POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: ANDREW Next HOH: April 4th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aj
Have Nots ? Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (Slop Pass) ?

Big Brother Canada March 28 2013 12am

12am The Big Brother Live Feeds get turned back on just on Camera 1. Jillian and Emmett are in the kitchen. The camera quickly switch to Alec and Gary in the havenot room. Alec says he said who’s the target? He said Topaz. What am I going to say? Alec says that she (Topaz) hasn’t looked at me in two days! He says she said oh don’t worry you’re not going to go on the block if I get HOH. What the FU*K does that mean! You’re just turning your back on her because you’re having a rough patch. Alec says she’s not talking to me or looking at me .. I tried to talk to her 3 times today! Gary asks so you’re just giving up on her!? Alec says she gave up on me! Gary says I can’t even look at you right now! What choice do I have Gary I pushed .. there was nothing I could do. (Alec says something but its hard to make out what it is..) Gary asks so you’ve just given up. Alec asks what can I do? Gary says She hasn’t given up on you. Alec says she said she fu*king HAS! Gary says no she hasn’t, she said she gave up on personal… she did say once that said she has given up on the alliance that hasn’t been keeping their word. Gary says all you had to do was vote for what Topaz said. Talla comes in and asks where Topaz is? Gary tells her that she is just talking to Andrew. Talla asks Gary to say good night to Topaz because I want to go to bed. Talla hugs Gary and leaves. Alec says the best I can do is vote for you to stay because you didn’t turn your back on me and Topaz did. And you know what Topaz is stubborn, I asked her 3 times today to talk. He says that he asked her if she is just not talking to him or are you not talking to anyone? Alec says that then an hour later in the bathroom he sees her talking to Talla. Gary says she is upset at you. She’s not allowed to be upset at you? Alec says first of all.. Gary interrupts and says it was started from you. Alec asks what was started from me? Gary says all you had to do was vote for him. Did you forget that?! Alec says I told Topaz… Gary asks what are you forgetting? Alec this didn’t start from anyone but you… take some responsibility.

Big Brother Canada March 28 2013 12am

Alec says he looks you in the eyes and tells you something .. Gary says yeah, I am talking about … go back a little bit when Topaz was HOH… Alec says yeah. Gary says and she wanted Andrew gone… and all you had to do was vote for her to leave. Alec says Andrew told me he was going for Emmett and Jillian.. he was taking out big dogs.. Gary says what is he doing now?! Alec says now he’s flipped it! ALec says you know what I thought just sitting here.. they were not scared one bit .. Emmett and Jillian must have something going on with him. Gary asks are you playing me Alec?! Alec says I told you exactly what he told me. Gary says because I signed up for something with you, Peter, and Topaz. AND it scares me that you are just this easily ready to DROP Topaz because that makes me think that you could just as easily drop me! Alec asks WHAT THE FU*K CAN WE DO?! What the fuck can we do!? Gary says we can do a lot of things ..I don’t even want to talk to you about game because I don’t know if I can trust you! Alec says I tried to push her .. Emmett and Jillian. Gary says all Andrew has to do is put Topaz in it … I can make sure Emmett does play in the veto. Alec says no you can’t do that says player pick. Gary says I am going to go confirm right now. Alec says it says player pick, I read it. Alec says so if you can tell me that Topaz hasn’t given up on me. Gary says she hasn’t …she has given up on you emotionally ..but that is something a boyfriend is going to have to figure out how to get back .. but the alliance .. the fu*king game that we are in .. no she hasn’t given up on it. Alec asks can you understand… Big Brother cuts the feeds …
Big Brother Canada March 28 2013 1205am
RE-Cap of what’s happened within the last day:
*** So it sounds like ANDREW is the new HOH and not sure if the nominations have been made yet but it sounds like his targets are GARY and TOPAZ.

*** Aj was SURPRISE EVICTED under Topaz’s HOH reign

*** Alec and Topaz have BROKEN UP!

*** Gary MIGHT be a Havenot


Have nots room Peter and Emmett
(Simon here)

Have nots room Peter and Emmett

Peter: “Even the fact that Andrew would Suggest me over… .. Makes me .. “
Emmett: “He didn’t suggest that.. we were just talking over all scenarios.”
(Feeds switch to Kitchen but audio sticks to the Havenots room)
Emmett: “Andrew did say he was going to put you up.. we were just talking that… ”
(Audio syncs with the Kitchen, Alec and Jillian)
Jillian: “You can trust each other but be like ohh she’s not for me’
Alec: “It sucks for me.. “
Jillian: “You are too active in life to be with her”
Alec: “I dunno.. towards the end I was like what am I doing”
Jillian: ‘I could see that”
(Alec and Topaz broke up.. lol sweet feed madness)
Jillian: “Umm.. If hang on I want to talk to you”
Alec: “Ya”
Jillian: “If gary goes up.. god forbid he wins the VETO you should just keep cool keep to yourself talk to all of us and she’s going to eventually have to join the circle.. you’re not a bad person to be doing that it’s her doing it not you. ”

Alec: “It’s hard because she’s 1/8 of the house and when 1/8 of the house isn’t talking to you.. I feel awkward… “
Jilian: “i would get over it”
Alec: “Nobody has ever broken up before.. “
Talla/Emmett/Peter join them..
Talla tells them she’s going to bed.. leaves.. She’s heading to the Have Nots room
Jillian: “This is a Awkmance… “
Alec: “YES Awkmance… perfect”
Jillian: ‘anybody want some shrimp… except for Peter who wouldn’t eat them anyways”
Alec: ‘What are they flavoured with”
Jillian: “They have nothing in them but fresh garlic and salt.. No oil nothing.. they probably taste really bad. “
Andrew walks in Emmett pats him on the back.. (hard to hear him… Says old man.. I know where you sleep)
Andrew grabs a jar out of the fridge walks up to HOH tells Emmett “can you close that for me Sorry i’m a stooge”

Topaz is right in front of him heading to the HOH

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    1. I have two ideas why Topaz picked AJ and Andrew. 1) She doesn’t know whats been going on for 30 days. 2) Talla
      may have hinted Aj, Andrew and Talla had an alliance and Andrew talked about bouncing out Gary. Other than that
      Topaz is not talking to Alec because Topaz Feels stupid,she doesn’t know how to play BB.

  1. Wow. Topaz is frickin stupid for leaving Emmett and Jillian be. So stupid. Wow.

    WHY GO AFTER AJ AND ANDREW? There is a very athletic power couple in the couple still!

    1. Exactly what I said about Alec when he eliminated power-threat Suzette…go after power players.

      It’s fun when though when they start turning on each other. I want to see who cries more – Alec or………actually, probably no one cries more than Alec about absolutely nothing. LOL

  2. So how does all this work. Thought topaz was HOH? There was no vote so how is Andrew HOH now???? Wow Big Brother Canada sucks. Here’s a twist idea bring Tom back stir up the house.

    1. Lots of stuff going on tonight.. I’ll try to simplify it
      1) Topaz wins HOH puts Andrew and Aj up
      2) Someone wins POV and doesn’t use it
      3) Nominations stay the same AJ and Andrew still up on tha block
      4) AJ is sent home
      5) New HOH his played
      6) Andrew wins HOH

      1. Based on it being Friday possible but unlikely. I have suggested a eviction without POV. I’m betting Emmit was the TARGET got saved by NO POV com thus AJ goes home adnd AJ and Andrew were pawns. Would I love Emmit to know he was a backdoor choice by Gary/Topaz plus Alec and Peter. You turds Peter win something if my guess is correct. Other wise they partner with the stoogies and the suck bag trash goes home. I really wish Gary had chosen Emmit as I like Gary and consider Emmit a decent person. Just my opinion

          1. I don’t drink Molsen TY.

            My thoughts as a NS are based on this. Emmit was the easy target for Topaz. I have no idea why my NS dairy farmer was not on the block. It isn’t booze I just do not understand why. Topaz/Gary cut a deal with Alec/Peter thus E/J has to go so why is AJ gone? Second Gary wanted Lala gone. She isn’t on the freaking block. The twist must have stalled several options IMHO. Sunday will be a rager! Does Andrew cut a deal with E/J versus the other 4? No freaking idea as I definately didn’t see AJ going today. Bet the TWIST made it happen as Emmit was likely the backdoor target that got blocked.

          2. So Topaz trashed an HOH. As far as BB Canada is concerned only Gary showed his BALLS. Fact is as long as they think there are hoft targets it appears no ones doing anything other than Gary! Andrew as HOH means either the beginning of Jillian/Emmit plus Talla and Andrew versus the other 4 or snooze BB! She’d have to nom 2. Say it’s Gary and Topaz. Then Alec peter are still Emmits friend likely Topaz the target barring POV.
            If on the off chance Emmit was the target and the twist saved him Andrew nominates Emmit and Jillian. I’m guessing Topaz and Peter/Gary. Smart money says Gary. They took a shot that gave the stoogies allies I hope.

            1. I wasn’t talking about your opinions, when I said that. In fact I had to think for a minute and Molson wasn’t my finest/first choice. I enjoyed reading the post and felt that you were typing your thoughts with some frustration over the recent turn of events. Cheers. Crown Royal? (You can keep that bit to yourself as it is none of my business anyway)

        1. I agree from the out side emmitt is a strong player but he is also very smart he has managed to have a good relationship with everyone. After tom left the 3 stoogies had to make a deal if u remember they were debating between E/J or G/T/A/P they desided to aline with E/J. I don’t think emmit was even considered from how upset she is andrew was the target. I think she got blind sided i think rhe boys decided to keep andrew they all seem to know how everyone voted so maybe they voted together with alec starting. Emmitt has been budding up to andrew since tom left where the rest have ignored him. I am thinking andrew will target G/Tor P he seems nervous. I think that E/J are safe andrew seemed to have hitched himself to them

      2. I have no reason to think AJ and Andrew were nominated out right.. like others said could have been AJ/emmett or Andrew/Emmett .. We also have no idea if POV was played and/or used.. All we know is AJ is gone, Andrew is the new HOH and Alec/topez have broken up

      3. i havent read through everyones thoughts .. but i do have a question .. when does the chev power play eviction come into the mix … personally i pikced peter .. that guy gives me a headache everytime he opens his big mouth and tries to be funny .. Not ..

      1. i felt sorry for andrew having such a short HOH first go around .. i can only hope he dont waiste it on a revenge nomination .. if he puts up gary and topaz then it is true .. he is one of the three stooges …

  3. As much as people hate Alec, he is playing the best game in the house. If he can survive this week and Gary gets evicted then he’s golden for the upcoming few weeks and would be a deserving winner. Besides Alec and maybe Emmett and Andrew, I don’t think anyone deserves to win. Peter might like to think he’s playing this great game and “throwing” competitions but he has zero power and he keeps saying he can control Liza and Talla but he can’t do jackshit.

    1. Alec’s game is awful. He’s setting up the wrong people to leave the house. If he was smart, he would have spent all that time that he set up Topaz/Gary to set up Emmett/Jillian to go next, especially Emmett. If he tries to go long term with Emmett, Emmett will win this entire game. As soon as Gary/Topaz are gone, Alec/Peter are next up to go. He’ll be in the house with Emmett, Jillian, Andrew, Talla, and Peter. Emmett and Jillian will stick together and Andrew’s very drawn to them, so they have him more than Alec does. Andrew can’t stand Alec, he’s been complaining about him for a while now, especially since Alec told him he’d pick Peter over him (because Alec was really dumb enough to say that out loud wtf). Talla will stick with Andrew. Peter is all he’ll have on his side.

      And seriously, the person Alec’s putting 100% of his trust in is Peter, the most useless person in the house.

