“I’m just territorial.. Once I pee on my tree.. I play games.. I play dirty..”

POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 21-36-57-426

9:22pm Natalie and James
Natalie wonders why Zakiyah said that “You going to get your nails done”
Nicole comes in. She says she’s voting out Frank.
Nicole – it’ll stink if Frank comes back.. All of ours are loser cards… It’ll mean none of us can come back .
Nicole leaves to see if Paris is open.
Natalie – so if Frank makes it back we’re still not at Jury..
James – yup
Natalie – effing hell..
Natalie asks if James is going to stick with his guys alliance after all the targets are gone.
Jame says if anyone talks about “Plucking” natalie off he’ll “Pluck” them off.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 21-41-31-630

9:40pm Da’Vonne and Paulie
Da’Vonne says Nicole told Zakiyah that Da is throwing her name around the house.
Da brings up Corey says why is all the heat on Corey and Nicole why isn’t it on Da, “Why would he say that”
Paulie – I think he’s saying that in regards to Frank..
Da – that’s so weird
PAulie says they were panicking
Paulie brings up that Nicole came up to him and said if he wanted to flip the house with Corey she’s up for in.
Da’Vonne is wondering why Nicole and Corey were in the storage room for 15-20 minutes.
They agree Nicole is fishing for information.
Da – She’s panicking and starting to say Da’Vonne
Da says Nicole and Corey don’t have the numbers to save Frank.
Paulie says Natalie shouldn’t feel sorry for Bridgette when she says she’s alone. Paulie thinks this is part of Bridgette’s game points out this is how she was early in the season then she “Beasted” it

Michelle comes in.. They are all suspicious about Nicole and Frank talking again after she was so against him yesterday.
MIchelle impersonates Bridgette’s speech.. Says she’s here to bake and she’s never done anything to anyone.
Da’Vonne and Paulie laugh..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 21-46-28-567
9:46pm Nicole and Paul
Talking about getting frank out..
Nicole says Corey told her Frank said not to trust her.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 22-17-53-176
10:17pm Frank and Bridgette
Frank is explaining the plot of Star wars episode 1
Bridgette’s never seen it. “I never measure Vanilia it’s one of my rules”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 22-37-20-729

10:36pm Safari Zakiyah and Michelle
Talking about being jealous about Nicole and Paulie. Apparently she saw him lay his leg over her legs while she scratched his hair.

Zakiyah – I’m just territorial.. You know what i’m saying.. Once I pee on my tree..
Zakiyah – I play games.. I play dirty..
Zakiyah points out that Paulie was jealous when Victor scratched her back. Says what Paulie was doing with Nicole in the real world that doesn’t fly.

Nicole comes in the camera moves to her at the door
Zakiyah snaps her fingers “Come back Camera”
Zakiyah says she’s not sleeping in Paulie’s bed.
Nicole – what’s wrong Z you always tell me .. Did Paulie do something
Zakiyah – ya.. ya .. I’m just teaching him a lesson
Da’Vonne comes in..

Nicole find out why Zakiyah is mad at Paulie
Nicole – OMG he’s my friend..
Zakiyah says it’s not her it’s Paulie, she’s getting her revenge tonight by sleeping in Victor’s bed.
Zakiyah says Paulie was going thing with Natalie earlier today , She’s pissed.

Zakiyah – the tree I peed on.. My tree is letting dogs all over him .. Everybody is peeing on the same tree
Nicole says Paulie and Cody are a real touchy feely family.
Nicole – I really like Corey so it’s nothing like that.. MEECH do you understand what i’m saying
Michelle does says Zakiyah wasn’t saying she’s upset with Nicole
Zakiyah complains that she’s not getting as much attention from Paulie as she would like. Brings up Rachel and Brendon’s showmance and how Brendon spent a lot more time with Rachel.
Nicole says she’s completely sorry Nicole leaves.
Zakiyah tells MIchelle she’s not mad at Nicole.
Zakiyah goes on and on to michelle about PAulie making her mad.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 23-03-20-992

11:02pm Paulie, Victor and Corey
Paulie saying that Zakiyah always finds something to be pissed off at him about.
Paulie – she’s expects me to date her after this

Paulie – me and my boys we roll deep girl pulls that BYE

PAulie – I’m telling ya her and Da have something going.. You need to tell Nicole to not talk to Z about DA

Paulie – she said something about Da to Z right back to Da to me
Nicole joins them .

