BRITINI WON the VETO!! Derek “I wanted SB to feel very bad.” Tiffany “F**K SB!”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Nominations: Britini and Sarah
Power of Veto Players: Sarah Beth, Britini, DX, Claire, KY, Alyssa | HOST: Hannah
Power of Veto: Britini
Power of Veto Ceremony:

Prize / Punishment VETO Results:
– Sarah won 5k
– Derek X bathroom punishment – he has to unlock the washroom every time someone needs it for the next 24 hours

FYI – Teams are done, Wildcard comps are done, Twist next week with Fan involvement

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6:03pm – 11:03pmBig Brother blocks the feeds for the Power Of Veto competition.


11:03pm Bedroom. Claire and Britini
They’re celebrating. Claire – I am so so proud of you! I can’t even imagine what your family is going to think! Britini – My family is going to throw the tv on Sunday and put it back together on Monday… or Wednesday. Derek comes in and says I don’t want you to think that I was crying because you won the veto. I was crying because I f**ked up. Britini – no, no you’re all good. YOU GOOD! Derek – I am very happy for you! Brit – thank you! Derek – good job! Claire – I am so happy for you! I am so happy for you! Brit – I can breathe! I can just tan. Every day we’re outside. I am going to go rehearse. HI, everyone its time for the meeting.

Bathroom. Hannah and Derek X
Hannah – I thought you were going to backdoor Christian? Derek – I am. Hannah – oh I thought you said not going backdoor Big D. Derek – no I am telling them I am putting up Big D. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Hannah – how money typically appears in the game to other house guests. Derek – okay then why are you telling me to take the money?! Hannah – well because it seemed like you wanted to take the money but I am telling you on the flip side I think this really helps your game. Yes, you’re down $5,000 but this could definitely prolong your life in this game. Derek – maybe if I stay an extra 5 weeks. Hannah – yes but if she becomes the target next week because people are pissed at her for what she did to you… which people are already talking and people aren’t too happy because she was talking sh*t on the bench .. I guess she was saying stuff like Brit is so dramatic and no body would take this money … I don’t know ask Tiffany about it. She was talking a whole lot of sh*t on the bench. So by her taking this money and guilting you into not taking it from her she could be the target next week and then you don’t have to worry about anyone putting you up because you put them up. I personally think you not getting the money helps your game. And you not winning the POV helps your game. Derek – one thing I said coming into this game was if I ever get a chance to take money versus staying in this game.. I will always take the money. Hannah – I am just thinking of all the people who when on to win the game and Derek is the only one that accepted money. But typically the people that take the money .. they become the target next week. Derek – I’m okay with it 5K isn’t that much. I am okay with it now .. I am just mad that I was weak. Hannah – yeah you need to grow some thick skin. Derek – yeah I am not meant for this game. Hannah – I think you are. Derek – when it is game, I am good with that. Like backdooring Christian, I am good with that but when it is that personal .. it just kills me. Derek – So they said I only have to do it for 24 hours? Hannah – yeah. Derek – How is that.. I am so confused.. is that even a punishment? Hannah – yeah because any time someone gets up to to go the bathroom you have to come downstairs.. or they will come find you. Derek – its not that bad. I get to hang with people and listen to them poop.

11:15pm Bathroom – Tiff and Derek.
Derek – I just feel bad. Tiff – you should have kept the money but its okay. You can’t be emotional in this game. Derek – I am not going to lie I played it to my emotions because I thought I could get sympathy. Tiff – Okay good. Derek – I wanted SB to feel very bad. Tiffany – F**K SB! She was on the block talking sh*t .. did you know that?! Talking about Britini she is so f**king annoying. I can’t f**king stand it .. she is so f**king annoying! Derek – when she was sitting on the bench. Tiffany – yes, Claire heard everything! You need to talk to Claire. Claire said she didn’t have no tears. Not none… even when you tried to take the money. Even when you tried to take it and she started to cry and everyone had empathy for it. And everyone was like Damn .. why didn’t he take it. And I said because she started f**king crying!! Its okay.. can we send her (SB) home! Derek – at this point I think we have to. Tiffany – so who are you going to put on the block next to her? Derek – oh you mean send her home now?! NO! We will talk later.

