Big Brother Spoilers WEEK 5 Veto Ceremony Results “Ya Bridgette we’re best Friends now”

POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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Michelle did not use the veto

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-25 15-06-05-755
9:57am – 10:30am Bridgette and Michelle

Bridgette – Michelle this is super awkward… have we had a conversation about what I apparently said about your eyebrows

M – I don’t know.. Did you really not say that … why would someone lie..
B – I don’t know if I said it I can’t say if I did or didn’t… That’s the honest truth.. I don’t know.. I say a lot of shit and I have a sense of humour…
B – It’s such a silly thing to hold onto and you’ve might have judged my whole personally about it..
Bridgette says She’s being accused of Rolling her eyes and Scoffing at Michelle which she hasn’t don
M – why would someone lie about that
Bridgette saying she’s been told when she walks in a room makes Michelle want to vomit

M – I guarantee I never said that.. I will admit to what I said and I didn’t say that.. I did say I found it hard to have a conversation with you..

B – it makes it hard to approach you when people are saying that..
Michelle says she’s self conscious about her eyebrows they’re super small
B – A lot of things have been said by Jozea.. I don’t have anything against your eyebrows.

Bridgette doesn’t understand why people are so hung up on something so silly..

Bridgette – that first week… I was there for you when you fainted.. You had a horribly sunburn I gave you my dress.. There was people making fun of yo and I had your back it wasn’t very funny

Michelle says she wasn’t close to the person that told her so she doesn’t know why they would lie.

Bridgette – if I said it i’m sorry but I don’t think I said it.. It’s unfair to hold onto something like that..

M – Right…

B – A lot of people have said a lot of stuff you told about me that is hurtful as well..

M laughs..

Bridgette asks if she’s denying you said sh1t about her. Michelle doesn’t deny she did say shit.

M – I’m pissed, i’m biter that’s who I am if someone crosses me the wrong way O don’t want anything to do with that

B – I’ve been nice to you
M – When you’re with Frank you talk mad sh1t
B – I’m a nice person I am always myself.
M – Who knows what you say about me when you’re upstairs with him.. You’ve said crap about paul
B – what the hell Michelle I’m telling you this is who I am.. (Curse word)
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-25 14-46-43-706

Bridgette says she’s heard that Michelle doesn’t like her cursing then talking sweet and having a voice that changes sometimes.

Michelle – ya it seems like a strategy to me
B explains when she gets excited her voice goes higher when she’s with Frank whos a friend she feels comfortable and not judged she’s happier and her voice gets a little higher/.

Bridgette points out she’s always getting dirty looks from the girls it makes jit hard to feel comfortable and to be herself around them.

B – Liek that’s so unfair you would hold that against me

Michelle says Brdigette acts like she has 2 different sides “That’s who you are”
B – I’m trying to fix this.. I heard you don’t even like to talk to me..
M – I can’t look at you knowing that you said these mean things about me
B – you are saying mean things about me
M – how do you know what Tiffany told you is true.. I’ve never ever insulted you on a personal basis..
B – It feels personal
M – It’s not.. I thin kyou are a outside of this house you are amazing
B – I remind you of a ex roommate you hate
M – Your personality yes

B – So you are holding onto a grudge .. it’s not fair I’ve been nothing but nice..
M – You’ve been rolling your eyes
B – Whose telling you this
M – I don’t want to name drop
B – Right.. So… You don’t even give me a chance..
M – what do you mean…
B- I get nothing but crap from you and I’m trying to figure out why
M – I am nice to you sometimes
B – you leave the room when I come in
M- you were with Tiffany.. I can’t stand Tiffany.. She betrayed me..

Feeds cut when we’re back
M – how is this bullying though…
B – I only seen 3 episodes.. Sorry 3 seasons

B – It’s a group of people and I feel attacked..
Bridgette lists off some of the things she’s heard Michelle has said about her “She’s the fakest person in here I want to puke when she walks into a room.. She’s going to bake her way to the top.. Bridgette crocker

Michelle admits to everything but the puking.

