“You are 40 years old and you’re telling me a little a$$ boy is pressuring you? you got the biggest mouth in this house.”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Nominations: Britini Christian and Sarah
Power of Veto Players: Sarah Beth, Britini, DX, Claire, KY, Alyssa | HOST: Hannah
Power of Veto: Britini
Power of Veto Ceremony: Britini used the power of Veto. DX nominated Chrisitan in her place

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Big Brother Spoilers – Christian was the target it’s changing . The jokers are breathing fresh air into the season from the safety of DF’s couch.

10:49 am Jokers
DF – Whitney, Brent, Frenchie, and even goddamn Hannah had their talks talked to people that was it.. didn’t corner anybody didn’t send dogs out to do their works.
DF says Christian is a big target time for him to grow up he came into the house hiding his muscles and starting a showmance with Alyssa.
DF – Can I tell you what Tiff is trying to do? She’s trying to get you to say yes
Brit – she doesn’t want to be cornered anymore
Azah says she’s trying to make it so she’s good with everyone
DF – She’s trying to make sure she’s covered for next week that is what she’s trying to do
DF – If Alyssa wins HOH she’s going to say ..
Azah – the vote will be 7-2 she wants to be able to say if it’s 6-3 I voted to keep Christian. It puts a wrench in her plan if you and you are saying yes (Brit and DF)
Azah – If I’m going to sit there and tell him I’m not voting one way. if you change your mind number one that will paint you as a target from them. Number 2 really honestly all this is doing is covering her a$$ and I don’t give a f** about covering her a$$ if there is any a$$ I need to cover it’s yours and mine
Azah – I don’t give a f** about covering her
Brit – it doesn’t cover me anymore come Thursday at that point do I say look I’m going vote with the house I need to change my vote.
Azah – She’s pushing her guilt onto us.. A bully came in here to intimidate someone into doing something. I don’t like Bullies winning Big Brother
Azah – we’re at point in the game where our parallels don’t align with them anymore
Brit – Correct
Azah says Tiff is trying to manipulate them “I hate manipulation I HATE it you can play this game without it “
Azah – that’s why I’m pissed I’m not pissed at Christian and Alyssa anymore cause at this point I don’t owe them nothing.
Azah – on a game level I will have to talk to her and massage this situation but personally, I can not trust her.. I cannot I barely talk game with her anymore. IF I talk game it’s game with other people. I don’t trust her
Azah – I dunno.. I’m not coming for her I’m not putting her on the block or anything like that. I can’t bring her close. She can be extremely nice and slit you in the throat the next day I don’t know what is genuine.
Azah – I started feeling those things week 3 when she told you to go after Derek and then her and Derek went after you when I saw that.
DF – She’s a F***ing manipulator. And she’s got the right b1tch and that me I see through all that bullsh1t I’ve been onto her since day one
Azah to Brit – be careful
Brit – this is what they want me to do (Tiff and Claire). They want me to go do DX this morning and figure out a story plan that won’t hurt his game.
Azah – is that what you want to do
Brit – not really cause they want me to go home. To be honest with you I don’t want to do anything ..
Azah- then you don’t need to do sh1t
Azah – here’s another thing.. they want you to come up with a plan that will cover derekx’s a$$ last night she was going to throw you under the bus.. they are concerned about DX’s ass but not yours.
Azah tells Brit she did her job she got off the block. She doesn’t have to concern herself with helping DX cover his a$$ he’s the HOH he can cover his own a$$.
Azah – if the HOH wants Christian out this week than the HOH wants Christian out this week that’s it. You don’t owe him shit either and I love the guy. You are not the pawn no more you got yourself off the block why are people still acting like you are one.
Azah – you are the only girl in this house that has won actual competition
Azah- don’t give a flying f** what Christian thinks, what Tiffany, Claire Derek Thinks
Brit – there’s no way for me to cover my ass at this point I have to deal with the repercussions from what I’ve done (She told Christian she was going to vote for him when they cornered her after the veto ceremony.)
Brit is going to tell him that she genuinely wants Christian to stay over SB but the house is going the other way.
Brit – if you don’t mind BIGD I’m going to sit here with you.
Brit is worried Christian will freak out on her.
DF – please let him freak out so I can look at him and tell {Ask} him do you need a time out?
Feeds cute when we’re back DF is giving reasons why Christian has to go
DF “You are a big competitor we said one of the kings will go home what do you think was going to happen.”

