“I’m 23, I got a bachelor and a minors I’m on Big Brother it’s the coolest thing EVER and you’re telling me I’m a moron”

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7:07pm Cody Sad..

Because he hasn’t had enough. Josh – They should have booed her a$$

Paul and Christmas say that Cody is going to hide in his room all day get evicted and go to Jury
Paul – I’m happy

7:14pm Kevin and Jason
Kevin tells him a possible plan is Mark and Matt to go up and they backdoor Cody.
Jason think he’ll just want to quit.
Kevin – no one is talking to him

JOsh joins them.
Josh asks “Am I slow”
Jason – everyone on the show is light years ahead of everyone else.. but they did put a slow person in the house
Josh tells them that Production is scared because Cody gets in his face.. “I’m not worried guys I made it to Jury” (Yeah it’s the WIN for these new style players)
Josh tells them not to talk to Cody.. let him do his circus music.

Josh is making fun of Jessica because she just “Serves Bottles at 26 you’re a joke” Josh then says he runs a successful business (AKA eBay store)
Josh – I’m 23, I got a bachelor and a minors I’m on Big Brother it’s the coolest thing EVER and you’re still telling me I’m a moron
Josh – You just serve Bottles and yo drop names of celebrities 24/7 like your a celebrity.. you’re a joke stop..
Xmas – And.. you’re still here ..

Josh and on that note I’m done talking about the girl (Something tells me that’s not going to happen)
Mark – Josh is going to be in the DR for 20 Minutes talking about her..
Josh – nope I’m not talking about her..
Josh – no air time
Matt – proud of you Josh (Good for you boyz2men)
Josh – thanks buddy.. it feels good she walked out on my HOH, you played yourself girl.


They talk about how they will get Cody out.. Will he throw the Temptation competition.
Alex – who cares we made it.. JURY..

Paul thanks them for keeping him in the game.. they laugh at all the previous evicted houseguests calling him a snake.. number one target.. (nobody clues in)

They got rid of Jeff..

(Bz2Men = Matt or Mark depends on how bad I fuck things up.. it really is Matt)
Boyz2men says he’s told only 3 lies in this game.
Bz2Men – People love you
Raven – I hope so..
Bz2Men says that Ravens speech was so classy

raven – gastroparesis.. (I can’t make this shit up)

Raven says Jessica is very vain.. “Don’t get me started”
Matt – you’re a hillbilly
Raven – I’m not a hillbilly.. you think a hillbilly would look that good

8:09pm More sounds.. Jackhammer etc.. must be for POV.


Jason – I better start doing something or they’re all going to have t-shirts of me … my head on a baby body and Alex carrying me..
HAHAHAHHAAH they laugh..

(Nope actually the shirt has all of you, the entire house sans Paul dressed as minions. You know the yellow ones. These minions are carrying Paul to a golden arch. On the other side of the arch is a pot with 500K (before taxes) of Big Brother gold. Right now you are all fighting for who gets to give Paul a back rub after he eats that gold) 🙂 You think I’m joking …

8:44pm Cody reading the bible as Elena talks about vibrators to everyone else. (no joke)

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Cody, relax, you can see her in a month. Start playing the game now. Or just walk out.


Jessica leaving is the end of the season. Like her or hate her, the rest of the season is going to be extremely tedious and boring with the remaining houseguests. Matt is the most irrelevant houseguest to ever make it to jury in Big Brother history. Raven is absolutely cringeworthy. Josh has some serious problems and I think the casting people could tell, and knew it would be exciting to throw that in the mix, otherwise he would’ve never gotten casted in a million years. Almost everyone else literally brings the word sheep to a whole new level. How can people be THAT far up Paul’s asshole? Have they not watched the show before? (Oh wait I forgot.. probably not. They’re all recruits LOL! Alex didn’t even know who Jeff was when he interviewed her). This season is actually going to be painful to watch. Cody should knock Josh out cold for the satisfaction and also so that he does not have to go to jury house and instead go spend time with Jessica. They should just do some double and triple evictions and call it a wrap so they can put us out of our misery and Paul can win a bit faster.


I wanted Cody to win HOH for the sole purpose of shaking shit up. But now it’s just going to be another week of the same boring crap with Paul running his minions. It’s honestly boring to watch at this point.


Been boring all season because of Paul’s cult.


She didn’t do shit but fight with meat ball… she was in bed with.Cody all day or walking around holding hands.. in the hammock.. please.. and when he left she just putting her finger in people’s ass


Can NOT stand her!!!

Aunt Minnie

Now her fingers permanently smell like that lil hairy gnome’s ass.


That’s what I’ve been thinking….what did she even do in the game besides grab @ss? The answer is NOTHING.


WELL SAID COOPER!!!!! Could not have put it better myself.
You know that old joke about getting your sheep to the edge of a cliff…because they push back?!?!? Well Paul’s got them all lined up!!! Unbelievable!!!
And Josh should seek help….or at least stop beast feeding.
CBS…just give Paul the cash, wrap the show, and show reruns.


You surely could just quit watching big brother if the season is over because they FINALLY got rid of the trash of the show aka Jessica

Misted Zombie

I’m dying laughing reading the comments of Misted Zombies who act like Jess or Cody had a chance to “play the game”. Josh had no chance of getting his “target” Elena out because Paul had already chose who he wanted out the house. There is nothing short of winning HOH either of them could have done to stay in the game. Quit acting like they had options when the whole house is under Pauls Zombie Mist. No one can be serious about this season being entertaining watching Paul from the second he stepped in the house control the game. Only Cody wzanted him out and Kevin had no idea who he was. Worst season ever but just like everyone laughing at Jess bad game play I m laughing at the whole house and the comments of This season of Pauls Misted Zombies.


I know right? It pisses me off how many “Fans” are shitting all over Jessica and Cody.


Those fans are dingleberry face Paul’s minions too! I had no idea people this stupid actually existed.

Team Raven

“I have two hearts it’s hard for me to lie”
Raven is a gift from heaven <3 #Pacerpower


#ravenexposedparty check it on youtube

Club H.O.H

In the tone of Conor McGregor- “Raven’s mom needs to go!”

