MEATBALLS! “I want to Backdoor Elena.. I’m not going to tell Paul anything.”

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8:14am Houseguests getting up.. Christmas making Coffee..

8:17am BREAKING.. Elena up before 5pm! Holy shit..

8:18am APSR Xmas and Josh
Xmas – how you doing
josh – Good
Josh – whatever me and you talk about is between me and you not Paul not nobody
Xmas – 100 I swear
Xmas – I trust Paul there’s a group that I trust For sure..
Xmas – Paul has his own motives.. I’m looking out for your interests
Josh – I want Elena out..

Xmas – there’s already people saying there’s 2 HOH’s.. I know he slept up there.. I’m not saying separate yourself..
Xmas – I just want to make sure you are treated the same way..
Xmas – let me hear what you want and Bounce it off me i’m not telling you what to do
Josh – I know.. you need to stop worrying about that it’s not my concern we are working together..
JOsh – I’ve put 2 and 2 together.. that is why I want Paul out of this.. Jess and Cody are the obvious targets.. but I don’t necessarily want them to go home this week.. If one them go home I’ll be happy I don’t give a sh1t but if one of them saves themselves Fine..
JOsh – Elena is worry the sh1t outta me
Josh – Elena is locked in with Jess/Cody/Mark, Elena is Locked in with Paul, Elena is locked in with Matt and Raven
Xmas – Raven maybe..
Josh – She’s locked in with 7 people and she’s a great liar and extremely persuasive, and she can defend her case.. she did it to me in the storage room I was shocked.. .. she goes around and puts you in a predicament and say this and this what would you do..
Josh – and she’s a competitor..
Josh – I want her out.. we get rid of Elena.. Cody and Jess are still targets..
Josh – I want to Backdoor Elena.. I’m not going to tell Paul anything.. until the point I see..
Josh says he’s not telling anyone but Christmas..
Josh – the second you game is threatened.. the disloyalty.. you drop your showmance.. you turn on Cody and Jess your closest friends and allies

Xmas doesn’t think Elena and Mark are as separated as they say. Xmas thinks Elena just lost interest in Paul.
Josh – she voted against me and she campaigned heavily against me..
Josh points out that Elena is Shady and isn’t coming clean with what she did whereas Cody and Jessica have.
Josh – I want Elena out..

JOsh – a red Flag for me last night was he goes in my HOH room and says Oh go get us water.
JOsh – it was him and Elena up there..
JOsh says Paul was getting him out of the room so he can talk to Elena.
Xmas – he can’t be kicking you out of the room.. nobody can..
Josh – it just conformed more that I wanted her out..

JOsh – WE get rid of Elena, Mark is by himself and Cody/Jessica are still house targets
Xmas – HUGE targets

Josh says if Jess/Cody win they won’t come after them they’ll go after Matt/Raven
Josh says getting rid of Elena pulls her away from Paul
Josh points out how fast Elena flipped on Mark, Jessica and Cody she’ll flip on Paul too.
JOsh – She’ll flip on everybody..
Josh says COdy has owned up to things whereas Elena hasn’t he knows where Cody is coming from but Elena is shady.
Xmas – she’s going to work the house.. she needs to be backdoored
Josh – She’s going to be backdoored.. all we need is 5 votes right..
Xmas – COdy is a HUGE competitor.. I support you whatever you decide to do..
Xmas – the longer Elena is in this house the more potent she is
Xmas tells him don’t confirm with Jess but have a conversation with her before nominations to express that Josh has a bigger plan. Present it in a way so Jessica can trust what you are doing.

Josh thinks if he does that she’ll alarm Elena and if things don’t work out with the plan then Jessica will throw that back in his face..
Josh is going to have a conversation with Jess to clear things up personally.
Josh says if Elena is safe he wants Cody out.

Jason briefly comes in to chit chat.. Josh says he knows he has “their” support (meaning Jason, Kevin, Alex aka the meatballs)
They count the votes.
Xmas – that’s 4 votes.. (Kevin, Christmas, Alex, Jason and either Jess/Cody)
Josh – I’ll tell Paul, you trust me right? I went to bat for you
Xmas – you have a conversation with Jessica and tell her I have a plan I’m giving you what you and Cody want and letting you get to Jury.
Xmas – I want Cody bad too.. he’s dangerous in the house BUT I think at some point you can have a conversation with Jessica.. i’m getting what you and Cody asked for to go to Jury I need you

8:41am Xmas and JOsh
Xmas says right now Elena is on their side
Xmas – she’s neutral.. she’s not activated to come after you
Xmas – I wouldn’t’ put her up (yes backdoor)
Xmas – you can’t take a shot at her unless you have the votes.. If Cody or Jessica are off the block you will have the votes..
Xmas – just be cautious..
Josh – let the week play out.. Jess and Cody got up they go home.. but if one of them pull themselves off… (Elena backdoor goes ahead)
Josh says on a personal level he wants Cody out of this house but on a game level he’s seeing Elena “as the bulls eye”

JOSh – she dropped mark at a drop of a dime because her game is threaten.. disloyal as f**

9:08am Feeds on pound puppies..

10:10am Feeds back houseguests all up getting ready for the temptation competitions.
Looks like everybody but Josh/Christmas is competing.

10:29am Bunch of houseguests in the kitchen prepping for the competition. Everyone sharing fun conversation..

