“I want you to each go the storage room, make your pie and smash them in your OWN face!”

Head of Household Winner – Holly
**Cliff, Nicole and Jess get punishments**
**America’s Prankster**
**Its Prank Week**
Have note are:
Nominations are:
Power of Veto Players are –
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

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8pm Bedroom. Jackson gets called to the diary room. Holly – oh.. relevant… by association. The other house guests laugh. Jackson – guess who can’t compete next week! Jess tells a fascinating story about her friends wanting to order McD’s in Spanish. Jess – I am so nervous! Christie – why are you nervous? Tommy – for your punishment? Jess – yeah. Tommy – it will annoying for sure but you will get through it. Cliff – and there will be two other people right there with you. I don’t know if it will be tailor made for each of us. Tommy – between the pranks and the three punishments .. its going to be a lot of stuff going on this week. Jess – you would think it would because at eight things start to get really boring. I know you (Tommy) were already bored and you (Cliff) were bored. Christie – yeah, we’ve already heard about your birth stories. Cliff congratulates Christie on staying. Christie – yeah, I can’t believe I’m here. Cliff – when you don’t think you have a chance in the world. Its because of what you did .. it didn’t just happen. You figured out a way to make it happen. Christie – I feel bad because I definitely ruined my good friends game but at the same time I saved my own. Cliff – you did what you had to do to stay in this game and she didn’t. There is only one of us that’s going finish up on top. Christie – I hope she knows it didn’t have anything to do with her. Cliff – you never give up and you just proved it. Christie – my family is losing their sh*t. They talk about how they were pranked about the vote. Christie – In my head I was thinking I hope I know who that one vote was because if they make it to the end I am keeping them no matter what.. they’re winning this f**king game.

Bathroom. Jess and Christie.
Jess – Tommy pulled me to the side and said he was trying to disassociate himself with Nick. Christie – I haven’t really spoken much to him. I think he was really nervous about the whole thing because he know that Nick is really bad for his game and he would probably much rather be with me and you. But I think he is nervous that it might be too little too late. One thing I do know about Tommy is that he is loyal. Unfortunately he has been defending Nick for too long. Hopefully he makes the right choice. I don’t think he would vote against whatever they wanted. Jess – he’s a smart guy. Christie – I am just extremely thankful to be here.

8:46pm Bedroom. Christie, Jackson, Cliff, Holly and Tommy.
Holly is nervous. Tommy – it will be fine. Everyone knows its the game. Cliff – and hopefully its not a modification of your official duties and that you’re going to be given extra stuff. Or pranked. Christie – or challenged a little bit. Holly – I don’t care if I am on missions 24/7. I’m just worried. Jackson – I am not going to lie I am very worried. Cliff – well if something happens its because of a twist. Holly – I just don’t want to get unnecessary blood on my hands.. Tommy – It can’t be blood if people can’t hold you accountable for that. Cliff – I don’t think it will be taking power away from the HOH.

8:54pm Christie – “I am with baby!” Cliff – mine is just a permanent feature.

9:25pm Bedroom. The house guests are talking about the BB Bird prank.

9:26pm Punishment Announcement – “Nicole, Cliff and Jessica because you had the lowest scores in the prank shot competition you must now suffer a punishment for the rest of the week. But GOOD NEWS this punishment will be delicious because its all about PIE!! Any time I tell you .. you must go to the storage room, get your pie ingredients, make your pie in the kitchen and then smash them in the face of whomever I tell you to. I want you to each go the storage room, make your pie and smash them in your OWN face!” All the house guests cheer and laugh as the run to the storage room.

9:45pm – 10pm Kitchen. Tommy, Holly, Jackson, Christie and Nick talk about the Six Shooters alliance. Christie explains how Sis let it leak and Jess heard. And Jess was like oh so that’s what you called yourselves?! Christie talks about how after they started calling themselves the sh*tty six.

Cliff, Nicole and Jess come out of the dairy room. Cliff – we now have we mics on. Nicole to Jess – I don’t think we’re pie-ing other people .. I think we’re giving the pies to other people and they’re going to pie us. We’re the ones that are supposed to be punished and we’re wearing wet mics. Jess – Stop! Don’t evne say that! I’m going to go a whole week on national television without makeup. Nicole – and I have glasses so that makes it even worse.

