“61 days and now they coming to us.. their dumb a$$e$ got out their own numbers”

POV: Brett Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: FES Next HOH: Aug 23th
Noms: Brett Kaycee & Scottie Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers SCottie is going.. not a real big Spoiler there. Most people are jockeying for next week thinking that Thursday is a double. Sam’s going to quit Smoking so that should get interesting.

10:25am Sam and Angela
Sam – Scottie I just felt like we were friends and I was a comfort to him and so I wanted to console him in some way and be like when we leave here I know that your 2 nieces and you know.. you got a life and bills and you are playing the game..
Sam says she’s now worried who is going to be there to console her afterwards .. “I’m here and have all of you or here and have none of you.. I’m again here in the darkj in a confused state I am perpetually stuck in”

Angela tells her to not let what Scottie said about her yesterday get to her. That is not what the house’es opinion of her is. He did that to try and save himself. Everyone was looking at him like he’s getting crazier than before.
Sam – alright.. I’ll let it go
Angela – just let it go pretend it didn’t happen

10:32am Angela and Kaycee
Planning their workouts for the day.
Kaycee – i’m starting to think this is just my life.. I’m getting use to it
Angela – me too.. if we can just keep these people we’re good no more no less..
Kaycee – it doesn’t cross my mind when we get out of here it’ll be a whole new world..

10:55am you can hear someone screaming over the walls..
Production comes over the speakers telling all houseguests to go inside . Kaycee yells back at them ensuring I can’t hear what they said.

11:15am Sam and kaycee
Sam – Kaycee, can you keep a secret .. it has nothing to do with anything it’s just me personally
KAycee – of course
Sam – I’ve already commit to it.. tonight will probably be the lock down. I’m going to turn in all my cigarettes and then tomorrow morning they are going to put a patch on me.. I’m going to quit smoking..
K – oh my gosh
S – I’m really scared but I committed to it.. this will force me
K – dude that’s f*ing awesome
S – i’m going to bag them all up and put them in the shortage room
K – I will be there for support and to cheer you on I will be your number 1 fan and supporter..
S – this will force me to do this working out thing.. one of the reasons I’ve been scarfed to quit, you are going to gain weight.. I’m like I’ve aready done that so
S – I could be the next person leaving and then what have I accomplished being here..

(Sam off smokes is going to take us into next level sh1t.. )

11:37am Tyler and Angela
Angela – stupid game
Tyler- I hate this game everything about it
they laugh
Tyler says Scottie’s pitch is to make himself the biggest target and to make it known he’s going after Fes, “He also said.. I’m f*ing done”
They talk about nothing to do all day today, tomorrow and Thursday
Angela – you think it’ll be a double eviction
T – yeah
A – we need to figure out a plan
T – mmmhhmmm, you have any ideas
A – kinda
Angela says it would be a bad idea to take FEs and Haleigh up on their plan for a week or 2
Tyler – exactly
A – put Sam up next to Haleigh and be like Haleigh you got to trust me on this like everyone is on board you are the only person I can put up without it looking too suspicious.. you put me up so I can use that as a justification
A – everyone is going for Sam everyone knows she’s gone this week
T – who would then go (between H and Sam)
A – Sam
T – you think
A – I don’t know
T – doesn’t really matter
A – it’s best to keep H right now and have one of JC, Kaycee or Brett get her out
T – me too
T – it’s probably not great if you or I win HOH
A – that’s what I’m thinking
T – we gotta try but if we don’t we’ll be OK, Everyone will target sam
A – Same.. I think so to
They agree best if Brett won so he can take out Fes.
A – I wonder what JC will do? Sam? Sam and Haleigh
Tyler says apparently Sam approached JC and Brett and tried to make an alliance (good grief a pox on the person who spilled this)
T – JC told me.. I was going to wait for Brett to say something.. JC said it’s not legit.. (GRRRRR)
A – Sam would put up Haleigh and Brett but not Brett now
T – after this week it’s 5 votes, we just need three
They now think that maybe Fes and Haleigh would be who Sam puts up