HOH room. Alyssa, Xavier, Sarah and Christian.
Sarah – Tapping it. I think I was one of the only people that figured it out the first round. So if everyone would have just shut up I probably could have made it further. Xavier – the reason why we told you (Alyssa) to widen your stance was because she (SB) figured out a hack. But then Big D caught on. Sarah – and one thing you can count on Big D to do is to not shut his f**king mouth and he goes and tells everybody. Xavier – MMMmhhmmm. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Sarah – I think everyone watching that is going to be pissed because that was clear as day! Alyssa – and I am going to say that. Christian – say that in the DR. Alyssa – the helmet didn’t even fit my head. I am not going to say I lost that. Christian – but if they suggest you say anything else .. you say no because that is the reason. Alyssa – I could have got that you guys! Christian – that’s why why we are all upset because we know it could have been yours. Don’t say loose .. tell them it was too big.

Bedroom – Sarah, Claire, Tiffany and Hannah
Hannah – he turned the money down and you have it. Sarah – I feel so bad. I feel like it was really stupid of me. I just panicked in that moment and I was like I am on the block, I could go home… I am going to have a punishment on my birthday. Claire – it is not worth feeling guilty or remorse or anything… we can only move forward in the game. Sarah – until it gets me sent home! Tiff – you got 5k for your birthday. And you are on the block if I was in your position, I wouldn’t want anyone to take it from me neither. Claire – me neither.. no one would have. Sarah – all I said was please don’t! Tiff – and he didn’t .. so he had a choice. Hannah – its not like someone held a gun up to his head and said you can’t take it. He made that decision by his free will. Tiff – so if he regrets it that is on him. He had a choice and he made his choice. He will have to get over it. This is big brother. Sarah – I have to deal with the most obnoxious winner in the house. Tiffany – well that is true too. I am not going to lie to you. Hannah – I mean she earned the f**king thing.

11:31pm Storage room. Tiffany, Alyssa and Christian.
Tiffany – …and started crying and didn’t have a f**king tear and she wanted the money. He said from the beginning if I get the money.. Alyssa – yeah when I sat next to him in the beginning I asked do you want prizes or money and he said prizes. I said if we’re at the end throw it to me and you can have the money. I don’t want it. Tiffany – SB pulled that sh*t on him. Christian – that was selfish as F**K! Tiff – that was very selfish. And she asked me did that look bad and I was like MMmmmmm. It didn’t look good! Alyssa – I could give a f**k about the money. Christian – so what is the f**king move? Tiffany – she (Brit) comes off the block and he (DerekX) puts up somebody else. Alyssa – its not going to be any of us. We’re still keeping SB right?! Christian – Are we? Tiffany – I don’t want to! I am just going to be honest with you. I am not going to lie. Christian – I am a little f**king salty .. you’re on the f**king block. Me and X were talking about this doesn’t take the veto .. already looks sketchy.. Ky comes off.. Kyland comes into the storage room and the conversation stops. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

11:35pm Bathroom. Tiffany, Claire, Derek X.
Tiffany – yes, you can leave her (SB) in this game unless you become public enemy number one with this move so you have to think about it and think about it real good. Right now you are in a great spot. I don’t know the answer. Derek – I think Azah is behind it. Big D is behind it. Brit is behind it. Like for sure! Tiffany – Christian? Derek – yeah. Tiffany – okay. Derek – I think it is just against Alyssa and X. Tiff – we have SB and KY I guess but they at the bottom of my f**king list. Derek – I think SB has empathy.. she had real tears. Tiff – she had no tears. She is playing the sh*t out of us!!! Big Brother blocks the feeds.

