Big Brother Canada Spoilers: EVICTION / HOH Results!

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 1st
HOH Winner: TOPAZ Next HOH: April 4th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SUZETTE
Have Nots ?


Big Brother Canada Live EVICTION Episode: March 28th, 2013 @ 10pm ET/PT

On the block for eviction tonight are: Suzette Amaya and Anuj ‘AJ’ Burman.

PREDICTION: Suzette is evicted by a vote of 6 – 1 with Gary giving her a pity vote. As for who will win the HOH I would love to see Talla win. I predict if she does win she will be plastered (“Girl’s Gone Wild”), giving lap dances and swearing up a storm before the night is over. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Peter won the Head Of Household competition as Alec recently warned him he needs to win something to dispel the rumours of him purposely trying to float through the game.

Who do you think will win tonight’s HOH Competition?

SOCIAL Media Spoilers: Suzette was evicted by a vote of 6-1 (Gary gave her a pity vote), Topaz won HOH (Before Or After – Step Up / Step Down Competition)! Also BB announces that we find out Sunday about the TWIST! Aj lives another day to be a “pawn star” once again..

Actual Results:

Jillian votes to evict: Suzette
Topaz votes to evict: Suzette
Gary votes to evict: Aj
Andrew votes to evict: Suzette
Emmett votes to evict: Suzette
Peter votes to evict: Suzette
Talla votes to evict: Suzette

As tonight’s vote is an odd number of house guests voting Alec will not need to break a tie vote.

By a vote of 6 to 1 Suzette is the Sixth house guest evicted from the Big Brother Canada House!


As per the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds, they will be blocked until Sunday night’s episode where a SURPRISE EVICTION will shake up the house:
** Host ARISA says “We are back Sunday night and you DO NOT want to miss it! We’ll be dropping a HUGE TWIST on the house guests! It’s another Chevrolet POWERSHIFT! AND Believe me the house guests will NOT see this COMING! It’s all going to happen Sunday night at 9pm ET only on Slice! **
big brother canada live feeds surprise eviction

On the Big Brother Canada Website they leaked and removed the following Play Along prediction screen shots:

** Sounds like the house guests get a luxury competition where 4 of them have the potential to win a special movie screening **

big brother canada screening powershift
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258 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada Spoilers: EVICTION / HOH Results!

  1. Andrew was going nuts off the block, imagine him on the block beside AJ..

    It will get back to Topaz that Andrew was gunning for Gary/Topaz noms. Wimpy double eviction HOH + overplaying the last few days = Andrew’s doomed.

  2. The woman that is the hostess of the live show is such a long way from the classy Julie Chan on the American show.
    When is she going to get that clown hair do cut ? She could be attractive but all I see is the CLOWN HAIR.

    1. I’d give her another season to see if she gets any better.
      I bet the feeds are down in case they all talk about how horrible Suzette was. By the time the feeds are back up, they’ll already have said everything. And you know they wouldn’t put it in the show. So we basically just missed it all.

  3. I hope Topaz doesn’t win HOH, your spoilers were spot on last week so I’m just hoping you aren’t right this time. I want her gone so badly, I hate how little respect she has for the game.

  4. The 3 stooges and Peter are utterly useless and I doubt if they will ever win a comp unless they are spoon-fed or only competing amongst themselves.

  5. If this is true (that Topaz won HOH) then Gary is going to be the most popular, loved person in the house b/c of his special Veto power…..A lot of sucking up if they think they might be noms….AKA the 3 stooges or if Topaz has some cahoonas (and Alec didn’t) she might split up the other couple (Jillian and Emmett).

  6. Did you guys hear that Liza and Tom got matching tattoos of the power of veto? I couldn’t believe their stupidity!

  7. Gary didn’t get a veto it only allows him to play veto by switching himself with the three other choosen hgs (not including the hoh and two noms) i don’t get why they would suck up to him it doesn’t give him any power he can’t replace any nom but if it is true and topez wins then he is safe regardless. My guess is she will go after andrew, aj or talla it is the only thing that makes sense for her game. She has a deal with gary and alec, she won’t go after peter and she won’t go after jill and emmitt. The only thing left is the 3 stoogies.

    1. I guess I must be mistaken what his power is…..So Gary can’t replace the noms??? That was my impression of the power….that he can replace a nom or a player in the veto that is not a nom.

      If I was wrong than I apologize for that theory….One of the stooges would go then….or Emmett since he is a strong, physical threat.

  8. Apparently there will be no feeds until Sunday night.. I saw the leak about a twist, but didn’t see this posted that feeds won’t return until after Sunday’s episode. I must say that sucks. Looks like we’ll have a fast forward week.

    1. I think BBCA is 100,000 times more concerned about gaining new cable TV signups for Slice, with the channel’s free preview coming to an end, than they are with *anything* else right now. They are clearly catering to the “casual” BB fan. Veteran, die-hard BB fans heavily depend on BBAD and the live feeds to stay current – things change all the time in the house. To me, without full BB access, which I’m used to, I find I get out of the “BB habit.” I’ve even forgotten to watch some live episodes of late, and had to go onto YouTube to catch up! BBCA offering live feeds free is the *only* way BBCA can get away with “blacking out the world” for 3 days straight, simply to “artificially” build suspense, and get away with it. Hey, I get it – it’s all about making money, and growing Slice as a Canada channel. But do these repeated blackouts truly help Slice achieve this goal? I doubt it. And just think. Both Simon and Dawg are sometimes getting a full 8 hours of sleep, “in season?” Unprecedented!

      Does a 3-day blackout really “pique” BBCA interest, and gain Slice their desired new subscribers? Or, does it simply aggravate BB fans used to far more daily content? I find that this *one* change alters my BB experience, in a big way. It makes me appreciate that BBUS is on a major US network (CBS), with 14 seasons under its belt. As such, they don’t need to resort to such ill-advised tactics.” Once again, BBCA Production is showing their “newbie” stripes. CBS understands that there are both “casual” and “die-hard” BB viewers. And that “spoilers” don’t *ruin it*, for the vast majority of casual network viewers. BBCA Production seems to have *no* concept of this… (sigh)

  9. Why does Arisa Cox thank the evicted HGs? I don’t know why that bothers me. But the HGs should be grateful for being able to play for the money. And the interview on the way out is an obligation. So no thanks is necessary.

    I think that is what bothers me about BBCan. BBUS lets the HGs know that they are the boss. BBCan just seems so elated to have a show to produce

    1. Is it our faults that Canadians are generally nicer than Americans? Complaining about thanking a HG now? seriously?

        1. Excuse me… I’m Canadian! And don’t tell me what to do. Again. i am entitled to my opinion.

          Or maybe i am only entitled to it on a Canadian website.

  10. … and they got so much time to answer the questions in HOH before and after. Oh course if all the HGs felt they could take as long as they wanted, they would have. And more would have stayed in the game. It was Topaz taking the longest so far. No wonder she won.

      1. actually not sour grapes. i prefer and respect the way they do it on BBUS. Julie doesn’t let take their time. it’ s a live show after all. (i know, it’s not live here)

        And since gary will benefit from topaz’s win, i am happy for gary. i like gary.

        And i can voice my opinion too. it’s not all about you.

          1. i am not a dude. And dont tell me shut up. The attacking is getting stupid. Especially since it never happened before.

            Stop assuming. It makes and ass out of you……

              1. i actually love gary. I don’t exactly know why. I like that he does what he wants, within the context of the game. Like talking to Suz anyways. I understand he can’t be way out there, doing his own thing cuz then he will really put a target on his back. I like that he calls people out, without being a dick. And again, within reason so he does get targeted.

                And I just think he is cute. that’s my opinion, and i am allowed to say it (hint hint)

              2. yeah I noticed you troll around looking for opinions that don’t align with yours and get quite verbally aggressive about it – no shade – just might want to let others have their own mind and be OK with it it’ll save you a lot of stress anyway cause I don’t care one way or the other so if she didn’t like Gary and she wasn’t cool with you what would you do

          2. Your a troll working wit/for the cheating production! She has every right to her opinion even if I sometimes disagree. Her comment are both fair and measured. She has never shown any bigotry and even when I disagree I enjoy her fair evened opinion

            As for Topaz you are 100% wrong! She cheated her way to HOH using mirrors if she is not removed for cheating we know BB is a freaking fraud!

            RCMP RCMP RCMP RCMP production take the fraud walk!

            1. You don’t think they covered the mirrors this time? You’d think they would have made sure that didn’t happen again…

              1. When Arisa gave the correct answer, Topaz jumped off her spot knowing that she had won. She MUST have seen where Talla was standing…

            2. I agree about Topaz cheating with the mirrors. When the answer was given she jumped off her spot BEFORE Arisa announced she had won. She didnt even know Talla’s answer yet. It made me wonder if while they took that commercial breal if they were told to stall answering and then give the answers they did fixing it so the sleeper won. And we all know that with her being in HOH she is going to sleep her way to next week’s eviction. I hope someone gets her out next week because all she is doing is causing drama in the house by sleeping and having the other houseguests lose things like Alec’s music. She had no remorse for having it taken away.

    1. Love her or hate her she won. She didn’t cheat she won fair and square. Big deal she took longer she got the questions right. The same happens in BBUS someone ends up being reminded to pick an answer but they don’t always get it right. She got hers right so lets hand it to her.

        1. Excuses…excuses. Girl won it fair and square but it’s not surprising with every HOH win there’s always someone who believes there was cheating, or luck or whatever. That’s normal, happens every BB season.

        2. Well how would the audience know the answer to the one question? It was based on the last HOH competition regarding which location was listed first. Since they never read that aloud to the viewers NONE of us would know that answer.

          The other thing I’ll point out is when a bunch of people got the wrong answer leaving only Topaz, Talla & AJ remaining Topaz CLEARLY asked aloud: Who is still playing. This is significant b/c (like Peter) Topaz is much more aware of what’s going on than she let’s on. She has been letting the house think she does nothing while she is quite capable. Anyone who has watched the live feeds since week 1 & has listened to Gary/Topaz late night talks now these 2 have a pretty good grasp of the house. Once she was aware 2 of the 3 stooges were the only other competitors she knew she HAD to win to save herself & Gary since they both know they’d be on the block otherwise.

          As per my previous post I’d say it’s putting an awful lot of faith in the audience regarding what the right/wrong answer is. Though I watch all the shows including after dark & live feeds I couldn’t tell you WHAT Arisa wore ANY night so I wouldn’t count on the audience knowing either. I believe Topaz jumped up & down knowing she was right given Gary has constantly talked about Arisa’s wardrobe so she knew she had it right.