11:28 am Azah and Christian Talk
To Summarize .. Azah listens to his pitches says she’s sticking to her decision right now but they will talk again later for their “one on ones”

11:47 am Christian freaking out
Christian – F** F*** Goddammnit.. FU***************k..
Alyssa and X come in
Alyssa – “Not good?”
Christian – Nope
Alyssa – what she say?
Christian – I’m F***ing going home.. everyone is too f***ing scared in this house
Alyssa – what she say?
Christian – She’s going with the house
X – did you get a chance to say your arguments
Christian – I did.. No one has an argument against me. People here are f***ing morons I don’t understand what do yo not get..
Christian – You guys are F******ed if you keep SB there are three people running this sh1t. HOw does people see not see this
Christian – I’m so F***Ing pissed off everyone here is a coward. I’m going to go home cause I didn’t f***ing take him out last week
Christian – F**** F**** the only person I wanted out of this F***ing game..
Alyssa – Why is everyone too scared to make their own Decision
Christian – she says she’s making her own decision but she’s going with the house
Christian – she said personally she wants me around. She’s not going to because she wants to do what the HOH wants.
Christian – it means I’m f***ed and I’m going home tomorrow
X – means once you hit the block everyone had their mind made up which is probably why he made the move in the first place.
Alyssa – America is going to have one boring a$$ season (LOL)
Christian goes on ..
Xavier mentions how all the other teams are working together just as much as they are yet everyone wants to take a shot at them

12:21 pm X and the jokers
X – he’s pretty hot
Azah – you can’t get hot over a decision I am making
DF doesn’t understand why Christian is upset it was the HOH
X says Christian is mad at DX says nobody will go after DX.
DF – I can understand why he’s upset he’s young he’s a young boy. People are going to go after DX
DF – it’s either you [Christian] or him next..
X – he’s realizing he’s going home he’s going to be hot ..
DF says the only time he’ll “POP OFF” is if one of the 6 takes him out before final 6.
DF – I’m playing along for this (See image)
X – we all have to
DF – When IO get the first opportunity baby I’m going for because last night.. I’m not going to go into details I’m a leader I know how to keep myself calm Took me two hours to finally go to bed I was so hot
X – what happened last night
DF – there’s only one person that will let me go zero to 100 and you know who that it [TIFF]
DF – we’re cut from the same clothe.. I don’t like manipulators
Feeds cut When we’re back
DF – She came in here barking orders at Britini, Bullying Britini saying she’s going out there and let him know that he doesn’t have our vote and that she feels pressure by him that she..
DF impersonates Tiff “I feel pressured I don’t know what to do he’s cornering me he’s making me want to say something. I’m not going to take the heat”
DF – You are 40 something years old and you’re telling me a little ass boy is pressuring you? you got the biggest mouth in this house. .no one is preasuring you little girl”
DF – she wanted to throw us underneath the bus so she could cover up her a$$
DF – I dont’ do that we’re team players.
Azah – she then said that Y’all liars all three of ya’ll are liars as far as I am concerned I haven’t had to lie yet so you calling someone…

