SECRET ROOM – 12 Envelopes with 1 round trip ticket to re-enter the house if evicted!

POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 17-21-52-342

5:20pm Natalie tries numbers in the phone booth phone and then comes out saying I’m not a good private detector. Victor says detective. Natalie says oh yeah private detective.

5:25pm HOH room – Corey, James, and Paul. Paul says I think I have it. What I need is for everyone to disperse. If you can keep him (Frank) busy. The situation needs to calm down and I need to be up here for a minute. All I know is keep homie away from it. He doesn’t have it completely figured out but we need him away from the Phone Booth so he doesn’t mess it up. Corey asks why don’t you just crack it and be done with it. Paul says because I don’t want to be out there messing with it. If that’s a diamond power of veto or something that lets you take two people off. … why else would it be after the veto ceremony. Paul leaves and tries to throw the others off by telling them he thinks it has to do with the planes on the wall. Frank joins them and says I really don’t think its something we can figure out right now. Frank leaves. Corey asks James why won’t Paul tell us it right now? Paul asks Frank did you try putting in all the numbers? Frank says yeah and different combinations of them too. Nicole and Z come up to the HOH room. James tells them that Paul got a message on the phone and won’t say what it is. Z asks so should we all try and see if we land on something. James says Paul figured out the combination and I’m pretty sure Frank did too. Frank said I might have heard something .. and then he winked at me.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 17-30-32-268

Outside the HOH room – Frank, Paul, Bridgette and Natalie are milling around trying to figure out the code. Paul says there

Meanwhile down in the London Bedroom – James is trying the other phone booth phone.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 17-42-00-851

5:40pm Paul is trying numbers in the Phone booth outside the HOH room. There is a voice on the other end saying congratulations you have just discovered the secret destination. By your feet a a door will unlatch. Once inside you will need to close this door behind you to go through the tunnel into the secret destination. It maybe in your best interest to keep this a secret. If you are ready to enter the tunnel it will open in 5 seconds. If not hang up the phone and return when the coast is clear. Paul hangs up the phone and opens the latch. He drops into the tunnel and crawls through it into the Secret Paris Room. Inside the room Paul finds a card and reads it.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 17-53-31-078

Congratulations on finding the secret destination. Before you are 12 sealed envelopes containing a big brother airlines ticket. 11 of the envelopes have a one way ticket but one has a round trip ticket. Any one that finds this secret destination may choose an envelope. Once an envelope is claimed it is yours and you may not exchange it for a different one. If you’re evicted your envelope will be opened on stage revealing your ticket. If you hold the round trip ticket you will immediately go back into the house for a second shot at the 500K grand prize. You must keep the envelope sealed as the ticket is only valid if opened on stage with Julie on your eviction. If you open the envelope it void. If you tamper with another house guests envelope you may be subject to a penalty. It is up to you whether you tell the other house guests about this room or the envelopes. Remember the more people that enter the room the greater chance…

Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 17-50-39-551

5:55pm Paul comes out tells the others in the living room about entering the room. He tells the room is a Paris room. He says 1 of these ticket contains a round trip ticket. He says there were cards laid out and I just picked one. Paul says it sucks we can’t even open it. Frank asks what was the code? Paul says you’ll have to figure it out. The he says I added the numbers together. They keep hounding him for the code but Paul says he can’t say and doesn’t want to get it taken away.

6:06pm – 6:25pm Victor cracks the code and enters the room. Vic reads the instructions and then grabs a card and heads back out. Big Brother blocks the feeds again.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 18-07-15-964

6:40pm The feeds return to Big Meech in the secret room.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 18-39-56-243

Everyone has their card from the secret room now!

