jury, which means it’s NOT too early for Claire to go and still be on the jury.

And even if Tiff took the biggest hit, since she is still fully protected by the Cookout, if she ends up sitting next to Claire, there will be 8 people voting, with the assumption that 5 of them will be TC members! Even with BigD being mad at Tiff, they will get their sh!t together for their “mission”, and evict Claire’s white azz over Tiffany every time, as they’ve said over and over for the past 5 weeks. There will be no mystery in that vote, as the steamroll will continue if that’s who gets put OTB.


Okay – I have a Brit theory….

Brit suffers from an addiction —- it’s like the an attention deficit disorder except it’s an ATTENTION EXIGENCY DISORDER!

On BB she’s in a unique situation affording her unparalleled attention on several fronts (both in the house & on the air). I’m guessing it exceeds the typical levels of attention she likely gets in her normal life (or maybe she’s an only child & is used to be doted on).But she acts very much like someone getting this type of attention for the first time ever. It’s become like a drug for her – so much so that she thrives off getting her next fix & will do anything to get it. I feel Brit’s insatiable appetite to be noticed ties back to her actions & embellishing situations in order to keep feeding her craving to deliver that fix.

Case in point, she KNEW the entire time she was on the block she was safe – that Christian was the back door target & if noms had remained the same SB would exit. Brit reveled in being included in a plan for a change & kudos to her for keeping the secret.

On the other hand her need to get attention drove all her actions & inevitably led to the drama today (not that TC weren’t on a collision course anyway). She says immediately after noms “Chris cornered her in a way that she felt threatened” (cough — BULLSHIT) & she told him she was definitiely voting to keep him. Then spent a good day bemoaning that choice to Azah/Tiff/Claire/DF so they could coddle her – poor victim Brit — & offer suggestions on how to fix the situation.

But instead of following that sound advice to go back to Chris to clarify she wasn’t aware he was the target OR that she was unsure OR that she didn’t want to upset DX OR that she wanted to vote with the house – as of very early Weds morning Chris still believed Brit & Big D were definitive yes votes & that he only needed Azah or one of Tiff/Claire to get his five.

I know many assume Tiff was just acting on a selfish tangent but she has a great bullsh*t detector — & by this stage DX had confirmed Brit was in on the plan from the start. For as much as people are coming at Tiff (who WAS being extra) – it’s funny she never blew up Brit’s game to DF/Azah. When the couch was going all Detroit on her it would’ve been very easy for Tiff to shut that down by saying – well Brit since you volunteered to be the pawn knowing Chris was getting back doored & b/c he’s not going to jury anyway why the need to keep up this charade?

And again the answer is simple — b/c it delivered her with the CONSTANT ATTENTION— she craves. Chris kept talking to her (and holding her hand) the Jokers kept treating her like a poor little abused victim & Tiff/Claire/Ally kept talking to her to see what she wanted to do.

There was a segment I think Tuesday that included her joking & kibitzing with DX, followed by her/Chris swinging & holding hands/hugging in the hammock, followed a few minutes later by a distraught victim Brit in the corner spewing woe is me to Azah. All within about an hour.

And here’s the thing about that trio – ever since Azah offered to be the pawn instead of Brit this sh*t has gone on with the Jokers & Brit now knows that, so she plays into it — WHY? — you got it b/c it brings her more attention.

We saw it on the TV episode – there she is victim sobbing after the noms with Big D hugging her — it’s one thing to play along & look upset on a ruse she’s in on – it’s quite another to rile the couch so much he’s vertical for longer than 10 minutes. Sure “pretend” your more worried than you are – but that display was was on par with how she responded to the 1st or 2nd noms.

She also lies via unnecessary embellishments— it’s the fish tale syndrome where her minnows are great white’s by the time she retells it.

Even today after feeds had to be shut b/c of the fight — instead of reading the room & just ending it by saying I’m sorry I’m voting with the Jokers/how DX wants there she is back again with Christian saying she’d like to keep him, back crying to X, & back complaining to the Jokers (wash/rinse/repeat).

Tiff isn’t clean on this b/c she does give Azah/Big D attitude mostly b/c she doesn’t respect their emotional inept game play. But if we’re fair Azah the hypocrite & DF the bullshiter cut everyone else slack in TC but use a double standard with Tiff.