Paulie wants to know what Zakiyah’s problem is – “is it because Natalie wanted to do my nails.”
Paulie – there’s 2 people trying to stir up sh1t (Da/Zakiyah)
Paulie – I’m sorry I don’t care how hot somebody is that sh1t don’t fly with me

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 23-10-35-181
11:02pm CAm 1-2 Michelle and Nicole
Nicole – I meant nothing by that.. I don’t want her to hold it against me
Michelle assures her there’s nothing to worry about. Zakiyah is not mad at her.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 23-12-39-476
11:12pm HOH Paulie, Corey, Natalie, James and Nicole
Paulie is complaining about Zakiyah…
Natalie – was it because I offered to file your names
Paule thinks so
Natalie – oh my god
James is surprised
APulei – i’m not a child i’m a grown ass man I don’t play these game.
Payulie – she’s got to hope her or Da win HOH… she goes around the house saying I pulled the empress tarot card meaning she’s the queen of the house
Corey is surprised.
Paulie says she was trying to sleep with Victor in his bed. Victor said no.
Corey and James – Oh my god
Natalie – Paulie you want to sleep up here (HAHAHAHAHA do that she’ll like it)
PAulie – when I was an athlete girls would try that sh1t
Corey – that’s petty sh1t
James – how about we all sleep up here tonight and lock the door

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 23-23-41-852
11:20pm Victor, Da and Paul
Victor saying Tiffany told him to only trust Frank.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 23-28-47-647

11:27pm Everyone loving Bridgette’s cookies

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 23-35-50-623

11:33pm Nicole and Corey
Nicole tells him another reason Zakiyah is pissed..
Corey – do you trust Zakiyah.. I just think we need to be careful.
Nicole did trust her up until she say how Zakiyah reacted today.

Nicole – Z is saying I don’t get Jealous..
Nicole – this is the worst Jealousy in my life.. I’ve never seen anything like this my entire life..

Nicole – She said luckily it was my friends and not Natalie cause I would freak out right there..
Nicole – Michele was on her side.. you can not get mad about that.. it’s not a big deal..
Nicole says she told Zakiyah she would keep a 10 foot radius from Pauli and she said OK

Corey is going to find Zakiyah

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 23-50-30-322

Zakiyah – I don’t care, I don’t care, I’m mad


12:05am Hard for them to talk to Paulie. Corey whispers the reasons Zakiyah is mad to him.

12:09am London room Nicole and Zakiyah. Zakiyah going on about Natalie flirting with Paulie.
Zakiyah says she’s not mad at Nicole she’s mad at Paulie

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-28 00-28-47-684

12:27am Paulie and PAul
Paulie says the girls are playing them all. He wants to take out Da and Nicole out sooner than later.
Paul – I wouldn’t mind taking a guy like Vic far..
Paul says Vic is closer to them, “We’re the only people he trusts”
Paul warns that the more time he spend with Corey the more pissed Da’Vonne and Zakiyah get.
Paul says Corey will vote them out.
Paulie – the second Nicole is on the block she’s blow out Information
Paul says Corey will vote them out over Nicole.
Paul says Victor told him in the storage room he doesn’t trust Nicole and Corey they back-stabbed him. Paul was told by Vic he’s putting up Da’Vonne and Corey. They need to get him to put up Corey and Nicole. When POV is played they put up DA’Vonne, “Vic gets all that blood on his hands.. he don’t give a f**”

Paul says Vic and Corey/Nicole don’t like each other he thinks they leave that blow up on it’s on.
Paulie – Nicole and Da, got to go.