Alex – Jason did you have sugar today
Jason – yeah
Alex – Stop that.. (HAHAHAH)

They’re talking about Mark’s deadly farts.
Josh says Mark farted and it was so gross he had to take a shower at 3 in the morning to get the smell off him..
JOsh – we could die..
Jason – I feel like I’m getting dumber this very moment..

10:38am The Meatballs (Jason, Josh, Kevin and Alex)
Meatball chit chat..
JOsh talks about his tweets..
Josh – “hashtag MeatBallNation”

1:10pm Feeds on pound puppies
2:40pm NO FEEDS 4 U
3:51pm Pound puppies

6:21pm POUND

6:45pm Still nothing..

8pm No feeds for you..

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Josh is an imbecilic genius!


I totally agree


Josh is a moron. he just wants elena out so he doesnt have to see her flirt with mark and paul. he totally likes her. look how stupid this guy is. he wants to get elena out before cody and mark. those guys will win hoh where as elena wont win jack shit ever. ur telling me that fat ass is gonna win any physical comp or win any mental comp with all that bleach soaked into her brain. josh is a moron and gonna get paul pissed at him. just stick the the freaking plan.. if anything get mark out so that u can be in jury with elena alone and get into her panties if you like her that much. what a freaking bozo. and paul shouldnt even be touching elena. thats pure violation of bro code. ok once in a while like once a week u can ask her to scratch ur back but if u do it 3 times a day its like not friendship anymore and she is clearly marks property. i love paul but this is going to be the downfall of his game. its gonna rub a few guys in the wrong way and get u blindsided. PS jessica’s is a slut and cody is a douche.

No mirror

Simon, you’ve been on the kraken! As a semi old person, I’ve never heard of it before this site, I saw it finally in the liquor store and had to have it! Drank it straight playing pool beer pong! Pretty tasty… good thing i won….. if Josh pulls this off and alienates Paul at the same time, it’ll be a great week! Thanks for the introduction


the only person Josh will alienate is himself, hes pulling a Cody !


In other secretive underground circles I hear Josh is known as the Cuban Missile.

Team Meatball

Paul is not a meatball. Xmas is not a meatball. Meatball Nation is Kevin, Alex, Jason and Josh. They have been a solid F4 for a while. Kev and Jason have been talking about getting Paul and Xmas out , but they are shields for now. Everyone thinks Paul is using them, but they are using him. This Elena thing is probably not Josh’s idea.




Josh wants Elena out because he likes Paul and Mark.


You were doing fine until you called her a fat ass. That tells me that you’re a simpleton.


She isn’t fat?


If Jessica is a slut (your words, not mine), what does that make Elena who has been all over many men in the house with her dress and hands, Raven who is having sex with Matt and is possibly suspect with her disease and it’s donations, Christmas who is too close to a married man on the show and constantly reminds Jason that he is the reason she has a broken foot even though she jumped on his back and he slipped on BB grass in the back yard, and Alex who has made fun of married Jason’s penis and grabbed or hit at his crotch multiple times?




I agree Josh is a moron for trying to get her out first. But he showed me something that I didn’t think he had in him. I think he is playing chess rather than checkers.
He still gets out one of his opposition, and he is aware that Paul is running the house. He confided in his hug buddy XMas so she can help sway votes if he does the back door on Elena so she can help get the votes of the females.
I am not a Josh fan but at least he proves he can think, but not actually behave, beyond the elementary school level.


susan u dont think elena is fat? is that because ur bigger then her and if she is fat then you are fat? she has more rolls then sushi bar. when she sits down she has a 3 pack of tires. dont get me wrong. i think if she lost 40 pounds she would be smoking hot. she’s a pretty girl. but just fat as a whale. and jess is a slut cause she had unprotected sex with a guy she just met within 2 days. if she’s that easy when shes on tv then how easy do u think she is in real life when shes drinking and entertaining men at her club. vip host. she’s also a piece of shit for leading on a vet like cody. ya he’s fuked in the head but its not his fault ptsd. big time. I still dont like him but he’s got zero chance with her outside the house.. she’s reminds me of a present day version of those dumb chicks in the 1940’s that would bang a sailor before he went out to fight in ww2. like a veteran pity fuk. but it just hurts more bc she’s doing it to him on tv to him. SLUT SHAME


This should be an interesting week. As much as I would like to see Jody gone, this twist is truly the work of a diabolical meatball certain to entertain ?

Johnny cage

AG is just toying with us. If Jess is on the block Alex is taking that shot. If Cody is on the block Xmas and paul will take that shot. Even though he battled back for a clean slate and Jess went with the house on her HOH. And Xmas and Alex were just pawns when put up and then protected. Elena raven matt paul Xmas should all be out the house so someone actually decent wins


This could work if Jess or Cody win the temptation comp. Josh can put Elena n tell her she’s just a pawn .

Big Bully 19

Paulhole will never let that happen.


Feeds were back on for a minute. Sounds like Cody won the temptation comp. Josh was telling Elena in HOH that he wanted to put Elena and mark up because they’re strong competitors and he wants to try and prevent Jess from playing in the veto. Elena wasnt fooled though. Then feeds cut again.


Cody won temptation comp
Jess 3rd nominee

HG’s are suspecting Jess threw temptation comp
Josh plans on putting Mark and Elena on the block
Josh told Elena he wants her as a pawn because she is a “strong player.” Elena not buying it.

Depending on how veto goes, should be an interesting week.

Previously on riiiiiiigggggggggggged brother........

