House Meeting “F**k it, the numbers aren’t on your side. Stop making yourself look like an idiot!”

POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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Paul tells Paulie we need to leave Michelle’s name out of it because if we say Michelle isn’t going to use it (Veto), then he will keep going at her. We have to say even if she uses it we’re not going to do it.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 03-52-01-246
12:10am Backyard – Bridgette and Frank. Bridgette says don’t leave me here. Frank says the main reason I don’t want to go is to not leave you alone. Frank says the thing is we’ll know by tomorrow. Bridgette says we need her to use it! Frank says no sh*t! Bridgette says I’m too much of a weirdo for this game. Frank says no you’re not. Bridgette says yeah I am I get social anxiety and sh*t. I get annoyed and don’t know how to fit in. Frank says you don’t have social anxiety when you’re not in here .. everybody has it when they’re in here. Bridgette says I do have it when I’m not in here. That’s when I started smoking cigarettes. Frank says you’re not a weirdo.. the correct word would be unique. Bridgette says that’s just a nice way of saying it. Frank says I’ll give you a better work. You’re interesting. Most people aren’t interesting.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 03-59-55-279
12:40am Backyard hot tub – Da, Z and Paul are talking. Paul says its on you, if you (Frank) convince her (Michelle) to use it you’re sidekick (Bridgette) is going home. Why humor this .. why feed it to him. Its a waste of time, ear, conversation. Why waste energy over it. And I don’t want to get quoted into something. NO, I didn’t agree. I don’t want to be cooped into any conversation like Well Paul was there. No, No I wasn’t. I’m not down. Da says he does that so well. Paul says which it was my plan yesterday which is why I saw that I needed to back up when I saw Michelle was getting upset. Homie still sh*t his pants though. I guarantee if she stays next week he will be like Paul’s got to go, you see how he was. Paul says the cockiness and ego still exist. You still walk around with your nose in the air. Fool you dug your own grave. Don’t come crying to me. Victor and Paulie join them. Paulie says he is going to be pissed when this meeting doesn’t happen. Victor says lets just tell him its not happening. Paulie says he’s (Frank) had an influence in every HOH.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 04-07-35-751

12:40am Havenot room – Bridgette asks please don’t let this get back to James. I don’t know what you tell him. Natalie shakes on it. Bridgette says I don’t know how much gets back to James. Natalie says not much. Bridgette says to be honest I don’t trust James. You obviously know why. (James made a deal not to put her up and then did.) I’m obviously afraid because you’re with him all the time. Natalie says I’m not going to say anything. Bridgette says I need your help .. we’re going to try and get Da out because she’s the one starting all these rumors about both of us. Me and Frank, about him and Tiff, about you and James. She’s the F**king reason Bronte went home, She that reason Tiff went home. Natalie asks do you know who put Bronte up? (Frank) Bridgette says I do know. You have to look at the situation, we were in teams. He put me up because he knew I was safe. He put Bronte up because at the time he thought she was safe. Tiff was the bigger target. We’re waiting for Z or Da to be called to the diary room so that the entire house can have a meeting. James, Nicole, Corey, Frank, Victor, Paul, Paulie, You, Me. Michelle won’t use the veto unless the whole house is on board. And James won’t put up Da unless there is a for sure that she will go home and not come after him. What I might need you to do is to distract the one that isn’t in the diary room. Natalie says I just don’t know how I could distract anyone. Bridgette says just be yourself and talk to them. If this happens I am going to need your vote. Natalie says if you’re on the block I am not voting against you. You’re fine even if you’re up there with him. You need to talk to Michelle. Bridgette says she doesn’t want to talk to me. Natalie says from my perspective she is going to be scared that if Frank goes and you win HOH .. you’re going to come after her and put her up. You have pull right now. It would be the perfect time to talk to her too.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 04-02-09-547

1:25am Backyard – Natalie and James. Natalie asks James can you make sure Frank goes home? James says yeah. Natalie says I know Frank told Bridgette to not talk to Michelle. James asks why? Natalie says because he doesn’t want her.. James asks getting information? Natalie says no. James asks close? Natalie says he (Frank) wants the power of veto for himself. He doesn’t want her to have it. He thinks if he can get it, he can get the vote to save her. James says if he comes off the block, she is going home.

Natalie tells James she would rather throw up and eat her own throw up than get back with Victor. James says I just want you to be happy and its that’s not with me then it is what it is. Natalie says I definitely want you .. if we don’t end up together after the show.. I definitely want you to end up with someone good. James says I think whatever happens between us .. we’ll be really good friends.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 04-29-12-569

Frank tells Michelle if me and Bridgette are up there I go home. Michelle says people want her out too. Michelle says I’m going to talk to James and confirm it too. Frank says just touch base with Nicole and Corey. And then with Paul and Paulie. Frank says that Da and Z figuratively tag in and out so that he can’t talk to anyone alone. She’s paranoid, that’s what James said.

2:10am Outside the HOH room – Michelle, Paul, Paulie, Da and Nicole. Paul says we just need to tell him, its not happening. Michelle tells Nicole I’m supposed to come to talk to you to ask if you’re on board. Nicole says I’m not. Michelle says he keeps saying you’re (Paul, Paulie, Nicole) are on board 100%. Paul says we just tell him that Bridgette is more of a threat than Da. Michelle says someone needs to squash that, because I’m getting annoyed. Michelle, James and Natalie head into the HOH room.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 05-06-40-186

3am HOH room – All the house guests are up in the HOH room. James asks Paul do you want to start this meeting off? Da says hit it. Paul says why don’t we just all talk about it.. instead of all of us acting stupid in front of each other. And making things uncomfortable. I’m pretty sure everyone knows everything. Frank says I want the power of veto used and I want Da put up in my spot. Paul asks Da did you know that? Da says yeah. The veto is not going to get used. Frank asks is that 100% sure? Michelle asks who wants Da gone say I. Frank says nobody is going to say that with her in the room right now… I hope. Da says at the end of the day there’s only 1 truth .. to my knowledge. Or 1 truth to your knowledge .. so lets bring out the trust so tomorrow we know what the T is. SO we can go through the ceremony, breakfast, lunch and dinner and go on about our lives. Frank says but that’s not what the game is necessarily about. That’s not how people a want it to go down at home. All sit there hunky dory .. you know the game. Don’t cha?! Da says according to you know I know it very well. To be perfectly honest I respect what you’re doing even if it is at my expense. Da says I know you’ve been crashing all your meeting all day long. Frank says I know! You and Z have been tagging in and out all day. Frank asks if you know it isn’t going to be used why have you been crashing all my meetings. Da says because you make people uncomfortable. Frank asks is that true? Because if it is I’ll stop right now. Da says no one is going to say it. Frank says just like how no one is going to say it about you. Da says I was told this meeting was going to go a certain way and it isn’t happening.. so I almost feel like should I exit?! Should I leave?! Paul says if everyone knows what is going on …I know ya’ll aren’t stupid. Paulie says f**k it .. I don’t like how this meeting is going down. I was just going to pull you aside and tell you the numbers aren’t on your side. Stop making yourself look like an idiot. Frank asks how am I making myself look like an idiot!? Paulie says no you’re not making yourself look like an idiot, you’re doing what you need to do. Alright I didn’t mean for the idiot word to be the emphasis of the conversation. If no one wants to talk about it .. and you want to call a house meeting about it when it could have been done in private to save whatever character you might want to have saved. Frank says thank you Paulie. Paulie says I’ll f**king say it. If everyone wants to come up here and sit around and giggle. F**k it bro! I hate seeing you do it. One of you are going home. Michelle says I did tell you if I did use it Bridgette is going home. Frank says that’s fine .. people just can’t shoot straight with me. People have back bones outside of this house and then don’t when they come in here. Thank you Paulie for having a backbone. Thank you Da for having a backbone. Thank you Paulie and Thank you Da! Its all good in the hood. Michelle sasy I’m just sick of people saying they’re going to vote Da out when they’re not going to. Frank says don’t worry about it, I’m not f**ked up about it. Frank, Paulie and Victor head down to the kitchen. Victor tells Frank we were just literally going to tell you.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 05-08-14-081