          To be honest I was quite surprised Topaz lost the “leprechaun” challenge after playing such careful attention & asking the house if they paid attention. I think she purposely has thrown a bunch of challenges (as has Peter) but again when she realized it was between her, AJ & Talla she knew she had to win so she did. Just my humble opinion.

  11. There’s one thing that never got answered and if anyone knows please tell me: Arisa asked Suzette to choose two hg’s for eviction (1st ep.) and her REASONS. This is always done by HOH as far as I know. She never gave reasons.

    1. Probably because she didn’t really have a good reason since she just met everyone only for a small amount of time before nominating people.
      But I think she said she wanted the girls to stick together and that Emmett and Tom looked strong .

      so anyone that calls her a floater and does not consider the 3 stooges AND peter a floater is stupid.
      I just hope word gets around about Alec’s douchebag plan and she puts him up … a girl can dream lol

  12. i was wondering why topaz was celebrating before arisa announced the winner. Now i see that the mirrors/windows were not covered.

    1. Or she knew she guessed the right answer when Arisa announced it….. It was clear neither of them knew the answer so she guessed and celebrated she got it right she didn’t know what Talla had picked then.

  13. for all those people who kept bashing topaz for being a sleep walker and a floater…..what now bitches. #teamglitter/ secretwedding!

    I hope topaz and gary make it to the end.

      1. are you suggesting i’m gay? FYI i am not gay. I am just comfortable enough with my sexuality to support a gay contestant. The man is entertaining and knows how to play the game; the fact that he’s is gay is completely irrelevant.

    1. I just love (in an insidious way ) watching all those ugly Topaz haters eat crow! LOL how you like them crow, haters! HAAA! Gary and Topaz FTW!

    2. Oh she being a PURE cheating sack of shit is OK for your pure slut whore you go suck balls moron. She cheated PURE and simple. I’m sure you are the same simple trash that toasted Emmit. Unethical unprincipled trash like you leaves are country unprincipled. SHE FREAKING CHEATED YOU UNETHICAL, UNPRINCIPLED SACK OF GARBAGE!! Your a thief liar this this pure thieving cunt moron!! Production if she is still HOH you need to do real jail time! FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD IMHO

      1. LMAO are you sure you are mentally stable? Please go check yourself into a mental institution. by the looks of your reply, it seems like you really need to lol.

        And How exactly did she cheat? How do you know she cheated? I am positive Big Brother would have disqualified her had she cheated. I just think you are a sore loser, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

        I am also not going to resort to name calling and all that jazz, because it will leave a bad reflection on my character, but hey, you can continue sending insults my way. I also bet you feel pretty safe hiding behind a screen and a username; why don’t you try coming down to ottawa, canada and try saying what you said just now to my face. I promise you, your face will definitely be disfigured when i am done with you.

        have a good night, stan.

      2. Although I wouldn’t use the same language, I think “Topaz” has been working “overtime” with ‘Production”. C’mon people, this bitch is a straight-up ho I really don’t care about all the replies that are gonna come after this post cause I am going to bed Like ‘who do I gotta blow to get a Mountain Dew around here”?

    1. I bet she doesn’t do anything to ruin her ability to listen to her music.. although I am also hoping that her reign ends Sunday given the twist etc!!

  14. the next powershift is an “instant eviction”? Does that mean Canada will vote on who we want to get the boot and that HG won’t get a chance to even play for the Veto? That seems pretty ruthless Chevrolet!

    1. yeah but these are the same people that are still making ‘reparations’ and allowed mama bear to stay for no reason

  15. Now I do believe that I predicted this whole outcome in my last blog on the previous page. It never fails that floaters pull rabbits out of they’re ass just when the viewers want to see them go! Another power shift spells doom for AJ or Emmett. Peter looks super pissed! Topaz is gonna have the worst attitude this whole week with Gary and Alec gassing her up and the only way Talla goes home is if she is not 1 of the original nominees and she gets backdoored. I say AJ is first and the following week will be Gary or Topaz if she pisses people off with her reign as HOH. I do think i deserve a few thumbs up for calling this HOH. i am disappointed that i read the live feed spoilers and they knew like 2 hours ago. takes the fun outta watching Eviction and HOH comp. goodnight fellow BB Junkies.

    1. I agree: you guys pointed out that this is not a live show. You were right, and we (those who check your site) know by now.
      At this point, all you achieve by saying who won just before we get to see the comp play out is just spoiling the suspense for us. I can understand how it makes you feel great to gloat about your degree of insider info, but seriously, guys, not cool!
      I accidentally saw who won HOH again before the show, just like I did last week.
      PLEASE STOP DOING THAT, or open a separate thread with the appropriate title: “only click on this if you don’t care to watch the show tonight!”
      I can’t imagine anyone disagree with me on this.

      1. Johnny I get what you’re saying but I imagine you’ll get a lot of thumbs down for that. Here’s my opinion , it sucks for me too when I went to a site today someone wrote ”Topaz won HOH!”, I was like damnit, I wanted to watch the show and find out. I don’t mind POV spoilers, endurance HOH spoilers but the Thursday episode is something that’s at least spoiler free, at least with BBUS.

        But truth is this is a ‘spoiler’ site and HOH will be spoiled, that’s the way it is. Suggestion, when you go to the new site to watch, don’t read the chat on the right, don’t read these comments an hour before the show starts coz there will be a spoiler, that’s what I’ll do for the Thursday episodes, coz I’m all for spoilers.

          1. You’re right. I didn’t mean to come across as ungrateful. You guys do an amazing job, thank you so much for everything! This year, adding the videos in your recaps was a brilliant idea, yet even more work for you. Thanks.
            I was essentially mad at myself for repeating the same mistake after last week.
            Let me call it a suggestion instead: how would you feel about making a separate thread with “result of the hoh comp” to avoid any stupid mistakes like my own? Since it’s only 2 hours or so before we get to see it play out on tv?

    On another subject: what does a sunday eviction have to do with not letting people see the live feeds until then? blocking the feeds the very day, ok, we got used to that. But more than 3 days? Seems BBCanada is caring even less about being perceived as a scripted show than BB US did.
    It’s all bogus IMO.

    1. ? you sound like a conspiracy theorist..
      how do you think she cheated or was aided by big brother ?
      She assumed she won because the host stated she was correct if they were both correct she would have stated ” your both correct , next question” the same way she did for the previous questions …
      I would have reacted the same way lol

      1. I’ll have to wait to be able to DL the episode and watch it again, but I thought Arisa just said: “the answer is: before!” and then Topaz celebrated. Sorry if I’m wrong, but if I’m right, then they could all see each other during the comp; or (conspiration theorist, ok! ;) ) they all just did what they had all rehearsed…
        waiting for the ep dl now… ;) anyway, nothing we can do about it now…

  17. WOW! There have been 7 different HoH winners (8 if you include Emmett winning but losing it for cheating). That’s never happened!

    I think there is a potential for Topaz to really shake things up in the house. The obvious thing to do is nominate two weak players, but it really is time for that to end. I would love to see Peter go home this week.

    1. I’m not exactly sure where her head is at, but Topaz and Gary were talking earlier and it seems like they wouldn’t target Alec or Peter at the moment because they seem to be willing to go along with their 4G alliance for now.

    1. I was giving her a chance to improve but everything still seems unprepared and awkward.
      First season hiccups, hopefully she’ll get better in time for season 2

      1. Instead of hoping that Arisa might get better, why not take someone we know is good at improv?
        Seriously, Peter or AJ would have been hilarious in those interviews instead of Arisa. Actually, most people I see on reality tv would be much better than Arisa. Sorry, but #awkward #long pause then “wow” #no good questions #terrible at reacting to something that wasn’t planned … #justsayin

          1. OMG. that would be great! love his show majumber manor!

            Or. Rick mercer. or russell peters. or george strombo (can’t say his last name nevermind spell it) he would great at the interviews. Or even Jian Ghomeshi

            Just a pipe dream tho. They would cost too much.

    2. Have Dan Gheesling replace Arisa. He lives close by (in Michigan), it’s not football season, and he’s already visited the BBCA house once. And if Slice gets any bad viewer feedback on him, Dan can just “mist” them into liking him! :)

  18. I think the use of the word floater is messed up.. It should be removed from the Big Brother fan vocabulary. I blame Rachel from BB12 for using the word floater to describe anyone that isn’t allied with her. Now it seems like it’s used to describe everyone.

    We should compile the true meaning of a floater anyone want to take a stab?

    1. Anyone who has no alliance and floats between different ones. Doesn’t win any comps and doesn’t get put up for eviction because the alliances are focused on other people. I think it’s actually a really smart strategy but it’s not respected.

      1. OK but…because I am watching BBUS Season 2 (for the last week or so – still not finished), I highly respect Monica’s game (if you’re familiar). She doesn’t appear to have any alliance. She might be someone who (in 2013) would be defined as a floater.

      2. I agree in essence with what you are saying BUT I don’t believe a floater is someone who CHOOSES to not win comps. I believe a floater is someone who CANNOT win comps & runs to the POWER. For example, Peter has opted to NOT win but he has been key to many decisions. If you recall, he warned Liza a good week before her nomination to stop talking too much game (especially alone) with people & try to mingle more in group settings but the damage had already been done. He is also often the person who plants the seed that leads to an eviction i.e. he planted the seed to Emmett re: Aneal which found it’s way to Tom’s ear.

        Bacon Adam was a real floater b/c he couldn’t win to save his soul (even when people were throwing comps) & he ran from one side of the house to the other. Loud Joe last season was also a typical floater.

        This season I’d say AJ comes the closest b/c he hasn’t proven he can win however he doesn’t run from one side to the other as the power shifts, Talla is capable of winning but she is the one who kisses the most HOH butt. All of the remaining house guests are aligned with someone:

        The Shield: Alec & Peter

        The NEW Quatro: Alec, Peter, Emmett & Jillian

        The Three Stooges: Andrew, AJ & Talla

        The Secret Wedding: Topaz & Gary

        The 4G’s (Glitter, Guy, Girl, can’t remember 4th G) Gary, Alec, Topaz & Peter

        The Showlationmance: Jillian & Emmett

        The Boymance: All men except for Gary

        The Girlmance: All the women plus Gary

        The last two are not set in stone but get revisited often; mostly by the other players to cover their bases should they lose their main partners.