X leaves..
Azah – where’s he going?
Brit joins them with X
Feeds cut

12:40 pm Azah and DF
Azah says if there 7 of them left she’s telling Britini to go for that HOH
DF – I’m taking Tiffany out FACTS.. I’ll take TIFFANY over Hannah any day
DF – she would do the same for Claire
Azah – she’s talking about taking out Claire early
DF – please that’s bullshit .. t1tty Milk please (LOL WTF that’s my favorite saying of the season)
Azah says Tiffany is playing mastermind and it’s not easy she’s slipping
DF – if she would have stayed her a$$, I’m not trying to pat myself on the back but if she would have stayed her a$$ in her lane and played the role I had already put everything in place for all of us. She’s going out of line that’s where it’s f**ing up what I have in place
DF – that is why I got pissed last night.. Stay in your lane be miss tiffy toes play with Claire do what you need to do so when Claire wins then we know we should all be ok. It won’t be two of us it should be one and a target
Azah – she called me a f***ing liar that’s what got me. Don’t call me a liar.
Azah – she was talking about you three.. no b1tch you were talking about me I’m not a liar ..
Azah says Tiffany has been doing this ‘sh1t’ for many weeks now “Don’t f***Ing play me”
Azah – we have no reason to lie to each other, we have no reason to game each other. Why are you doing this to me now.
Azah goes on about Tiffany “gaming” them when they already have the 6.
DF – she doesn’t need to do that with Britini

Azah – the only people I truly trust in this game are you and her (Brit)
Azah – I’m giving a little bit of a side-eye to X to for not telling me Christian is coming after me
Azah – don’t tell me he didn’t know that BRAH BRAH BRAH
X – talk to him about it
DF – think about it Britini has said multiple times she’s going after KY and we don’t tell Ky that
Feeds cut when we’re back
Df is saying X probably didn’t want her to react because he has it covered.

1:10 pm DF eating chips on his couch. Azah is on the bed steaming hot.
Azah is going on about Tiffany getting mad at her brings up how people take what they say and ratchet it up to a 10. She brings up when Brent spread around the house saying she went 0 to 100 when she explained to him the difference between a floater and a coaster.
DF – anyone can come to talk to me I’m open. her (tiff) kiss my a$$
DF – she’s going to wish she Going to HOPE she gets a plane ticket back to Detroit she won’t want to be here no more with me. I might be fluffy and cuddly I be a ride or die but when you cross me
Azah – let’s say we get to 7 or 6 I think the way we go about it.. I let Kyland know last night.
Df – I want you to work it out with her so when she becomes HOh she won’t put me and you on the block she will just put me and when she does.. GET READY.. GET READY .. she won’t be able to say my name at that speech to the point where the producers will go she ahs to finish her speech.
DF – I won’t listen to that pathetic woman … Get ready
DF – I have nothing to say to her PERIOD. we’ll work together in our little six. The first opportunity I get off with her head.

DF – she’s using Derek she’s using Derek what she needs to do DerekX.
Azah – I don’t know how people can sleep at night with this as manipulators I dunno .. I dunno how
DF – she’s cut from the same clothe.. like I said we both come from the HOOD. HOOD people can get along or two HOOD people can literally start a war. Mother F**Ers get shot and stabbed over sh1t if they don’t get along in the HOOD (LOL)

1:15 pm X joins DF.
DF – she’s [tiff] going to say ‘britini I’m not going to be taking the heat he’s over here and he’s got me feeling pressured”
DF – this old a$$ black woman feeling pressured by a little ass boy in whos got the biggest mouth in the whole hood… house
X – she’s feeling pressured he’s on my damn team
DF – X you should have seen my face.
Alyssa joins them. after she leaves DF continues his rant about Tiffany (LOVE IT)
DF – she told Britini you need to go up there and tell him yes/no because he’s pressuring me to make a decision because I’m a swing vote.. I don’t feel comfortable being pressured like that when all you three guys are liars.. and yo know me and you Azah we don’t agree on anything anyways”
DF – in front of (brit)
Z – tiffy toes.. c’mon
DF – I looked at Azah and Britni said Don’t say a word. I looked at Tiffany let me tell you something TIFFANY you sitting here trying to cover you a$$ and try to throw us underneath the bus you’re the one that said you put this plan in place. So if we’re all going to vote this whole 7-2 bullshit then you need to make sure yo usay the same thing go up there and tell him whatever you want to tell him. Go up there and say we’re liars.
X – she said this all in front of Britini ..
DF – I said you aren’t coming up here barking orders at us we’re all voting him out.
DF brings up he told Tiffany that moment to go get Christian and they can all tell him they’re not voting him out “C’mon go get him”
DF impersonates Tiffany “No no no we’re all working together I’m not saying that”
DF – she’s trying to manipulate and pin a target on Britnini so next week when Alyssa gets up set she’ll sit up there and say NO you need to look at Britinin over Claire, hannah and DerekX
X says this is why people need to get their asses to bed (DAMN RIGHT they were up past 4:30am last night)
DF says Tiff is already trying to paint the target on Ky, “Ky is over her shit”
Df – now she’s come and f**ed with me and Azah
DF- I was so hot I didn’t get to bed until 3