They start arguing about Tiffany. Bridgette calls her out for Treating Tiffany like crap last week.
Michelle defends says Tiffany screwed them over.
Michelle – It’s a game.. It’s a game move”
B – what’s a game move
M – you’re a threat to me
Michelle explains her and Frank were close then Bridgette swooped in and she was kicked out.

Bridgette says she got close to Frank after Bronte left. Michelle says it was before that is was during Bridgette’s HOH. Bridgette explains that Frank slept in her HOH the first night because she was scared Tiffany was going to come up and cry all night in the room like Vanessa did last season.
B – Frank was trying to protect me for a night.. I didn’t want that HOH … I was throwing a ball at a giant tennis racket and I won.. So what else are you holding against me.. What else have I done to you..
B – Frank is awesome and he’s nice
M – I got Jealous
B – why didn’t you tell me
M – I told Frank .. that eyebrow thing..
Bridgette says the whole time Frank tried to get them to work together.
M – it’s a lot of things added up..
Bridgette says she’s been feeling attacked
Michelle doesn’t buy that says nobody is “Attacking” Bridgette. Blames Bridgette for attacking her when it’s really a whole group of people that have been saying things about her.
M – I’m not the sole person behind this.

Michelle claims to have reason for not liking Bridgette.

Bridgette says her and Natalie were defending Michelle when “They” were commenting on her appearance.
M – Oh they were making fun of my appearance..
B – Wasn’t me
M – Who was it
B – THey’re still in the freaking house Michelle
B – I defended you.. And you still hate me
M – Now I’m pissed off
B – They made a comment that wasn’t fair..
M – I WANT TO KNOW .. wouldn’t you want to know
B – You are friends with this person they are a nice person..
M – is it fat..
Bridgette says Michelle held on to something for so long that wasn’t even true what will she do when she hears about something that is true, “You’ll hang onto it for no reason.. It’s childish”
M – I hold grudges..
B – That’s the real issue then.. I don’t need you to like me.. I would appreciate you would stop talking sh1t about me
M – you think you’re always the topic of conversation .. you don’t need to talk to me
B – this is Big Brother you have to talk to everyone..
M – Ya Bridgette we’re best Friends now is that what you want to hear

Bridgette says she cannot tell Michelle who said it because she doesn’t want Michelle to start talking about them behind their back and holding a grudge for 40 days.
Michelle says unless Bridgette tells her what thing this person in the house said about her that is personal Michelle is going to assume Bridgette just made it up.
Bridgette – Thanks Michelle nice to talk to you … I didn’t want to say I didn’t try..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-25 14-51-36-726
10:19am james is listening in
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-25 14-57-28-761
10:27am James scurries back to the HOH to tell Natalie what he heard.
Natalie is worried that Bridgette will throw her under the bus.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-25 15-18-26-619

10:38am backyard Michelle, James and Da’Vonne
(Bridgette went over a lot of the talking points above with da’Vonne the previous night so Da’Vonne is adding some clairty as Michelle rants)
Michelle is pissed says Bridgette was attacking her
Michelle – what does she want out the conversation…
Da’Vonne – she’s panicking because Frank’s going to go home..
Da explains that people told Bridgette that Michelle would go to the camera and talk to the life feeders talking shit about her.
Da – Tiffany told her a lot of sh1t.
James chimes in that Tiffany said a lot.
Michelle is hung up on Bridgette telling her there was people making comments on her appearance.

Natalie comes by doesn’t remember what it is.
Michelle – what was it.. My teeth.. i’m fat..
Natalie says she avoids sh1t talking..
Michelle – AHHAHH I want to know..