AG and gnome creature are best buds, and he would know alot of the production staff, going to cool parties with them where his band plays in LA etc, the coddling of him is beyond belief this season. They want him to win even more than they wanted Jason to win ott. He is season narrator, comp narrator, even has DRs for comps he isnt in, and has a DR midway through a veto ceremony. AG will unleash the letterbox/keys twist or an extra veto or pandoras box for him when needed, and even if he gets evicted, he will be right back via a jury buy back. He banked the 500k prior to the season even starting.

Alex's Cat Ears

Another week of staring at those ridiculously absurd, overly-sized, false eyelashes doing nothing but sucking on Cody talking about being pregnant? Don’t scare Cody’s daughter like that! She has to compete with Alex and the cat ears and now competing with his daughter to have her very own? Disgusting and childish. Sure, Jessica… you are representing your family very well.


So tired of listening to Raven and her massive sympathy scams and Jess seems like the little slut that would get knocked up to trap a man.


Paul: (surrounded by his minions) I need a…
Alex: I will be your pawn dude, i will be your pawn this week again dude, me dude
Paul: I was going to say I need a massage
Alex: I can do that too dude, and be your pawn every week dude
Paul: So I dont call you pow pow, I call you pawn pawn?
Alex: Sure dude, just as long as you win the game dude
Paul: (looks at camera and whispers) Damn Allison and Robyn where do you find these minions?


I don’t understand why people are so concerned about Cody and Jessica sex life who cares that they are sleeping together . Raven and Matt are too and Elena is all over three men in the house. Christmas and Alex are all over married men . But Jessica sleeping with Cody makes her the slut.

Big Bully 19

The Josh plan does not matter because even if Elena gets put up Paulhole will have the house vote out Cody or Jess.


I am shocked – I wasn’t sure he had the intelligence to see the nuances with Paul and Elena!

Former BB fan

The only reason is he is jealous. On the after dark he was talking about how he likes Elena and thinks she is the most beautiful woman he has seen. He wants her gone because she is hanging on Paul now and not him.


I agree thats part of it. And I think she turns him on and it makes him uncomfortable.

I said before It should creep Elena out that she’s the only girl Josh asked or needs to coverup.
She should take that as a warning to keep her distance. Unless she’s into him.
He’s going to want her out if she becomes too simulating. It’s probably why he was on Marks case even before the pickle juice incident.

Aunt Cece

No. He seems genuinely disturbed that Elena dumped Mark so easily. He repeated it several times. Josh surprised me just a little bit here. We’ll see what happens as you know Christmas will tell Paul everything.


i agree with this, Josh clearly has a thing about people being openly disloyal and dropping people when the going gets rough gamewise. I do think he thinks Elena is gorgeous but the other HGs have commented on how Josh describes every girl he talks about as being so gorgeous – even when they really aren’t. So I think thats just the way Josh is – he fawns over females.
And to give him more credit – he is absolutely right. Elena is the one person in the house I could see getting far in this game bc I think she can win comps (mental and physical), she is likable, and has a lot of allies. I thought she was a threat early on for the same reasons Josh does – and I can’t say that about anyone else except maybe Paul (but he is clearly not as under the radar/low key about it as Elena so he is a bigger target). She is the smarter, better player version of Jess bc she is knows when to drop people in the game for strategic reasons and is secure/stable enough to proceed in the game without them, whereas Jess is more insecure and easily ruled by her emotions and can’t see long term. So while Elena can detach from Mark for her game (bc she knows the opportunity BB is financially and not really as a matter of disloyalty) Jess latches onto Cody when it clearly has destroyed her – what could have been decent – game bc she needs the male companion to fuel her ego and psyche even though she probably knows deep down the relationship wont survive the outside and the money would server her far better) .

While waiting for results

Yes he is genuinely upset. He’s upset that Elena didn’t turn to him after the breakup.
Remember he was hugging and kissing her, even if was only on the cheek, after the breakup.


what ? lol, i can’t be the only one who sees josh is an obvious closet case.


Lol I thought the same.


There is no question he’s a closet case. I can’t take him having a crush on Elena, let alone any girl, seriously.


I really thought I was the only one that noticed. Good to know.


I laughed so hard at that and I’m in reading this in bed. Lol Sorry house.


I am pretty sure Josh is a closeted homosexual. He is just putting on an act about liking girls. He is Latino and that is frowned upon in that culture. Plus he is a giant Momma’s Boy. I really think this is true.


Maybe he’s actually seeing how Paul thinks he’s able to boss him around. Paul kicks him out of his own HOH room and tells him to get waters. Right after Josh wins HOH Paul tells him how the week is going to go. Paul is way overplaying his hand. Paul will be pisssssed when he finds out Josh doesn’t care about protecting him from Jess and Cody. Here’s hoping he doesn’t get his way.


Elena is very smart she can win a lot of mental comps and she could have won the wall comp but she gave it to Alex because she didn’t want blood on her hands. I would say Josh has a good idea about Elena.


The Mark run in and the reprimand from production and the bullhorn may have convinced him he was not as loved as he thought.

Don't believe it for a second.

It is just production doing there thing to keep viewers interested. Josh is NEVER going to go against the puppetmaster.

Sorry production this is one viewer who sees right through you.


Im not so sure. Josh’s feelings are hurt very easily. Look how he reacted to Megan.
Paul made a big mistake taking over his hoh room. Especially paul telling him to go fetch water so paul could stay in hoh room and talk to Elena alone.

