“I’m your dream girl and outside of all this one day you are going to walk up to me and be like I’m completely in love with you”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: FES Next HOH: Aug 23th
Noms: Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers Sam has created a showmance final 2 and a 3 person alliance. She’s created a husband and a happy life for herself when the show is over. LOVE IT

1:03pm JC and Tyler (hang on folks)
JC – he told me Brett and Scottie

Tyler- he told me he wasn’t putting me up or backdooring
JC – I know because I told him.. he wants you to be good with Haleigh
JC points out yesterday it was Brett and KAycee BAckdoor SCottie.
JC – my thing is what if Scottie wins the veto
T – he told me he’s not going to backdoor me so….
JC – you have to be careful

JC – be quiet until MOnday
Tyler – you should go up there
JC – i’m going to go up there right now

JC – should I convince him to backdoor Scottie
T – no
JC – you want Scottie to play (in veto)
T – I think I can beat him
JC – what if Scottie wins HOH next week..
T – he’s not going to win either
Tyler says he’s going to get Brett to pick him for Veto
T – SCottie beat me in 1 veto and I didn’t need to win that veto
JC – you are too confident right now
Tyler tells him not to convince Fes to to backdoor SCottie. What if Scottie wins the veto anyways and doesn’t use it.
Tyler doesn’t want JC to convince Fes not to put Scottie up and fes puts Tyler up instead
Tyler says Fes just thinks him and Angela are close that’s not the worst thing.
They are glad Brett spoke up about being the one vote that was the best move because now it tosses Scottie in as a possible target. .

1:54pm Brett and Sam
Brett – they think we have a final 2.. they’ve thought they had one from the start,.. Rockstar was the one that originally said it..
SAm – Really, I had it in my head that you had a final 2 with me you just didn’t tell me about it .. without my consent..
Sam giggles…

Sam brings up Rockstar having Stories about her and BRett having a final 2 and Brett was secretly involve with her (ZOMG)
SAm – Like I’m your dream girl and outside of all this one day you are going to walk up to me and be like I’m completely in love with you

Brett – Scottie and I had a running joke that every time me Scottie would talk to me, Rockstar Haleigh and Fes would interrogate the f* out of him
Brett says every time Scottie would say he was just trying to get to the bottom him Brett’s and Sam’s final 2
Sam – oh my god

Brett – I feel bad I am positioned this way against Scottie .. Scottie is one of the only people I really clicked in the house and we’ve been on opposite sides this entire game.

Sam – so all of that that was made up in my head correct
Brett – the rockstar stuff..
Sam – yeah
BRett – yeah
Sam – you are not secretly in love with me
Brett – I’m not secretly in love with you
Sam – you don’t think I am super amazing
Brett – no I think you are super amazing
Sam – ok, well that was kinda disappointing (brett have a showmance with teh crazy girl C’mon bro)
Sam – I thought we were about to get married and fall in love just now
Brett – oh stop it
Sam – don’t touch me .. I even talked to them about it (DR) and now I am extremely embarrassed..
Brett – don’t be
Sam – I feel so extremely conceited

Brett says the Big Brother house is “F***ing evil” and the last place he started a relationship it was from a place that was “F***ing evil” and the relationship failed. That place was college
Brett – as careful as you are ion this place you can never be sure of what people’s ulterior motives are
Brett isn’t looking for finding someone inside the big brother house “Keep it in your pants for 100 days” (OMG that’s what my mom told me when I left for university)

Sam – I’ll never tell you a lie I will always tell you the truth
Sam tells him if anyone tells him something that she said he better come to her and double check. She’ll be truthful to him.
Sam – they are more than likely to lie but I will always tell you the truth

Sam – for the time being let’s pretend that you do love me
Brett – I do love you
Sam says they are now playing this game as one
Brett – because if i’m not making I want you to make it
Sam – deal

Sam – we need to pinky promise.. this is very important for me.. you don’t break a pinky swear
Sam – I will leave here and I will fuck my own life up before I fuck your life up..
Sam – you basically just go t a body double
Brett – ok that’s fine ..