Michelle she’s a threat to my game.
Michelle called into the Diary room room veto Ceremony

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-25 15-33-13-947

11:36am Natalie and Michelle
Natalie says it’s either Paul or Victor that said that personal thing about her.
Michelle says she knows it’s Paul he’s said sh1t about her.
Michelle says she doesn’t want to have that Stigma, “Apparently we’re called mean girls now”
Natalie doesn’t think anyone in the house is a mean girl
Michelle – now i’m in a sour mood.. i’m scared she’ll win HOH

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every week we have Julie Chen repeating that this season is the “season of secrets!!!”. news flash to Julie….these HG’s can’t keep a secret, so why waste our time with this nonsense theme of secrets. just give Frank the secret room and end this BS season of secrets.


OMFG so Paul found it? We’ll never get rid of his disgusting ass. I’m done with this show for the season! Can’t take any of these people anymore!!!


But wait we just had 70 people upvote a baseless conspiracy theory that Production were going to hand it to Frank?

I guess like all good conspiracy theories this one will silently fade away without ever being spoken of again (until next season …)


Each card is numbered. Frank has number 6. Not all of the cards are tickets for a return. I feel like BB will try to keep Frank, but I find him very unlikeable this time around.


WOW. I have not been in High School in a very long time. This whole conversation sounds like it belongs in the girls restroom. How do these people function in the real world.

Big Brother is life

I just find it funny how Dawg or Simon is recapping their fight. Especially where Michelle said B didn’t apologize when she clearly did. I really want this to make the episode like this is too much. Also it can show the world who don’t watch feeds that this is Michelle. Cause she’s been so invisible but now she can come out of the Becky Edit. When a comp or two “make a move” and then go.


I work in a high school and keep saying the same thing. It is getting old and stale.

Corey's slippers

I find it funny that all we can talk about is Bridge and Big Fugly Michelle! Why isn’t anyone talking about how heartbroken Corey and I are about Frank leaving?

Fuzzy Num Num

Because you have Victor to console you.


I cannot stand Michelle. She is such a headache to listen to. Also have you noticed that they hardly show her in the episodes at all? And never show the drama/cattiness involving her?

Michelles eyebrows

jatalie… nicorey…zaulie….frodner…. hoping the real showmance of the season (frank + grodner) pulls through and frank finds that stupid room. i dont even like the guy but this cast is getting pathetic.

Your Boy

Yo, your boy thinks Michelle is straight up fat…and a b*tch.


Well what do you know, Paul finally got something right.

It's Me

I watched BBAFD last night. SO GROSSED out by Victor! He was licking food/spillage off plastic container and then put it back in the fridge for someone else to eat. Nasty!

Powder Puff Girls

I would have a hard time eating in that house with behaviour/manners like that. Being a bit of a germaphobe I would prepare my own meals, make excuses for not eating food that been stirred with licked spoons, unwashed hands, hands on nose to food.


michelle looks like a puffy uglier version of the chucky doll.


OMG she’s been reminding me of Chucky since the beginning. I never dared to say it!!


I have to admit….I thought when Michelle finally got called out on some of her s**t-talking, she would crumble into a million pieces. I’m kind of impressed that she held her own….even if her rationale is a bit childish.

I just don’t like Bridgette….she is the reason I turn off After Dark. Last night, I almost had myself tested for diabetes after listening to her cutesy baby talk. Ugh.

Random two cents….I always liked Nicole. Not because she was a good game player, but she seemed nice. This season she is neither nice nor a good game player. Boo. Hiss.


I usually mute the volume or FF when Bridget is speaking


Her saying she never talks shit about anyone is just laughable
It’s bridges constant playing of I’m a victim and I’ve never done anything wrong that makes me not like her


Michelle is a freaking waste of an HG. She’s petty and mean minded, plays the game when she damn well feels like it and makes decisions about HG based on whether they like her or not. She was fine during the blindside, but has been nothing but messy afterwards.