DF says he’s leaving the north Philly Derek at home he’s not bringing him out in this place because if he brings him out “I don’t give a F&** about the game I’m going for the throat. I’m trying not to do that on national TV”
DF – she told me I was a pawn she told me to fall in line. baby there’s six of us we make a decision as a group and the last time I checked you didn’t want to be a part of it in the first place you were worried.. I said no C’mon let’s do this Together.
DF – I don’t know you made you in charge you bark orders at me and these two girls on my team and manipulate Britini. You don’t see me manipulate Claire. Why you coming to my team.
DF – X I was so livid
DF says he won’t mess up there 6 but the fact that Tiffany will mess with Azah, DF, and KY “she’s the type of person that will put me and you on the block or me and Azah or me and Ky on the block”
DF – Hannah is now her little puppet their attached at the hip they’re making strategic moves and not run it by us that makes me uncomfortable.
DF – she’s going to get one of us men out first. She might only take you to be honest. At the end of the day she will take you you’re still not going to win. it’ll be a bunch of women in the jury.

Df says he’s sticking to the 6 but if they get to the point where there’s 7 of them left and Britini is still in the house or Claire “I don’t know if I will keep her here that long”
DF – I don’t trust her the way she moved with DX OKAY girl you didn’t need to move like that Ky had that covered.
Azah comes in warns them that Christian is outside.

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So any bets that Azah ends up being the one who boots Tiff out of the game?


DF going to have a man-to-man convo with Christian right now. Please, someone tell Ky that Tiff is working to flip the vote. B-L-O-W-U-P!


Not quite. He is talking with X right now


It’d be hilarious but I just don’t see Big D winning anything. Maybe he could win a luck based comp or something.

another name

We’ve reached that portion of the week where we play Multiple Personality Roulette.
Tiff has spun the wheel.
oh. what’s this? Not Muffy (my game over cookout), not Nessie (I love Ky)…. but the never before seen Buella is making her premier performance right now.
Buella is bat shit crazy.

Hopeful for a Good Season

Tiff is even crazier than Frenchie

another name

Buella tells Dx that she has more control over Christian than Alyssa.
Buella says Christian won’t go after Dx if she says so.
Buella thinks she can flip the vote and maybe still work with Dx.
Buella is telling X about essentially breaking up the cookout, but still working with the cookout.
Buella totally believed Plan Z (Pump up Tiff’s paranoia with a lie).
Buella thinks she can flip the house. Who? Claire and Hannah? I’m not even sure she has enough pull with the two of them any more.

Buella, you’re cut off. You’ve gotta be drunk.

In essence: Buella is the personality that the logic fairy didn’t find, cus this entire thing makes no sense. Tiff knows she lost Az/Df last night because she didn’t bother even trying to talk to them rationally. Now keeping Christian? That means up to 4 members of the cookout are saying pack all your mood swings’ bags. Irrational, and dependent on Claire and someone else following orders… i dunno.

another name

The obvious thing:
This has made Claire’s life expectancy in the game EVEN shorter than Tiff’s convo with the Jokers that she wasn’t in the room for.
Claire just found out about Buella’s grand plan….
but the Jokers are already lumping her in with being in on the plot to Dx.

another name

Why is She doing THIS?
Game credit.
She wanted to be able to take credit in the game for guiding Dx through this move.
Ky started taking credit.
She found out Brit knew the whole time (something Tiff didn’t know).