Make a Stink, put all the men on slop

And once Josh’s feelings are hurt he doesn’t forget or forgive.
I think Megan said something about people being homesick and Josh took that personally.
Then there’s Mark. We all know that story.

He might feel a little differently about the Jessica/cody relationship because he started it by lying to them and voting Jillian out.

Big Bully 19

I hope you are correct.


exactly my thoughts. production just needs some drama edits to keep viewers interests for this weeks evictions. Josh is getting coached by the DR.

Previously on riiiiiiigggggggggggged brother........

AG youve outdone yourself this time. After Jason losing the season on a fan vote due to his disgusting behavior in ott when you thought you set it up perfectly for him to win, you went the extra mile this time for gnome creature. Not only the 4 weeks safety, but you really chose the most absolutely submissive pro gnome creature people you could possibly find(apart from Jody), some of whom are so up his ass that they even want him to win instead of themselves. The willing pawns and blind followers disgust me.

AG, I dare you to do just 1 season with 16 very competitive aggressive comp beasts who dont like being told what to do, with no returning players. I am bored shitless of the ‘supposed mastermind’ returner v moronic friendsheep rest of the house storyline.


What exactly does this mean. Whats the story behind Jason?


google big brother over the top


No one can ever tell what type of person these people will be once they enter the house. It would be better to get past houseguests who killed it in comps and ones that everyone was afraid of. The true monsters of the BB. Let’s see who is truly in charge of the house then. That would take a seriously aggressive person.


I prefer no returners, so then there are no pre alliances among returners like BB Can 5, and no newbie fans worshipping returners like this season. All newbies experiencing it for the first time is what I want a few seasons of. If casting is on point then everyone goes home in limousines.

Pandoras Box

Production please send Big Meech in as a Pandoras Box punishment to torture Paul – he haaaates her haha

Go yourself

I’m not getting my hopes up. I’m sure his master will persuade him to change his mind.


Filthy mouth!!


What ??? …Josh must have found a brain in a drawer, or in his back pack somewhere. Didn’t see that one coming !!! …Maybe he isn’t as dumb as Paul says.


Mommy sent my brain. Production have it to me after I win HOH.


His brain was in one of the frying pans. 😉


I don’t like Paul because he is not likeable and he is using Josh for his game. But if you would all read your post you are as bad as Paul. The namecalling and cussing is ridiculous!


production arent that smart and now realize their mistake…if they wanted the season to ignite and possibly become a great season of 2 sides at war with a somewhat decent chance of it continuing to go back and forth they would have had a physical hoh to favor mark, cody, jess, but no its clear who they want to win…that one hoh result just turned the season into meh…now they have to try and tease a fake plan v elena via josh which will never eventuate…gnome creature(aka arabic james harden) will never allow minion sidekick pots and pans guy to go after evil cuckoldress elena instead of his arch enemies jody(tom cruise and ariana grande)

also cbs deliberately left out the pre planning bullying of cody to get him to crack, knowing he may have ptsd, and hit someone so he would self evict, and the mocking of his service for his country and the matt/xmas argument surrounding it…to me its unacceptable from cbs trying to pretend it didnt happen to protect paul and minions public image…its bs and an insult to fans intelligence

so we get a minion hoh win due to production favoring pauls minions with a luck comp, and guess what, yet another week of the entire house 10 on 2 v cody/jess, its getting monotonous now, it becomes so one dimensional the same thing over and over again, they need some variety, different people targeted, even a double eviction would bring decent variety…the house blindside plan is dumb – if they are the targets, jess would rather go home before cody anyway, jody talked about it and would rather that so that house plan is doing jody a favor, jess isnt obsessed with jury, lives 12 minutes away and is over the nastiness, looking forward to get back to her regular life

Worlds Greatest

Anyone who makes fun about this country’s Military does not deserve there next breath. Paul is a insecure Snowflake who lives with his parents. Very good think the lives in the liberal northeast because if he lived in the south he need new teeth every time he steeped outside. Paul is a POS


Quite sure he and his mommy and daddy live in Southern CA….still same as northeast


So I canceled my CBS feeds account attached with an email stating my reasons for canceling.. mainly because of the deceptive editing and not portraying the real BB houseguests and their tactics etc. CBS response was.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Hahaaa did I expect more?


Worlds Greatest I agree.

For those that missed it search youtube – ‘BB19 Jessica Fights With Almost The Entire House’

The 11 minutes 6 seconds point Alex says to Cody “you’re a disgrace to the marines”

Judge Janie

If I had a nickel for every time some moron used Snowflake as an insult…

Judge Janie

Ah, if I had a nickel for every time some moron uses the word Snowflake as an insult…


Josh that is the dumbest move, Jessica put you up and campaign hard to get you out, not Elena, she’s no threat, OMG… Josh, dumb dumb dumb


Does anyone believe Josh came up with this himself? Production has suggested this. And I’m not complaining a little bit. Hope this works!


Paul will be glued to Josh. He will be in hyper freak panic mode if he thinks remotely Josh doesn’t do exactly what he tells him. It would be epic if Josh of all people was able to pull off a blindside on Paul. I can hope but we will see if Josh crumbles when Paul starts his threats


Josh: I want Elena out
Paul: No
Josh: Why not?
Paul: You know why
Josh: Because youre the production pet star certain to win the game and im the moron sidekick?
Paul: Yes, I tell you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, now stfu and bang pots and pans for 4 hours to continue to make yourself look like an idiot whilst me and Elena cuckold Mark to make him jealous and embarrass him on national tv. Im guaranteed the win but all these Jody makeout sessions have got me wanting some tits and ass. I know youre desperate to be my devoted loyal person in the game Josh, and not that theres anything wrong with that, but last I checked, you dont have tits and ass like Elena.