      1. For alec getting rid of emmitt would be dumb for his game he has been in an allience with him since day 1 and will need him to get to the end. The three boys in one way or another have been protecting each other. He knows gary and topez will turn on him and he is trying to keep peter safe and they know andrew is close to emmitt. Gary is just as big a threat as emmitt

        1. Emmett is hands down the strongest competitor in the house, if Alec was as perceptive as he likes to think he is, he’d realize that Tom leaving made Emmett get closer to Jillian. If Alec tries to go to the end with Emmett, Emmett will win this whole game. Emmett is in the best position in the house, everyone wants to keep him safe, no one sees him as a threat. That is horrible for Alec. But if you look at Gary, everyone thinks he’s a threat so if Alec set Emmett up to go, Gary would always be next to leave. But if Gary leaves first, Topaz is next and after that it’s Alec/Peter.

  4. This is all garbage. Yes, I’m an admitted cynic. But all the best drama in the house happens when the feeds are down? I’m immediately calling BS. This is the Glass House now, and I won’t watch another episode. I’ll get my updates here on OBB b/c I like the people here, and I especially appreciate what Simon and Dawg do, but all this drama happening with no feeds on is exactly what BB isn’t about. It reeks of setup, and I’m out. What a shame. This cast had so much potential, if only Production could’ve gotten out of its own way.

    1. Nah, give BB Canada a bit more credit. The Glass House was flat-out terrible and completely predictable since it was /all/ based off of fan voting.

  5. You know, if Andrew and Talla play it smart this week, they could team up with Emmett and Jillian to take out the shield. They could even go to the final 4 together.

    I’m kinda pissed that AJ is gone though because it was a complete waste of an HOH for Topaz. Why not take out a bigger threat?

    1. I never understand comments like these. So AJ should float to the finals? AJ had to be voted out eventually, regardless of the week, and you would have called it a waste. So you were gonna call AJ’s eventual eviction week a waste, may as well get it over with and have the waste now.

      1. Yeah I see where you are coming from, but I don’t think AJ could have floated to the finals. He would be like a Joe or a Jenn from last season. I just think that if Topaz was smarter she would have gone for Andrew rather than AJ,.

        I was just mad that AJ is gone because I was cheering for the 3 stooges and now I guess it’s just the 2 stooges.

        1. From what Dawg/Simon have surmised, it seems that Topaz was going after Andrew. She put up Andrew/AJ, with Andrew as target and AJ as pawn. (unless, of course, there was another POV in there we don’t know about). But then Alec/Peter voted for AJ to go, defying her, which caused Topaz to hate Alec. Hence the break-up, and Gary being bitchy to Alec in the have-not room. Topaz/Gary underestimated Alec/Peter’s strong preference for Andrew to stay.

          If that’s what happened, it might be a mistake for Alec/Peter to keep Andrew and defy Gary/Topaz. Because they’ll fight amongst themselves now, with E/J safe for weeks.

          1. Sounds like that is EXACTLY what happened. Topaz put up A.J. as the pawn to get out Andrew. What we don’t know is whether there was a POV played.

            Then Alec & Peter turned on Topaz & kept Andrew obviously in a significantly obvious vote (i.e Emmett, Jill, Peter & Alec: 4 vs Talla/Gary 2) So she KNEW how they voted.

            I’d also surmise that during the past day Topaz found out what Alec has been saying about her: He would NEVER date someone like her & that he had Peter as his number 1. Now Alec is reeling b/c the truth came out & he F…ed her by voting out A.J. as well.

            What I’m not sure about is it seems that Topaz is on the block BUT it sounds like Gary isn’t based on the comment made what if Gary wins POV & takes her off???? Doesn’t make sense to me b/c who would be sitting beside Topaz on the block if it wasn’t Gary. Andrew wouldn’t put up Talla, Emmett or Jill so it has to be either Alec or Peter. I’m confused.

            Personally I want Gary & Topaz to stay in house b/c they are the only ones who will go after EITHER power couple E/J or A/P & the only way that happens is 1) Gary wins the POV & removes Topaz from block (assuming Andrew is gunning to back door Gary)
            2) Gary or Topaz win POV (they are both on block) & then Andrew replaces a nominee with either Alec or Peter (b/c he won’t put up Jill, Emmett or Talla)

            Then Canada votes on who leaves & puts out either Alec or Peter.

          2. Correction from earlier: Andrew has NOT made his nominations yet based on watching the video.

            Here’s what HAS occurred:

            1) Topaz nominations were A.J. (as Pawn) & Andrew either as THE TARGET or to be replaced with Emmett BUT we don’t know if there was a POV

            2) If there was a POV it wasn’t used so Topaz wanted Andrew gone

            3) Peter & Alec defied Topaz & kept Andrew

            4) Andrew won the next HOH

            5) Topaz is furious with Alec for not voting as she wanted & odds are she learned what Alec has been saying about her behind her back

            Moving forward:

            It’s likely Andrew will nominate Topaz & Gary as he has clearly said THEY were his targets & since Peter/Alec voted to keep him over A.J. he kind of owes them.

            BUT is that his best move?

            Looking at the game logically:

            Peter: may not have won anything YET but I believe he is Dan-like in that he will pull out a win when most needed (either when he is on the block OR in a double eviction episode). Also he is super intelligent & of all the players appears to play the game without personal feelings.

            Alec: Has proven he can win athletic, skill & mind challenges so he is a power. What he hasn’t done as well is choose when to talk & when to keep his mouth shut. By telling people Peter is his #2 he has put a target on the Shield to separate them. Yes everyone knows Jill & Emmett and Topaz & Gary are coupled but they don’t SAY IT. Now he is having to do damage control for trying to put his eggs in too many baskets & has jeopardized his jury votes should he make it to the end especially sitting beside his shield-mance. Peter hasn’t really lied to anyone’s face or manipulated as cruelly so he in fact would likely get the edge over Alec.

            Jill: is a power house female competitor who does poorly only in mental challenges.

            Emmett: has proven to be an all around competitor & is perhaps the most liked person in the house.

            Talla: May not have won a comp yet BUT she has been close in several including physical, skill (except the maze, lol) & mental. Her social game is topsy-turvy though b/c she tends to kiss ass to HOH’s & blow up at people BUT she also is able to get people to care for her.

            Gary: Like Emmett Gary is an all around player who has been able to win comps, play a social game & he is the ONLY player still in the house who has gone after BIG players. If Gary was sitting at the end vs anyone BUT Emmett how could they not crown him champ.

            Topaz: Some will say all she does is sleep but I offer the following: in the season Dani Donato played with Dominic they would stay up late & sleep in. While the rest of the house was dreaming they were plotting their strategy. This is what Topaz & Gary were doing right out of the gate. She has under played her ability to win until she felt she had to this past Thurs vs A.J. & Talla. I can’t say I blame her for being furious with Alec since he is SUPPOSE to be in an alliance with her & specifically turned his back on her by voting to keep Andrew.

            Imagine how Alec would have reacted if Topaz &Gary had convinced AJ, Talla & Andrew to keep Suzette over AJ, oh that’s right, he’d probably cry. Alec has virtually killed Topaz’s game with that move & now he wants sympathy from (of all people) Gary.

            At this point in the game we will see how well Topaz can play knowing fully well she & Gary will be Andrew’s targets. Can she/Gary make Andrew realize that Alec/Peter & Jill/Emmett are much more difficult players to remove than her & Gary? Wouldn’t it make sense for Gary & Topaz to make an alliance with Andrew & Talla & point out if they dismantle one of the 2 power couples remaining & join forces they would out number them 4 to 3?

            If I were Topaz/Gary I’d offer Talla/Andrew safety to final 4 & say put up Emmett & Alec with Jill/Peter as replacements should one or the other come down. Next week gun to break up the other power couple & make a real game of this. They need to point out that if Andrew gets to Final 4 vs either power couple his chances of winning are far worse vs them then vs Topaz/Gary. They also need to point out this could be the MOVE of the game which would put Andrew in the lead to win it all since removing either Alec or Emmett would realign all the power to them (Topaz/Gary/Andrew/Talla) by giving them a 4 to 3 advantage. Then if they could win next week it would virtually ensure them making final 4.

            It’s worth a shot & I’d enjoy seeing something other than the 2 power couples control the house.

            1. i love your line of thinking .. you are so right .. now we can only hope one or two of them have a brain to push this .. one can hope .. lol…. the E&J plus A&P teams are sickening …E& J trying to figure out who is the master and who is the puppy .. sickening .. as for A&P .. A is nothing more then a suck and P a shouter .. keeping my fingers crossed that the four on the other side of the house show some smarts and shock the heck out of the other two sets…that would be so sweet .. ps .. to all those that stand by Pete .. come on this is a major floater he doesnt hold a candle to dan .. and he yells alot .. lol .

  6. You know, if Andrew and Talla play it smart this week, they could team up with Emmett and Jillian to take out the shield. They could even go to the final 4 together.

    I’m kinda pissed that AJ is gone though because it was a complete waste of an HOH for Topaz. Why not take out a bigger threat?

    Anyway, thanks dawg!

  7. Go team Newfie!!!!!!! I have a feeling that someone will be voted back in, Suzette, AJ and whoever is evicted on Thursday.

  8. I am so glad Topaz isn’t HOH anymore. And about her reign being a waste… was a waste when she “won” it. Now Andrew needs to make the next big move and that is Emmitt and Jillian. These people are getting mad because their alliances are being put on the block…hello???? It is big brother. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Now get Topaz out

    1. RIP AJ the simple truth is this the stoogies will NEVER break the 4 of Gary/Topaz Alec/Peter. Andrew needs to direct his focus toward these 4. The truth is Emmit is loyal to Quatro being the donkey he is. Andrew may be presured to nom Emmit and Jill. It’s the the kiss for everyone not named “shriveltown” !

      1. I’m on the same page.. Andrew needs to take down a big player and somehow recruit a couple numbers to fill out the stooges ranks.

        I’m going by 12 minutes of feeds and a house just went though a #powershift / Eviction so all analysis will be an approximate at best…

        Alec and Topaz apparently broke up either this is a act to try and get Andrew to put up Jillian and Emmett or they really did break up and Topaz went up to the HOH to spill Alec’s game. This is when the feeds cut.. Gary did seem a bit pi$$ed at Alec when in the Have nots which makes me think the break up was real.

        Essentially we have a house of pairs

        Whats Andrew’s best move?

        1. Andrews best move at this point would be Topaz / Alec. Put your money where your mouth is Alec and Topaz and one of you should go home.

        2. The best move for Andrew would be to take out Emmett or Jillian. They are the strongest in the house. But…I want the final 5 to be Peter, Emmett, Jillian, Talla, and Alec. So hopefully Topaz leaves this week with Gary and Andrew following.

        3. Simon, the person I seem to recall Andrew badmouthing and wanting evicted the most, for a while now, has been Topaz, with Gary #2. I’d be shocked if those aren’t the two HGs Andrew has put on the block. Andrew is gonna be in a *very* bad spot next week, no matter what happens, simply because his alliances in the house are far weaker than they are between Alec/Peter/Emmett/Jillian. If any of these 4 win HOH next week, I believe Andrew and the Topaz/Gary survivor will go up, with Talla as the replacement nom.

          If Andrew was the #1 Topaz target to leave the house, and AJ went home instead, then I totally understand Topaz now being furious at Alec, unless it was Powershift’s doing. If not, then Gary is exactly right, inferring that Alec should have “seen to it” that the “Topaz Eviction Choice” went home. Now, because it didn’t go as she wanted, Topaz is in huge danger. (I’m not saying whether this is a good or a bad thing, BB fans – root hard for your favorite HGs. But I rarely have them. I’m always far more interested in projecting “What’s gonna happen next in BB, and why?”)

          Great job on capturing and reporting on this live feed leak, Simon and Dawg! Us BB fans would be totally lost without you two!

        4. After the latest drama it would be best to break up Emmett/Jillian. But he’s unlikely to do it, even if Talla pushes for Emmett, because he’s been desperate for those Maritimers to be his best buddies since the beginning, and he’s just lost his best friend.