She’s flipping the vote so that she can say she had influence every week.

Kyland and likely Hannah go on the block if Ch/Al win HOH (Hannah openly told Christian he didn’t have her vote).
Tiff and Claire go on the block if Jokers/Ky win HOH (Tiff for crazy, Claire for friend of crazy).


Have to laugh at Christian saying this is a boring season. This, IMO, is one of the better seasons that this show has had in a while. As far as Tiffany trying to flip the vote, she may do so but also will paint a huge target on her back (Fluorescent Pink Style); not that she hasn’t done so already


Right? America will be sooooo bored without 16 hours/day of Christian and Alyssa in bed


HOW in the world could Alyssa say with a straight face that Christian wasn’t going to go after DX? Like, haven’t they talked about that before?


Damn, sorry I had to work today. Looks like a busy day on feeds


DF has been vertical for the past 20 minutes…. so, you know it’s a hot day on the feeds!


If there’s any season we might really want live feeds of jury house…….lol


Okay, so now… Tiff & X are working to flip the vote to keep Christian. They have 4 votes (Tiff, Claire, X, Alyssa), so they need one more. X is going to work on DF. Meanwhile, DF is going off about Tiff and saying he’s gonna go tell Christian, “You don’t have the votes.” I can’t wait for Ky to learn about this plot. Fireworks in the Cookout!!!!

My favorite part of this whole fiasco is when Tiff told DX that she wanted to keep Christian and DX asked her, “Do you want to keep Christian or do you just want to get rid of SB?”


I think the CookOut and the other alliance are close to imploding


Oh yeah, the Cookout is gonna implode. I can’t wait to see Ky and Hannah’s reactions when they learn about this plan. And if the vote flip actually does happen, then X is in the best spot to win the game. He has Alyssa & Christian on lock. Tiff keeps saying, “everyone CO member gets to bring one person to jury,” and now she’s handing 2 to X.


Well, everyone was going with the house, the spiraling showmance included.

Hope twist is given to the correct underdog.


Um, tiff, the bridge is burning!


WTF Tiffany has to go now she is trying to flip the vote.

I really don’t understand that.

I do hope the Jokers, Kyland, and Hannah refuse to go along (hell I hope Claire is lying to her) and at worst it is 5-4 or 6-3 for Christian to still go home.

Tiffany is doing the most and she needs to become a target now.

She’s being very Latoya like (causing lots of drama and stress the day before the eviction) so who is the Vic to get her?


The feeds have been down for a bit. Either something major happened besides the continuing conversations or my tweet saying that the live feeds were full of action notified staff that they have something more to show tomorrow so they blocked the feeds ( If so, sorry!)


So, you’re to blame! I’m heating the tar and plucking the feathers for you right now. LOL.

Seriously, the last time I was this engrossed in the feeds was when Bayleigh made herself bleed screaming at Tyler in BB20.


The feeds are back up and I automatically see

Kyland dressed as a donkey, lol

another name

The thing I’m noticing as X is trying to flip the Couch:

  • they never meet to discuss plans.
  • they all think their singular best interest is the group best interest
  • they never do internal math

As X is saying the majority of the house will keep Christian, he’s lost the plot.
The house is irrelevant. It’s what the cookout members (6) want that is important.
Right now 3 cookout members want Christian gone (Az/Ha/Ky)
Right now 2 cookout members want SB gone (T/X)
Couch is the swing.
If Couch were as Cookout as he says, he’d say three vs two, so I’m sliding with cookout majority thankyouverymuch.

It’s earlier than expected, by 2 weeks by my estimation, but the jockeying for power in the Cookout is breaking the cookout.


You totally called it on the cracks in the CO alliance a couple of days ago. The Tiff/Ky power struggle is real (Tiff is obsessed with getting SB out). And the Tiff/Azah/DF tension is going to boil over.

another name

X does Cookout math AFTER he’s already tried to flip the Couch.
Shouldn’t the Cookout math have happened right after VETO CEREMONY?