Somehow someway Cody needs to win den comp to save this crap. Thanks cbbuk for keeping it real unlike the Paul show.


you gotta love these houseguests self delusions.. josh over and over praising himself and anyone that will listen.. we get it bro you’re smart.. and the conversations he has how he will stand up for himself and not cry afterwards! except that he starts all of the arguments.. he tries to be a cheeky little dumbass with some idiotic antagonistic verbage.. “spell evicted” (after paul comes up with the burn)… then they tell him dude stfu we dont wanna hear it.. he continues… they fight back and own him.. then he goes into a room to cry… complains how he was bullied… its absolutely fantastic how the mind works.. this kid truly believes the things he says.. its fascinating to watch.

i’ll miss jess.. all the girls started out pretty (in my mind).. only jess maintained eye candy status all the way thru and now she’s gone.. too bad.


Bunch of idiots. Only needed 4-5 houseguests this year because that is all that wanted to actually play the game.


Who exactly are the ones that are playing the game? Just wondering.


This is a good discussion to have.

Outside of Paul, I’d say Alex is playing the best game. She’s surrounded herself with a solid team who backs her in Jason, Kevin and Josh. She has a F2 in Jason who will never betray her.

She started off as an underdog, but thanks to a conservative HOH and a good social game, has managed to get in good graces with the majority group, so much so that she isn’t even on anybody’s radar. And she’s won quite a few competitions.

Her only mistake is believing that she’s closer with Paul than she really is, and I don’t think she’ll realize it until it’s too late.


she’s a nasty little girl karma bitch

Your Common Sense

Agreed. My gut says Alex will be out at the 5. Keesha and Brittney style.

A few more REAL players AKA Master Manipulators would have such a better balance. Paul, Jess and Alex just wasn’t/isn’t enough.


CBS planned this…They wanted Paul back to win… This is BB’s, ” Paul’s Summer vacation”…Worst season ever…Just a house of bullies…I thought they were trying to make kids stop bulling each other….Great example CBS! Good going for awful show!


i have given up watching…this is the worst show on TV…Paul just needs to leave the show and take Josh with him….maybe next season will be something better…come on end of season


alex is playing a garbage game. she doesn’t do anything but what paul tells her to do and everyone in her group of 4 beats her in a jury vote. imo jason is playing the best game. he can likely beat kevin and alex in a jury vote and i think he’s smart enough to realize he doesn’t want to go head-to-head with paul at the end while keeping his head down as he waits for the opportunity to cut paul. alex is just a moronic sheep.

no flex zone

i dont care how much u feel sorry for jody getting bullied. they are both bullies themselves. in real life cody is even more of a prick and he needs to get his ass kicked to be put into check. no one told them to go on tv and no one told him to be an asshole. his white marine privilege card expired at the door. he’s just showing the world how big of an ass american soldiers can be and it doesnt surprise me why so much of the world hates us. ya there are good soldiers and bad ones but he just shows the worst side of us. just an egotistical ass with little man syndrome. i’d love to see him act like that to someone bigger then him. bet u he wouldnt cause he’s a coward and picks on ppl.


Thank you!! Who are the true morons who keep pretending Jody is getting bullied!?! WTF – those 2 are delusional…. they are the original bullies of BB19. Seems like everyone forgot Codys crackpot moves in the early weeks. All he’s done lately is complain and make victim noises.
Sad, pathetic and pompous is who Jody really are.


Marines are not soldiers. The Army has soldiers. Just saying.


Semper Fi!

Betty Boop

Yes, they are soldiers, they perform the same function as the Army soldiers only with bigger heads.

Game over we all made Jury...... YEA !!!

All I can say is you’re an idiot. NOBODY had a problem with Cody OR his personality until they all drank the Paul Kool Aide and when He put Paul up everyone ( Paul ) decided he had no personality and the whole house started bullying him and egging him on. IF Paul didn’t get the first 3 weeks as a free pass, The game would be totally different and MUCH more fun to watch. I’m pulling for Cody to do some damage before he leaves just for some excitement before I stop watching this season because it’s becoming the boringest season ever,

Thank god jess is gone

Lol….what personality????


Actually, when Paul came back in and everyone was trying to get him to give them a friendship bracelet for a week of safety, Cody just sat there and did not even talk to Paul. Then he decided that Paul was a prick because he did not get one! Entitled much?


That was a CBS edit. All that happened before the feeds started and my guess is they had a short conversation because Cody didn’t like Paul from the previous season and CBS has multiple camera angles showing the same conversation void multiple times to make it seem like a much longer time.

I do believe this season was tailored for a Paul show because of how heavily production got involved last season to push a female over male victory. A first in Big Brother…


lol you must be a huge pussy.

isn’t Josh twice Cody’s size so your “act like that to someone bigger” line is beyond dumb?

White marine privilege and coward… What? Idiot do you know what it takes to be a Marine. Do you know what it takes to be a combat Marine? That’s NOT privilege or cowardice you loser it’s hard fucking work and bravery. GTFO


I’m NOT a Jody fan, but GTFOH with this “white marine bs” and attacking our service men as a whole. Leave your anti American shit out of this asshole


I am a marine and we are not all pricks.


Doesn’t matter if you are pricks, you risk your lives in some very unconventional wars, prick or not, you are a better and stronger person than I am. Love our armed forces pricks and all!

Tiny dictator please go home

Yes, Monkey Boy, you are as dumb as they come. Not only do you have a zero percent chance of winning (Cody is more likely) you’ve managed to make a complete ass of yourself on national television.


So so true. Maybe you can get a job in the circus.

Paul's Mouth ( any duct tape?)

You may have a “Collage Degree” but, a fool with a collage degree is comparable to an embroidered saddle on an ASS. WORTHLESS………………….and you my friend are an ASS!!!!!


What is a collage degree? Is that taking college degrees and paste them together?


AND he has a “minors” – like he probably got a participation certificate trying out for the Minors? Or he went to Coal Miners School?


It’s like Josh never had a male role model. (Not saying he acts like a woman either, because women don’t act like that. But he doesn’t have male tendencies.) I would not be a proud Momma after this if he were mine. He’s Paul’s fool . . . literally.


The irony of calling a degree worthless when you don’t know the difference between a higher learning institution and a bunch of magazine clippings pasted together….


“My target was Elena,” . . whatever. Josh’s target is whomever Paul says it is.

Bolt Uprite.

As usual there is a huge difference between what, if anything, is in Josh’s head and what is reality. His paranoia told him Elena was this huge threat but he was never going to get the rest of the house to act on it.