And, the personal attacks tonight by Big D were too much -at one time I thought DF/Tiff were like brother & sister – a love/hate situation but the love part of that equation is clearly missing. It’s one thing to call her old yet another to call her a bitch (which Azah did too) but it’s quite another to make comments that are physically aggressive (snatch a weave & burn it) & sure we can just say that plays into Big D’s persona but it crossed a line (IMHO). Tiff told Hannah she loves them both personally but doesn’t respect their game.

Also unlikely to happen is that Chris will expose Brit for making a F2 with him & was the primary reason why he believed her initial response of yes to keep him. But since she was also in on the backdoor it meant the victim she plays is precisely that — a role. Guaranteed Brit could be a serial killer & Big D won’t ever cut Tiff some slack but maybe it will open Azah’s eyes on why Tiff was trying to get Brit to clean it up knowing Brit’s involvement (you know – – that manipulation that Azah is so allergic to).

Anyway – that’s my theory – she’s like a young teenager just realizing how cute they are so they can’t stop batting their lashes & flirting (people noticing them for the first time) – that feeling is similar to a drug – she’s riding a wave of euphoria over all the attention.s

another name

I try not to really go very deep into psychoanalyzing Brit. I don’t have enough string to get through that labyrinth before the Minotaur catches up with me.
Her emotional weakness is a show, that’s a fact. Case in point: X goes to talk to Brit after she has been getting yet another campaign blitz from the Kings in the bathroom.
He says she should talk to Tiff. She’s talking about how she was intimidated the night before. I remember writing on here that she followed a frustrated Tiff out so that she could people please. This involved crying in Tiff’s arms. How intimidated was she?
But, and here is the big but, is she doing this because she has realized it’s a social game tactic that is going to work for her? At least in her mind?
Tiff? She has stated multiple times that she is aware of the way she talks to the jokers and knows that the way she talks to the jokers is a problem. Pointing at a problem and doing nothing to change it? Bad social game move. Reasons for the lack of change are irrelevant really, she identified a problem in her social game, and did nothing to rectify it.
What she did tonight? The ridiculous flip move?
She accomplished nothing positive.
If she’s going to let out the Detroit, and Couch is going to pull out the Philly, what is the end result? Everyone expects ineptitude from the Couch. He’s a buffoon.
Tiff is sinking her own reliability and social capital when she joins in.
I’m thinking she’s pretty much lost any respect Hannah had for her.
I’m thinking Ky is grinning ear to ear, and moving to weaponize everyone she’s ticked off in the past 24 hours.
As I’ve said before, Claire’s game is toast.
And Dx? He now knows for a fact that Tiff will betray him on a whim.
What did she accomplish in the last 24 hours? Nothing good.
Jackpot? not even fake salvagable. Detectives? nope. King Slayers? nope. No more royal flush. She’s likely damaged her F2 with Hannah, and likely lost her F4 spot in Dx’s list.
She was over allianced before, but going down to Snakeyes?
She’s relegated to being that cousin from out of town that showed up to the cookout, and had to sit at the kiddie table, and her only new alliance at this point is the Silent Assassins with Brit and Claire, or a hope that she can slide in with X and Alyssa.
She tanked herself. For what? Just to prove she could flip a vote if she wanted to?
And losing her game status as the result?
I usually alter the spelling of the word but in this case i’m just going to use it in full:
Tiff fucked up.


yeah – she spiraled FAST.

I knew she wanted the flip & also kind of felt Brit would shift but couldn’t understand why she pushed so hard for it. To be honest it felt orchestrated to me — since it required everyone to take a certain action.


I’m trying to catch up -what a busy week! But, Another Name – or whoever will be kind enough to answer – how is Claire’s game toast now? Thank you!

another name

This is my opinion. She already had Ky and Couch subtly pushing SB that Tiff and Claire were against her.
The jokers were miffed with Tiff, and when they recounted to other cookout, (Hannah, X) Az and Couch lumped Claire in with Tiff.
She joined in the flip effort. This will come out if Sb wins HOH. Tiff has the shield of the cookout, and cookout fear that betraying her could lead to her outing the cookout (this is the unstated non agression armistice that keeps Ky from opening attacking Tiff, she has to be the one to break cookout).
Who has stronger bonds? Tiff.
Who doesn’t have the cookout votes? Claire.
Who was already listed as number 5 in the top 4 plan of non cookout? Claire.
In joining Tiff in the ridiculous flip venture, she’s taken the biggest hit because she doesn’t have a backup. Tiff does.