          Even if he wanted to, it would be difficult to get Emmett out right now. He needs 3 votes, and Gary, Alec and Peter might be hard to convince (Gary wants other people out much more, and A/P want E/J as allies). And, a PoV with Emmett and Jillian competing is risky.

          To get Jillian out (i.e., break up strongest couple) you could do this: put Jillian and Peter up with Jillian as target. Three votes from Alec, Talla and Gary. Gary likes Peter, and doesn’t give a damn about Jillian. Gary uses his ticket to keep Emmett out of the PoV competition. Should work as long as Jillian doesn’t win PoV. But he would make tough enemies – Emmett would attach himself to Alec/Peter.

          I can’t see any other choice but Topaz/Gary. Putting up any other combination of Alec/Peter/Gary/Topaz would leave too many enemies behind. But as Jim said, doing so will solidify A/P/E/J as final four. Andrew needs to break up E/J to get to final four.

  9. I gather Gary and Emmett are have nots.. Also am I the only one who would rather pay for feeds and get better quality??

    And anyone who is hating on Alec’s game doesnt no the game. You cant win by doing nothing. Canada LOVES Peter. Ya hes got funny goodbye messages, but in the game hes done nothing. Alec does all the convincing, most of the planning and has comp wins. Thats more then anyone so far. The best part about Alec is that hes got a good grasp on what every single player is doing.

      1. Maybe it’ll be blended food he habitually eats (whatever that is) and he’ll like it more than his last 25? plus years of pablum. I hope he’s not still sleeping with the rubber band around the end of his d**k. It probably snapped him one night (the night everyone had their nightmares last week), and he screamed, “Dam you Tom”. Then, ‘PETER: PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM.’

      2. What’s going on here? Why is everybody on this page ‘recording their goodbye messages’ to Big Brother? Like are they all jumping off a cliff at the same time or what?

      3. So…….I guess ‘Topaz’ is gonna be sleeping in the HO h room still huh? There’s a new sherriff in town. I love that, “I know where you sleep old man”. Did he actually SAY that?

      1. I see now it was a slop pass only he is still have not in the room I guess. I am not sure what else he doesn’t get.

  10. BBCA had so much potential, all to be completely undone by the buIIshlt of the last 2 weeks. Seriously, It’s turned into a unfunny joke of a production. Whoever is running this dog and pony fiasco should probably find another line of work. They make AG seem feeder friendly! What a waste of BB season and a waste of my time.

    I just uninstalled my BBViewer and I won’t be watching another episode. See ya Big Brother Canada.

  11. It sounds like Emmett is a have-not since he can’t sleep in the main room, but can eat food because of his slop pass. And possibly Peter too since Jillian excluded him when offering shrimp?

    1. Peter probably doesn’t eat shrimp because of his “dietary restrictions”, I wouldn’t say its indicative of him being a have-not.

  12. We only have a twelve minute snippet of what is going on but Alec totally setup Topaz. She should have listened to Gary.

  13. I like how Alec exposed his game for no reason at all. Which should have already transparent.. All of this reserve psychology and “I’m a nice guy” crap is laughable.

  14. After watching the video and past feeds I do believe there will be another twist and it involves Gary’s veto selection. You can tell that Gary doesn’t Trust Alec at all and if you watch from the video Talla barely said anything to Alec. I honestly believe Alec and Peter’s game play is dumb. They are trying to be will and boogie. If Gary stay’s this week and Topaz leaves this week that would be a dumb move for Alec to make. Gary is a fighter and Alec and Peter believes if Topaz gets evicted and Gary wins next HOH he won’t go after them. Which in this case I can see Gary going after Alec with a vengeance just like he did Tom. Honestly i can see either Jillian or Talla winning this game if they lay low because they aren’t really on anyone’s radar. I can honestly say out of everyone left in the house Alec went from the one of my favorites to now being my least favorite player. He is portraying himself as this nice guy, but he is a jerk. I know it’s a game but, the way he is treating Topaz and just talking behind her back like trash is disgusting. Listen Alec you are NOT Dr. Will.

      1. Thanks Simon for spoon-feeding us HARDCORE watchers of this whirlwind. No longer Friday, but I hope you had a Good one.

    1. That’s the only BBUS I saw in its intirety (last year I believe) on Slice..All After Dark Episodes only though. I was pleased that Ian won. The other BB I still haven’t completed yet is Season 2. I have paused to watch this ‘at home’ drama for now.

    1. So let me offer my condolences. He played a unique game and smoked a lot of cigarettes. You can always remember him for that.

    1. Can’t sleep ….er… the shhaakkess man bad man real bad. I really want to see this all on film? what is it on TV? It’s not called film anymore, right? Whatever, it’s prerecorded anyway. I want to see her HOH Ceremony, opening the door, reading the letter, etc. and the selection of her nominations, then every since then, ceremony, nom, Vito, oh heck that’s not it VETO Vito was a guy I dated in high school AAANYWAY. I want to see e v e r y t h I n g. Think that’ll happen? Could be a twist.

  15. I really want Alec GONE! Yesterday, if possible. He is dead inside. He has gained the trust of a couple of key people, namely Emmett – telling him getting rid of Topaz really could hurt his game. Emmettt steps forward thinking (not a good idea), AW man I can get Jill to take her out. WHAT? Get rid of what’s staring you down in the face. When you see evil hopefully you’re gonna know it right? EM’s gotta relock and reload without showing his cards.

  16. I just finished watching the thursday show again, and I had to laugh really, really loud when Arisa ended the show by saying:

    “remember, someone is always watching!”

    Ha! ha! ha! Noone is able to watch since BB closed the curtains.
    I’m kinda sad that AJ left, he grew on me a lot in these past weeks, he definitely was one of the nicer guys in there. I liked how he genuinely cared for Topaz and tried to avoid her getting into trouble or do sth she would end up regretting (lap dance, kisses). Plus, he was able to laugh at himself instead of being obsessed about how awesome he is (Alec, Peter). He deserved a nicer eviction than this.

    My only hope: Sunday is April 1st, so maybe they’ll say it was just a joke?!? April fool’s day???

    1. I actually agree with you . I liked Aj because he was a genuinely nice person and cared about topaz and the other houseguests
      I’m starting to think Alec is a sociopath lol he does horrible things ( cheat, turn on people her “cares” about ) without feelin bad like he has no conscience .

      I don’t get how people claimed topaz wasted her HOH ( even though aj was evicted her target was Andrew .. And Andrew is probably the best target to date other than tom and Eliza .. Everyone else’s HOH was going after aneal , Danielle and Suzette) so really everyone else’s HOH was a waste . Ironically the same people that make such statements want topaz out this week ( so that’s not a waste of a HOH for Andrew ? When peter Alec Jillian and Emmett are working together ? ) alright then.
      Peter Alec and Andrew are all dumb if they don’t go after Emmett this week .. They might as well all just leave the house and hand the milkman his 100 grand and 25k to a farming supply store right now

      Also why does Jillian always cook bland food ? Does she have food issues like Peter ? Lol

    2. Aj grew on me as well. I always switched to him on the live feeds because even a conversation with himself was better than watching the showmances making out.

      Like I thought, Topaz wasted her HOH. The only good thing to come out of it is the breakup drama that I can’t wait to see.

    3. Nooooo!
      I just realized Sunday won’t be April 1st, but March 31st. So scratch my hopes of an April fool’s day prank… lol :)

    4. Oh, just realized my second mistake: I meant he genuinely cared for TALLA, not TOPAZ… But I guess you all knew what I meant!

  17. Something quite unexpected happened today – I rewatched the last (Thursday’s) televised episode and didn’t have to grab a sick bag cause of Jill and Emmett. I kind of felt weird inside like you know… what is it called???? Oh yeah, people refer to it as human emotion. I thought they were ‘cute’ for the first time EVER. Mostly I’ve been apathetic to it because I hate the word .. should I say it _____MANCE. Fill in the blank cause that’s what people are doing.

  18. Thanl you for this,

    Even though I was able to clean my apt,pay some bills, plan my bday, talk to a boy it wasn’t the same without BB.

    I’m excited to see what happens from here on out. With the vote that happened it seems as though the fog has lifted and people true colors and alliances are showing, which I think topaz and Gary have been out of the loop on since the culmination of 4G.

    I appreciate the game drama mixed with personal drama (esp where Alec is concerned)

  19. Also the true mastermind is Emmett fuck peter and Alec.

    Emmett is an out in the open threat Andrew himself said that he doesn’t let anyone win (even though it was about air hockey get a fucking clue)

    This man played and won soccer with a broken toe, killing people at air hockey, winning important vetos and still hasnfelt the block and it seems that everyone is content letting him and is wife walk to the finals.

    P.s if anyone has the power for him to do a got milk ad shirtless, I would buy more milk


    1. I really enjoyed AJ the last couple of days. He was really funny with the moose. First Aneal and now AJ out on a stupid twist.

      Last night I listened to an interview with Ian Terry and Tom. Tom is the same arrogant ass out of the house as he is in the house. He was going on about how his edit made him look like a prick, and that people need to watch the feeds to see how he really is. I got news for you, Tom. I watched the feeds and you are a prick. I actually thought you got a pretty nice edit.

      1. I also really liked AJ. Such a shame he’s gone but he was going sooner or later. I’ll also miss Emmit, Jillian, Talla and Andrew when their time comes. The rest I can’t stand.

  20. So I’m going to be locking in my votes from now until the end of this show (I had signed up but hate instruction manuals) so I wasn’t sure how to……I’ll be more actively participating that’s Fo Sho from now on cause if I can help it; sumbitch punk Slimdick and Godless Young ‘Mr. Burns’ are burning a hole in my soul. As is ‘Topaz’. At this point, I could rest knowing any of the remaining people win but have my order of how I want it to go (without knowing ANYTHING AT ALL about strategy that is) – because I hate reading intstucti…..

  21. Trying to get a lock on approximately how many people are participating on the Slice Website and I keep have to load more results, load more result…. Any idea of numbers?

  22. I LOVE that video. I wish I didn’t look up the artist at the bottom ’cause when I think of Buble, I think ‘douchey’. I know, I know …not nice. I actually like one song he did ALOT ‘Feeling Fine’? I think. Man I haven’t listened to music for awhile. I have been sooo into this show that does not affect my life one way or the other. I mean of course I still care for everybody here (canine) and myself but I am looking forward to when this madness ends kind of. I have not been passionate about a show like this before. It’s a teaching tool also, I GUESS. I don’t think I’m gonna get away with that excuse. Oh well new day. Moving on.

  23. My two cents:

    1. Topaz did not waste her HoH! Word got to her that te stooges were targeting her so she put the two guys up (not Talla her friend).
    2. Topaz wanted Andrew gone but betrayer Alec and friends didn’t vote how she wanted. Disloyal alliance!
    3. Topaz was right that Andrew was a threat! He is now the Hoh
    4. Alec will screw anyone to win this game. He was my fav but now I want him gone. Peter wins nothing. They suck!
    5. At least farmer boy and Gill play the game, make the right alliances, and are loyal to each other, even though I’m not a showmance fan. Now team E/G and Topaz/Gary.

  24. If I could ask you a huge favour Simon? Could you not post any of my further posts to you I don’t know if that is even possible. I AM SURE IT IS unless you have pressed a button already or something. (Again: aversion to manuals) I would really appreciate it because I think (don’t remember – couple of hours later now) I believe they were more of a (half of a ) conversation after the last post. I have to go for a little walk and would hate to come back and see something I said that was not meant for ‘mass consumption.’ I’ll look forward to you and Dawg’s next updates and can’t say enough how much I appreciate it. S.

  25. i said when the feeds come back i wanted a new hoh thank u lord its andrew .. i cant stand topaz and alec prove me right when i said he was a pussy from the break all this breaking up and making up . he has topaz going crazy one minute she wins hoh he ‘s up her ass the next she aint hoh drama alec, alec, alec

  26. OMG, I am so confused! And Johnny, just for the record, Monday is April 1st. So I guess there is no April Fool’s Day to “fix” the eventual outcome of this “mess” which many will not like.