This is the worst season of big brother that I have ever watched I quit watching it I never seen so much harassment and bullying go on national television Paul is a cult leader and all that plotting harassment was disturbing I am surprise production never did anything about it !!! Feel bad for Jessica she was so harassed and bullied as well as Cody too bad she never did end up using that Pov on ramses her gut was telling her to save him and instead they blindsided her. Seems the house did not like Jessica and Cody because they were actually very strong together Jessica is very smart and she played a very good game they were just hating on her and they took it overboard which is why am no longer watching the show Paul and them are playing a very dirty game this is not big brother it’s more like Paul & them


Season 15 was pretty bad too with the racial and homophobic comments made. To me season 15 and 19 are neck in neck. Transphobic, fat shaming, and degrading comments to women do not belong in the game. The majority of the people in the house besides a few have been bullies I was feeling bad for Jess and Cody last week and then they went and fat shamed Josh who has also been a bully… It’s been a rough season to watch.


You reap what you sow. Josh had it coming but thanks to a stacked deck from the day the midget walked back in his harrassing basically worked out for him because Jess said she snapped on Josh because she was defeated.

VIP Hostess = Prostitute

Aww pooor little snowflake….?


Sorry but one thing is for sure…Jessica played a horrible game…it kills me because she is a fan which makes it all the more worst she has seen the show before & knows not all is as it seems & people are going to lie so I don’t get why she expected people to be honest with her. She had multiple chances to play a better game: she squandered her HoH the houseguests lied to her but that’s the game & she had a gut feeling didn’t follow it–nor did she use logic to see were people’s heads were at


First, you must be Canadian, you started with “sorry.” Yes, she played horribly and unfortunately, at every turn, Cody’s advice was misguided. If they get together in life she’d better think twice about following his input. He’s the one that stepped in preventing her from hearing she wasn’t the target. He got in her way of even entertaining the idea of negotiating a different outcome. Cody doesn’t get that part of the game.


Jessica, is literally the most self-centered bitch they’ve had on this show. She’s played Cody. No way in hell she moves to Plano, Tx. I don’t feel bad for her one bit. She played a horrible game and had a shit social game. Now she’ll go back to providing “services” to NBA players in L.A.

big bro



i swear i didnt not write this. but hymen ur my boy.. THE TROLL
I bet u anything cody will hit someone this week if he loses the temptation and veto. ya rip through the house right. thats what he said to jason before the ramsey vote. how can u when u cant win a mental comp. everyones having fun except him. when julie said congrats on jury everyone was cheering with thier hands up except cody. cause he;s a debbie downer and just an ass. if he didnt wanna play bb he should of given it to someone else who applied. just a loser. a grown ass pathetic loser man baby homophobic racist. he voted trump for sure


people react in such poor taste during an eviction. I found it insulting to the the game…


she’s a nasty little girl karma bitch

VIP Hostess = Prostitute

#Trump2020, snowflake.


Hahah well Plano is where I live. And I can tell you it houses a lot of big time Dallas cowboy football players and wealthy men so she might wanna think about it lol.

sunny dee

i agree

i appreciated that the show showed exACTLY who started that whole thing. josh is in the kitchen and he and paul are making a couple of lighthearted comments, and jess takes that to bully and belittle josh. totally started the whole thing,

but check this out, she did that when cody was not around. so he didn’t have the backstory, all he sees is josh saying to jess to spell evicted, so cody figures josh is the instigator now, while jessica pretends to be innocent victim of an unwarranted attack. i feel a little bad for cody being played like that because he obviously had no clue what she did


If Josh hadn’t listened to Paul and ran his little stupid behind back in there to start it all over he wouldn’t have gotten his feelings hurt.


Sounds like a Jess hating cousin of Alex. Jealous, Catty and Bitter lol
Jess is super popular, just look around on twitter. She is getting mad respect from some of BB most popular female players. She tried to knock Paul and his minions to boot and yes she failed but at least she’s not sitting on the couch being lifeless and boring like Raven and Matt.


but she’ll be sitting on her own couch at home for the rest of the season

Cindy Withanesse

Your insinuation and efforts of slut shaming are no different than body shaming…..so, you’re post is laughable….. But keep up the good work showing us what a hypocrite you are.


Every show has a “bully”. It’s television! Simon Cowell, Gordon Ramsey, and on and on…They’re all “bullies”! There’s always going to be people who push others around. Instead of Jessica and Cody playing the victim, They should have gotten off their butts and fought instead of staying in bed all day. And calling names back and forth is not classy…in my opinion anyway!

I’m sure these house guests were all aware of what they were signing up for before they went on BB. They will be just fine.


Drop them FACT bombs tho.

Aunt Minnie

JODY had NO game play. The gnome has enough for the whole house

Jessica is a disgusting individual

Bye one will miss you

Murphy's Law

GOOD GRIEF!!…your comment is so cringe worthy…..why don’t you put a name on your comment so I can address you directly? Why are there SO many ANONYMOUS commenters this year? I know, you’re afraid of the backlash because you write inane things like: I quit watching the show because of bullying crap…I don’t like cult leaders..boo harassment…this is so disturbing….production should do something….they hated on them…they went overboard….I’m not watching the show anymore…It’s the Paul Show….This is so dirty…etc!! This game is based on a social experiment on human behavior in a closed environment. The elimination process becomes tribal in human nature to see who climbs that ladder to WIN $500,000. It is NOT your Sunday school class or weekly Bible study group on scriptures, ethics or morals!!! You are not voting these folks into public office– PLEASE REMEMBER THAT!! Big Brother is a television reality-game show with winners & losers. CBS has always cast people who represent most stereotypes…bikini babes, cowboys, tattoo lovers, muscle men, etc. You’re not going to stop watching, so quit your whining, please!!!!


Cody and Jess started it. Then the rest of the house gave it back plus some. No one is a victim. Jess said Josh was disgusting but she stooped to his level and was just as disgusting. When you don’t like someone’s behavior, you don’t start acting like them.


Paul started it by giving the “order” to his fool, who then promptly obeyed him. Notice too that the fool was done w the conversation until Paul walked into the kitchen. Then the fool continued his performance.
Oh, and bully, bully, bully–really?! I thought that the last PC, Millennial buzz word was annoying, but “bully” wins by square footage.