10:30pm – 11:30pm Holly comes out of the diary room. Who wants to see my HOH room!! All the house guests head up to see her room. They all sit around chatting about random things. Cliff and Nicole head downstairs to shower / get ready for bed.

11:38pm – 11:50pm Jess, Cliff and Nicole have to pie themselves in the face again.. Tommy – its good that its a three way so you can all.. Cliff – I love three ways! Right after they do it .. they’re instructed to do it again.

12:11am HOH room. Jackson and Holly. Jackson – stick to the original plan .. put Nick and Christie up. Is that what you’re thinking? Holly – yes, Nick and Christie. I will talk to Christie before hand and make sure she is fine to go up as a pawn. She said use me however you want. Jackson – take her up on that. Holly – yup. Jackson – put Nick and Christie up .. if something happens to your noms.. there is no blood on your hands. You can’t plan into if something changes them.

1:04am Cliff, Nicole and Jess have to pie themselves in the face again..

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Houka Inumuta

I know for a FACT that Jackson Michie is the next person out. He postponed his eviction last week but this week America is going to give Nick the power and he put Jackson on the block. He’s gone. I can’t wait to say I told you so.

Nicole FTW

1995 babies suck

Mama Bear

I’ve seen you post this many times.. Enough already. My child was born in 1995 and I have no doubt he could help you out with that attitude.. FACT. Therapy helps..


My son was too. This person is really hurt to hate a whole year full of people. Lol

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I’m sorry,I don’t comprehend what language you’re speaking.


We should give it to cliff and see what his sneaky ass do lol

Another stupid twist

Buddy you have some serious issues. Lmaoooo. Get a grip


For your viewing pleasure…

Enjoy this video of Mr. Calm, Cool & Collected (Tommy) freaking the F out during the battle royale of Taco Tuesday.



Solid evidence that Jess is actually part of the furniture…
“Jess guessed that Zingbot will come this week as part of prank week, and no one responded.
A few minutes later, Nick guessed that Zingbot will come this week and the entire kitchen applauded him for his forward thinking.”

Franks fumes

You have to tune Jess’s voice and slow cadence out whenever she speaks (I desperately grab the remote to mute when she starts) you otherwise will potentially turn into to a bag of salt.



Another stupid twist

I cringe every time she says “ HOLA JULIE”. I hate her voice. Can’t wait until she says that outside the doors. Lol

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Who is this Jess you speak of?


Join the discussion…Jessie fessie


That’s awesome. He is such a bad actor though. You can tell when he’s faking it.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

OK I’m ready to read your opinions on who to vote for to have half of the HOH power; hijacking Holly’s power I’d personally like Christie and Nick up together (I assume Holly will put up Nick anyway) or Tommy. Tommy hadn’t been on the block yet.

Did anyone else notice how quiet the “studio audience” was during Julie’s exit interview with Sis Kardashian? Crickets.


Some people want to vote Nick, but why? So he can put Jess up? I would rather it be Cliff or Nicole, because Tommy might actually wind up on the block. I would prefer Christie and Nick, or Nick and Tommy, or Christie and Tommy as the people put up for eviction.


I am voting Jackson. Not because I like him but because I hate to see Holly’s HOH messed with. She won it and won’t be able to play for HOH next week so she should get the 2 noms.


cbs will pick the prankster…. do you really think america will?

Another stupid twist

That’s what I was thinking. Bet ya it will be Crusty or Tiny Tim

I have no bird, I have no bush

I tried to vote, and this is the first time I had to create a CBS All Access account to do so. I signed in, clicked “vote,” and then it asked which All Access plan I wanted and my credit card information. Scam or greed? Did anyone else have to do this to vote?


There should be a free option. I could be wrong.


Seriously, not seriously, now, there is no way CBS would do something underhanded like manipulate the game to the benefit of a player.

Now I’m going to eat my bowl of sarcasm.