T – what if in the double you put up Haleigh and Sam and Sam wins the veto put up fes?
A – yeah, backdoor fes and say sorry. It’ll f* us up for Jury but whatever
T – 61 days and now they coming to us literally to save themselves because they know they have no numbers anymore their dumb asses got out their own numbers
They laugh
A – I would rather keep them because they are keeping us for now
T – exactly
A – we need Brett to get Fes out or Kaycee (to get Fes out)
T – at the same time we don’t want them to get us out before we get them.
A – yeah don’t want to look stupid
Tyler mentions Brett saying that Fes wanted to win the veto to take on of them down and put up Tyler.
A – I think FEs said that so Brett didn’t become offended that he put him up
T – I know.. it does make sense.. he was never going to take him down
A – sometimes I think that Fes is really stupid
Tyler mentions Scottie saying Fes is either the swing vote every week and a genius or a idiot .
Tyler knowing the swings every week says “nope a idiot”

Angela says she misses Rachel a bit. Tells Tyler about the final 2 rachel tried to make called it the Vixens. Angela – DR asked me about it and I said.. don’t worry about it… not part of it”

They worried Brett might start figuring out he’s the odd man out.
A – I kinda feel like he already has
T – I know for sure
A – after Scottie’s gone..
Tyler wants them to keep all their groups going as long as they can. They don’t want Brett going to Fes and Haleigh.
Angela says she brought up the deal with Fes and Haleigh to kaycee saying for them to get Sam out during double eviction.
THey think the FEs/Haleigh group would put up Sam and Brett
Tyler – it’s going to start getting tricky..
Angela – it’s going to start sucking like really bad
T – we got to keep telling Brett.. dude we need you in here.. stuff like that, like last time with Winston. We don’t want him to feel left out.

1:00pm Suntanning, working out
Haleigh is talking about putting up a “real” player and how you won’t know where people will vote when putting “real Players” on the block
They talk about how the double eviction

Haleigh – that is why I’m glad about the unified commitment.
Haleigh can’t think of anyone who would be sad for Sam leaving then they will go on after that
Haleigh goes on about how it’s annoying that Sam doesn’t do anything

Angela says it’s such a weak strategy to sit back and watch the show, “if that’s your game you won’t win”
they talk about people that try to pit two sides against each other.
Haleigh – you make it to the end and you’ve played like that you’re not winning..
Haleigh – I think that is what Rockstar was doing.. the whole time it was this side is coming after us looking back at it now was that a figment of our imaginations

Just minor grumbling about Sam
Kaycee comes out.. Haleigh says she sees people on the wall calls them “Watch people” they are trying to see who is screaming.
Feeds cut..

1:44pm Suntanning and crafting

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Please do something production

I think Scottie is going to pull something and kc will be going home.

Production had to do something to keep this from being a snoozer for the next few weeks


That’ll never happen.

Botox Pelosi

Stick a fork in Scottie. He is done.

I hate that Tyler and Angela are saying they don’t care if they win HOH or not. They had better keep their heads in the game because things change very quickly in the Big Brother house.


Tyler probably doesn’t want to play all his cards yet, but Angela shouldn’t rest on her laurels.


I thought that was the dumbest thing for tyler/angela to say. They need to win HOH just to ensure their safety. Who knows what Brett/Sam/JC would do. I don’t trust JC/Sam at all and Brett, I just don’t know what he would do. I would hope that if any of them wins HOH they would put Haleigh/Fessieboy on the block together just to ensure one of them goes home, I would want haleigh out first. I have no doubt that “IF” haleigh won HOH and put Sam up and she went to jury that fessieboy and haleigh would call that a big move just like fessieboy said about getting scottie out. Those 2 really don’t know what a big move is..LOL

another name

what does scottie do in terms of game? how is he exciting?
he sits looking at haleigh making doe eyes at him and thinks he’s in love.
production shouldn’t save him if he can’t save himself. if production saved him and he won, i would have no respect for the win.

Fes Has a Snoopy Lunchbox

I have to say take a bow JC. The way you played Faysal was incredible.

Level $hit

He targets the right people and get them out….. he plays really good… and he is always either 3d, 2ND or 1at in every competition


