Big Brother 20 HOH Results! “Second HOH .. like a BOSS!!”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 27th
HOH: ANGELA Next HOH: Aug 30th
Noms: ? & ? Have Not ?

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9pm Kitchen. Brett, JC, Angela, Fes and Haleigh and Kaycee. Angela – that was another all luck. All luck! Haleigh – no it wasn’t that was skill. Brett – are you a carnie? The bearded lady. That was hands down the funnest I’ve had in a competition. Haleigh – Scottie would have won that. Brett – the best was climbing on JC. Angela – I think my letter will be from my best friend. I wanted to just chill this week. Fes – 72 days guys! 72 days! Guaranteed until next week. JC – there has to be another twist.

9:15pm Tyler and Kaycee hug in the storage room. TYLER “LETS GO! LETS GO!!” Kaycee – lets go! I don’t have to go on the block next week. Tyler – we deserved this one. Kaycee – love you. Tyler love you.

9:08pm Bedroom. Fes and Haleigh. Haleigh – I walked in there and Brett, Tyler and Kaycee were celebrating. Fes – Angela is not stupid. Haleigh – if I left she would only piss you off. Fes – she is good with me. She is not putting you up. Haleigh – she is putting my picture up. Fes – there is no way. You can’t put two big targets up. You have to pick a target and a pawn. Haleigh – She will put me next to Sam. Fes – no she won’t. Haliegh – Fessie I am going up. Fes – no you’re not. If she puts you up and I win the veto then we’re both gunning for her. She is going to put Sam and a pawn up. Its better to have two good people on your side.

Haleigh – Why was Brett celebrating with them? Fes – because he thinks she isn’t going to put him up. Angela is not dumb. What does Brett offer her in the game? What can Brett offer Angela? Nothing. I’m not saying put up Brett. She is going to have to put up Sam and JC. And hope they don’t win the veto and Sam goes. Haleigh – I am her target, Sam is not. Fes – why do you say that? Haleigh – I put her up! Fes – who cares, I squashed that last week. Haleigh – she didn’t celebrate with us! Fes – who cares. She is smarter than that. Haleigh – its not a dumb move to put me up.. you’re the only person mad at her.

9:25pm – 9:55pm Bedroom. Angela, Kaycee, Tyler and JC. Kaycee – second HOH .. like a BOSS! They talk about how Scottie went out classy. They head to the kitchen. They’re sitting around eating and chatting.

10pm – 10:15pm Kaycee, Angela, Tyler. Angela – guess what guys? TOP 7! Kaycee – guess what I’m not going on the … wait are you putting me up? They laugh. Angela – we’ve officially made it to day 79! Tyler – She is good! Angela – I hate that I won. I really didn’t want to win. It was Kaycee’s turn to win. Tyler – Kaycee will win the veto. Kaycee – yeah. Now we can breath!

10:20pm Sam is in the storage room moping the floor and cleaning the fridge.

10:30pm Bathroom. Kaycee – this is perfect! Stress free week! Brett – I look like a loser! She’s gotten two (HOH’s) before I’ve even gotten one.

10:45pm – 10:55pm Fes comes out of the storage room with 2 beers and a bottle of wine. He says TOP 8!!!! He runs to the kitchen and everyone chases after him. Fes – we made it to top 8 and all we get are two beer and one bottle of wine. Tyler and JC

11:10pm – 11:40pm Kitchen. All the house guests are standing around the island laughing and chatting about past events of the season. Sam is watching and laughing from the kitchen table.

12:05am Angela & Haleigh.
Angela – I asked Brett, If you win what would you do? Would you be okay with Sam going. He was like yeah. Haleigh – Have you decided who you’re putting next to Sam? I know it makes sense for you to put me next to hr .. to justify it. It would suck but whatever you ant to. Angela – I’ve been thinking about it. I think everyone wants a smooth week.

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Charles Bronson

Angela is a POWERHOUSE!!!!!!

oh boy

not if she wimps out and doesnt nom both Fess and Hal together

Tom A

Oh, so now tweedle dee and tweedle dum put 2 and 2 together. About 3 weeks too late you 2…


Correction… tweedle dum still hasn’t caught on.

