AJ “If Canada votes Emmett for HOH I swear to god I’m moving.. out of Canada”

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV March 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: March 28th
Original Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Current Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots No Havenots this week


11:33AM Hot Tub AJ and Andrew
Discussing possible scenarios if they win HOH.

AJ suggests if Topaz and Gary go up and POV is played to save Gary then maybe they should put up Peter. Andrew thinks maybe Alec that way they can guarantee Topaz goes home. Aj says he’ll have the support of the house if he tries to get Topaz out.

AJ jokes that Andrew can put him up as the pawn against Topaz, Andrew: “I would never do that AJ”
Aj doesn’t think getting rid of Topaz right now might be a mistake there is stronger players in the house. AJ: “I would rather keep Topaz around because she’s beautiful”
Andrew: “I hate that”
Andrew: “I’m going to take a page out of the glitter book.. I’m bringing everyone up to the HOH talking it out”
AJ thinks that is a good idea because it’ll reveal everyones game. AJ tells him they need each other.. “You give me things like you can win Competitions.. I give you a vote.. I’m the Topaz in our relationship”

AJ says the 3stooges may be the strongest threeesome in the house
Andrew: “Lets just hope Suzette goes home tonight”
Aj jokes if Airsa says Canada you have voted he’ll just walk out of the door… “Canada sucks bye”
Andrew proposes what if there was a twist and Suzette gets pulled off the block and Gary goes up “maybe that is better than Suzette leaving”

AJ: “You know what they could do.. Canada elects the HOH”
Andrew says they would give it to Gary.. AJ :”I think gary is more polarizing than we give him credit for”
Aj: “Talla is loved outside the house because of her randomness and quirkiness”
AJ still thinks gary is hugely popular he adds that production will never show Gary’s annoying traits he will be edited as the hero and andrew and Aj will be the villains.
AJ: “If HOH is a question i’m winning it i’m telling you right now.. if it’s physical you gotta win it”

They decide if Topaz and Gary win they will probably be put up on the block. Andrew thinks he’ll be the one sent home. AJ: “Don’t underestimate your relationships in the house”
AJ: F*** it I’m going balls to the walls tonight”
Andrew: “If it’s endurance my fingernails are going to come out of my hands. “

They both agree that everyone is saying it’s endurance but its not going to be.. “:Everyone is usually wrong”

AJ: “I’m certain Canada is going to get to vote for a HOH this season.. If they pick Emmett I swear to god I’m moving”
Andrew: “Moving where”
Aj: “Out of this country” (LOL)
Andrew: “If Canada is picking there are two people that are not going to get picked.. you and me”

They starts breaking down how on hell Suzette won the powershift. Aj thinks it’s a combination of things. Dislike for Tom, Suzette having a huge following coming into the show, it being early in the game and nobody knew what they were like.
AJ says that the east indian community doesn’t like Big Brother as much as the native community.
Andrew: “I have 11 followers on twitter and suzette has 5k” (I have 30.. oh 31 now )


12:00pm 3stooges

They are trying to figure out if they will be getting any more double evictions. Talla: “Guys I’ve been trying to go over the math last night and ugh”
AJ: “This isn’t about Math it’s about counting”
Andrew tries to explain to “There was 15 people take away nine it’s six.. Nine people left in 5 weeks.. remember last week 2 people went out”
They come top the conclusion that there will be another double eviction and 4 people going into the final week. Talla says they only have 4 weeks for everything to happen. AJ: “Look Talla we are going into week 6 with 9 people.. lets assume that week 7 is normal and we go into week 7 with 9 people… week 8 is double eviction going into week 9 we have 5 people left.. Week 10 there is 4 people and fast forward into final 3.. hmm.. maybe it’s 11 weeks”
Talla: “No it’s 10 weeks”
AJ wants to run the dates because he thinks there may be a week missing. After running the dates he says they have 5 remaining live evictions. Talla says that it game is only 10 weeks. AJ: “Then someone has to leave on a non live eviction night”
They agree that anything could happen and they are just basing their theories on the US version.

Aj brings up how him and Peter have seen every episode of Big Brother US and they have never done anything like the POWERPLAY before.
Talla: ‘What’s that”
AJ :”WHAT’S THAT it happened 2 weeks ago”
Andrew points out how his legs look like he’s been canned, “Look at this I look like I’ve spit out some gum in Singapore. “

Talla says the only person that cannot win the HOH this week is Gary.
AJ: “If Gary wins it’ll be the two of the three of us”
Talla : “Why”
AJ: “He’s going to get all glittered up and tells us some reason“
Andrew tells her out of the 3 he’s the target
AJ: ‘There is a lot of people in this house if they win HOH I Have no clue what they are going to do”
Talla: ‘AJ you really need to step it up in the HOH”
AJ: “Step it up? I almost won 2.. out of the three of us only Andrew has won something”

They briefly talk about if 2 of them are nominated how they will campaign..


Trying to explain to Talla the numbers..