They pinky promise..

Brett – so now you are stuck with me and I’m going to follow you around like Rockstar did
Sam giggle says just being the person she is she’s won these people over she thinks Brett has done the same thing
Brett – I don’t think I’ve won them over everyone hates me (you’ve won us over)
Sam – this is a perfect couple thing lets just keep on with that (i’m all in for the brett SAm showmance final 2 ALL IN)

Sam takes a deep breath.. “I have this final 2 thing secret but it’s not public nobody knows about it”
Brett – I even haven’t made a final 2 at day f*ing 59
Sam – Winston
Sam – whats the thing with you and Haleigh
Brett – theres literally..
Sam – I walked in on you in the HOH your face was beet red her head was between your legs..
Brett – no no no no
Sam – no like that you were just playing with her hair but you jumped up quick and had to fix your shorts (BAM)
Brett – NO there’s nothing like that
Sam – there was a lot of heavy petty and cuddling
Brett – I’m 95% positive that her and fes are in a showmance and just don’t want anyone to know
Sam – ok
Sam – would you put Haleigh on the block
Brett – yes

Sam – would you put Angela on the block
Brett – yes, whatever you want me to do
Sam – that’s all I need to hear .. F* everybody but me you don’t have anything else
Bret t- I don’t anything in this f*ing house.. OH MU GOD
Brett – I’m the worlds biggest loser here.. I’m not working with shit.. I had Winston
they laugh
Sam – what about Angela .. you had her in stitches on the hammock and you had her half naked and putty in your hand in this bed (damn)
Brett – Putty in my hands? Ohh the back massage.. that’s what you mean
Brett – I know what you are doing you clean the house..
Sam – you are not attaching yourself to me because everyone likes me
B – no, I’m attaching myself to you because nobody else will attached themselves to me
S – whats wrong with you
B – I don’t know.. it’s the most ridiculous thing
S – so If I’m your number one who is your number 2
B – I don’t even have a number 2 I would say it was honestly ..
S – was rockstar
B – I would have Rockstar.. (LOL love bb20()(
B – I really like JC but he’s all over the place.
S – he’s behind a lot of the things that happen he lines up stuff..

Sam – ideally who wins the next HOH
Brett – me.. 100P
Sam – YES, or JC
Sam – who is in JC’s corner
Brett – he’s really close to Fes I don’t know..

2:30pm JC comes in..

Sam – we want you to be part of our thing
JC – that’s cute, it’s been a really stressful day
Sam – you and me we’re in the middle I don’t have anybody you don’t have anybody and now that Rock is gone I really don’t have anybody
Sam – I’ve always hung out with you, you’ve been in my corner since day one.. I love yo more than anything..
JC – ok
Sam – I don’t want you to think that I would pick Brett over you
JC leaves.. Brett tells her he doesn’t think JC liked that she said “we should work together”
Sam – he doesn’t care..
Brett – this is going to be so awkward when I get nominated again
Brett wonders who he goes up next to
sam – Tyler
Brett – no he promised.. .
Sam – Angela ..
Brett – I think if I’m going up he’ll put me next to Scottie or maybe Kaycee.. because of what happened last night
Sam – that was staged..
B – oh it was staged ..
Sam – I take back what I said about don’t touch me I like to touch you
Brett – do you think based on what you’ve heard who is Fes’ target
Sam – Angela or Tyler
Brett – really
Sam – for sure
Brett – for sure, I’m just surprised if I go up he hasn’t come to me like hey man you are a pawn

Sam – what do we do about Scottie .. we can’t keep Scottie?
Brett – we have to see what nomination’s
Sam – he’ll be all alone..
BNrett – if it is me and Scottie up there it means Scottie is working with Fes.. I am not opposed to Scottie I just want to know the nominations because that will determine how we go about it
Sam – so should our thing still be a secret.. I mean I just told JC but should it still be a secret
Brett nods
Sam – ohh ok.. (C’mon Brett make it a full public showmance)
Brett – you do a really good job when you say shut up Brett.. a lot of people think you don’t like me at all
Sam – I dont’… in reality I do like you
Sam – are you still going to sleep in here or can you sleep out there, Please
Brett – we’ll see how today goes