How did Paul start it? No one was even talking to Jessica and she chimed in by taking a dig at Josh’s intelligence. Therefore she actually started it.

Sit down and slow ur roll

Stfu u must be one of those bimbo waitresses that serve bottles with Jessica and think that ur looks entitle u to getting ur way and u must think ur soo cool in high school but now ur the joke cause ur 30 and serve drinks for a living. I can’t wait for jess to read how many ppl think she’s just an uneducated skank that cares more about getting gang banged by pro athletes with the hopes of being thier side bitch. And I can’t wait for her to read how much we hate Cody and let’s get this strait he she cost herself a chance to win. Not she gave up her chance for him. He doesn’t owe u jack and u making him think that way just shows how much of a manipulative bitch u really are. u high school educated skank. Ya let’s really see u wait for Cody. U can’t even wait a few days with out dick. How u gonna wait more then a week once u get out and all these opportunities come up for u take make money off ur bb fame. Ur not getting a model contract without having to take a load in the mouth


I don’t really like them, but Jody would be good for Amazing Race (but only if Cody agrees to try).

Epic Fail

Jody would be out quick…..laying in bed all day and night would Is not an option on this show…..they would fight like cats & dogs…this relationship is toxic….Jess will eventually become exhausted trying to keep him check


Cody is trained to kill. I fear he will try to kill anyone that gets in his way on AR. The only show he needs to go on next is Dr. Phil. He has some serious issues to work on.

Judgmental Judy

Seriously, the guy managed not to throw a punch one time this season – I’m a 53 year old woman and I would have kneed him in the crotch if he got in my face like that, and the banging pots and pans. For being so violent and out of control, the only thing he’s thrown are insults, which makes him as violent as most the other cast members. Your assessment of his mental character is just CRAP!


I totally agree!


A trained killer? Obviously you know nothing about military training. You don’t get trained to kill, you get trained to follow orders and do a job. The fact that Cody was a sniper doesn’t make him a killer, it makes him a trust worthy guy who can keep his cool in high stress situations, or he would have been assigned to driving truck or digging ditches. I think he would do great at AR, but probably wouldn’t let his partner do shit.

Your Common Sense

You win for the most boneheaded, naive, comment, to date, this entire season. Congrats!

A sniper does what? Kills other humans with precision and accuracy. And he certainly was TRAINED for that. To KILL human beings. Then… only upon proper and thorough training, ordered to do so. I empathize for all he can never unsee, unhear and unfeel (for the rest of his life) courtesy of the United States government.

CBS should have NEVER done the pressure cooker that is of this game (same shit, same game, different year, different mind fuckery twists) to a combat veteran. Big Brother IS a game of human chess via psychological warfare and emotional manipulation. It was cruel of CBS to do this to him, allowing him as a houseguest. They had millions of other choices.

*mega facepalm*

Judgmental Judy

Ok, Einstein, a Marine is nothing BUT self control, discipline, and following orders. He never went rogue to kill or harm people. A moron like Josh or Paul would never have made it through basic training.

Paul's Beard

Cody has serious anger issues. He cannot control himself and showed that this week. I wish it was him that was evicted instead of Jessica.

JODY Amazing Race

They would be great for Amazing Race. I would love to watch Cody zip through the competitions and I’m sure Jessica would keep us as well. I hope they get offered.


Jeeeeeez. For people who apparently don’t make things personal, they sure do love gossiping about someone whose not even in the house anymore. & I get that Cody is isolating himself, but again, if this way just a game to these people, why aren’t they checking in on him to see if he’s okay? I’m surprised at Kevin and Mark not talking to him. These people are fools. Way to go houseguests, you made JURY… which in their minds means they won the game -.-


They’re all modern-day hobos to whom winning is jury and a paycheck because they’re losers on the outside and need the money. Kevin would stay in the house for grilled cheese and choco-milk. They all have mental defects. Christmas is a sociopath. raven is a huckster who cheats her donors out of thousands of dollars. Josh is almost mentally challenged, short bus all the way. Paul is a little dicktator who gets all his info from his pals in production, and btw had known Raven BEFORE BB19 started. hung out with her at a meet and greet. And the ONLY ones playing the game are Cody and Jess. Elena’s like one of those chubby girls at a dance studio who is put in front during a group routine as a statement against stereotyping. Alex is just mean. Jason is the kind of guy that, when he is arrested, would require very little convincing to make out with his cellmate. Just goes with the wind. WORST SEASON EVER!!!!!!




Cody and Jess playing the game by laying in bed all day?

Play the F'N GAME !

Jody made NO attempt to stay in the game. They chose to be assholes, isolate in bed and antagonize the HOH who did not want to target her! I have absolutely NO respect for these two. They came off as entitled and pouty when things didn’t go their way. Sorry, karma got ya Jody


Let’s be real – Josh could never have got Elena out anyways, that was just a level 1 move to try and trick watchers that he’s not a complete sheep.


It could have happened if Jess didn’t put herself on the block. Someone else (say Alex) would have loss the temp comp and Josh puts up mark and Elena with Jess as a back door. Alex wins POV ( if she didn’t drop the number) and pulls herself off the block. Leaves mark and Elena. But Cody and Jess had to be cocky thinking they would out smart the house when it actually was a dumb move.


Agreed. Had they put in a bit of work, they probably had a shot. (Jessica overplayed the victim card tonight……. it’s a frickin game show…..it’s poker….it’s deception….it’s bluffing and backstabbing). I knew they weren’t intelligent enough to be a Doctor Will, Dan Gheisling or Derrick, but they could have been an Evel Dick and fought to the end (“keep a target in the game”).

Even Kevin threw in the towel and said I give up with them.

The Shit Show

Thanks for your input Vanessa.
Paul is playing a very personal and dirty game all in the name of it’s just a game which people gave up part of their lives to play and most have stopped playing and let others tell them who to send home.


17 down votes for stating FACTS. Expect a lot more from fans who blindly supported bad gameplay.


Would you really want to associate with those people after all the crap they put you thru? I totally agree with cody’s isolation. If not,Paul would most definitely instruct josh to do something. All Paul wants to do is see something happen like someone getting punched in the face. He’ll do anything. He’s a mama’s boy who causes problems and then blames someone else.