12:32pm Feeds have been hush hush for awhile

1:19pm HUSH HUSH yo
1:40pm HUSH HUSH yo
2:15pm HUSH HUSH
3:20pm HUSH HUSH
4:25pm HUSH HUSH
6:08pm HUSH HUSH
8:06pm HUSH HUSH

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This has nothing to do with this feed but the promo pictures of Andrew and Tom are awful it doesn’t look like them


Those are all 8 x 10 glossies with their agent’s name attached


You’re right.
I think Tom has more make up on than Gary


These two are the best entertainment: ” OKAY, SO YOU GOT IT — YOU BE THE BRAINS AND I AM THE MUSCLE”, AJ mumbling at night while smoking “I’M THE MUSC…..NO I’M THE BRAINS, YOU’RE THE MUSCE……I’M THE BRAINS YOU’RE THE MUSCLE I’M THE BR,,,,, Thank you soooo much for posting this on video. It is appreciated.


No, I just made that stuff up ’cause that’s what I see these two saying in my version of them talking. Cute huh?


AJ for HOH!
The brows alliance.
Be interesting to see who tried to get in his ear and how. (other than Andrew)
If it happened, I hope he’d overlook the past and mastermind (!) a radical new alliance.




Agree about Talla/Andrew getting swayed.
Maybe AJ too if he feels the need for some bro love.
Even if he just lied his way to a one-week only deal to evict Alec it would change things up.
I really think he knows the clock is ticking on his time in the house now.
He must see himself in the eviction sequence sooner than later after a Gary/Topaz targetting.

Double HOH – two at once seems very awkward for Production.
Wouldn’t it be two short HOHs, one after another?

Twist – Suzette gets to use a POV …from home!


I refuse to type the abbreviated laughing out loud. I ACTUALLY AM laughing out loud.


Today’s comments should be great post eviction. No need for any of us to argue or bicker today. The only part of tonight’s eviction that would be surprising would be if the houseguest were actually voting out AJ, but keeping it so hush that none of us at home or even Suzette didn’t know or see it coming. Wouldn’t make much of a difference in the long run, but it would be a WOW moment. Enjoy tonight’s show people.


Is there ever a need for us to argue or bicker? Let us know beforehand. Cheers.


I personally want Talla to win tonight. I think she will go after Topaz and Alec, or maybe even Emmett. Alec may even be the one convincing her to go after Emmett. It just needs to be someone other than the bros trio, and one of the bros needs to go. I think Talla as HOH will have everybody running scared, since she’s such a wildcard, and people need to stop feeling so safe in that house. They need to stop throwing comps. Believe me, nobody will throw veto if Talla is HOH 🙂 Not even Peter.


Just a few thoughts on a stoogies/Talla HOH. Talla’s primary influence is Andrew/AJ. Talla has been getting tight with Jillian that gives Emmit cover plus Emmit is friendly with Andrew and AJ. Emmit is messing up not leaving milk for breakfast and getting a little full of his position in the game as he sees it. Emmit has no garuntee if a stooge wins HOH. I’d be more concerned if I were Topaz/Gary as Andrew is well aware Gary has been throwing around his name. If and this is IF Alec/Peter really are commited to a final 4 with Gary/Topaz then Gary needs to win HOH and backdoor Emmit. Peter won’t do the dirty work. Option 2 is convince a stooge to allow Gary to backdoor Emmit using Gary’s POV power this coming week based on some sort of deal that likely has Jillian gooing the following week. They’ll sell it on the feeds and TV as giving the “lovebirds” some quiet time alone.

This is where you start getting jury support and really build on Canadas Favorite. This is also where DR sessions by Peter and Alec are going to start hurting them. Last nights boogie/dr will impressions were pathetic. Gary being Gary is likely enough to win Canadas favorite. It doesn’t seem to matter he’s a backstabbing 2 faced liar it’s glitter rules. What’s less sure is based on the fact he’s going to have to do alot of his own dirty work does he get enough jury votes. Topaz is useless other than as a vote. He’d need to depend on Alec to get to 4 then get rid of him to sit by Topaz or Peter which are both sure glitter wins unless the jury says “anyone but Gary”. As BBus jury did last year “anyone but Dan”. I’m still secretly cheering Wee Ian’s win!!:P


I liked Alec/peter DR last night. Not because they pulled off a Wil/boogie rerun but because another HG got to see Peter yelling in the DR. (Do you always shout?) Hopefully he will stop now, but unlikely.

As for Canada’s favourite (if there is a vote) I don’t think gary should be out of the running because he’s 2 faced. They basically all are. They are using each other to get to the money. Emmett thinks he was all clean after telling Suzette what everyone else was thinking at the POV ceremony. So? That doesn’t make him a bigger person than the rest. If he had told her earlier in the game, and she took the opportunity to re-adjust her game, then maybe he could be the bigger man.