6:40pm – 6:55pm Big Brother blocks the feeds and then return when Meech comes out. She tells Paul that someone is a F**king Liar! Paul asks who am I a liar? Meech says because you didn’t even mention the part about.. Paul says FOOL! I was going to wait until Frank & Bridgette were both evicted and tell all of you guys to go get a f**king card. But now that everybody knows and they have it… when you evict Frank and he comes right back I’ll be like way to go guys .. round of applause!! Natalie says but we didn’t know .. and I thought it was a vacation so I really wanted to get in there. Michelle says I feel like they wanted us to keep it a secret. Natalie says I knew you were lying down there. Paul asks so do you walk out with this when you leave? Paul says yeah. Paul says Bridgette look at me like F**K you .. you didn’t tell me. Michelle asks do you think this is taking place of Jury buy back? Paul says yes. Paul says they (BB) already know who won. (The cards have numbers on them) Paulie says F**k those two (Frank & Bridgette) I’ll send them both right back out if one one of them comes back. Da says I wish you would have just done a midnight psst… psst! Paul says I couldn’t I felt like they were about to figure it out.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 18-49-30-817

7pm – 7:15pm Nicole is mad because Corey didn’t immediately tell her the code. She says that she saw Natalie tell James. I found out from James. I absolutely would have pulled you aside and told you. Corey says its just crazy that you’re mad at me for that. Nicole says it was frustrating that I was in that room and .. Corey says I didn’t know if they wanted me to tell you or not. Nicole says well everyone knew it at that point. Corey says I’m not sure why I’m in trouble when everyone figured it out by looking. Nicole says once you went in there I figured you would just tell me. Corey says I was just doing what Paul told me to do and not tell anyone. Nicole says I just don’t want you to be mad at me about it. Paul joins them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 19-01-21-477

7:15pm – 7:25pm Storage room – Frank and Michelle head into the storage room. Michelle is crying. Frank says that main reason I am telling you is because you have to know that you can’t trust everybody in this damn house. Michelle is crying and says I just feel bad. Z and Da join them. She says I don’t want people to think that I’m attacking Bridgette. So times I say things like strategy-wise. I do better what I just don’t talk to anyone. I just feel bad. I feel bad for him too. Frank says don’t feel bad for me. Da says he might be coming back. Michelle says I don’t know why I’m crying .. you guys are holding it together. I just don’t want to be held in that light .. as a bad person because its not me. Da says at least you talked to her. Frank says don’t beat yourself up about it. Da says neither of you are going to leave thinking this person is a bully or this person is a bully. Clean slate. They leave the room.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 19-23-11-359

7:30pm Paulie says we vote out Frank and if he doesn’t have it (doesn’t have the round trip ticket back into the house) then we vote out Bridgette and then Da.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 19-28-06-133

7:30pm Frank, Bridgette and Z are talking. Frank says You voted out Tiff right? And how sure are you that Paulie did. Z says we both did. Frank says I thought you could trust James. Obviously he went against his word with her (Bridgette) and he swore on his daughters life that he voted out Tiffany. And if me, you, Paulie and Natalie voted out Tiffany. I’m really starting to wonder about his moral character. You know what I’m saying. I know Natalie didn’t vote her (Bronte) out .. that was her friend. Da joins them. Frank says I know one name for sure thanks to Da. Da says you’re welcome. Natalie joins them. Natalie says I’m not the smartest bulb in the pack. Is that a saying?! Frank says no. Not the brightest crayon.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-25 19-31-50-429

7:40pm – 7:50pm Havenot room – Michelle talking to Da and says I just don’t want to be seen as season 15. Da says I cussed him about that. First of all you might not be getting what I’m getting. It wasn’t your place to say that. You never discuss money in here. Michelle says I felt like I betrayed him. Michelle says I wish he (Paul) would have just done it in secret. Michelle asks what else can I say to her (Bridgette). Da says you’ve said all you can say what does she want you to do .. kiss her a$$? Michelle says I think so. Da says when her ankle was messed up, you were the one helping her. A bully wouldn’t do that. Michelle asks do you think there will still be a jury buy back? Da says no, not if one of them (Frank or Bridgette) have it. Michelle says I feel like there is still one more week.

7:55pm – 8pm Frank and Bridgette talk about their dislike for Paul. Bridgette says what a piece of sh*t with the numbers. Frank says I know right like don’t lead us down the wrong path. Frank says I don’t know if I trust Paulie. Bridgette says I don’t. I trust Nat. Frank says I have a hard time believing Corey when everyone else knew what was going on but him. On Thursday I’m going home and can watch him being a piece of sh*t.

