Big Brother 20 Week 8 Summary and Live Eviction Results

Where does one start with a week like this.. Given how successful Haleigh’s HOH was the week prior I assumed Fes’ week will be as much or greater a shit show.. When Fes won the grueling 14 minute endurance I tweeted something to the effect, “so does this mean Haleigh gets evicted” well I was almost there. Fes is going to evict the only other person left in the Foutte alliance. go Fes!

Posts of the week

Part 1: Catch Up From the previous Week + any new powers

Rockstar finally left the house last week. Fes won the Head of Household and no new powers were introduced. Tyler’s power is still in effect.

Part 2: Nominations

Fes nominates Scottie and Brett. His reasons are. He’s sick of people flipping their votes and he wants a straight up battle with competitors. Interesting enough he did whisper to haleigh early in the week that if Veto is played he would have backdoored Tyler (which he should have done). Of course in Fes’ own words “I’m played this game good”.  Fes decided to make a deal with Angela and Tyler. Pretty much standard “i’m the HOh and scared to be put up next week” deal. They pushed to put Sam up to make it an easy week.

Part 3 Power of Veto

Veto players are: Fes, Brett, Scottie, Haleigh, Tyler, Angela.  Brett wins the Power of Veto. Scottie makes a play to get Haleigh nominated than makes a play to get Sam nominated. Even Sam makes a play to get Haleigh nominated. It’s all a mess.

Part 4 Power of Veto Ceremony

Brett uses the veto on himself. Fes nominates Kaycee in his place. There really isn’t a whole lot of game played at this point as Scottie knows he’s toast.

Part 5 Pre eviction

Scottie didn’t do much to stay as he blew through most of his capital trying to get Fes to put up Haleigh/Sam.  He starts thinking that Fes is either really stupid or has been flipping the vote all along and is a genius. Everyone he talks to tends to lean towards the stupid. There’s no intention for Angela and Tyler to follow through with the deal they made with Fes. Of course if Halegih wins HOH tonight they’ll be 100% down but if she doesn’t.. Fes and Haleigh are most likely rockstaring that block.

Where does this leave us?

Scottie goes home.

Sam’s corner

A new feature for the week summary post to replace the Twitter outrage section. I call it Sam’s corner. All the crazy a$$ things Sam does will be included.

1) Tells Brett about her  imaginary love life with him that “ROCKSTAR” made up asks him if it’s true

2) tries to form an alliance of 3 with JC and Brett

3) Demands Fes puts up Haleigh (showmance Haleigh)

4) tells everyone she’s not going to speak for 24 hours then speaks after 3

5) has Declared to stop smoking starting Wednesday morning

Head of Household and Eviction results

Kaycee – Wud up world it’s me again… it’s a crazy experience.. Scottie you are the weirdest kid I have ever met I love you so much

Scottie – suck being on the block this week because I did not see it coming I acted like a fool and I panicked and it’s not acceptable I apologize for my immaturity

Angela votes to evict – Scottie
JC votes to evict – Scottie
Sam votes to evict – Scottie
Brett votes to evict – Scottie
Tyler votes to evict – Scottie
Haleigh votes to evict – Scottie

Scottie evicted.. good work Fes..

Head of household competition

There will be a jury battle back next week.. (I hate you grod)


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Hi my name is Scott

Fes is destroying his game because of jealousy and he doesn’t even know Haleigh really doesn’t care,about him that much.


yep! And he is super naive.


Fez is busy picking his nose.


Fes has/had a game to destroy? Fes is there as a detriment, he has no game(unless you consider brain dead as a game).

Hi my name is Scott



RE: Fessy

Faysal- “Who got him (Scottie) out though? I’m going to look like a genius if he really was the one doing all of this shit”

*now THAT is a level of stupid we never knew existed!

Cynthia Drangus

Watching tonight’s episode, I kept wondering when they started the jungle theme, and why Fes kept eating ants. Realized I was actually on NatGeo, and I was watching a documentary about a lone gorilla. Watched probably 20 minutes of it while thinking, “Damn, Fes really stepped his game up tonight…”

Farris Fanik

You win the internet.

Kaitlyn’s Spirit Guide

Winner. You deserve all the things.


