“I don’t speak because I am mute.. I’m going to cease to exist here”

POV: Brett Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: FES Next HOH: Aug 23th
Noms: Brett Kaycee & Scottie Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers It’s been slow.. not very much happening to post on.

12:41pm JC, Sam and Fes
JC – what did you do to SCottie that made him want you on the block
Sam – I don’t know
JC – you have to stop playing with the guys feelings.. you can’t tell them you are going to marry them than not marry them
Sam – oh my god JC.. that’s the exact opposite and you know it..
Sam says she’s talked to SCottie, “I just told him I was sorry.. about what is has happened.. I told him I felt bad for him and I know he’s a person and he has a family and feelings.. and I would never change the way I feel about him”
JC mentions Scottie throwing her name out
Sam says she doesn’t care about that that’s part of the game
JC thought that She told SCottie she loves him but that they can’t make it work in the Big Brother house and that is why he’s mad and said “you broke my heart”
Sam – JC that is the most afar fetched thing..
Sam – are you just making a joke
JC – yeah
Sam – ok.. NO that is the exact opposite of everything I’ve stood up for I can’t talk to anybody I’m just going to be quiet.. I’m going to be mute now.. I’m a mine.. I’m going to lock it up..
Sam – just take the voice right out of my mouth I’m done no more speaking.. No stop Signing, Stop Speaking.. stop breathing .. I’m going to cease to exist here
JC – why
Sam – because I can’t .. I refuse.. I’m not… I refuse
Sam – and now I’m just going to get the cold shoulder with everybody.. I was so happy..
Tyler interrupts jumps in and Scares JC..
Sam – I don’t speak because I am mute..
Sam – starting at 1:30 I’m not going to speak until tomorrow at noon.. we’re going to play the quiet game..
Sam – i’m sick of all this sh1t so I’m going to quit .. not a word not a sniffle not a sneeze
JC – is it because you miss ROck
Sam – it’s not for any reason.. I’m going on strike I’m protesting..
JC asks her why but Sam won’t tell him other than she’s just going on mute.
JC says Sam is like a Hillary support she’s going on strike for nothing..

Sam has left.. Fes and Brett are with JC now in the kitchen,.
JC says he wants Brett to say to SAm ‘HAve you taken your meds sweetie”
Fes -That’s f*ed up
Brett – you can’t say that
Fes – why are you calling her crazy what has she done that’s super crazy
JC laughs “what do you mean”

12:45pm Fes and Kaycee HOH
Fes says Sam still might vote for Scottie he did call her out and Sam is acting all crazy. Brings up Scottie throwing Haleigh under the bus last night and pitching for him to put up Sam.
Fes – hardcore.. I was like.. thinking about it.

Fes asked SCottie who hhe would got after if he won HOH and he said Brett, What has Brett done to you.. ”
Fes thought Scottie and Brett were working together now , “Brett that doesn’t make sense.. I asked him why and he said finish what I started” Fes told this to Brett
FEs – I don’t even think he has Brett’s vote now

Kaycee is certain Scottie knows he’s going home. Fes wonders if Scottie will just roll over and Accept it or go crazy, “What can he pitch to individual people without throwing the other people under the bus and we relay the message.. ”
Fes – I could have put up Sam Scottie would still have went but what if Sam left and Now we have Scottie that’s a problem
Fes says Scottie through Sam under the bus during his veto speech “She’s been playing the whole house”
Kaycee reassures him it will be a smooth week.

1:17pm Tyler and Fes
Fes thinks Tyler threw the momma mia competition. (during Scotties HOH .. LOL)

1:18pm Haleigh and Angela
Haleigh brings up Sam saying she’s not talking after 1:30 today. Halegi calls her “our mute”

They start complaining about Sam calling her actions weird.. listing all the things she does that lead them to think she’s America’s player

2:00pm Sam isn’t talking for 24 hours

2:09pm Angela and Haleigh
Angela says without naming names she’s getting the feeling everyone wants the same person out next week.
Haleigh goes on about how they can have a easy smooth couple weeks if they get rid of SCottie and Sam . She warns Angela that this Thursday will be most likely a double eviction.
Haleigh talking about Sam being insecure and that is why she’s always talking sh1t about them.
Angela says she’s been nothing but fair to Sam

2:23pm Tyler and Brett
Tyler – we need to get together and come up with a plan just in case it’s a double on Thuirsday
Tyler- other than that we don’t have shit to do
Brett – Kinda scary
T – yup

2:30pm Haleigh eats her hands

3:21pm cooking and chit chat.. Everyone keeps telling each other it’ll be an easy week.
Everyone who eats Brett’s meal said it was very good one of the best he’s made.