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Sooo frank and bridge still have a shot this way even though Paul got it first


I’m hoping neither get it as they aren’t my favorites.


Michelle or Nicole either


I feel like barfing every time I hear Nicole’s whiny voice now….

Just a Fan

If there was ever a time that Big Brother could rig something I hope this is the time. PLEASE get Frank back in the house. it will be a borefest otherwise.

Crazy Stuff

Paul… should have kept his mouth shut and secretly looked around the house. Talk too much all of them can NOT keep a secret. Mouths are too too BIG. Why run around the house letting other HG know you are on to something. Just shut your mouth. Now Frank and Bridgette have a chance to pull the round trip ticket and all of the other HG may have a chance to be safe as well. I don’t understand why the HG feel a need to tell everything. Too young to play BB. We need more of a mature group of people playing this game. Shame on you BB. Game is some what boring at times. Because they do not know how to play the game. I am sick of tired of being sick of tired with this group of HG. As the shark tank would say “am OUT”###


I really don’t get the casting decisions at all. I don’t think it’s youth that’s the problem, rather maturity, IQ, life experience.

The reality is unless they bump up the prize $250K after taxes to draw more candidates, it will be more of the same….and since BB isn’t a hit, that’s unlikely…but since they’re not a hit, it’s time to change the game beyond small twists and keep changing it.

What I’d like to see is shrink the cast to 12, then after week 3, all the evicted go to sequester house but are told 1 could return (we want them all talking freely and it’s all on the live feeds…sorry Simon and Dawg), then once 4 go in, the next person evicted starts the jury and the 4 sequestered all return to the house.

Not saying it’s the best shake up but they need change the game so the blueprint to play is re-drawn and a new Will, a new Dan, etc emerges.

Crazy Stuff

Sorry! you are right…I was trying to say the maturity level is not there for this game. Sorry for saying they are too young to play the game.

sunny dee

why not just let everyone go to jury. let them watch the actual episodes to catch up on what has been going on, and let them all vote. One thing that seems ‘cheap’ about these shows is that people do have to take leave or actually quit their jobs, for a small chance of a payout. maybe the pool of candidates would be more diverse (assuming BB even wants more than stock characters) if everyone knew they would get stipend for the entire duration of the show. still entertainment for the viewers if they spend more time with jury members doing stuff, maybe even doing stuff to annoy the HGs (BBCAN is good at that stuff 🙂 )


I’m on board with them all. I think money draws talent, period….and BB’s payout is nothing to sneeze at, but nowhere near enough for people to blow off 3 months of what they do in the real world.

But since that’s unlikely, they just need to do more than small, easy to navigate twists….they need to blow up the game people think they know. So you do my dual house, double elimination shift. The following season players wonder if they need to evict allies to the 2nd house, since they’ll be back. Will players campaign to be evicted to the 2nd house, avoiding any battles of eviction, power struggles? Will player’s paranoia of what’s happening in the other house blow things up? Then the next season, you go back to the old way, except now everybody goes to jury, in a house with past/present live feeds.

I don’t root for winners, just entertainment….and BB has the same dynamic for too long now. It’s no different than any other show that’s exactly the same. At least hugely successful shows have a reason to stay with the formula. BB has political cover from Mrs. Moonves and the ratings to suggest the need for creativity and innovation.

Billy Bot

The sad part about casting decisions is that very few applicants are selected. Many are recruited, related to previous houseguests, or repeat houseguests. They usually go for the pretty young boys and girls who are often dumb as rocks. A 61 year old man with 2 college degrees who isn’t is a little overweight and not-so gorgeous doesn’t stand a chance even though I have ben a fan for about 10 years.


Paul is an annoying idiot. I cannot wait for him to be on the block for real, not a pawn. He. Needs. To. Go.

TX rar

Paul acts like no one else was trying codes. He just entered it FIRST. I love the VICTOR figured out the code second. He is a lot smarted then people are giving him credit for. He won both thinking & physical comps. His main fault is that he’s too nice a guy. He even gave the code to others after he got his envelope. Victor’s a better guy than Corey (who didnt tell Nicole) or Paulie (who tried to get all the envelops voided-which production would not have allowed).