(Josh goes to bang pots and pans to please his master, whilst Elena rubs Pauls head, with Mark sadly watching with his head slightly tilted, one tear running down his cheek)


Literally laughing at how accurate that could be.


For those that missed the tactics/plan to get Cody to self evict that cbs left out of the Thursday edit –

Search on youtube ‘What The Edit Missed – Paul & his minions vs Cody’


Damn, Josh, you took me by surprise! If your plan of back dooring Elena pans out I’ll have to start looking at you in a new way. Go for it!

Jeezus & Nem

Josh just may be the smartest DUMBazz I’ve ever seen… Backdoor Elena!!


Right? Production reallllllly wants Cody and Jessica to stay in the house. We are supposed to believe this guy, who has been following Paul like a little puppy, is now wanting to do something on his own and keep it from Paul? Yah right. Not buying it. No way this is his own idea.


Dan Gheesling tweets in the last 2 hours –

Just catching up on #BB19 — Paul trying to run the game like a dictator — should be interesting to see how that plays out

Never seen anything like this on Big Brother before these people aren’t bullies they’re just weak…nothing to do with gameplay at all

Usually all of the iconic @CBSBigBrother fights are 1v1 or 2v2 —- not a houseful of lemmings against 2 people.

I always appreciate the players that play the game hard without getting personal.


As much as I do like Paul and I want Cody and Jessica out I am sooooo excited Josh is trying to switch it up!!! I really didnt want a other week of Cody and Jessica on the Block just because it would have been boring! Time to flip the house!!

Oh Meatball You Play With My Heart

Well I wanted to stop watching the show because of Josh and now I will be watching the show because of Josh. I will take everything back about Josh if he actually plays his own game this week and goes against Paul’s HOH. Thats right Josh, Its your HOH and don’t leave that room even if slave master says so!


Totally agree. But you know Josh won’t even be able to take a shit without freaking Paul standing right next to him, I mean he’s already sleeping up there. Gotta hand it to Christmas as well she just might be playing her own game! However right now I don’t see Kevin or Alex going against Paul, that might change, we shall see. This will be a make or break week in my opinion, if they do go against Paul this week this game will get VERY interesting, if they continue to to be his puppets Paul will steamroll his way to the end.

Big Bully 19

This is too good to be true. Josh needs to tell Paulhole to go get him some water.

I’m afraid that Paul still controls too many people for this to ever work.


A glimmer of independent thinking from Josh! Shock and awe. Too bad he doesn’t realize Christmas WILL tell Paul. She starts out “I want to hear what you are thinking…”, (a nicety completely missing in Paul’s directions, I mean, conversations) then provides him with no help to achieve what he wants.


I hope she tells Paul. I think that might actually give him the push he needs. She tells Paul, Paul goes to Josh to tell him what he’s thinking is wrong then Josh gets pissed at Christmas and has two new targets. Production rides again!


That actually is the best scenario because it will waken Josh up and he will see the person he thought he could trust isn’t trust worthy at all

Close only counts with grenades

If she tells Paul he will just instruct everyone to keep Josh in the dark and make him feel like he has control….then have his minions vote out whatever half of Jody is left on the block. The only hope is if Jody can win temp and veto comp. Elena disgust me.


I may become a fan of Josh if he actually thinks for himself during this HOH…it’s early though, Paul will be in his ear yet.


women like elena make me sick! Watching her hurt mark on purpose is disgusting! She’s got paul in between her legs then when she goes to the washroom and mark isn’t paying attention to her she starts hitting him with the towel and says are u mad for some reason?? Acting clueless. This poor shmuck could SADLY have her eating out of the palm of his hands if he treated her like shit,,,trust me! Its these types who turn men into assholes. She lives off the attention, she’d be sad and pouting in her room if she didn’t get it lol she loves getting & finding insecure men she can then destroy after they catch feelings! Its sad actually… Her and raven are the 2 females that TOP all other seasons (hands down) for being the worst attention seekers! I wish they had a janelle or britney hayes in there just so these wackjobs wouldn’t get the time of day lol i can’t wait to see her evicted!!!


I couldn’t agree with you more. Well said!

rear ended

Men who turn into assholes are assholes!


She is awful in many ways and hurting Mark is just a bitch move, he seems too sensitive and she takes advantage, but the worst part is staring at herself when she is having a conversation with someone. She purposely lifts her top to expose those gawd awful water balloons anytime someone is looking. Mrs. Limpet needs to go home


Mrs. Limpet needs to go home…hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wish I could thousand times that one…Can’t stand that witch


You worded it perfectly!!!!!!!!

Anti Paul Puppet

I would love it if Josh actually did this…. but it’s Josh. He’s going to do what the house (Paul) wants. I wonder if production asked him to discuss a possible different target for suspense.

Same Ol Same Ol

They absolutely told him to do this. They will lose viewers this week with the same ole BS. As much as I would love for this to happen, it’s just a tease.


This came so far out of left field, I don’t think production would have even considered the possibility of getting Josh to put up Elena. If they did put it in his mind, then props to them! I really hope she does get backdoored and goes home. I haven’t been an Elena fan since Day 1.

Will Christmas tell Paul? Thumbs up for yes. Down for no.