11:46pm Bedroom. Derek X and Alyssa.
Derek – why didn’t you take it from me? Alyssa – oh my god can you imagine!? That would be stupid as hell! I am on slop so I have to sh*t so much so you are going to have to keep opening the door. Alyssa – so I don’t get it .. you have to come and unlock it. Derek – yeah .. 24 hours is not that.. I don’t care about this punishment. I feel indifferent about it. Alyssa – do you wish you took the money? Derek – If I could go back.. Alyssa – you said you were going… you need to grow a pair. Derek – I know I do! Alyssa comments on how we’re working our a$$es off to get you (SB) off (and she took the money). It made me think why are we working for you.. like what the f**k. That pissed me off honestly! Derek – well we did our first Luxury comp .. congratulations! Alyssa – thank you. Derek – I am very happy for you actually. Alyssa – do you think I have proven myself a little more? Derek – yes. You are literally placing head of all the girls in all the physical comps.

11:45pm – 11:55pm Bedroom – Sarah and Britini
Sarah – it just means he (Derek) nice. Brit – here is the great thing about this game .. it ain’t over till its over. Because either one of us is going to know what is going on in his brain. Whatever happens you have to promise me you are going to fight. Sarah – I will fight! I have to. Brit – I would go to him and be like look obviously Brit is coming down here are the potentials like if I am not your target this week and if you can see us working together in the future… these are the people I would feel comfortable sitting up against. If it comes down to campaigning I can help you with what I asked on my one on ones. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

12am Bedroom. Alyssa and Xavier.
Alyssa – I said I was going for the veto and I’m not even on the block! And it pissed me off because we have to get blood on our hands but you (SB) don’t?! Xavier – and you (SB) get 5k?!! Alyssa – you’re (SB) on the block before jury .. but me, Ky, Derek… do not take a prize.. like what if Brit had it on her and she kept it. Honestly that pissed me off and I said I am not going for the veto! Xavier – not only not taking the veto and keeping it with a king she just subjected the rest of us to possibly getting backdoored if there is some sh*t that we don’t know about. Alyssa – yeah! Because lets say Ky, Derek X, Brit anyone else wins.. we are all still available to be backdoored. Alyssa – yeah! Xavier – you (SB) taking that money basically just said f**k you to all of us. Alyssa – yeah! I am sorry but I didn’t like that! And honestly Derek is not wrong in that. It wasn’t fair of her to say don’t do it. You’re on the block, you could have copped a deal. I looked at Derek and said what the f**k! So I have to get blood on my hands. Derek has to get blood on his hands… and Ky has to but you (SB) can keep 5k! Big Brother blocks the feeds..

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lol!!! Britini won POV? Nah, actually, I say it was Team Fun Feeds!
Team Fun Feeds won POV!! 😀 This week is going to become so much more messy!


This is the perfect chance to get Christian out.

Tiffany needs to STFU and get SB out herself if she can ever win HOH… If Derek X wants out Christian (which he really should since Christian/Alyssa are talking about making him Juror # 1 next week) then he should make the move to do it. The stars have aligned like I said so do it now or have serious regrets next week.

Tiffany attitude the last week or so is very frustrating. I still like her overall but she is on my nerves.


Derek X is an ASS

Tiffany isnt fun as she thinks she is.


Cbs needs to give Tiffany a warning she was saying SB isnt Bisexual like she is in SB’s head.

Just because she has dark skin color doesnt mean she can say anything she want. This cookout alliance is a BS turn things around and we would see WW3 in the world BS BS shitty season

That black white scene was way too much, thanks davonne for bringing race into this


Yep Davonne never should been brought back for a second time and because of her sh1tty gameplay that game has become completely personal we now get houseguest that are basing their decisions solely on race!
Davonne always sucked now we get gameplay that is just based one what you look like!