    1. “Canada Votes” got cancelled this time, because Canada has already figured out that the “Chevy Powershift” is simply code for “BBCA Production Has Decided To Ram Down Canada’s throat whatever Production wants to have happen next. trying for higher BB ratings!” And we’re all so stupid, of course, that we haven’t caught on to any of this, right? I guarantee Production didn’t tabulate a single “Canada Vote” last time. Production had wrongly decided that Suzette *had* to be saved, even before they ever announced the “Powershift.” The “55%-45% vote, to save Suzette over AJ!” was 100% made up by the BBCA publicity dept.. All actual votes were simply ignored by Production, like they always are in the US.. At least when Alison Grodner dupes the Americans this way, BB still makes $, for every vote placed. Not meaning to be a “Debbie Downer” here – I love BB. But we fans deserve the truth. So when Production corrupts the game, like they always try to do, I will point it out, and take exception to it. Peace!

    2. Not necessarily:

      Topaz’s HOH was a FF hence AJ left;

      Sunday MAY be the Canada votes episode where I believe Canada WILL vote DURING the show to evict a nominee. The semantics of that vote I don’t know i.e. will they announce it during the show? Will the result be saved for the following Thursday? Will it be a vote that can ONLY include the 2 nominees?

      My guess on that would be it will depend WHO is on the block.

      Let’s see if Gary/Topaz can reason with Andrew to go after the BIGGER threats which in order would be: Emmett, Alec, Peter/Jill & align Talla with them. I also suspect now that Topaz & Alec are over it will behoove Production to KEEP her in the game with Gary to cause conflict in the house.

      Based on that reasoning I’m thinking if Gary & Topaz are on the block the Canada Votes would be to remove one of the OTHER house guests (not including HOH) so one of Emmett, Jill, Alec, Peter or Talla. Based on everyone’s submissions I’d say that vote would be either Alec (b/c he isn’t well liked) or Emmett b/c people want more action in the house. And if the Canada votes occurred BEFORE POV was played then Andrew could take his time to reconsider whether he would want to take out another power player i.e. Emmett if Alec leaves or Alec if Emmett leaves.

      Obviously this is all supposition so don’t hold me to it. lol

  27. sounds like topaz put up andrew and aj with the intent on getting andrew out. Alec (and maybe emmett/jillian/peter) probably made a deal with Andrew to vote for him to stay which is why his targets might be topaz/gary & why alec and topaz are fighting

  28. peter will be one of the final 2 because gary emette jillian alec andrew will be too busy worrying about getting each other out .. peter will slip under the radar even if one of them win they will put up peter and alec with alec being a strong player and going home …. i just want alec gone

  29. This sentence you wrote above:

    Alec: “It’s hard because she’s ? of the house and when ? of the house isn’t talking to you.. I feel awkward… “

    What he’s saying is this, “It’s hard because she’s 1/8th of the house and when 1/8th of the house isn’t talking to you…” Then he goes on to say that it feels a lot smaller in the house for him because if one person is not speaking to you out of only eight it feels like a big deal.

    Thanks for all the work you guys are doing! I really appreciate it. God, so much happening in the house and no access is actually painful, lol.

  30. I think andrew will target topez and gary with gary being the target. For andrew it will be not who is a big threat but who is a threat to him and he knows that gary snd topez just tried to get him out. She is obvously going ti try and spin it to get him to go after jill and emmitt but i don’t see it happening. Also, if he is on the block his veto pass is irrelevent. Andrew would be an idiot not to try and take gary out.

    1. The pass isn’t irrelevant because he can still block one of the participants.

      For example: Andrew, Topaz & Gary pull: Jill, Talla & Emmett to participate

      Gary uses his pass to remove Emmett & pull Peter up to participate for example.

      Gary will want to limit the POV to weakest possible players & at this point he likely doesn’t trust Alec (rightfully so) & knows Andrew has a deal with Em/Jill, so Peter would be the best of those 4 to participate given how he has performed; however THIS could be the POV Peter goes all out to win so that noms stay the same.

  31. Alec’s whiney ass voice saying what could I do to Gary is so annoying and not a justification for breaking your word to your alliance. If he voted against Topaz which puts her at huge risk of eviction this alleged “smart guy” should know he burned his bridges and just ‘fess up instead of crying about there was nothing else he could do. He is proving himself too be more and more of big baby ever since Tom opened the shower door. If he has any hope to succeed in the game he has to man up, own his decisions and tell Topaz and Gary he killed their alliance and played his own game and not theirs. In my books he’s become the new Tom as far as being a douchebag goes. At least Tom wasn’t two faced and completely utterly duplicitous!!! Simon my name didn’t show on post…could u get rid of it.

  32. I never watched the BBUS live feeds, so I was wondering – did they take them down when HOH competitions and Veto competitions were being played, or were they really live 24/7?

    1. BBCAN feeds are down a lot more than BBUS feeds.. BBUS feeds do not show Comps . All these weekends of now feeds for BBCAN are note witnessed with BBUS

  33. It’s a game people. Whether anyone likes it or not – Alec is actually playing a good game. It is hard to be loyal to anyone (and it is not good for your long term game to be completely loyal) because at some point the masses will go down to final 4,3,2… I’m sure Alec knows that a final 3 with Topaz and Gary would have him sidelined (I’m sure this is why he kept asking Topaz about his trust issues with Gary to see where her thoughts/alliances are at). Alec also probably has worked it out that T&G have an alliance. If left unbroken – it is actually a very strong alliance. By separating them, he makes their alliance to him stronger (or makes them an easier target).
    And he has been in an alliance with Emmett and Peter since day 1. Mentally, physically and socially Alec is playing a pretty decent game.

    Also there are two reasons why Andrew went after Topaz – because Alec put up AJ as a pawn (instead of Gary which was what Andrew wanted) and this pissed Andrew off. In Andrew’s word AJ was his Topaz (I’m pretty sure he said something along those lines). Second reason is that Topaz went after AJ and Andrew.

    1. Sorry I disagree Alec is not playing a good game. 1st thing I consider is strength of your alliance. His final 2 deal is Peter who has done absolutely less than nothing. For Alec to get to the final he has to carry this boat anchor all the way. In the 3 part finally he has to win part 3 against someone who won’t be Peter. A crap shot as it’s 7 questions. But how does he get from 4 to 3? See at 4 HOH is final 3 and POV is final 3 and casts the vote on which of the other 2 gets evicted. Lets say Alec does not win HOH or POV he likely gets sent to the jury unless Peter wins POV and that sure doesn’t look likely.
      Alec does better on his second tier alliance with Emmit/Jillian. There he has 2 competitors that are seriously playing. The bed news is if these 2 are the other 1/2 of the final 4 he has to get by them not just at 4 but 3. Unless Alec turns complete douche(Dan) to the point everyone will take him F2 he has real problems. That’s why I thought the Gary/Topaz second tier alliance made sense with Topaz being weak and unlikely to get votes from the jury.
      That’s the next point of weakness for good old Alec. Jury votes may be hard to come by unless he sits beside Peter or Topaz. BB is a SOCIAL GAME! At some point Emmit/Jillian will find out Alec had a F4 deal with Gary/Topaz. Second for Emmit/Jillian to go to the jury Alec or Andrew will have to do the dirty work. This is a vital point for Alec to get to F2 he will have to spill alot of blood. Ask Dan what happens when your hands are red; 6-1 Wee Ian!! We could see the same anyone but Alec final vote if he got that far. Only Gary could save him on the dirty work. I just think Gary has more layers to his game and thus will not want to go after Emmit and Jillian personally until the numbers dwindle.
      Alec also has this weak frail emmotionally impresion outside the house. I think that perspective in the house is a deal breaker when looking for jury votes. You mentioneded 3 areas mental, social and physical as positives. His mental game sucks respectfully. Crying over nudity really dude. He is having a meltdown with Gary about Topaz killing thier showmance. Yup if you don’t do what the GF wants; and lets be clear Alec has 2 final 4 deals and niether involved the stoogies; you have big problems. He simply appears to be trying to keep all your options open. From 9 down only floaters can attempt this strategy and Alec is no floater.
      Social game is better but it’s not just talking to folks it’s what you say. Emmit/Jillian find out about Gary/Topaz it won’t be good. With Andrew HOH Alec, Gary ect. may try to influence Andrew to target Emmit. That happens and Andrew tells Emmit or Lala tells Jillian good luck being Alec. If the drama with Topaz has she and Gary now looking at getting rid of Alec they may just let Alec hang himself by targeting Emmit then get E/J onboard to send Alec to the jury house early. This goes back to ny initial point. You can’t pick weak partners like Peter. Why he protected Andrew to PO Topaz when Andrew was not intrical to his game strategy shows a lack of understanding about BB.
      Physical was your third point. I sure don’t see this as either a strength or weakness. Jillian. Gary and Emmit I think of as Physical players. Alec a little better than middle of the pack at best. What Alec may have going a little bit is Q&A. But this comp category is still up in the air for domination.
      The list of things Alec needs to do to stay/get back in the game.
      1) Pick 1 core alliance and NEVER waiver from it til there are 5 players left or even 4! Gary/Topaz is done so do I need to scream it’s Emmit/Jillian HELLO! Play the 3 player power game and have the useless Peter as a vote. That’s all he’s worth. The only positive thing Peter brings to the table other than a vote is his social game which simply SUCKS.Peter F2 loses against everyone!
      2)Go after Gary/Topaz and don’t take your foot off the gas til they are gone. You get no longterm traction by trying to keep Gary as an alliance option. He’ll never take you final 2.
      3) have a serious strategic talk with Emmit and Jillian or just Emmit. They need to prioritize now not every week who the order should be to evict. This week it’s Andrew HOH. If you believe as I do Andrew won’t work with Gary/Topaz(seems obvious) then a united Emmit/Alec convo with Andrew should get a Topaz/Gary on the block moving forward. This is by far the best for Alec game at this point. They’d have the votes to send 1 home leaving the other isolated. If Gary doesn’t hold POV send him out 1st. She’LL be running back to Alec. He has to send her packing. Evict the following week.
      4)If the 4 win HOH with 6 left it’s easy if Talla or Andrew wins 4 becomes 3. This could be a risky HOH for Alec. My gut says Andrew/Lala would target he and Peter. Alec has to throw Peter under the bus and secure 2 of the 3 votes or win POV.
      5) He has to up his social game period while evicting HGs. They’ll all need to do this to get jury votes. Nothing is writen in stone so even everyone buddies buddy Jillian can become a douche in the jury’s mind

      Alec isn’t done yet but he better grow a pair and forget about “shriveltown”. The DR isn’t that good and Peter is just a vote at this point.

    2. “when you target me and my buddy, you should rather target my buddy, because I’m fine with that, whereas my buddy would come after you for evicting me!”
      That’s all Alec has been doing this entire time. And to everyone.
      IMO, he’s so stiffly trying to follow his “how to win BB” manual that he’s just far too obvious.
      I think they all know what he’s doing, just like they all knew what Liza was doing, just here, they know it’s better not to talk about it and just evict his ass when they get a chance.
      Alec calls himself very smart, but what I see merely resembles a monkey who has learned a few tricks by heart and keeps repeating them without being able to adapt to new situations.
      How he “handed over” the HOH win to Andrew should be proof enough to the others that he wants to appear as the cocky guy who doesn’t have any respect for anyone in this game but himself, like Mike Boogie. All those who wanted to throw that comp just buzzed the wrong answer, he had to make a show out of it: “I’m so smart, I manipulate this whole house!”
      I’m still trying to figure out what happened when Arissa asked him a question on Thursday: he couldn’t build a proper senternce and ended with “Peter, say something funny for me!”… Was that a show? Or is he really THAT BAD at doing anything he didn’t rehearse for the last 10 years?