Epic Fail

STILL not playing Big Brother! That is a lame excuse.. they were just LAZY and bad at the game. I have no respect for quitters!


Yup. Throughout BB history, there are those that gave up (Dom, and Cody and Jessica this year), and those that fought til minutes before 8pm Thursday. No respect for those that pouted and isolated themselves. You are on a frickin TV show where all but one will lose….TRY!!

Jessica, a diehard Pats fan……..did the Pats give up this year in the Super Bowl?


I guess running to Paul with everything is playing the game. Cuz that’s what everyone in the house is doing


Exactly. Its funny the people who claim the house is just a bunch of minion FAIL to understand that EVERYONE wanted Cody and Jess out. That’s not being minions, that’s one group not liking the two isolated assholes. Get over it.

The shit talking. . . that goes on EVERY single season people. You know this. I’m am surprised at how much hypocrisy I see from Jody fans in these comments. Face it, they were(are) assholes, and Cody hate’s you Jody fans too. He’s a sociopath. God bless him for his service, but he wasn’t cut out for civilian life.


It’s fine when the whole house wants to evict a certain pair, but when there’s one person left from the opposite side (who is a competitor), wouldn’t it make sense for them to utilize them? If some of them paired up with Cody, they could make a deadly force. But no. Because that’s not agreeable with Paul. Seriously. If Kevin, Jason, Elena, Mark would realize how they’re the disposable ones after Cody leaves, then maybe there would be a good game going on. But nope. These people are gonna be blindsided because they can’t see past the grudges they’re holding onto.


Kevin tried, Cody wants nothing of it. You can’t force Cody to socialize…he’s not programmed to do it. Cody is to blame for Cody being alone.

Murphy's Law

PEANUTBUTTER…..Please keep up! Kevin DID try to include Cody for a shift in the game when they were walking in the BY, but Cody wasn’t interested because he didn’t want to try anything new, because he’s a PSYCHO!….meanwhile…Jessica, the entitled bitch, went off on Josh by asking him to spell–‘drought’; when Josh spelled the word correctly, she said,” I bet I could ask you 100 more words that you can’t spell.” Josh had every right to come back in & ask her to spell–evicted! (I LOVED Paul’s idea)..She had the gall to say,” Not today, Josh…I’m not in the (PMS) mood for it today.” HELL, she’s the one who started the whole dang argument!! So, your argument is invalid….Cody is the one who can’t see past his deeply psychotic grudges against most of the houseguests. If this crazy-ass guy leaves without committing assault & battery, the game will move forward.


in the backyard cody told kevin he would go along with it but he said in dr he knew it was dumb and paul would never go for it. after kevin and jason left the backyard the biggest turd of them all, jason, ran back and told paul what Kevin was trying to do. we all saw that kevin’s lame plan never would have worked because none of them outside kevin was into it so 1) Cody was right, 2) stop blaming Cody just because you hate him.



I don't mind Cody

The whole house wanted them out because Paul wanted them out because he couldn’t control them. When he tells them the next target after Cody is gone the whole house is going to want them out too.


I was disappointed in Jody too for the same reasons you mention. The two became defeatist and faitilustic. But what Jess said tonight in her interview with Julie was true. Josh kept telling the cameras his goal was evicting Elena, but his actions toward Jessica indicated otherwise. True the fight with Josh was a bit uncalled for but I had little sympathy for him (he actually went upstairs and cried!). His video to Jess along with Alex and Paul’s was spiteful. It strikes me that no matter what they would have tried to do would not have worked. Her speech was classy. Kevin’s attempt to strike a deal with Cody was amateurish and I lost respect for him. I’m watching until Cody goes and then I couldn’t care who wins. I detest them all.


Josh tried to talk to her in the bathroom but she want nothing to do with it. He tried but Cody and Jess were nasty to him. He still at that point wanted Elena out. If Jess would have let him talk instead of being a total b****, he could have told her. She may have listen if Cody didn’t jump in saying his crap. Cody brought the worse out of Jess.


Alex is vile.


Once Cody is back in the real world and Googles “Jessica Graf, Edelman”, he will quickly conclude……oh, she is one of those. Cody is not LA…..Jessica is LA. And Cody has a young daughter.

I give it to Decemberish….like 95% of BB showmances. Only 3 have worked.


Until Dec and then he begins to stalk her.


I just Googled that. Jess had Julian Edelman’s ring lodged in her breasts in the photo……good luck Cody.


I agree they won’t make it. Not because of her job. I believe Jessica is a social person and enjoys going out. Cody is anti social and can’t be around crowds. They worked in the house because they stayed by themselves like Cody likes it. Jess had no other choice because she didn’t like the house. Now put them out in the real world and Jess will not like the homebody lifestyle.


I guess what Jessica said about Paul didn’t even matter. What a bunch of morans who gonna have the guts to actually start playing the game….I hope Cody gets them all


Paul has another proxy HOH with Alex as HOH now. I wonder if he’s going to sleep in the bed with her like he did with Josh on Josh’s HOH? He can’t bear to leave his minions alone so they don’t compare stories of who Paul is taking to F2.


I think he really has done hypnosis on them all, or dog training. I used to like Paul, but this is getting annoying. Wish he would see it for himself.

Grodner Hearts Paul

Just can’t watch another Paul controlled HOH. Only thing to do is look at the recaps here. If Cody wins safety or POV and they have to eat one of their own, it might be interesting. After that, might as well turn it off until next year. Once Cody goes out, does it really matter which minion loses to Paul F2? One is just as worthless as another and they all seem happy to lose to him.


@Grodner hearts Paul

Just finished reading your post and it was ‘Spot On’. I also must add…so depressing, to read the last sentence! Why? Because what you say is so bloody true!
So disappointed in this season!!


cody should have kept going when he carried jess out


I loved that he did that. I was sure someone would say something nasty to her on her way out (because they are a bunch of classless scumbags that way, their immature goodbye messages prove that) and Cody didn’t even give them an opening.

Alex and Josh showed America and their families just how awful they really are with their goodbye tapes. I hope their parents are super proud of the way they raised them.