How I'd do it

Here is what I woulda done if I was production. I woulda put 12 1 way tickets into the box and then get whatever hg I wanted to win the Round trip ticket to bring their ticket with them into the DR then swap their ticket for the round trip. That’s what I’d do if I was gonna rig it.

Crazy Stuff

After Paul broke the code it should have been over no one else could go in. What was the purpose of having multiple HG going in and picking up a card.
BB staff could have just passed the envelopes out to everyone. okay am just saying. AT THE END OF THE DAY THEY ALL HAVE ENVELOPES now what’s wrong with this picture. Wow! Don’t like it at all.


Yeah kind of dumb. Should have at least had a period of time when the phone was “not in service, try again later” type of thing. Should have been a limit. Should have been rules about not talking about it period rather than “you might want to keep it secret.”


Easy to rig….All the tickets are the same..The one that reads Round Trip will be exchanged to whoever BB wants to have it in the DR.

Crazy Stuff

Now! what’s wrong with this picture. They all have envelopes. Crazzzy Stuff


Go Paul! Congrats.


WTF CBS, you’re supposed to rig this, not just throw away the power


lol. it would looked suspicious if Frank would of gotten it first. Frank will grab the last envelope with the round trip back in the game.


And if that turns out to be wrong will you admit it, or just silently fade away and hope no one remembers?


ROFL… There is no round trip ticket in any of those 12 envelopes. hehehe Second set of 12 numbered envelopes sitting empty in AG’s office. She picks who she wants back and exchange that person’s number with one with a round trip ticket. WTF is the HG being saved going to do rat out production?
Between the RK winner not being able to be seen through edits as the winner until tackle box to the open, opportunity to mess with those 12 envelopes it’s starting to look like BB Can 3 instead of BB USA !8. You just got to love a good circus.
Wanna see if Da is prods fav just wait. James might be the chosen or maybe Paulie. It’s a tangled web with Franks life literally on the line Thursday. If Frank is not coming back next week should be a double. I’m guessing snooze fest with Bridge and Vic going to jury. I’d love to see James and Da gone because they are just vile. Nicole and Cory alright to. Z and Paulie would be a great double. So many turds and only 2 can go. The sooner they turn on each other the better for the game.
I really hate to say this but I picked Big Meech after 2 weeks to win b/c she sat and said little. Now she is just a vile mean turd. That said she is still setting up a deep run and is starting to look more and more like F4 material. One of the showmances will remain intact IMO F4. No idea which one at this point.


Right production probably told him which numbered envelope to pick


Sounds like Frank will get his fix by Grodner. Paul should have said that it is a one time entrance into the room and now it is closed off. He should have stated that his prize will be revealed during the final show. That would throw off the rest of the HG’s.


You are right!

Crazy Stuff

Okay! I would have told the HG something on that same line.


that was a total mess of an event. some of these HGs couldn’t even spell PARIS using the phone # which I believe was the code. production should of just stuffed the envelopes in a bag and have the HGs pull them out one at a time. that was anti climatic and the live feeds got fished for 10 mins because it looks like they didn’t want to show us how horrible it gotten after Paul and Vic got it. freaking’ Paul couldn’t even read the card right…lol

Captain Crunch

Paul tries so hard to be cool and act tough he has a serious napoleon complex.

donut licking ho

spot on!


Looks like everyone will get an envelope, guaranteeing some one comes back

sunny dee

paul, here’s a thought, if you want frank to get out and stay out and you know what the secret is, how about you tell everyone except frank, and get them in there to select envelopes FIRST, leaving only one behind when it is Franks turn, to reduce the chances of his getting the round trip ticket.

i doubt if he will get it, i bet day would get it, or james lol


Your math is bad. Frank getting the last envelope would have absolutely no effect on the odds that it’s the right one.


Its Bronte here, and you are right!


You must be the worst mathematician ever. Formula is 12 choose 1 x 11 choose 1 x 10 choose 1……….1 choose 1. As someone picks odds change depending on if the first person is correct. If they are right odds become 0. If they are wrong it becomes 11 choose 1 x 10 choose 1……1 choose one. As people pick and are wrong odds improve. Go back to school.


I’m picturing you in the Deer Hunter saying we just need to avoid the 1st 5 chambers because that 6th chamber gives us the best odds….