        Bottom line I’d say the true definition of a floater is someone who is INCAPABLE of winning challenges, has NO propensity to create let alone perform game strategy & runs to whoever is HOH & agrees with whatever their primary goal is.

    2. I’m not sure I can “define” a floater, but you know one when you see one (think: Shelley & Powerhouse once he got snowed on the Janelle vote). I called Gary a floater a couple days ago, but that might not have been fair on my part. While I definitely think he’s playing both sides, there’s not necessarily a clear line. Topaz is aligned with Alec, who is aligned with Peter and Emmett, but Topaz isn’t aligned with them. She is aligned with Gary, but he’s not really aligned with anyone else (which was why I called him a floater).

    3. I agree with Julie Chen. My definition of a floater is someone who possesses all 3 of these qualities, if one is missing then they are not a floater:
      1) No alliance whatsoever, nada
      2) Votes with whoever is in power so that means probably every week they are up in the HOH room kissing a$$
      3) Doesn’t win any comps, basically they are just there in the game, hanging out being told what to do

      To me if someone has an alliance but is useless and doesn’t win comps then they are NOT a floater coz at least they belong somewhere. If someone has no alliance but they win a few comps and make a few desicions then they are NOT a floater. I feel all 3 criteria have to exist if one is missing then they are not a floater.

      That’s my definition.

      1. Totally agree (see my entry, very similar). As per your comment on someone who has an alliance but brings nothing to it from a challenge or strategic stand point I believe the term that was coined for this was PIGGY BACKER.

    4. I don’t care for it — don’t know where it started — and wish we could obliterate it. I think it’s just people’s views on HG’s that they deem of little or no consequence to the game. Maybe? Having said that, this is a sort of experiment so every element involved affects the house. NOONE in there has absolutely ZERO effect. There are ripples felt by each and every one of them. Or maybe… it’s a term people started using as a way to describe someone they (as a whole) who is ‘weak’. Tribe mentality maybe? Just guessing cause I am a newcomer, don’t forget.

    5. I agree with you 100% Simon, there is far to much misconception over the term “Floater”. Some have mentioned that since some have not won competitions that they are considered floaters. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

      A true floater is someone without a main alliance and floats to where the power is on a weekly basis. Normally they are not very good at competitions but that does not mean they never win any.

      The main alliances in the house are currently The Shield, 3 Stooges, Secret Wedding and Emmet/GIllian. Any other alliance is some type of combination of these alliances. All 9 players remaining are currently in an alliance. Like them or hate them, to call any of them true floaters at this point would be inaccurate.

      While we are discussing Big Brother terms, I also notice the term “Backdoor” being used incorrectly almost constantly (especially on the show this season). To backdoor someone is to have the plan to backdoor before the original nominations take place. If someone gets put up after the Veto was played but it was not pre-planned prior to the original nominations then they are nothing more than a replacement nominee. If they get voted out then it was just a change of plans.

      For example, If Topaz wants Andrew out (I hope not) she would nominate Talla and AJ. She would need to make sure that either herself, Gary, AJ or Talla won Veto so someone would definitely come off the block. It is a risky play because there is no guarantee that Andrew will not compete in the Veto (However, this week they have the ability to control that with Gary’s power).

      Just my thoughts, hope this helps.

  19. Topaz can now go unclip her dollar-store hair, put on her towel and go back to bed and dream of being ‘discovered’ even if she doesn’t win Big Brother.

    1. Dollar store hair that is priceless. I read comments about Arissa’s hair but man I would take her hair any day over Topaz’s horse hair. I shouldn’t say that I wouldn’t want to offend any horses out there.

        1. Per your comment ( i always thought people in canada we were less “assholes” )- you thought wrong, it just appears that way because there are not as many people in Canada.

  20. While i am thinking about it, does anyone know what the HGs talk about when they say “pair-o”. That is how they pronounce it. I first thought they were saying “peril” because they would say “i was in pair-o”.

    I first heard topaz say it, then AJ.

      1. I recall them discussing abbreviations in the kitchen. “Paro” was one of them and Talla was arguing that she made up the word.
        Whether it was live feed or BBAD I’m not sure but it was earlier in the season.

  21. So much for endurance.
    Go Topaz!! I hope Topaz and Gary figure it out. Leave the stooges alone. I don’t think they can hurt you.

  22. Simon, I didn’t watch tonight’s episode. Do the feeds being down all weekend mean someone is being evicted this weekend and then another person is being evicted Sunday? All these POWERSHIFTS have me confused.

  23. yeah i just read Topaz won hoh i would of rather of seen Andrew or AJ win it but shes ok hopefully shes makes a power move and puts up big threats such as milkman and his maid/nurse/sexdoll and finally we wont have 2 deal with that anymore come on Topes dont let me down, Just hope she does not put up Andrew or AJ 2STOOGES 4TW

  24. Is it me or did everyone but Gary become super awkward then TOPAZ WON!?!


    P.s so glad glitter jacked up alecs hair ahaha (don’t fuck with my girl)

  25. Not too happy about Instant Eviction twist.. pretty much means production can evict anybody they want and I don’t trust BB Canada production.

    Who do you guys think will be Evicted instantly ?
    The only ones I see as possibilities are

    1. I dont’ like it either. Probably Jillian as there is not enough drama, but it could be Emmett and blame it on Canada because he embarrassed Suzette in the Veto competition. Probably felt he was too harsh and honest for good TV. Production is just pulling strings to try to even things up again. I wish they would just let it play out because I think the stooges can hold their own. I would have loved to see Talla win tonight.

    2. I agree, and I think it’ll be Jillian because that will cause the most ripples. It’ll move Emmett over to the Stooges, and then it’s game on. I’ve been pretty open about my rooting for Emmett, so part of me would like to see this happen because I think it sets the stage for him to win, but I’m also not above liking some eye candy in the house and Jillian is definitely that.

    3. But I agree; I don’t trust BB Production. Putting the feeds down all weekend, to me, is basically their way of telling us they’re pulling some shenanigans. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I absolutely believe Production is using this as an opportunity to hand pick an evictee, whether overtly or by some skewed set up. Knocking out feeds for two days simply isn’t what Big Brother is about. It’s about transparency. If the viewer doesn’t know what’s going on the whole time, they might as well call this the Glass House, at which point I’ll stop watching (I don’t know about the Canadian version, but the American version was unwatchbale).

    4. Well let me just say this about that. Smart people (hard-core fans) who actually honour this game’s integrity have smelled a rat. That being the case, explains the feeds being down so long. What do you think is going down now at that house? Celebration? I DON’T THINK SO. I just realized myself this is an absolute farce and nothing more than a springboard to fame for most of these wanna-be’s. It’s a real shame cause I was really excited today waiting for these results tonight. I’m not TOTALLY shocked because the way the show has been going and the dirty dealings that have been overlooked and the ‘bending the rules’, etc. That’s all I got to say about that. So they’ll calm the rest of the HG’s down and whoever doesn’t comply will most likely be evicted. I could be T O T A L L Y and completely wrong about it all but something tells me I’m not.

    5. I agree with you, Simon – Sunday is another *very* bad idea by BBCA Production, all prompted by Slice ending their free preview. In the US, when Production “doubles up” folks in the DR, they’re usually trying to create another Chilltown/Brenchel (aka ratings), so, for that reason I see both Alec/Peter and Emmett/Jillian (I know, they’re not at all like Brendon/Rachel, but I think they stay for now, simply because they’re the only “real” BBCA showmance.) I also think Gary (strong in comps, full of opinions, drama, and always up for fun-all great for BBCA) and Topaz must also be kept. I think the Alec/Topaz thing is soon gonna wind down (after her HOH ends, obviously.) BBCA will want that drama to play itself out.

      There’s only 3 girls left – that’s not many. So I see BBCA badly wanting a *guy* to leave on Sunday. That’s another reason Jillian stays, as does Talla (who adds something unique, dingy, puzzling and fun to the house, all without meaning to.)

      So I think one of the “Stooges” will have to take the hit on Sunday. Simon, I also agree on Andrew leaving Sunday. Mostly because I think Production would like to see Talla and AJ team up/hook up soon. There is some chemistry, Talla’s now gettin’ “frisky” after a month in there, and AJ is a smart guy who’d help give Talla a fighting chance to stay around a while longer. Having self-described “paranoid” guy Andrew suddenly fall into grave BB danger on Sunday would be great TV, on a very important night for Slice. Then, when AJ loses Andrew, AJ hangs with Talla far more, by default. This is *not* my personal preference – it’s just what I think Production will do, in their own best interests.

      1. Great analysis, the Aj/Talla story would help with ratings whereas Andrew can’t compete against that he’s in big trouble. Slice has a triple whammy this season, 2 brenchel’s, a chilltown, and a Bragade.

        Andrew is awesome, one of my favorite in the house.. going to be sad to see him go.

    6. I bet she goes after AJ or Andrew. I am hoping she gets Peter out. If she wants to ride Alec to the end, Peter will prevent it. He has already told Emmett, Andrew and Gary, who all think they are part of a final 4 that he will keep Peter over anyone else, so hopefully they get in her ear and convince her that Pete is standing in her way. But it looks like another massive twist will send someone I like home and when the feeds come back Topaz will be sleeping and the showmances will still be intact.

      I think its stupid to have the feeds down over the long weekend. The Thursday show is like the climax of the week, and a true BB fan wants to tune into the feeds right after the show to keep watching. BBUS does it too, they starve the feeders over the weekend while they prepare the episodes for Sunday and Wednesday. Don’t they realize that most viewers and feed watchers work Monday to Friday and are free on weekends to watch what goes on in the house? I can’t watch during the week, and thanks to Simon and Dawg I can come home from work and catch up on what happened, but I would like to just settle in with a glass of wine and watch the feeds on the weekend. I thought the main point of having a show in the first place was to attract as many viewers as possible? Why do they give us feeds when we are working and turn them off when most of us are free to watch. Oh well, c’est la vie, it’s a nice sunny spring day in Vancouver, so I will go out and enjoy it. Happy Easter, everyone!

    1. Simon that is so cute. Now I really want Emmett and Jillian to win this competition but I don’t think it will happen. You know what this reminds me of, the love scene in Armageddon before Ben Afleck goes into space when there is a chance that he isn’t coming back. I am afraid one of these two are going to jury house and not coming back.

