“I’m coming for Nicole.. She’s gotta go.. Sorry..” – Da’Vonne

POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 14-38-05-022

11:00am Da’Vonne and Zakiyah London room
Talking about votes for Frank to stay. Da’Vonne says he needs 5, ‘We’re back to 8”
Da’Vonne- Me you and Paulie just gotta stay strong.. Wait me you Paul.. Natalie and James. . James is HOH
Da’Vonne – They need 4 and James will break the tie, he’s voting Frank out.

Da’Vonne doesn’t care if Bridgette has the roadtrip they can easily send her out.
Da – I want to see if Nicole is going to approach you after you wake up .
Zakiyah – She be acting weird
Da says she can’t believe Nicole made that comment yesterday when they were getting the hints from Big Brother about the secret. “Should we wake them up”
Da says Nicole didn’t care because “All her people were up”
Zakiyah thought they all were on the same page on getting people out, “I didn’t get it.. “
Da – She has a different agenda.
Da – I wonder who told her not to wake me up
Zakiyah – I don’t know.. That shouldn’t have been a question
Zakiyah says Nicole wasn’t even going to wake her up.
DA – hmmmmmm
Zakiyah says she now knows where the loyalties are.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 14-48-39-772

11:27am Da’Vonne and Michelle

Da – between me and you has anybody approached you about flipping the votes..
Michelle – no.. why
Da – Just asking
Mich – is it a option
Da – No … I hope not
Mich – if anybody it would be me.. Everyone wants him gone.. Everyone… anyone said anything to you
Da – he’s just perky today and I want to know why
Michelle says she’s heard from people in the house that Frank has started campaigning
Mich – trust me everyone wants him out don’t worry.. I’m just curious what he says to throw Bridgette under the bus
Da – I was trying to grab you and james together but james is doing his thing
Da – I trust he doesn’t have the ticket
Michelle – ya
Da – It’ll be a easy 4 weeks for us.. Bridgette out, Victor out, Nat out..
Michelle says she hates it when people are in the kitchen that she doesn’t like she wants to cook
Michelle leaves..
Da to camera – it’s getting rough trying to get Frank outta this house is hard.. I hope everybody sticks to the plan.. That’s 1 down.. Get Bridgette outta here that’s 2 .. then I’m coming for Nicole.. She’s gotta go.. Sorry..

Da – If Bridgette wins HOH get Nicole out.. We can get the votes.. I think so

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 14-31-30-223

11:41am Paulie, Paul and Victor

Paulie – Da’Vonne is paranoid as all hell
Victor – ya I know.. she come up to you
Paulie – She’s everywhere
Victor – she can’t just relax

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 14-45-57-765

HOH Pictures

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 15-09-20-048
2:40pm Natalie and James…
Natalie – I grew up in a 3rd world I can handle myself..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 15-09-47-055
2:50pm HOH Zakiyah and Nicole
Talking about Frank trying to get people to not trust Nicole
Nicole – I haven’t been able to figure out what he’s trying to do since he’s been in the house..

Nicole explains why Frank is mad at her, “he told Corey I’m the sole reason Da stayed last week.. And that is why he’s on the blocK”

Nicole – he’s been throwing my name under the bus since week 2..
Nicolle tells her that she’s not done anything to jeopardize Zakiyah’s game. If she throws Frank under the bus it’s to help their game it doesn’t mean she’s throwing her “People” under the bus.

Zakiyah says she trusts Meech and Nicole the most, “I don’t talk to Corey very much but i know he’s trustworthy… I trust Coco.. you three I really really trust.. I tell the most to you and Paulie”

Nicole says she hasn’t heard much that is going around other than Frank is throwing her name around.
Zakiyah – Paulie was acting weird.. He really wasn’t going to say anything to me he’s just letting my a$$ sleep
Nicole – it’s over that was a bad day

Nicole – I hate that I was called out by Frank.. Everyone knew that Da and Frank were after each other..