4:00pm Sam getting comfortable

4:38pm haleigh and Scottie
Haleigh says she’s thinking of strategy
Scottie says his only strategy is to pray for a battle back
Scottie – thought of anything good?
Haleigh – still working on it?

4:45:45pm Sam speaks…

5:43pm Chit chat…
They talk about Kaitlyn saying she has feelings for fes, brett and Tyler.


Brett – there’s a lot of bugs out today..

random chit chat about carbon dating. Tyler says he doesn’t believe in carbon dating. JC chimes in asks Tyler if he believes that god made them and Adam and eve..
They decide not to have that conversation. Tyler still doesn’t believe in carbon dating.

Angela – it would be better for Brett to get Fes out than one of us
Kaycee – we have to talk about the double..
Angela – yeah, I have an idea what I want to do
Angela says Fes and Haleigh should be the nominations for Brett if she’s the HOH during the DE she would put Haleigh and Sam up and tell HAleigh she’s a pawn.
they discuss some of Sam’s oddities.. bringing up how she was going on about ankles and how Tyler had really nice thin ankles and his ankle bracelet accentuated them.
THey Sam is a “very interesting human being”

Angela mentions how haleigh has been really latching onto her and She knows Sam is seeing this. Anegla doesn’t wan Sam to think Haleigh has joined their side.


7:30pm Scottie and Tyler
Scottie says Fes is either stupid or he was the flip vote
Tyler- from?
S – every time.. he’s either ridiculously stupid or the flip vote
T – that hasn’t crossed my mind for some reason
S – I’m the one getting blamed for it for some reason
T – now I’m worried you shot yourself in the foot with Haleigh and Sam.. you think you can bring i back to life
S – no
S – what do you think are the odds are he’s the hacker last week..
Tyler laughs
S – he’s either a genius or a f*ing idiot by bet is he’s a idiot
T – what was are you going to approach it this week
S – ohh I’m done, what votes could I possibly get
Scottie says the only way he can stay is if he makes himself so big of a target people will keep him
T – I don’t know dude..
S – no way Brett votes for me.. he’s the one that framed me this week he’s the reason I’m on the block
S – Fes is the flip vote and Brett is working with him (sigh)
S – JC will do whatever Fes wants
Scottie says Tyler and Angela’s vote this week is up in the air, He could probably get Haleigh’s vote but doesn’t think he would get Sams, ‘3 – 3 he breaks the tie”
Tyler nods..
T – unless somebody else wants fes out so bad they will keep someone around to go after him
Scottie says the only voters he knows he could get is Tyler and Haleigh.. “after that I don’t know”

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Dirty Harry Reid

Can Sam make that not speaking ban permanent?


She has too much nonsense in her head..she won’t be able to contain it:)


she can not even make it past 5 mins of not speaking. LOL

Al Sharpton Wants to Hold Your Wallet

I would love to see JC make it to the final just to hear his speech saying how awesome he is.


He is definitely growing on me…never dreamed he could be so devilish! Lol it seems to suit him and love the was he’s playing. When else could you get away with this in real life and gain 500k! Lol pretty smart and great for the fans! AMP? Maybe if he can keep this up! Who’s his final 2really with? Think he would take Fessy? #Festicle

Level 6 FTW

JC really does pull some strings behind the scenes. If Tyler gets voted out in a few weeks who do you think can pull out the win? I think the winner might come from the Brett/Angela/Kaycee alliance, Sooner or later logic dictates that they will have to take Tyler out.


Or Tyler gets them to turn on each other once all of the hive and the floaters are gone. If he makes them all think he’s taking them to the end, he could pull out a Paul-type final 2 but nicer.


This game isn’t always logical. Case in point: Fessy.


All of L6 knows he can’t be allow to the final. He has manipulated everyone in the jury house. He can manipulate them to vote for him to win. I think they will try to get rid of JC before Fes. Just a feeling I have. JC causes too much division and enough of the L6 will see that and want him gone.