I think Christmas may actually be smart enough to want to target Paul as well. I can see her wanting to keep Josh’s loyalty to her as a number to target Paul when they’re ready.


I have not liked her since day 1 also

Anti Paul Puppet

Yep Josh is as sway-able as wacky wavy inflatable tube man.


If they don’t do something to shake Paul out of that house, they are gonna lose viewers. I want to watch Big Brother, not the 0aul the puppeteer show.

Paul's Mouth

Let’s wait and see what happens when Paul gets wind of Josh thinking for himself! Of all the “groupies” Josh was the LAST one I expected to go rogue. You go Josh……………

hope this happens

If this happens Josh will be my favorite, dudes got balls. People relate to Cody and Jess. Also to Josh being treated badly by Paul cause he thinks he is something special. You got this Josh. Stick to your guns save the season. Why the f*** is Paul still in this game. Vote out Elena then Mark then Matt and raven. Someone on here had Josh in the final four. The odds pay out huge I imagine

Production says

You’re welcome

not so fast

Could be a front


Me: Did I just read that correctly? Yes Josh yes! I’m so happy you want to do something for your game and not just blindly follow Paul. and you are telling your closest allience member to run feedback off them and telling them not to tell Paul! Yes this week will be a great week…

Me after I finish reading the entire convo: wait so you want to put up Elena because you are jealous she is close with Paul? Face Palm.

But hey if Josh actually does something that isn’t what he is told to do I will be very impressed.


Josh should just put up Paul, not Elena. That would truly show independence.


He knows he doesn’t have the votes to get Paul out. I think he sees Paul is running things and may be thinking he has to trim the minions to get at Paul if he wants a shot at the money.

Paul Sucks!

The problem is that after Paulhole talkes to Josh he will probably self evict.


Wow — not a Josh fan but loving that he is thinking on his own!!! Bravo kid, you are earning extra points!!

I am Josh's Medula Oblongata

My reaction reading this: holy f#c&ing $h!t, the Scarecrow actually HAS a brain!

I know it will ultimately be a disappointment, the herd mentality will return later this week and Cody or Jess are gone, but it is a glimmer of hope that they won’t continue lawn mowing a winning path for Napolean hipster dofus.

Capt. Obvious

It might be great for entertainment value, but it would be the stupidest game move possible.
What would he gain as a result?
1)A pissed off Paul & his group
2) & zero bonus points from the other side of the house because Jess can’t stand him.
Whether you like him or not, Paul rallied his troops to save Josh against Ramses and he is(should) expect Cody or Jess’s head in return.
Josh would be 1000% alienating his own game with neither side to rescue him.


He only saved Josh because he knew he was the target. It was to get into Jody’s heads. Simple as that.


He “saved” Josh mainly because Jessica wanted him gone. Ramses had a little sketch in him but Josh was all over the place. Paul has no loyalty to Josh it’s just Josh was more tractable regarding Paul’s plans than Ramses.


Cody and Jess are smart. Cody has a military mindset. To get Paul’s front man would be both for both sides. They don’t have To like each other. Besides Josh has said he feels bad for how they acted to them. I think it could work. With Mark, who Wil follow. Cody, that side of the house would still have 5. Plus Jessica’s #1’target is Alex, not Josh, and he know it.


Xmas will scoot straight to Paul and tell him what josh is wanting. Paul will not let it happen and put josh in his place (Paul’s monkey). Cody or Jess will end up going home this week. Josh can say what he wants but the house will just lie to him and blindside him like they did Jessica.

Paul Must Go

I wish you were wrong but you’re right. The best show of the year will be when Paul gets evicted.


I don’t understand why everyone blames Paul….if they are dumb enough to follow/obey him then that is on them .I believe that eventually everyone will see that Paul is running things and band together to get him out….Paul is at the very least playing the game


it will still happen just as everyone thinks it will happen.. jess/cody and one of them goes out.. josh doesnt have the attention span for this sort of plan to work.. plus he’d need the votes.. which means he’d have to actively go head to head with paul (and others) to acquire them.. and it is not in their personal best interest for this to happen.

give him xmas
cody or jess
give him kevin

jason via alex
matt via raven
mark via elena


I don’t know.i think production is hard at work here

Just me

Things have changed. If Mess comes off she could be another vote for evicting Elena. Mark is on the block and can’t vote. Recalculate. I could happen. There is a possibility. If all three noms stay up….a tie would result in Josh breaking it. So it could happen.


New HoH, new storyline. Lets see how it all plays out


I am shocked that it is Josh that could actually shake this game up and finally someone not listening to Paul or rather breaking away! I am no Cody and Jessica fan but to me it’s a waste of a HOH to get them out they will not win the game and could be used to further others in the game other than Paul! Plus it’s better to leave big targets like that in the game! It’s shocking to see Josh actually be the one to not follow Paul. But then again it’s Paul’s downfall his ego “go get me some water” I’m no Josh fan but Paul acts like he is king! The problem I see if if Paul gets wind of this he will get in Josh’s head not to do it!

Production says

You’re welcome.


Id love to see josh follow through with his plan but right now i don’t think anyone does anything without paul knowing..and we know how obsessed he is with jody SO they will be going home! But i like seeing these people finally realize how paul is treating them, maybe they’ll all wake up and backdoor paul soon. I highly doubt they have the balls to, but who knows lol maybe


I so hope Josh can stick to his plan and do this. We will see. A lot can happen between now and nominations – And Jessica and Cody can always stick their foot in their mouths to screw themselves! I would love to see Elena go first because I think Matt and Raven would vote her out as well.