Zakiyah says Da’Vonne is talking to her again, “I still don’t trust her.. The simple fact she said what she said before throwing me and Paulie under the bus”

Nicole doesn’t care who they betray in this game as long as they don’t betray each other.
Nicole saying if you’re loyal to every single person in the game you won’t win

Zakiyah – i trusted Da in the beginning
Nicole – I’m trying to trust her again .. I trust Corey I trust Paulie I trust Meech
Zakiyah – that’s about it.. Pauls convenient
Nicole – Pauls good.. I don’t know whose back he has totally.. he’s not on my radar..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 14-56-24-275
2:55pm Nicole creeping through the tunnel into Paris..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 15-21-43-415

3:37pm Because it hasn’t been talked about enough. Paul, Michelle and Da’Vonne talking about ways they could have hidden the Secret Paris room.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 15-46-15-644
3:40pm Safari room Paulie and Victor
Paulie – If I win HOH I think i’ll Backdoor Da.. real talk.. Not worried about Bridgette I think she’ll like us
Victor – ya

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-26 16-14-30-072

4:00pm Frank and Bridgette Safari room
Frank says Paulie and Z are sleeping in Bridgette’s bed
Bridgette – Nicole and Corey were being weird.. gross flirty.. felt weird so I left.
Frank – they are weird.. I hate her I really do..
Frank gives her a 7.5-9 out of 10, “I very much dislike her”
Bridgette gives her a 7
Frank says Paul is a 6
Bridgette – 7 going on 8
Frank – James is a 8
Bridgette agrees
Frank – Michelle’s a 6
Bridgette – she’s a 8
Frank – “YA I know for you.. that’s the thing I got asked about in there (DR) she was bawling..”
..Feeds cut..
When we’re back “I’m the one f***g going home you could have used it don’t be pitiful me”

Victor joins them. They are annoyed about the showmances because they whisper all night keeping people up.

Frank – OH my god that’s something else I had to talk about..
Frank impersonating the Diary room “Well you know .. You and Bridgette could both be here on Thursday because one of your tickets might be”
Frank – ok whatever.. don’t try and get my f****g hopes up BRAH .. I know the way probabilities work.. would rather slime odds than no odds.

4:30pm.. .most the house is sleeping.
Bridgette and Frank are sharing bar stories in the safari room.
Paule, Corey and Nicole are laughing about Victor wanting to use a catch phrase “FitVic” like Paul has “Friendship” and Corey has “Pizza”

4:50pm… nothing really going on..

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Did any of you hear a rumor that Big Brother 19 is going to air in the fall this year, right after this season is over.


Just a rumor on one site. I cant see it being on the full CBS network. BB has great ratings for summer but hard to deliver the numbers needed for fall.

Would people ever have an appetite for a one-time Celebrity BB? Im sure it would do well (like it does in the UK), but could hurt interest in the ‘pure’ show.


I’m not much for social media and stuff so I didn’t see that rumor, but I don’t think they would do that. I personally believe CBS only keeps BB around, despite it getting tired and trite, is b/c they don’t have anything else to put on in the summer. The one time they did put BB on in the fall/winter was BB9 and that was only b/c that was the year of the writer’s strike and all the networks were scrambling to get something on the air to keep viewers and ratings. And besides they have Survivor for the fall reality show and putting BB on at the same time would just not work.


Corey has a few things to figure out about himself.


He has them figured OUT.


All the cards are losers! No one has a return card! What they will do is call Frank to the D.R. Production will tell Frank to bring his envelope and swap it with the return trip back in the house! That’s how they will guarantee Frank stays in the game!


I hope they do. Frank keeps things interesting because he actually plays the game. Everyone else is just boring!!!!


I can’t stand Frank or Bridgette and I hope they don’t have it.


I can’t imagine the house without Frank in it.


I’m all for that.


I’m not worried about Frank productions gots it rigged for him, like they did my boy Derek season. No worries Frank fans 🙂


Corey has some things to finger out? What?