Sam – I like seeing you in the middle of the night and I like listening to you ruslte around over there
Brett – do I? I don’t notice

Sam – you snuggle in your blankets at night
Sam – deep breaths
Brett laughs..
Sam – sometimes I see you pop up

Sam says she was having a nightmare and he was going to protect her.
Brett brings up JC taking all that benedryl and how he cannot.
Sam – I’ve never taken Benedryl
they agree they’ve taken it before but not in the house.
Brett says it make him feel like he’s fighting sleep
Sam says when she came here she really missed her brother “I’m so lonely” She says that Brett and Winston had this thing and she felt Rachel and Angela suited Brett better. she felt like an outcast

Brett – alright Sammy you’re the best
Sam – you’re the best
Sam now saying she wants to go to the jury house as soon as possible because she “F*ING hates it in here” adds that she would rather hang out with bayeligh and Rockstar (Ouch)
Sam – I’m not here to win but I can be here for you to win
Sam – at any point if it’s looking bleak I will go instead of you
Brett – OK sammy I would never ask that of you
Sam – I know but I would and I would be happy to

Brett tells her if she’s ever feeling down to under the weather for her to just get him

Sam – I just need you to hold me, Fes does sometimes I really thought Fes was gay

They hug it out ..
Sam says him and JC are her best 2 Sam says being in the big brother gives her confidence makes her feel like she should do something with herself.
Sam wants him to be her team mate
Brett – I gotcha
Sam – can you do that
Brett- I can do taht.. I will do my best
Sam – ok and in exchange I will give you 500 thousand dollars.
(wow this season never fails to disappoint)

Angela telling Sam about pole vaulting

3:01pm They find a giant spider.. everyone but Sam is scared of it.
JC calls for them to kill it
Sam – it’s a house spider.. it’s like a silverfish (yeah kill that it’s no tspider)

3:35pm JC and Sam Storage room
Sam asks him if its bad that she was trying to form something “I’m not making it a big thing ”
JC – no.. it’s good..
Sam – I don’t know what I am doing
JC – it’s good for him because if he goes on teh block which I think he will he has our vote
Sam – that sounds good I like that

3:50pm Sam and Angela

Sam is trying to talk game with people.. she ends up talking about Enzo from BB12 and how she feels like him. (grenades)

4:26pm We got chit chat…

4:30pm Scottie and Haleigh
Scottie says the other side used Haleigh’s week to get someone not in their alliance out and they are now trying to do it with Fes’ week ( correct)
H – by getting him to take create for it
S – no, what did he say..
H – f* it I did it (Brett voted to keep the rock)
S – he said after waiting 60 seconds ..
Scottie says every time he tried to talk to her and him KAycee would talk she would let him talk to her.
Scottie says Kaycee has been deflecting for Brett last night.
Scottie – I told Fes I trust hinm
h – you need to go talk to him another time.. he doesn’t know where his head’s at..
S- oh boy
S – he says he doesn’t want to talk game..
S – there’s not a chance he’s putting me up
H – no, you need to go talk to him.. he really pissed about the whole situation ..

Scottie says he thought the plan was for him to say he voted to keep Rocks which he did and then they would see who was going to try and claim they did. (LOL Scottie you think you are dealing with rational people)

4:36pm Fes and Scottie
FEs is going on about how people are scared to be on the wrong side of the vote they get scared

Scottie says Brett voted Rockstar out.

Fes – what do you think was up with Brett and Rockstar do you think they had a side thing
Scottie – that went back and forth.. if they did I don’t understand it
fes – What I’m trying to understand with this past vote..

Fes says he doesn’t talk any game with sam
Scottie – she gets sketcher every week, “She talked a lot of game with Rockstar
Fes – and she voted Rockstar out.. this game sucks..

4:50pm JC and Brett
Brett thinks Fes wants him out. JC doesn’t think it’s him.
JC brings up the alliance with Sam ,”Sure, what am I going to say no.. ”

5:15pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the nomination ceremony.