He still thinks he’s running the show.


Man they are slow on the uptake aren’t they…..Duh, why is Brett celebrating with them? Um, maybe because he’s been in an alliance for 10+ weeks…..

that is crazy

Hayleigh noticed L6 all celebrated with Angela tonight, BUT never notice no one but Scottie and JC celebrated Fessy’s win last week, she’d be doing alot better in this game without Fessy, every time she had the right read on the house he talked her out of it, i hope Angela could put them on the block and Fessy would still believe they’re not the target

Darrell G Irick

let the fire works begin:)

Who said that!

I have a feeling they’ll be duds.


There will be no fireworks with fessy. He’ll think he’s a pawn. Meanwhile, Haleigh is still trying to put some sense into his brain and failing miserably. BYE HALEIGH, JOIN THE JURY.


So…Fez’s analysis is spot on as usual. Haleigh needs to chill because Fez made a deal last week so Angela is all cool. Can a Hivester be evicted when a hivester isn’t HoH? I guess it’s possible since Bayleigh was. I mean when it comes to getting evicted the hive can do the impossible. So 4 hivesters battling back next week…

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Four Hivesters battling back next week…. and it won’t even matter. fan

This buy back is so dumb. Especially this season when the players that would have a shot to come back are among the dumbest of all time. I would much rather have a rewind of a week near they final 4 just before the vote. At least then, it would be an opportunity for a good player who may have blown an opportunity to reach safety for final 3, can get a chance to replay the week.


Only thing that makes one of them coming back is if Fes gets voted out, Scottie comes back, and Scottie takes Haliegh from Fes. Fes would go ape shit in the jury house.


It’s ok..they become target #1 to get back out of the house. And hopefully we have a double eviction coming soon.

Who said that!

This is an interesting cast to examine the often ignored social experiment aspect of this game.Level 6 + JC see themselves as popular and act with confidence while foutte/hive + old man Steve + crazy Sam see themselves as underdogs whose actions are governed by their insecurities.It’s a case of perception becomes reality,winners win and losers lose.They cast themselves in this game. fan

I disagree, the mentality was clearly not the case last week when Fes was in charge. The perception has been faulty all game, which even when things are going against them from week to week, they think that they still have a pathway. Its ignorance that has them cast as some of the worst players to ever play the game. If there wasn’t so many of these ignorant players, 2 would not still be left in the game with a final 8.


Fes may have been in charge, but he ruled with his insecurities.

Who said that!

That ignorance is rooted in their own self doubt.As much as I enjoy calling Fes dumb,I do not believe any of the houseguests are genuinely unintelligent,for example Fes made his HOH decisions based on his insecurities and possessiveness of Haleigh.


Was Fes really in charge last week…or JC? Because the way I see it, Fes was a Bill Clinton. He had the title, but someone else pulled the strings.


Fez was going to target HIS targets even before JC talked to him. Fez’s targets however aren’t game related but rather personal targets. He’s protecting his relationship with Haleigh from perceived competition even if that move weakens both of their positions in the game. It’s why he desperately wanted a volunteer for replacement because he doesn’t care about removing game threats as long as they aren’t messing with Haleigh.


Spot on!


Hayleigh catches L6 celebrating. Tyler and Angela should target Fes and Hay immediately. Hayleigh is finally onto them. Dumbo is well still dumbo.


L6 celebrating. Hmm, does that ring a bell, Fes? Oh wait I forgot, you are a dumb ass.


Battle back… ugh!! Bummer


I’m not happy about the Battle Back, but since we have to take someone back, then I’d like to see Scottie return. At least he has some level of game play and he’s not at the same depth of stupidity as Hay, Bay, Rock & Fes.

Charles Bronson

I agree fes out and Scottie comes back.
Better for game. And I’d like to think Fessy will lose it thinking about Brett and Scottie all over Haliegh.

Eh eh

More fun if you can actually watch the person you’re excited about imagining going apesh*t, but that would require him remaining in the house. I guess that’s the difference between hating him & finding him amusing. Solution: if he isn’t evicted, imagine him going apesh*t anyway if that’s your preference.