K...bb fan

I think L6’s next target is fez. If they have to settle, it would likely be Sam. But, i do think Jc and brett or Tyler could be a possibility to for a blindsided backdoor before Hailiegh is a priority. Opportunity to get those 3 boys will be rare down the stretch. But anyone who thinks taking Hailiegh to the final 2 would lose to her.


We’re getting to the good stuff now. L6 has held together so far without stabbing each other in the back.


Pisses me off that Sam always bitches she dont wanna be there but acts crazy its all strategy I think shes a idiot.. Hope her and Jc are on the block next week.

Al Sharpton Wants to Hold Your Wallet

I hope JC sticks around. That dude is funny.


I think Hay might be next to go because l6 knows she is smarter than Fes. After that they may target JC because he’s a manipulator. Things should be developing going forward as the final level 6 members look at how they can get to the final 3. Will one of them betray and ally with a player outside of the alliance? Or is it a SOLID 4? They seem so solid right now.


I think they should take out Fess first. Hay would be solo. And without Fess, JC would also be solo.


I’m telling you she’s Kaizer Soze and as soon as she walks out, her silly voice and accent will melt away, she’ll peel off her Ellie Mae Clampett costume, and Sam have the most proper English accent and designer clothes and reveal it was all an act.

JC Meltdown

Every week she is consoling those who are about to depart, she convinces people not to put her on the block and she acts all frantic. She could Kaizer Soze her way to the end but L6 would be a fool to take her. Who is more dangerous to be with in a final two, JC or Sam?


She’s not an idiot. You might not like that strategy. It seems to be working. She isn’t viewed as a threat. She’s viewed as weak and can be voted out whenever which is exactly how you want other players to view you. Not a threat.





I pity the fool that thinks it’s a good strategy to take the crazy chick to the final 2. To juror #1 she will say: “Bayleigh, I was the only vote to keep you. I’m so sorry how they treated you”
To juror #2 she will say: “Rockstar, we had a really special relationship. You were there for me when I needed a friend. You were my rock in the Big Brother house”
To juror #3 she will say: “Scottie, I love you. You’re like my little brother. I love him and I love you.” Send Hayleigh and Fessy to that jury house and watch them be influenced by Rockstar and Bayleigh. All five will conclude that Sam is the only good person left in that house and the only one deserving of the $500,000.
If Tyler gets it in his head that “Hey, I cannot lose against that lunatic” …then we will have ESCAPED MENTAL PATIENT 2.0 (Sam will defeat Tyler just like the Meatball beat Paul).


Please don’t ever mention meatball again.

Fessy's little brain

I would be worried about doing\saying anything that might set Sam off at this point. For some reason, the movie “Fatal Attraction” keeps popping into my head…………………..

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

Give her a bunny


Fuzzball: (talking to kc, about rat) “I don’t even think he has brett’s vote now.”

Hy-ster-ical!!!!!! :p


At this point, Brett’s vote for what? lol Fes



Laughing so hard at “2:30pm Haleigh eats her hands”.
She was non-stop gnawing on her digits after eating her lunch today and even drew blood just after 2:00 PM. She continued for a straight hour. I’m shocked there is anything left to nibble.

BB Fan

Yesterday she was licking her salad bowl. She forgets the cameras are watching 24/7

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

Did she toss the salad first????


Haleigh eats her hands…? Lol better than her toes! ??


The Menu in the Jury House

ON the first day that they have all of the HIVE together at the jury house (Hayleigh and Fessy join Scottie, Bayleigh and Rockstar) the only thing that should be served to them for breakfast, lunch and supper is PASTE. Let them eat paste. We have lost IQ points simply following the thought patterns of these imbeciles.


I thumb Up ur comment, even though I was Rooting for them, until this hoh, just hurts to even read this post.


I know it’s just a game but the way these people are treating Scottie is legit upsetting. It’s bad enough that he got put up based on the fact that Brett is a liar and Fes is an idiot, but them sitting around and twisting every little thing Scottie says or does to try to show that they aren’t assholes is just bullying and mean spirited.

Scottie obviously knows that he never fit in with the house. Just let him get voted out. Kicking someone when they’re down is obnoxious. Right now Sam is the only one with the right idea (although she’s taking it too extreme). Just be quiet until this miserable week is over.

who me?