Fess isn’t even close to being as smart as a gorilla, no way you could mix them up.




I wil still be thinking of and laughing at this comment tomorrow at work. Thank you!

Crazy T

What about Haleigh’s vote?


People have caught onto Production’s Pets over the seasons that have gotten some assistance when they couldn’t save themselves like Rachel, Jeff & Jordan, Paul, ect, but can’t say for sure if Tyler is getting assistance, he is clearly winning on his own, he doesn’t even need tk use his cloud, he’s that tight with everyone, Tyler is playing an excellent game. Tyler FTW.


Yes and I’m pissed this jury buyback will ruin things for him, if Rock or Bay come back. They will knock some sense into Fes and Haleigh which is something I don’t want to see happen because it’s been fun seeing Foutte fumble this whole time. Now the evicted houseguest will come in looking for Tyler’s blood. Not good at all.

The only person that should come back is the one evicted this week, that way they won’t have a chance to compare notes in jury house. So if Fes goes this week, let him come back, they’ll get him out again.

BB Fanatic

Production pretty much know level 6 will take out the remainings morons then the game would get boring so they have to bring someone back. They didn’t anticipate that it would be so easy to take and they would be so stupid lol


I hate that they are messing with the game though. This has been the best season in years and now it may be ruined. If one of the Hive goes this week and ultimately comes back then the week was pointless. If one of the other 3 come back then those weeks were pointless and could give the Hive power in the House even though they threw that power away 3 or 4 weeks in a row.

I’m also wondering about the legality of this move since BB is a game show and since Quiz Show these shows are not allowed to manipulate the game.


Settled in court back in BB8 I believe. BB is entertainment, not a game show. They can (and do) do whatever they want.


Definitely a game show. Competition for a prize at the end = game show.

Hi my name is Scott

Fes so smug before,the vote. Yeah, he got his target out but the big dummy (having a weird flashback and hearing Redd Foxx while typing that) picked the wrong freaking target. Totally clueless……

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Just SO dumb, and that he thinks he made a big move. And he did…. for L6 & JC. SO dumb, so clueless, complete misplaced arrogance.


Scottie reminds me of Tweak off of South Park


I thought he looks like Drop Dead Fred


I think he’s more like Butters


He’s Gilligan, to me….just missing his red hat

Festicular Logic



Now that is the way to leave a goodbye message! JC’s message was completely strategic


I was lauging so hard at that. He’s so good at most parts of this game. But Tyler knows his game. So he had better get JC out soon.




Jury battleback. I don’t want any of them back!


I know That sucks.


After all it took to get rid of them why must we suffer again??


I Angry!!

Hi my name is Scott

Depends on who goes next week.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I hate this Jury Buy Back. But seriously, I can’t think of one evicted player who hasn’t so tanked their own game that no one could work with them in the house. Also, could die a happy woman if I never have to hear Bay or RS’s voices again.

Finally A Good Season

How can I view the HOH comp right now??

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Jury buy back! The only thing better than watching someone from the Hive get voted out is watching them get voted out a second time. Why do they do this?

Bayleighs Mood Swings

This HOH looks like fun. Tyler is going to have everyone slipping him coins to help him win lol


Tyler & Ang already have said it’s better for their game to not win this HOH; they most likely will hand their “coins” to either KC or Brett to win so they can have no blood on their hands (Fez, Hay, Sam are the targets)


Angela won. I say. It will be sam and brett nomed


sheesh. i don’t even like L6 as game players. i feel like they got lucky and just got put with the biggest bunch of idiots…so i can’t even blame them for taking the game and running with it really.


Did they just decide to do Battle Back before that last commercial break or something?! Why did they show them their goodbye messages. Please, Production, rig it against Bayleigh.


Are you kidding? I HATE the idea of a jury buy back! For SURE the DR will rig it so she (can’t stand her) WINS! The trouble she causes in the house is going to bring up ratings for the show. No fair!


Julie just confirmed there is gonna be a Jury buy back!


They’re literally giving the 500k to Tyler and Angela. Meanwhile Tyler is making sure he has KC as his F2. So in theory, Angela is donating her claim to the 500k to Tyler and doesn’t even know it lmao

Butters Mom

A jury battle back is really not fair considering they got to see their good bye messages. Not so good for Angela or Brett. I guess they should have thought about that.