I agree, scottie has done nothing at all that was interesting let alone exciting. I thought it was funny when little fessieboy won HOH and scottie was excited and happy because he thought he would be safe this week, only to see his butt on the block and fessieboy saying he is the target and he wants him out. Then you have haleigh telling him she is trying to come up with something that would have him stay against whoever is beside him. I guess her bikini flirting ways will not help her to get people to vote to keep scottie. When it first started I was hoping that haleigh would do well, was hoping that about bay too after scaggy got out but nope, the 2 of them did nothing. Haleigh literally does nothing but whine and swear/fight with fessieboy and Bay, OMG she went on this power trip – I think that was the true Bay that came out. I don’t think being HOH went to her head the way it has with many over the years because even the week after when she nor her alliance members were HOH she was still on this power trip. Angela played her very well that week to get her to not use her power app. And haleigh when she won the hacker and tried to screw up Angelas’ HOH only to have haleigh as HOH the next week and whine constantly about the hacker ruining her HOH plans was pathetic, she thought it was great when she did it but called the hacker (Kaycee) names for doing what she did. Kaycee used the hacker power perfectly and pulled off what she wanted to do and haleigh was just pi$$y because her hacker didn’t do anything but out herself with Tyler. I loved that part. I think it is funny to watch these guys go after their own alliance week after week. LOL

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I only see one chance for Scottie to stay but it would require him revealing a deep personal secret. He should reluctantly call a house meeting and tell everyone that he’s Ariana Grande’s other brother…the one she is ashamed of and doesn’t talk about.


I think you mean Frankie don’t you. ?….


I thought Frankie was the brother that she was ashamed of.

Scottie's A$$ is Getting Evicted

The only thing scottie will be pulling on is his binky….

Fraggle Rockbottom

Just click your heals and your wish will come true. Swiggly C will appear and make it all happen.

Picture on the wall

Hay actually believes that Rockstar saying there was another side of the house coming after them was all a figment of her imagination…… and stupid sinks to another level

At this point, the rubber duck is saying “I could beat these morons”

Rubber Duck

Quack Quack


Also tells you how she is going to vote, which is not JC should Tyler bring him to F2.


At this point Victoria could beat the Hive…

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Victoria would be part of The Hive. But she wouldn’t know it.


To be fair, the Hive wouldn’t know it either. Or they might think Victoria is the mastermind of the entire game and they would fear her. On another note, I can’t believe Saggy C is still tweeting about how great Foutte is. He says Foutte has literally won ALL of the comps (except three). Lol, does he not realize literally winning all comps means winning ALL comps? And his math is way off. If you count all comps including hacker/trending/comps before 1st HOH was played. That’s a total of 24 comps. 12 were won by Foutte’s side, 12 were won by L6’s side. I wonder if Saggy even realizes that Tyler has won 1/4 of the comps so far. The tally lists him as only winning 5, but Tyler won the veto comp on Angela’s HOH. He didn’t take the veto but he still won the comp, so 6 of the 24 comps is 25%. I bet Saggy wishes he had included Tyler in the alliance instead of just expecting Tyler to do what he told him to do.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

LOL you are right! They would both be mutually clueless. Swagster is a moron. You were 2nd out, you didn’t play the game, the game played you. Tyler jumped off that stump for Sam; he may have won that but chose not to. And I consider that he won that Veto in Angel’s HOH as well – he gave her the Veto but he came in first place. And that was a hard comp! Guess what, Swaggy – Victoria’s “game: took her 95% farther than your game took you.


scaggy thought Tyler was part of their alliance and it was good how tyler would tell them he voted the way they wanted him to and they would all just rip into their own alliance members for flipping when it was tyler who kept doing it. It took them a long time to figure out that Tyler wasn’t really with them. LOL. I was really happy when it was shown that Tyler was truly with L6. Maybe he figured out that the hive weren’t that bright and he wanted no part of it. I think if tyler got to pick who goes with him to F2 it would be in his best interest to take either Sam or Angela, the hive really seem to dislike those two. Though rocky would try to convince them to vote Sam for the win, thankfully haleigh doesn’t like her at all and I don’t see her voting to give Sam 500 grand when she hasn’t done anything. Sam said many times that Tyler is her number 1, but I don’t know if she still feels that way. She is all over the place it’s hard to figure out what is going on in her head.




I know I would give ducky my vote against anyone in that dumb a$$ alliance. LOL

Sasuke Uchiha

Team Kaycee!!!!

I think she has the best shot to win. She’s the most liked member of level 6 for the jury. I’m a little worried that because of angela x tyler’s showmance KC will be eliminated 3rd place.


yep prob the only person who might beat Tyler in F2 at this point.


No. She has the worst shot of the L6 crew to win. She is a floater.


Nope. Brett nor Angela will beat Tyler at F2

K for Days

Do Tyler and Angela legit have a showmance?


A slowmance, but yeah they seem really into each other.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

They’re not counting on Scottie still being there Friday morning.