I’d give you a 100 thumbs up for that if I could

K...bb fan

If Scottie was actually innocent it would be different. But look at how he threw Hailiegh under the bus to Fez. Then fed more crap about trying to set up Sam with that crap. if he wasn’t intending it he could have just told Fes Sam’s plan, and tell him to play along when Sam follows up. But instead he chose to try sale that stupid plan to Fes hoping it would work. But there are literally so many instances of Scottie trying to get pit players against each other with misinformation throughout the season.


No way they should let up on Scottie. He’s not gone yet and they need to keep the pressure on to prevent him from blowing up their games. This is a game and not one for the weak hearted. Scottie knows that as well as anyone else.

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

I had high hopes for scottie but he fucked up strategy wise. He was too obvious when he was flipping back and forth. Both sides saw it and took notes. He camped out with whichever group had power or HoH. He really didnt bond tight enough with the hive. Changed his votes around. He was too close with Tyler. His trying to deal with angie and tyler during veto comp was too blatant and out in the open. He wasnt feeding his own team info. He made a terrible choice to stick with Fezzy and Hay. He should have thrown in the towel and crossed over earlier.

You Only Live Once

Scottie literally screwed himself and his whole game voting out Swaggy…..and then telling others about it. Scottie has been so back and forth, it is his own fault. One week he cries to Angela that the Hive are bullying him, next week goes right back to them. I was cheering for Scottie early on, but his game play has way too many holes in it.

BB Fan

I agree that JC is unnecessarily lying about everything Scottie says. He’s going home, let him be.


If this Sam has to go movement holds, somebody’s gotta float “As soon as Sam’s eliminated, we all throw the HOH to JC…and he’ll flat out put her up and tell her she’s the target”

1) JC is the one HG with the b*lls to not coddle Sam…and likely would take joy in seeing her flip out.
2) Sam will absolutely flip out and it’ll be fun to watch.

The only conceivably better week is whoever is HOH decides to play along with Sam going unless there’s a backdoor opening and puts JC up next to her…because he will flip out just as hard, minus the loony histrionics

Swaggy's Missing Brow

For me it “seems” like the only discussion of possible targeting Sam by an L4 member was when Angela was talking to her new shadow, Haleigh. I’m not convinced that this wasn’t done to give her new best friend a sense of security or was real.

I sure hope L4 doesn’t lose sight of the bigger picture and waste time on getting Sam out while Fessie and Haleigh are still in the game. I could see using her as a pawn at this point.

You Only Live Once

JC is pure awesomeness how straight forward he is. I love the fact he won’t coddle or give into other people’s victim mentality. I love when he starts telling others he has no time for their poor me attitudes!


JC does good work. Watch him talk game with people some time… he does this back and forth thing, where he tells a funny story about something dumb they’ve done, then switches to serious game, then another funny reinforcement about how dumb they are or how smart he is. It’s really subtle and manipulative. He’s evil and entertaining.


Besides Tyler’s tacky palm tree tattoo his hometown video made me feel sick.

He stopped bowling after his dad was gone.
He left his mom and moved away when she was all alone.

All this segment shows that Tyler doesn’t love his parents.

He moved all the way to another state to avoid his family.

I feel bad for anyone who’s a fan of this guy.

Poor mom.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes, you could see how abandoned his mother felt.


In disbelief right now!

And just how would you suggest that someone handle their grief? I’m assuming that you consider yourself an expert on the subject. What in the world would bring you to these idiotic conclusions? Worst comment ever!


I really disagree with your impression of Tyler and “why” he has done what he’s done.
My sister was 16, an all-state basketball player, our dad coached her, he died suddenly right in the middle of the season. She never picked up a basketball again, hated everyone and everything and even after 20 years has really never got over it. She went crazy.
No one knows why Tyler moved. And speculating that he left his mom, hated his dad and ran off is just moronic.
He has honored his dad with his every win and I think he loved him more than anything. And my bet is he’s doing this to HELP his mother.


Are you kidding me??? He stopped bowing after his father passed because it was hard for him because that was something he did with his Dad…….