HOH room – meeting aftermath – Bridgette says I’m on the block no matter what. Michelle comments on how no one said anything. I didn’t either but.. Paul says I was just opening up the conversation. Paulie says house meetings are a joke. James says I was under the impression I was supposed to tell Frank and Bridgette after I was the one that dumped all the blood. Paulie says I told him at the beginning of the week. Bridgette says he didn’t want o go out to Julie and for her to ask him why didn’t you try. Paul says f**k me if that’s too kumbaya for the live feeders.

3:20am Kitchen – Frank, Paulie, Victor and Z. Frank asks who’s going home? They want me? Victor says you. Unless Bridgette does something. Frank says she’s not going to. That’s fine. I’m cool with it. Its all good. Frank says let me go get Bridgette out of there .. I feel like she is going to go ape sh*t on people. Frank goes up and asks her what she’s doing. She says just chilling. Frank says okay, I was worried you might be going ham on someone. Frank says I would rather go home this week than next week. Paulie says if you’re going to have balls, have balls. Don’t call sh*t and then just sit there. Z asks why did you want me out? Frank says because you’re associate with Da. Z asks its not because we’re both chocolate? Frank says no that’s not why. Bridgette was getting picked on a lot and I was taking it all kind of personal.

3:40am Backyard – Paul, Frank, Bridgette, Natalie and Z. Paul talks about how it was all just unnecessary when everyone knows what is going on. Z says I do not have beef with you at all. Frank says one thing I would never do is attack someone personally. Paul says I was irritated by it .. people were getting hurt.. and I was like someone just grow a pair of balls and say it. Paulie grew a pair.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 05-39-28-285

4am Da and Frank talk in the london bedroom. Frank says people say I called you a sl*t. Da says you did call me a sl*t. Frank says someone described it as you calling me a douche and I spelled out s-l-u-t to the camera. Da says no you said sl*t. Frank says it was tongue and cheek kind of thing. I call my girlfriend a hussy just joking around. Da says you call Z one too. Frank says I didn’t, its not something I would say. Da says I’m glad we talked because its been awkward. Frank says I’m not happy with James. For breaking his deal and then not being honest about it. They talk about Bridgette saying she would shave off Michelle’s eyebrows and resuscitate her. Da asks you dont think that’s bad? Frank says no I don’t. Da says ah.. that’s bad. Da says you joker .. you told Michelle about our stipend?! (How the vets get a set amount and more if they stay past jury instead of the weekly stipend.) Frank says yes I did. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 05-44-20-713

5:50am- 6:40am Da and Bridgette talk in the hot tub. Da says I’m just glad everything was brought to light. Bridgette says I am too honest. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Da brings up how she heard about Bridgette saying she wanted to shave Michelle’s eyebrows off and resuscitate her. I was surprised about that especially you because you’re a nurse. Bridgette says I heard about that. I don’t remember saying that but I do have a warped sense of humor. Then I heard you were making fun of me because I got sent home second and that I’m a loose cannon. Bridgette says I did say that your season was a lot of drama and that’s why you went home. Bridgette says I heard Michelle said a lot of stuff about me too to the live feeders. I’ve done all these things for these girls and then they’re mean to me. Da asks why didn’t you use that veto to save Bronte? Bridgette says I thought she was safe.

Da’Vonne and Bridgette get a good talk in about their differences. They seems to be agreeing that people in the house has been pitting them against one another. Da’Vonne blames it all on rumors and people driving a wedge between them. Da’Vonne heard that Bridgette and Frank were plotting to get her out and that Bridgette made negative comments about Da only making it to week 2 last year.

They squash their differences and talk about the possibility of working together but at the very least keeping lines of communication open.

6am – 6:10am HOH room – James and Natalie talk about how Paul tried to come off like the good guy. James tells Natalie that what hurt him was how she would say she was all alone when Bronte got sent home. Natalie says I felt really alone. She was my best friend. You’re my best friend too but she’s a girl.

Updates from the day are coming this afternoon.. The houseguestys woke up late.

Michelle did not use the veto

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3 days to find the room.

Double D

Frank has 3 days. The rest have 4 weeks.
They need to wake the house guests with “Leaving on a Jet plane” or the Ghostbusters Theme…Who ya gonna call?


What if it contained a choice the to bring someone back from jury… And that’s why they bring it up now and it ends in 4 weeks.

Mister pickles

40,000 people outside the convention in Philly chanting Hell No DNC! We won’t vote for Hillary! Bernie has to cave in. We don’t. 4 years of Trump is less scary than 8 years of Bubbas Apologizer. Buff said.


Go away.


Frank’s been just napping. Ugggghhhhh wake up already and find the damn room. Maybe the dr needs to drop the hints to Dora instead.


Of course Production will lead Frank to the room, and they will have a power of clout(that one that Jeff got)


I don’t think it will be the Coup d’ etat because normally when they do that they have “America” vote for the winner. I think it will most likely be the Diamond power of Veto or a Pandora’s Box. (That way James still holds some semblance of power)


Season 7 they gave out a coup d’tet as a reward for solving a house riddle.. .remember “Spool of lies”


I did forget about that. I think I forgot because Boogie didn’t use it did he?


Good call Simon, I totally forgot about that. And Julie did drop some hints about twist, “The Truth”, during the last episode.


In the wee hours of the morning, Frank told Bridgette not to worry, Big Brother will give him a special power to save him before eviction. Allison Grodner must be busy trying to figure out how to save Frank.


It is a Paris themed room and Coup D’etat is French so I’m guessing that’s what’s in there.


It makes sense and would cause some good drama with some in this crew.


Whats this room about. Is there a diamond power of veto or something like that.