They agree theirs no need to win HO hthis week
Paul – if we win we gotta take Bridgette out to show the house
Paul goes on saying he promised to put Bridgette up so he’s doing that.

Paul – Meech is a loose f***G cannon
Paulie – loose cannon.. all the girls are that way we gotta get rid of all of them..

Paulie – Real talk.. they are using us while they can
Paule showmances – never cared
Paulie – who do you think is trying to push that sh1t .. her

Da’Vonne comes in says Corey and Michelle were whispering and acting suspicious. Paulie gave information to Corey and it got back to Nicole that’s the last bit of information he’ll give her.
Paulie is saying Nicole presented the alliance to Frank not the other way around.
Paulie says they should get Victor to win the HOH.
Da’Vonne – Corey is working Michelle

Paul counts the votes says Natalie, Da’Vonne, Paul, Paulie, Victor, Zakiyah are locked not questions asked. “Michelle, Nicole Corey they can do whatever they do never cared”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-28 00-28-59-696
12:30am Zakiyah crying

12:44am DA’Vonne, Paul and Paulie
Da – can I have a conversation with you.. confidential , stay in this room..
Da – I don’t know what hell you got going on with these other girls in the house but can you calm down becuase she goes off the deep end she going to join forces with the other side, becuase she pissed at your a$$

paulie – what is she pissed at me for
Da – you put your leg on Nicole.. stupid petty girl bull shit i don’t know
Paulie – She got pissed at me for sleeping in the have not room because Natalie didn’t want to sleep alone
Da – it’s stupid
Paulie – that’s james’ girl so I would never f***g to that.. plus I chill with Z
Paulie – If Nicole is playing with my f***g hair and my leg is on her like Nicole is f****g close
Da – it’s so petty
DA’Vonne tells her the think he’s got going on with the other girls has got to stop because Zakiyah is losing it. Zakiyah is going to go off the deep end and join the other side.

Paulie – if she is playing with my f***G hair …
Da’vonne – I don’t know what you have to do

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-28 01-07-52-467
12:49am Bridgette and Frank
Frank is saying put up Da/Nicole or Da/Paul
Bridgette – why
Frank – just hate em
Meech comes by gives Frank and Bridgette a hug
Michelle says Frank never said anything bad about Bridgette she doesn’t know where some of the things came out, ‘He’s a good guy.. he’s always said good things about you.. he’s a good guy.. I’m sorry you had to go through that.. ”
Frank – thanks Michelle .. so it looks like i’m going home right
Michelle – I’ll be honest YA.. trust me I tried..
Michelle leaves.
Frank – somebody’s happy .. because you get to stay
Bridgette says she’s just really happy she got a hug from Michelle.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-28 00-53-41-815

12:56am London room Nicole Paulie and Paul
Nicole is apologizing for getting Paulie in trouble with Zakiyah. Paulie tells her not to worry that is how his family is like.
Paul asks if Nicole and Corey are voting out Frank. Nicole says she would

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-28 00-58-41-799

12:58am Da’Vonne and Michelle

Talking about Zakiyah and Paulie.
Da says Paulie is in teh wrong
Michelle doesn’t understand why he doesn’t talk to her he’s ignoring her taht’s what has her upset.

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Bridgette's Denim Jacket

Dead weight. There is no other way to describe Z on this show. What in God’s name is her game? It’s as if she got her invite to be on the show, and she misread Big Brother for High School Musical.That conversation in safari with Meech about “getting back at Paulie” was, perhaps, the most immature thing that I have seen since Hanna Montana. No game; no plan, no skills, and soon-no man. Waste.

Big Bird

At least Hanna Montana was some what entertaining. Zak’s got nothing on Hanna lols.


Totally agree with you. The only thing you left out about that Safari room convo was when Z snapped her fingers and told the camera to get back to her. LMAO! She’s gonna be in for A HUGE surprise when she watches the show and realizes she’s not even on it! Hahahahaha!


Desperate ass, maxi pad changing in the storage room, grow up.

