Fes “I’ve got some extensive game talk to talk about. Haleigh “We can talk tomorrow.”

8:05pm Backyard. Fes and Haleigh. Fes – did you talk to Scottie today? Haleigh – no, he said that we needed to talk. Why? Fes – just wondering what is he going to say? Haleigh – I don’t know. Fes – Angela told me that Scottie came up to her and was like I think Faysal is the one flipping all the votes. Haleigh – when did she tell you that? Fes – I think it was yesterday. Because we were wondering what his speech was going to be. And then she was like, probably throwing you under the bus. I was like really!? Haleigh – yeah.

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“I would give you 61% .. 50% is like normal looking. no I’m wrong I give you 70”

**** updated *****

3:26pm JC and Haleigh
H – if you could pick one boy in this house to live with and Marry
JC – tyler
H – not Fes
JC – NO.. I love him as a friend.. if you had to pick one guy to be best friends with and go around doing fun stuff FES.. out of the questions.. I Actually do have fun with him
JC – living 24 hours! .. waking up in the morning and seeing that person FES!
They laugh
JC says Tyler
JC – Personality wise Tyler is more my type body wise definitely BRett
JC – if Tyler looked like Brett I wold probably have a real crush on him
JC says his first boyfriend was like Brett but he was shy

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“61 days and now they coming to us.. their dumb a$$e$ got out their own numbers”

Big Brother Spoilers
11:37am Tyler and Angela
Angela – stupid game
Tyler- I hate this game everything about it
they laugh
Tyler says Scottie’s pitch is to make himself the biggest target and to make it known he’s going after Fes, “He also said.. I’m f*ing done”
They talk about nothing to do all day today, tomorrow and Thursday
Angela – you think it’ll be a double eviction
T – yeah
A – we need to figure out a plan
T – mmmhhmmm, you have any ideas
A – kinda

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