More to the story

During the conversation between Frank and Da Frank totally threw Nicole COMPLETELY under the bus and let her know all the shadiness Nicole has pulled and told Da not to trust her because she was coming after her. Then told Da to talk to Brigette. This is why they are talking now. Nicole is finally going to be seen as the rat she is and I love it!


like I mentioned before, love him or hate him Frank is the only one who tries and entertains a way to play the game to keep the fans interested in the season. this whole house alliance crap ruined the season. the HGs are cowards, especially rat Paul with his sticking his chest out rants. these cowards, all day and night talked about confronting Frank and telling him, but no one had the gall to personally tell him one on one. that was ridiculous with the in and out of rooms, fake sleeping to avoid Frank. the gameplay this season is down right embarrassing. Michelle holding the veto should know if she takes Frank down it would benefit her more than just sticking the veto back into her pocket. lol….she is not even on Frank’s radar, which should be the obvious move for her. when is someone gonna wake up and realize they are just a number away from getting evicted.


Paul is a mouse! Talks like Tarzan, acts like Jane.


Da kinda already had Nicole on her radar. Frank just added further confirmation. It boggles my mind as to why Nicole has chosen to play the game this way. She’s too weak minded to play dirty. The momen someone calls her out on her bs, she chokes up and cries/whines. The only person she seems loyal to is Corey, who ironically,will ditch her in a heartbeat.


Right because he’s in love with Victor


Based on recent updates he will ditch her for Victor! She did not find it odd when Vic joined them in bed? We can guess what and who Corey was having wet dreams about!


I want bridgette or Day to win HOH next week and surprise everyone by putting Nicorey on the block. That will be a fantastic week, Paulee will finally have a week of no control.


I think Bridgette would put up James and Michelle.


Nah.. I think she would go after the power… Straight at Paulie.

sunny dee

actually agree there, but i think she’ll leave James alone based on association with Natalie, as she must understanthat James will help Nat get further in the game, rather than take him away. I think if she is smart, she’d put up Z and Michelle, because the guys won’t be against her for doing that, and it makes complete sense for her to do that, considering the bullying and comments. as a replacement maybe she puts up Victor or something, as Frank leaves, Bridget isn’t going to have much in the way of allies, and she already knows neither of those two are ever going to be on her side, so take one out at least would make a heck of a lot more sense than nicole or james or corey


Looks like Frank’s searches are rooted in his knowledge of his current predicament being find a twist or go home, (more about what has been in past seasons and the off chance there many be a hidden power somewhere in the house… maybe sutle hints in the DR as well feeding him) but if he is receiving any hints in the DR they are not specific enough to get him on track to figuring out clues… and certainly not sufficient to have him focusing on the hints we were given.

sunny dee

after dark showed where he was fussing with the camera, and then how he started picking stuff up to look under them so maybe that led to the idea that the camera gave him a clue that there was something to find? wishful thinking, too, because it did happen in his season, and it did happen in Cody’s season, right? some kind of button to press to change things, but those were not hinted at or searched for. after picking up a few items, next thing he’s off chatting as tho there was nothing to what he was doing. if he was truly looking for clues cuz he suspected that there was something to find, he’d have been shown looking in all the other rooms when he knew he was alone. and the clues aren’t hiding under anything, just a matter of reading.

which i guess is a clue, anyone who studies, and day used to study all the time, not sure if she still does, but going and counting things, and reading things, and seeing what pictures are where, what is on the departures sign, what is on the travel signs, my guess is IF she is doing that this year, she’ll be the only one likely to find anything. no one else is looking up from their own stuff

it’s a big leap based on what we know are clues to them figuring out that there are clues to a secret hidden room, i think production over thought this whole idea.


Last night’s show.

Da’ is a rat. Makes a deal with Frank then doesn’t follow through. I hate her.
lol @ Frank. he was desperate and threw Nicole under the bus and sweet lil Nicole who says “fricker” instead of fucker lied lied lied to Da’ about it.
James sucks breaking his promised but that’s BB for you. Everyone does it eventually.. He must be tougher than he looks too. Holding his arm up there for over 6 hrs could not have been easy. He was dying to get off of there. I would have liked to see how long Bridgette would have lasted if she hadn’t made a bad deal.
Paul is the worst. I hate that rat bastard.


So you hate Da for breaking her promise but not James?


The two are different. Da was in the middle of a comp and once she got some info she backed out of her deal. James was swayed by the whole house hours after the comp and Frank and B still had a chance at veto.


Are you serious? They both made deals and broke them. LOL and I’m a James fan that doesn’t care that he did but they both did.

Your Boy

Yo, James fans need to understand one thing. They like him because he is a novelty, not a great BB player. Your boy understands this, American understands this. Your boy thinks James is puppy dog chump.

What's up

Da backing out of her deal was not the reason why James put Frank and Bridgette up.


I don’t care about house meetings; I care about secret rooms! Help me out here Frank


Fast forward to next week please…


Paul talks so tough behind people’s backs then, when he gets in a crowd, he has to try to live up to the reputation he has been trying to create. Paul backs himself into corners. Typically a manipulative player would be winding him up and letting him go but Paul just does it all by himself. He could be really entertaining if other things came out of his mouth besides the same trash all the time… but it comes across as tired and irritating. We suffer this fool.


And why does everything come down to balls with Paul? That is a drinking game that could get you killed.


Correct me if I’m wrong. The whole thing about Bridgette shaving off Michelle’s eyebrows. Wasn’t that rat POS Paul in that conversation and didn’t he say something like he hoped Michelle died? He’s a POS either way but If that’s true I wish someone would mention that to Michelle. Pauline is my new guy. If Frank is gone I hope he wins. Not bc I like him but bc everyone is helping him with his game and I want them to realize it when they go back and watch the show.


Someone passed out or something early in the game, Paul said something to the effect he wouldn’t resuscitate her, Tiffany or Michelle, it’s confusing. Bridgette said she’d resuscitate her then shave her eye brows off. This seems to be the biggest mean girl thing aimed towards Bridgette and it may have been said about Tiffany.


The one time I witnessed it being said, you are exactly correct it was Paul’s rant in the backyard with Jozea, Victor, Paul, Zakiyah, Bridgette and Bronte present, but Paul was going off on a rant about Tiffany; not Michelle. In this context Paul had taken it so far as to say he hated Tiffany so much if she died right now… he was cut off by Bridgette (and Bronte who were offended) Bridgette completed Paul’s sentence that if tiffany died right now “I would resuscitate her… and (in context of the group dynamic) added and then we would shave off her eyebrows. Zakiyah reported it back to Da”Vonne and when Nicole and Michelle entered the room Da”Vonne filled the others in. Michelle jumped all over it and said Bridgette should be fired. Others have described the eyebrow shaving prank having come up in context of Big Beech passing out (mb after the booze filled Outback Reward) but I did not witness that. Either way it is being blown way out of proportion and is not a valid basis on which to justify what B/Meech is doing.