Ill bet ya

Production will make the winner of the battle back the new HoH, they’ve done it before, and they’ll do it again, to force a L6 member to jury.


According to RealVegas the HOH comp was a complete gongshow….. they had to pause the comp multiple times as the lollipops along the ball roll kept breaking. As for Angela’s noms, she would be foolish not to put up both Fes and Hayleigh on the block together. If it’s Hayleigh and Sam up, Fes could easily win veto and pull Hayleigh off.

Also I don’t know about anyone else but I’m not looking forward to this jury buy-back. We finally have a season that is worth watching and grodner still wants to taint it with the same old overplayed twists? Barf

Who said that!

the buy back will be completely irrelevant anyway. fan

Who knows, if it is a battle back that runs simultaneously with the HoH comp, and they can not only get back in the game, but also become HoH, it could change everything. I have no interest in seeing any of the first 3 come back. Barring Angela pulling a Fes, I have no interest in watching whoever gets voted out this week playing for even another week. They blew their opportunities, and all had several opportunities to right the ship and failed each time.

The Beef

I totally agree that she should slam both Hayleigh and Fessy on the block together. That way if one of them does win the veto, only one of them can be removed and the other will be voted out, nice and simple. If you put just one of them up they are already revealing they have no intention of honoring fessy’s grand four person alliance plan, and they surely wouldn’t be stupid enough to go after JC and Sam at this point in the game. Too early for that when you’ve got two low hanging watermelons just begging to be picked.

As for the battle-back, I give it a big mehhhhh. I certainly hope they’ve had the previous evictees sequestered away from each other so they haven’t been comparing notes during the interim. Really unfair if they didn’t do that especially after the GBM’s. They usually do that don’t they?


Looks like the Hive is coming back to the house. Fes or Hay go this week so whoever comes back Tyler more than anyone is in big trouble.

Once Bay and Rocks are done with Scottie his new targets will be L6 and not Fes. He just might team up with Fes or Haleigh, whoever survives, and fill them in on what the jury girls told him.

What I wanna see is L6 win Hoh once again and boot them back out. I dont care how much I like(or hate ) a houseguest I’ve always believed that once a person is evicted they’ve lost the game. Any big moves they make after coming in the game wont make them a great player ,because they already lost the first time. fan

Tyler is the least in trouble of the entire house. There is 6 people that will keep Tyler over anyone else in that game. Plus he still has his power app, and he can easily fork it out and stay protected. Most likely the first 3 houseguests are in sequester and are not able to compare notes. So Bay would be the least informed of them all.


Doesn’t his power app end this week? Or is it next week?


I believe it’s next week

Long time fan, first time poster

I thought that when there is a jury buyback that they are sequestered rather than going to jury house? No? I could’ve just made that up in my head lol

The Beef

I think in the past the battle-back players were sequestered just so they could NOT do what Queen Bee is suggesting, and I would be willing to bet that is the case this time too. Although since Scottie knows very well who put him up and who is responsible for his leaving the house, I doubt any double talk by Bayleigh or Blockstar will change how he feels about that. Maybe if all THREE of them were re-entering the house it would be different, but only one is coming back, and the fourth person in the battle may very well be Fessy!


The jury house is the sequester.


I think Brett & Angela will be in the most trouble. Brett for his GBM & Angela for her RS GBM & for whatever happens this week.

Not only is Tyler safe all round he also was giving Haleigh tickets during the comp so Hal’s issues are only with Angela ATM.

That said, Brett/Ty/KC have all discussed it could be a battle back then a double so the original plan to put up Hal/Sam is risky b/c L6 goal is to back door Fes.

Also notable- wonder how JC will take to hearing Fes wants him put on the block with Sam (prob won’t go over well). And, since Scottie would align to work with Hal should he return then L6 also needs to consider booting Hal instead b/c Scottie will likely go after Fes & he’s most likely to win battle back.