    2. Do you mean: ‘ The Bachelor: Nova Scotia’ fans? Not particularly a ‘fan’ of ‘both’ of them, but appreciate the two of them as individuals

  26. I really like Arisa, the host of BB CAN. I am surprised that people are criticizing her so much – she is so much better than Julie Chen (even tho I like Julie too, but still)! Also – can people stop criticizing both Arisa and Topaz’s hair? Why all the criticism about black womens hair?? Really?? Why are people not criticizing the other women for their hair? Seriously, just deal with the fact that womens hair come in all different varieties and get over yourself. The show should not be about criticizing someone because of their hair or because they are overweight or whatever. You don’t have to like Arisa or Topaz, but criticizing them for something they were born with (their hair), just because it looks different from what you are used to is really ridiculous.

    1. I totally agree with this. I think Arisa Cox does a fine job, and I think her hair is cool. There is a learning curve for a job like this, especially when it’s the first time the show has been on.

    2. I am going to own up to saying Topaz’s Dollarama Clip-on but that’s because I go to Dollarama and have seen it and know it. As for Arisa, her hair doesn’t interfere with her job performance, so I really don’t care and see so little of her anyway. IT IS NOT A BLACK THING. It’s another type of observation/criticism I was making about Topaz which has absolutely nothing to do with her skin colour. After all, I was talking about her hair. She has beautiful skin. NOT A FAN OF THE GIRL WHATSOEVER.

        1. I actually love and wish I had Arisa Cox’s hair as my is super-fin and pin-straight. So I know exactly what I am is envious of Arisa’s hair. I have not uttered one word about her hair. Now as a host, other people (who you may have confused me with), have said they don’t like her talent and another I believed stated she had “clown hair” but that was neither me nor in agreement with how I feel

        2. Actually, my attack on Topaz’s hair was actually a way of putting down her integrity/character under the assumption that a woman who holds such little value of her body’s worth and self-respect MUST be cheap (for lack of a better word). I was in the wrong for being childish in the way I went about it. So I hope this clarifies my perspective (which may not have to be accepted) but is as utterly honest as I know how. Also, I happen to have a few houseguests whom I respect, admire, like, what have you for one reason or another. One of the ones at the top my list is definitely Gary. NOT TEAM GLITTER whatever that is. There are no teams in Big Brother. I have an incredible amount of respect for his game – he honours his friendships (the real ones) even if I don’t necessarily like that person For example: I could not wait to see Suzette go but Gary was the only one human being who tapped her heart and I love that. He has that effect on people it seems. The other is Topaz, who I really don’t respect as far as how she is dragging her heels around that house like they should be paying her instead of the other way around, She is at work and is acting like an ungrateful little bitch who is using her outer beauty to GLAZE people over. It’s not working. She ain’t pulling her weight no mo. So I can’t keep talkin about this shit but if you felt PERSONALLY offended by my insult to another human being, that is for you to straighten out. I can choose my words more carefully (maybe) or not. You gotta roll with it.

          1. Just so you know — for the record was me straightening my shit out to you. I answered your question or rather didn’t agree with your assumption with who I am as a person and I hope you read the post.

      1. You’ve gone to Dollarama and seen it?! Lol Please don’t own something you clearly know nothing about. She’s a black woman… She didn’t get the ponytail at a dollar store sorry to disappoint you. She went to a store that sells hair, real and synthetic, for women of colour… I would know as I am a woman of colour myself and have seen a plethora of ponytails in my life time… You may not like Topaz and that’s you’re prerogative.. But don’t go around spreading that you know where they sell ponytails for black women cause it’s clear your clueless…

        1. *SEE ABOVE POST* This is a subject that can be truly polarizing to people no doubt and it is unfortunate. Peace.

  27. I think that Suzette’s insight on Peter was sooo telling! She was so very right on. Good for her. She also handled her exit with class and humor. Well done!

  28. I’m glad Topaz won. Can’t predict who she’ll nominate for sure. Hopefully, somehow, milk an utter Emmit and goody two shoes Jillian leave. They’re terribly cheesy. Plus Emmit seems like a jerk deep down. Send him and his ugly ass tattoo back to the farm already. I would actually be ok with anybody other than those two winning. Which says a lot considering I’m not a huge fan of any of the contestants. I just dislike some more than others!

    1. I have to disagree i hope emmitt or gary win they have played the best. I think it would be sad if talla or aj won since neither have done anything in the game. With that said i think emmitt is safe unless the power shift plays in. Topez will more then likely go after aj, andrew and possibly talla.

  29. Canadian viewers get to view an all day ‘BBC’ Marathon on SLICE tomorrow. All episodes to date will be rebroadcast. That will fill some of the time with the feeds off until Sunday

  30. I guess Jillian’s busted ass isn’t a ho , all she’s does is make out with Emmett.Team glitter all the way go Topaz, brush off the haters.

  31. I am super miffed they are blocking the feeds until Sunday night. I don’t understand why they need to have it off for the entire three days. The whole point of the live feeds is essentially to know what really goes on in the house, and result spoilers is a major part of that.

    I understand there is supposedly some secret twist happening, but again – the point of the live feeds is to know about it before the episode.

    Perhaps they are just trying to keep people interested. I don’t like it. People who are big enough fans to watch the live feed are already interested enough that we will watch the episode anyway.

    1. Right. A (Canadian) sports analogy would be, let’s say, if the Maple Leafs (because EFF the Habs) went to the Stanley Cup Finals, and they gave all the best tickets to people who didn’t go to a game all year, making the season ticket holders, the people who live and die with the team, the people who buy all the merchandise, sit in the upper deck. I always laugh when I see someone type on here that they’re not going to watch the show anymore (usually when their favorite houseguest gets evicted), but they are starting to lose me. I’ll def keep visiting OBB, but as far as watching feeds/episodes, I find myself becoming more disinterested every time they block the feeds for an extended amount of time.

  32. Lol watching Topaz sleeping her young a$$ away, Thank God BBCan did something right….fast fwd the lamest HOH ever;D I like her but only beside Gary;P

  33. First off I have to say, thank you :) / thanks a lot }:S ( this face plus hands on hips ) to OBB – I’m soooo addicted to this site!!! <3

    This is actually my post ever ( I'm usually a reader ) and I've had a couple glasses of wine so here it goes!

    1) I'm a huge BB fan and so far I'm enjoying our first Canadian season! Its cool to catch the house guests talking about your hometown! ( Vancouver! ) I always find the Canadian version of most shows to be so low budget so I have to say, I'm impressed so far. I'm actually really happy that Topaz won HOH because I'm a Gary fan but seriously, what is up with this mirror conspiracy?! I was also confused when Topaz celebrated her win right after Arisa announced that her " before " answer was correct?! At the same time, it was obvious that neither of them knew the answer so it was a 50/50 guess. It's also the type of competition where seeing other house guests answers and doing the opposite wouldn't really benefit you. That being said, it's definitely lame that they haven't addressed the " mirror issue " since it was brought up weeks ago! WTF!

    2) To all the Arisa haters – not a huge fan but NOBODY is more awkward than Julie Chen!!! As I said, I've been a BB fan forever. I've watched every season and Julie is 10 times more awkward than Arisa! Do I think someone else would have been a better choice?! Possibly, yes. If we're comparing awkward to awkward, Julie wins by a mile! Or in our case, a kilometre :P

    3) Ugh. The showmances. I like Emmett and Jillian and they seem like really nice people but I wish Jillian would show another side to herself than Emmett's athletic and sweet girlfriend. I'm not rooting for her or anything but she's sooooo boring! If I was in the house with them I would barf. They're cute together but I don't think I've seen a couple make out so publicly ( and sober ) since Jr high. Hugs, little kisses, holding hands etc – cool, but seriously?! These 2 are ridic!!

    1. Hey miss.M, Glad you like the spoilers.

      1) 1/2 of OBB lives in VAN the other half grew up there
      2) It’s madness that people are speaking of Julie Chen in such high regard.. From what I see Arisa is fine. They really need to have a robot do it at least for one season util it rebelled.
      3) Jillian is the kind of Player that you can forget about for an entire day while watching the feeds all day

    2. People seem to forget Julie Chen robotic punch line, “but first (then she turns around towards the camera)… but first (then she turns around towards the camera AGAIN) and it goes on and on and on!! Geez, these people need to give Arisa a break. Some of them just enjoy being a hater for no fucking reason!

  34. I smell a rat, Topaz had no way of knowing she won HOH when she ran off to celebrate her win. The host said, the answer after, (or before, I forget now)and away topaz went. And the feeds down all weekend, ridiculous

  35. Hmmm who will Topaz put on the block? Andrew & AJ or Emmett & Jill? Peter & Talla? For once I have no idea what will happen in the BB House and it’s driving me nuts!

    1. She’ll nominate whom ever Gary chooses and NOT who Alec wants IMO. That said she is a cheat and should nominate no one. Lala should be HOH. Then I’d say I have no freaking idea who lala chooses.
      By the way this is the perfect time for “shriveltown” to get Emmit and Jillian on the block. The 2 dickless wonders have the perfect person to get Emmit evicted. I expect with the cheat HOH and Gary’s POV power this is exactly what will happen. The game is a complete farce. Anyone here of a game showed called 20 questions in the US. The production folks were caught fixing the results. It’s called fraud folks.

    2. People who won’t be nominated: Gary, Alec, Peter
      People who probably won’t be nominated: Emmett, Jillian

      My guess is Andrew and A.J. with Talla as the replacement. Topaz is in an alliance with the first four, and Emmett has some sort of agreement with Gary, Alec and Peter. That means that there will be a lot of people in Topaz’s ear steering her away from Emmett (and by extension Jillian). Gary probably has the biggest influence on Topaz and he knows that Andrew and Talla are coming after him, but Topaz seems to have a good relationship with Talla. Ultimately I think Andrew will be the target with A.J. playing the perennial pawn.

      1. ‘Seems to’ being the operative phrase. They can’t STAND each other. But, I suspect Talla might try to get in he rear (OOPS) about breaking up Em and Jill cause remember her saying that Liza taught her that —– remove the glue yada yada yada….