6:15pm Still blocked..

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noms ever gonna happen?

Clueless but Happy

Seems that are giving the Hive time for a brain cell or two will wake up. Also the HOH comp was very short, it seems like in prior years the containers were much larger and took way longer to fill up. It appears like the comp was customized for Faysal’s abilities.


Just like last year the battle back was catered to Cody. Production always in tbe game for real. Unless tbe DR tells Fessy or Heileigh what’s going on, they won’t figure it out until it’s too late. Trusting JC killed this HOH, there’s still POV so who knows

Hi my name is Scott

Well, it appears that cpr and a few shots with the defibrillator could not revive any of those Hive brain cells. Many just could not make it…….sad…..

Rebecca Coombs

That’s what I was wondering. They are usually done by now. I was thinking that something was wrong. Like Sam trying to self evict again or something.

Botox Pelosi

Maybe Fes nominated himself and they have to explain how noms work to him.


This is a perfect example of what peeps say where production interferes and I agree they have let them get time for Hey to get to Scottie and get him to go talk to Fes and swing his decision. Fes is a charlie brown HOH he is so dang wishy washy wake up and make your own decision.

who me?

Maybe its taking so long because they are worried about Sams reaction. They would have to get the Dr back in there just in case. Or she already did go batshit and self (or production) evicted, so have to see what happens

Sam’s Shower Head

Sam is going to go ape shit when Brett screws her over and double crosses her. She was a total hypocrite for blasting Haleigh. What a nutcase

Clueless but Happy

She has the same deal with Tyler. She is lying to at least one of the two, maybe both. She also lied to Blockstar. I think that she might be playing a role to advance her game, maybe not. She is defiantly not trustworthy.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

She seems like the type to be boiling bunnies.

Scottie the Bespeckled Rat

Stage 5 clinger?

I Am Sam’s Borderline Personality Disorder

She might be at Stage 7. They previously thought the clinger scale only went to 5, but we are in uncharted territory with Sam and these dudes locked in a house with her for another month. They never considered such an extreme scenario in testing. This is a black swan event.

I Am Sam’s Borderline Personality Disorder

I really think she’s a few sandwiches shy of a picnic more than an evil genius. She may be playing just crazy enough to make it far. On the downside, she has more potential to have Tyler or Brett walk in to her boiling a bunny and screaming “I will not be ignored!”.


I honestly don’t know what to think about her anymore. She is all over the place. I said in the beginning, when a person is working overtime to tell you how innocent and trustworthy they are, what you see is what you get, I’m real and will always tell you the truth, etc. … that’s usually not the case.

Many BB players have come in with some strategy that involves hiding their true self but don’t they usually give that away in DR sessions we see?

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

Angela telling Sam about pole vaulting.

Sam telling Angela how she wants Brett’s pole.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

The Sam and Brett conversation was painful. Sam seems borderline retarded the way she talks.


When she told him about how he snuggles with blankets and then pops up, all I thought was she is crazy. She probably sits and watches him and Tyler. They are going to wake up one time with her sitting on the bed creepy watching them, there may not be bunnies but she will find something to boil. She is crazy and very jealous of Angela and Hayleigh. All jokes aside production should be on high alert cause she might hurt those 2 girls, especially with how very close Tyler and Angela are and Brett giving Haleigh massages.

I Play An Honest Game

I sense sense some shady Pinky Swears.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

Sam – I just need you to hold me, Fes does sometimes I really thought Fes was gay

Sam we all know that Fezzy is gay. Brett is gay too sweetie. You won’t be getting brett’s baby batter anytime soon.


Brett’s gay?

I Am Sam’s Borderline Personality Disorder

As a tangerine.


I salute you for the patience then I remember that you transcribed the last 2 season and feel beeter for you. But still


Is that supposed to be…better…or…bitter?

Who said that!

Ohh…Sam is so sad to watch.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

If I were Brett I’d be looking to go into witness protection. Otherwise, he shouldn’t be too surprised if he wakes up one morning, chained to a bed in the Sugar Shack, and ends up chewing his own leg off to get away.