He fingers it out nightly. Yeah, I said it.

Howard's gonna rape me

Sauce or relish.


Frank For The Return

Jimmy. 64

Hey Anonymous Frank can go to hell !!!!!!!!!

Corey's slippers

Corey doesn’t have anything to figure out! She saw how our man Vic was stroking us! It’s going to get nasty tonight. I might be rubbing on Vic under the covers. Bone alert!!!! Holla!!!


I think he’s figured out that he has a showmance with a whiny 8th grader…
Nicole is dancing on my last nerve.


Yes get nicole out! And is Cory officially “out”


Fiiiiiiiine. I’ll go hooooooome. Whateveeeeeeer.

Itchy Da

Nicole has got to go, damnit if it’s the last thing I gotta do, imma get yo lilly white ass out this house.
That’s it, I’m done. Sorry.
Point Blank and my period

Your Boy

Yo, Your boy here thinks this is, by far, the absolutely weakest set of women BB has EVER had.
Nicole – A walking lady-boner. She has no backbone. She cares more about winning Corey than 500K.
Da – Way too emotional. Scared to make a big move. Has no one in this game. Gunning for other girls
Z – Worthless in this game. Absolutely worthless….wants other girls out
Michele – First rate b*tch. Going after Brig.
Brig – She is cool, can win comps, but not a leader.
Nat – She’s sweet, but brings nothing to the table as far as game play goes.
Corey – Gay, just pretends he is not.
Before long, it will be another sausage party after all the girls are out. Don’t doubt your boy!


If frank ends up leaving the big brother house im done with big brother for another year. 3 years in a row now that i have trouble staying entertained by the big brother house.


If your enjoyment of the show revolves around one person then maybe it’s just not the show for you.


Victor was only asking Corey in his ear if he felt his dick, that’s why Nicole didn’t hear.
And Corey is the reason for Victor’s raging boners.


I loved the earlier seasons but ever since season 15 it feels like absoulty no one trys to play the game anymore. They either try to get into a showmance or follow the mob mentality. It stays like that for so long that they became stale.

Fuzzy NumNum

Well, bye


Has anyone else noticed that Corey is down low gay


that’s hillarious – after the first show i told my wife – i think that dude is gay.


Basically everyone.


you just jealous because no one wants to touch your ugly ass


everyone but Nicole has noticed that Corey is gay. Nicole is already jealous of Victor spending time with Corey.


Yes! Because he is…lmao

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

I’m hoping Corey picked the card with the camping trip. I just adooore Brokeback Mountain! Now where did I pack those spurs…..?


Yep, he’s down low. When Paulie and Bridgette had to wear the cardboard pixel, he was caught staring at paulie’ ass, not the females.

Bryn Mawr Mama

That clip of Corey with his head on Victor’s lap is the HAPPIEST he’s been in the house. I don’t care if he’s gay, but not cool to lead Nicole on. That would be devastating to any woman.
But Vic? Sorry, my gaydar isn’t really pinging on him. It’s a very Frankie and Zac thing.

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

Nicole can be our egg donor/birthing vessel when Vic and I start our family!


9 votes Da’. Only two people on the block.


This is the type of stuff that I just have to shake my head about. Facts getting some thumbs down.


Here we ago again with DA being DA. Like, Julie girl, calm down. If you don’t win HOH this week, your ass is going home Julie girl. I’m like damn Julie girl! (all spoken the way DA talks in her DRs)


Corey and Victor should do the nasty already.


Not gonna lie… I’d watch that. 😉


I’m not knocking anyone in the house but everyone seems to overlook why frank and Bridgette were nominated. They may not be in a “showmance” but they’re a dangerous couple who will work together, vote together and (frank) has a great gift of being able to charm his way out of danger. I personally don’t mind either of them but I think as a game move it’s just as good as breaking up a couple. They each other’s final 2 as the rest of the house sees that.