Ken sru

If they are big brother fans, they know better’


Not really. CBS cheated here and you know it.


Also by that logic Production could just give Hive advantage in every future comp. Do you condone that too?

Finally A Good Season

Yes, I completely agree! Fingers crossed!!


So one of FUBAR gets to battle back! Too bad they’ll end up evicted before they can get their bag through the door. More likely, as they celebrate they hurt the remaining hivester and themselves.

If Bayleigh comes back will she be able to use her power?


Tired of watching boring Hayleigh. Fays is hilarious on the other hand so imo best scenario is Hayleigh voted out, Scott comes back, Fays & Scottie spend the whole next week blaming & targeting each other, JC plays them both, and L6 chillaxes, with one eye always on Sam lest she do something stupid again.

Is this Dumb or Dumber?

Yes, a Haleigh and Scottie showmance afterall. ha ha


Ahhhh…jury buy back…..guess production wants to be sure that at least one of the power apps is used this year!


That can’t happen now. Tyler’s power app is only valid for one more week. Tyler has to use his power app this week. Since Angela won HoH there is no reason for him to use it.

He can use it for the heck of it but than I think it will hurt him if he did. I believe if he used it the house will know about it and that will just place a target on his back.


Soooo whoever it was that snapped at me for asking if there was going to be a jury battleback I can only say…na na na na na……


I was thinking about you when Julie said YES LOL


Haha I read that.


Yes, you should receive many apologies. Batttleback is unfair, cheating, and stupid though.


Is anyone else completely confused by the jury battleback. Is it the current 4. I didn’t see Julie announce it ? How is that even right when they showed them the goodbye messages. And is that possibly why they haven’t been showing many of Tyler’s messages. I feel as confused as Fes right now.


I do not believe it was originally planned. But, with L6 controlling this game, the BB Grods need to inject some drama. Besides, with Kaitlyn blowing her “chance” back in, it’s the only chance at a *insert drumroll* double eviction.

on another note…..Come on Big Brother. I paid for these feeds. FEED ME!

Okay, I was just notified that there was an equipment failure on set. Feeds will be back once the issue is fixed and the comp resumes.

*This granny is frustrated with so much feed loss this season. I figure Rachel owes me for a month of feeds, and JC owes me for three! (all the freakin’ singing)

**now worried “equipment” could mean Sambot! LOL She probably pulled a screw thinking it would be useful for her escape hatch that she’s been constructing.


Haha. Sambot blew a circuit !!! That could mean big trouble for everyone in a 30 mile radius. Poor Sammy.
This is the first time I cared enough to pay for live feeds. So I don’t have much to compare with as far as how much I’m seeing.
So as it stands. Scottie would most likely win the battleback. But I would so love to see Fes evicted and Scottie beat him. Even tho I’m not a Scottie fan really. Just over Fes and Haleigh.


Angela won


Feeds are back. Competition over and Angela won HOH

who me?

It’s the 3 soon to be 4 on the jury that battles back. So Bayliegh, Rockstar, Scottie and whoever is evicted next week. I’m hoping Scottie wins and rocks the house


Maybe his messages are very uneventful. Plus I think it’s time constraints for TV, you never know after the show is over they might show them the rest before they ship them off to jury.


Literally all Jurry battle backs have had the evicted houseguests view their goodbye messages.


I have a bad feeling that the battle back will be rigged for Bay. Production has to never pissed she never got to use the app they gifted her. I don’t know if I can stand another reign of Her Highness.


I think it’s rigged to save on of L6 should they get voted out next week.


I hope the jury buy back twists works are well as Sam’s power…

Fes Is a Moron

Who is going to win this HOH? Tyler, Angela and jC do not want towin this week

Scottie Pilgrim



for some reason they are refusing to turn on live feeds. they restarted the comp after show ended.


I think everyone was confused about what the coins looked like. At least that is the impression from everyone saying is this it.


This really sucks…..I was really hoping that there wouldn’t be a battle back. I really don’t want any of them coming back……especially Rockstar.