Keeping it Real

I remember discussion about Michelle passing out very early in the live feeds, as if it happened before the feeds came on maybe during an event that we didn’t get to see. So, I assumed that’s what the group was referring to….that if Meech passed out again type scenario and that Bridge just said it to fit in to the overwhelming anti-Meech talk. I do recall one of the girls (probably Natalie but I’m not sure) told Paul not to talk like that (saying he wouldn’t help someone in need) but it wasn’t long before Bronte and Bridge started the mean-girl talk specifically centered around Michelle. Meech found out what Bridget said and has held a personal grudge since. Although, she had already declared she wasn’t a fan of Bridge because she reminded her of a roommate or something by the way she talked and acted.

I guess their mamas never taught them, “if you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing at all.” All the girls are spewing offensives other than Natalie. Nicole has never started a bashing session to my knowledge, but she agrees by playing audience to that trash. Natalie just walks away, which is exactly what I would do. There’s no reason to throw poo at each other like monkeys in a zoo.

Still, these HGs find themselves in a fish bowl. They are all just trying to swim and stay alive. They are all playing it differently, some quietly (Nat, James, Corey) some obnoxiously (Jozea, Victor, Frank, Paul) and a multitude of other ways. It’s still early. Things could get much worse, or much better. We will see soon enough.

Until then, swim for the secret room guppies!


Paul said a lot of crap about everyone who wasn’t on Team Messiah. He definitely had an issue with Michelle. He said he hated her, made fun of her looks and said that he wanted to punch her in the face and knock her teeth out. Paul is the antithesis of who he presents himself to be in the real world. He could have played the same game, chose the same people to work with, been a spy for his alliance, etc. without going against everything he claims to stand for. In the simplest words he is a Sell Out. For someone like him, calling him a sell out is probably the biggest insult you could give him.


The best part is they were talking about TIFFANY no wonder Bridge doesn’t remember


There’s no way his “allies”…and I say that in the sense of those who see him a sycophant….aren’t really seeing through him. He confronts Frank…backs down. He talks and talks of just telling him….backs down. They’re all going to put on the public face that it’s all Franks’s fault playing the game based what he’s told, rather than their own cowardice for being unable to just be straight, calm, honest, and say it’s done. But when they’re alone with their thoughts, they’re going to get angry with Paul’s bluster and how his constant big mouth helped drive the conclusion to tell Frank….and he sat there saying nothing. They’ll know they were afraid of Frank and they’ll know Paul is the most, but his big mouth and bluster is just a reminder of their inherent weakness.

It’s like if you have a task that needs to be done, but everybody really doesn’t want to do it, then one guy is constantly talking about it, the problem, and the need to do it….then everybody gathers reluctantly and he does nothing. You’d be annoyed and if that guy keeps talking about the task afterward (and we know Paul can’t ever STFU), acting like he was a part of the solution….that annoyance will grow to hate. You didn’t want to do it, were weak for not doing it, but you did….yet the guy with the big mouth did nothing, yet acts like he did or would’ve. There’s no way you don’t get rid of him at the earliest convenience.


Paul needs to shut up for once. He’s all over the place in every conversation. He relays everything back to everybody and exaggerates the details. Not sure what his perception of his own game is, but I see him as digging his own grave. He’ll be put up as ‘pawn’ one time too many and out the door he’ll go.


When will someone call Paul out? He’s the biggest douche. I hope Frank pulls something out and changes everything otherwise I have no idea who to root for…Natalie I guess. At least she seems to be picking up on everything, if only James would listen. Da just annoys me, I wanted to like her at first but she really screwed everything up


Exactly… James thinks he knows the game and can help her through it and shield her through. That may keep you together longer and in jury together but that’s not playing to win. If Nat would be more persistent on her thoughts then they would be in a much better situation to actually win.


I completely agree about Paul. He is SO fucking annoying. I suspect he thinks the audience just LOVES him. What an exceptional ASShat!! When production cast him they knew absolutely he was a complete douche and I suppose they were hoping for some interesting drama from him but seriously?! They really did screw the pooch on that casting. I’d like to see him get shoved into a secret room with no exit and never to be heard from again.
Truly, no one would even notice.
Not even production


Michelle is just looking for a way to get Bridgette out.
Frank played it wrong trying to appeal to her with the super fan angle…feeders want drama. No, he needs to put the charm on and subtly offer to replace Bridgette with….Big Meech! Come on frank, it’s right there in front of you. Wink. Smile. Repeat…pull her into your confidence and find the hook, you know she’s desperate for something…


I think the critics of Frank’s game don’t see his long view of the game.

It’s no different than ignoring Tiffany when she said that his allies wanted him gone. That information only changes his approach to competition. The social game doesn’t shift. It’s simple investment theory: If you’ve devoted the most time to a group of people and they turn on you for a reason outside your control, your best bet remains to win them back….turning on them and trying to join/gather an opposing group means your game turns to survival as low man on the totem pole, with a group of people you never believed in in the 1st place. Either way it’s survive and advance…but there was a reason you felt loyal to your original allies and winning them back is still the best bet.

Which brings us to Michelle: It was obvious how she wanted to be attached to Frank (and he’ll realize not finessing that turned her on him…and especially Bridgette…once he’s home) and it was just as obvious that she was weak in more ways than one and an unreliable ally. That hasn’t changed. So if he knows the “house” is against him, then he knows dumping Bridgette for Michelle changes nothing, and he’s still in survival.

Frank was never playing “just to make jury” so scrambling to survive isn’t worth it. He came to win and it’s a better bet to hope circumstances can change to save him based on his original vision to win, rather than tossing it away just to buy another week or 2.


At least he would make jury and get that extra stipend all the vets get. I hope he solves the puzzle of the secret room because his virtual rise from the dead would make for some great tv.


You could be right….but just basing it on what Frank knows of her (not what we see…although it wouldn’t change my read) is that Michelle won’t make a move on her own, even if it is in her best interest. That’s why he tried to get the vote commitments for a backdoor to show her it’s safe. What would be interesting is had she shot that down cold (rather than the wishy washy double speak EVERYBODY this season holds sacred) and put it to him that if she saved him it would only be to evict Bridgette.

Again, not countering his offer only confirms to him that she’s no a player. What would he have done had she said that? Had she said he needed to provide cover to her and bury Bridgette, telling key people that she’s targeting them, that she’s on a personal vengeance whereas he just wants to play the game and completely gets why he’s a target FOR JAMES. That James is now his priority. Michelle knows he’s on the outside, a target that would make Frank staying more palatable to those who would be mad at her.

But she’s not playing the game, not willing to annoy her allies making a selfish play, not willing to risk James, a guy not even in the game, becoming an enemy….in other words to Frank, a non-entity who needs the “house’s” backing or to think she’ll become a BB “legend”.

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB18 HG's

What started off as a potentially interesting week has all but been crushed. After this “house meeting”, the overall consensus is Frank, with an almost 100% chance of Bridgette following him out the door next week (Unless she miraculously finds the Secret Room). Lets say the obvious next two to go do, I would really like to see a fresh HG as HOH and put Paulie on the block to peg him down a bit, he is getting too cocky.