And these people would not normally cross paths on the outside (that’s the whole idea), so them getting annoyed with the other HGs is natural, As well as being locked up with strangers for so long, learning their annoying habits etc. How can you not be 2 faced? They can’t be spouting off at every turn. It’s not reasonable and would make their time there just plain hell. They are forced to continue in the game, they can’t just leave and say i have to go because i don’t want to be here in a house with people i don’t like. They have made it this far and can’t quit now.


Can I tell you guys a secret (I USED TO WATCH THE REAL HOUSEWIVES FRANCHISES). Going through a phase maybe (in therapy for it right now). I LOVE BB I am a newcomer so that might explain my excitement. Television is uneventful and uninspiring and this show is something I actually look forward to (this forum, live feeds and after dark).


Just don’t evict me K? I won’t be a floater K? I’ll do what the house wants K? I got a mouth to feed (kibble) By the way I’m getting my two different screen personalities messed up so I gotta pick one name (long story)


Well this is confusing, Talla is that you?


Thanks for keeping up with us overstimulated folks today, Simon. SOMETHING VERY TOP SECRET IS GOING DOWN RIGHT NOW anyway, so you’ve been able to. Cheers.


I have to admit, from the start of Big Brother Canada, I wasn’t drawn towards liking one person over the others. I didn’t have a favorite house guest right off the bat, and I still don’t. The contestants on this show all seem very, very plain. Even Gary, who is probably the most entertaining to me, gets tedious. I liked Peter but now I think he tries to hard. Ohhh some big mouthed, thick framed emo glasses, City “nerd” – how original. Suzette plays the typical “woe is me” card, but I’m gonna stop right there and say no more about that. The females are clingy. They have no backbone and they are all dosile. Nobody stirs the pot and they all need a man to hide behind. I’m hoping they surprise me, but it doesn’t look likely.

I’ve always had my favs from the US series every season, but I think the Canadian version has done a terrible job in terms of casting. I expected a bit more excitement I suppose. And yet I keep watching! Go figure.


I agree with you Michelle. At first I thought maybe Peter and then it was Gary. I think I like Andrew now but you never know what they’re going to do. Maybe being Canadians they are just being too nice?????


Did I hear correct that SLICE is running live feeds all day Friday?


No. They are showing all the episodes from the show. All Day.


While i was watching After Dark last night, I was in bewilderment of how live Gary was!! he looked like he was on an Acid Trip. more than normal. i only had 1 concern. I was watching around 3am and Andrew and Peter were in the normal pool and Alec and Topaz were eating a very big meal. not a midnight snack. It led me to believe that After Dark might be pre-taped.. I hope not.


They have to pre-tape BBAD. Otherwise, it’d be three hours of people snoring. This house desperately needs a NIGHTSHIFT.


What’s up. I answered your question on yesterday’s post about the hours of filming. I don’t believe these details are something we are ‘supposed’ to know but these houseguests insist on ‘talking about production’ ALOT. I think because it’s a “newborn” and these are the first test cases so to speak, they (HG’s) don’t always remember every single detail of the contract (I guess).


I just noticed something. We all threw brought up the HOH scenarios about the 3 Stooges possible winning HOH or the regulars like Gary or Emett, just for a second let’s say Peter or Topaz wins??? who would she put up??? And honestly I think Peter calls more shots than Alec so who would Peter want on the block other than the obvious candidate Gary??? We all know that Floaters win big challenges just when u want them to get the boot!!!


“Why I oughta…'” – Curly


Damn spellcheck keeps messing up my sentences!! Excuse the errors people. I meant to say ( we all brought up the scenarios) and (3 stooges possiby).


i just hope 3 stoogies win tonight the other side had power all through this game i hope

andrew or aj win something shake up these alliances even though i love emmette


AJ and Andrew will stir things up sooooo badly. They will not be swayed either….They will get out a strong player….Either Gary, Emmett or Alec I think.


I hope they take out Alec and Peter, those two are irritating me with their, ‘I’m the one taking charge, and I have a big ego,’ type of attitude. I hope Topaz wins HOH and realizes that she needs to step it up and hopefully backdoors Alec.


Topaz as new HoH = a possibly dramatic BB week! I can’t stand her, but if she puts up Emmett/Jillian or one of them and someone else we could see some villains emerge. FTR, I can’t stand Topaz, but at least this should stir things up a bit.


How do you feel about Topaz? I wanna hear you say it for the third time.


I had already typed that last sentence, changed what I wrote, and forgot to delete it. But it’s nice to know you read all my posts. I can honestly say this is the first one of yours I’ve paid any attention to.


I don’t know how to take that but thanks.


I can’t stand Topaz either. Maybe she will try to take out her lover boys partner in crime Peter.


I can’t find the video of the soccer game that injured Emmett anywhere?

How can i find it? I hate googling sometimes


thank you. i will watch it after the live show.


I don’t know how to cut and paste successfully, so you can thank Simon for posting it (that’s where I go it) Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Power of Veto Ceremony Results on Mon, 25 Mar


thank you. i just wanted to see it for myself. Em was the only one not wearing shoes.