Imagine if crazy Sam wins the “crap shoot” HOH and nominates hmmm Haleigh and Angela? She is such a wildcard. Will protect her boys Brett, JC and Tyler thinking they will take her to final 2. Keep on dreaming darlin ;o)


This is why everybody hates on seasons. Nobody likes fucking jury buy backs, these are getting old asf. bayleigh has been gone for 4 weeks she doesn’t deserve to just automatically be in the top 8. Enough with these stupid ass jury buy backs, they’ve all been evicted for a reason.


Oh give me a break. We were all cheering for the battle backs when it was Victor’s game on the line. Don’t be upset when things don’t go your way. This is a mainstay twist.


I hated Vic and Paul together. Now I actually like him but he was evicted 3 times in 2016, that’s ludicrous.

Is this Dumb & Dumber?

Didn’t watch–too stupid of a week. Is it true about a battle back after all these posters said there wouldn’t be due to eviction messages being seen?


anybody know who won HOH?


wondering too!!!!!!!!!!!!


still playing, props keep breaking, angela was in the lead.

Is this Dumb or Dumber?

From Jokers I see it is Angela.

BB Addict

Just read that Angela won in some comments on a youtube video.

Angela for president


No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I suspect Haleigh’s friendship with Scottie will last MUCH longer outside the house than her “romance” with Fez. Even though he isn’t solely to blame for Haleigh’s bad game play, I think she won’t like being with a guy who is so clueless (or dumb, as the consensus in the outside world seems to be); nor will she want to be controlled or have her opinions dismissed by him long term. You could tell from the live show tonight they did show the genuine affection and friendship between Haleigh and Scottie. I’m sorry, I know many don’t agree, Julie Chen is just a horrible BB host. She stumbles over her words EVERY week; she helps spin inaccurate stories in interviews that incorrectly reflect what is really going on in the house. Sam got a pretty elevated edit tonight compared to the drama and pouting she spins in the house.

Is this Dumb or Dumber?

So while I want Fes evicted, I don’t want him to have a chance for battleback. So someone else will need to go instead.


WHY do they feel the need to have a jury battleback….once you get evicted that should be then end of it. Especially with the post eviction interviews with bayliegh and rockstar….Julie kind of let them in on information that gives them an unfair advantage. This season has been so great and doesn’t need anymore added twists. I was ready to see level 6 start to break apart a little bit but now that’s going to be delayed because of this juror. I mean everyone in that jury house pretty much dug their own grave and don’t deserve to have the chance to come back. Don’t potentailly reward a juror (bayliegh or potentially a fessy) for their absolute terrible game play.


I agree with you 100%. I would not mind a battle back early in the season because the earliest evicted houseguests get a chance to come back and really play (i.e. – Cameron & Cody last season battled it out with each other, and then Cody came back). But when we get to the jury, these people have had their chance to play and they were evicted for a reason. Give it up, production! Season 20 is good all on its own, and your efforts at manipulation – i.e. giving Haleigh the HOH or the never-used apps – are nothing compared to the level of entertainment that the HGs are providing all on their own.


Because, when the wizard went into the bag to pull out a heart for Angela and a brain for Faysal, the bag was full of Scottie’s hoarded haul of grooming supplies and stray strands of purple hair.

*bamboozled, again*


Production had to arrange a battle-back *just* so Scottie would go back into the house… it was the only way Production could get all their stuff back.

Miss Conception

Look for the old “fixaroo” to be activated by production. The battle back will be won by Scottie or the next evictee(depending on who that may be).I believe Rock and Bay are out.


Anyone coming back into the game will only be bounced right back out if L4 and JC have their way yet again so it’s pointless! ;o)


What is extremely strange this year. I don’t really dislike any of them. There really is not a discernable villain. Yeah, the hive played a really dumb game. It is the only Season that one side of the house had there own people evicted. They got so wrapped in the bro’s that they couldn’t even save themselves they have not noticed Tyler. An early target was Angela, but she is still there, they did not even follow threw strategically. I should be irritated because when you see one side dwindle to nothing it is really boring, but when you witness people take themselves out, it is oddly fascinating. In a normal season, Sam’s eviction would have been a breather week and it would have happened when Bailey went home. Rockstar should have been safe weeks two eviction but instead Swaggy went home because Kaitlyn flipped early. Fes could have had some good game but he teamed up with Swaggy and the girls. Scottie’s revenge was crazy, he didn’t even know Steve found him kind of annoying. Rockstar was just entertaining for me. Now the plan is to get out Sam. Here is something hilarious, what if Sam wins the buyback because she doesn’t want to give it to Scottie and she needs to get back to Brett… too funny.