General effect:
Tiff’s alliances are gone.
Claire’s game is gone.
X looks like the reasonable peacemaker.
Christian is still going home.

See what I meant earlier about as much as the chaos spins in alliances in the house, Xavier always remains the constant unsullied one?

another name

Buella is still at it, only pretending she’s Tiff while she’s doing it.
X told her to fold up the circus tent and put all the clowns back in the car…
but here’s Tiff subtly trying to flip Hannah.
Hannah is not biting. Not biting at all.
Buella is telling Hannah that she would be able to get Christian to put up Brit and Claire as the noms.

I know I asked for adversity. I know. Who knew Tiff’s answer would be to threaten to hold her breath if she didn’t get her way???

Has Gollum decided she wants to keep Precious yet?

For shits and giggles: let’s have have nots be Couch, Azah and Tiff’s menagerie of personalities. Come on. I haven’t asked for anything all season. Make it a reality Grod. Someone build a shrine for have not picks.


Is claire seriously willing to keep christian? If so… what is wrong with her? She realizes how strong X is and how shes NOT close to him… but… wants to keep HIS shield…whos ALSO in a showmance, and who isnt even close to her???? What number is claire to christian?? How keeping him benefits her?
I just dont get it… she seems to realize tiff has way stronger bonds than her to everyone, but she keeps doing w.e tiff wants… and for what?? Where comes the play for yourself part? She cant put christian in, but why not try to get close to SB just in case she somehow gets power? She NEEDS ppl, and she knows she doesnt have them, but does nothing ugh

The Beef

All VERY good points! Claire seems to be very intelligent, she’s very likeable, and I keep waiting for her to do SOMETHING to improve her position in the house. Everyone has recognized that she seems close to figuring out the Cookout, but she won’t ask the questions from the right people, or even bring it up to the other NON- Cookout people as a “What if they were doing this?” type question, maybe to avoid even the slightest hint that she might have racist thoughts in her own mind, but still, why not ask the questions when you see the same people talking in the house, and it’s your game at stake?

Now she’s going along with Tiffany just because this is what Tiff wants? Doesn’t she see how this will destroy any chance she has of working with DX, Hannah, Ky, and yes even the Jokers going forward? Yeah, Christian, Allyssa and X will appreciate it for a hot New York second, but given she’s almost clocked TC anyway, she should know after SB leaves, depending on who wins HOH, it will be Christian, Britini and Claire herself who are going next, followed most likely by Allyssa or DX, unless this flip does cause TC to implode, which I seriously doubt, because production will intercede in order to ensure this seasons cause is met. Cooler heads will prevail – the six will be maintained and all will be right (finally) in CBS Big Brother land.


If tiff does flip the vote i low key hope aly/christian start dominating the game and tiff ends up regretting turning on derek x so much… seriously how can she change her mind so drastically every 5 mins?!


They will vote out Christian more likely than not. Especially after the way he and Allysa have been badgering everyone for a vote. I’d just tell him straight up, “Yeah, I am voting for you”. As in voting for you to GO HOME.
Tiffany should certainly be the next evicted. Everyone in the house is on to her at this point and anyone that aligns with her is just shooting themselves in the foot.
The Cookout was doomed from the start. They had no leader and little communication. It’s sad because, if they had an organized plan, I think it could have worked. This group has too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Tiffany the loudmouth will probably be their downfall, if not already, and DF will spill the beans.

R Sween

I want to see the racist cookout alliance implode. Basing an alliance on skin color never works as it’s only “skin deep”. People are so much more than that. Hopefully the other houseguests catch on soon!

The Beef

Oh they have a leader. The same leader that organized that alliance from the very beginning. Some people refer to her as “Grod”, and she sits in that little room they call the DR. She’s not about to let this thing fall apart just yet. It’s too early for the breakaway slam dunk win just yet, so they need to get a few more pale faces out before they can let them fight it out amongst themselves.