Gary “Gotta get some strength outta this house.. put up Andrew.. maybe backdoor Talla”

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV March 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: March 28th
Original Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Current Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots No Havenots this week


9:30Am Gary walking around the house… grabbing some camera time and working on his brand.


9:20am Kitchen

Andrew: “8:59 is the time on the microwave” (hmm it was 9:20AM when I heard that)

Andrew: “Hey AJ you woke up last night to ponder”
AJ: “Pondered.. with nicotine in my head?”
Andrew: “I’ve smoked before.. you were up at night… working on your eviction speech”
AJ: “I couldn’t sleep”
Peter: “Aj… you are on the blocK:
AJ pretty much says he just woke up for a smoke wasn’t working on his speech.

Peter and Andrew comment how unbelievably messy the Kitchen has become. Andrew: “I’m sure glad everyone is now doing their own dishes” Peter: “I’ve never seen it so bad”

Andrew about tonight expected HOH endurance competition “I’m going to be bleeding out of every orifice before I drop.. I’m going to sh!t my pants”
Andrew jokes that he’ll slip and drop in 30 seconds and AJ will be hanging on beside him laughing. Peter: “No AJ will drop off to save you”

Alec up at the balcony “Going to take one last dump in the HOH room”
Andrew: “Take it in the bathtub”

Andrew starts talking about the movie “King Pin” Andrew says he’s only seen it a couple times but explains the plot to AJ and Peter (Only couple times!! i’ve seen it 100 times lol it’s great)
Aj: “You talk about it like you’ve seen it a lot”
Peter: “It’s a pretty unique movie easier to explain than something like The Departed”
The movie Inception is brought up, Peter tells them it was all about Film Making “It’s an analogy about film making”
(Emmett is in the corner not saying much.. “Milk Brooding” )


9:52am Bedroom Suzette and Gary

Suzette: “Don’t need to treat me like dead man walking.. i’m just going home.. don’t gotta be like that guys”

Suzette: “Last night they were trash talking Danielle and Tom…”
Gary: ‘What were they saying”

Suzette: “She’s a grade A b1tch.. they said you were cool with sending Danielle home”
Gary says all he told Jillian was “If you wanna keep your man good thing you got her (Danielle) out right now..”
Gary: “If Danielle was still around she was going to get Emmett.. She’s (Jillian) serving up Shania Twain.. Danielle is serving Carrie Underwood.. for real”

Suzette: “Everyone is so mean in this house.. I really underestimated how mean people are in this game”

Gary reminds her that when people attack Suzette they are attacking Suzette Big Brother not Suzette in the real world..

Suzette: “I’m a character in a game.. we’ll see how things play out.. the good news is I can watch sh1t from the comfort of my own home.. you gotta win HOH tonight”

Gary: “I’m going to win HOH.. I have to win HOH.. gotta eat light”


Gary asks her for some of her makeup he says they will let her pick more up. Suzette says yes Gary give her a giant hug

Gary: “I don’t know what to say to Emmett about the Milk”
Suzette: “I wouldn’t say anything… I can’t believe he threatened you”
Gary: “He said if you want to beat teh best you have to play the best”
Suzette: “He’s got a temper man”
Suzette mentions all the bar stories Emmett use to tell her about when he would get into fights..


Gary says he’s going to win the HOH and put up someone strong, “Gotta get some strength outta this house.. put up Andrew.. maybe backdoor Talla” They start to complain that there is no milk for cereal because of Emmett.
Gary: “you know what he said to me when I tried to confront him about it.. he said Tough T!tty”
Suzette: “People get mad at us for complaining but all THEY (rest of the house) do is complain”
Gary: “I know all they do is complain”
Suzette says she hasn’t been herself, “can you imagine if I confronted people about the things they say to me.. it would get ugly”
BIG BROTHER: “Houseguests this is your 15 minute warning the house will be off limit in 15 minutes”

Suzette starts to complain about the people in the house getting mad and fighting about useless things..


10:30AM Aj smoking and talking to himself

“I didn’t anticipate liking some of these people”
“Your 32 you know what works and you know what doesn’t work”
“I know I’m safe but at the same time.. I don’t know anything..”
Andrew comes by for a drag.. ‘You nervous?”
AJ: “No.. “
Big Brother tells them they have 3 minutes until lockdown..
Andrew says he’s gotta go he’s got a “giant Sh1t on board”
“Tom told everyone who his target was why tell Alec you are after Topaz.. they have been together since day one… “
“I don’t think people believe me when I say I was trying my hardest.. so i stopped trying.. there was some veto competitions I knew I wouldn’t win..”