Some games are random…going 1st, last, in the middle, changes nothing…because it’s random, 1/12….

Sue in nh

Man, math isn’t your strong suit is it. It doesn’t matter if you pick first or last, all have a 1 in 12 chance of getting the right envelope.


Obviously math is not your strong suit. If Paul is right on his pick odds become zero for everyone else. Explain that one math genius


You are right, if Paul has first pick and gets the prize the odds go to zero for everyone else. What you are missing is that if Paul doesn’t get the prize the odds go UP for the rest of the players.


The odds are the same no matter how many ppl get there first. Haha


sunny dee — that is not how statistics work! Frank (or anyone’s) chances dont change based on the order picked! There are 12 envelopes and 12 people, which means each has a 1/12 chance, whether you pick first or last.


Odds do change depending on if the right card was picked. If Paul gets the first pick and gets it odds are now 0 for the next 11. If he gets it wrong it becomes 1 in 11 and so on.


Your logic is poor. Yes once the right envelope is picked of course the rest can’t have the prize. But the odds are 1/12 of the correct envelope being picked at any point along the sequence.


My logic is poor? Think about what you just said. If you agree that if he gets the right one odds become 0 for everyone else. Than logically odds improve for everyone else if he gets it wrong. Second person doesn’t have 12 to choose from only 11, third 10 and so on. Wow no one here understands probability.


Okay, let’s see if we can all agree on the odds once and for all. If there are 12 envelopes, everyone has a 1 in 12 chance of having the one-way ticket. In this game, the outcome of envelopes that have already been picked is unknown. The only way for the odds to decrease from 1 in 12 will be when the contents of an envelope are revealed on stage with Julie after eviction. Let’s say Frank gets evicted this week and his envelope is opened on the stage. It will either reveal a round-trip or a one-way ticket. If it reveals a round-trip, the remaining 11 tickets have zero chance of winning because there is not another winning ticket. If it reveals a one-way ticket, that is when the odds of the remaining unopened tickets becomes 1 in 11. This, of course, assumes that there is no additional interference from Production skewing the odds of winning in favor of one contestant.


Look man, you’re just wrong on this one. No biggie, everyone is wrong sometimes. Regardless of order, everyone has a 1 in 12 chance – which is 8.33%

IF all 11 houseguests enter before Frank and take an envelope, there is EXACTLY an 8.33% chance they each choose a losing envelope, leaving Frank with the winning ticket. Here’s the math (took 5 mins on a spreadsheet):

1st 11 in 12 91.67%
2nd 10 in 11 90.91% 83.33% chance first 2 scenarios occur
3rd 9 in 10 90.00% 75.00% chance first 3 scenarios occur
4th 8 in 9 88.89% 66.67% chance first 4 scenarios occur
5th 7 in 8 87.50% 58.33% chance first 5 scenarios occur
6th 6 in 7 85.71% 50.00% chance first 6 scenarios occur
7th 5 in 6 83.33% 41.67% chance first 7 scenarios occur
8th 4 in 5 80.00% 33.33% chance first 8 scenarios occur
9th 3 in 4 75.00% 25.00% chance first 9 scenarios occur
10th 2 in 3 66.67% 16.67% chance first 10 scenarios occur
11th 1 in 2 50.00% 8.33% chance first 11 scenarios occur

An 8.33% chance the first 11 pick a wrong one, leaving Frank with a 100% chance of picking the correct one. There’s simply no way to increase your odds of success in this scenario.


They have their ways. Frank will be saved


Allison loves Frank. We have known for about 3 weeks that Frank is getting close to the end.
So, they saw this and now there is a special twist. It’s not rocket science. He will be saved.
Take that to the bank.


What an idiot Paul is… It’s gonna be so funny when it’s found out Paul lied and tried to keep everyone from getting a chance to come back into the game with the round-trip ticket. I hope he doesn’t have it, cause him being gone next week ain’t soon enough!!

bb ever

Hopefully, frank get the one,


Honestly Paul should’ve waited until people aren’t around/sleeping. Now everyone knows they have a shot to get in it. He was reckless tbh.