The villains have all been eliminated except for Haleigh. I have my favorites but don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t her or any of the battle backers.


Haleigh isn’t even a good villain. She isn’t one of my favorites, I want Kacee to win on a personal level. I think if Tyler at any point gets eliminated before top three he should be America’s favorite. I would die laughing if the final two are JC and Sam, with a crazy season like this, imagine final three is JC, Tyler, and Sam in a weird twist JC wins final HoH, (Last HoH is generally endurance, JC might have an advantage because of his size.) and decides he can beat Sam and not Tyler. Too funny.


props keep breaking, angela was in the lead……..


I was really hoping there wouldn’t be a battle back…ESPECIALLY a jury battle back. Fuck that!

another name

this hoh comp.
technical difficulties causing it to last longer than one hour?
or has the person production wants to win just not won yet?


Go to real las vegas big brother twitter account. inside story is that there were three prop malfunctions and have had to reset several times. Angela is in the lead

another name

realistically, i’ve watched bbcan. where they black out feeds for up to 2 days at a time without notifying anyone until feeds have been off for 8 hours. a two hour delay isn’t that big of a deal.


Zingbot gave Fes a hint. Part time teacher, full time moron. He didn’t pick up on that clue. His family probably turned off the television because they can’t watch him any longer. Too painful to watch.

Is this Dumb or Dumber?

He should not be teaching any child.


Possibly Scottie because you have Bay, Rock, and whoever gets voted out next week. Let it be Fes. I’d laugh Hay and Scottie in the BB House while Fes is at jury house thinking Scottie better not be putting the moves on my girl. lol Rock and Bay will say Fes you spreading all those rumors about Scottie ruined our alliance it is all your fault we’re here.


angela won……..hoh


I wasn’t a fan of this dude to begin with, but Brett has become my number one. His Chris Farley Diary Room sessions during the Veto comp were HILARIOUS. Right now, he gets my vote.
My problem with Level 6 to begin with was they were like watching paint dry. Angela and KC are often referred to as ‘Furniture’ on the socials. And, Tyler, despite playing the best game in the house, is really no different. Just BLAH. I’m pretty certain that Battle Back is geared for Scottie to win since he got a raw deal. Who knows how pregnant Bailey is at this point (IF she is at all) And no one wants to see Rockstar, Fes, or Haleigh back again. That’s no different than when Nicole won her way back and got the boot again. SO, hoping for Scottie to come back and cause a ruckus for Level 4. Maybe he and Brett team up? That would be good TV.

Hi my name is Scott

Appears Angela won HOH. Should be an all Hive Battle Back.

Hi my name is Scott

Here is hoping that Simon’s dream of Fes going out & Scottie winning the Battle!


Angela won HOH?


It’s too early to tell but Angela is going to be in some hot water with this jury buy back….assuming hailiegh or fes go this week….Angela will most likely be the target for three of the four jurors if they come back (haliegh/fess, rock, bay) I mean I know the juror will still have to win hoh to even have a shot to stay but if they do she’s in trouble….and that’s why I HATE this jury buyback…..Angela (like her or not) has been playing the game well, winning comps and making moves but her game could potentially be spoiled by a juror whose been out of the house and evicted fair and square….I understand it’s big brother and “expect the unexpected” but come on I would hate to see her game get completely screwed by this buyback….again I understand a lot has to happen for that juror to even have a chance to stay but a jury buy back is one of the most unfair twists in this game.


Angela won HOH


I wish it was a rewind. Rewinds are fun, because it outs the HOH…

I hate battle backs. There was not one I was every happy with.

I highly doubt bay or rock will even fight to get back in. I think Jury house is living large – pampered with stipend. My money is Scottie gets it.

Scottie Pilgrim



ANGELA won HOH. TYLER came in second.

Who me?!

So Angela won HOH? ?