No, I’ve not been infected. I’m just thinking that poor Kaycee having to help Sam through nicotine withdrawal will probably result in her begging everyone to vote her (KC) out so she can get free of Sam.


They could consider 2 scenarios but won’t. First can someone tell me why A&T love Kaycee so much? I don’t have the feeds so don’t see it. 1 scenario is to keep Scottie because they know he is after Brett and Fes. Why not keep him and let him try for them? The other is someone still needs to vote to keep Scottie as that will send Fes into orbit thinking it was Hailey. Maybe Brett will do that.


Kaycee is a loyal vote, too bad she cant win anything


That’s not exactly true since she did win the second hacker competition which helped get Rockstar evicted last week.


And she’s also a good pawn, as in, she doesn’t freak out when she’s on the block. Unless she’s acting, which is awesome.


Good try

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

As an alliance member, Tyler & Angela are committed to Kaycee. That commitment (and block of 6/5/4 votes) has gotten them this far so why would they mess that up?

Keeping Scottie isn’t an option because he IS a threat. He’s finished 2nd in almost every comp (according to him). Get him out now and find someone else to take out Fes, there are plenty others!

Dirty Harry Reid

I’m worried that Angela and Tyler don’t think getting rid of Fes and Hayleigh is a priority. This could be Tyler’s first dumb move. They need to pick off Fes so that they get rid of a physical threat. Come on Tyler.


Not gonna happen, but If they keep Fes, and Fes manages to take out Tyler, then he for sure deserves the win.


They should be more worried about Haleigh tbh.


I think you are right. Most of the latter comps are more brains than brawn. Hayleigh is smart. Fez is NOT. Sorry, but he just isn’t. They should take Hayleigh out first since she has a better chance of winning HOH. It may be hard to get rid of Fez because of his veto win probability, but he can’t win them all, can he?

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

When do you think we will get to see some Jury house footage?


Usually they show clips every Thursday once the second (and so on) evicted houseguest goes to jury.


They should show something this week. I’m sure it’ll include Angie telling Bayleigh she was evicted during Haleigh’s HoH and then they’ll so the little flashback of the week.

Smoke Show Angela

Did Tyler and Angela drink a Hive cocktail? You need to get Fessi out now while he can’t compete in the head of household competition. They need to break up that duo now before they pull someone to their side.

I thought Anonymous Was a Real Name

Get Hay out first. Fezzy has no game and will a basket case.

Trackin the Kraken

Previous HOH Strategies

1) Backdoor (Pawn option)
2) Weakest two from Comp, (least amount of blood option)
3) Fake Backdoor and put two up you really want up
4) Strongest Competitor out option
5) Biggest threat to game option

But now we have….drumroll…….the FESSIE FLOP

You leave the competitive Alliance INTACT and put up the only person who was on your side. You claim its because “one must be lying” but reality is you think your Primary target, an awkward Virgin, is gonna steal your Squeeze !!

A-Mazing !!!!


To be fair, they still don’t know there was ever an opposing alliance and never once believed anyone was organized except them. Also, Scottie was his girlfriends buddy but Scottie never ever tried to buddy up with him in fact Scottie was disloyal and a back and forth player throughout the game. Scottie came up to Fes just a few days ago and said something like “let’s be three” and all Fes could say was “little late fella, I have zero trust for you” which is deserved because Scottie was actually quite un dependable by both sides on purpose. Until he fell in love, then he crossed a different line.

If Fes had ever mingled in the house he wouldn’t be so uninformed but he liked to body build and chat with the Bros or chase the blond.

Fruit Loop Dingus


What does “a pox on the person who spilled this” mean?

Fruit Loop Dingus

Lol thanks! Learn something new each day!

another name

two minds.
within the last two weeks brett was being pulled into scottie and haleigh’s back up alliance plan. he didn’t inform level six. so brett is thinking of pre-emptive strike is my conclusion.
within the last week tyler is hinting to jc, and to the level six girls that brett may have to be sacrificed.
i get the feeling jc would prefer haliegh and then brett leave. if it were brett and fes on the block… i see jc voting out brett.
both are determining pre-emptive strikes for as soon as it’s feasible with the least blood on their hands.
sam quitting smoking. well. she’s already been going loopdeloop five or six hours after indoor lockdown every week. at least now they’ll give her nicotine patches. they should have been giving her low dose patches during the lockdowns already. but hey, point and laugh at the looneytunes.