Uncle Teddy

Josh taking out Jody is doing Paul’s dirty work for him. Sure Jody tried to get Josh out 2 weeks ago, but that was when they were trying to get back in everyone’s good graces and evict someone the house could live with. If Jody wins the next HOH, they are going for Paul/Alex and Xmas as the back up plan, period. I don’t know if Elena is the best alternative target (maybe she is!), but I’m happy Josh sees that he doesn’t need to gun for Jody.

Karen S

You did call it though, about the HOH room. Paul sleeping up there and taking over.

Pee in my mouth and shit on my chest

So Josh actually has a mind of his own after all.

Production says

No, no he doesn’t


I totally agree. Production got in his ear. They don’t want to see Jody go just yet.

Josh..if I only had a brain

Maybe Production let him borrow one:)



Beef Industry

You do realize someone will say he is is now the spokesman for the meal of Meatballs


Elena? Backdoor Paul.


So Paul told Josh to leave the HOH room, and go fetch him some water. Not smart Paul, not smart at all.

Resist the Twist

Things just got a bit more interesting. One of Pauls Minions waking up perhaps ? Gotta love it

Bolt Uprite.

Backdoor Elena. That’s it, Josh, way to keep your eyes on the prize. He hasn’t been this prescient since he grabbed that golden apple.


late joining BB but had an instant dislike for paul..Napoleonic complex..with an evil mind…..didn’t care much for josh, but if he has the cajones to stick to and make this plan work he will gain a ton of credibility
This would really shake up the power base and make BB worth watching very boring watching paul manipulate the brainless masses


Josh as HOH is in control of noms only. The HGs control the votes. Josh does not have the support, communication skills or the social game to rally anyone. That said, in the past Paul has talked about getting rid of Elena for the same reasons Josh stated. Perhaps that is where Josh got the idea. Hmmmmmmmmmm………….

Paul's Mouth

Knowing Paul’s BIG ego,he just may agree to Josh’s plan. (Can hear him telling everyone: let the fool do what he wants after all we do want Elena out soon anyway.) He believes he would be able to get Jess or Cody out himself (bragging rights) when he wins the next HOH….after all he is KING and could convince his “groupies” to throw him the HOH again!!!


Well well well who of thunk it! ….however me thinks Xmas will go to Paul, frowns face.


When Josh won HOH I thought “Oh UGH”… a whole week of Paul leading Josh. Now that Josh wants Elana out without telling Paul, it may be an interesting week after all.


I am honestly shocked! I really hope Cody wins the temptation because I don’t think Josh wants to get rid of Jessica! I think he actually knows this is a game and he respects them. The pots and pans are just strategy for him.
I would love to see him backdoor Elena.
The real question is, will christmas be more loyal to josh or paul. I think if she wants to go with Josh’s plan then she might save her temptation and allow Jessica and cody to play in the veto. Especially if she knows Jessica and cody will be in the game next week, she should keep her temptation for another time when she really needs it.

Please Josh use your own brain and do what you want to do. And I think not doing Pauls bidding may actually make people want him to do well in the game!


i think there is no way in hell xmas uses the veto thingie this week.. she is in no danger from cody/jess if the week goes tits up and they stay.

Paul Must Go

I think she does whatever Paul tells her to do.


How long is Christmas temptation good for hasn’t it been almost 4 weeks?


I don’t think it had any limit on it .

Bolt Uprite.

Nobody ever accused Josh of having a coherent thought, now people are thinking he’s some kind of strategist. These are just the idle, meandering impulses that go in and out of Josh’s brain on an hourly basis, like the urge to scratch.

Make a Stink, put all the men on slop

He’s not a strategist. He reacts emotionally, but wants people to think well of him. Especially his mommy.

I don't mind Cody

It’s all about he needs to get Elena out because he is jealous of the relationship she has with Paul and mark. Absolutely nothing to do with strategy . It’s not going to work because Paul is going to shut it down as soon as Xmas tells paul.


Paul looks like Peter Dinklage on acid. Jason looks like Matthew Lillard on meth. Christmas looks like Charlize Theron in Monster. Cody looks like Richard Ramirez’s long lost son. Jessica looks like a cross beetween Ariana Grande and a Klingon. Kevin looks like Lori Petty. Elena looks like a bloated Taylor Swift with too much plastic surgery. Mark looks like a big dumb gorilla. Josh looks like a big dumb gorilla with down syndrome. Raven looks like Lucille Ball if she were born in a trailer park surrounded by hookers. And someone else. Always licks his beard and has nothing interesting to say. Bland as fuck. Anyway his name will come to me.



Uncle Teddy



It was a thumbs down until the Josh comparison 🙂


XMas is gonna tell Napoleon and he will stop it!
**But credit to that nymconpoop Josh for thinking of this!!!**


Shocker! But Christmas will tell Paul Josh feels his HOH is being disrespected. Paul will change his tactic in handling Josh resulting in Paul continuing to run his HOH. Christmas has to be careful what she says or she’ll lose Josh’s confidence.

The real puppet master please stand up

Josh isn’t a master mind. Instead of Paul’s puppet, he’s now productions puppet. They want Jody to make it to jury. They r trying to make them into the new Jeff and Jordan (which everyone loves). So they need to find a way to keep them together in the game. What better way then to put a different threat in Josh’s head. Duh.