I wouldn’t say she is a waste of a houseguest… I would agree with all your negative comments though. Michelle is just the worst, but that is why I love her. She is so all-around awful (as a person, not as a player- in the game I think she is probably going to go pretty far..), she definitely brings a lot of entertainment value. I never know what she will say or do next, because she is straight up crazy. I wouldn’t like having to watch her on the feeds (can’t stand her voice), but as a character in my daily “stories” I find her highly entertaining!

Powder Puff Girls

Michelle is peevish and jealous if Da and Bridgette join forces there will be fireworks.


I actually think that is gonna happen. Frank is all over the place. He told Bridgette and Da in individual conversations yesterday to try to work together.. now today he tells her to put da up with paulie??? Does that make sense? Why not Paulie and Corey or Paulie and Victor Paulie and Z….. He really isn’t that good at this game. If he really wants to help her.. she needs to get the powerhouses out. She can beat house girls. Da is such a non factor. Also Frank/Da/nicole play the exact same and but DA get all the hate. Why?? They can’t keep secrets. They tried to play both sides and each one of them only really have one person they are loyal too. SAME EXACT GAMEPLAY
IF James/Nat/Da/Vic/Bridgette/Paul/Michelle were smart.. they would ban together and get out the couples. Or James/nat/da/bridgette/michelle/Z ban together to get out the rest… Paul/Vic/Corey/nicole/paulie. They would have to win an HOH though.


I think this whole dust up btw M&B is about Jealousy. Michelle was taken in by Frank from the beginning. He chose Bridgett to partner with and the rest of this has just been a sidebar. Michelle is a mean girl and a very small person. Never liked her from the beginning.

Mister pickles

She needs to follow Z and change her kotex in front of everyone. She’ll feel better.

Backseat Driver

You are spot on…..

Curly Q

Like I said before, I see a straight jacket in Michelle’s future.


I feel if it wasnt for the teams twist michelle would have never been in this allaince only reasons she was in it was cause Paulie was on her team. Michelle talks the most smack in the house, but when it gets dished out at her she errupts, she knows how it feels, but keeps doing it to bridgette.


Wow!!! Meech has a lot of issues. She knows she’s a mean girl and can’t help being one.

Cabbage Patch Chucky

Calling it now… When it’s Big Meech’s day to be OTB, she’s going to be like Audrey, wrapped in a blanket having psychotic episodes in the have not room…. Can’t wait. Haha.


Maybe Bridgette will bake her a humble pie


She’ll be shaving her own eyebrows in a psychotic state.


WoW!! Michelle is very insecure, immature, and jealous. This is all about Frank, Frank was her’s and then Bridgette took him from her. Good Grief! This is BB not the Dating Game Show. The people who did this year’s casting should be tarred and feathered and never allowed to work BB again. I am sick and tired of these garbage casts that have been plaguing BB for the last couple of years.


The 1st part is true but without a bit of drama it wouldn’t be fun to watch

That True

You know what’s funny? Frank and Boogie ignored and made fun of Ian and he turned on them and killed their games. And now, Frank ignored and made fun of Michelle and she turned on him and now is sealing his fate. Frank is making the same mistakes.


They didnt ignore ian, he was just sooooooo into Brittany that she occupied every second he could spend with her. He was never getting the girl but he did get paid, so it worked out for lil ian.


Made fun of Ian?? They only got pissed at him when he put them on the block out of nowhere.
As I recall, Boogie won a comp where he got to give a prize to one of his teammates($5K or a trip), Boogie was going to give it to Frank but Frank was standing behind Ian pointing to him so Boogie would give Ian the prize. Boogie said “Really?” and Frank shook his head yes.
I’m not 100% sure but I think my memory is correct on this matter.


Wow! If there was any question about Big Beech being immature, this says it all!!!
Now we know why she doesn’t have any friends in the “Real World”. Hope she goes VERY SOON!!!


Bridgette should stop swearing so much!