  34. Wow so much going on!! Unlike most people posting here, I actually liked the Alec/Topaz showmance. But ultimately, I think it got caught up because Alec’s true alliance was with Peter and as much as he might have tried to tell Topaz she was his number 1, Topaz knew that she wasn’t, partly because Alec wasn’t opening up to her. I really think that if Alec had decided to have Topaz be his main alliance, Topaz would have (sadly) picked Alec over Gary. I think that partly pushed Topaz to align herself more strongly with Gary. As much as Alec is really good at this game, I do think that he has a little bit of a control issue, that surfaced too many times. He also thought he could play Topaz and really get her to do what he wanted to do. What I love about Topaz is that she was never duped by Alec, she was always cautious. And in the end, I really hope that Alec and Topaz really did break up – both personally and alliance wise, because it really opens up more possibilities for Topaz, while exposing Alec AND Peter. If Alec and Topaz are no longer aligned, then all of a sudden, the Peter-Alec alliance becomes much much more visible and they will become targets. I would be really curious to see how Peter handles this – IF he is truly a Big Brother master game player, he will know how to react when he is a target – not just when he is playing under the radar!! As for Topaz, I think this really opens up the door for her to work with Gary and re-align with players like Talla, Andrew, Jillian or Emmett. I wonder if something went down between Talla and Alec, because Talla only hugged and said good night to Gary and didn’t even acknowledge Alec. Maybe during the live eviction, Talla, Gary and Topaz voted one way, while Alec, Peter, Jillian and Emmett voted another way – thereby evicting AJ and saving either Andrew or Emmett (whomever was put up with AJ). Actually – I would love it if Gary, Topaz, Talla and Andrew could swing the power and vote out Emmett, Alec or Peter!!! If this happens – the game would be WIDE OPEN!! I just hope that Andrew realizes that Emmett, Alec and Peter would put him up on the block in a heart beat – with the only people being put up before him would be Gary and Topaz. But if Andrew puts up Gary and Topaz and one of them leaves, then he actually puts himself as risk at the next HOH – if Emmett, Alec or Peter win HOH.

    Dang, I really wish the live feeds were up this weekend!!

    1. Topaz would not have voted as she was HOH.

      Andrew is kind of screwed without AJ no matter which way he targets people this week. Gary and Topaz were already coming after him, so theres no way he is going to align with them (they wouldn’t even invite him to anyways). He can only hope for Emmett/Alec/Peter go after the remaining Topaz/Gary or Talla next week. I think he may last next week simply for the fact that the bros like to hang out with him, they will spare him and get rid of someone who has less in common with him. I see him coming in 5th as long as the remaining Topaz/Gary doesn’t win HOH next week.

      My predictions for order of HGs leaving the house:

      Topaz/Gary leave this week.
      Remaining Topaz/Gary goes next week
      Final three: Alec, Peter, Emmett – with Emmett wining HOH part 1, Alec throwing HOH 2 to Peter, Peter winning HOH 3 and taking Alec to final 2.

      1. OK I like alot of your post. But let me clarify 1 thing and that is Peter cannot win final 3 comp 3rd if Alec and Emmit win the 1st 2 comps of the 3 part final. It would be Emmit and Alec playing 20(hehehe it’s actually 7) questions.
        I’ve mention before how important 4 player HOH week/eviction is to an yones game. The numbers suggest to me that Jillian is likely not going out at 4 left. See the HOH is safe but who they nominate does not matter. The POV winner has all the power unless the HOH wins POV as well. The 1 vote to evict is the player not on the block. Jillian has 2 chances to save herself simply by winning HOH or POV. Then she has Emmit who I think would ultimately protect her inspite of bros over hos! Alec has to win HOH. But if he does he then must win POV or Peter must win POV and lots of luck on that happening. If I am correct that Emmit/Jillian take each other from 4 to 3 that means Alec needs to win POV whether HOH or not to secure Peter in F3. If I’m Alec with POV I’m sending Emmit out at 4 if he isn’t HOH. Better for his F2 game than facing Emmit F3. If E/J can get to 4 with Alec/Peter I like thier chances F2. Not a lock but I think a competitive advantage versus Peter/Alec

        I’m not as sure Gary/Topaz go next 2. Gary can win his way a few weeks just by competing if he gets nominated and wins POV. If Gary goes this HOH Topaz should go next. Then Lala then Andrew is a possibily. Though I think Andrew has a real arguement at 5 to say take me F3 to Emmit and Jillian in particular.

      2. Based on your analysis I see a couple of things that don’t work:

        1) Emmett said his loyalty is ONLY to Jill so at 4 it would depend on who wins HOH, who gets nominated & who votes to evict with the most power lying with WHO WINS POV since they are the SOLE vote to evict. In other words if Emmett or Jill win POV it won’t matter b/c they’ll be in the F3

        2) If your assessment that F3 will be Peter, Alec & Emmett, my money would be on Peter winning Round 1 b/c he would perform best in an endurance comp. He already said he could have hung on that tree for several more hours he just chose not to. Then in round 2 you’ve got 2 physical players Alec/Emmett with the advantage leaning to Emmett

        3) So assuming then it would be Peter & Em in Round 3 I’d give the advantage to Peter taking the Q & A

        So even though everyone thinks Peter is doing nothing; he is doing nothing because he has CHOSEN to. I still believe Peter will show his true colors IF there is another double eviction by winning either the HOH or POV that evening. AND I believe Peter will win either the HOH or POV when they reach final 4 should he still be there. As I outlined above I also believe he’ll win rounds 1 & 3 of the final comp.

        Therefore if he reaches the final 2 chairs & can say he lied low for two-thirds of the game, kept his word & then won 4 out of 6 of the final critical comps how do you not give him the prize. Remember BB is a game that involves competitions, social skills & strategy. Many previous winners have waited until jury to start playing FULLY on all levels. I believe that is what Peter is doing. I don’t believe he has the charm of a Will who didn’t need to win any comps to win but I do believe he can play a Dan-type game where he only needs to win when it counts. However with a house that puts so much emphasis on winning comps I think he’ll need to win more comps then he originally intended as Alec pointed out to him last week.

        This of course is ONLY based on your assessment that J/E & P/A make F4

      3. What you are saying isn’t exactly correct; YES Topaz wouldn’t vote as HOH,…. BUT that’s how we know that Alec & Peter voted to keep Andrew.

        Topaz KNEW Talla/Gary would vote to keep AJ & ASSUMED Peter/Alec would also vote this way.

        IF the vote had been split at 3 each she would have made the deciding vote BUT b/c Peter/Alec wanted to keep Andrew in the game they HAD to BOTH vote to keep Andrew so that Topaz had no power in the deciding vote therefore their vote was obvious & this showed both Topaz & Gary their alliance was bullshit.

    2. A few issues to mention. The vote likely was 4-2 as Topaz cannot vote as HOH. Topaz target Andrew and Lala would pick AJ to stay so Gary would vote Andrew out. The other 4 voted AJ out. Pawn star is 1st in the jury. He knew it was coming eventually. The issue for Andrew is he wasn’t just put on the block he was Gary/Topaz’s target. I don’t think Andrew can or will work with them as a result. Add to it Gary has been a target mentioned by Andrew several times on the feeds it”s likely these 2 on the block.
      Andrew is positioned as a 6/5 player left to evict position because of how he’s played the game so far. He needs to keep uping his social game with Alec/Peter and Jillian/Emmit in pairs looking for a crack that could switch either pair to make a F4 with he and Talla. But for him the 1st task is to get rid of Gary/Topaz next 2 evictions. I think he’ll have a hard time cracking those 4 and get 2 to work with he and Lala. His other social play is to argue this. You want me F3 with you and your friend as I’m easy to beat in the 1st 2 of the 3 comp final. It’s a great sales pitch to sell Emmit and Jillian. Chances against Andrew geting to the third comp 7 question final are really thin as comp 1 and 2 are endurance/physical if they follow the BBusa script.

      As for Topaz I thought it really clear from the feeds/forum here that her core alliance was always Gary. She has few options to grow beyond Gary unless Gary makes it happened. I sure don’t get Topaz targeting stoogies as HOH. Obviously I would assume it was Gary’s decision. Only thing I could think of was the plan was to backdoor someone but the power shift didn’t allow for a POV competion. It’s a remote possibility at best. Wish we had feeds as some segnificant social/strategy decisions are playing out this weekend vital to the final 2 solution.
      I was alwas wondering if Gary would use the POV power to backdoor Emmit this time. Perhaps the person winning POV decided not to use it thus keeping the noms the same. Or Lala on the block with AJ then Andrew the renom and vote goes wrong. So many possibilities. There won’t be enough time in 1 hour to do the nuances justice IMHO on Sunday.

  35. Hey Simon – I have been away from internet access for almost a week and I finally get access and this is what I am met with??? What the heck is happening in that dang house??? One week can cause a whole lotta drama!

    Thanks to you and Dawg I have been able to catch up but have a couple questions:

    Was the huge break-up between Topaz and Alec shown on the feeds?
    Has the Veto competition been held yet?
    Do you think the Alec/Topaz fight is just for show?

    Thanks again for helping me get caught up!

    1. We’ve only had 12 minutes of feeds for the lat 2 days.. Can’t even confirm if the Topaz/Alec break up is legit. As of last night the Nominations hadn’t happened yet everyone was scrambling about who Andrew may be putting up.

  36. Andrew is going to play his own game because of his age and he doesn’t care about what others think. He knows if it comes down to him and Peter, Alec will save Peter so I wouldn’t be surprised if Andrew doesn’t try to get rid of Peter. Alec has just proven his allegiance by going for Andrew and against his “squeeze” so now the only thing in Andrew and Alecs way is Peter, unless of course whiney baby Alec thinks he gets back in Topaz’s good graces. I hope Andrew puts up Topaz and Gary, then if one comes off puts up Peter.

    1. Problem with this thinking is Andrew isn’t that found of Alec. He still holds a grudge for Alec rubbing his nose on National TV… i.e. he felt Alec made him look like a fool by giving him HOH when all he had to do was hit the wrong answer instead of shaking his hand & telling him the answer. In turn this allowed Alec to win the $10K.

      Let’s not forget Andrew was the one guy coming into the house that said he would for-go winning the game IF he found love in the house. IMHO the way Alec has treated Topaz will NOT sit well with Andrew. Given this fact it’s more likely Andrew would target Alec over Peter should he try to break up the Shield.

      Also; lets not forget with Topaz currently furious with Alec over screwing her over on her HOH what’s to stop her from telling Andrew EVERYTHING… i.e. the goal was to get Alec, Peter, Emmett, Jill, Topaz & Gary to final 6. She can provide details Andrew isn’t aware of & point out Andrew finishes no better than 5 in almost every scenario.

      Topaz should point out she was willing to be loyal to the end but now feels it’s time to shake things up & like I outlined before if she can convince Andrew to align with herself & Gary with Talla they will have the numbers & a much better option of deciding who makes the F4.

      1. You do realize Topaz just targeted Andrew for eviction and had 2 stoogies on the block. I can see no rational way Andrew would work with a weak player like Topaz and Gary has made it clear he wanted Andrew out for quite some time. By the way where did you come up with these 6 have a 6 player deal. Topaz and Gary have a deal with Alec/Peter who also have a deal with Emmit/Jillian to go top 4. Gary and Alec want to backdoor Emmit this HOH. There is no final 6 deal. Just Alec/Peter trying to have both options. Highly doubt Andrew will do what they want. Andrews best game is to work with Jillian/Emmit. We won’t know til the veto ceremony Monday if Emmit backdoor will happen. To do the backdoor the 1st step is to not nominate Emmit/Jillian for eviction. This is important as Gary can only remove someone who is not HOH or the 2 noms. We won’t know til after the veto meeting if Andrew is working with Gary/Alec or not. If he’s aligned woth Emmit/Jillian he won’t nominate them anyway.We may see it after the POV if Gary removes Emmit from playing but that said we still need to see Andrews renom if veti is used.
        Maybe Andrew agrees to the backdoor. Emmit sees Gary and Alec for the snakes they are. Topaz and Gary on the block Andrew takes down Topaz and nominates Gary. Emmit ans Jillian decide who gets on the JH next. Not sure this last bit of drama happens as it’s likely better to let the 2 boms stay the same if possible. Gary POV and Alec goes up. Gary no POV likely Alec would back out of the veto usage and let the noms stay the same if he won POV unless Andrews renom was garunteed..