“We’re all going to get frequent flyer miles from all the guilt trips.. good I didn’t say that in the Diary.. her one hour pro bono radio show.. (He laughs a bit) I’m sorry I’m being an a$$hole… I don’t think i’m better..”
“I never have to hear those phrases again” (Hey boys.. etc etc..)
AJ rambles on about a lot of stuff.. Says he won’t be devastated if he leaves next week because he’s had a great time.
Aj heads to the air hockey table Talla is happy because she just beat herself at A Game.. (LOL T3S4L)


10:51AM we got a lot of air Hockey until the next HOH is played


11:08am Topaz, Gary and Suzette Gary and Suzette are trying to talk Topaz out of going back to school when Big Brother is over. Suzette: “You gotta strike when the anvil is HOT” Gary: “Your going to have modelling gigs.. go to school later” Gary wants to do a pride tour, one night he’ll do Gary Glitter another night he’ll do Zoe..
(LOL great advice.. because like every other Big Brother Alumn you are going to have a high paying job as an actress, model, and singer. All this time I thought BBCAN wasn’t full of modelling wannabes that is turning out to be false. From my recollection Topaz, Gary, Suzette, Danielle have all talked about using their massive BIg Brother fame to get inroads into show biz)


11:10AM Alec tells Peter that people like Andrew are starting to notice that he’s really not doing anything in the game. It might be a good idea for Peter to win something cause right now he’s being called a floater.
Peter: “I can do that”


11:14AM bros talking about Suzette and Garry talking about becoming famous
Alec starts to impersonate Suzette “I know a lot of producers.. Gary is going to be a rap star” Andrew: “Nope not going to happen”
Alec: “That’s why they like each other all they do is talk about being famous” Emmett: “I’ll lose my limbs before I let him win”

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Oh my ….. I thought Emmit was playing a pretty good social game. Especially if you forget about last nights BB on slice and the hatchet job he got from editing thanks to production. There are 4 or 5 real HG’s that will be trying to win HOH. Gary being a huge wildcard if he wins so why not get smart mouth with him. And what’s with the selfishness not leaving milk for breakfast. Emmits game is sinking real fast!

So it’s Emmit, Jillian, Andrew Gary and Talla trying if it’s endurance for HOH. I actually have very little idea who would target whom since Gary as an example was talking Emmit and now Andrew nominated but suggests backdooring Talla. That power he won is a big wildcard to backdoor someone. Andrew and Talla have both suggested Gary and Topaz. Sounds more like Gary thier target. I still think they can get a deal for safety next week and Target Emmit in a backdoor orchestrated by Gary, Alec, ect. Emmit and Jillian I have no idea other than likely keep Alec and Peter safe if either is HOH. They, Peter and Alec, will both push for stoogies going up and not Gary/Topaz as apparently that alliance of 4 is back on and Emmit has no clue Quatro is toast. I think Emmit might prefer to work with the stoogies and head stooge Andrew but he’ll stay loyal to Alec/Peter and get burned 1 way or another because of it.

Funny how 5 days ago we were certain Alec was going to push for Gary and Topaz up and Gary going home 1st. Now it’s final 4 with Peter again. Last weekend for free feeds and I’m with Simon in saying I think they’ll be down alot through most of the weekend. HOH is pretty crucial this week as I think all the soft targets are gone.


Liza and Peter were talking one night on the feeds about getting book deals. Liza also said you never know who’s watching out there, “I could find my future husband in the audience”. That is a direct quote. Now for something totally different ——– someone (preferably male) please explain the shirtless thing. Without giving me the answer that it’s really hot in the Big Brother House, please.


I really gotta know the answer to this question so I’m gonna ask ’til I get one (several different ones preferably) —– WHY DO THE GUYS HAVE THEIR SHIRTS OFF 90 % OF THE TIME? Yes, I know it’s hot in the Big Brother House, and so forth but I’m looking for the sociological/psychological reason/secret. PLEASE DO TELL.