True, but at least there is valid provocation ….. this time. Michelle is something else. I would not be able to deal with this type of person. I put them in my “Forget” file. A pity Bridge can’t get away from her. Nothing will get better as Michelle just can’t get past her issues.

Geez Louise

Wow… these 2 care WAY to much about what other people think of them! Its sad that Michelles self esteem is so poor and I hope she can learn to like herself more throughout this summer.


Bridget really made Michelle go bananas over elementary bs. Bridget is safe this week she should focus on having a relationship with other people and deflect the spot light on someone else. Meanwhile, I am beginning to think that this convo might push people to get her out the house instead of Frank. All she had to do was lay low.

Powder Puff Girls

I do not think Michelle has the clout to get Bridgette out. If she uses the veto it will make the HG’s mad. By not being able to use the veto SHOULD learn her position/opinion is very low in the house. But I doubt she will clue into that.

Captain Crunch

Every year women come in the BB house talking about sticking together so 2 women can be in the finals and the majority of the time it fails and proves women cant get along b\c of their cattiness,jealousy, and fighting over men and end up taking each other out. When will they ever learn?


Rachel and Pinto, I mean Porsha were the last 2 female winners BB13


And Rachel got there because her and Jordan stuck together even though Rachel was a complete basket case. As a matter of fact wasn’t it like 4 girls left that time? Wasn’t Jamicha… and/or Shelly left in that last group too?

However, the original post is correct. There are always at least 1 or 2 women in the group that will get jealous over another girl and/or loose all focus because of a man that doesn’t really like her. The women had the upper leg earlier on and they blew it.


This argument was the longest Michelle has gone with eating.

Susan H.

Please Frank, find the secret room and turn the house on it’s ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Come on..give Frank a special power. He is the only one keeping the game fun to watch. The rest of them are a big snorefest!


Kinda shocked at so many people actively cheering for production interference. It’s lame.


Okay, now I get it why everyone wanted Frank back for a second try. I want to see him just blow up this house!!

Jimmy 64

What is this love affair with Frank?
He plays this game like Mike boogie and he was a mediocre player
at best . The only reason he won all- stars is cause Dr. Will carried
him. He was shady in the game and boogie is shady in real life.
Frank is not smart enough to figure out the clues to the secret room
if he does than its a set up . And I will never watch Big brother again!!!!!


Well, I will be DEVASTATED if you stop watching……sniff



Big meech is so worried about frank linking her she can’t even see what she should be doing which is getting paulie and Nicole out of there. James is also one of the biggest followers, he thinks sticking with 2 other showmancEs will further him but they’ll cut him and Nat first. The only people really focused on the game is frank, day & paulie. I hope frank finds the secret power and stays and get the showmances out!

sunny dee

well that makes it actually a lot more likely that they will find the secret whatever it is lol.

go natalie (tho she needs to zip her lips) to point out the paris info on the departures. now, will they figure out they need the phone booth, and is that a different phone booth, i thought it was the UK phone box between the rooms that had a phone, that pic i see on this page looks like a regular old style phone booth. if that is always been there, i’ve totally missed the big thing


I hope frank find the secret room I really do it will be great tv with a men on vengeance for hoh
please find that secret room frank


It will be obvious rigging.


A message about the secret is playing on the living room TV now. Nobody has seen it yet.

Fuzzy Num Num

Dear me, poor Big Meh, so abused.
Gidget should’ve told her, I can’t say who it was, because he’s still here. I don’t know if his mind has changed but you hang out with him a lot. Make here really crazy. The best part is it would be true.
I think it’s very telling that her worst fear is being called fat. Good Lord, the woman admits she had a grudge because Gidget reminded her of an old roommate. Before she heard anything else.
I’m not a fan of Gidg, but I find myself really disliking the big Meh. Probably because I saw her interview about not liking fat people and I’ve got a “plush” exterior 😉 Maybe I shouldn’t hold a grudge about that.
Naw, I’m gonna continue to dislike her and make fun of her. I’m a, {GASP} mean girl.