Roll Tide

You are right, America’s vote did not count before, it will not count now. Probably Christy or Tommy, YUCK!!!


I agree….but not out of fairness. It’s simply because I happen to agree with who she wants on the block. That’s why I don’t want it messed with.


Nicole said her targets would be Christie/Tommy….Nicole would surely put Christie up with a secret identity…

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Perfect! Nicole hasn’t won a thing and Christie versus Tommy would be GREAT (high kick, foot to the face)!


I’m manifesting high kicks and sobbing meltdowns AGAIN this week!

Another stupid twist

Hopefully it’s another one of her talking through her a$$ statements and she actually does something relevant That’s IF SHE gets it

J e t s jets jets jets

Didn’t and won’t watch.


Nicole, 10 times a day!


Sis Kardashian…hahahaha :p

Franks fumes

Gee this punishment won’t get old after the first couple of pies are smashed into the houseguests faces for 7 days…..I was hoping Jess would have to sleep in a doghouse in the backyard/with doggie bowl lol like a couple seasons ago. Cliff would have to feed her and Nicole could groom and walk her.


I just can’t vote for Nick no matter who he votes for. The only truly decent person still on this show is Nicole. She is not the best player, but at least I can let her know that she is liked if she gets this.


Seriously. Give her a chnce to fuck up like everybody else so we can hate her for being a dumb player too. It’s only fair. She hasn’t won cuz she sucks ass. Buuuut she can win cuz she’s well liked.

Just sayin'

Nicole screwed up her chances by not keeping Kat because she was sad or whatever. It was a terrible game move on her part leaving her at the bottom with everyone. Nicole doesn’t deserve to win, she shouldn’t win just because people don’t overly hate her

I have no bird, I have no bush

If Kat left by one vote, I would agree with you. Nicole switching her vote wouldn’t have made a difference.


Holly and Jackson didn’t vote for Kat because the votes weren’t there. If Nicole voted for Kat it would have been 4-3 for Kat to stay.

Having said that, she had been aligned with Cliff since the beginning so I want really surprised she was loyal to Cliff.


Kat was loyal to Holly and Jess not Nicole…they both wanted Nicole out when she was on the block! And Jess had opportunity to save Kat when Nicole shared info with her and she blew it up instead of using it to save Kat! Kat was all over the place she was not a good player at all!

I have no bird, I have no bush

This might be true. It might also be true that if Nicole was the deciding vote and she didn’t vote with the other people involved in that deal, it would have jeopardized her own game. She had to vote with that 6-person alliance or else they all would have been going after her. Of course that alliance disintegrated immediately after the vote, but Nicole couldn’t risk that.


I think that this season has been so dreadful that we are semi okay with Nicole winning being a decent person. A vast contrast compared to last year where Tyler played the more exciting, stealth, deceitful (but never personal) old school BB game and we wanted (or at least I wanted) him to win.

As for the prankster vote, I cannot fathom why fans would vote nick. Not only is he as creepy, if not more so than JC, he is not going to put Christie up (he will put Jess up). If I hear bro one more time I may get sick. For fun feeds, give it to Cliff, he has openly stated how Tommy needs to go, so lets get Timmy packing his bags already. His game is insufferable, its full of “I love that” “that’s amazing” “youre the best person ever” and those annoying high kicks. His DRs are so forced and the gag is he is supposed to be a good actor? He absolutely thinks he is getting AFP (anytime I hear a houseguest contemplate themselves getting it, I wish I could give them negative votes. Id rather see Tommy go before Christie because Christie did give us a glimpse of true BB this week. She was NOT supposed to say. Don’t get me wrong, shes also highly insufferable but she will ruin her own game in due time, just like she almost did already.

Okay I feel better now.


You ARE right about who I think Cliff and Nicole would put up. And you’re right about Christie ruining her own game soon enough and this last week was fun because they were playing BB. I’m still voting for Michie just to potentially secure Holly’s nominees of the nasties, Christie and Nick. But…Cliff or Nicole being prankster would be good too.


If only Kat had stayed……:(…….


Agreed. I cannot vote for Nick for anything.