Maybe the so called flirting he’s doing with other girls is so that you get a clue.

And Michelle? “They are all like my brothers” get outta here , they don’t want you cus if they did you would jump on it.


Zakiyah is making herself look like a fool..


lol @ Frank & Bridgette baking cookies while paranoia is spreading through the rest of the house.


Z is just plain ass crazy! I can’t believe how paranoid and jealous she is over a guy she basically just met. He is not her boyfriend and Da needs to shut up with saying he’s in the wrong. Wrong for what? Being a single male?


Julie Chen needs to let Chris Harrison host this show. It’s become the Bachelor, and Corey is wondering how to get to the gay version of it.


Get these damn couples out of here already! Are we back in high school? Good lord!!! Nicole n Z gotta go quick b4 we all loose our minds watchin this kiddie sh!t… I have never seen a moor immature cast! Bore fest… can we get some damn adults in here already n play the game this isnt summer camp…


This is why girls alliances don’t work on Big Brother. You see them on Survivor, because they’re more concerned with eating and sleeping without it raining. But in BB they’re pampered and all they can think of are showmances. Janelle and Will had a thing back in BB7, yet she was able to not have a one track mind and kick a**. It’s so frustrating to watch this.

Stalker Z

Girl touch my man and ill slit your throat… can you say stage 5 clinger!!! Stop trippen Z over douch hairdo…

Joe Kerr

Insert facepalm here…oi!


Lol Zakiyah is a bunny boiler


LMAO…..best one liner ever!

ZZ Top

You know it is bad when Rico Sauve Victor rejected Z’s advance and threw you out of the bedroom. See Rico Sauve is not sacrificing his game for Z’s needs.

Glenn are you happy that you are home now with your family?


Rico Suave has Crazy Eyed Corey…he aint got time for Z.
For real, if Z wants Paulie’s attention, all she has to do is team up with Da’, Meech and Bridgette and actually start playing the game! Bet their Fearless Leader would take notice then.


What zakiyah says and does is down right astounding. I mean … Really?
I don’t know what else to say.
I’m at a loss for words.


I can see her sitting in a courtroom in the near future after a breakup


And on Maury Povich.


“I’m just territorial.. Once I pee on my tree.. I play games.. I play dirty..”

someone should be hiding the bag of chips right about now.

Natalie is Winnie Cooper all grown up.

How does that insignificant garden gnome Paul think he is controlling anything? His head on collision with reality will start when he leaves, and reads viewer comments. When he and Da’Vonne are in the DR I hit the mute button. If I wanted to listen to verbal diarrhea I could have tuned in to Donald and Hillary.

Big Bird

I disagree, In real life Winnie Cooper is smart and a has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and miss nat nat is a moron with James at her heels not knowing what to do with himself because a pretty girl actually likes him.;)

Laughing out loud @ garden gnome, I haven’t read a name more fitting yet!


Bc you have idiot followers like James in the house. Even Nat is basically saying in a round about way “Get a backbone.”


This sums up the difference between Bridgette and Zakiyah.

-Frank is explaining the plot of Star wars episode 1
Bridgette’s never seen it. “I never measure Vanilia it’s one of my rules”


-Zakiyah says it’s not her it’s Paulie, she’s getting her revenge tonight by sleeping in Victor’s bed.


Z needs to get some perspective. She’s not on a deserted island and Paulie isn’t the last man in the world. She’s playing a game for a decent sum of money (or she SHOULD be playing anyway). This is one reason I cringe at showmances. They are formed in a bubble and do nothing more than add more stress to an already stressful situation. Paulie isn’t interested in her. He’s more interested in $500K, as she should be.

Just saying

Zakiyah never got in the game. I can’t tell what her strategy is besides being with Paulie 24/7.

And she is talking about her showmance (if there is one) having to be at the level of Brendon and Rachel one… Pffffff…..

Girrrrrlllll, get a grip of yourself!