I would love to see Paulie up on the block next to Nicole.


Yes! I think that would expose a lot of people’s game. After the HOH Frank reveal would Da vote out Nic because she is shady? If not how would that affect Da and Z’s relationship? What about Michelle and would Nat vote with James Paulie’s lap dog or stay girl power? Would Vic listen to rat boy Paul who is Paulie’s stooge or finally take his revenge and give Paulie the boot. Would Corey vote Bro or Ho? Questioning minds want to know.


Someone please take out Paulie and Paul. They are so annoying.


I was hoping someone would want to flip the house but everyone on this cast sucks. No risk takers on this season. James has no backbone and failed as hoh. Couldn’t even pick his own noms

Bb Bish

So were just going to pretend like the last two weeks havent happened? I actually think this might be one of the best seasons of BBUS in a while. There is a lot of cattiness and pettiness going on in the house but people are playing hard and playing each other.

The Truth

An HOH is not a failure if you get rid of Frank, who’s been playing the game at full throttle since Week 1 and who’s the most well-rounded HG when it comes to comps — combining the physical and mental better than anyone in there.

Ask anyone in BB 14 whether James’ HOH will be viewed as a “failure.” It took them five or six tries before they evicted him.

James might have gotten him on the first attempt, unless a special power intervenes.

Tears on my pillow

So tell me…why does there have to be a “flip” every damn week? Frank is a vet AND a huge target who tries to charm everybody with his bullshit!! The house caught onto this. James by putting him up with his only real ally made a really strong move to assure the best odds of getting him out. I understand that everyone has their own favorites and hates and yours may be Frank…but saying James has no backbone couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure he broke a deal…but DUH…it’s BB!!


James has no backbone because that move did nothing for his game. James needs numbers and chopping two people off that can help you is poor gameplay. He’s not trying to win…just continues being “aw shucks” James. For his sake, showing off his figurative balls would help his long term relationship with Natalie.

Tears on my pillow

Does nothing for his game?? Not only will he be the one credited for getting out the biggest threat in the game…he did it without pissing anybody else off other than Bridgette and once she herself figures out that Frank was ruining what game she has, she will turn back to Natalie as an ally which in turn will get her closer to James!! With James already firmly entrenched with Da, that will start to give him some numbers if Da and Bridge survive the next week or 2 to battle the other factions in the house when the time comes.


The problem with James as I see it is that he’s abdicated his responsibility for the nominations. He says to everyone it’s a house choice. He even goes against the advice of his buddy Nat to please the house. If he has to argue against Paulie, Da’Vonne, or even Corey in a final two they’ll say it was them who forced James’ hand and also set the ground work to get Frank. They’ll have an easier time claiming the credit than James will in keeping it.

Reality Check

Only time will tell whether James made a good move or a disasterous move. Right now all we are doing is speculation. Have you ever seen The Price is Right where the audience will go crazy on a price and they got it dead wrong?

Double D

Only way Frank stays is if he calls Paris.


Who made Pauline king of the house? Was it in his own mine? I miss Tiffany!

Keeping it Real

Finally, some honest talk among the houseguests. I hope Frank realizes his mistake was teaming with Bridgette. After the HOH, I do consider Bridge a contender now. I think it’s in James’ best interest to keep Frank over Bridge. Jury wouldn’t vote for Frank but Bridge already has proven herself and her game play has been impressive given it was truly the only route she had. I would give Bridgette the win over Frank, for sure. Whoever stays has to win some power next week or he/she is next.

I think Frank does genuinely feel bad for the position Bridge is in, and I do truly wish Michelle would take Bridge down and James put up Paulie because Paulie isn’t “with” anyone but himself…..he is a threat…he is a competitor. He will keep winning if someone doesn’t get him out soon. If James took him out, Paulie would respect that play. Paulie is there to win, and he just might do it. Cody told him not to win comps and stay under the radar, but he has shown his cards to anyone truly paying attention.

The one person who would never agree to use the veto on Bridge, won it. So there goes that plan. *sigh

Double D

Frank’s mistake was slapping everybody’s ass and farting all over the place. He acted like a jerk for a week and everybody hated it. Poor Bronte did nothing to get evicted. It was a result of Frank’s actions.

Keeping it Real

Bronte is not faultless. Sure, she may have claimed she’s not in the business of being mean, but the only girl in that house not playing the “mean girl” game is Natalie. I think Bronte is a nice girl, but she’s not blameless when it comes to her place in that house.


Poor bronte? She’s definitely not poor. She’s a low key member of the mean girl club. I’m glad she’s gone.

Lil' Cam

I couldn’t agree with you more anominous @ 9:37!! Bronte was the worst kind of “mean girl” because she has somehow convinced herself that she’s not a “mean girl” and tries to act like she’s a good person and above all of the cattiness and disparaging remarks that were going on while she was in the house. She would put on this cutesy & fake persona of herself all while making fun of the other girls and acting as if she was better than and above them. I can’t even count how many times she was her true self on BBAD laughing at and making fun of other people in the house. On a different note–I was a big “Z” fan in the beginning and now I have been nothing but disappointed in her behavior and the all of the ridiculous comments and trash talking she does behind the others backs. She has definitely showed her true self and it is not cute or funny and she is not someone I want to root for anymore. Just my thoughts for the day. Thanks so much for this site!! It’s my go-to for all of the updates and true representation of how the house guests are truly acting. Much appreciation!!!


Frank is a jerk, but I love watching him on this show. The last few seasons have been so boring. This year is a little mix-up, lies, back stabbing…all the ingredients to make for an exciting summer. Bridgette isn’t that smart, or else she would see that Frank is using her to get farther ahead. If someone made him an offer, he would drop her like a fat kid on a teeter totter.


These house guests are just too pathetic. Instead of just being honest at the beginning when Frank had some hope about the veto being used they just led him on telling him what he wanted to hear. Paul is a pos, bitching and moaning endlessly about Frank and when the house meeting happens the little slime-ball clams up. Honestly Frank was naive to think he could sway them….they are all so far up Paulie’s ass that there’s no hope of anyone doing anything surprising for the rest of the season. I’ve read it and its sooo true….they are ALL playing Paulies game for him and he’ll win. The only hope is maybe after Frank leaves Bridgette will turn on her beast mode and win HOH again and put Paulie and Nicole up! Who knows….

Reality Check

Let’s just see how you really would play when there is $500,000 on the line. This is the strategy that almost every HOH uses, try to get the least amount of blood on their hands. Lame? Yes indeed. But this dumb strategy will further their game.


Would like to see Frank find a special power, just to punish James by sending Nat home before jury. James is a true scumbag sucker.


Frank need an “I win” button?


When did Paul morph into the devil?

Fuzzy Num Num

The day he signed up to follow the “messiah”.