Nicks Cousin

Vote Nick and get her our folks. Time for Christie to go. He may also pit Jackson up, which would make this seriously interesting on Holly’s HOH.


Agreed. I still want Christie gone and Nick is the only one that would take the shot. Love Nicole, but she has no backbone. Cliff won’t get unnecessary blood on his hands. Leaves only one option as far as I’m concerned.

Franks fumes

The silence is deafening regarding the loud speaker incident the other night….I heard a recording of it on the (internets) the other day and it was a guy saying the two knew each other then a recording of Crusty in the DR saying that already knowing Tommy would be a great advantage. Jackjaw heard it so did Cliff so you know that info was unsuccessfully silenced to the other houseguests. Who thinks that this could be the reason for the obvious steering of production to keep Crusty and by proxy Tommy safe. One unfair advantage deserves another? It seems to me they should be enemy number one and two with the rest of the house not Nick….makes no sense otherwise. What do you guys think?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I think it’s such a load of crap that they can’t speak of it.


Me too!

another name

Oh look. my conspiracy thinking is spreading like Beth’s rash. Jackson, for the second time tonight, is saying that it isn’t AMERICA at all, it’s just production doing what they want with the twists.
I’ve got extra tinfoil if he needs it to make himself a hat.

The America votes don’t appear to have the same cornball disclaimers as the Canadian twists. The rules in those state that at any point without notification the company claims the right to void votes during or after the voting period. meaning they can shape the votes, and change the vote totals they reveal after the voting period under the guise of removing suspicious bot generated votes.

If there are four thursday evictions left, and the special eviction at final four televised on the last sunday… there cannot be a double eviction this season without a twist.
Double evictions usually bring in higher ratings, and usually allow for higher advertising rates being charged during season planning.
Would CBS give up the extra money considering their grocery bill for Jackson alone?
I’m still smelling a prank on the viewers this week. Oh look, nobody goes, it’ prank week oh hahaha and grodner laughs because she enjoys the taste of viewers’ tears. she’ll even add tinkly piano soundtrack.
Is my math wrong?

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

With respect,this is a serious question,what happens when you wear a tinfoil hat out in the sun?

another name

lol. like i go out in the sun. joking.
i imagine you begin to smell like jiffypop. especially if someone shakes you.
theoretically, given the one side reflective one side dull nature of tinfoil, one side would reflect light or heat more than the other? I’m guessing wildly there.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Ok,I’m imagining burnt popcorn.

another name

That just made me think of the Heritage Minute. Doctor Penfield.
“I can smell burnt toast.”

Just sayin'

Yes, Canadian heritage moments ftw!


Air Stream Campers are usually aluminum because it reflects the heat and keeps the interior cooler. And that’s your fun fact of the day…

J e t s jets jets jets

You look like an idiot!


There is another reality show (I won’t say the name but it has dancing in it). Anyway, one of the contestants after many years who won was interviewed. This contestant told the interviewer that the votes that came in were seen by the producers of the show but at their discretion if they wanted a certain contestant to continue, no matter what the vote was, the judges would override the votes. Take that as you will. That interview was about ten years ago for a different network and different producers. The show is still on and the dancer is still performing.

another name

Because it’s not categorized as a gameshow, but as a reality entertainment program, we are at the whim. The same legal structure that governs game shows does not necessarily govern the program.
While i’ve read many online treatises that attempt to bind reality programs to the same laws, the fact that they are categorized under a separate division of the network programming structure belies the theory. It’s a loophole.
A former co-worker who was once a house guest is still under contractual gag. I’ve tried. lol.


As long as CBS isn’t charging people to vote they can do whatever they want to the vote count.


Ugggg I don’t watch it…but can u imagine Tommy on this dancing show that we don’t speak of??!! I just threw up.


You and Michie having the same view about something! 😮 hahaha

another name

yeah. I said a couple times previously that i was going round the bend. only a matter of time before i’d meet up with that nutjob somewhere in the circle.


I know people love Nicole but someone should tell her that 1998 called and they want their chokers back.


Actually, chokers have been very on trend for the past 3 years consistently… they’ve just started to lose their luster within the past few months.