      2. Andrew will never aline himself with topez ang gary. He knows that they have been gunning for him and he told talla not even a week ago that they need to aline with jill and emmitt and get gary out. As for alec and topez i highly doubt he is going to care about what cardinal sin alec did from what i gather the only thing he did was vote the way he wanted and not what he was told. I still think andrew will put up gary and topez with peter as his back up if they win pov. Topez and gary have pretty much ignored him all game and now it back fired the only two smart enough to talk with them was jill and emmitt who are in a pretty good spot. Maybe topez should have spent more time with the other hgs (with the exclusion of gary and alec) then sleeping.

  37. I think that the shield should align with Talla. Why? She was close to winning 2 comps and there is going to be an endurance soon that she will win or mental comp and if they go to the end ANYBODY COULD WIN AGAINST TALLA cause she clearly has no game.

  38. Wait!

    So the only HOH worth anything was when Glitter was the Warrior of the house? He is the only one who made a big move!

    The rest of the house are too afraid to do anything big.

    How about voting out Emmett ? Harry Potter (Peter) ? Andrew Knoxville? Cry Baby Alec?

    Its going to be hilarious when it comes down to these 4 having to vote each other out. I hope they start with Alec :)

    1. I don’t get! That every hoh is worth something it is one less player in the house. I don’t get the whole make a big move what is the point of making a big move unless it benifits you. He could try and take emmitt out but he would have to put jill,alec or peter on the block to get him out other wise he has the votes to stay and how does getting emmitt out help his game. I will tell you it doesn’t the following week gary, topez and jill will be gunning for him but if he takes out gary he has a better chance of going further in the game backdooring emmitt is g/t plan but andrew plays hos own game and gary is just as big a threat more so because he is gunning for him. I am sure andrew knows that topez and gary wanted him out.

      1. Exactly. These people aren’t fans of the game. They just want to be entertained with fake stuff like other reality shows. They want drama and exciting stuff every second. They are the reason production steps in and screws with the game’s natural progression. I am a fan of the game, so I know every eviction is important. You can’t let them coast to the end. Big Brother is like chess…and they want it to be like Halo 4.

  39. What’s with Alec’s hair no offence but when I saw it I laughed. If Gary is the one who cut it I swear it is sabotage.

    1. HAHAHAha… Yeah I though the same thing! Gary totally botched it! But I think Gary actually tried to do a good job all he did was give Alec the same hair cut that he has (Saved the sides and left the top). I don’t understand why Alec did get Jillian to cut his hair as she cut Peters and does it for friends back home.

  40. I think that since Alec has decided to throw Topaz under the bus and since Andrew thinks he is part of the Peter, Emmett, Alec alliance he will put Topaz and Gary up. If he was smart though he would put up Emmett and Alec because they would drop him like a fly and both are strong and can win competitions.

    But I think topaz will go home and then Gary and Talla will be pissed and probably form an alliance. If not Talla will steer clear and stay with Andrew.
    Gary will either go home the following week or win HOH/Pov. If he wins HOH he will put up Alec/Peter or Andrew/Alec. If Gary is put up next week it will be against either Talla or Andrew. I think that Topaz is aware of what Alec has been saying and drama will be shown this Sundays episode. Excited

    1. Andrew has to have decided either Alec/Peter or Emmit/Jillian as his deal with Lala the 4th. It’s not an easy call frankly because he was mostly getting feed/TV time with AJ present. I’m guessing Talla would prefer to play with Jillian over “shriveltown”. AJ gone likely means Topaz is no longer her buddy. Andrew could try Peter/Alec but look at these 4 collectively versus the rest on comps. Peter no threat to win anything. If Andrew wants to further his game and go farther it needs to be Emmit/Jillian. He throws Emmit under the bus Gary/Alec will eat his dinner! As early as next HOH
      Turn those feeds back on!!!

    2. I think if it is gary and topez on the block then gary will go he is the bigger threat and i don’t see the other’s passing on getting him out.They can deal with topez later. Andrew will want him out and it comes down to 3 votes

    1. I’m really surprised that people think peter has the best game considering he does less than nothing in the house. I’d say maybe Emmett has the best game, despite being such a massive threat, people aren’t recognizing that or trying to target him. He’s competing but still laying low and it’s working really well for him.

      1. Emmitt is a huge threat but unlike the other hg’s emmitt is smart enough to talk to everyone in the house up till this hoh topez and gary barely even talked to andrew but emmitt has made friends with everyone which intern makes him less of a threat when there are other people they can get out.

      2. From the outside, it seems like Peter and Emmett have to go before it’s too late to get rid of them, but they’ve both been flying under the radar for a while now since the houseguests think that there are bigger fish to fry. Oh well. I like them both enough.

    2. Simon, I think Alec’s vote to go against Topaz, and keep Andrew over AJ, has clearly cost him a *ton* of respect, here on OBB, and in the house s well. But the huge difference between Peter’s and Alec’s poll percentages simply isn’t possible. The whole house knows that the two of them have been “joined at the hip”, since Day 1. Whenever HGs sour on another HG, like some have on Alec, the HGs always also go after their closest allies. Can you say Peter? To me, Emmett is *clearly* in the best spot right now. Not even close. Just my opinion!

  41. This is nuts people really need to put up Alec and Peter already. Topaz and Gary should team up with Emmett and Jillian would be the smartest thing. Kind of weird nobody going after strong players

    1. I think they have back after all liza’s lies were reveiled and andrew found out that emmitt wasn’t coming after him he started hanging out with jill and emmitt. After tom and liza left andrew had a conversation with tall and aj where he said for them to go further they needed to aline with on of the strong alliences so either we go with peter,alec,topez, gary or we go with jill and emmit they decided to go with emmitt and jill. Later andrew found out that gary was targeting talla not sure how but i think jillian told him that was when talla got all paranoid and they decided to get gary out.

    2. Sure that’s great …. IF YOUR EMMETT & JILLIAN

      Em can beat Andrew in pretty much anything physical & Jill has proven she can beat Talla at endurance. The only positive for Andrew & Talla would be questions where Talla has finished ahead of the others but it’s still a crap shoot.

      IMO as much as Andrew knows Topaz/Gary were gunning for him he also knows he was gunning for them. It’s likely someone confirmed this when Topaz was HOH. If Andrew is smart he’ll see/sense that Alec & Jill will cut ANYONE they see as strong & in fact Alec & Jill mentioned this in the 12 minute clip (Jill to Alec… we need to get rid of Andrew!)

      If Andrew (who I think has played a pretty good game over all in terms of the 3 categories: Strategy, Social, Comps) then he needs to look at the remaining house guests to determine WHO his biggest threat to winning is. THAT would be Emmett or Alec at this point due to their physicality & their partners (J/P).

      Some people voiced it wouldn’t help him to align with Topaz & Gary b/c they aren’t strong BUT that is EXACTLY why he should align with them b/c it would be easier to beat Topaz/Gary (once they remove one of Emmett/Alec) then it would be for him & Talla to beat both A/P & E/J.

      On a side note: one thing I’m most anxious to find out is whether Peter has figured out Emmett & Jill ARE NOT on board with him & Alec to final 4 (or at least they are set up better with everyone remaining than Peter & Alec are) & what he’ll do to try & influence Andrew. The fact Emmett told Peter he may go up or be a replacement CONFIRMED this information to Peter who is very adept at reading between the lines. At this point he has to see once Gary is gone with Andrew & Talla by extension on E/J’s team that he & Alec are dead men walking i.e. 2 vs 4 (& either Topaz or Gary furious with them as well).

      How will Peter maneuver this critical HOH b/c he will NEED to keep Gary & Topaz & also regain their trust as well as try to get Talla on the Shields side. IMO Peter is way too smart to see how bad things will be for the Shield & himself specifically if Gary leaves this week. Peter HAS to make some moves & I don’t know whether he’ll have time before Sunday. Further making his life difficult will be if either he or Alec end up on the block should Gary or Topaz come down. He has Alec to thank for this kerfuffle b/c Alec told way too many people Peter was his guy as well as led Gary/Topaz to believe they were a solid 4 & the vote to remove A.J. totally messed the Shields ability to maneuver b/c now T/G can’t trust A/P.

      That 20 second exchange between Emmett & Peter in the 12 minute live feed leak for me marked the unleashing of Peter on the house as a more ACTIVE player. Let’s see what he does.

      1. OK you think Topaz/Gary are strong? Stop using drugs. Gary is a good player, sleepwalker is one of the 2 worst players in the house. Gary is a pure LIAR, ask Tom, and you think Andrew should trust and play with a confirmed liar that already is targeting him. Learn the freaking game!!! Andrews only shot is to align with Emmit/Jillian. Strategically this game has some simple basic elements. You cab be F2 if you cannot get ti final 4. Give yourself a chance at F4. That’s where magic can happen as 2 of the 4 win thier way to top 3.
        Oh and more humour… has Peter figured out E/J are not on board with Alec/Peter? Are you completely out of touch with reality? Peter and Alec have a F4 deal with Gary/Topaz. Quatros deal has been gone for weeks but will be back on if Gary is evicted by the 2 faced backstabbing Alec/Peter. You need to get a grip on reality! On the 12 minute leaked feed Gary and Alec are talking about backdooring Emmit. What freaking deal are you talking about? And Peter is adept at doing exactly NOTHING.

        Oh unleash Peter on the house…ROFL. A pure idiot imitating Dan from BBusa 14. You don’t have a clue!!! Alec is hurting Peters game, really? Peter has NO game and Alec is done by carrying this boat anchor. He has done exactly nothing to Alec competing. Gary/Topaz’s relationship both good and bad is with Alec not Peter. Peter social game is non existant! BB is a SOCIAL GAME. Learn how BB is played effectively. Peters game is trash pure and simple. You watch in the coming weeks Peter ends up in the jury then explains to the jury why he should personally pick the winner… b/c he knows how to play BB!! What a pathetic joke this idiot is.

        1. WOW Stan why don’t you just attack me & call me a drug user! Are you invested in BBCan just a little?

          I won’t take the same route as you but I will say I respect your opinion b/c at the end of the day THAT’S WHAT IT IS… AN OPINION.

          Yes I do believe Peter is a good player as do many others based on the poll.

          As for the rest of your personal biased attack on me I’ll note the following:

          In the 12 minute clip Jillian tells Alec “We need to get him out.. (Andrew)” so your thoughts on Andrew aligning with Emmett & Jillian while holding some merit would only serve to see him leave before reaching a final 2 chair. In fact it’s likely after Gary left Andrew would be the next target since he’s proven he can win comps & is well liked. At this point Em/Jill will more likely keep Peter over Andrew b/c they’ve yet to witness whether he can win comps.

          My reasoning for Andrew aligning with Topaz & Gary is THEY WILL do his dirty work & go after Alec, Peter, Emmett & Jillian who HAVE proven they are the strongest pairs & competitors in the game. They in essence can get the blood on their hands by taking out strong players & breaking up couples which WOULD clear the way for Andrew to align with ONE of either Jill or Emmett as a Final 2.

          To your point about Peter being useless I WILL take your advice & watch the coming weeks because if Andrew DOESN’T target one of the 4 I expect he (Andrew) will be in jury immediately following Gary/Topaz.

          I DO understand this game & all the components of physical comps, strategy & social play & IN MY OPINION Peter has gauged his performance & timing perfectly. Once again IN MY OPINION I believe he will go further in the game than Andrew.

          You are entitled your opinion which I respect but PLEASE REFRAIN FROM ATTACKING ME PERSONALLY IN THE FUTURE, it’s NOT appropriate.