Da's a bitch

Da’ and her fucking slut bullshit. Completely leaves out the context. Call him a douche. He says “don’t call me that you can call me anything else just not that.” Da’ “you’re a douche!.” “Well Da’s a slut.”

OK bitch someone TELLS you a particular word bothers them for some reason and you use it right after they say that then complain because they fire back with a word you don’t like? Fucking cunt SLUT!


She lies over and over and people buy it for some reason and when Tiff was voted out she took credit for it. She will do the same when Frank is voted out even though both times the whole house wanted them out.


She already has. On last night’s show her DR she was talking about HER trying to get him out for weeks Something about it taking so long that SHE grabbed the Pot and SHE mixed all the ingredients SHE set it to cooking and now SHE is ready to eat because SHE is hungry. Something along those line when Frank was safe the last few weeks and she has done nothing to be the one to put him on the block. She may be a vote against him but that is all she has done. Like the rest of her game a lot of talk and very little action. That shrieking voice in the DR is like nails on the chalkboard


Da is the one who has wanted frank out the most and has turned everyone against him. Whether you like it or not she deserves the credit


I will give her credit for what she has done……nothing. I will give her credit for what she has won……..nothing
She does get the nod for being able to wear that heavy a$$ mop on her head for such a long time without tipping over. That thing must weigh a ton


No, James gets credit for taking out Frank. Everybody in the house wanted Frank except Bridgette. Dayvonne just talks a good DR game & production pushes it so her fans wont whine. The players are not being manipulated by Dayvonne most of the dudes are worried about Frank b/c the dude puts in work in the house & is a well rounded comp player. All Dayvonne is right now is a vote against Frank. Hell Michelle has put in more work to get Frank out as she has pretty much closed the door on him now not using POV. Its not locked yet b/c anything can happen but James will get credit for it. The only reason Day has not been taken out yet by anyone other than Frank or Bridgette is b/c they see Dayvonne as most do, as sorry ass player who talks up a good game but never delivers unless someone else does it then she tries to take credit for it on DR sessions for TV. She is just a loud mouth coattail rider who if she even made it to final 2 she would lose simialr to Liz last yr b/c she has no credentials, just all fluff w/ no substance.


Wow, why are you so mad at Day? I get hating a house guest or absolutely loving one. Your post sounds so personal like you met Day IN REAL LiFE and she screwed you over. I haven’t seen a DR confession from Day where she hates you and calls you a bitch specifically. I hope your blood pressure is alright, relax a little and quit jumping into the Television set before you bust your head.


Really disappointed in Nicoles “game.” I wasnt a very big fan of her last time around but at least she was against the horrible side of the house Derrick was leading. She learnes (forgets) to avoid showmances because they are always targeted eventually and clearly her and Hayden broke up really quick I think so she comes into the house and immediately starts another showmance. Lol sheesh she literally starts it and wasnt persuaded by the guy she starts it… Then after Frank becomes a big target for most of the house she constantly still goes and tells him secrets. Laughable. Shes going to be the next target after Bridgettes out its obvious and she doesnt have any social game to speak of to get out of it. I wanted to like the vets but most of their gameplay has been pretty crummy. Nicole has a lovable personality but this is her 3rd chance at 500K she clearly does not want it.

Road Rash

Four more days until eviction night and Frank is still a di*k




So gross. Can’t believe she did this in front of everyone, especially the guys. Disgusting!!


Hey Corey is getting his rewards now. Nic loves Corey H’mmmm


Z is the new Amanda!


As disgusting as Amanda was, and she WAS disgusting, I think this tops the Zuckerman. Congratulations Z, you won something!


OMG I cannot honestly believe Z did that, I was not a fan before, and now I’m totally grossed out, Paul and James were there too! Then she slides her and in for a couple chips? REALLY? This is even grosser then the gross bearded guy from last year who didn’t wash his hands after using the bathtoom. What was his name? I’ve tried to banish him from my memory.


It’s one of the more inappropriate things I’ve seen someone do in the storage room on the feeds in front of everyone while eating.


the nerve of Z talking crap about how dirty Tiffany was.

Misty Beethoven

Simon, do you think the DR will suggest to her that personal hygiene is best done in private? I can’t imagine how one delicately brings it up, but something has to/should be said to her.


I hope

Corey's slippers

That’s why Corey and I play for the other team!!! Nasty!!!

Anonymous 100

What in the hell would possess a grown ass woman on tv to change her pad not only in front of two men but also in the place where food is. Then stick her nasty hands in food somebody is eating. I am just beyond words.


most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life watching bb

Fuzzy Num Num

No, no, no ,oh no


LMBO! Well BB18 is really comfortable with each other. I have seen everything from putting on pads to putting in hair extensions, to James putting a used tampon on top of the trash, to Frank passing gas every few minutes, to people using each other underwear and socks.


No, I think this is just how she is. I don’t know if she’s terrified of missing something or what. There should be a part of your brain that tells you this is unsanitary, impolite, uncomfortable, disgusting or at least hey maybe I shouldn’t try to staunch the flow in the place where all the food is kept.

I’d question the sanitation in her preschool classroom.

Fuzzy Num Num

There is being comfortable. Then there is just eewwww. And then there is OMFG! WTF are you doing?! And that’s what this is.

Keeping it Real

I’m totally disgusted by that shameful behavior. I’m so embarrassed for her and her mother. No! That’s not acceptable. Why didn’t one of them say something like, “OMG, go wash your hands. It’s bad enough that you did that in front of us, but for crying out loud, WASH YOUR HANDS.” *pukes

Misty Beethoven

This is disgusting on so many levels, I can’t even find the words. I couldn’t even watch the whole video -why didn’t one of the girls stop her, say something? Inappropriate doesn’t come close to describing how çlassless this was. Ew ick ewwwww.


What the what???? That’s freaking disgusting, no wonder Paulie wants nothing to do with her. This grosses me out and I’m a girl, I can only imagine what the boys were thinking. Puke!!! Go wash your hands girl and next time try using a bathroom!


Beyond disgusting!


Yikes! That was a move that will follow Z for the rest of her life……she will be known as “Maxi PadZ”.

A shame that she didn’t know how inappropriate that was.



This is not only going to follow her for the rest of her life, she might get fired and not be able to find another teaching position. When will these fools learn there are cameras everywhere, and once it is out there, there is no erasing it , ever!


Hey I like it from now on she is Max-Z to me! That was pretty disgusting and I didn’t watch the video. The still the image and the comments says all that needed to be said about that. And to share it with everyone by digging into the chips! Wow


Sorry to say I don’t think hygiene is a priority with this girl. Her constant scratching her head every 5 seconds is not is not much better. When asked by one of the girls last week how often she washes her hair (wonder if it smells to them) she said about every 3 weeks. I wouldn’t want those fingers touching my food either.