Who said that!

That’s funny…and a little true.

No Longer Literally But Figuratively

The Sugar Shack could be a cover for The Bone Collector.

Miss Conception

Sugar shack,bone collector,it’s all the same…………………………..travel trailer in Sam’s mom’s backyard!

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Right, but I am imagining there are dead bodies buried beneath the marigolds around her camper. We see windmills, daisies, red/white checkered curtains, everything sweet and southern…. with a skeletons buried beneath.




Yooooo WTF is wrong with Sam? I mean she cute & all, but goddamn girl get a grip. I’m just waiting for her to offer some sex to Tyler or Brett for their promise to date her outside the house. Play the damn game.. Why is it so hard for CBS to get 16 people that actually wanna win 500k?? Every season 90% of the players are not even trying to win, you got people looking for love, careers, ect, few trying to win. This season apparently only Tyler trying to win, his alliance no playing his game, the other side left their brains at home. I wish they had a battle back, Swaggy wanted to win, he would’ve been a good opponent for Tyler.

This is fun

Simon/Dawg…what’s up with the moms taking so long? Seems they were wanting to wait till Scottie went to talk to Fes…

This is fun

That’s the vibe I’m getting as well! Think he will put up Sam and Scottie. I don’t think he can go back on his word…or maybe he can


I agree! I know that Scottie is more with the Hive and it would be stupid if Fessy puts him up but I’m not a fan of Scottie. I know I’ll get a bunch of thumbs down but just two weeks ago he will spilling everything about the Hive to Angela. I usually root for the underdog but I’m hah8ng a hard time rooting for the this year.

Baba Looey

And the next week he spilled everything Angela had told him to Hayleigh. He’s a RAT.

You Only Live Once

Big Bro is highly scripted and directed in a certain way by production. We hear house guests all the time drop hints that in the DR they have been asked a question that makes them “think” in a way they maybe didn’t before.
Quite honestly I would love to see production stay the hell out of the house guests way and just let them play the damn game…..but drama is pushed on the house guests all the time by the DR. I have also heard that Big Bro pushes for showmances because apparently showmances create ratings.
This season is highly entertaining but it still smells of a lot of production wanting the game to go a certain way. I must admit at times as a viewer I feel played because of all the production medalling……holding back the nominations is just another ploy by Big Brother.

Miss Conception

BB is a game,but way more importantly it is a money generating TV Show for CBS…..period!


I don’t think I’d mind production interference if they were actually part of the live feeds. Show us the dynamics between the production staff and the houseguests.


It would create a new dynamic for the game, for sure. The best players would have to start playing production as well. If Sam’s not legit batshit, she might be on to something.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

This should be interesting. Earlier today he gave everyone on L4 a promise to not target them this week and went on about how he’s a straight shooter.

Of course afterwards he told Haleigh he’d backdoor Tyler if one of the nominees gets off the blocker.

And now he’s listening to Scottie all the while he keeps repeating how he’s tired of the things being done (and not telling Scottie that he has specifically accused Scottie of those things).

So what will the straight shooter do? Well, he does have a tendency to believe the last person he talked to.


Yip . Fess, next President of the United States…facepalm…

Picture on the wall

I really hope that Brett doesn’t go tell the others about his conversation with Sam and they all sit around laughing at her the way he did with Rockstar. Rockstar won’t care at all about it when she finds out……
Sam would be crushed. I don’t think she will mind being rejected by Brett if it’s in a nice way, but mocking her would be devastating.

Who said that!

I seriously worry about her when this is over.