        2. Also Stan,

          I DID NOT say Topaz was strong what I DID say was it would behoove Andrew to align with them (Gary/Topaz) because they WERE NOT as strong as Jill & Emmett so it would offer him an easier time of getting further!

          As for Alec telling Gary they need to go after Emmett this followed a conversation between him & Jill saying they needed to go after Andrew. What does this prove? That they ALL LIE, it’s part of the game.

          Alec & Peter had made a “fake” deal with Topaz & Gary which was proven by them NOT evicting Andrew when Topaz was HOH (or at least I believe that will be confirmed tonight).

          As for the Quatro deal Emmett & Jill have NOT said it is off they are doing exactly the same thing Peter & Alec are doing which is aligning themselves with sub alliances. So should Peter or Alec win the next HOH Emmett & Alec would encourage them to put out anyone BUT them just like Peter & Alec would do should Emmett & Jill win HOH.

          The truth is Emmett & Jill talk game OPENLY to Alec, Peter & Andrew & only partial game to the others. Alec & Peter talk OPENLY to Emmett & Jill & only partial game tot he others. So at the end of the day these four players are conducting themselves relatively similar.

          Anyway, once again it’s just my opinion & you have yours.

          I WAS NOT a fan of Tom b/c I found him to be a bully & a poor game player but please note, there isn’t ONE person in the house I like exponentially over another I just appreciate the game & dissecting it.

          Happy Easter

  42. I have an iphone and normally when the feeds are off I see the hush hush screen but today it says “the channel is not live” with a yellow upside triangle with black exclamation point inside this happening with anyone else ??

  43. Simon, is there gonna be a live stream link??
    I’m from the other side of the world and it’s really getting late. I would like to head to bed if there’s no link :)

      1. Live feeds may be back Sunday but Big Brother After Dark isn’t listed on TV listings until 2:00 A.M. Monday night/Tuesday Morning

  44. I wrote this before but it didn’t post…For those who watched the BBUS live feeds, were they on 24/7 or did they cut them when HOH and Veto competitions were being played like the wonderful BBC feeds?

    1. The BBUS live feeds are cut during POV, HOH, Veto Ceremony, Luxury competitions… and for other reasons too, however the BBUS feeds aren’t cut as long as the BBCA feeds are but this is the first season for Canada.

  45. Wouldn’t it make sense for Andrew to put up Emmett and jillian and strike a deal with with topaz and Gary since his only real hope for safety is Talla at this point.

    1. No, he has a better shot with emmitt (not to mention he has had a deal with them for a few weeks now and they were the ones that kept him with topez/gary wanted him out) Andrew knows that if he got rid of emmitt then gary would for sure win hoh and he would be the first gone, Gary has already said he wanted to get andrew and talla out so it makes more sense to take gary out now

  46. My hope was that Andrew, trying to cut a deal not to be put up, would have told HOH Topaz that just about everyone , including Alex, wanted her out..
    With Gary holding the veto (whatever thing) it would mix up the game and make it interesting..
    By (sigh) it seems she put up Andrew and Aj ……
    And apparently Alex didn’t vote out Andrew which would have been her and Gary’s target …
    So another waste of an HOH thanks to BBC silly twists.
    Topaz needed more time as HOH to allow the game to develop.. It’s like production (whoever they are) want Emmit to win….
    As for creepy Peter, who the worst host in history thinks is “playing a great game,” claims he is throwing competitions. Make is seem like he could win if he wanted to. I think Peter claims he can to boost his image to others. My guess is he can’t win anything. He’s all talk and no action…
    As for the show’s host.. Why does she give away the game plays in her questions to contestants.. (e.g so and so are in an alliance) Seems she wants to be the star instead of the house guests…. As a member of the audience her questions even make me feel awkward….

  47. Wow! Eventhough the video leak was short, so much has happened and it’s bittersweet….AJ – The pawn star is gone but Andrew is HOH. Who knows how he survived, just glad he did. I am also so happy the Alec/Topaz “shamance” is over. I think Andrew needs to cut a 1 week deal with the other 3 couples Alec/Peter, Gary/Topaz and Jillian/Emmett to ensure his safety. So whichever couple he cuts a deal with, he needs to put up one of the other couples. Then the other couple not nominated would then be thinking he is saving him.

  48. If Gary or Topaz win the Veto, who will Andrew put up? Anyone want to take a guess. It could be Peter. Better not be Talla (she voted against Andrew after all) Emmett or Jillian.

    1. He wouldn’t put Talla up, she is his only for sure ally. He most likely knew going into the vote that she was going to vote to keep AJ as she and AJ were closer than she and Andrew.

  49. Someone mentioned lets see how Topaz plays when the heat is on……New Snugglemance Andrew and Topaz. She has already snuggled with Alec and Gary. That is Topaz’s game.

  50. Prediction:

    Final three: Jillian, Emmett, Andrew

    Jillian wins endurance
    Emmett wins pov
    Jillian wins the questions comp and takes Emmett to final two
    Emmett wins cuz of the bros voting for him in jury house although I’d love for Jillian to win
    Votes: 3-3 with Andrew the swing vote will probably vote for Emmett to win.
    Either way the true showmance / power couple wins … For a change ;o)

  51. Ever notice how Andrews teeth have changed this season?
    So boring without feeds, just rewatching old episodes/after darks, noticed something the teeth of Andrew “changing”

    Oh yeah he has a twin…
    You don think…Or

  52. After all of the seasons of BBUS, I have never liked the ditzy air head girl. At times I liked Ashley, but I have to say that Talla is my girl!! OK, she’s about as bright as a burned out Christmas tree light, but the girl is funny! She makes air hockey fun, her lap dance with Aneal is one of my favorite moments so far. She is so clueless that I can’t help liking her. She makes the feeds fun, the way Brit made them fun. I don’t think Lala can win the game, but I hope she goes far, at least beating the other girls. As soon as I saw her walking down the stairs backwards in her blue boots I knew she would be a nut. I will miss her and AJ’s banter. RIP AJ, I was just starting to like you a lot!!

  53. This recent ‘twist’ has set up some of the interesting dynamics yet. Alec has now let everyone (including Canadian TV viewers) that his romance was a ‘loveless sham’. His method portraying the innocuous little boy who was ‘whipped’ by wearing “Topaz’s” robe after her running off the platform was a very calculated move by the 4 players who have been calculating in knowing how to elicit a response that further their goal. There are ‘people’ left in that house – and I use the term veeeery loosely – who have already sold (or may never had) their souls. Hoping to garner results that they have been successfully getting away with their entire lives. Godless, soulless, consciensceless and emotionless. NO ABILITY TO EVEN BE THOSE THINGS. Scheming using “methods’ like the ‘shower’ to confuse what is being said. Setting the stage. This is Magic/Illusion for those ‘suckers’ watching united as a 4-person entity that the unwilling/unable to see have fooled since way back. Rubber band man wipes his bottle with a tissue every time he puts it to his lips? The thinking of someone who thinks other “people” have the potential for as much evil as he holds in his mind. Emmett is fearless, full of grace and his partner by him has made them both incredibly resilient without showing exactly how smart they are. They are nothing short of two of the strongest humans I have seen united for a common goal without sacrificing their integrity. I send much respect to those of who who honour Easter and believe in something bigger than. THE GAME IS CALLED BIG BROTHER TWISTS.

    1. Whitewingdove – a very “heavy” topic, and a very interesting post. Happy Easter to you as well. I try to separate BB HG behavior (a game), from, let’s say, that of the business world. Your post about just how “soulless” and “diabolical” people can be, in both BB and in life, is 100% true. But when folks do it in “real life”, the hurt they inflict on others’ lives is very real, with long-term negative consequences often the result. Personally, I hate seeing that. And many folks *are* cold and heartless that way; many BB HGs surely included. But BB is *not* real life. Aside from any prize money and TV exposure, all the BB HGs will soon return to their regular lives, 98% as they left it, pre-BB. BB is a game. It is a TV show. Conflict and drama are a must. Having some of the HGs lie, manipulate and be “two-faced” may repulse you. But there’s just no BB without it! Let me go “old-school.” I compare BB to playing Monopoly, having your opponent land on Boardwalk, with your hotel on it. They can’t pay “rent”, so they have to give you their deed to “Marvin Gardens” instead. And, as the player winning, getting that deed makes you happy! But was the Monopoly loser *really* impacted negatively? No. It’s just a game. Unless you can separate BB from real life, how could Chelsea Gheesling ever stay married to Dan, after watching him throw both Danielle and Shane in front of a Mack truck at the end, in his own interests? Cold blooded!

      I am so glad you brought up Emmett. (He is not perfect. He drinks all the milk in the house, and he isn’t all that concerned that other HGs have none for their cereal.) But I happen to think that Emmet is *the* most honest, honorable human being, that I’ve ever seen play in the BB house. And he’s playing it incredibly well. He is smart. He is kind. He is loyal. He is a man of his word. He is surprisingly candid with the other HGs. I *love* the fact that he can be all of these things, and still compete in BB at a high level. I also think that his show-mance with Jillian is 100% real, at both ends. (Granted, he is *one* frisky dude – he’s always all over Jill!) My major shock is how 99% of OBB fans *far* seem to prefer a Jeff/Jordan, *way* less physically demonstrative, *way* less “touchy-feely” BB show-mance. The amount of OBB-ers that want to vomit, at every daily, genuine, Emmett/Jillian affection episode simply astounds me. I’m no voyeur, but I’ve always loved seeing two people who are truly happy being together. I’d love to have a shrink explain to me why so *few* others on here see that as I do. (Is it just envy? Is it, “Do that stuff behind closed doors?” I’m not sure.) I am not being critical of anyone here – I’m just confused. So feel free to enlighten me, fellow OBB-ers!

    2. I respect your point of view and appreciate the time you took to read and respond to my post. Here is what I came away with in reaction to it: I definitely know real life and BB (a filmed record of every nuance (right down to picking your own face), become exposed. Before I forget: Emmett drinks all the milk? really? I’m not saying that you misspoke but of all the footage I have seen to date, I haven’t heard one houseguest react to it with anger or resentment. In fact, I don’t recall anyone ever even bringing it up. If I missed it, apologize in advance and you can disregard the last sentence. During the first week, Topaz’s insistence on defying BB rules resulted in NO HOT WATER FOR 48 hrs. On another occasion, someone fearless knocked out a camera and all houseguests were subjected to an evening of Alarm sound and instructions to do something specific – iimmediately, resulting in a horrendous evening and possibly more hours (we don’t know) of no sleep, resentment, paranoia resulting from speculating who did it, and fatigue. After carefully EACH nuance, listening to EACH word spoken can be enlightening (hopefully). After all, that is the exact reason for the success of the show. Emmett’s toe being broken during the course of a soccer game is in fact, a consequence that is very painful for him. This all may sound like it’s geared towards defending Em, when I am actually expanding my thoughts. Some of the best players at this are straight out of Sociology School for example and may appear to be harmless, but that is exactly why they succeed in sometimes attaining what they rightfully believe is theirs, without conscience, disregard for another’s sensibilities and pain. I don’t know who those particular people you mentioned are, but the reset button was set and this game restarted with this whole new cast of characters, with or without their own assets and liabilities. Emmett and Jill’s open displays of affection bugged me abit at first. Now I remember the newness of how that must feel for them and find it quite beautiful. Emotions are not “supposed” to occur, yet clearly they do. We are not all Rubber Band Tin Man. Certain postures are used, eye contact made. Character development soon appears. Habits, rituals, preferences, values and so forth are seen (we see more than the actually roommates do) because of our position. I COULD NEVER DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS. *I’m getting Carpal-Tunnel because I didn’t expect to post any more but was truly appreciated of your response * Now, having said all that, I don’t know how Dan’s Gheesling’s wife accepts living with a man. There are 7 billion people here and of those a large number are married to people whom you described to be cold-blooded. That is the satisfaction they derive personally from this. Everyone’s is entirely unique (the reason they signed up) and they record their reasons after being selected and are asked questions, etc. There are VERY skilled magnetic people in the world and maybe you haven’t come across any of the type I speak of, but there are. It’s Just A Game. By the way, I am familiar with who Dan Gheesling is but never saw him “in action.”. Do you think I’ll get a prize for longest post ever submitted? I am really anticipating tonight’s episode more than I have been any other one to date and I hope get some enjoyment from it also (if that’s the right word.)