That’s kinda what I thought but that’s so obviously transparent. So to be a real threat you don’t show your cards (so to speak). Alec was the very first one to do it (believe me I analyze way too much). Alec told Topaz yesterday that he was not good looking like Emmett or funny like AJ. This guys got some serious hangups which explains his ‘not playing nice’ behaviour. *opinion*. I know other people would hesitate to discuss my theories, (and by no means am I asking for that) but I really believe he hurt Emmett on purpose. I watch every after dark and a lot of livefeed (bandwidth permitting) and of course the ‘televised’ version of what’s going on. Which by the way leads me to share that Suzette appeared on another reality show called BACK IN THE DAY and she had to learn to survive like her ancestors. When she said at the POV comp yesterday that those physical challenges were so hard for her and she had no strategy and needed Gary to save her and she *opinion* pretended to not know what she was doing……Hell no. Too Much Information?


Actually, Slice didn’t show: 1) the soccer game 2) IPOD-GATE and 3) handing over HOH to Andrew for what ? 4 hrs (in the living room, no less) 4) his Diary Videos are cleaned up and he has been doing them with Peter now and does NOT say things like “In real life, I would never associate with that girl” Yeah, so you get the picture. He still looks like a clean-cut kid who’s got a strong upper body and is good at ‘ stuff ‘ and talks to and dates the right people. Oh and they showed the shower incident and it doesn’t come out looking good on Tom … for me personally the TV SHOW BBCANADA is BSCANADA cause I see Topaz talking in the HOH about Alec to Gary saying ‘he doesn’t even listen to his f**ckin IPOD you know what I mean? and Gary saying I know why you got to be telling everybody …Sorry Simon This all takes place ON Alec’s HOH bed while he’s downstairs… Next time I’ll answer in 5 words or less .


Just for clarification (because I’m word-obsessed), I did NOT mean that Tom looked like the villain and that was wrong. They showed EXACTLY what he did (blurry-dick). I personally felt it was TOTAL invasion and INORDINATELY inappropriate.


Alec did worse to Tom…
Alec is the worst kind of scumb because he tries to pretend is the nice guy…


Too true.


Just to add slightly Simon to Marjory’s observations which I totally agree with. Alec is definately getting a favourable edit add too this his DR time with Peter is right out of central casting imatating Mike Boggie and Dr. Will. And absolutely not even remotely funny. Peter is just DEAD air IMO Alec should be seen positively by the non feed viewers.. I think Topaz is getting a favourable edit as well. Clearly the Gary edit is the most favourable in the house. His focus group testing is likely off the charts. Perhaps it’s just topaz gets alot of screen time with Gary but she sure is portrayed as something other than nasty and sleep deprived as well as pure lazy. And no honest person could disagree with that.

The stoogies have largely been portrayed as … well stoogies. I think collectively they are alot brighter than that.


Yes on everything you said Simon but I have a huge concern. I think the stoogies understand the Alec, Gary 4 alliance thing I do not think Emmit/Jillian have a clue! Thus as you say stoogies need this HOH bad. They can get Emmit/Jullian onside then. Otherwise they only stay safe if Gary targets Emmit/Jillian. That next HOH is very, very important. I still have no idea what Emmit/Jillian would do with HOH. Though Gay using POV power to backdoor someone might be an option.

Any thoughts on the feeds being free ending Sunday. There has been way to much” hush time” for me to buy it. Fish are 1 thing but but 8 hour blocks of hush is terrible.


I agree with simon. Alec and Emmett like to show off their muscles. Peter and Andrew are just following Alec and Emmett’s example. I think the reason AJ keeps his shirt on is because he is self conscious, if I was him I would be proud and show off that I lost 30 lbs, thats an amazing accomplishment.


You are going to hate my answer. Its because its so hot in the house. I think that BB production has jacked the heat way up to keep the houseguests in as little clothing as possible. Lets face it, they cast a very good looking and in shape group of people and having them walk around scantily clad is good for ratings.


AWWW I don’t hate your answer.


I thought you were going to hate the answer because “its too hot” didn’t seem to satisfy you.


Thoughts on Dr. Will Kirby? Discuss


i personally love dr will, he is a very strategic player and very smart. he is evil but still charming and funny. i find myself comparing new houseguests to him because he is my favourite bb player ever… and maybe thats why im starting to get annoyed with alec. alec says dr will is his favourite player and his idol and that hes “dope” yet i dont see him trying any evil or hilarious moves. BACK OFF ALEC YOU ARE TERRIBLE HOH