With Tiff trying to dominate through charisma, the loyalists to Cookout are going to realize that a cult leader without followers is just a crazy guy barking at the moon.


Brit is austic so she has different reactions not everyday normal ones. She sees and feels things different. She is trying to be “normal ” but her normal is so different from most people. She is not the only one there crying and having emotions. SB has had her share of crying and yelling, so has just about everyone if they are not crying they are yelling and swearing.

another name

Being on the spectrum doesn’t mean she incapable of emotional manipulation. She said on week two that she was going to cry more in order to make them feel worse for putting her on the block.

Miss Impression

I’ve been on the Tiff train since day 1 but today I reached my stop.Is this what happens when a person stops sleeping?Seriously,when is the last time Tiff slept? Ironically Tiff could have flipped the vote by keeping her mouth shut,Brit wanted to keep him and BigD likely would have thrown a rogue vote.Why is Claire going along with her mood swings?X is looking good as a front runner to win but I’m always keeping a side eye on Hannah.I’m jumping on the DX train for as long as it lasts,he’s come a long way since week 1 and he’s just likeable.


I’ve also been a Tiff fan since Day 1. She did a lot of damage to her game yesterday. The person who benefitted the most from her implosion is X. He encouraged Tiff to go for the vote flip, but the blame is all on Tiff and he’s now seen as the House Dad who checks-in on everyone’s feelings and calms everyone down.

Miss Impression

House Mom went on a bender, now house Dad steps in.


ByeBye Christian best case scenario Bye Bye Tiffany soon after

MDW-Gilbert AZ

I’m waiting to see BigD & Tiff go at it, I really think that would be a battle that BigD might want to rethink. Tiff can handle him, as BigD said he will blow the F*** Up, Tiff sounds like she’s not afraid to stand her ground and blow his sh** up.

I’m so happy we are seeing cracks in the cookout, Tiff is just pissed at SB because she has all of Ky’s attention. What watching tonight, I’m no fan of SB, she should have taken the Veto not the money, also hearing her say if she is HOH, she’s putting up Hannah. Thought she was over that, SB is playing Ky, she is playing the victim, but I think this is part of her game play.

Someone please evict Britt, she cries when she’s the pawn on the block, she cries now due too she feels she is the swing vote, my God Britt, I agree with SB, the most annoying person won the Veto. Britt go ahead and vote Christian out, he put you on the block, he’s only spending time with you now because he needs your vote. Christian does not give a rats a** about you, and he would never want to be with you, stop crying and play the game.

Get over your crush on Christian, “He’s Just Not Into You”, so don’t let him play you. Vote Christian out, win the HOH, put Tiffany & SB or Alyssa on the block. Stop whining and crying, it’s really annoying when you are safe, what the heck are you crying about, this is BB.


SB was smart to take the money, because even is she took the veto, it was going to be taken from her anyway. The odds were against her.


I agree! BUT….she should have spent a min to angst over it. Like say “WOW, of course I want the VETO but I know that’s going to be taken away from me, so yeah…I’ll take the $” Because by doing it so quickly people were like “Ruh roh!”

ALSO, I HATED the way she pouted & cried when DX almost took the $ from her…. whiney annoying baby mouthed git! I would have said, “Happy Birthday, SB – Now give me that money!” LOL

The Beef

Book smart? Sure. Logical smart? Absolutely! Game smart? Not even a little bit. Not when you’re on the block and you’re playing for $750K! Not even when you KNOW the next person is probably going to take the veto away from you. Hell, you should probably assume at least one of the following players is going to take the $5K away from you as well, so why not at least show you have the intentions of trying to get off the block and take the veto? Taking the money just makes you look greedy, and like you don’t care if you come off the block or not. It almost makes you look like you’re not worried about getting voted out of there, or that you think somebody else will “do the dirty work” and take you off for you, as I think Allyssa said during the show.

It’s just not a good look when a nominee fails to do everything they can to try and get off the block, even when they know they will likely have the veto taken from them later in that same game. You can use logic to justify your move if you like, but people are still going to feel how they feel about it, as people in the house clearly did and do.


Brit could and should vote him out but he never put her on the block


Tiff to SB: You have not had a one on one with me yet but I wanna let you know your ass has been spared for one more week.