Bryn Mawr Mama

I’m no expert on ethnic hair, but having had a black roommate at one time, I do know she washed her hair far less than I did. I believe Z also has a weave, which may be the kind that is sewn in, which could be the cause of some itching. Either way, you wash your hands after going to the bathroom or do anything of a personal nature.


So Frank goes Thursday, before jury. Another season that starts with potential, that is just going to fizzle out slowly. Meh. Again, I feel like it is the product of not enough age diversity in too much groupthink. There will hardly be any drama or suspense remaining for this season. Disappointed, but there are still a couple of days left for him to find the secret room.


Wow Z that is completely disgusting. Gross

What's up

WOW!!! Nasty
Can’t make an excuse for that. What woman feel comfortable enough to do that, not only with the cast, camera crew but ON CAMERA!! Smh


She’s putting a pad on in front of everyone? Gross. I always knew Z was a class act. Not.


Only Z would bring race into this when it has nothing to do with it. I give it to Frank he was fighting hard I don’t necessarily like him but he is playing the game. As far as James putting fridgette up I do believe it was best move for his game, he really had no allegiance with fridgette only one of them stay, better to have one mad than 8. I don’t like going with the house thing but they have been trying to get Frank out forever if James didn’t do it I believe only Da would have

What's up

Z has a reason to think the chocolate girls was being singled out. All the lies Nicole said, all the crap Michelle said, yet Z was a threat to him? I’m not African American and I can see why Z would question it.


I know I’m going to take a beating by being critical of the sacred cow James but so be it. I think that going back on your word, which was used to coax someone into giving up on an HOH endurance competition, is the lowest form of deception. I know the James apologists will say that lying is mandatory in BB but I disagree. Many have made promises during an HOH competition and honored them. Doing so actually strengthened their games as it became apparent to all that their word actually meant something. Although it may have been implied, I didn’t catch that James promised Frank safety for the week. Therefore I’ll give him a pass on that. But to put Bridgette on the block was a shameful and cowardly act.

James is also being foolish where Natalie is concerned. Yes she likes him as a friend but she has absolutely no intention of pursuing a romantic relationship with him outside of the BB house. She dangles that carrot in front of him just often enough to keep him under her thumb. Natalie basically exposed her true feelings when she told him that she wants him to find a good woman after he returns from the show. However, James is so smitten that he is unable to interpret the meaning behind Natalie’s words and understand the realities of their relationship.


As a James fan i was kind of disappointed that he went back on his word. Last season i liked him because he was a man of his word and was loyal to his group even when they were a sinking ship. That being said, i see where he’s coming from. He has 2 routes to take. 1) go against his word and put up bridgette- from now on he can no longer go use his words is his bond to anybody. At least the whole house wanted him to do it so if any one of them question his word at least he can say the house pressured him into it. 2) Not put up bridgette- This is the route i wanted him to take. But if he didn’t do what the house wanted (in his mind) he could be next weeks target if he still put Frank up (and he gets evicted).
I think winning this HOH screwed up his chances of making it far. He thinks he’s tight with Paulie but in reality he’s at the bottom of his totem pole. As soon as Franks gone he’ll be the next big target for the showmance alliance. Day and bridgette might save him a couple more weeks in there, But he had the chance to shake up the house and become the new Paulie but failed. I’ve never been a fan of doing what the house wants. Do what you want and let them take out who they want.

The Truth

Geez, the love for Tiffany on here is unbearable.

She was a truly terrible Big Brother player. Her strategy was crying, crying and more crying.

But she has her fans, much like another BB sister who was also awful at this game — Elissa Reilly Slater.


there’s one comment about Tiffany? Where’s “all this love”? And just because you think she’s a terrible player doesn’t mean other people can’t like her. Are you the Paulie of OBB? You should tell us who to like?

The Truth

I don’t have a true favorite this season yet because there is not one houseguest who has a winning long-term strategy who is also likable.

As for Tiffany, you must have missed Simon and Dawg’s other posts since Thursday which featured comments “missing Tiffany.” Why? Because she was good at this game?

No, because she was dramatic and Vanessa’s sister.

She did nothing. I don’t miss her. Elissa Slater did nothing. I don’t miss her, either.


There are a lot of past and present players that aren’t good at the game. Doesn’t mean people can’t like them. i like Tiffany. She seems really nice. And actually, now that you say it, I kind of miss her too. Especially when all we’re left with is almost a house full of assholes.


What Jakiyah did is so gross. Why would she do that in front of the cameras?
Then grabs a bag of chips?
SMH in disgust.


THOT is disgusting!


Soo…will that little gem make the prime time show?


I doubt that will make the show, but I wonder if James will tell people, in the clip we could only see the back of his head, he seemed very quiet and almost like he was stunned looking at her. In the clip we saw he didn’t reach in the chip bag. I just wonder what he was thinking once he processed what happened. Can’t wait to see if he tells Nat Nat, and once it gets around the house, should make for some interesting convos. Not game related, but it would be entertaining for the live feeders.


What did she do?


She changed her sanitary napkin in the food storage room with Nicole Michelle, James and Paul present, then proceeded to put her hand in a chip bag most were eating out off. Simon posted a link to it, look above if you dare. Lol


In the storage room, where several people were hanging out, Zakiyah applys a sanitary pad then grabs a handful of chips. At least she wasn’t changing a used one for a new one…that we could see…


So Michelle thinks the funniest joke ever was soaking bread in laxatives and feeding it to seagulls? Good to know she doesn’t just hate other women, she’s also cruel to animals. She wants someone to ‘wife her up’. Well I think Michelle is a real prize and some man would be lucky to have her-maybe a guy who tortures puppies or burns goats.

Keeping it Real

I completely agree. That’s just entirely disturbing.


I hope every damn one of those gulls flew over her open sunroof.


Too funny, Paulie giving Frank advice on how not to look like an idiot!

Fuzzy Num Num

Why o why, didn’t Bridgette tell them the context of “shave her eyebrows”
That RatPaul and The Salsa King were both involved. And that RatPaul wanted Meh to DIE. And at first Bridgette said, NO, don’t say that. Then after getting the boo, hiss, portion. She amended it to, and then I’d shave her eyebrows. It wouldn’t change anything, but it would certainly put a spike in the Rat’s ballsack. Which he’d probably like, but still…


Bridgette can’t tell them the context because it was just an off the cuff joke. She did not get angry and tell people she wanted to shave someone’s eyebrows off she just added it as an after thought. The group trash talking (mostly Paul) and wanted someone to possibly drown or pass out and as a responsible nurse Bridgette said she would then resuscitate them….and then I would shave off their eyebrows ha ha, not a serious threat and she probably in all honesty does not remember saying it. I’m glad other posters remember that the conversation was about Tiff and not Michelle because that is how I remembered it so I was confused why Michelle has made it her own personal #savemyeyebrows. Michelle needs to STFU about it as does Da and Z about the a$$ slapping and slut calling.