  36. I really don’t understand why people think Peter is a floater. A floater is someone with no strategy, and no alligences to anyone and therefore floats to wherever the power is. Now to be fair I have been a Peter supporter since I saw his meet the house guest preview video, and I do think he will win it all. The Big Brother game is complex and Peter is modeling his game after Will Kirby and Dan Gheasling. Peter knows early in the game you need to find your Mike Boogie someone who you can trust and can win the occasional challenge starting at week 4ish and potentially get voted out before you. Peter knows that if you are a dominant force in competitions like Tom, Emmet, and Gary you will get voted out. The only way Tom was ever going to make it to Jury is if he pulled a Frank and won every Veto and Frankly I’m surprised n one has even attempted to even seriously bring up evicting Emmet yet. I know Alec wants Peter to start winning something to throw off the undeserved floater reputation but unless it is a reward competition I don’t see Peter gaining any visible power until final six at the earliest. I think that this week will be very interesting with Topaz wining HOH. I want to see if she has the balls to do what is best for her game and put up Alec and Peter with the hope of sending Alec out but if he vetos himself putting Andrew up to send Peter out with Topaz being the deciding vote.

  37. WOW This site came to a screeching halt, eh? I am now watching tonight’s aired episode and am so alarmingly disgusted at the amount of ‘Hollywood’ put into it.

  38. Queen Topaz will make them shit in their pants, she literally doesn’t give a fuck! She could even backdoor Emmett if she wants to! As long as Glitter is saved, I’ll be fine.

    1. What a wonderful visual you offer us on this beautiful Good Friday. Have some respect. I love Gary but would not resort to describing such an ugly thing to let this be known.

  39. BB Canada must know that another Powershi(f)t is a big risk in terms of what BB Fans think of them and the show.
    1) it’s scripted (hence the complete seclusion from us until it all went down), to make sure the “perfect string of events” magically occurs so that the end result is as bearable as possible (sadly, my guess would be Andrew evicted).
    2) it’s not scripted, hence if I understand it correctly the Powershi(f)t is just a golden opportunity for Topaz to BACKDOOR someone: she initially nominates 2 of the 3 stooges, then Canada, I mean production, takes anyone of them off, and wham! Big opportunity! She puts Emmett or Jillian on the block and that person is toast. BB sure wouldn’t want that, so my guess is option 1).
    We’ll see. :(

    1. I think you hit it on the head though I say it’s a combination of 1 and 2. Does production have an agenda you bet they do. They have to have a script before the show starts on calender events ect. Are they likely modifying it to suit there wishes? I sure think so personally. Are they collectively telling the HG’s to evict. I don’t think so as that is way to dangerous legally. Is production scripting DR sessions for “shriveltown”(Alec and Peter) and others? It was production does. See Dan’s DR and funeral from BB 14. It was epic TV!
      Without productions interference Emmit gets backdoored. Exactly what shriveltown wants, no blood on thier hands and Emmits jury vote. We will see 1 thing atleast. That is whether really is going to honour his deal with Emmit he made day 1. Emmit is a sitting duck if Gary and shriveltown want him gone. If Topaz on the other hand puts up 2 stoogies it means nothing until we see if Gary uses his power or not to backdoor someone.
      Best played HOH would run like this IMO. Topaz nomibnates Peter and Alec. The real target is Emmit through the backdoor. Gary plays POV with 2 stoogies Emmit goes to the jury house. I want to be clear I see this as the game strategy move not what I want to see happen. What I want is Topaz being removed as HOH for cheating and given 2 weeks of slop and a penalty vote each eviction til the season ends. I’d settle for her removal as HOH and a LALA HOH.

      1. “What I want is Topaz being removed as HOH for cheating and given 2 weeks of slop and a penalty vote each eviction til the season ends.”
        Oh, that would be so f’ing sweet!!!
        Don’t forget the Powershi(f)t in your predictions though! Just to be clear: do you guys think “Powershift” means exactly the same as last time, i.e. 1 nominated player gets saved and the HOH nominates someone in replacement? Or could “Powershift” just mean “something game-changing will happen”, and we don’t know yet what it is?
        If it’s the same Powershift as last time, I think Emmett will be saved and Jillian might go home.
        I agree BB doesn’t force them to vote a certain way, but they can alter the events dramatically by letting Topaz know that there will be a Powershift. (if she knows, she won’t even try to go against Emmett until after the Powershift happens; If she doesn’t know, she might go for it and get screwed!)
        The most dramatic scenario in my opinion would be that after first nominating Andrew and AJ, the POV gets used, and Topaz backdoors Emmett. 4G WANT to vote him out, but the Powershift saves him. Since he’ll be left pissed in the game anyway, Topaz might as well nominate Jillian in his stead. Gary wants Jillian out anyway…
        And then: angry Emmett! ;)

        1. Some stuff I can speculate on; the rest of this has been playing a total headgame on me the last couple of nights. I don’t even think production knows what it’s gonna do yet. They’re probably scrambling as we speak. So – the Powershift as I perceive it is a term to describe throwing in random and unscheduled (kind of ) comps or other BB outside interjection that everyone is unaware of (viewer, HG and it seems even them) They have sooooo many kinks in this they might have wanted to try it out before televising? Yes, your first sentence was indeed SWEET. Do you really think Emmett is angry or just being sarcastic?

        2. I forgot to add the everytime Arisa has mentioned POWERSHIFT, she states that is brought to us by Chevrolet. Somehow Chevy’s money plays a BIG role in this but I have no clue how.

  40. Now is where we get to see who is wearing their thinking cap. No feeds means we have to go back to using our natural ability of imagination and intuition. I will bet anyone on here that Topaz will take the easy way out and put up Andrew and AJ simple to please Alec and Gary. Talla will be a replacement nom if either Andrew or AJ wins POV. It won’t go any other way. Gary has a crush on Emmett so he wouldn’t agree with backdooring him. On a side note. A few days ago i posted a comment saying i felt that Production was too involved in the results/outcome of what is taking place in the house and i got my head bitten off for being too paranoid or as we use to say back in the days PARO. We grew up saying that in Toronto. Keele and Eglinton. Anyways i see so many people feel the same way now. We all want the show to do well so it cheeses us to see that Production is taking the sincerity and authenticity out of this first experience. Let the houseguest screw up or succeed on their own. Only thing production needs to do is cast better HG next season. There will be a second season and if that 1 flops then they’ll call it quits.

    1. Just for the record I agreed fully on your observations regaurding production. On the other hand my gut tells me Emmit gets backdoored. I think Gary has decided to tie is a$$ to Alec and Peter. Topaz will do what Gary wants and not Alec. But Alec and Peter want Emmit gone as well. I think they correctly feel E/J are to close to the stoogies.

    2. It seems to me that alot of ppl have been complaining about BBCan casting choices. Just let me inform you that the casting company that BBCan used is the same casting company that BBUS has been using since season 2. This shouldn’t be a reflection on BBCan.

      My personal opinion is that this alleged poor ‘casting’ job was a covert mission done by BBUS in order to ensure that all the hype for season 15 doesn’t diminish as a result of people getting their ‘fix’ from BBCan. So they went ahead and attempted to sabotage BBCan by casting weird and boring people.

      I am just joking ,for those who are taking this seriously lol.

  41. Simon any chance the feeds are down out of respect for the holiday or to let those in the house observe the holiday without cameras? It is not a popular move with the people on this board, but the networks always play reruns around holidays?

  42. This HOH is going to be the lamest ever, all she is going to do is take out another non-threat (Talla). This game is getting so boring, even the production twists are not keeping me interested.

  43. wow is tom and lisa hiding behind nics here sure looks like with the hateful trash talk. I acutually thought talla took longer to choose airisa even called her on it. tjopaz is playing the game as she is playing alex so what is wrong with that after all isn’t that what big brother is all about..playing. Gary is safe, she won’t nominate talla, and remember Gary has her ear and trust. what about this instant eviction if it is a game and the loser or last place goes..well goodbye Aj, andrew or peter this will get rid of the floaters for sure. Sad they are cutting off the live feeds..

  44. Powershift! Big Brother likes Gary but doesn’t like how Topaz disrespects the game so Topaz gets disqualified for cheating and by default Talla is the new HOH. So I thought how could they pull this off….Call Gary into the DR and tell him that Canada loves him but doesn’t like Topaz so they are going to help him stay in the game. (We all know they are manipulating the results anyway) They tell him to say the answer to the last question and whether Topaz heard it or not she’ll yell and scream that she didn’t cheat but it would be good for TV. Camera on Gary saying the answer and her getting disqualified. The houseguests that have been eliminated do sit on the sidelines and tell the others the answer which I think they shouldn’t be allowed to do.(Last Veto competition with Liza on the ball, they were yelling the answers) Here’s hoping.

  45. Happy Easter!

    Time to evict the marshmallow peeps,
    Talla and Jill, they’re not playing for keeps.
    Time to evict the lecherous pervies,
    grumpy old Andrew and AJ too wordy.
    Time to evict the chocolate bunny,
    sorry gary, but she’s not YOUR honey.
    Time to evict the self-impressed nerds,
    Alec and Peter and all their false words.
    Time to evict the sleeping beauty,
    after Easter she’s needed for dental duty.
    Hey – that leaves no one to scoop the prize –
    and THAT is the big POWERSHIFT surprise!

  46. So it looks like we will be nominating a HOH, at least that’s my take. Who would you vote for?

    My vote is for Andrew, if he is still there on Sunday. I like Andrew because he is like so many guys I know. He is real, he is funny, an all Canadian kind of guy. People call him a floater, but I think he’s done a pretty good job so far. The strong and the pretty and young always gravitate together early on in games like this. They call the shots, they play too hard too fast and they usually go home early. How on earth would Andrew have a chance at getting into those alliances from the start, if they didn’t even invite him to the party? Nope, the best thing for people like him to do is lie low, cultivate relationships, let the alpha males and the pretty girls tear each other apart without involving yourself in their drama, and hope you are still there when the dust settles. Then you have a chance to form alliances with people that thought they were golden and lost their allies and need someone to align with. It will be sad if Andrew leaves. I don’t want AJ to leave either, not because I like him or because I think he will win, but because he is the only true ally Andrew has. But I am pretty sure Andrew will be gone when the feeds come back, so if that’s the case I will use all of my points to choose Lala as next HOH.

    1. I take that back, it sounds now like someone is going to be evicted tonight right after the POV and a new HOH will be in place before the show on Sunday. Maybe we will get to vote someone back into the house next week. The ones that are already gone won’t be able to come back because they weren’t sequestered but maybe we will get to choose between Suzette and whoever goes tonight. I haven’t seen interviews with Suzette, so maybe she is in sequester. I am starting to think that there will be no jury this season, because unless I missed it, there has been no mention of jury yet. If it’s going to be like BBUS, the next evictee would be first member of jury. Maybe they are going to give Canada the vote, which would suck.

    2. 100% with you on everything you said (except for Andrew leaving). Gary has been pretty vocal about getting Talla out, so I think that will be the route Topaz goes.

