Big Brother 18 Week 5 Top Animated Gifs

The 5th week of Animated Gifs For Big Brother 18. My favorite is probably the Corey Victor ones showing thier budding showmance.

Gif’s in no particular order..

Let me know which one is your favorite.

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12 thoughts on “Big Brother 18 Week 5 Top Animated Gifs

  1. Yo, Simon/Dawg, where is the gif of Paul’s mouth being taped shut?

    Oh wait, that hasn’t happened yet? Damn!

  2. Yea Corey gay, 1st he watches Frank in the shower, then he napping in the lap of Victor. He should tell Nicole, she confused.

  3. DEFINITELY Corey and Victor….”so happy together” tune plays in my head. LOL Doesn’t Corey look happier there than he has all season? Just sayin.

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