The Beef

Why in the name of God would Tyler give Hayleigh tickets? I get that maybe he was trying to sell the four person alliance, or maybe work on a jury vote (fat chance for him with her), but if she had won, I highly doubt she and Fes would have held up their end of the bargain, just like Tyler and Angela don’t intend to uphold their end. Pretty dangerous business giving your major competition free shots at the big prize IMHO.

Sasuke Uchiha


Kaycee is safe this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie B.

Boss Lady Angela looks gorgeous. Definitely a good outfit for showing her HOH room.


Absolutely! Too all you jealous ladies voting thumbs down, shame on you… 🙂


Save your breath Haleigh…
You can talk until you’re blue in the face & it won’t matter what you say.
Even if Fes sees L6 celebrating with his own two eyes, he still won’t catch on until he actually sees your picture on the nominee wall (and even then he’ll think that you’re just the pawn). His arrogance & jealousy are his own worst enemy’s in this game.

It is truly astonishing how much unmitigated faith & trust he has in the people he has voted against & tried to evict this entire game.

Angela for president

The evicted hive hasn’t been in the same place since, They will be just as clueless when one of them lucks back into the house.


Now I wish Kaitin had solved that stupid puzzle then we wouldn’t have this battleback.

Fes' peanut brain

Please nominate and vote out Fes!! I can’t stand listening to him anymore. He’s such a moron!!

F Faysal

Yes Battle Back! Our household has been in such a funk since Faysal’s moronic nomination of his own teammate (even though I was more of an L6 fan, unlike my wife). While the part of me that was hoping to even up the sides a little might want to see Sam go and Bay or Scottie come back and balance the game a little, the justice avenger in me would love to see Faysal go and Scottie come back just so Faysal would experience the maximum consequences of his epic blunder.


SCottie and Haleigh might actually have a shot of game play if Faysal was eliminated and Scottie won the battle back.

Who said that!

They would still have no chance against the entire house.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

I’d actually like to see Hayleigh go and Scottie come back! Fes would be Scottie’s #1 Target for turning on him and of course L6 and Sam would back Scottie on his target! They’ll tell him whatever he wants to hear!

And actually, once Scottie gets to the Little House and fills in Rox and Bay about Fes, if ether of them come back, they won’t trust Fes!

Hayleigh has a good head on her shoulders, too bad Fes just doesn’t get it!

Bye Fessie!


Fessy says “she can’t put up 2 strong players. She needs to put up a strong player and a pawn”. Smh. Just when I think this guy can’t get any worse.




Just like Angela said. Her Rachel Reilly moment is coming. Get ready. She is going to final 2 and will start steamrolling the comps.


I love how cold blooded, yet chill Angela can be, lol! Basically she realizes this is a game, allnof L6 do. That’s why you never see the angry and pissed off even when they are not in power. Unlike Hive…

Here I Am

Maybe we’ll get lucky and the battle back will only be a CHANCE to get back in the house…oh, to dream…one more chance for the hive to fall flat on their faces…


I have never been a big fan of the battle back. Also, I have never felt so much dread about having to watch a jury/hive member return to the game.

On another note, Fessie is still riding ridiculously high off his HOH reign. I guess getting a unanimous vote to evict a member of your own alliance will do that to you … if you’re a MORON! fan

The only people that I think deserve a chance to come back are those that legitimately were backdoored after the veto comp. So within the jury, that would be Bay. But gosh she would likely only have Sam and Hay or Fes willing to work with her. So once again, she would be doomed again.


How is it fair to have a battle back when the evicted hg got to see the good by messages? In the past when there was a battle back they never showed the msgs to the players so they weren’t privy to certain info.

So obviously this wasn’t pre-planned and they decided to throw it in later to shake things up even though this is a great season and we didn’t need it.

If Kailtyn hadn’t blown her buy back this jury battle back would not have happened


Julie felt sorry for Bayleigh and Rockstar so this will help them in the game!