Crusty Universe

During the HOH comp…Hey, maybe Nicole can pull out a win….nope…Hey, maybe Jessica can pull out a win….wait, what, a 3?…facepalm…if they were the final two, I think it would break Big Brother…


Reading updates thanks to this website and Simon et al. Because I didn’t see the show I read vote flip happened so Crusty stayed however American vote I think will fail unfortunately.
The way I understand the prankster chooses one candidate to put up so 1/2 of it becomes their HOH in a way and if their candidate comes off they choose the replacement too? For example, if we vote for Nick as prankster, he could choose Crusty, but if they use POV on her she comes down cause Jackson, Tommy, Jess, Cliff, Holly all want her to stay, then what? Nicole goes up as a replacement and what if Nick isn’t already up on the block along with her?

It should have been American vote who chooses 1/2 HOH and puts up who goes up. That way the HGs see no one wanted Crusty, or by now maybe Jackson’s changing his mind that he kept her in the house. Just a thought.

Go Underdogs Go!

Prank Week. How appropriate. Pretty much what the season has been for viewers -Prank Season. Don’t ya’ll feel pranked? I sure as heck do.

My least favorite person left is Nick. He comes across as a sexual deviant and should never be left alone with children. So I would vote either Jess or Christie to share HOH to ensure his creepy a$$ ends up on the block. Altho, he and Christie are already laying next to each other in bed, so Jess may be my only hope.


Nick will not put up Christie. Nick will not put up Christie. Nick will not put up Christie.

Miss Conception

“Keep your friends close,but your enemies closer”. ( Michael Corleone)

g Love

Just watching Live feeds, Jackson, Nick and Christie on the balcony watching the pie crew. Jackson whispered, then gave the side eye to Nick then to Christie about someone told him something about PTSD I think once they leave. . It was so low I couldn’t hear much, then saw him whispering to tommy, I assume the same thing but couldn’t make out what was said. Anyone else? It was in the last 5-10 mins.

another name

Regarding the vote:
so you want to vote for nick? what did nick do with his hoh? would he keep his mouth shut or brag if he had a power? Would he view Christie as the biggest threat in the game? These are questions you have to ask. Might he overthink and actually outthink himself?
so you want to vote nicole? how does she handle pressure? how does she handle being definitive? how does she handle guilt? These are questions you have to ask. Hayseed hacker comp confession by Tuesday?
so you want to vote for cliff? what did cliff do with his hoh? Who does Cliff feel threatened by? Who does Cliff have deals with? Could Cliff actually take an action without trying to barter? These are questions you have to ask. Might he take a shot at Tommy instead of Christie? Or Nick to get Nicole to himself?

There is the possibility that nobody gets what they want. Or maybe i’m just over analyzing these people. As you were.
Nick hasn’t talked about targets, other than thinking he’s going on the block.
CLiff and Nicole have discussed Tommy and Christie. CLiff pushes more the Tommy side I think. Nicole pushes the Christie side possibly.


nick should target christie, but his renom would probably be jackson as nick will likely be holly’s nominee and that gives him the best chance at staying.

nicole seems to me to be the best pick for the christie/tommy haters as that will be her most likely nom/renom. she’s also just about the only person in the house who could actually keep her mouth shut about having a power. she could chicken out, but she hasn’t been nearly as bad as cliff about folding under pressure.

another name

Nick’s personality: I know i’m going up on the block. who do i have the best chance of beating in veto. Nick chooses Jess?
My theory.


That’s an interesting theory. I think you’re prolly right. Besides…we know Jess is his deep desire as far as getting someone out.

J e t s jets jets jets

I don’t think it’s anonymous. Also is the person we vote for safe?


Good question

another name

i don’t think so. i think they can still be holly’s other nom. they aren’t co-hoh.

J e t s jets jets jets

Jess: “a whole week on national tv with no makeup”
Yup your priorities are straight.