E X A C T L Y. Nice to meet me oops- you. I am admittedly a novice and this is my first go as a viewer (mostly live feed and after dark) because they cover the TV trash that was aired and then some. So, after a few discussion by these Canadian HG’s; particularly Justin, Dr. Will and Boogie and events and to add that Alec cast his vote to evict Tom on the basis that he insulted his ‘hero’ Dr. Will, I HAD to see for myself. As we speak, I paused watching just before Will has to cast his vote to evict either Nicole or Hardy. Having said all that, this BB Season is absolutely gut wrenchingly compelling to watch. I am in TOTAL fascination of Will and it explains Alec’s ‘wanna-be’ behaviour. I cannot even watch Alec eat a sandwich anymore, let alone anything else. He is vile and insults viewers by thinking he’s the shit. Anyway, WILL FASCINATES ME, but moreover, everyone of the BBUS2 houseguests are nothing short of fascinating. I’m almost scared to watch any other season because it’s a long way to fall if I’m disappointed. I’ve given BBC A LOTTTT of breathing room ’cause it’s new, I know characters change by the hour, and so forth. Any thoughts for the newcomer? By the way, I would love a Kill Will Syrofoam cutout (if you remember). THAT’S how magnetic this guy is.


Your watching the BEST HG in BB history. Dr. Will was and is in a league of his own! Chilltown DR’s are some of the best in BB history. Add in Britney’s season 14 stuff you get the best of DR on BB. Twitney was a gem on season 14.


i totally understand where you’re coming from! i think BBUS develops all of the characters and shows all of them more equally, so you can actually get to know who they are and their startegies. thats why its so much better in comparison imo.. BBCAN is just showing non stop peter dr entries and gary dr entries and barely anyone else and its geting annoying. (and and and that was a run on)….. BB2 is great because they all turn on each other and will just sits back – 110% better season than BBCAN1

AHHHHH dr will <3


I would like to see Jillan and Alex up. So sick of seeing emmett and Jillian love fest. As for the three stooges…love to see AJ go as well. As for Peter he is a floater some may think he is a social player but there just seems to be no play in him at all other than Alex..With Jillian and Alex gone the next two rounds we will see Peter become the wallflower he is and Emmett actually get into the game without worrying about sexing it up with Jillian. If they t


The shirtless egotistical men and the girls with their tank top laying on the couches and chair and their gross arm pits resting on the pillows and arms of the chair …yuck

Glitter fan

lol to finish …if they take Gary out the show will be so dull no one would want to watch the shirtless wonder, the self talker aj, the milk chugger,the sleeper etc..would be boring.


I really want one of the stooges to win tonight. Otherwise I see Andrew or Talla going home, and they are about the only ones I am enjoying lately. The showmances need to be broken. Shield needs to be broken. I hope Talla wins HOH. That would shake the house up! I am hoping to see Emmett, Peter or Alec on the block and going home. If they leave these guys in the game much longer it won’t be easy to get them out later. I think Gary is a wild card. He is cultivating his “alliance” with Emmett on the one hand and Alec and Peter on the other hand, but I think it’s only until he knows who the next HOH is. He could do something really random if he wins HOH. Or he might put up Andrew and Talla, which would benefit Emmett, Alec and Peter, but do nothing for his own game. Gary could win against the stooges and Jillian, but I don’t think he can win against Emmett, Alec or Peter, because they see him as a threat and will try to get him out sooner rather than later. As for Topaz, I was liking her last week, but not this week. She has Alec wrapped around her finger, but if he gets sent home, her only ally would be Gary. Topaz doesn’t have a game if Alec leaves. I would like to see Emmett and Jillian buy a clue and align with the stooges. They would have the numbers to make a big move, but I think Emmett still believes in bro power. Jillian sees it, but it doesn’t look like she would ever do something unless Emmett agrees.


“I can do that”
Peter is a robot or delusional.
For his sake if he has any chance of winning HoH, I hope he’s a robot




I have just had it with all these HGs. The 3 stooges (talla can’t talk, Andrew talks too much, AJ talks to himself), Jil and Em (Jillian, rub my foot. Go get my meds from DR for me. Oh yes god.. i mean emmett. I will do whatever you want), Topaz and Alec (kiss, rub, you hurt my feelings. eff you BB. And her finishing a sentence with blah blah blah). Suz is gone no worries there. And Gary, i don’t hate him, yet.

I want to see Gary win this whole thing. None of the others deserve it. Gary is the only one who has stepped outside the “rules” they (the HGs) created for the house and does what he wants. But of course, only to the extent that is good for his game. But he can get away with a little more cuz he is not completely aligned with anyone and after all his IS glitter. I have respect for that.


You said everything I was thinking but way funnier and better. Thanks girlfriend.


I totally agree with everything you said you are so on point. also i hope one of team 3 stooges wins hoh 2nite