Big Brother Diary Room

Big Brother Diary Room

Big Brother Diary Room The Big Brother Diary Room (DR) is where the house guests go into a room off of the main part of the house to talk openly to the camera about the events of the house, other house guests, competitions, alliances, strategies, and other comments. The producers often get the house guests talking about hot topics in the game which the house guests voice their opinion about to the camera. These diary room sessions are used to help narrate the game and aids in explaining to the viewing public what is happening in the big brother house. The diary room sessions happen throughout the day with no set schedule where Big Brother calls house guests into the diary room. The diary room sessions could be anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour or more depending on what’s happening in the house. If a house guest breaks the big brother house rules they are called to the diary room to discuss their actions and isolate them from the rest of the house guests until things cool down. During the live Thursday episode, the house guests also go into the diary room to cast their eviction vote.

These diary room sessions are only edited and censored to be used for the television episodes. Watching the 24/7 uncensored live feeds these diary room sessions are not shown. Although, throughout the seasons there have been numerous occasions when there have been diary room audio leaks where portions of the conversations are heard on the live feeds. These audio leaks reveal portions of the conversation the house guest has with the producers.

Some house guests and fans have made claims that the production staff / producers manipulate the game through their comments and the questions they ask the house guests during these diary room sessions.

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I have been disgusted with the constant use of fuck, fucking, mother fucking and so on. We counted over 320 one night on BB after dark. Why doesn’t someone stop this. Paul is the worst of all.I am not a prude but please enough is enough. This is downright disgusting. The sentence might go like this. I am fucking hungry, will make a fucking sandwich with some fucking butter and fucking cheese and then fucking eat it. I am not exaggerating here.


I really think Paul’s mouth and a few other house guest is uncalled for.


Paul is a,dirt bag. He even flips off production when asked to put mic on. I think BB wrote his name on the check coming into this game. They don’t say a word to him


Paul is a person of questionable character. He has been emboldened this season because of his retread status. I hate when these shows (BB, TAR, and S) bring back players from the past. He lost, rightly so, his first time. This season he is more determined to win. Cody had the right idea and seemingly the perfect timing to rid the house of the jerk through the back door. He even seemed to have some support for the idea from others. I suspect that the jerk’s contract for repeating included some number of free pass weeks. (Notice how quickly the good temps ended; makes me wonder) Once his free pass was exposed, he began using fascist tactics on the others to vilify Cody and anyone that was friendly/sympathetic to him. His own comments reveal that he has absolutely no loyalty to anyone else in the house. He will go after each and everyone, including those that aided and abetted in his reign of terror. He does this all while claiming to be innocent of any targetting and/or dirty tricks. Any doubts? He exposed himself on the last BB episode when he instructed Josh to take to level 30. My only hope is that some brave soul wins HOH and back doors him out, soon.


It is apparent Paul knows how to sway the majority. Most likable are Kevin, Jason, Mark and Alex.
Jessica, Cody and Elena are just too obnoxiously arrogant and superficial to stomache; Josh is simply a dillusional man/child, while Matt and Raven are just two weird, phoneys in a phoney showmance always hamming it up for the cameras.
I would want to see Kevin or Alex win.


I agree with wanting Kevin to win too! Alex talks way too fast but she’s real. I can’t wait for Elana to go home!


I watch Big Brother ever season in this season I really feel like Jessica and Cody have really been bullied Josh and some of the players they went Way Beyond what they should have said and done while playing the game especially making remarks about Cody as a marine when he served his country and especially when Jessica was competing in her father Adan and Josh was on the sidelines making mean remarks production should try to explain that the game is to be played certain way and all of the viciousness and bullying week after week of Jessica and Cody especially Jessica is really bad takes away from the game


I watch Big Brother ever season and there’s been some rough seas and that this season I’ve been surprised at how much production has let Cody and Jessica be actually being bullied and tortured when Jessica was doing so good in the game they should have stopped that it wasn’t fair especially when she was doing a competition and Josh and them on the sidelines were laughing at her and making bad comments she didn’t really get to compete fairly and comments about Cody service to the country about him being a marine are totally uncalled for they have consistently every week just hammered a Jessica when she actually was playing the game very well and that’s what I like to see is when the games being played good so it’s at for me it’s been a bad season

d walter

its not fair to say you want our feed back .but cant say whats really going should not even be in the house. not playing.BY BY also she hangs on a married man .no self worth .PAUL should go get his mouth washed out. he looks like Charles manson. maby that’s why he acts like the pied piper. bib brother has went from a fun game to tourture. filthy f word 24/7 I will never watch it again no rules in the bb house . all the ywant is ratings , really surprised juli chen is hooked up in this kind of mess.

d walter


Brenda Decaprio

Christmas should never have been able to stay in the game. When she got hurt BB should have taken her out and allow her to play another season. Way to much of the F word ..!!

Brenda Decaprio

Christmas should never have been able to stay in the game. When she got hurt BB should have pulled her and allow her to play another game. Worse players to date, all afraid to make a move or play the game. Don’t like bringing x players back, they had their chance..


Christmas should never have been able to stay in the game. When she got hurt BB should have pulled her and allow her to play another game. Worse players to date, all afraid to make a move or play the game. Don’t like bringing x players back, they had their chance..

P. Gordon

Watch bb every year. This is the worst so far.Paul should not have been brought back. It is amazing how bb managed to find so many gullible people this year. It is hard to watch”stupid” play out 3 times a week.