  47. i really hop Topaz uses her head and breaks up the power couple, or puts up some members of the “shield” <–stupid alliance name. the only way she might do that is if she listened to Gary, but from what i've seen, even Gary wasn't planning to put up any members of the shield either. so she probably will put up one of the stooges…*sad* :( …..and then get kicked out by the same people she thought were in her alliance.
    ugh i've seen this so, so many times in BB.

  48. Is this season over yet? LOL I know I keep repeating myself but hey at least I am still watching,

    I wish I could cheer for Andrew cause he is the older guy that doesn’t stand much chance plus he is bisexual. <3 BUT I can't….. He's 38 with an old man body of 65. rude.

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL at Tom and Liza with matching tattoos Their tattoos should have read LOSERS. :)

  49. i’m confused. Didn’t we read here that there was a jury house and didn’t Suzette just go home to her family and jury starts with the next one evicted?

  50. I think Topaz is extremely intelligent and game savvy and will make the play that will benefit her and Gary the most in this game. I think she knows that the ideal situation for her would be to be in final three with Alec and Gary, because if this happens, both Alec and Gary would take her to the end. She could then strategically lose that final HOH and still know that she would pretty much be guaranteed final 2. She knows that she needs to take out Peter, but at this point, its a bit too early to do that, because it would give too many options for Alec to defect and find other alliances. If Topaz can take out Peter around final 5 or 6, that would be perfect for her game. The question becomes – is it better to take out either Emmett or Jillian OR Andrew or AJ. I don’t think Topaz will put up Talla, because she has a good relationship with her (its Gary who wants Talla gone). In my opinion, I think the best move for her game would be to put up Emmett and Jillian with the hope of Emmett being voted out. If Emmett is voted out, this leaves Gary with less options and exposes Alec and Peter, while strengthening her own bonds with these 3 folks. I think that if Emmett were to leave, Jillian would be more apt to go after Alec or Gary, not necessarily Topaz. This move would also limit the moves that Peter and Alec can make with Emmett and Jillian and getting them to do the dirty work to get out Gary or Topaz. However, Emmett and Jillian are clearly stronger competitors, so Topaz may be a bit intimidated to go after them. But after seeing the OBB conversations and live feeds, I really think that this move would be a strong move and one that would ultimately be best for Topaz’s game. BUT you never know with BB so I guess we’ll see what happens for Sunday’s live eviction. The suspense is killing me already. I want the live feeds back!!

  51. oops… I meant to say Sunday’s instant eviction, not live eviction! I think this means that there will be no POV, instead there will just be a vote to evict either of the 2 nominees, and then there will be another HOH right after and a POV, where Gary can finally use his POV power, if necessary.

  52. I don’t get why you don’t think there will be a jury emmitt and tom started to talk about jury day 1 so the next person evicted will be the first memeber of the jury. As for who she should put up i pretty sure it will be the 3 stoogies topez and gary knows they want them out so she will go after them. I think if she was to make a move against the others it should have been earlier now if she goes after emmitt it would backfire. I have to say i don’t want any of the stoogies to win.

    1. Her final 4 has to be her Gary Alec and Peter/stooge. There is no room for Emmit/Jillian in that senario. They are getting backdoored unless and only unless this instant eviction goes like this. Topaz nominates 2 pawns; oh if this could be Alec and Peter out thinking the game; with the intent of backdooring Emmit! Slap your mama in the face no POV and they vote out Alec or Peter. I’d love to see Gary’s face over that senario. No more shriveltown! hehehe
      OK more likely 2 stoogies go up told they are pawns and that the real targets are E/J. No POV straight to eviction a stooge goes to the JH. E/J win next HOH and it’s decision time as the backdoor plan by Alec/Peter and Gary/Topaz is revealed to Emmit. He learns not only he was the target but that his 2 alliance are bogus. Thus it becomes Emmit/Jillian and 2 stoogies versus the other 4. There could be alot of punches traded if that senario plays out.

      1. I don’t think so because if that back fires it would be worse and she is probably going to do the same thing gary did in his hoh and not back door anyone. She also thinks the 3 stoogies are after her and gary so she will take them out first. If she did put emmitt up then he would play pov and could win it but if he stayed on the block he would still have the votes. Alec and peter would keep him because without him they would be in trouble and he would only need one vote which would come from either andrew or gary (he has been inlined since day one with gary and him and andrew have gotten buddy buddy) and then emmitt would come for her. Not sure what the power play is since they haven’t asked us to vote.

    1. I believe Simon mentions the powershift was only up a short time. Don’t believe it or the 4 going to the movie can be voted on yet. Not even sure my interpretation of how it will work in previous comments in this thread is accurate but rather just my best guess. If production is choosing who goes we can’t vote on that after the slice show Sunday because it has suppose to have happened by air time. Alternatively perhaps they play the whole week between Thursday and Sunday. We see noms, POV, veto cerinmony and eviction on Sundays Show. Then the next HOH not choosen til Thursday but rather the fans evict someone. The options can be pretty staggering if you try to fit it in with the regular week.
      Another option might be only one eliminated between now and Thursday on Thursday night but not who the HG’s want gone but rather Canada or production picks who’s evicted and no vote then game is reset. This could in theory be a way to save Emmit as an example if he is backdoored by Gary and his friends. I only remember resets when an HG is removed from the game for violating production rules. If there was ever a twist which did this please remind me of the season and basic facts.

      1. There are three different ways a FULL CYCLE or in most cases a full week of a typical HOH can occur:

        1) The normal way which is the HOH retains their reign for a full week with: HOH Comp on Thursday following eviction, POV Comp (usually on Fri or Sat), POV Ceremony usually on Sunday to allow nominees 3 days (Mon, Tues, Weds) to campaign & then eviction on Thursday

        2) A Fast Forward can occur either in an hour (as per last week’s episode when Andrew won HOH) The entire week was fast forwarded into an hour with HOH, POV & Eviction all occurring within the one hour episode. This can also occur over a 3 day period which has happened in the US on a couple of seasons.

        3) As per above this latter 3 day Fast Forward is also known as a double eviction week.

        Therefore this Power Shift announced on Thursday would indicate Topaz’s HOH will end on Sunday evening and another HOH will occur that night with the HOH winner reigning for the 2nd half of the week; i.e. Topaz Thurs – Sun & 2nd HOH Sun – Thurs

      2. Production “resetted” the game last season at week 3: Frank would have been evicted (against Joe, he had no clue what was about to happen), BB didn’t want that, so they added the little detail of “Frank stays, no eviction today!” to the whole coaches entering the game twist.
        That week, Shane had won HOH and POV, and BB just said “screw you, this was all for nothing!”

        1. That was different that shift was planned from the begining it just happened that frank was nom at the right time.

  53. just watching the slice re runs and gary is HOH putting up Tom and Liza. If production hadn’t stepped in with Canada’s vote we would have had a completely different game.

  54. Wait a minute. Did I miss something? Why didn’t they have that ceremony where Alec gives a HG a key and says ‘you are safe’ etc. This is a real mash up of so many things it’s been hard to sort it out. HELP.

    1. The show is taped and not live. It is likely just editing. But from my point of view wouldn’t it be nice if Topaz’s probable cheating were being reviewed by production. It’s too good to be true though.

    2. I think they did actually because I remember jillian (?) saying “thank you alec” and then alec said “no, thank YOU jillian”

  55. Personally, I think the reason Topaz slept a lot up until recently was because she would stay up late with Gary talking. As a bit of a night owl I understand how she would be tired during the day when she was only getting 3 hours sleep a night. The other house guests are all in bed early & since I watch the live feeds it was often ONLY Gary & Topaz entertaining us late into the night.

    Now that she has been going to bed early (the past few nights) she has been up all day & not sleeping or taking naps any longer. To that end, Andrew, Peter, Emmett & Suzettte OFTEN took naps during the day although they had gone to bed 4 to 5 hours ahead of Topaz & Gary.

    As for her win & game play:

    HOH Win: Both Talla & Topaz took a while to respond as they tried to figure out the timelines in their heads. She did not cheat & in fact when Talla stepped down to after on the last question the audience cheered b/c they knew one of the two had won since they were on opposing steps it did NOT help either person decipher the correct answer. IMO it was a fair contest (definitely more fair than previous contests this year).

    Her Game Play: From the VERY BEGINNING, Gary & Topaz have had a very good read on the house & Topaz has gone back & forth on whether to trust Alec or not. Interestingly with the power now in her hands we will finally see who has more of an influence over her decision process; Alec or Gary. My money is on Gary. The wrench in this newly introduced POWER SHIFT coming Sunday is: will it be based on who is already on the block? OR will it be a separate vote done in the live show that only affects who ISN’T on the block/POV Holder. In other words could Slice say separate from AJ & Andrew (who I assume will be on the block) Canada can vote to eliminate one house guest from the remainder of Alec, Peter, Jill, Emmett, Talla and Gary (excluding whoever holds the POV). Or it could simply be Canada votes to eliminate one of the two people sitting on the block. This latter option is the most likely & appears to be similar to a “Fast Forward” week like BB US has done in the past.

    What is likely to happen this week is:

    1) Topaz will take a page out of Gary’s book & have everyone come up individually to discuss their thoughts on the game & use her power to garner some promises for safety in the following weeks. Since the jury will start with this eviction the house guests can’t afford to make idle promises as it could cost them a vote in the end.

    2) Alec will miraculously overcome his dislike “I’d NEVER be caught dead with someone like her outside this house, in my real life” to attach his lips firmly to Topaz’s butt. In addition he will make his best effort to CONTROL her nominations & even potentially try to get her to put up a BIGGER target like Jill since the blood would not be on his or Peter’s hands.

    3) Information should be forthcoming from the house players such as: Andrew, AJ & Talla were going to put you (Topaz) up to get rid of you (this will come from Emmett & Jill), Emmett, Jill & Andrew may actually tell Topaz what Alec has said regarding him not being that “into her” & that he had told them he would be fine with Topaz leaving this week or next & they could take her out over Peter. Most interesting about this fact will be whether or not Topaz actually brings it up in front of the others when asking Alec b/c there is no way he can deny this truth in front of people w/o suffering damage to his game. More importantly, this last tidbit that Alec was okay with (& even encouraged) Andrew, Emmett & by association Jill to take out Gary & Topaz in the next 2 evictions. This will prove to Topaz that Alec has NO INTENTION of honoring a final 4 with Gary, Topaz, Peter & himself. AND if she stops to think she’ll realize Alec himself has hinted at this given their date night when he indicated he wanted Gary gone next.