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Wow, you got all of that from an edited 5 minute video? His father died when he was 17. According to his mom he was extremely close to his dad. Most likely in his grief, it was too painful to keep bowling since his dad was the one who got him into the sport. He is 23 now. How do you know when he left his mom and that she is all alone or that she wasn’t supportive of him going out and seeing the world? It’s mind boggling that you think you know him to make the assumption that he doesn’t love his parents and is avoiding his family from watching a video.


Maybe he hated bowling and just did it for his Dad. Maybe his Mom was broke and couldn’t afford to keep him.

Don’t dis a guy when you have no idea.

Level 6 FTW

I see Swaggt C has a computer.

Who me?!

C is for Computer!

Sam is Legion

C is for “child support”


Losing a parent at a young age is extremely tough. My mom died from cancer when I was 19, 10 years later it is still just as hard! How dare you criticize someones grief when you absolutely know nothing about them!! I’m sure bowling is tough on Tyler as it would remind him of his dad, but giving it up does not mean he doesn’t love him. Moving away, Tyler is young and as parents you would want your kids to live their life, that does not mean abdonement. I’m sure Tyler thinks about his dad and misses him everyday and does things in his everyday life to honor him. Everyone grieves differently so please do not judge how someone grieves and make assumptions.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I can’t help but notice that “Orochimaru” is an Anime or Manga character, much like Houka Inumuta is.

I wonder, are there any players this season who are into those kinds of children’s cartoons? This kind of thing would really reflect poorly on such a player.

Dirty Harry Reid

When they showed Tyler’s house it made me root for him even more. This guy has played a great game and you could see that his family could really use the money. Good luck Tyler.


I totally agree I thought he was this surfer stereo type dude hes actually a bowler and his grandma is cute im rooting for him or Brett


I am a fan of this guy…and you’re an asshole!


Not true. Tyler is one of 4 children. His mother remarried and Grandma Hill is right there. Mother does not live in the house shown in video. Father was very ill for a long time. There
is much more to the story. Family and friends are very close.

JC Meltdown

Orochimaru, you’re an idiot if you really believe what you wrote.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

You are a moron, Orochimaru. You should return that Psychology Certificate you ordered on the internet.


I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume this is some kind of culture shock and not the stupid it sounds like.


With the invention of the internet, it’s very easy to stay in touch with folks. You can live stream a video chat, post pics, comments and a million other things instantly. A person doesn’t have to live in their mother’s basement to be close to them.


Troll for attention much??

Fraggle Rockbottom

Ishii-san changed his handle. Too funny.


My only question is…. which one of Sam’s personalities will speak first?

Sam is Legion

When they start working together, Sam will be unstoppable.
“Look, sweetie, I knit this faux curb to use on you, out of bits of dryer lint and some rocks I found in the backyard”


Fes getting out Scottie proves how this show is all staged

Al Sharpton Wants to Hold Your Wallet

It actually shows that you can’t fix stupid,

Sam's Curb Stomped Cricket

“Al Sharpton Wants to Hold Your Wallet” – lol


These houseguests are just not likeable.


Sam plays the i’m tuning out card. She played a few times now. The rest of the house accepts she is mentally weak. Sam might be playing them because she’s definitely not as mentally weak as she is betraying herself to be. She was keenly aware that Tyler might be playing her. I bet she knows more than what we see on TV. She knows JC goes around telling stories. She knows how to keep out of the drama and on the other hand, speak to Fes about I don’t want to be blind sided. I want to be able to play a veto. She’s smarter and craftier than most viewers give her credit for. NEXT HOH L6 should target Hayleigh. Separating Hay and Fes. Fes will be focus on what is Hayleigh doing with Scottie in the jury house instead of playing game. This way level 6 can take out JC or Sam. JC, Sam and Fes can’t make it to final 3 because they have a better shot at winning. It really has to be two level 6 team members for a L6 to win.


Thanks for making this week boring Fes, you freaking idiot!


Boring? It’s been hilarious!


It would have been if it all hadn’t been done in such a shady way. Brett is a lying douche, JC is a manipulative douche, Fez is a jealous douche, Tyler is a smarmy douche. Scottie was the one guy in the house left who had any hope of winning in the end.

I bet Angela and Kaycee are laughing their assets off about how they are winning without having to break a sweat.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

That would be a horrible thing going through life forever known as the guy booted by three douches…and getting beat by two women who never even had to break a sweat. Ouch!