Frank should be all over this


OMGG… did Paul told everybody else???? Why would he do that?? He should have told everyone he got the evelope and “that is it” theres nothing else back there and it is over…


It won’t matter. I have no doubt that production would let everyone else know that the prize is still available.

TX rar

I’m sure the light would continue to light up and the message would broadcast everytime the correct code was entered. If I was in the house I would keep trying vs ‘trusting’ someone was telling me the truth about the prize. The stakes are too big and they dont have much more to do in there. Lol


Ooo Paul I can’t wait for you to be evicted! Dude legit is an asshole and douche to screw Frank out of a free trip or prize. But I guess it’s his game move but knowing the chances of frank getting the one envelope I would still let everyone in on it.


Wow, I didn’t see this being a multiple person thing. Figure it out Frank!


Imagine that, no one will know if they actually have the round trip…unless production…nah…


Are you proposing production printed these cards in the envelopes with Magical Ink that can change based off who is touching it??
Woooooooooowwwww! I didn’t even know that kinda thing existed!


Production was behind 9/11


What I’m implying is that now that everyone has the magical envelope, it can easily be exchanged in the DR depending on production’s desires. So If Frank is called to the DR with his envelope, if production wanted to save him, all they’d have to do is swap his with the winner and no one would know. The only way to know if production plans to rig it would be to open everyone’s envelope right now.


What does the one way ticket mean ? Anything ? I’m more than over Paul. This doesn’t look good for Frank But I’m holding out hope.

Powder Puff Girls

one way ticket home

Reality Check

One way to get away from Nicole, Paulie, Corey, tampon Z and Big Meech. Wait a minute, the one way ticket is not a bad prize after all.


well this is easy enough to rig. all of the envelopes have one way tickets…….until Frank comes in then switch them for all round trip and then back to one way tickets after he gets his.


Or they are all one way tickets and production simply switches cards in the diary room


I feel a disconnect with a lot the fan base this week. This love affair of wanting production to rig things for Frank makes me ill.

Guy From Canada

Victor and Paul figure it out? That’s amazing two peeps I thought were mental comp deficient are the first two in. Did Paul tell Vic?


Vic is kind of a tool, but he’s not stupid.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

See you back in the house Thursday Frank! Great job CBS! I’m a Frank fan but I wish it didn’t have to be this way. Screw it! I’ve had to sit through Vanessa, Stank Twins, Douche Austin, Rats Andy and Paul, Josea, Pu$$y whipped James, Clelly, Ian, Sweet Corey and that Nasty Michelle the last few seasons. Even whiny Nicole sucks turds! I’ll take the fix! Let’s go Frank!!!


Cheering for rigging is stupid.


I honestly don’t know why this comment has dislikes. It is an indisputable fact that rigging takes away from the integrity of the game. And if you think the game doesn’t have to be fair as long as it benefits who you’re rooting for, then you don’t properly appreciate games for what they are.

It has downvotes

Because sometimes people are stupid.


If you honestly think this show has not been rigged at times for the sake of entertainment, you are delusional. Yes it’s a game, but it’s a tv show first and foremost. Without it being a tv show with decent ratings etc, there IS NO GAME.


Some of us are more “evidence based”


I’m not saying it hasn’t been rigged for entertainment, I’m saying it shouldn’t be. I would rather watch a fair game.


I’m not saying it hasn’t been rigged for entertainment, I’m saying it shouldn’t be. I would rather watch a fair game. And if it can’t be entertaining without being rigged, they might as well script the whole damn thing or cancel it altogether.

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

That was the dumbest “twist” in the history of this game. Pressure is created to be the first to find the “secret” based on the clues that “everyone” is looking for at the same time. Then, in order to “win,” you have to, somehow, leave the phone booth unattended and hope no one else finds the code, or go for broke like Paul did and let the cat out of the bag. Essentially, all production had to do is make it first come, first served. If everyone can see what everyone else is doing, everyone will find the “secret.” Why not just put the envelopes on a table, and one at a time, have the house guests pick one; essentially creating the same result without all of the cloak and dagger. A real disappointment.

Powder Puff Girls

It gives the houseguests something to do besides sit around all day.