Pretty much the whole house is coupled up though. If I were one in the game id vote to keep a big target in the game to keep the focus on them and not me. Well at least a couple more weeks.


That picture of Corey and Victor kills me! How can Nicole look at them sitting like that (hand on the thigh and all), and not have a million bells going off in her head? Lmfao


Just one gigantic gong!


Because Nicole lives on Denial Street!!!!

Backseat Driver

She’s a dumbass that’s why….

Howard's gonna rape me

Nicole can’t relax unless she’s wearing a squirrel or rabbit suit. She’s a Furry.

Crazy Stuff

What picture you talking about of Corey and Victor did I miss something.

Crazy Stuff

Oh… I see the pictures now I over looked these pictures. Wow to much

Corey's closet

Nicole is the type of girl a closet gay man loves! She is delusional haha


Well Corey finally looks like he’s getting his wish. At the start of the season he mentioned a ‘bromance’ with Vic and now he’s laying in his lap. Which means we’ll hear Nicole whining and crying about it all night tonight.


Corey seems genuinely happy with Victor 🙂


Why are Paulie and Zakiyah wearing sunglasses in the house? He must be a shady sneaky snake and she must be crying again.


Exactly what they said about Tiffany wearing them. Hmmmm lol


Victor don’t mind playing along,
But Corey will be so mad when victor moves in on Nicole.
Yes victor!
Split those two up.

Unbattled Block

If Corey is not already gay, He is pretty high up on the waiting list

Not that there’s anything wrong with that (Seinfeld)


You couldn’t find a better place to put the site address on that Nat pic? Obstructed view. lol


Bridgitte has social anxiety, If Paul bullies her next week I hope a real man puts him in his place. Hoping she wins HOH so she has the power over him. When Paul was alone and without friends in the house, he cried like a baby. He is only tough because he thinks he has his entourage to back him up. Paul on his own is spineless. Also he has to wait till Frank it is out of the house for him to intimidate her. He is too much of a coward to do when Frank’s in the house. Hope he gets put up on the block with Paulie, and he finds out his entourage has left him high and dry.


Both Paul and Paulie are douches, but paul is also a phony, hypocritical, coward. Totally ball-less.

Fuzzy NumNum

That’s because he’s already ripped them off and thrown them at somebody or something.


I find myself avoiding Paul on the feeds as much as possible these days.

Just Me

Hmmmmm, that pic of Victor and Corey! WOW! Right in your face Nicole, and they both are so relaxed and look so happy!

Fuzzy Num Num

I think Vicorey makes a nice couple.
“Sniff” with my nose in the air.


Corey is really good looking..but if he was muscular then he would be perfect…just like Caleb…

Mama Day is so smart…

are Day and Z still working together or not anymore??/ Does Michelle really trust Day??

sunny dee

in the Z and Nicole conversation there is sounds like Z is well aware that Paulie was the one saying nicole couldn’t wake anyone else up. day is talking to Z saying that nicole chose not to, but she was being told not to. If someone is timid like nicole and asks first, and is told no, she’s the last person who is going to turn around and say, whatever, i’m going to wake them up. but she’s not like that, but now day is trying to spin to Z, who already knows it was paulie not waking her up actually, and telling nicole to not wake her up, so it’s paulie to blame. which is only going to get Z to wonder why is day doing that, it’s a shady thing to do. and typical of what day does, she talks too much because majority of what she is saying is putting targets on people who she should actually be loyal and working with, all because she wanted nicole and james to herself really. it’s the only explanation, she’ll make a reason to put corey and nicole on the block saying she wants nicole out, when really she just wants corey out but can’t say that, in order to keep nicole and tuck her in.

Crazy Stuff


Crazy Stuff

Someone must told them this game is called Flip Flop. All HG is all over the place I can’t tell who with who! Worse BB season ever by far! They all talk to much can’t hold secrets from each other. Your guess is good as mind. I don’t know if Day and Zakiyah still working together. Does Michelle trust Day as far as she can throw her. Nicole and Zakiyah trust there man 100%. Now what’s wrong with this picture and them two girls.