I was thinking the exact same thing. Pulling what he did to Blockstar on Sam will destroy her. At first I thought she might be the one playing him but given the fact she’s proclaimed feelings for him, I’m not so sure now. I just pray he keeps his mouth shut regardless.
I do wonder though if she’d really & truly throw Tyler over for him. She hinted she had a F2 with “someone” else but Brett didn’t take the bait. If on eviction day, they are both on the block, who would she choose? Hmmmm … who knows. All her craziness (reality says more than likely not) just may be gameplay to divert attention from her & Tyler. Not so sure that’s what Tyler is doing doing now with Angela now though. They’re getting awful close …


I dont want Brett to be cruel and mock Sam. But I do want him to tell L6. I want Tyler to see Sam’s pinky promise is part of her act


L6 needs to tell fes to evict Haleigh this week and next week he can join her in jury house without the cameras for rest of summer. I’m pretty sure it will work.

Hillary's Lies Mattered

Now that sounds like a Hive plan.


I wonder if production got in Hays ear in a DR session and told her to go tell Scottie to get his ass up and talk to Fes. The length of not having NOMs is odd given the history of when they normally occur. This is very suspicious what do you think Simon Dawg? I have never known them to do noms this late in the day.

Busta Fooligan

Sam ain’t crazy. She’s a freaking genius. Her and Tyler are killing it.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Man, right now putting “Sam” and “killing it” in the same sentence is creepy.

Busta Fooligan

LOL U got me there


Good that Scottie is talking to fess. Maybe he can talk some sense into the guy.

Busta Fooligan

I got 4 out of 5


Do not forget you need to have dog in the back yard and some Protein Shakes 🙂

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Won’t work. Not without the magic ingredient. Heck, Brett spelled it out for you.

sharp objects

Even not the bros should do this. lolololololololool


hahaha…if he goes this week….I’ll be Pissed (wit a capital P) lol


Fess better get a clue!

No Longer Literally But Figuratively

Nooooo! I wouldn’t recognize Fez with a clue! Sweet, adorable, clueless, transparent, gullible Fez.

BB Fan

Did Rockslob manifest Tyler and Angela’s relationship into existence?


that’s exactly what happened

Smitten Kitten

Cuckoo – Cuckoo – Cuckoo

Is that a bunny I smell boiling?


This is such bs. Production is delaying nominations so Scottie can talk his way out of going on the block. Was really looking forward to another hive member going out on a hive hoh.

Smitten Kitten

It’s just SO cringey to watch… I’m embarrassed for Sam

Brett is clearly uncomfortable & Sam is awkward, unaware & delusional.

Baba Looey

It’s an act. She’s looking to have someone to take her to the end for the 50 Grand for coming in 2nd.


I really, really hope you’re right, otherwise I’d be afraid for her mental well being once she leaves the house. She seems so fragile, that Im hoping it’s an act.

Although, it is quite interesting (and very hypocritical) that she admonished Hayleigh & Kaitlyn in her HOH speech & now she’s doing the exact same thing… fake it till you make it I guess!


Scotty may have convinced Fes so now Fes get your ass to the DR make your Noms and lets see how Charlie Brown you are.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’m not sure admitting he has a thing for Haleigh was the most convincing thing he would say.

BB Fan

I die from second hand embarrassment everytime that Sam tries to flirt.


I literally can not watch it

Butters Mom

Sam admitting she knows who enzo is, means sam has watched big brother. hasnt she been claiming she doesnt know anything about this game? Is she trying to put a target on Brett by creating a “showmance”? Or is she trying to protect herself? Or is she just batshitz crazy? lol Its really fun whatever is going on.

Baba Looey

She’s playing the house. Everyone will want to take her to the finals for the win and she’ll get 2nd place money. She’s not crazy, she’s smart.

Picture on the wall

Rockstar told her that she was like Enzo. That’s how she knows his name.

You Only Live Once

This isn’t the first time Sam has mentioned a past season/past player. She is playing the “dumb, I don’t know this game routine”…..she clearly does.


I agree…I’ve said so all along.


L6 needs to send JC up to the Hoh room to break that conversation up asap before Fes changes his mind about putting Scottie up. May be too late. Scottie may have already weaseled his way out of it.


Simon: “Brett have a showmance with the crazy girl? C’mon man.”


Swaggy's Missing Brow

Fessie does foolish well.


Well, the DR did it. Gave Scottie time to get to Fess and right after Fess is called in for nominations. Now Fess has promised Tyler, Angela and Kaycee they are safe. Says he us straight up and hinest. We will see. Brett is a definite. Curious who the other will be. Sam?