Crazy Stuff

Oh…well it would have been nice if production had given the HG some other than this code game. There are No losers everyone gets one. A waste of time for us the fans of BB. I was waiting for something Great to happen. What a disappointment.


No, b/c Paul dropped the ball by not saying it was a one-time entrance. Plus, if some hgs do not figure out the code, they wont get one.


You are so right! This is the dumbest secret prize they’ve ever done.
And why did they pick the week Frank was on the block to run it??? Makes me very suspicious.

Grandma G

I’m not a Frank fan but they announced this twist before the HOH was played and before Frank was on the block. The only thing I find suspecious is that the envelopes were numbered on the outside and production could tell a HG which envelope to pick.
This is good only for 4 weeks so only going to affect the next 4 HGs evicted. Maybe none of them will have the round trip ticket.


I thought it’d be cooler too.


Paul has been building his rat strategy for weeks (I’m not a fan but can admit it’s been a good strategy for him), and chooses to show his hand in front of the ENTIRE house by not coming clean about the cards? His best lie would’ve been something like ‘there are 12 cards but each HG must figure out the code on their own or the cards for those people get taken away’. People may have believed that. Anyway, James and Corey were on to him when he lied about the phone message. Paul may have just dug himself a big whole-house-inclusive hole…


Not at all related but it made me laugh – Paulie just saying that if Frank gets the RoundTrip card and comes back in this week, he’ll ask everyone to rip their cards open to make sure “they” didn’t do some sh*t – and then instantly fishes. Ha!

dumb twist

I have a feeling, that they will sequester any winner of, for the 4 weeks… assuming there is a winner..
it only is active for 4 evictions I think.

What people should really be paying attention to, is if anyone takes their cards into DR with them on the live feeds. That would be sketchy.


Wheres janelle when you need her?
Knowing her luck she would easily find the round trip ticket

An ornery mouse

Well, the power kinda sucks, but I’m so glad that d-bag Paul didn’t get a Coup D’ Etat. All 12 houseguests will end up with an envelope, and since the power is only in play for four weeks – there’s only a 33% chance that the round-trip ticket will be used.

Frank now has a 1 in 12 chance (8.33%) of surviving the week.


Coup D’ Etat is BS anyway. In my opinion Diamond Veto should be the strongest power anyone ever gets.


Hoping that Frank, Bridgette or Natalie gets it


I really hope Frank or Bridgette gets the round trip ticket. I’m not too fond of Frank but this will definitely make good tv!

That's weird

Why wouldn’t you want your actual favorite player to get it?


Didn’t Julie say that the secret power would only be good for 4 weeks? Or was it that the room would only be available for 4 weeks?


I love how people only liked or disliked this comment. I actually want to know.


I think she said the room would be available for 4 weeks which could mean other opportunities for different prizes or power


Well…I don’t remember asking this…at least it’s nothing bad. I say enough stupid things without someone else adding to my pile.


Everyone will get an envelope by Thursday (there is nothing else to do in the house so Frank and Bridge could spend 10 hours a day in the booth until they get in). But Frank has only a 1 in 12 chance if he gets an envelope. Not much chance.

This secret room is pointless. They should have just given everyone an envelope. Funny that production spent months thinking this up and its figured out in one hour!


It took them a while to find the room. I am glad Paul found it 1st


I wouldn’t be shocked if the reward in the room changed depending on who found it first.


Pahahahahaa! You can bet production or another HG will give Frank the right code and you can BET before he gets evicted Thursday, he’ll come out of the dr with the “right” envelope!!!

aahahahahahaaahaaa!!! God PLEASE let this happen THURSDAY!!! IT WILL BE THE BEST EPISODE OF BB EVAAAAAA!!!

Screw Frank getting the ticket

James or Nat please


So much for Paul being a TEAM player! I do believe he just sealed his fate with his lie!!!
See ya LITTLE man, go spew your crap elsewhere…SORRY…NOT SORRY!

Rigging never ends

OF course Grodner rigs the game when her favorite boy, Frank, is about to be evicted!!! I have to say Z is right if Frank/Bridgette get the envelope BB rigging continues. No different than the game show rigging of the 50’s!! Wondering if those also were CBS shows also????