Guy From Canada

People never lie in BB? Really? Brett is the first person to lie as a strategy? How horrible. You should write production about this poor behaviour….. or have you ever watch BB before?


OMG… Scottie is the *the* douchiest douche and even went looking for solace and companionship by befriending the womens’ tampon stash in the store room. Ewwwww

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Fessie is putting his free time to good use. I just saw a photo of him, lying in bed, bandana and headphones on his head and with a mud/face mask on…staring off into space, no doubt thinking grand strategy.

Meanwhile, it seems Brett and Tyler are making plans for DE.

Dirty Harry Reid

Your comment sums up this season. Level 6 is ruling the house because they have the smartest players.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Thanks but I think TeamTyler really nails L6 with his comments a little further down.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

He is reveling from the satisfaction of knowing he succeeded in making his BIG move to get out one of his alliance members. All his scheming and speeches about being on the same page has left him mentally exhausted! (Not to mention the energy it took to observe everyone else cleaning up after the veto). The king needs his rest so that he can eat the next meal his maiden brings up to him and have some strength left over to continually grab her butt and stick his hand down her pants and up her shirt. Oh, how it must be good to be King of an empty HOH room!

Fessy's Left Nut

Oh Happy Day…Silence from Sam!
3 hours 15 minutes later…SIKE Y’all!!

BB Fanatic

Is this the last week for Tylers power? I hope so now everyone on the same playing level. My bet is first out of level 6 will be Kaycee when they have to turn on each other.

Dirty Harry Reid

Yes this is the last week for Tyler’s power. I think when Level 6 turns Tyler should be nervous.


One more week he can use it. Next week will be interesting. If L6 wins HOH. Another power app that wasn’t played. I really wanted the drama of him using it. But do not want Haleigh to win HOH again.


If Kaycee or Brett win HOH Tyler should use it, for an alliance smoke screen.


He should use it at the veto ceremony no matter what. He’d need to explain how limited his power was and that it could only help him so the alliance doesn’t get irritated and think Tyler could have saved Winston or Rachel.


I think the reason L6 works is bc they all put in work! It’s a team effort not just Tyler. Although at times he is the mastermind and should get majority of the credit for HG evictions. Each member has played a significant role in swaying the boat in the direction that L6 needs it to go. Bravo to the reamaining 4 that looked outside of the alliance to do work! And JC should be an honorary member!

Swaggy's Missing Brow



Tyler was responsible for the first two evictions. Hardly worth the majority of the credit. JC has done more and Brett after him. Even Angela has put in more work.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

I especially like that L6 doesn’t need to sit and talk strategy for hours on end. They update each other on what they have been doing, make quick decisions on how to proceed and then all go out and execute. I think that is why Winston and Rachel had to go. He wouldn’t stop talking game every second and she didn’t trust the group enough so she fell for the lies Bay fed her. AND both of them couldn’t keep calm and quiet. Every member of this alliance is so good at remaining calm, it is great to watch them in action. It will be interesting to see how it plays out when they have to go after each other.


The beauty of L6. And their unwavering loyalty. It’s really something special they have. Fun to watch.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Agree, TeamTyler. And I think one of the reasons that we see Tyler SHOULD be a target of L6, but he is not, is because they don’t see how strategic he has played this game; he comes across as very malleable. He has a much stronger will and is more decisive than he appears to the house, with perhaps the exception of JC. He’s a power player, but he doesn’t come across as a power player to the house. He’s not a sweet baby wounded bird, he’s an eagle – radar vision, comes in without making a sound.


I think they realize they are in a much better position together right now. Soon though they’ll go after each other and it won’t be all of them at the final 4. They are each there to get $500k and this is the best strategy for each of them and when one of them thinks they can make a run for the finish expect the backstabbing to start.


I would not be surprised if they stayed solid until final 4 but that could just be wishful thinking on my part. I really like JC too. I am just partial to L6 and their solid team play. When things appear bleak they still maintain a good attitude. Like Kaycee has said … It’s a game! It is what it is, we will just fight for veto.