Exactly. Julie was really cozy with Bayleigh and RS, throwing L6 under the bus, and not asking them tough questions on their actions and behaviors. So sick of Julie. When is Jeff taking over…


If you watched the show at all, you would have noticed in the evictees goodbye messages nothing was ever revealed about alliances or anything like that, if you remember Brett said in his message to rockhard that he was going to tell her about Level 6 and I’m sure he put it in the message but big brother edits theme

True Dat

Brett said he “infiltrated” the hive in his goodbye message. This does reveal that he was not really apart of the hive alliance and one could deduce that he was likely part of a different alliance entirely or there would be no need to infiltrate. He also revealed that he wasn’t the one vote to keep her. This is serious gameplay information that should not have been shown to Rockstar if they were really planning this battle back.

The Beef

Your logic is flawed. In all of the previous battle-backs, the evicted house guests DID see their GBM’s, unless it was part of a double eviction, in which case they never show them. There is a post in one of these updates where a poster went through each and every battle-back and listed each competitor, if they saw their GBM’s, and if not why not (double eviction in every case IIRC). So this idea that showing GBM’s means no battle-back was a bad assumption on everybody’s part posting here, or at least most of us.

who me?

They always see the goodbye messages. Jeez just watch some past seasons that had the battle back


Fes has an eerie resemblance to Magilla Gorilla.


I don’t really like battle backs however by the time one of the hivers comes back into the game there will only be one other still left in the house…so to be honest I don’t think it will impact the game too much.


I think it is to give JC and Sam more time to figure things out and maybe find a crack in the L6 alliance then it is to help the person coming back.


JC and sam have sucked at most comps. Even if they figure it out I doubt they could do something about it. What amazes me is how bad brett has sucked at comps too :)))

Clown Shoe

As mean as it is, I really hope that Fes cries this week when he has to go against “his girl”. ?? And forget taking that neanderthal to the jury. His game play should get him a Motel6 at best.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

So wondering, will the battle back be between Scottie, Rockstar & Bay, or will it include whoever goes out on Angela’s HOH reign? A hilarious thought would be Fez gets sent to Jury, battles back to come back into the House. I know, no impact, but would be funny just the same. Will Haleigh be wifed up with Brett already? Will Fez still think Scottie flipped the votes?


It includes whoever mustache face evicts during her hoh plus those 3

Eh eh

Who is “mustache (sic) face”?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Famous Last Words from Hive: “Who flipped the Vote”; “What happened?” “Why were they celebrating with Brett????” “We’re making power moves!” “Tyler is a wounded precious bird.” “JC is with us.” “What happened to Sweet Sam?”


Oh Fes… Just when I thought you wouldn’t be anymore clueless


So tyler says he wants to take KC to finial 2 with him but i think as of right now he should take brett with him. What are yall thoughts on who he should take to finial 2 if he makes it that far?


I think he should be voted out next if that helps. Who knows, maybe Angela will feel like Tyler has done enough of her dirty work and send him packing.


I just think everyone in the jury is going to vote personal instead of voting for best game play and for me from what i have seen i don’t think KC will be his best bet to win finial 2. Tyler did say he wants KC,JC and Angela to be his ideal finial 4. But i just don’t know about that one. Just my opinion though.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Angela would be best for Tyler in the final 2. Everyone in the hive dislikes her for personal reasons. Sam and JC would vote for Tyler. I think the only questionable votes would be Kaycee and Brett.


Its crazy how Fez doesn’t think it’s possible to put up two big targets…He really said you gotta put up a target and a pawn like its in the rulebooks


I have never “hated” anyone, then Fes open his mouth……………

Crazy T

Come on… Don’t y’all know that battle beast rockstar will be the one coming back in… Mark these words and remember you heard it here first..


Who said that!

I never thought I’d feel bad for Angela but getting HOH advice from Fes looks like torture.