Powder Puff Girls

Not much of a rig job if Frank has 1 in 12 chance of winning! I think they could do better than that!


Simple for Grodner to rig this as all she has to do is have all envelopes empty, but in DR session with Frank hand him the envelope with the Round trip ticket in it! Easy and no one is the wiser! Guarantee Grodner will make sure Frank stays just like she did in first season until it became too obvious for her continual rigging of the game for Frank! Did not like him on his first season especially after the rape comment in regard to Dan’s wife an still cannot stand him.


Sorry but this twist was announced BEFORE the new HOH was crowned and they were nominated.


Paul has to backtrack on his lies about the room now, best thing about this is the worried look on Paul’s face. Realizing that others are also getting in.and he is the not the only one.


Frank is still a dick. I’m not pulling for him to win anything.


what could make us fans happy if frank get the right card in comeback in the game in the look on their face will be prizeless frank please frank get the right card me in my family rooting for you in brdiget since bridget will stay this week hope you get the card


What a lame stupid pathetic twist…..we already had someone come back and now we are going to get another one? I was expecting something huge but its a total flop. Production needs to come up with better twists and a better cast because both suck this year. BTW Victor should have been automatically disqualified from getting an envelope, he already had his second chance he should not get a chance at a third


Feeds were down for 30 minutes. Everyone back to normal activities now.

Conclusion… everyone got their ticket.

Feeds back

From conversation it seems everyone has a ticket now.

Oh yeah Corey

I would so fuck Corey in the ass.

Corey's slippers

Where you been this whole time? Holla!!!

The Roach Coach

So lemme get this straight….
Paul had the option of secretly entering at any time and lying to the others about what he won and lying by telling them now that he claimed a prize its done, and what does he do… He announces it to everyone! That’s dumb… It’d be dumb to tell 100%-Paulie only, let alone the entire house, including his rivals Frank and Bridgette!
Paul is the dumbest smart person I have ever seen… he is very bright…
From what I gather Paul has a lot of money, well, his parents do… and I don’t think he cares about 500k as much as “friendship”… he thinks the term friendship is funny… I think hes pathetically hoping to fit in and being in the cool crowd, and considering that, saying friendship every 10mins is the most desperate thing Ive ever seen…
Props on cracking the code and being the first to do so… but no props for what he did afterwards…

Powder Puff Girls

I think Paul mainly in it for Reality fame. He is in a band and people are checking out his band due to him being on BB. I wonder if his clothing line has received more business since he has been on BB.

Min O'Pause

Of course Paul’s family is wealthy. How else could he make a lucrative living selling t-shirts? His mumsy and popsy are buying them all.


Other people figured it out on their own. Paul keeping quiet wouldn’t have changed anything.

Buzz Lightyear

To infinity…and beyond!!!


The question most on my mind right now is Paul / Paulie, why do the two of you talk…and talk…and talk, and talk, and talk? Paulie must be such an embarrassment to Cody and Derrick. Paul is just an embarrassment period.


There’s a Paul/paulie filibuster several times a day. I can’t handle it!

Donald Trump

Ya hear that folks? That’s the sound of ratings dropping once Frank leaves the house.

Yabba dabba doo!

Paul is such an annoying douchebag c*nt. Not entertaining,funny, or anyone’s boy.


Don’t worry boys and girls. They’ll rig it. Imagine the one gets it evicted at 3rd. Big Meech called it!

Mike booger

I’m sure Spineless Paul will spill the beans to the king of the house Paulie. Everyone seems to report to that douchebag. Would be awesome if one of the underdogs gets the roundtrip ticket.


Come on Frank!… Get into the secret room and pick the right envelope!!!


I don’t care about bringing any of these people back….I wanted Tiffany back!!


Paul Sucks his one ball and everyone else’s!!! What a douchebag!! Michelle needs to wake up and realize Bridgette isn’t the enemy, this huge peen is. Please, please let him get the boot next week…


They should keep an eye on the departure board for the next couple weeks. If this was so easily figured out and the twist still has weeks to play out then maybe the board will change to a new destination each week. Each time some new power, reward, or possible punishment could be released. If not, and this was it, this was very anticlimactic.