Guy From CAnada

I love how in the status up top under pov used its a captial NO…..and after that meech and Dora conversation holy hell. Thanks for the updates looking forward to Thursday’s show…..I hope that convo is on there ????

Bryn Mawr Mama

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Meech looks attractive in that picture under the header that she didn’t use the Veto. I know, hell’s going to freeze over.
That said, she is a disturbed individual. I take no pleasure in saying I think she’s going to be one of those HGs who crash and burn once the show is over, kind of like Zack last year. He said in an interview he was ill-prepared for life back on the outside.


I hope she gets booed upon exiting the house, just as Christine and Aarin did.


Frank, Bridgette, James, Nat, and Paulie searching the house now.


I wonder how long the DR told Frank to wait before “finding” the secret.

Holy Crap

It looks like Nat almost has it figured out.

Skips mom

I can’t believe this conversation unfolded before my very eyes the way it did. Bridgette was being very sincere and trying to get a genuine conversation going with Michelle. Trying desperately to see what she did to offend Michelle. I wish I could tell Bridgette to not waste her time because Michelle is so self absorbed she can’t see past her nose. She even admitted she was jealous. But the scariest thing for me watching Michelle for the past few weeks is that Michelle doe not possess the ability to be empathetic. She is truly diabolical. I sincerely hope she never has children. I hope she never raises children or has any influence on impressionable people.


Well said!


Nat is on the right track. She’s noticed the Paris flight on the departure board.


I like how Michelle said Bridget never apologized WHEN SHE DID IN THE BATHROOM. Open your ears woman. Maybe she should take off that buzz lightyear helmet, and she’d be able to hear better.

Powder Puff Girls

Michelle wants everyone to turn on Bridgette due to Jealously it is not about this single comment.
I want her to try to flip the vote for Frank to stay.

1.) if she does, great for Frank
2.) If she doesn’t succeed I hope it paints a HUGE target on her back for trying!

sunny dee

bridget would have been wise to have the conversation with an observer, so michelle couldn’t spread lies about what did or didn’t happen.

@re: female alliances, i don’t know how many times people attempt them, but they include a couple of people who have no intention whatsoever of following thru. Like when the socalled Fatal 5 was suggested, Day immediately said, nope not having anything to do with that kind of thing, instead of being sincerely working to be more inclusive. sure it is too soon for any kind of real alliances, other than voting block types, but day from day one seem to be actively undermining all attempts by anyone else to work with her, while actively trying to throw all the others under the bus. she’s was working like she gets a bonus for every vet that gets evicted before she does, actually.

Curious BB

Unfortunately, this season is a prime example, as to why female alliances are unsuccessful.


This may sound sexist but I’m not trying to be. The main problem is women don’t squash things as easily as men do.


Paul and Zakiyah need to talk because each one has figured out half–the half the other one needs. Paul said he’s almost hot it, started looking behind something–and we got fish.




Paul found it.


Hope Frank finds it.

Hope has failed you

Paul got it


Paul found the secret room. 😐 Out of everyone, why himmm? Uuugh


Ugh, not James! Come on!


Paul figured it out. He told James and Corey.


Ok this is weird. Paul is kinda back tracking to them now, saying he’s close. That he found a clue and thinks he close. But that’s not true. He solved it completely.


How did he find it ?


This sucks! Should have stayed on the phone Frank! Damn it! I hope it doesn’t open since he told people. Paul, how annoying!


Well… What’s in the room?


Paul received the message but hasn’t gone through the hatch. So I dunno what’s up.

Production pet

It’s amazing once the veto is not used Production gives out clues so they can save Frank their Golden Goose! So someone’s else gets robbed from making it to jury because Production is rigging the game. Big Brother is getting ridiculous!

Better not

Production didn’t save Jeff and he got evicted .. And the world was a sad place !!
So Frank is a loser and not worth saving