Derek x is a stupid asshole puppy dog I cannot believe hes tiffany dog lmao thats actually so funny because Derek x isnt black and he will be out soon lmaooo

BB fan

I have said it over and over again that Derek X is being foolish being Tiffany’s puppet and targeting Christian it is so stupid that he wants to become the only male in the house that isn’t black and will assume the biggest target in the house as the most physical male target with 11 people left is just beyond stupid !


I blame Davonne and her weird obession about race she talked all BB22 about black people not winning and forgot to play the actual game.


Actually you can blame William Collins aka Mega from Season 1, the Black Panther party member. He brought race into it first, and Davonne’s exit interview in BB22 mimics Mega’s from BB1


Thats why I prefer BBCAN over BBUS anyday not only arisa is way better than robotic Julie, the players were actually funny to watch spicy V iconic underdog tera, Austin aka the pillow.

The players from BBUS are all annoying and stupid

Sir Kirby Williams

Then why watch and follow updates? If you have better things to do, do them.


Can’t stand the Tiffany and Claire, try to get Derek x to vote out SB


And then turning around 3 minutes later and acting all sweet to SB..I pray that Tiffany’s hatred of SB gets her bounced and I had her on my win list..she’s just too much


I wanted drama but Tiff getting on my nerves. As for SB taking $5000, I don’t blame her. Her birthday is Monday, she’s on the block, she doesn’t know if she’ll survive Thursday and to be honest DX punishment would of sucked. I did want a girl finally win so good job Brit. Good luck DX Tiff will be dogging you until the Veto ceremony.

The Beef

You’ve got to be kidding me! She’s on the block, yet she takes the money over the veto? I don’t care if she thinks she knows DX’s plan – when you’re on the block you have to take the veto every time! $5k is nothing compared to $750k, and her birthday be damned, she’s in that house to play Big Brother, not get an extra special birthday present. It was a dumb move, which is why every single member of the cast is questioning it, and it may not get her sent home this week, due to DX’s plan to backdoor Christian, but it will likely get her evicted next week. Just a bad look and a bad move when your azz is sitting on the block.

MDW-Gilbert AZ

DerekX better put Christian up, if Christian stays, they are going to put DerekX up next week. Don’t waste your HOH doing what Tiffany wants, Tiffany needs to win something since she never shuts the hell up, let her actually WIN a competition then she can put up whoever she wants.

I hope DerekX puts Christian up, stop letting Tiffany run your HOH. I can’t wait to see Tiff on the block, then let her break out the chess board, Tiffany is getting to full of herself, and she’s really annoying, hugging on Christian, Jealous of Ky being cool with SB, Tiffany is going to try and sway everyone to vote out SB even though DerekX wants Christian out.

Tiffany is play too hard, she needs to take a seat on the block so they can shut her up for a little while. I think Claire is catching onto how Tiff is shady !! The rest of the house needs to catch on and put Tiffany on the block.

another name

The storage area earlier.
Just gonna say it. I’m glad the feeds aren’t smellovision, because frankly, Christian looks like he smells like expired beef jerky, sour milk and regret today.

Currently Sarah Beth’s game is circling the drain. And she’s crying in the lap of the idiot that set her downfall into motion. Kyland humble bragged that Sb was his snitch and she told him about Jackpot to Tiffany. Tiffany has taken things to a place i’m not impressed or comfortable with. The whole Df and later Tiff Clair Xavier discussions about her sexuality, and using that as a tactic to target. it’s gross. So of course now X is passing that along to Christian and Alyssa. eyeroll. Have fun editing that so that episodies don’t know about it Grod. Feels a little like soft core Gr8teful to me.
However, I feel the biggest reason SB’s game is tanking right now is SB’s own lack of sustaining or forming new bonds over the past 2 weeks. Has she had a single substantial game strategy talk with the Jackpot since the Queens were have nots? Has she been stroking the egos of the Jokers (that’s the only way you can get them on side, butter them up and stare with admiration at their slothful crapulance). Has she been buddying up with her own team constantly? She’s been spending the majority of her time with her supposedly secret final 2. Big tactical error. Miracle if she stays, but it’s Saturday night. Who knows.