If only she knew she’s only getting about 12 seconds of screen time from the pie punishment.

another name

Devil’s advocate.
Dear Holly,
Perhaps telling your pawn that they are going up as a pawn the night that they just came down from the block isn’t a good sense of timing.
Of course they are going to try to get out of it, they just got off the block.
If you’d spent any time on the block this season perhaps you’d empathize with that thought. Tommy has the same problem. He can’t empathize with anyone on the block, he doesn’t know what it feels like.

Man I really hate having to empathize with Crustie. It’s like crawling into a bag full of cats. With lasers on their foreheads.
Yes, she’d try to get out of it anyway. Yes, she’s snakey. But Instead of saying ‘of all the nerve’, maybe think for a second. Of course Christie is going to think the deal is negated once they use her as a pawn to get rid of Nick. It’s the only reason they kept her. Once Nick is gone, what use do they have for her? As entitled as Crustie is: sometimes I don’t think she holds a candle to those two in the HOH room. If they kept her for a specific reason, once the reason is fulfilled, is she supposed to stand by the door?
Even if someone campaigns saying they’ll be the pawn: nobody wants to be told they’re the pawn. Okay. I feel unclean now. I don’t like attempting to empathize with Crustie.

Let’s for one second say that the person that wins prankster doesn’t put up Christie. What if they put up Tommy. Or Jackson. Or Jessica. Or Nick? Or even Cliff or Nicole? What if they put up anyone else?

Things that could go wrong for Holly: one of the four ends up on the block with the nominee. They no longer own the vote.
They could potentially lose a number. Let’s say the prank nom is removed from the block via veto. the prank nom and veto holder are immune. If Christie smelling blood in the water confirms the existence of the four, and the prankster uses that information to put one of the four on the block, Holly loses control of the week. All because she couldn’t wait until the next morning to tell the pawn the would be going on the block.

Everything could run smoothly. But there’s a chance it might not.


Nick For prankster. Not my favorite person but but more exciting then to see other have it


I’m voting for Nick not because I like him but just because he might put up Christie. Can the prankster be on the block because at this point I think Holly would put Nick up number 1. So it will be Nick against Christie no matter what. Christie sure did a good job of putting a target on Nick if he doesn’t win veto he will be gone!

B $

Ok absolutely no need for Nick as prankster. Holly is putting up Nick/Christie.
-We could vote Michie and keep those nominations and make for a crazy week of Nick and Christie fighting.
-We could give Cliff power?
Why waste it on Nick when Holly is going to do the right nominees anyway?


I agree with you. Looks like Nick is going up, why give him power to take himself down?! Let Jackson be prankster and keep Nick OTB! But I fear this week will be null and void and on eviction night we will be told this week was a prank and no one is going home.

B $

Yuck that would be no fun!


Completely agree with both of yall! And noooo that would be soooo gross if it’s all null and void. They really need to bring in Paulie D from Jersey Shore…Prank War Champion…Prank War Champion….Prank War Champion…hahaha

Players player

Only if crusty is the one voted out….


Let’s give the power to Nicole or Cliff, see what they do!

Players player

They won’t do anything! Cliff already proved that. They are to scared to play the game and all I hear is how they don’t want blood on their hands… this is big brother. I am not sure what game they are playing but they suck. They are nice but they suck at the game

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Four people actually got punishments. Everyone is over looking Jackson…he made a Crusty Pie and it’s already smacking him in the face.


Totally off topic….but how happy is Sis Kardash to be in the Jury house today…bangin away. I mean seriously…she didn’t care about the money. Also…just letting yall know…I’m voting all my votes for Michie. And not because I love Holly…but I do agree with who she will nom. So if Michie gets prankster…then as I mentioned a week or 2 ago…this Thursday we can say goodbye to another nasty. Nick and/or Christie sent to Jury this week is a great thing! Christie, Jess, Tommy jamming out in the HOH…uggggg.

B $

I agree!

Watch from a distance

This vote is rigged! People in my house have voted for the same person and the votes didn’t go to who we voted for. They went to a player that BB wants to have this advantage. Why vote if they are just going to go who they want.


Dont give it to nick he will save Tommy and put up Jess and she will go home we will be stuck with Christy another week! As much as I do not like nasty Nick…Christy Tommy Jackson have to go first!