Big Brother Spoilers – Head of Household Endurance results

FYI – Endurance competition

** It is going to play out on the live feeds after the episode airs on the east coast! **

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In Case you missed our Eviction episode results post Whitney was evicted 10-0.

6:09 pm Feeds return DerekF is out. The rest of the players are holding on.

6:29 pm Claire out

6:35 pm Just DF and Claire off so far.


They get Slippery pukes squirted on them.

6:42 pm Sarah Beth and Hannah drop
Claire – there’s our have nots
Claire – yes
DF – can you imagine?
Clair et- that what they did last year
DF – I cannot be a have not

6:56 pm Kyland Drops

(Lucky for the people remaining players on the wall DerekF stayed up for 10 minutes so he’s in a position to give advice to them all_.

7:04 pm Brit crashes out

7:15 pm Azah out

7:17 pm Tiffany out

7:19 pm Derekx promises Alyssa he won’t put her “You won’t see the block”
Alyssa – Derek I can’t..
Alyssa out

7:23 pm DerekX wins HOH

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Hopefully a former kings player wins this HOH

BB fan

Derek X better not be a puppet and target Alyssa, Christian, or SB this week. That would be a stupid move because the cookout could careless about him and he would just be doing there dirty work when in reality it is best for Derek X game to keep the showmance in- if they go on his behalf the target on his head gets fat!

The Beef

The only problem with this is he has no idea the Cookout even exists! As far as he knows, the Royal Flush is running the game, and he thinks most of them are working with him, except for possibly Christian and Allysa, and he apparently promised Allysa safety to throw him the win.


df down in 10 min


Not exactly. Derek F thought it was 10 minutes but X was like “Boy, It was 3! “ Lol


And now he’s learned that he will be probably be a have-not. His response: “No, no, no, no, no, no!” Rough night for DerekF tonight.


Not a big surprise. I was shocked he lasted that long from the way he acted while still on TV.


Thar she blows!
Any predictions OBB Fans?

another name

Her goggles must have completely filled with slime.
Is the couch correct when he’s saying Alyssa’s water isn’t even spraying her?


It definitely was spraying her you could see her nipples through her shirt on live TV also the slime wouldn’t have washed off if she weren’t getting hit with water


I was laughing when Julie corrected DerekF on how to vote to evict during the live show, but I’m laughing even harder now watching the feeds as DerekF is literally sitting in a rocking chair and giving advice to the other HGs on the wall. “Lean into it!”


He hasn’t said the words right yet – every week he places the word vote oddly within his sentence. The first time I thought it was nerves but he did the same last week & again this week. It’s like verbal dyslexia.


Pretty sure he is slow.

It’s not that hard of a sentence.

Get it together!

The Beef

“I sadly evote Whitney.” I’m beginning to wonder if this is what he thinks he’s supposed to say, since he’s said it 2 or 3 weeks in a row now. You would think production would work with him during rehearsal, just to keep him from embarrassing himself.


SB did better than I thought given that I think she is injured somewhat


Azah & X are flirting on the wall ! Lol


Claire just told Derek F. he’s probably a have not…I’m almost hearing the I’ve done my due diligence though!


Am I wrong or are they cheering on every girl but Tiffany?


So if the first 4 down are made Have Nots – this would offer an interesting inroad for SB & Hannah to fix their issues as Big D, Claire, Hannah & SB were the first 4 down (no doubt SB only held on until Hannah fell).

I wonder if TC will hang on until Brit falls (X/Ky won’t trust her not to put them up) while Tiff/DX will likely want to outlast Ally & Brit.


interesting that Julie told Whitney about the Royal Flush, but not the cookout… which is obviously a more dominant alliance…

another name

Interesting. Question: has the episode narrative explicitly called the cookout an alliance, or are they going with the understanding not an alliance narrative?
That could explain why they are telling Whitney about the Flush but not the Cookout.


well, they have called themselves an alliance, so yeah, i consider them an alliance…
Lately though they have said its a “non-aggression” pact… but man it sure feels like and works like an actual alliance.


Yes, the episode narrative has explicitly called it an alliance. That’s why it was such a glaring omission when Julie didn’t mention it right after revealing RF. WTF

another name

thanks. still haven’t watched any episodes so i was honestly asking because I didn’t know the answer.

The Beef

YES, CBS/Big Brother has referred to the Cookout as an “alliance” many many times throughout the season, so they will not be able to say they were unaware, or that it was just an affiliation or whatever term they want to try and use to defend racist game play. I tend to agree with the comment that Julie was just filling Whitney in on the fact DX was a part of the Royal Flush, because Christian is as well, plus it would NOT be comfortable bringing up and explaining the Cookout to Whitney on national TV live, as an all black alliance voting out all non-black players would it? How would Whitney react to that information? I don’t know, and I don’t think CBS knows either, so it’s easier to just not bring it up. Of course, that’s just my opinion – your mileage may vary.