    As per the above, I’d derive great enjoyment if this information DID come to light as the BBCan house could use some excitement; otherwise we can sit back & wait to see Jill/Emmett take on Alec/Peter in final 4. Furthermore I’d love it if Topaz surprises everyone & puts Emmett & Alec on the block highlighting that they are the biggest threats & have been running the house & withholding information while SUPPOSEDLY being in an alliance with her. (I know it won’t happen but one can dream right). How great would it be for Topaz to ruin Alec’s plans & actually be the one responsible for sending him to jury & or being the one who breaks up the 2nd strongest team of Jill & Emmett by sending him out. This would open up the potential for Gary, Topaz, Talla & Jill to work together against Alec/Emmett, Peter, AJ & Andrew IF she got the votes to do it.

    What is imperative is that she recognizes from Alec’s hints that Peter is definitely ahead of her & that neither have any desire to keep a final 4 with Topaz & Gary. She also needs to work Talla, AJ, Jill & Andrew hard core to get them on board with her to take out Alec, Emmett & Peter. Otherwise barring some stroke of luck she’ll be in jury sooner rather than later alongside Gary, AJ, Andrew & Talla. This week has the potential to provide some amazing realignments & shifts in power if played right. Guess we’ll see on Sunday who is on the block & whether she uses this opportunity to break up the 2 biggest threats in the house either Alec/Peter or Jill/Emmett. Ironically, Gary seems to have a bit of a soft spot for both Emmett & Peter so it’s more likely Jill would be targeted. Bottom line, I can’t wait for Sunday.

    1. She’s a hoodrat playing the oldest game on record. If you want to understand why people like me say she cheated look at the slice episode airing at 8PM EST that is Thursdays episode being rerun on slice Friday as part of a marathon. If you have it already taped even better. Here’s what I ask any fair minded person to do please don’t focus on the last question as I think there are a couple of reasonable explainations one being yours regaurding the Audiance the other Simon regauding a reshot for editing purposes where the winner was known by then. My focus was on the final 2!
      Fairly look at each question. Topaz has her head cocked looking at something. Second she reacts to Lala’s moves up or down. Simply put if she didn’t know the answer she would go were lala went. On the last question she knew the answer thus she had no reason to copy Lala. It is abundantly clear in my opinion that Topaz could see Lala’s choices and she consistantly copyed her by moving after Talla did. I say this again it was very clearly cheating on her part. And how can everyone supporting her think Topaz could know all the answers while sleeping through most of the game.
      You might also want to read Spicy’s post regaurding the Topaz story about being owed $100 dollars from a guy who wouldn’t pay afterward. It was on the feeds. That plus “making out”(being polite) with someone your not interested in(Alec) makes my “hoodrat” observation spot on.

      1. she may have slept throughout the show, but she was awake during the comps, she even participated in them. She’s got a good memory too and knows how the game works. Remember when the st patrick’s day parade came through the bb house? She remembered almost everything about them, how many there were, what they were wearing, etc. she knew the last question because cause of gary, at the end of the episode, gary was mentioning how he discussed with topaz about what arisa was wearing.

        Enough of this bashing, give her some credit. This was her type of challenge and surprisingly talla’s.

        1. You ever see the Chris Rock performance where he talks about people taking credit for stuff they suppsed to do. Like, I never been to jail. Yes, mo’fo’ you never supposed to go jail. Like, I take care of mine. Yes, you supposed to……. Well your claim that she ‘WAS EVEN PARTICIPATE) Aw Lawd give the girl a prize. She supposed to be awake and participate. (I hope for your own peace of mind, you don’t take this as a racial slam) – cause it isn’t I was a good person today. Aw Lawd I’m gonna go make myself a really big sandwich for that.

  56. i remember when topaz was telling gary her and this guy hook up and she already give him service he didnt wanted to pay the 100 dollars and the feeds cut … what chick in they right mind give service before she collect her dough dumbwit …. i hate how she is hoh when the feeds come back hope its a new hoh

    1. Sorry but that conversation occurred between AJ & Topaz & some others when they were discussing “escorts” & how A FRIEND of Topaz’s had been on vacation & danced with a girl all night & made out with her. At the end of the night the girl asked her friend for $100 & he said hey I didn’t know you were a hooker so I’m not paying you!

      AJ went on to say he had been in a similar situation. Please let’s NOT start false rumors.

    2. I know everyone has their favorites in the game but I do feel people are getting a little heated towards Topaz (saying she cheated) in particular & I’m little confused.

      Yes there was the one competition where Emmett was disqualified however I’d like to point out some other comps this year where hi-jinx have also occurred:

      1) In the HOH comp that Tom won (Majority Rules) the guys all discussed it prior & agreed to vote A on all the questions

      2) In the FF HOH, Alec elected to give Andrew the answer & award him the title right on national TV

      3) In the FF POV, AJ had to tell Emmett the order of who fell off the trees. You can clearly see this prior to the start of the comp & AJ in fact admitted as much afterward

      4) In the 1st POV comp it has been discussed NUMEROUS times that Tom’s puzzle was incorrectly put together but no one checked it for accuracy so he won

      5) In the last HOH that Alec won there was some discussion this week that Peter & or Andrew aided Alec by telling him to go left into the maze as did Emmett to Jillian. Evidently if you turned right it took much longer to get through the maze

      As for this past HOH I don’t see it as being any different & when I watched it the person who had to be asked to make a selection by Ariza on the last question was Talla as Topaz had already moved up to Before. When Arisa said the correct answer was before Topaz could see Talla standing at the bottom on After so she knew she had won.

      Regardless of whether you believe me or not it’s a fact that there is manipulation that occurs & or strategizing depending on how you view it every season of BB US. For example often in OTEV if an alliance wants to help a certain player win they will move all the puppets to a specific area & tell the other player where they are.

      Anyway just thought this might shed some light.

      1. I am not a fan of topez but i don’t see how she is cheating maybe she tilts her head who knows. What about talla maybe she is cheating too if your theory is true then the same can be said about her. Talla is the worst player in the house but suddenly she remembers all these details who is to say what i think is people don’t like topez so suddenly she is cheating!

    3. Okay, final post (at least for a while; lol).

      As per Slice not airing the live feeds until Sunday I think there are a couple of reasons for this:

      1) It’s Easter weekend & Slice has provided the channel for free this month so they are looking to build some interest to those who don’t currently subscribe to the channel. Given that this will be a Double Eviction/Fast Forward/Canada Choice week they are looking to build massive interest & momentum in the game to garner additional viewers to their channel.

      2) BBCan has already been sited as the number one viewed program on the channel so with people being able to see BEFOREHAND via the Live Links & Spoiler Sites predetermined outcomes it behooves them to not allow viewers to see what’s going on to build viewership for their final FREE “episode” night in the hopes of utilizing the suspense to gain subscribers as well as BBCan viewership moving into the final weeks of the show.

      3) For the BB faithful viewers we are all aware production ALWAYS tries to MESS WITH THE HOUSE GUESTS HEADS… hence we’ve heard Jillian say to Emmett that the Diary Room will ask her if she can trust Emmett, same with Topaz toward Alec, & Suzette inferring they told her to fight (the first time on the block vs AJ). This past week there were a plethora of things that occurred in the house which productions can use to solicit some “drama” leading up to the nominations which could actually lead to something other than what everyone suspects would be an A.J, & Andrew nomination.

      They are:

      * Emmett has told the Diary Room he is ONLY LOYAL to Jillian which means he IS NOT committed to the original Quatro Alliance even with Jill as the replacement for Tom. This indicates he is open to playing with any of the other 3 factions of The Shield, The Secret Wedding or The Stooges although it appears he is leaning toward working with Andrew & either A.J. or one (NOT BOTH) of Peter/Alec. It’s likely in combination with some of the information below Emmett & Jillian will try to get Topaz to focus on Alec & Peter to save their own hides. The fall out from this will be The Shield realizing Emmett & Jill are no where near as solid as they currently believe.

      * The Stooges made no secret (especially Andrew) that they would be gunning for Topaz as well as her TRUE number 1: Gary. This will come from Peter & Alec & potentially Jill/Emmett to Topaz.

      * Jillian has repeatedly told Andrew & Talla she wants Gary gone so the Stooges will likely use this information to their advantage. Two things will occur from this information: Topaz will know the original alliance is not solid & once she shares this info with Alec it will put Peter/Alec on alert. Look for Peter to try his HARDEST to win POV should he have the opportunity to play this week based solely on this fact.

      * Alec (NAIVELY & STUPIDLY) told several people including Emmett & Andrew he would not only take Peter to Final 2 no matter what but he would also lobby for votes to save Peter should he be on the block against one of them. Now I do wonder if this in fact is Alec actually thinking it might not be best to bring Peter with him to the end so he is putting that out there not to be honest but to put a target on Peter’s back. Andrew will definitely make sure to rely this information to Topaz & Jill or Emmett could potentially confirm this information.

      * Alec also OPENLY told Emmett & Andrew he had NO PROBLEM with them taking out Topaz either this week or next, though he preferred Gary go first & once again re-iterated Peter was his number 1. Furthermore, Alec said he “wouldn’t be caught dead dating a girl like Topaz in real life”. This of course was followed by him getting upset when Topaz suggested she sleep downstairs as Gary/Topaz seemed to sense his play to make it appear he was pulling away while the reality was he seemed to get pretty upset with her beating him to the punch by pulling away from him. To me THIS FACT will garner the most reaction from Topaz & Gary as it should re-energize their beliefs that Alec is PLAYING HER/THEM. It also provides the greatest potential for a real big HOUSE SCENE if Topaz calls Alec out in front of people b/c how would he cover his ass on this? He can’t deny he said it or Andrew/Emmett can take him down & how would he smooth things over with Gary/Topaz once this is out there to ever trust him moving forward. Personally as much as this could/will hurt the Shield I think Peter could benefit from it IF Topaz decides to oust Alec & he subsequently aligns with Gary, Topaz & Talla to battle Emmett, Jill Andrew & possibly AJ.

      * Emmett has developed a relationship with Gary (friendship) & he seems to genuinely like Gary who in turn has said “they” should go to the end together. Like a spurned girlfriend, Jill sees the potential for Gary & Emmett to be a powerhouse team & has been gunning HARD to get Gary out of the game.