A side note: when the Kings are going through their boot order, get rid of one of Ky and Dx, then Brit, then the other of Ky/ Dx before hitting the end with Claire and Tiff…. uh. So, already forgot about Az, Couch and Hannah? wow. They didn’t even make the eviction list.


I had a whole post written then read this & in essence it’s the same thing about SB being AWOL during X & Chris’ HOH reigns from her prior daily talks with the Jokers & Queens.

My only addendum is SB also didn’t do herself any favors by taking the money (I mean good for her but you can see how it’s going over with Ally). Imagine if the Kings learn SB knew DX’s plan the entire time.

Do you think DX’s trio of ladies will try to convince him to shift off putting up Chris or getting him to say I have to put you up so a King leaves but I have eight of nine votes to keep you safe? Or will he stick to his original plans? I’m worried if he does then he’ll be toast next week.

another name

Tiff already did a minor attempt at trying to get him to reconsider the Christian nom.
I don’t really know what Hannah or Claire will do. For the two of them, saying they would support Dx in his choice so many times, that conversation would be odd.
What we started seeing yesterday was… off. You know what I mean by off.
Almost like someone got some marching orders, and when feeds returned decided lets flip the vote.


“Christian looks like he smells like expired beef jerky, sour milk and regret today.”

Ha ha ha!

Another Name – you are so right! SB has not been doing her due diligence socializing and bonding with anyone outside her personal bubble. Big mistake. Or as you so aptly said, “Big tactical error” one that’s going to cost her the win.


Haha good on SB for taking money during the veto. I’m actually enjoying the messiness and over-gaming going on this season! The cookout is a smart alliance that they are skillfully keeping under the radar, the loyalty between the kings and thoughtful game play is impressive, and the duos and trios thinking for themselves is appreciated. Rooting for DX, Hannah, Tiff, and Claire!


I must have been watching another season then because the only messy week was week 1. All those weeks has been boring I almost stopped watching when Brent got evicted cause it was too prediactable. The racist cookout alliance ruined everything. And tiff is very annoying


Racist? Give me a break! The reason the Cookout was formed is because it is the first time in BB USA history POC have had the opportunity to form a big enough alliance to make it to the finale. If you don’t think that past groups of white people worked together because of skin color you’ve been misted. I’m not saying it was always intentional albeit a little close-minded. I know that for some, it was definitely intentional!

People tend to gravitate towards other people with common interests, what they know. If you grew up in an all white neighborhood, going to a majority white school, more than likely, you’re going to gravitate towards an all white alliance, staying in your comfort zone. Personally, I think it’s a missed opportunity to expand your horizons.

The Cookout alliance is doing exactly what the white alliances of the past have done. The difference being, they are well aware this is a first and it’s an opportunity they don’t want to squander. This time the odds are in their favor. My white ass hopes they pull it off!
Moral of the story: Enlighten yourself. Get over your white fragility.

sick of it

No you’re not getting it. Tiff is racist as F and the cookout, if was comprised of only white people, would be taking a lot of flack as being “racist”. But these people don’t get the same flack? Just wrong


Did Sarah Beth have a chance to take the veto and took the money instead? If so I would want to vote her out too.


Sounds like that..


I think it was where Brit was still in the game so the chance of her keeping Veto were slim to none


So much jealousy! Tiff is just nasty over SB. I hope Derek follows through and puts up Christian and they vote him out


SB stole Ky from her.


Tiffany wants Sara Beth gone, so Sara Beth will be evicted this week.

Kid Rock

This is going down as one of the best seasons ever! So much is still yet to happen! It’s gonna get ugly! Watch….