Who the hell is Coco? Corey?

Howard's gonna rape me

Ice Cube’s wife.


Actually, it’s Ice T’s wife but that’s neither here nor there :P..

Froot Loop Dingus

Simon and Dawg… In the poll for round trip ticket you have Paulie twice and no Paul.

Jam Jam

Doesn’t matter. Paul, Paulie same thing.


Does anyone else think if the round trip isn’t used in the next 4 weeks, they will then do a jury buy back?
Otherwise what’s the point in doing the round ticket only for 4 weeks!
I think it would be great if they did it for the rest of the season!


I cannot believe that Paulie, Frank, James or even DA hasn’t made a comment about Corey and Victor!?!?

tea leaves

What is the question for the third pole?


I had to click on results first to see the question.
It Is “Who do you want to have the Round Trip”
But something still weird. I only see 3 names to vote for but the results has everyone’s name.

tea leaves

Ok thanks!


James face when Nat says she can handle herself b/c of 3rd world country is just hysterical. Win this thing James!


Frank and Bridgette remaining in The Big Brother Game would be compelling: The Big Brother Game dynamic would command the paramount “Big Brother Expect The Unexpected” one and only Game Rule.

Frank and Bridgette staying in the game on July 28 would bring back the notable, unforgettable, celebrated Big Brother viewer appreciation and fervor that has been sorely missed for years.

Big Brother was a game that Big Brother Game Players approached with cunning methods, subtle tactics, and grand schemes. There was loyalty and zealous devotedness players gave to the Game of Big Brother. There was a time when individual players engaged in playing the Game of Big Brother – the players persevered, buckled down, and continued to exert themselves to push forward to defy the odds. The majority of Big Brother Game Players supported the contest.

Big Brother was able to create and give memorable moments / game players to viewers.

Now, it seems, the majority of Big Brother Game Players are more interested in complying with “The House,” seeking out “showmances,” causing the Game of Big Brother to stay in state of idle as Game Players seem to neglect to play The Game of Big Brother.

Big Brother has a fan base for a reason – and the fan base is loyal as it seems viewers are hopeful that the past events and experiences of Big Brother will reoccur. Viewers are hopeful that The Game of Big Brother that they first watched causing them to become fans of the show will reappear.

Big Brother can utilize their trademark “expect the unexpected” to keep Frank and Bridgette in the game. Let “The House” feel the displeasure, shame, and disappointment that Big Brother Viewers feel when The Game of Big Brother is reduced to discussion of Zakiyah putting on a sanitary pad in the storage room surrounded by the food supply, 4 people in the room, and then Zakiyah putting her unwashed hand into the community chip bag, Paul’s numerous descriptions of how he is going to punch Bridgette in the face, Paulie’s Godfather cliche’s.

Big Brother can used their 18 year old catch phrase “expect the unexpected” to keep Frank and Bridgette in the game – and to the chagrin of “The House” make the Big Brother Game Players play the Game of Big Brother. Frank and Bridgette obtaining safety and HOH Power on July 28 will allow fans / viewers to watch Big Brother with excitement – excitement similar to Big Brother / Big Brother Game Players of the past (the Big Brother of the past that so many Big Brother viewers have been hopeful to see the last several years).

It would be a fantastic Big Brother moment for Frank and Bridgette to remain in The Big Brother House Thursday July 28, 2016 (Frank and Bridgette remaining in the Big Brother Game on July 28, 2016 and rising to HOH power).

Simon and Dawg, Thank you for your dedication! Thank you to everyone on the onlinebigbrother community. This is a wonderful place for fans / viewers of Big Brother! Reading Simon and Dawg’s posts and poster comments is often more enjoyable than watching Big Brother.

Missin' Big Brother

You absolutely nailed it!! Other than the rauncy sex capades and bad habits and language, this could be on one of the preteen channels. Pretty juvenile stuff.