I am no Frank fan but with that being said are these people serious?? These people aren’t decent human beings wtf with Paul being so mad Frank is campaigning this is a game of course he’s going to campaign. This season these people have no decency and are awful human beings between the bullying, nastiness and just overall stupidity ugh it’s hard to watch. Paula, DaVonne, Z and Michelle are a waste of space they should just self-evict. I am over Paulie and his ego ugh and that dolt of an idiot Corey. Is anybody likeable this season James is but this season he’s such a follower and cares only about having a showmance with Natalie. At this point I really want Frank to win this secret power please Frank pay attention to the clues!


Pauls so “pissed” because he’s freaking CLUELESS when it comes to big brother. You have to at least TRY when you’re otb regardless if the outcome looks bleak or not. Fight till the very end! If not, you just suck.

I’ve always disliked Paul, but it’s literally getting to the point where I have to switch cameras or just turn feeds all all together if he’s involved. I really can’t wait for someone to show him what “going off” really means. Freaking tool.

Fuzzy Num Num

Have any of them seemed to catch onto then hints? Last night with the buzzing, not one of them even looked to see where it was coming from. Are the use not curious about anything? That would’ve driven me crazier than I already am.

Keeping it Real

I am so shocked the vets aren’t investigating. I suppose all the HGs are too absorbed in the Frank eviction to think of anything else.

Eric wenb

Nicole and Corey are starting to remind me more and more of Amanda and Mcrea by always being in the bed fondling and cuddling. I fear that she will be devasted and a total crying whiny mess if they are split apart.

Fuzzy Num Num

Not that bad, yet. But ya know, keep hope alive. That’s Nicole’s motto.


Even tho I do not like Frank I do believe that he has been in the game and playing it. It’s too bad that he will not even make it to the Jury House when other people inside the house are just there for romance or whatever.


And that Paul and Michelle and Victor are going to make it further than Frank.. that’s crazy….

What's up

Okay Brridgette, frank tells you he put You and Bronte on the block and you say you trust him, you win POV and don’t use it on your best friend? Bronte goes home and you’re blaming Davonne? You dummy you allowed Frank to control you yet don’t see your mistakes? Now you are a target because of frank!!!! Bye Little girl are you serious? When blaming someone for your troubles, look in the mirror.

Old bb fan

I have to say something. I have been a fan of Big Brother since Day 1. Watched every season, and the foreign Big Brothers. (Australia’s my favorite). Every season there are one or two people that I really dislike and generally like the majority of the players. This season is the worst ever. The only person that I like is Frank. I have slowly over the weeks started intensely disliking all the rest. Hate Michelle, Z , Paul and Paulie.


I’ve watched since day one also and this is NOT the worst season ever – not even top 5.


this season is def not the worst. BB15 (cast of racists) is the worst of them all.


Believe me been watching the show since day one and it is definitely in the top 5 worst no question about that. If Frank doesn’t find that room and Bridget doesn’t win HOH next week I can promise you, it’s going to get way way worse…. boring

Old bb fan

I would imagine that Michelle and Z’s friends and family would be so embarrassed at what mean girls they are on this program. Disgraceful. If I were Michelle’s mother I would be so sad that my daughter turned out like this.


I hope Frank finds this room and whatever power is holding and gets himself and Bridgette off the block. Frank turns it around and puts Nicole and Corey up. I’m not even a fan of Frank, I just can stand Nicole’s game strategy – hang on to a guy like your life depends on it and make yourself look like a total Froot Loop Dingus!!!! VOTE COREY OUT!


Did Frank get hints in the DR about the secret room or secret power?


No yet that I know of 😉

lol what?

Because we’re chocolate? is she asking that because he’s vanilla?

Franks fumes

Actually Franks strawberry..


Everyone’s cheering for Frank to stay because he’s going to “shake up the game” or “keep it interesting” but what would give anyone that indication? If he stays hes putting Day and probably Z on the block, how is this going to flip the house or make this interesting?

Frank is playing the same go along to get along, go with the house strategy that people are complaining about when it comes to the other players.

Lets be honest people don’t like her but the only person in the game who’s proven they will go against the grain is Da, no one else has. She’s the only one who at this point I could see going after Paulie, Corey, etc. The only question is whether or not she can actually win an HOH.


Putting those two or even Michelle on the block will involve some serious craziness. Da’Vonne has lots of attitude, Michelle may very well be a psychopath, Zakiyah is proving to be more an more trashy.


I agree. I hope Frank finds the secret room but I hope it is a chance to reset the game so this week does not count. I am afraid if it is a coup’d’eta (can’t sp you all know) he will waste it to take out Da. I think those two given a chance could come together (especially after the Nicole reveal) and do some damage to Paulie and his bros.

Backseat Driver

After watching last night’s show and seeing Paulie, the new hairdo and with his beard growing (and getting darker) I got the creepy chills……….whoa, this might be one of the weirdest things I’ve seen after watching many seasons of BB.


So… like Corey?? Lol casting was horrible this year. They chose the meanest people they could find. Every girl in that house except Nat is ugly on the inside, Corey and Paul included.


Watching Cory with Nichole reminds me of watching Lisa Marie Presley kiss Michael Jackson. He’s literally dry humping Victor and she’s an idiot.

Oh, Yeah

Tiffany out. Frank out. Man, I’m loving this season!


When James went upstairs to give Natalie the rundown on the Bridget/Michelle convo he didn’t explain things very well. He said multiple people had talked about Michelle and Natalie got very defensive saying, “If my name comes up I’m gonna call her (Bridget) out.” Bridget told Michelle that she and Natalie did not join in when people were making fun of Michelle, that they defended her. I’m pretty sure James heard that.

Double standards run rampant through the house. Michelle said she ONLY talked bad about Bridget because Bridget did it to her first. Why then has she talked so much crap about Natalie who she now pretends to be friends with? And Natalie said, “I like Bridget. She’s my friend. But if the whole house doesn’t like you there has to be a reason. The whole house can’t be wrong.” The problem with this theory, it’s actually not the whole house that hates Bridget-it’s all the girls and Paul. Just a little over a week ago all the girls hated Natalie. All the guys let them talk crap about Natalie the same way they do about Bridget. Some of the guys were even in on the plan to break up Nat and James. I know Nat has been one of the nicer people and she constantly lets everyone know that she doesn’t talk crap about anyone and constantly lets everyone know she is really, really nice. However, by her own logic, if the entire house was against her it couldn’t be the entire house that was wrong.


I think the nasty crew of Cory, Paulie, Nichole and Z need a big bite of humble pie. This foursome is about to crumble. The girls are in love and the guys (well one and a half guy) are using these 2 stupid girls. Nichole is on the wrong show. The Bachelor is her calling. They are playing the worst game. It’s going to be hilarious when they are nominated by their “boyfriends” If Bridgette stays and wins she is going after the girls.

That True

Frank likes to say that Dan’s Funeral was overrated. Well, maybe he should’ve taken notes, because Frank’s house meeting was a disaster for him.


I think he would go after Paulie. He has to know he need to take out the power… To get back in power.