  54. OK BBC producers… A story or show needs the plot to develop. This to get and keep the attention of the audience. One does this by allowing the characters/house guests develop their individual circumstances and strategies…. So when the first HOH is appointed over the phone, and you do an audience veto,(that was against the house guests plan), followed by an early double eviction. And, a short week later, top that with a another surprise eviction; it’s as if one missed random chapters in a book. Make’s the tale hard to follow… Or like playing poker with your kid sister who thinks she’s playing “go fish.” …. . I am watching because I want to like and enjoy the show. Because it is Big Brother in Canada.. I want the show to succeed.. But so far it’s been a big disappointment…
    Get rid of the moose and druken party for everyone rewards.
    Introduce more individual cash and prizes reward competitions. This would encouage people to play.
    If a house guest wins a “veto.” Make it a real regular veto.. A partial veto is like trying to play hockey without a puck.

  55. What do I mean when I say allow your story characters to develop.. Take sleeping beauty Topaz for example.. Her sleeping was and is funny. Her showing up in a drab unattractive bath robe for house events like the veto meeting was hilariuos.. Why spoil things by always waking her up.. let her sleep through her own eviction.. Very very funny. Why punish Alex because she was sleeping with his ipod…
    ONeal wanted to play… If he had stayed the game may have been more interesting..Sue wanted fame..
    If Lisa had been able to stay an extra week and not been the victim of an early double eviction who knows,, maybe a girl alliance…
    And so forth and so on….

  56. Oh God now I’m excited reading the previous page’s post: ANDREW NOMIINATES GARY TOPAZ Gary may have shown his balls as HOH, but Andrew has made people suck them. If this offends you, I apologize but the Vampire has consistently been fearless and to boot, might’ve got his dick wet finally in the last couple of days as a favour. Again, *CANADIAN FREE SPEECH*

  57. One thing about BB Canada………… sure isn’t predictable. BBUS is so predictable even the Canadian players keep referring to it about when things will happen so it’s refreshing to have our version change things around a bit. Thank you Canada but PLEASE, do something with host’s Clown Hair! (Being Black is no excuse for a bad hair-do and her’s went out before she was even born) JMO

  58. Clown hair?? Really Natyn?? It’s called a freaking AFRO – which is a very NORMAL hairstyle that many Black people have. You would know that if you actually knew about the history of racism (i.e. slavery, racial segregation, etc) against black people in Canada and US (yes, there was over 200 years of slavery in Canada, the KKK operated in Canada too) . Part of that history is how Black people were forced to straighten their hair, so one important facet of the civil rights movement was for black people to style their hair in more natural ways – like Afros, in order to affirm a sense of black pride – which was really important since black people were considered racially inferior and had a different set of laws and social practices that applied to them versus white people. And please, do not tell me that racism against black people was worse in the US than Canada – it was just as bad in Canada (although we don’t learn that history) and racism against black people continue to be an issue here – case in point, people thinking that an Afro is some kind of inferior hairstyle tantamount to “clown hair”.

    1. Maybe you should both consider just SHUTTING THE F*** UP.
      Criticizing someone’s haircut choice in such a derigatory fashion is just inappropriate. But screaming RACISM! because the person criticized happens to be black is simply pathetic. If I understand Natyn’s rude remark correctly, it’s the sheer volume of the haircut he/she doesn’t like. I don’t see any indication that Natyn has a problem with Afro-textured hair. To bring up slavery, racial segregation, and the KKK because you read someone’s rude comparison between Arissa’s haircut and clown’s hair is simply embarrassing and shouldn’t have its place in this forum. Be civil or shut up if you can’t.
      The fact that you’re sitting in front of your pc at home sadly makes you courageous enough to bash on people. For having clown hair because of a huge Afro. Or worse, for being a racist because they don’t like a haircut. Take a long look at yourself in the mirror and tap yourself on the shoulder for being so brave.

      “On the internet you can be whoever you want. It’s strange that so many choose to be stupid.”

      Oh, and, by the way, I can’t wait for tonight’s show!

      1. ‘… is just inappropriate.’

        Inappropriate to who exactly? You mention later in your post that you believe Natyn’s comment was essentially just rudeness. So when exactly did it become unacceptable to be rude?

        1. You quoted me right with “inappropriate”. Just 1 sentence later, you replace “inappropriate” by “unacceptable”. Which I did not say. I hope you realize the difference between the 2 words.
          “inappropriate” was my personal opinion. If someone was standing right in front of you, you might tell them you don’t like their haircut. I doubt you would tell them they have clown’s hair.
          Oh, and to answer your question: you say something is inappropriate. You don’t say something is inappropriate to someone. Well, you did say it, but it’s not proper english.

    2. After the hair comments I really took a look at Arissa tonight and I think she is a good lookin woman with nice facial features. Her hair is unique and it suits her.

        1. Simon I think a few reasons people don’t like host Arisa is 1) she’s the public face representing BBC. A place to focus one’s complaints about the show and HG’s. antic’s and behavior.. 2) She talks to much about game giving up HG’s game play and secrets.. 3) She appears uncomfortable/awkward in her role as host. eg, standing with her legs crossed. I know it is a tech thing with camera shots. But to many, who don’t undersand the industry, she looks like she may have either an ego problem or a weak bladder… 4) BBUS host Julie Chen is such a stunning beauty. So star studded at her job that when some compare Julie with Arisa, the later comes out looking wanting.. At best we could say Arisa is attractive. but she’s no Juile..

  59. Seriously guys,
    Mega PLO twist -Andrew has been swapped out with his brother!
    I researched the after darks and most feeds still available on YouTube, you can see exactly when it helps Ed, right after he shaved his wolverine style beard, they swapped him. “Andrew” became more daring and debonneur, and his teeth completely changed positions! This is also right at the same time he started upping his game to get closer to Emmet and Jillian! Not to mention he seems to have become surely with his drink!

    It’s no longer Andrew! Or it is finally Andrew and not his twin brother, either way he’s a different houseguest!

    1. Sorry Gandalf, I didn’t see any teeth swapping places or positions within Andrew’s mouth. If you’re sure, then please take 2 screencaps, and post them so that we can see what you’re talking about. :)

  60. WOW!!!!!!!!!! LOL BB just completely exposed Topaz’s game. I don’t understand the point of streaming all of this to other HGs.

  61. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE BBCAN!! The production must really hate Topaz to screw her like that in front of everybody. I’m done, I can’t wait for BB USA. At least, Grodner doesn’t make her faves so obvious.

  62. Ten minutes into the show and OMG…shocking!!! Big Brother Canada you play dirty, dirty dirty! Poor Topaz…and I would have said the same no matter who the HOH had been. Unreal…got a got…comercial over. Damn that was quite the twist!

  63. Oh my God. When Arisa said Instant Eviction of One Other Houseguest, I think they had a choice among ANY OTHER HOUSEGUEST. I dunno. Anybody else believe that or did I mishear something?

  64. BBCa you have given an absolutely new meaning to expect the unexpected. Dirty, yes, but clever, very very clever. Way to go!

  65. Well ladies and gentleman. After 3 days of speculation, we find out that Topaz shot herslef in the foot and BB Canada basically screwed her by showing all of her interview with Arissa to the houseguest downstairs. I predicted that they were gonna do that. Go Back to some of my earlier posts and I said they would show all of the houseguest a video of people talking smack! Damn! On a seperate note AJ gained so much respect from me by leaving in such a positive and classy manner. And his summary of what will happen and who will make it to the final 2 was spot on. He gained a lot of respect from me tonight. Should be interesting from here on out.

  66. Alec is the definition of ridiculous! I can’t believe I even felt bad for him when Tom exposed his “pee-pee” and cried like a fucking baby. Topaz defended his ass, that’s how he’s thanking her? He’s going down. Peter is just an ugly dumbass, he thinks he’s better than everybody. He’s probably virgin.

  67. Overall a great season so far. Poog, I miss you so much! I can’t access email. I think this season has shaped up better than expected. much better than the US version last year.

  68. The stupidity of big brother Canada on tonight’s episode with exposing Topaz’s game voluntarily is unrivalled. They just made her an easy target, that’s been the theme of this big brother which I find really disgusting. The most irritating big brother episode I have ever watched. Who comes up with crap like this? I would self evict myself and give them a big finger if they screwed me like that. Really shitty episode, how about no more twists?! Useless twists don’t make for excitement. The instant eviction was good enough, the exposing game part to house guests, really idiotic nonsense.

  69. This was the best episode so far and I have to watch it again. Watch Topaz get burned and watch Gary have a meltdown when he was put on slop. Emmet;s comments were hilarious about Gary crying over the slop. Anyone see Alec on the couch almost in tears sucking his thumb when topaz was upstairs making her nominations. Way to bring back the excitement BB Canada. PS what was up with the pj getup that Alec was wearing, it was almost like they knew she was going to win HOH and this was her Royal Cape.

  70. Nominating Topaz and Gary was the only move Andrew could make. It seems “big move” is the buzzword in the house and people need to stop using it. Andrew cannot make what is considered a “big move” without risking getting evicted next week.

    As it stands Topaz and Gary already wanted Andrew out, so by him nominating them he is not making anymore new enemies. If he were to nominate Jill/Emmett or Alec/Peter then they too would be coming after him, along with Topaz and Gary. This is not the week for Andrew to make a “big move”, he needs to go with the house and take out Topaz or Gary. He is making the best move for his game right now by not painting a bigger target on his back.

    That leaves him as only one persons target (whoever stays between Topaz/Gary). Andrew was not set up very well to make it to the end (even though I hope he does) from the start of the game, hes looking at coming 5th right now. By nominating Topaz and Gary and not making a “big move” he is ensuring that he doesn’t leave sooner than 5th.

    People keep going on about making “big moves” but you don’t make a big move just for the sake of making a big move if it wont benefit you in some way. Andrew being a basically solo player in the house means he should not incite the wrath of Alec/Peter and Emmett/Jill this week.

  71. Wow Johnny – you just yelled at me to shut the f*** up and THEN you told me to “be civil or shut up”. The fact that you think my response is uncivil, because I explored the larger historical and social dimensions of why its important for African-American and African-Canadian people to be proud of their natural hair, yet you can swear at me and tell me to “shut up” (as if that’s “civil”??) – just proves my point. If people say ignorant or racist or oppressive things, then I think its okay for people to be called on it, even on these forums. I also have no problems stating my opinion on these things to people’s faces – I actually do that all the time.

  72. I already know that Gary’s going home this week and Topaz is right behind him. Tonight’s twist was totally unnecessary. I know the production doesn’t her like, they should’ve just evicted for sleeping all day instead of exposing her game like that. Hopefully, either Emmett or Jillian will win this game. I’m watching the feeds, it’s funny how Alec is talking shit behind Topaz’s back. He’s such a gutless bitch.

    I’ll stop watching this mess as soon as Glitter gets kicked out, then I’ll just give him my vote for “Canada’s Choice”.

  73. No one told her to be stupid enough to say it out loud. Arrissa never said it was private all she said was to give her two noms. Gary crying about being on slop was pathetic alec was on for three weeks and talla was on for two and i didn’t see either of them acting like a two year old. Alec and topez was always a disaster waiting to happen from the begining they had different alliences. I think alec betrayed topez before she did it to him. I am so sick of gary going on about andrew lack of a big move which i am guessing is J/E but gary is just as strong as emmitt and why wouldn’t u take out the person who is comming after you

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