What in the world is wrong with her? It’s like it was her mission to destroy her own game this week. And now she’s acting like she spared SB? She was actively trying to get rid of SB. I really hope she goes soon. I honestly hope either Xavier or DX win this season. Also, having Couch win an HOH and send Tiff home would be the highlight of the season. lol

Sir Kirby Williams

Tiff is a mean girl who needs to have her say. It wasn’t her trying to make good with SB, it was a dig at her and also a check.
Next week she hopes to get checkmate.


She also said she wants to send Sarah Beth’s ‘fat ass home’.

I wouldn’t consider her fat but okay…

Sir Kirby Williams

Jealous mean girl who expects to get attention from Ky, but he seems to like someone else outside of the Cookout…

Sir Kirby Williams

I’m actually a bit more impressed with SB because on the first episode I had her pegged as flakey and weak, run and hide from big personalities, but she seems to be able to hold her own. I think most tears and emotions (even Brit) are more game actions to garner empathy, sympathy, or lay off the weak and go for the strong.

Then SB sings her song and has that laugh…she may be playing up little wounded bird, then emerge as a totally different beast.

Dementia Joe

Finally some game play. This is going to be good.


YES! I agree! Did you feel awkward on Monday nights show when Christian literally cornered DX in the storeroom. I thought that was UNFAIR and kinda bullying!

I’da been like “Nope, you’ve said your bit and I know what I’m going to do – and if I was thinking of sparing you, you’re burning your chance by doing this right now”

What do you think?


One of the highlights yesterday was DerekF being the voice of reason. When X was talking to DF about the possible vote flip, DF was standing his ground and making solid points. Who knew that DF would be such a solid game player once he made his way to the second floor of the house?

Miss Impression

It always startles me when Big D makes a rational point from time to time.


Happy Eviction Day! Thanks Simon for all you do for updating us. You’ve created a place where people feel able to discuss a lot. We feel safe and supported. It’s made this awesome season so much better. Thank again
PS ByeByeChristian

another name

Re: Fan vote.
The way that they edit this episode is going to say a lot about how the fan vote goes.
I say this because a large number of episode watchers don’t watch feeds, but do participate in fan votes.
Example of production manipulating an episode edit for a fan vote: BBCAN6. The inept moron guy whose game suck but gets a great edit is given an entire episode crammed full of tinkly piano segments about being on the block right before they announce a vote to save a nominee. What episode viewers didn’t know? No inclusion of the backdoor plan to get the woman winning all the comps out even though she was in an alliance with the HOH. Result? Same fans that voted to save the goof are shocked and complaining that the compbeast went home.
Just saying, how they spin the last 72 hours in the edit? That’s how the vote is going to tilt.


Wow! Thanks for sharing that BBCAN story. I was thinking that the fan vote will be interesting to see because all of the casuals (non-feed watchers) will be voting, but your story shows the power of the edit. I had not thought about that.


Well – the first part of the episode sure made Big D look like a BIG DICK. Tiff initial interaction was edited to look sympathetic (I’d say fairly) although we also see her Buella side when she speaks to Chris the second time & to X/Hannah about Big D/Azah barging into HOH.

How many times did they air Big D calling Tiff a b*tch? (5 or more?)

P.S. seriously WTF —- why can’t Derek F EVER say “I vote to evict” once is a mistake, twice is nerves, three times is a pattern, four times (with the host having corrected you the last time) is straight up verbal dyslexia

Hopeful for a Good Season

Tiffany is an embarrassment for Detroit look bad. I know a few people from there and they are classy and respectful people.

double d

CBS might have to expand BB to a 2 hour special with all the stuff going on in the last 24-48 hrs.

another name

nah. They’ll drop that in flashback for sunday to explain what’s going on with noms.


That usually happens if something happened between 12 am & 7:50 pm to change how people were voting. With the timing they will only do flashbacks if it ties into who is currently HoH

I am anxiously waiting to hear what everyone will be voting on

another name

I actually don’t vote on anything. LOL. I’m still waiting on everyone to build a shrine to make Azah, Couch and Tiff the have nots together for the upcoming week.


I’m on it 🙂

sick of it

There are very few (if any) that I like. Not to two time Simon and Dawg….but I CAN’T WAIT for Survivor to start!