Interesting how Christmas and Josh said that jess threw her game away because of Cody. Dang, then aren’t Christmas, josh, raven, Matt, Kevin, Jason, Alex all throwing their game away for paul? Talk about a house full of hypocrites. And tell me why Christmas is still in this game at all? CBS should have kicked her butt out a long time ago. And raven, isn’t CBS concerned she might have a flare up and die? Interesting she hasn’t thrown up atleast one time….people with this disease ARE on special diets especially with the pacemaker! Josh and paul..still live at home with mom’s tucking them in at night. Independence..successful, right? Ms.Alex, were you ever in the military…were any of your friends/family in the military? Wow, and Cody has received metals for his services in the military for people like you.


And she’s always eating — and everything — no obvious restrictions? Watch the youtube video on her and her family’s shenanigans.


and Cody would still go and fight for these idiots to ensure our country is free. He can be an ass but he certainly defends what he loves and for that he is good to me


Kevin unleashes Paul into the house, Cody blindsided his alliance then attacked Josh, pushing his alliance towards Paul.. Cody & Kevin is the blame for Paul, put them on the block for ruining the season. LOL


Jody fans can’t read my sarcasm mixed with the facts? Not surprised.


Its because Jody fan’s are not very bright…They don’t understand Jody has been isolated assholes to everyone since week 1. They don’t understand that rest of the houseguests didn’t and don’t like that. And because houseguests choose want Jody out, they are called minions. Seriously Jody fans, how do you act towards people being assholes to you in real life? Guess what, you act just like the rest of the houseguests. You ignore them and want them out of your vicinity.


Jody didn’t play the game. Cody is not a social person, so I wonder why he even went on Big Brother. I was actually starting to like Jessica once Cody was gone, but the minute he came back she was once again isolating herself and playing his game. I don’t feel bad for either of them.


putting up people bad for their game IS playing the game… just Paul has minions… and Cody doesnt…
literally.. if Paul wasnt there you think this “i just wanna make it to Jury” bullshit would continue?


Actually YES, only instead of Paul running the house Jody would be running the house..


Seems Paul has you under his spell, too.

I completely disagree with what you said about Jody not playing the game. Cody may not have played a social game, but he had a great plan that just went awry, and he was then made to be the house villain (I’ll never understand how or why that even happened other than a complete brain hijacking of every single HG on Paul’s part…(I once thought Kevin was free from Paul’s influence, but then he went and tried to solidify a deal with Cody that included Paul….crazy). Cody has played, and played pretty well if you look at it from the perspective that he was the only one willing to face the reality that the lone vet, Paul, was the obvious #1 target! During the first week, many HG’s said in DR interviews that they needed and wanted to get Paul out then they all suddenly got amnesia and handed Paul their brains along with the BB19 win. Cody has made some mistakes in the game, but what I love is that he is owning the mistakes he made. Likable or not, you have to give Cody credit where it is due. I also think Jess deserves some credit for the game she has played, as well. I actually hope those two can survive as a couple outside the house, but it will be difficult given their distance from each other both in literal miles and social acuity. It’s easy to fall in love and believe everything will work out when you’re in a magnified situation. The real world will be REAL with a different set of obstacles, and it may likely be too real for Cody. Still, they seem crazy about each other, so good luck to them both.

You said you liked Jess better when Cody was gone, but I saw that form of Jess as being rather fake…she even told Elena that she was just playing along with the other HG’s in an attempt to save her game, or at least just get her to jury. I would rather have people be genuine, mean, and nasty over fake, syrupy sweet.

You can almost smell the guilt pouring out of Cody. It’s so much that most would just give up and walk away. But, Cody promised Jess he would do his best and not quit. The last thing Cody wants is to be like Megan…he has talked about that with Jess a lot. I imagine he will throw the temptation to secure a spot in the veto comp. His game isn’t over yet.

IMHO, of the remaining HG’s Cody and Paul have “played” the most with Alex in third (I’m convinced Paul threw that HOH). Personally, I’d rather give Serena the Swan the win if she would just get out of that pool and stop floating through this game.

This coming week will be interesting.


Well said Granny:-)


I can’t stand it anymore. No one is like able, just a bunch of idiots who think they look cute on tv. I honestly dont think I can watch another Paul run HOH. The only thing that will get me to watch this week is if Cody wins safety.


What will get me to watch is if Jason, Mark, Kevin and Christmas get Paul up as a pawn and vote him out. Then we will see if they can play their own game.

Your Common Sense

But you’ll keep tabs on all the critters regularly via the blog. *massive eyeroll*

Anonymous from Brooklyn, NY

By bye Jessica! So glad we do not have to hear your voice, see you having sex with Cody (ewwww), watch your bald spots while clipping on your horse’s mane (cheap hair extensions), and acting like the cheap self proclaimed entitled prostitute you are!! Now we need to see Cody explode again and it’ll either be over another fight with Josh (with Paul egging him on and hiding in the background looking innocent) or with Paul resuilting in him quitting or expelled from the game. Then get rid of master flip flopper Mark and his plastic slutty wannabe girlfriend Elastic…I mean Elena! Then get rid of Cereal Monster and Trailer Park con artist Raven and Matt! Wheel Christmas out of the house! Then would love to see someone have the guts to backdoor Paul! I actually dreamt last night that the Final 2 was Paul and Josh with Josh chosen the winner of BB 19! The look on Paul’s face was classic because he wanted to cry so bad! Also the choices for America’s Favorite Houseguest was Alex, Jason, and Kevin (Josh was included but was left out because he won BB 19) and alot of people thought it was a shoo-in for Kevin, but Alex won the $25,000!! From my dream to God’s eyes and ears !!

t'd off and not a whore

im not a whore but i do love sex now. im a female. the one thing i would have changed when i was younger i would not have been so selective and stuck with that one person. i would have went around to find out what i like and wanted. i dont ever recall seeing cody hand jessica any money to sleep with him on the other hand from what everyone is saying cody is the slut ho bag right bc she gave up half a mill for him. you know i am sick of all these people on here calling all these women whore, slut , prostitute. it is just something that gets under my skin real bad but what it really tells me is this… your sex life sucks or you just aint getting any from the women that you calling whores and sluts and it pisses you off! now go find someone you can have great sex with and leave these women out of it!
bunch of morons!!!


There’s having sex then there’s having sex on tv. One of those is considered trashy!


Hmmmmmmm, angry much? Get over yourself, bimbo!!