The house guest do not like Frank, that is why he is on the block. If Ms. Grinder has the fix in to keep Frank and his toy doll, why bother to watch. Just give them their checks and get it over.

Powder Puff Girls

I enjoyed reading your post!


great post BB16Viewer.

Froot Loop Dingus

Not sure if anyone knows (or cares) but that nasty Frankie Grande will be on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK.
One major reason not to watch. Ugh!


Corey has been more affectionate with Victor than Nicole.


Nicole won’t let Corey be to affectionate with her around others. Everytime he tries she gets up or pats him to stop.


Why does Da keep saying who she is going after, who she is going to put on the block ? Did they change the rules, and now they will let people who can’t keep their mouth shut, who can’t win one single competition, someone needs to explain to her that you need to WIN something called HOH.

Once you win the HOH, then you can nominate someone, then you can put them on the block, Da is playing the same game she played on the last time she was on the show, all talk, Lies and gets caught, does not know when to keep her mouth shut !!!

I really will not be sad to see Da sent packing, I thought she would do better this time around, but that is not the case. Da is not a good player for this game, she has no play, she is not a competitive person who can win anything, but always talking about what she is going to do, please just go away Da.


Why is Dawg on the polls? Is he really that desperate to be on the show?


Corey’s catch phrase is pizza? That’s like a joke, right? Kinda like how a serving size of ice cream is a half a cup.


Does douchebag Paulie ever wear a shirt? Pompous a$$ H owl.


Ok, if Nicole cannot see that Corey is either Bi or Gay, she is oblivious to what is happening around her. Corey and Victor seem way to touchy to one another to not be into each other.

I also am sick of Nicole and Z, neither one of them can see that the guys they are so into, both will have no problem kicking team to the curb.

Someone please tell Paulie to let his hair grow back. I am so sick of Paulie & Paul, they both are riding my last nerve, both of them think they are running things, whoever wins HOH, I hope they put Paulie & Paul both on the block.


Sounds like Paulie has been drinking his own koolaid.

Butters Mom

Is it possible all of the men in the house are gay this season? I mean Paulie isnt really into Z and Victor seems to be just as into Corey as Corey is into Victor… Paul is questionable and Frank may not really have a gf on the outside… Nothing has really gone on between James and Natalie has it?… maybe all the “boys” are gay?

Howard's gonna rape me

Sette down, Mom. You can not turn all the boys gay. This isnt a video game.t

Get gone

Frank better be gone thrusday!!
I didn’t want Zack attack evicted but he was
I didn’t want Jeff evicted but
he was
I didn’t want Brandon evicted but
He was
So get over it and get gone Frank !!!

your boy

Here’s to hoping that all HGs open their envelopes at the same time causing a mass eviction and CBS bringing an all star BB in the fall.

I lick Powder Puff donuts

Here’s to hoping Paul opens/hides/tampers with Frank or Bridgette’s envelope and gets a penalty. I would not put it past him to do this to get a high five from Paulie.


Yep they both totally look attracted to each other!
Straight men would not have his hand resting on another mans knee and Vic is stroking Corys hair
But they do make a cute couple!!

Ariana Grande Stinks

Bridgette is THE WORST. “I am a nice person, I like everyone. I’m a nurse!”, and then to Frank: “I hate everyone! Michelle is 8, Paul is 8, Paulie is 9 [out of 10 hate points]”

You sneaky little Cabbage Patch hypocrite!

I lick Powder Puff donuts

I wish she would just zip it on the dislike bandwagon and start strategizing, go to the other players make some deals. She know’s who not to trust, stop talking about them personally it will not change anything only make you look worst than #meangirls Z, Michell, Paul and Da


Considering virtual everyone here hates Meech it makes some sense


Has there ever been a true “bromance showmance” on BB before? I think we’re witnessing the start of one brewing. Nicole? Hello? Is there anybody in there? (As Pink Floyd so eloquently sang.)