I thought that was because Derek X was part of the Royal Flush and she was pushing to get him out….but I could be wrong.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

You gals are entertaining. Occam’s razor is clearly at play here….I digress.


You are correct

Stewie Griffin

I thought the same thing. Why not tell her about the Cookout Alliance? Then it would be clear why Hannah stayed.


Agree. Why omit it? Very odd.


I think it would be opening a can of worms for broadcast to explain the Cookout Alliance on live TV. What if Whitney blurted something racially insensitive or hurtful? Not worth the chance.

The Beef

As soon as she gets home and watches a couple of episodes, she’ll know exactly why Hannah stayed.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

Production says Azah for the win!

Paul Sucks

Got to give Big D props – he lasted 9:30 more than I thought he would.


Well, like a lot of guys he over estimates how long he lasted. I think it was closer to just a couple minutes. He never even got the green slime.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

Not much endurance in this group of Gen Z pansies. 80 mins and done…lol

DerekX, you know what to do yo, Christian and Claire…..just like the sun rises from the East everyday.


Claire is not an option. She has immunity from being on the block until Jury

Fraggle Rock Bottom

Fair enough, a minor oversight, that just brings Sarah in the POWC pecking order, Claire, your time will come.

No fave yet

Claire has safty

No fave yet

Sorry “safety”


I love that Derek X won because now Tiffany has to adjust her plans and we get to see what type of HoH he will be (hopefully different from Christian)


I’d like to see him win the whole shebang!


Bye Christian you dumb ass, wasting your HoH. Whit was no threat to your game, you shouldve listened to her and backdoored DerekX, now he’s gonna send your ass home


The only reason she said that is because Derek didn’t look around to see if she was there before he spoke.


Wait….when did X drop?


Derek X agreed to not put up X so X dropped…


I didn’t hear that part on the feeds. It is good not to have X as HoH twice when he was already HoH last week


Agreed.. It will be interesting to see what Hannah .. I mean Derek does with his HOH ..


I doubt Hannah will have as much input in his HoH as Alyssa did in Christian’s HoH


What input did Alyssa have? It seemed to me she didn’t really want Whitney to go and acknowledged that wasn’t what was best for her game.


when did X drop


Oh crap he’s still on the wall.


I don’t know who DX will do for his HOH? I think Hannah will guide him. Now a cuddlemance in power

Fraggle Rock Bottom

Well, it’s guaranteed 2 POWC…..


Another guy wins HOH

Joe Franco

Would love to see 2 members of the cookout on the block. Wishful thinking on my part.
Tiffany will be kissing DerekX butt big time


I have to mute Tiff and l liked for awhile

Stacy Joseph wiles

Doesn’t have to,


SO….if Derek stays true to the Royal Flush alliance his choices are Derek F, Azah and Brittany. He will have Hannah in his ear. Tiffany for target and Azah for pawn. Bet anyone? Or will Hannah persuade him to put up Sarah Beth (and Britany) no Cook Out in danger. When will the rest of the house guests figure out the Cook Out? I think Claire is the only one who has.

The Beef

Okay, I’ll bite. What makes you think Claire has it figured out? Has she said something about it to somebody? Has she asked her most trusted friend in the house about it (Tiffany)? It’s obvious to us because we KNOW about it, but what makes you think Claire has figured it out?


There is a clip of Claire by herself discussing it but with vague words as if she is afraid to use the words all black alliance.


She was listing who was going next and they were all not people of color. She included herself on the list around third I think.

another name

LOL. So, Derex has already had Ky in one ear, and Tiff in the other giving him contradictory plans… with Hannah adding in a third plan to the mix. It’s been asked which of his allies is his REAL ride or die. Guess we’re all going to find out.
Imo Xavier stayed up too long. What was he going to do as HOH when he just finished camtalking about the number of alliances he was in that were placed in front of him gift wrapped? He’s part of the alliance with everyone club.

bb23 WEEK FIVE.jpg

What does GBM mean (on your chart )?

another name

good bye messages.


Xavier does EVERYTHING in his power not to blatantly laugh in DF’s face when Big D says “he might put us up” (meaning him & X) and follows it with “I ain’t done nothing to him”.

STOP– are you f*cking kidding me? For the majority of this game the ONLY name in your mouth has been Derrick X. I can’t.

Unfortunately he promised Ally safety. I was annoyed by that b/c X was still on the wall & she was only ensuring she was okay NOT her showmance shield Christian. Now he can’t put her up unless he goes back on his word or uses her as a re-nom with the excuse that he promised not to put her up initially not that he wouldn’t backdoor her.