Picture on the wall

I can see problems for Tyler going forward. First off, he needs to stop trying to sneak quick cuddle sessions with Angela now that he is a have not. His game is based around people thinking that he will take them over anyone else. If he is seen focusing on her too much, he loses that, and therefore loses his main power in the house.
Secondly, his treatment of jury members is the worst part of his game. Don’t get me wrong, Hay is probably the only one that has a chance of beating him in final 2 as things stand right now, but he doesn’t want to make too many people mad. There is going to be enough bitterness in the jury without adding to it.
And third is the problem of Sam….. you want to talk about BITTER jury member. If he is the one that ends up having to get rid of her…… she might even vote for Angela over him just to spite him.

Kaycee and Brett need to get their heads and games together ASAP or they don’t stand a chance. They need to realize that once He’s and Hay are gone, that Tyler, JC, and Angela will be gunning for them. If they don’t realize this and reel Sam to them for the homestretch run, they are toast. But they probably won’t do that, and they will just go out of the game smiling and accepting that the prom King and Queen sent them out…..in other words…. very boring finish to this exceptional season.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

They haven’t shown many of Tyler’s goodbye messages to the Jury members; I’d say he wasn’t has harsh as Angela or Brett. So I disagree with you. Also, Sam is going to give the money to a guy 100%. Tyler doesn’t have bad blood with Scottie as he’s going out – Scottie is all focused on Sam and Brett; he’ll take that to Jury and marinate it with Bay and RS. Tyler has little to do with why Scottie is going out from the Jury perspective (whereas Tyler had alot to do with it; as did JC, KC and Brett). It was a well executed plan and now Scottie is mad at Brett & Sam, and Bay & RS will be dumbfounded that he going out under Fez’s HOH.

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I believe it’s been confirmed that all the goodbye messages are included on the disc they take to the jury house with them, in which case they do get to see all the messages.

I did not hear the conversation but someone claimed that Tyler has been making nice goodbye messages to the evicted house guests but telling his alliance that he’s making harsh comments; tricking them into making harsh comments themselves. That would be a brilliant move but unless I see the conversation I’m not sure I believe it. To begin with, who would he have told that to?

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

That is good strategy! I remember the bearded wonder telling the house he obliterated people in his goodbye messages but he was sucking up in them instead. It still backfired on him because there was enough sense in that Jury House to tie the pieces together. This Jury will not get clarity until L6 members join them. Which could easily be 2-3 more weeks.


Can you imagine Bay. When RS tells her she got evicted on Haleigh’s HOH. Then when Scottie comes in on Fes’s. Their heads are going to explode. Lol


1 out of 2? I guess thats not many

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

L4 is gonna ride it out until final 4 and then its every person for themselves. They each have a 25% chance to win. Why fuck it up by flipping the house??? There is no advantage of breaking off and 2 of them forming a deal with JC or Sam. The smart move is to put the hive and jc and sam in the jury. And take a 25% chance at the money. Brigade!!!


There is an advantage but not in taking JC. Taking Sam or even Fez they can eliminate the other L6/5/4 person taking equal credit for the moves. Fez has been on the wrong side of the vote almost every single week. The only time he wasn’t was when he voted out Bayleigh. Fez at the end may not be good because there will be most of the Hive sitting in the jury. Sitting next to a L6/5/4 person makes it a roll of the dice as to who believes who was calling shots.


Faysal believes he made a “big move” with his noms. He believes that he has found out why everyone on his side has gone home, he believes he has gotten the girl. He now believes that is in control of this HoH and is influencing votes. And because he is “loyal”, and has “no beef” with anyone, he believes he’ll be safe the next week with people who have always voted against him.


Swaggy's Missing Brow

And that in some circles is referred to as snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.


Now known as pulling a hive…

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

Exhibit A as to why fezzy is the dumbest motherf@cker to ever play this game.


Calling him a genius is an insult to real geniuses. Dumbass is more appropriate.

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

Sam is playing an insane version of Shelly during jeff/jordan season. she could sneak up on people and her jury management is top notch.

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

Why is fezzy such a bitch? What the fuck is with the sissy boy face mask? seriously, what kind of dude does this? Maybe he should borrow Hay’s panties and splash on some Chanel #5 or YSL Black Opium perfume and do a little pole dance down at the leather bar.


Did SCottie forget he put Brett on the block.
This season….:shakes head::


Scottie thinks Haleigh would vote for him against Fes’ wishes? Now he’s caught the delusional bug, comes from hanging around the Hive too much.


Everybody trusts Tyler.