      Bottom line, without live feeds you can bet the producers will be pushing the right buttons of The Stooges, The Showmance & The Secret Wedding to not only get people talking but also make people paranoid. The result of this prodding (which they always do via leading questions) should be The Stooges will tell Topaz what Emmett/Jill’s plans are (to target Topaz/Gary) while Jill/Emmett will likely drop the bomb to Topaz that Alec is lying to her & playing her & Andrew who is in the greatest danger will need to re-inforce with Topaz/Gary what Alec/Peter & Emmett/Jill have been saying all with the hopes of putting the spot light onto the 2 power alliances & shifting focus off the stooges.

      If all of this information comes out there is plenty of opportunity for some REAL DRAMA in the house as each alliance has to do whatever is necessary to save themselves & their significant other.

      Finally, if you recall when Tom had to replace the last Canada’s choice (save of Suzette) with Aneal it was leaked he was aware this was a possibility the day of the show so it’s likely the Producers will plant this info shortly before or after the POV ceremony which should have everyone EXCEPT Topaz & Gary scrambling.

      So, you can see how not airing what’s going on in the house via Live Feeds or BBAD will allow for a big punch with TONS of material Sunday night. In fact, I’m surprised it’s not a two hour show given how much Producers will need to cover in one show including an eviction.

      Fasten your seat belts this could be a very bumpy ride for the Shield, Stooges & Showmancers!

      1. I agree with everything here except: Gary was floating Emmett’s name as a possible nom this week, and even if any of the scenarios you outlined do play out (which I think one will), that’s no reason to shut down the feeds. The viewers they’re trying to draw in obviously don’t watch the feeds. They’re trying to attract new viewers, which by definition, are people who aren’t watching the feeds. This is a terrible decision by Slice to shut down the feeds for an entire weekend right in the middle of the game, and no amount of rationale can refute that.

        1. I am going to try to give it my best shot – rationale, that is. We, who are passionately posting our thoughts, prayers, hopes, loves, hates, loyalties to, etc. any or all of this “show” are part of it in a very big sense. Big Brother has said to us ; bloggers, viewers, live feeders, tweeters: ” The house will be closed off for the next 48 -72? hrs. INside the house they have been given other directions. Use your imagination. So that is what I have told MYSELF because there are probably as many theories as there are people waiting and not knowing (including HG’s). Maybe I’m just trippin’ though.

      1. Thank you. Appears there are four people who consistently disagree with me but HEY that’s why we love this show because everyone has their favorites. I try to remove bias (as much as that is truly possible) & just comment on what’s happening. Obviously I’m saying what I would do moving forward but having said that it’s much easier for me/us as we are on the outside looking in.

    4. Just checked the Slice site & noted something different from the past Power Shift by Canada. It occurred when Suzette stayed & Aneal was evicted.

      At that time you could pick who Canada would save but there was only 1 spot for you to select who would get evicted.

      This time there is the normal line up of pick HOH, Nominees, POV Winner & who will be Evicted BUT there is another SEPARATE spot to select WHO WILL BE THE CHEVROLET POWER SHIFT INSTANT EVICTION.

      Doesn’t that indicate the house would vote on Topaz’s nominees & then Canada would vote on an instant eviction in addition?

      I could be wrong but that’s what it appears to be.

  57. I don’t understand why people are saying that Topaz has broken the rules in the Big Brother game. Besides being a bit lazy/sleepy and having a bit of a mouth on her, what’s the big deal? I’d be bored in that house day after day. I might even get sassy with Big Brother too if I was annoyed. What else is there to do in their down time? Workout, eat, clean….that would get to me as well. I don’t think she cheated during the HOH competition either, she seemed pretty unsure of her answers througout the challenge. She was purely lucky to get the last question right.

    I don’t like that the live feeds are down all weekend, no matter what the twist is, I doubt it will be worth days of coverage being hidden.

    1. Agreed. This was not a ‘Marjority Vote’ HOH so even if the mirrors were there they would not have helped. Plus if she was cheating then she’d be following the majority, but she wasn’t that’s why it ended up being her and Talla up there. I’m pretty sure there was a time when the majority were eliminated and she was left standing, how was she cheating?
      Really in this case the mirrors had zero effect, but yes I do agree they should be covered for future competitions. Emmett cheated before, Alec cheated but Topaz, people should give the girl a break. She won it fair and square.
      If Talla had won they’d be saying the same thing that she cheated blah blah blah.

  58. My problem with Big Brother Canada has been the casting…… there are not really any dominant in your face competitors left. I believe on ALMOST any other big brother america season, Tom would have had an alliance with arrogant STRONG OUTSPOKEN competitors. That would have probably allowed Tom to realize that he IS NOT THE TOP DOG. That would have made him realize he isn’t as safe and he wouldn’t have acted so cocky. Tom is mentally insecure and the competition is what would have brought him down to earth.

    I love certain characters on the show, but I’m tired of this “SCARED BULLSHIT”

    ALEC is nothing like Dr. Will. Kirby.

    Dr. Will was NOT scared to be up on the block, and dr will got OTHERS to do his dirty work for him. As of right now Alec wants to hide behind the spotlight and show himself as weak which is a fine strategy, but this is why I believe he NEEDS peter to do his dirty work like plant seeds. The only problem is, no one cares if Peter goes or stays, ppl cared if boogie or Dr. Will stayed or left.

    I know these are random thoughts but the main reason I am disliking the pre-determined evictions is this: Dr. Will was batman and Boogie was Robin, unfortunately I believe that Peter is actually a soft batman and Alec is a Robin.

    Alec is so strong mentally and cocky he could take this whole place of weak contestants out, but he is too scared to show “himself”. i know it’s a game, but come on, you are competing against a muscular gay guy, an athlete with a stubbed big toe, a 38 year old man, a bookworm, and AJ. NEED I SAY MORE. Alec’s lack of a social game is the main reason why he has to play the way he plays, which is unfortunate for us viewers because we can’t seem to grasp onto one person in this household that has the COMPLETE PACKAGE.

    WHAT this game needs is a fearless head of household that isn’t scared of anybody, and the closest thing we have is Andrew, but if he was just more athletic, he would truly be the HERO of BBC’s inaugaural season.

    1. Interesting comments. Here is my perspective…. if you remove the HG’s from previous season the last couple years who really fits your “dream contestant” definition? No one I can thinnk of. This by the way happened to me after chilltown years ago. I expected another DR. Will the next season. After a few season with no comparable I realized I’d have to start enjoying other styles of play and skill sets. That is why I am way harder on productions running of the game in general.
      BB isn’t a Canadian institution. The true learning curve takes alot of hours of watching over multiple seasons. Then you still have to accept the best player will not always win the game. These HG aren’t stars at the game though Gary does show glimpses of hope. Take folks for what they portray on TV and understand production edits people differently. I got so fired up on Topaz I forgot to mention that I believe we don’t see Alec remove the blindfold or try taking the power from Gary. Favourable editing can make people look a whole lot different.
      The cast may not be filled with stars by BB standards but it’s not terrible. I was concerned theyed have tried to get a balance of contestants from the whole country but the choose mostly decent HG’s. I have to say there had to be a better 30 something woman in that line than Suzette.
      In closing I would add Dr. Will is hands down the best ever IMHO. He’s not going to be duplicated often. Twitny’s humour and entertainment value in the DR won’t happen often and so on. Just enjoy great players when you come across them.

      PS I’m going to rewatch Thursday shortly. Want to see if my memory is correct regaurding the Alec edit re the pinata

  59. I just watched last night’s episode and I HATE that DR session with Alec and Peter as if they are like Chilltown. They keep getting douchier and think they are BB Greats. I can’t wait to watch them fail. And WTF with Peter and his rubber band from Liza. Pathetic and a bit disturbing….

  60. I think topaz didn’t cheat. What I think happened was she celebrated without arisa finishing her sentence was because if her and talla would have got the same answer or both got it wrong arisa would have said “You are both wrong/right reset” Instead she said “the corect answer is before” and topaz assumed since she didn’t say “you both got it right” she had won (since she was on before). I personaly don’t think production riged it this time. It was funny to see the houses reaction to her win since they had wanted her and Gary out this week and underestimated Topaz.I feel she is letting everyone think she does nothing and is stupid but can acctualy win things.

  61. A lot of compelling arguments, beliefs, biases, opinions and thouoghts have been shared in the last couple of days. I was really pissed about so many things, disappointed, disillusioned. At first I was afraid, I was petrified, kept thinking I would never live….. nevermind. (HARDCORE WILL FAN) So for someone to even imitate, emulate or think they are a HG in BBUS history is presumptuous and egocentric (my opinion). Anybody remember BUNKY saying he was Mighty Mouse and Brady was Batman(Superman) ; please forgive me I’d have to go back to the exact spot on my copy and double check. Anyway, We, as viewers, the audience, as viewers, the bloggers and the ‘tweeters’ – anyone who has been fuelled by this in any way, has been ‘part of the experiment’ so to speak. Pretty genius when you think about it. Powershift gives all those above people an incredible amount of power in the house as an invisible HG (sometimes) WHEN and HOW is out of our hands at times and at times we are afforded a vote to evict/save/nominate, feed what we want to them, maybe? You know what I absolutely love was when the HG’s got to take care of a pet for a short time and the American viewer voted for Ophelia, the pig. PB & J punishment and so forth? – Just one girl’s opinion. –

  62. OOOPS – Just remembered before I start writing – I gotta go walk my little girl (she’s on a leash) — Don’t worry she’s canine just for clarification.

  63. I think we all (myself included) need to stop looking for characters that have already appeared or similar personalities in new seasons.

    I’m okay with this cast. They are just all very friendly people who would rather get along than make people’s lives miserable. Unfortunately that doesn’t make for great TV. Luckily, there are a few of them that are quite hilarious (Andrew has won so many point with me this week).

    People make jokes about how Canadians are too nice all the time…well here it is in action! They just want to drink beer and have fun.

    All in all Big Brother CANADA is an entirely separate series. As similar (identical, even) as it is to the US one, I think we just need to accept it for what it is.

    1. I can only answer for myself on your point about people expecting these humans to be someone else we have fond memories of. That is not what I am saying at least. I think we’re just swapping stories and having a few laughs, smiles, and heartwarming feelings. Now, I have “accepted” as you put it this BBCANADA obviously – by virtue of the fact that I am on this site. I find Andrew to be magnetic, charming, witty, clever, quick (and I might add, getting more and more “ripped” physically) I enjoy his facial expressions a lot, loved his ‘vampire’ phase too. Peace.

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