More like the next brendon and rachel. Both can be aggressive and hot heads, but are really playing the game!
Jessica could become a rachel reilly! She just needs some more competition wins.
You can’t compare them to Jeff and Jordan, because Jordan was literally americas sweetheart, the same can’t be said for Jessica


I was thinking more of Brendan and Rachel then Jeff and Jordan to be honest.. not game play wise..because Rachel was a beast but that’s what came to my mind


I’m not getting my hopes up just yet…… Something tells me that Christmas is going to run straight to Paul and tell him of Josh’s plan and then Paul will use is mind tricks to change Josh’s mind….. Hopefully either Cody or Jess win the temptation challenge so only one of them go up…..

I guess we will just have to wait and see….. Everyone knows that things in the BB house change daily.


I’m in delighted shock! Josh actually didn’t have to ask the Wizard for a brain?… If he pulls this off and keeps the mayor of Munchkin land out of his head I might have respect for him after all. Thank you Simon & Dawg for your amazing updates.


I’m sorry, but if I was HOH and Paul ordered me to fetch him some water, I’d tell him to stick his face in the toilet and start slurping!!




So neurons are connecting and josh didn’t like how paul made him fetch water and leave a room that is his for a week. Please josh you big ass loaf of bread….play your own game and not Paul’s!!!


its not true. dr talk to him for more suspense


Josh should nominate Elena and Raven .. one comes down, put up Christmas


As of now Alex offered to go up as a pawn next to Jess or Cody so if one of the couple wins HOH Josh could instead of putting Elena up, put Paul up. Alex and Paul are working together and since he’s slowly waking up and seeing that Paul is the one that controls the entire house I think he might do it.
I hope Jessica talks to Josh and tells him why he shouldn’t put Elena up, she’s a number for their side once Paul is out of here. I really hope Cody talks to him too because them working together would be so unexpected.
I wanted to give up on BB but I won’t if this week goes how Josh wants it to go.

Same Ol Same Ol

You guys don’t really think Josh thought of this all by himself do you?

Art Vandaly

Josh has never had an original thought in his life. DR gently suggested it. At home, he “works” for the family business. Does what he is told.


I’m not a big fan of the bullying that Josh took part in, but I think that he’s a severely insecure human being, and he needed to feel “included” by Paul. If he thinks for himself and grows some balls, I think I could look past his disgusting behavior. Let’s remember, what’s done is done, and he’ll have a tough time outside of the house because of it.

Paul is a HUGE problem. I’ll agree that he’s playing an excellent game of puppet master, but his true colours have most definitely shown. He is narcissistic and incredibly condescending. I’d be embarrassed to know him let alone be a family member or friend. He certainly needs to GROW UP. This is a game pal, not your entire life, and you’re making yourself look like a real ass. It’s not entertaining at all. It’s pathetic.

Go Mark, Go Kevin, Go Josh if you grow some balls, and hey production, let’s see another side of Cody instead of the highly edited jerk you’ve shown him to be. If these 4 would team up, they could take out Paul, Raven, Elena, and have a real shot.


Where did THIS Josh come from?! I love it! I hope he can make it happen. Way to go, Josh!

Pissed Off Pete

You know what would be shocking? If Raven’s ever growing list of illnesses were part of her strategy to get her fellow HG’s to not put her up.

Granted, we’ll never have that insight thanks to production ignoring all her DRs and focusing solely on the Cody v. Paul narrative, leaving everyone else in the dust.

Raven's black tears

Thank you. I’m sick of the scamming Raven bullshit. She passed all the physicals. She’s on Big Brother. Play the game. If she’s healthy enough to have an active sex life with Matt put her on the block. Her and Matt have sat around long enough.


Finally josh is coming along and not doing everything paul says. Good for him


Is it weird that I seriously want spaghetti after reading these updates?


Meatball Nation is real. Kevin, Jason, josh and Alex have been a tight alliance for a while. Kev and Alex have let Paul think he is in control, but they are using him. The real target here is Xmas. They know she will tell Paul. Paul will react and ask Josh about the plan to evict Elena. And Xmas will be exposed as a RAT. Jess goes home. Cody becomes a meatball. ( or Cody goes home. Jess becomes a meatball.) The house divides..Paul, X, Elena, Mark vs Meatball Nation. Matt and Raven are forced to pick a side.

Same Ol' Same Ol'

That would be fun!

Shannon Hoon

So Josh says “I’m not telling Paul anything about my plan”

But he tells Xmasass. Of course she going to expose any plan to the bearded buttboy.

But if they do this properly. They do not have to worry about Paul.


Former BB fan

The only reason Josh is doing that is because he is jealous of Elena hanging on Paul. On the after dark he was talking about how beautiful she was and she was his perfect woman ect.. Then she stops hanging on Mark and is now hanging on his “boy” Paul and he doesn’t like it. So since he has no balls to vote out Paul, he goes for Elena cause he is a jealous bitch.


This could be YUUUUUUGE! If He pulls this off he will gain some respect. Come on Josh make BB GREAT again! IF he were to make it to final 2 he could point to this where he turned the game around and he would win and win BIGLY! Of all the toads I didn’t expect Josh to be the one. I did say in an earlier post how Jess and Cody should point out to Josh how Paul treat him well I guess Josh was taking notes himself. He is 100% correct though. Jess, Cody, Paul will always be gunning for each other, why should he do their dirty work? I also didn’t think he could see how she plays everyone, I thought she would be rubbing his neck and back before sundown (she may yet but we can hope for a good week and a pissed off Paul running around huffing and puffing!)