Scottie…who else. God bless Fez’s little heart.


Sam (to Brett): “Sometimes I see you pop up (in the middle of the night)

OMG this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen


Like he’s that rabbit in a hole she plans on boiling up later…hahaha!


I know,,,the visual I got was hilarious

Haleigh's Melanoma

Sam to Brett: “Sometimes in the dead of night I like to sit on the edge of your bed and stare at you while you are asleep. Sometimes for hours and hours……..”

Sam says she came into this game a blank slate, doesn’t know anything, but then she starts talking about Enzo from BB12? She definitely knows more than she’s letting on.


This is very creepy. Production really needs to step in and help her.

So dumb fo’ real

Of course production waits all day to have the nomination ceremony, just so rat face Scottie has a chance to talk with Fes. So predictable and annoying.


Brett better sleep with one eye open from now on………………Sam needs help.


I’m gonna be pissed if Scottie isn’t nominated. That’s been the plan since last night and nothing had changed during the day until out of the blue Hayleigh tells Scottie to go talk to Fes and then right afterwards the have the nomination ceremony. It’s obvious that production got involved and any other week the nominations would have already happened hours ago

who me?

Brett is literally playing with fire (Sam). Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially one that is fighting a mental illness in that house. Her whole talk with him was the same as with Tyler before he hooked up with Angela. I feel sorry for Sam in the whole mess, but that only goes so far, then I’m like…Sam you’re on your own


This conversation Sam and Brett are having is really creepy. Is she that desperate for a man, she is acting like a giddy High School girl, and it “aint” cute at all. If Brett wasn’t locked up in that house, I would be willing to bet, he would run as fast and far as he could go from that Kathy Bates !


Remember the end of The Usual Suspects? How much you wanna bet it’s Sam and Tyler at the end and right after Julie announces Sam as the winner, Tyler drops his coffee mug, then we Sam limping towards the door, then back to Tyler as he scans the memory wall with flashbacks to the game, and when Sam emerges from the house, not only is she walking normal, but she speaks with an erudite English-f***ing accent?…

Busta Fooligan

Thank you Ronnie! You see it too don’t you?


Just wow at sam’s conversation with Brett. I truly hope he doesn’t go back and make fun of her. Wonder if he will tell Tyler. So strange. I know she’s bordering on some sort of personality disorder or maybe just hugely insecure and since she’s stuck there 24/7 and can’t get away from those insecurities, she’s just a complete mess. I really think they just need to vote her out sooner than later. I really hoped she would make it to the end but she needs out of there and soon.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Fessie made his really big move! Too funny.

Hi my name is Scott

And the stupid train keeps on roaring down the track!


Poor Haleigh never had a chance with her clueless alliance.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Fes learned from the best! He watched her single handedly get 2 of her own alliance members evicted so he must think this is how to play the game! Either that or he has suffered from too many concussions while playing football. Probably a little of both.


H-town represent


Hahahahaa! Fes put up Scottie! Maybe he’ll backdoor Haleigh this week too. Lol


Such a dumb move on Fes’s part. At this point, I just want all the hive gone so we can get to L6 turning on each other.


I can’t with the ignorance! I mean I don’t think Level 6 is as awesome as the hive is just handing them the game!


hi Simon and Dawg. I just placed an amazon order (US), I clicked the link is there any way to assure that you guys are getting the credit for that?


FES: You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic mater as everyone else, and we are all part of the same compost pile.'”



I’m done! Just get rid of these fucking stupid waste of space punk ass bitch! (Sorry for the profanity)
what a fucktard!!!!! I’d rather he just say im jealous of the fact that you guys get on great with hayleigh. What immature lout, any school that hires him, is SERIOUSLY FAILING THEIR STUDENTS!!!!

Fastforward to double eviction and get rid of both of them. Jury is too good for these ppl!


Looks like Brett won P.O.V. Now things really get interesting. Will they actually end up losing a hive member on their own HOH again