Judgmental Judy

Amazing how people are outraged at the houseguests ugly behavior, but your personal, vile insults about them (as you sit faceless behind your electronic devices) are more disgusting than anything I’ve heard from the houseguests.


Another boring week of “Let’s get Cody out”…. Another boring week of Paul running things…

Wolf and sheep

Alex, Jason, Josh, Xmas, Kevin, Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena: Baa… Paul… Baa… Paul


Just get the worthless turd outta the house so people can’t make dumb comments like this.

It should read ,”Let’s get the worst player in BB history outta the house” …period.


Alex- Lets ask Paul if it’s ok to go take a shit !!


Why will you never publish our comments? My friends and I try all the time, no sexually explicit language, no racial or gender discriminatory comments. Are you as biased and corrupt as BB19 production?




I give Simon and Dawg the upmost respect. We can turn these losers off and walk away, but they have to watch, listen and write the crap these minions say.

Thank you Simon and Dawg for keeping this site up and writing all that you do. Although after this season, I’m sure your thinking of retiring. LOL

Paul's Mouth ( any duct tape?)

If Alex doesn’t try to get Paul out this week, she is more of a FOOL than i thought! She has Jason, Kevin, Cody and Mark …maybe even Elena. I do believe Jason will push for this , he knows how Mark feels and needs to push Alex in the “evict Paul” direction. But, knowing Alex she will go after Cody…what harm is he to her………none!!! Looking forward to the “temptation challenge” ….I hope Cody wins!!!


no way jason sticks his neck out before cody and 1/2 of marlena are gone. he can pretty much coast til paul targets maven and then rally the stragglers. carrying alex to the end is probably good for jason’s game because i can’t see a jury respecting her gameplay at all, but he’s gonna need to ditch her for at least a week to vote out paul.


Josh is just an immature wannabe trying to fit in with the cool kids so he’ll do what ever they tell him to. So sad that CBS is allowing this because it is also a form of bullying . Poor kid has no idea he’s just as much a joke to everyone in the house except maybe Xmas.


Was it my imagination or did Xmas sing the first few notes of the circus song when Jessica was voted out? If she did, she is more mean-spirited than I thought.


I actually think Josh is entertaining. He is so clueless, that he is hilarious. He has no idea what he is saying half the time. I don’t care for him to win, but I hope he sticks around for awhile.


Stopped watching, as of Sunday. Just a bunch of bullies left in the house. GL Cody! Hope he wins veto.


WTF Josh…I’ve met my fair share of “degree” holders who really are dumber than a pound of sand with little or no EQ….Many of them through applicants looking for a job. Would take a person with street smarts, reasoning skills and a high EQ any day over a “degree” holder Josh…. Your blankie and soother are waiting for you in Paul’s bunk….

Let the games begin!

Ok Jess is finally back to her old job, now Cody and Paul need to go. Then the games can begin in earnest.

Brandi W.

Awwwwe Raven was so close to winning HOH!! Her speech was awesome too!


“(Bz2Men = Matt or Mark depends on how bad I fuck things up.. it really is Matt)”

You’re human, just like everyone else. I knew what you meant (I’m sure most did), and I’d never expect you to be perfect. Besides, the M-boys are quite interchangeable anyway…cereal/fake-food…creepy showmances…blue shirts…same difference (I do like Mark over Matt, though, because he’s actually playing the game more, if there is such a thing).


Yea when I was reading that all balled up I A) knew what was going on based on who was pictured B) Figured Simon had too many hours (or too much Kraken) going. The only other possibility was C) that f&&king SIMMON guy and his Russian hacker friends hi-jacked the site and rigged the comments to confuse the US viewers into liking and/or disliking the player of their choice. (Where DID I leave my jackboots?)


This season is the worst I can remember, but don’t ask these houseguests. In their eyes, best season ever.

Carlos Grullon

Thanks bb19 for officially becoming the wackiest show on tv after today’s eviction it’s so boring the live feeds suck please production if you want to save the show bring back Jessica


Yeah please bring Jessica back.

Holy hell

Did Paul just say say he had to ‘punch a girl in the face’ and ‘call her mom’ to get her off?!

Watch out loser

Why isn’t anyway thinking about a final 2/3 with Cody? Now that all of the “winners” are in jury, who would vote for him? Maybe Mark…


Cody would win if he made it to the end. He would have to win a ton of comps – which he is capable of doing. He won battle back and then lost his only ally Jessica, then won a lot of the comps. He would deserve to win if he made it to the end.


the path cody would need to take to get to the end could possibly earn him the win as it means the weeks he’s not winning hoh, he’s winning veto and someone else is getting buckets of blood all over their hands which could turn into a very bitter jury willing to give cody the win.

Watch out loser

Also, I’m glad Matt is going to start playing now that jury has started. Glad he wore his “dressy” tee shirt for the live show.

The game

Love Josh he’s the man !!! So entertaining best season ever brush the dirt off your shoulder my dude Cody is evil and Jess is the fool for throwing her game away for a guy she has known a month the will never last and that wraps that up ! Woooo !!! Hahaha

Grodner Hearts Paul

One dumb comment Paul & Minions keep making is that Jessica threw away $500,000 for Cody. This assumes if she hadn’t been with Cody, she would have won. But that wouldn’t have happened. If she was unwilling to lick Paul’s ass like the rest of them, she would have still been the whole house’s target. And if she had been willing to lick it, then she would just be one more minion indistinguishable from the rest just waiting on Paul to decide when to cut her. At best she could have lost to him in F2, which still doesn’t pay $500,000.

And by the way, if they can say her love of Cody cost her $500,000, then it’s also fair to say their love for Paul is costing them $500,000.

I'm classy b/c I discuss my nether-regions

JOSH is telling us what is creepy?! and all of them in a room being totally creeper?! I see this group and want to hide from the ‘cbs all-access’. Yeah, I thought it would be entertaining, but dAMN, this is not okay when it comes to what they are talking about … from game to other stuff. Having like 10 out of 11 people in the room does not make a game – it makes a mutiny. Talk game, not how skanky you are – respect yourself and do what you do but don’t air it on television!


It is a nagging mystery why CBS choose Cody to participate in Big Brother! Surely there are psychological tests and interviews applicants have to go through in the BB selection process.
Right from the start Cody demonstrated an intense and anti- social personality. Didn’t CBS detect this? Or maybe they did and wanted the drama. In any case, it may not be worth the money for Cody to go through the psychologically cruel days ahead. He might self-evict.