Brett has told L6/5/4 about him and Rockstar and the infiltration of the Hive. They are pretty solid on that front however, someone from that group will turn on the others in a week or two. They’ll need JC/Sam/Fez or Haleigh for the first shot and then it’ll be a blood bath because they are all here for the money.


Angela’s rock hard abs and toned ass body is killing me. She glistens like the morning dew every day in that BB backyard. Soft…sweet…strong and lean…ball cap pony…solid black bikini top…girl is straight up stunning. If anyone is playing mind games, it’s Angela teasing the production. Poor fools can’t even talk to her probably.

“Please don’t talk to the backyard sex symbol, she’s busy stealing all the spotlight”.

Damn girl, quit messing with the common folk through the TV. It’s hurting us. C’mon, anyone else feeling the Angela love around here? Simon? Dawg? Amiright?

Bill Clinton

I would love to do Angela………..again.

Fes Has a Snoopy Lunchbox

Angela is hotter than fresh fries from McDonalds.

Rigged Game

A lot of down votes from jealous pigs.


Uh oh. Seems like Tyler and Angles are taking their foot off the gas. They want to keep Fes and Hayleigh around? Big mistake that ca cost them the game.


I am getting tired of Sam’s game play. It’s been going on for awhile and doesn’t seem to change. How long can anyone buy that she is alone and doesn’t know how to play this game. (And yet she is so aggressive about making sure she is not put on the block) I would say she is trying to play a “Donnie” game but she keeps snapping so we know she can’t maintain the sweetness act.

BB Superfan my ass

Geez. If Fes and Haleigh are Big Brother Superfans they sure as hell have fooled me. So much for your “big move” this week Fes. You have completely screwed your game and Haleigh’s as well. Fes deserves to go out that door Thursday for being one of the worst players in history.

Al Sharpton Wants to Hold Your Wallet

They should rename the Jury House to Fez’s Place.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Fessie only pulled the latest of a long string of boneheaded stunts the entire alliance pulled. If you look at it honestly, Haleigh made more critical errors than any two other alliance members, so if it should be named for any one of them, call it The Haystack. Otherwise, just call it The Hive.


Not really. Hayleigh’s were beyond her control. Bayleigh would have been backdoored with or without the hacker. Bayleigh messed up her own game by not using the power app.

Hayleigh had no control over Rockstar being put on the block

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I bet she thinks the same thing.

She had complete control over the first hacker app and it had THREE powers; she played all three of them poorly trying to “keep her hands clean”.

Her stupid house meeting led to Bayleigh’s blood spitting blowup, which ultimately let to her eviction.

As for RS, instead of getting downstairs and attempting to shore up support to keep her, Haleigh sat up in the HoH room watching everyone else on the monitor.


Once Tyler and Angela found out about Bayleigh’s power app, the plan was to backdoor Bayleigh. Doesn’t matter who Hayleigh had used the hacker app on. As long as veto was used, Bayleigh was the target.


Who’s playing who. Angela’s a shoe in for final 2 cause who wouldn’t want to sit next to zero jury management skills. Keep talking b*tch, keep talking. I’ll miss Sam she don’t do nuthin. Just wait or should I say smell and see


I’ve been following #tangela on Twitter the past couple of days. I’m going to assume Simon is glossing over this bc he’s hoping he still has a shot 🙂 Tyler better watch out that JC or Sam don’t find out or he might get curb stomped.

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

Angela – sometimes I think that Fes is really stupid

Thats my girl!!!!


And he’s teaching America’s youth!???


There’s only one problem with sending Fes to the jury. He will probably try to vote for an evicted houseguest, f*ck up the entire finale, and then ask, “Who flipped?!”


Sorry, that won’t happen. They are given two keys with the F2 names. He only has two choices. But he will forget who those two people are and look to Hayleigh for an answer. And he will probably show up in one of the competition costumes thinking he’s going to win HOH.


The way the “Hive” played it would be beneficial for Tyler to take Hayleigh to final 2. Then Tyler would get all the votes from L6. He would also get all the votes from the Hive because they would think they were supposed to vote for the person they want to evict. So thinking they were voting for Hayleigh to win, they would put Tyler’s key in the slot with the belief they finally had an opportunity to evict Tyler. Tyler wins with a unanimous vote. I would love to see that happen. Seriously, it’s not that far-fetched. Remember, this is Fez and company we are talking about.