Re-assessing the last 65- or more days.
Seeing Scottie’s sad eyes..made me tear up. And I am not a crier.
Fess. A loyal guy. I could be a friend of his in real life. Not a good BB player though.
Hayleigh. considering only 21 years old. Might have done much better without a showmance.
Tyler. Calm..has studied the game. Even in real lie..calm under pressure. Very good considering only 2 years old. REALLY wants to win.
Brett. guy.
JC. Very smart. Has overcome so many obstacles. Wants to win. So far has been a clever player.
Angela. Still waters run deep. Has been hurt. But..has depth. I think loyal.
KC. Lovely person. Loyal..and kind. Perhaps a bit gullible.
Sam. The rotten apple. Fake AF.
Jury battle back.
No matter who is final 4. Scottie wins. He is HUNGRY..very passive aggressive.
Only problem..if Hay is evicted…he might fumble. But would give her a chunk of $$$ if he wins.
Only people not good on Jury battle back is Bay or Rocks as far as Tyler goes.
Interesting. Sam was SHOCKED at Scotties speech.
He is onto her big time.
In the end…I feel for Scottie. Yeh..he IS kind of a rat…but he LOVES the game…has a few social quirks…
But….I feel for him. Sympathy from me? Yes.
Funnily enough…the person I liked the MOST in the beginning was SAM.
Now..I detest her.
I just don’t know why the players are so skittish about her.
Get her out.


If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it must be Haleigh and Fessy going on the block.


If Fes competes in the jury battle-back, the competition should be to look like a duck and quack like a duck.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

And this time around he’d call it a turkey and RS would come back.


So if bayleigh comes back into the game wouldn’t they technically be bringing two players back in? I am so curious if she has a baby bump yet….

hernanday oleary

What this actually shows, is you must be very careful who you ally with and it is important to not ally with emotional thinkers too early. Hayleigh probably could have won the game, but she allied herself with the emotional crew of people who cannot win because they are ruled by their insecurities. It didn’t matter if they won, their paranoia and Tyler had them throw up their own members. The best thing for Hayleigh will be for Fessie to go home this week and lose the battle back and to get close with brett or tyler or someone who can see her as a number. She’ll have the votes in jury if she can make it that far.

Fessy simply nominated the two males he thought were competition for Hayleigh, just pure small mindedness.


What exactly has Hay done to make you think she”could have” won if not for……? The only skills she has shown is being good at puzzles. She’s had zero influence on anyone and her biggest move was Fes using the veto on her over Kaitlin. She might be a decent person with a small amount of insight, but I think if she had aligned herself with different people she probably would have already been taken out already.


I can NOT wait to see the look on Faysal’s face after Angela put his dumb ass up on the block next to Hayleigh. So glad Angela won this HoH. After watching that convo between Tyler & Angela, I was worried Brett or Kaycee would win. Now that Angela is the HoH, she will make the very predictable move (Unaware that there’s a jury battle back). This week could lead to Angela becoming the next level 6 evicted. It depends on how things unfold come next Thursday. It begins with Faysal. Mr stuck on stupid really needs to be the next person walking out the door. Scottie needs to win the battle back. Then either Scottie or Hayleigh must win HoH. Put up Tyler (His cloud app will no longer be valid) and Angela together & have the noms remain the same after veto. BTW I know that the final 2 will either consist of 2 L6 members or 1 L6 member and JC. I just don’t want the final 4 to be all L6 members. That would pretty much guarantee that the last few days in the BB house to be boring AF.

SmittenBy Haleigh

Tyler does not have a final two deal with Brett. So if Angela puts up Sam and Haleigh and Fes pulls off Haleigh in the veto they can backdoor Brett.

another name

That’s a bad idea for Angela.
Angela has/had a deal with Brett week one/two. Sure it was a 4-way deal including winston/rachel. but it was a deal.
The first person that breaks the level 6 alliance will lose a jury vote, if there is a viable alternative. One of Sam or Jc have to leave before a member of level 6 can break the alliance.


Fessieboy is truly showing how dumb he is with his talk with haleigh. “You can’t put up 2 big targets you have to put up a target and a pawn”. Um, no fessieboy they can put up 2 targets if they don’t really care which one goes as long as one of them does. But, then again, this is fessieboy who thinks he played the game ‘good’. rolls eyes. Can’t wait to see his face when they both hopefully are sitting up there together. Can see it now “but you have to put a pawn, you have to you have to”. I wish they would stop with the battle backs especially if you are going to bring one of those players back after showing the GB messages. I would laugh if rocky actually won, the only time the HGs wouldn’t care..since rocky can’t do anything. LOL

Patricia Morris

why nit get rid of floaters JC