Lil D definitely won’t put up X, Tiff, Hannah or Ky – can’t put up (not that he would) Claire and also made that promise to Ally. That only leaves the Jokers and his Royal Flush partners SB & Christian. The latter could be an option but only via backdoor.

Assume his closest allies Tiff/Hannah/Ky to work to keep Azah/Big D off the block. Could this be a point in the game where Tiff tries to convince the other Cookout members Lil D should be a part of the team? We know she’d rather take him deeper in the game than Big D or Azah & he’d be great for her & Hannah as a counter to X/Ky. Let’s see. Also Ky will be tested this week b/c he’ll be trying to keep SB safe as well as the two Jokers in TC.

As for Big D while he’s probably safe this week – knowing him he’ll go guns blazing with Baby D trying to make him see the showmance have to be broken up (which will be fodder for Lil D to use against him). Plus considering all the sh*t he’s spewed about Baby D – I’m sure the showmance, SB & maybe even Brit will spill on the things he’s said about him.

Couple that with the likelihood he’ll be a have not again & it should be an interesting week for Big D. The question is whether he’ll paint a target on the couch — er— himself by over-acting about not going up.

Side bar: I’ve said all along Big D is playing for 2nd b/c even if he does luck into some HOH or gets dragged to the end everyone will remember how he did nothing but spew dirt on the females, Baby D or those he wanted out, laid around all day, & then freaked out every single week about going up or how he was being treated unfairly.


Very curious to see what the America Votes will be for & how the Cookout will interpret who gets them.

Baby D & Claire are players I could see the voting public trying to help – (possibly SB).

Given most of the polls I’ve seen typically rank Baby D, Hannah & Tiff in the top 3 they should be in the mix. In contrast, Derek F doesn’t rank high in most polls or his couch so if there is a negative assigned him getting it might send the Cookout a message to take him out in a DE.

And to reiterate, just like Tiff keeps pushing Hannah is an equal member of TC – I envision the time coming where she tries to bring in Baby D & this is the perfect week for that to happen.

Ky & Tiff have previously discussed how DX should also be in the Cookout on more than one occasion. Assuming TPTB are the ones really behind TC narrative they have reason to also push that mandate given Lil D’s popularity.


Interesting — Xavier told Baby D (AFTER THEY CAME DOWN) he didn’t want ANY Kings going OTB. That was an odd choice by X to make & very confusing to me. Did he do it just to say “I asked him” or is he trying to have his cake & eat it too?

And Xavier LIED to Ally saying he said “deal” Baby D did NOT agree (he said – NO but we can talk about it later) so why lie to Ally?

X doesn’t make many poor choices – so maybe this is a trap — it’s kind of a shady move you would make KNOWING SB is likely to go up & Christian potentially backdoored so maybe this is to paint a target on DX. Otherwise, I’m very confused by his motivations to lie about this.

Meanwhile Ally is complaining to X “Why is Baby D worried about Hannah? That’s the only deal he wanted, you wont put me or Hannah up? Why the F are you making sure Hannah is fine?

HELLO Ally– just b/c you didn’t try to protect Christian doesn’t mean everyone rolls that way Plus — isn’t your concern he wanted both of them safe a sign YOU never really meant to stick to the F4 deal you created with them?

Dying to see how Tiff/Ky/Hannah react to X trying to keep all 4 of his Kings teammates safe.


YUP — Ky is already on Baby D suggesting he put up Azah & Britini — & then after POV can decide if or what King to take out (the onus being on Christian).

BUT how will Tiff react to hearing this suggestion? B/c what Ky is doing is making sure SB is safe & also not up initially so if he/X or any Kings win the POV then they keep noms the same & send home Brit.

I’ll be surprised if Tiff agrees to that approach noting at least one King has to go OTB to start the week or else all four could make jury. (which let’s be honest is the wiser move) Although DX is slightly hamstrung if Christian plays POV, wins & removes SB b/c he promised Ally/X they were safe – still it would be wiser to start with one Kings player OTB than none.

Azah already said she’d be a pawn but I think DX would put up Brit -who’ll undoubtedly have yet another meltdown. Brit will be in trouble anyway b/c DF & Brit told the Kings they were both gunning for DX this week (with Hannah as the pawn). That’s going to bite them in the ass.

Meanwhile Tiff, Claire & Ky should escape all drama this week b/c they won’t be targets & aren’t the ones who’ll be pinpointed as scheming like the Kings/Jokers were heading into the HOH.


So DX won. If he is smart, he will put up Tiffany and Xavier. They are running the house right now… but I dont think him (or anyone else) has put together the cookout alliance yet…