It’s really hard to see how sad Scottie looks. It’s a horrible way to leave especially as he was on their side (at the time). He’s such a die hard BB fan.
His big mistake was going back to Hay when she was HOH. He let his emotions take over game.
What I am wondering is….How come nobody except Scottie has twigged onto Sam’s scheming?
Do they not get that she is a total scam?
Last night on Live Feeds..she again went on and on and on about HER. How confused she is. Who will console her when she’s on the block etc,etc.etc.
Tells Scottie she wishes she could change places with him.
Her wanting to self evict..help players win…she doesn’t know the game…she loves everyone the same..
Running to ask HOH Scottie and Fess NOT to put her on the block.
Sucking up to the player leaving.
Yep. or sure she hugged Scottie after his speech and he outed her.
Did his laundry. Has forgiven him.
Makes her look SO Good. (Fake. She’s livid)
Now giving up smoking..so everyone will give her a pass.
Poor Sam. Who’s going to evict poor little Betty Crocker..who has nicotine wihdrawals..and been thrown UTB?
I would LOVE to see Sam on the block. She told Brett that she would campaign to be evicted.
Yeah. So that everyone sees her as a doofus.
Mind you..Sam REALLY believes she would win..because everyone LOVES her the best.
Now that I know how she operates…she can go.
Let’s remember her on the tree. Her HOH where no 1 on 1 ‘s.
Her speech about the Harlots.
Her snappiness.
This is no shrinking violet.
She’s vicious.


San was my season premiere vote for “person I like now who’s going to get on my nerves later” and she has not disappointed.


Why is it that Scotry is just now having this sudden epiphany about Sam?

Why am I still watching?!?

She has a tattoo for everyone to see that says “Ruthless”. Now either she lost or broke up with a Ruth or her personality has been there LITERALLY in writing the whole time. I think Tyler may try to save her for a while. She keeps the spotlight off of his game. I thought he should have tried to keep Kaitlynn until jury for her vote, though.

Tyler has played the best game, but he may have over played it. Jury will determine that if enough players don’t wake up.

JC could be playing a solid game, but does not appear to realize the numbrs, even though he has such good access to them.

Brett needs to walk the tight rope. If the comps keep going as they have, he might be able to leverage his position. If someone else from L6 wins the next HOH, they should take a veiled pawn shot at him, because he has Fes and Haleigh.

Angela is trying to hold on with Tyler, Brett, and Kaycee. As beautiful as she is (and she is), she really has not played much of a game.

Kaycee has played a purely social game to this point. I would group her with JC, but he has done far more with his game. While officially in the only real alliance, her only hopes are either friendship with the jury or a bitter jury.

Haleigh is as done as done can be. She needs to be sitting by Fes to last, but needs to be sitting beside Kaitlyn on the finale to win.

Sam is who Sam decides to be. My interfaces cannot translate. Either she knows what she is doing or she is riding a rollercoaster without rails.

Fes is apparently unaware of the object of the game. Either he did not watch much Big Brother, or he somehow missed the lies and deceipt the winners orchestrated.

Scotty is done. If I am wrong, it doesn’t likely matter.


I believe Sam is playing everyone. How she is portraying herself is an act. She cozy up to who she knows (or believes) is going to be evicted and say things to them like “I wish I can trade places” or “what am I going to do without you in the house”. To me, Sam’s intentions are to stroke their ego and show how supportive she is to them. Hoping when they are in the BB Jury they won’t have anything bad to say about her. She may be hoping this is a strategy knowing how mean some of the other houseguests are behaving towards each other.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It’s early days yet for the “serious” game playing. Thanks to the excellent efforts of The Hive, no one really has to hustle for the next few days so they now have the time to consider the end game, develop strategies, feel others out, plan moves and have discussions.

They’re going to be tossing around thoughts and ideas at a leisurely rate for now; I wouldn’t put too much faith in them locking in anything yet. These early thoughts will very likely evolve into something quite different.


What was all the drama about in the backyard? Does anyone know who was screaming and why? Or what they where saying? Was it like fans? If it was a relative of Fessys it’s a little too late…….

Sam Smoke Em if You Got Em

Sam saw a caterpillar

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

All the yelling was Fessi. A plane flew over the house and Fessi thought someone was looking out the window at Hayleigh.


I literally LOL here at my work desk. Thanks for the laugh. Too funny!



Swaggy's Missing Brow

Someone outside the wall was trying to use a megaphone and say something. It was kind of hard to tell what it was because Kaycee was having fun and yelling back and of course BB was telling everyone to get indoors.