Mike Booger

Frankie and Zach. I think there was some truth to it!


No. They only cast one overly flamboyant guy each year.


I gotta say, it IS a little embarrassing that the overwhelming majority of BB fans, myself included, are HOPING and PRAYING for a FRANK re-entry on Thursday. And I will admit it, I’ve been a Frank fan since his season, but this is really NOT about Frank anymore. It’s about how piss-poor, boring and non-gamer the remaining hgs are. Go to any bb fan site or social media this week and it seems everyone is dreading the anticlimactic fizzle this season is gonna have without a Frank in that house. These groupthink casts have gotta go. A season’s SIZZLE and popularity should NOT rest in the hands ONE contestant. But, here we are…about 2 months from the end and this season NEEDS Frank to not only get back in, BUT IMMEDIATELY gain HOH power. Where are we as a franchise if we are all out here in the real world behind our keyboards BEGGING for a production tamper to help one guy??? Not good. And again, I LIKE Frank.

Howard's gonna rape me

I don’t like Frank, but when he goes this becomes a vomitfest.


Frank? I like him only because he`s hot…other than that he is really boring. What game is he playing? None…..the house only turned on him because they know CBS gave the 2 roadkills to him…..and then Tifanny…and is always like that whenb they realize production in manipulating towards someone…they go after that person.

but this season is really a bore….would get interesting only if Day goes after the couples and they turn on each other….and Nicole and Z going after Corey and Paulie after realizing they a both gay and not into them…


I am still nauseated by Z changing her menstrual pad and then digging into the bag of chips. Without washing her hands! Yuck!

Franks fumes

I’m really beginning to belive one of the twists is his Coco and vic are a couple…


I was worried that when Victor came back Paul would latch on to him, convince him to get a matching haircut, and they would become the PPV alliance (or the 3 stooges). Instead, it seems that Paul was intimidated feeling that Victor could be a threat to his newly formed Friendship and Nicole took over on Victor’s new makeover. For good sportsmanship (in dealing with Nicole giving him pigtails) and for incredible stamina in listening to Jozea and Paul talk endlessly (without wanting to stab himself in the ears) I have decided to root for Victor. But only if he is just pretending to be nice and he really plans to slit all their throats (no-not literally) starting with P and little P.

Fuzzy Num Num

Ok Grendan, I’ll follow you down this rabbit hole. If Victor is truly just waiting for his chance to shove Not-Cody out the door, and his little bearded monkey minion right after. I’ll say YAY VICTOR! If not I’ll go back to wanting all of them sprayed with Raid.


What if Frank really won the get back in card? Now if he did, which he could, everyone will say it had to have been rigged. I like Frank too, but if it’s time for him to leave. I’m okay with that. The game most go on. I’m kinda hoping he stays but with rig-gate going on…
Let’s just wait and see.



So victor has a showmance with corey?
In corey’s eyes I can feel full of love


Paul has been talking to the cameras for what seems like an hour. I switched from him to watch BB beauty salon. Checked back and he was giving beard advice. Left. Went back-still beards. I guess there is more to know than I realized. Left again. Went back to find out he was giving his dissertation on tattoos. It lasted a really, really long time. I couldn’t help but wonder-for a guy who seems to know so much about tattoos, why did he get such a bad one? I am not a tattoo artist but I have watched enough Ink Master to know that Paul’s tattoo is really not good.


I read on another site that Corey and Nicole did the deed last night on the feeds. Is there any truth to that?

I lick Powder Puff donuts

Sounds to me like Da’Vonne is taking credit for the evictions else why speak to us?

“Da to camera – it’s getting rough trying to get Frank outta this house is hard.. I hope everybody sticks to the plan.. That’s 1 down.. Get Bridgette outta here that’s 2 .. then I’m coming for Nicole.. She’s gotta go.. Sorry..”

we are not on the jury Da’Vonne!