I don't mind Cody

Why does it bother people so much that Cody is not acting the way you think he should act . I didn’t know that you had to be over the top to be on big brother and to assume that he is psychotic because of this is just asinine to me.


I really would have loved to see Cody win HOH, just to see the paranoia and mad dash scramble to jump on Cody’s ship. Everyone throwing everyone else under the bus.

Wake up

Why is no one trying to take Cody to the end? The chances of anyone giving him their vote is slim.


It is very difficult to befriend Cody.


I disagree. He’s just not fake.


You have to be “fake” in the game of big brother. It’s a part of the game.


Because Paul has deemed him unworthy of living in his kingdom, and anyone caught talking to him will be the next target after Cody is gone.


taking cody to the end means pissing off the entire jury and you risk a bitter jury awarding cody the win out of spite.

I'm classy b/c I discuss my nether-regions

Am i crazy, or does watching these people kind of make you sick?! Seeing them now on all-access (I am sad to admit I bought this) makes me think that this is the end of sanity?! Raven yelling that she has her microphone on her chest (graphically so), bashing the people that have left, Josh acting like king of the castle still, not to mention Paul wandering around like a douche-bag kangaroo … I always thought it would be cool to be on the show, but this makes me wonder if they make people look awful or if they just pick the most awful people! And I refrained from other awful-ness because I don’t want to go there! Holy Hell!


Yeah….I get diarrhea every time I see Paul, Alex, Jason, Kevin, Xmas ,Matt and Raven.


I hope they bring Victor in to host a competition.


Wow… no buy back from Jury this season? Hmmm but then… when did it happen that a jury member actually found his/her way back to the house and won the game? Tell me if it ever happened because I don’t think it has ever happened.

I really wish other waste of space had gone (cough, cough, I’m talking about ya Matt), but at this point I just wish Paul does not win. It’d be awesome to see him leave the house Judas’ style: barefoot! Hopefully it will be next week. LOL


Next evictions should be…..
Cody: Normally I would want a Cody to stay…. to shake things up… not him he is a misery to watch, his game blows & he’s an A’Hole
Paul: After Cody is gone it is time to put Paul up as a pawn to get Mark out, use the veto and blindside Paul.
Christmas: I wish Christmas didn’t break her foot, but at this point if you can not compete you are just a vote.
Raven: She is sweet and all and I must admit I do not always understand the Raven hate… but it would be a good time for her to go.
Elena: Her and Raven are interchangeable for me game wise… but she should not get any closer to a win.
Josh: I like the Meatball but we need better at the end… even if he is entertaining.

As far as everybody else… I am not sure yet. This would be a good order of elimination. It would have Alex, Jason vs. Matt and Mark with Kevin on his way to final 2 playing all of them. The sad thing is all of you think Paul was holding the mist can…. silly suckers $25,000 just had to throw a comp but Josh threw it for him. Since then he has played them all and I think Paul is one of the people he has been playing. He has Christmas, Paul, Jason, Alex and Josh… Ask yourself…. Does Kevin get talked about that much? When talking about who we need out? Kevin is not mentioned.

There is still hope this Season…. and trust me it will never be as bad as the Season that shall not be named.




The isolation of Cody is not abnormal for Big Brother. I remember what the cast of 2014 did to Donny Thompson. Big difference between Cody & Donny though….Donny was not confrontational the way Cody is. While Cody’s attitude has contributed to his isolation, Donny was anything but & that cast treated him terribly. He was a really nice man.

Bullies have always been a part of BB. They are the villains of the program. This year we seem to have a whole houseful. There’s no underdog to root for. Kevin comes closest to being a normal person, but he’s made some questionable moves this past week.

Kevin FTW!


I can not stand Xmas and Alex, I cant believe they were my favorites in the beginning.. I wanna puck when I hear them talking.

Paul's beard lice

Two Point Comment.

1 – Cody isn’t anti-social, he just has no tolerance for people who betray him. Not a great personality to play big brother, but some of you are way over the top.

2 – Already seeing Paul’s next 2 targets Mark and Matt being mentioned to go up this week as “pawns”. Its just Paul hedging his bets in case Cody gets immunity through one of the comps. Alex isn’t running this week, Paul is, just like he has run every single week this season. Even Jody’s HOH’s Paul’s targets went home. The question becomes is Paul this good, or is the rest of the cast this bad?


Betray? That’s too strong of a word… The house was playing it safe like they do every season 1st week, Cody made a week 5 move in the 1st week with a new alliance that’s just feeling each other out. After Cody blindsided his new alliance they only questioned him, then when he & Jessica attacked Josh his alliance jumped to Paul & starting following him like he was a BB Holyman LOL. How hard was it for Cody to clue his alliance in about a vet who played the game before, what exactly was the point of keeping it secret? Then his reaction like this alliance was together for 5 or 6 weeks & then they jumped ship(That would actually be betrayal fyi).. Cody made a big move early for no reason other then maybe do something not many would be dumb enough to try so early in the game. The way he reacted, was unnecessary, when he should’ve laid low. I believe he could’ve escaped eviction week 2 had he played it cool.


Watching this show is getting harder by the week. For the first time in a long time, I don’t have a favorite player.

Cody has no social game. Alex is just rude. I don’t like the way she keeps interrupting Jason. Jason seems too dependent on Alex. Mark has been growing on me that past few days, but does not have what it takes for making a push against Paul. Same with Kevin. Paul’s otherwise good gameplay is compromised by his narcissism. The rest are just dodos. Not to mention, that aside from Kevin, they’ve all been guilty of acting like douchebags at some point.

So unless a change in script happens, looks like I’ll just read updates from now on.


i would be happy to watch kevin and mark if paul wasn’t there. jason might be tolerable as well under such circumstances. josh, xmas, and alex look like a lost cause. elena, matt, and raven don’t seem like they have anything to offer but a vote to the majority side of the house (but at least they’re not on the powertrip of bonehead moves like josh, xmas, and alex). cody is terrible, but he’s still unfortunately the best chance of someone actually nominating paul.

Carlos Grullon

This is crazy wow how boring is the live feeds, please bb save this season OMG this is horrible what’s is going on like nothing exciting is happening at all… I really hope something crazy happens and jess and Cody can be back together