Some people believe it was a message for Scottie, I don’t know…but…Houka Inumuta hasn’t posted today. ? ? ?



I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

I like how Tyler and Angie really think through their options. They seemed to go back and forth to get to a decision. Fezzy and Hay are not safe.


There isn’t a double eviction this week, correct? I think they’re all a week off, probably next week? Unless it’s been said by CBS somewhere and I missed it.


Tyler said, to Angela, this song “is” Angela. WHOA He also wanted to say more but “cameras”!
Whatever It Is
Zac Brown Band
She’s got eyes that cut you like a knife and
Lips that taste like sweet red wine
And pretty legs go to heaven every time
She got a gentle way that puts me at ease
When she walks in the room I can hardly breathe
Got a devastating smile knock a grown man to his knees
She’s got whatever it is
It blows me away
She’s everything I wanted to say to a woman
But couldn’t find the words to say
She’s got whatever it is
I don’t know what to do
Because every time I try and tell her how I feel
It comes out “I love you”
You got whatever it is
You know I’ve never been the type that would ever want to stay
Bring ’em home at night and they’re gone the next day
But that all changed when she walked into my life
People ask me what it is
I tell them I don’t know
Just something about the woman makes my heart go haywire
She’s gonna be my wife
She’s got whatever it is
It blows me away
She’s everything I wanted to say to a woman
But couldn’t find the words to say
She’s got whatever it is
I don’t know what to do
Because every time I try and tell her how I feel
It comes out “I love you”
You got whatever it is
‘Cause when she loves me
Girl that’s how I feel
‘Cause when she loves me I’m on top of the world
Because when she loves me I can live forever
When she loves me I am untouchable
She’s got whatever it is
It blows me away
She’s everything I wanted to say to a woman
But couldn’t find the words to say
She’s got whatever it is
I don’t know what to do
Because every time I try and tell her how I feel
It comes out “I love you” (I do)
You got whatever it is


Awww. Haven’t been able to watch feeds today. I think they are so super cute. The conversation last night when he asked what her symptoms were of them being separated now and can’t snuggle at night. She says. Irritability and loneliness And her peanut allergies. It was really sweet. First time I had heard her say her feelings about him.



Roll Tide

Kaitlyn is probably devastated to hear this. She wants to kiss Tyler.
Don’t remember if Kaitlin liked Angela or not.


Please be a double eviction soon! We need one stat to make this interesting again. Scottie and Sam need to go on Thursday.


I would love for the DE to be next week. Kaycee wins HOH on Thursday and puts up Fez and Hayleigh. They vote Hayleigh out. Then while they are quickly preparing for the HOH for the DE, have Brett say (within Fez’s earshot) “Hey guys, I’m not going to win this game anyway so put me on the block and send me to jury. I need to go and take care of Hayleigh, keep Scottie away from her and finally get some alone time with her”. Fez would lose his mind and argue with Brett about who is getting evicted. Fez will probably offer Brett something to please let it be him (Fez) that goes to jury.


Oh Yes- that would be a total mind- F****

Scottie's A$$ is Getting Evicted

There is no reason for the L4 to break up just yet. Its served them well so far and a lot of game left.


I’m so happy Tyler and Angela admitting they have feelings for each other! The song by Zack Brown What it is… Tyler told Angela that song is her. It’s about falling in love. She said the black ice on her heart is melting! Glad they are being discrete ! Love Blossoms on BB

who me?
Scottie's A$$ is Getting Evicted

For BBAD- Any truth to the rumor that Angela was performing a little “handiwork” on Tyler????


Not true. Also Tyler is sleeping in the have not room. They spooned a couple of nights last week.

K for Days

This season was so promising!

Now that they’ve started voting semi-unianimously and ostracizing people it’s going to the Dawgs.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Oh yes, just not quite as warm and fuzzy as last year. I was really hoping Paul would be here this season; third times a charm. It’s not all a complete waste though. It looks like him and Swaggy have become friends. They’re two of a kind.

There’s always next year. They could have Paul, Swaggy, Evil Dick…an all star assholes and also rans season. Here’s a thought…the entire FOUTE/Hive alliance back for an encore performance?


Bring back Willie Hantz! He got jammed up!


With Evil Dick, that’s the only way I could endure Paul again.


Evel Dick looks like Prince Charming compared to Paul.


Somebody give these bores some alcohol!