Good Job Z

Since James, Paul, Corey, Victor have already appointed Paulie as their leader (like why), here is a song that describes Paulie to a tee…sadly this is ridicolous

Come gather around me. Big Brother surround me.
Hark now to the ballad of Paulie Calafiore
He may well confound you, astound you, spellbound you,
With heroes and villains, the bad and the good.
Watch now as his body race here from afar.
For now, with our Paulie, we live on a star.
Three. Two. One. Blast off!
Band of brothers, marching together.
Heads held high in all kinds of weather.
With fiery blasts, our bodies rise,
Beyond the Earth, beyond the skies!
At the sight of Paulie, take your stand,
With the gallant leader of our band.
Send a joyous shout throughout the Big Brother Land
It’s Paulie Calafiore

Girl is crazy

Why are beautiful girls so insecure? I don’t get it ??? Z is so jealous about other girls around her man and Natalie doesn’t like her looks. They are the two best looking girls in the house. Weren’t they ever made to feel special when they were children? They both need to find a man who will make them feel how special they are.


I think Z has always been chased after because of her looks.. gets the guy, “she wants.”
But, in Z’s case, there is nothing below the surface. Men get bored with that and she does get too needy/territorial/ negative/catty/too offended, so easily. Too much… What does she bring to “their” table?


LOL Zakiyah play the game gurl! This is NOT The Bachelor.


Rico- means rich
Sauve- means nice or good
If DA’ is using those words as an insult
She should watch herself. She wouldn’t like to be called ghetto.
I defended her when someone on this site called her ghetto as a matter of fact. I’m really disappointed .


Da and Z are trash…you know it, “the
house” knew it, and now there just tired of it. They tactics are as stained
as those yellow teeth. Ha!!!

I'm not

We all know what kind of person she is


It is also the name of a one hit wonder Latino pop singer.

Bolt Uprite

She calls him Rico Suave because of the MTV music video from the 90’s.

Reality Check

I find it amazing that with all the house guests bad mouthing Frank and Bridgette, she still made cookies for them. Bridgette made cookies for these losers. I could not believe it. Bridgette may be not socially friendly but she does have a good heart. Personally I rather see Bridgette go far in this game over Z, Nicole, Paul, Corey and Big Big Meech

Assuming Frank leaves, Bridgette will play the game and go on attack mode.

Hide the chips

Z is just disgusting.
Paulie and Michelle both make me want to throw up.
I’ve never seen two hg talk so much about what they “will do” and do nothing as much as Da and Paul.
James should stop looking for secret rooms and try to find his spine.
I used to be a fan of Nicole til this season.
How about a poll for least favorite 3 from a season
Paul, Z and Michelle
Aaryn, GM and Jeremy
Frankie and any 2 other people

Yabba dabba doo!

I’m just territorial. I leave my maxi pad’s in only one storage room.


Simon … third poll …. what’s the question?


Thanks Simon …

Don’t love those three options. Would love if James or Natalie got the round trip. Just because they are good, nice and more genuine than the other HGs.


Please God, for the collective sanity of this show’s fan base, please let Frank walk right back through that door, let Bridgette win HOH, put up Paulie and James and watch the bloodbath begin. There are so many people that do not deserve to be on this show, that it is downright painful. And tonight was a perfect example of that.

Enough already...

It would be great if Frank came back with the ticket but he too hasn’t caught on to Paulie running things. If he did that would be something to watch. I think Z and Paul are going to want to hide from public for a long time when they read all the comments.


Translation of the words –
Rico- Rich
Sauve- nice

Bolt Uprite

That isn’t why Da calls him that. Watch the music video. That’s what Victor thinks of himself.


simon I want frank to have the roundtrip ticket


I think big brother told those chicks to play nice with Bridgette.
The bathroom scenes came off as fake. 360 or is it 180?

Scotty T

It’s nice and all watching them bake cookies but I really hate to see Frank go out like this. Even if he is enjoying the baking it seems like they are just isolated from the group. These shit heads wont like it when its done to them. Just the thought of going on the block Nicole was in tears, wait for the “you’ve got the plague” treatment. This is one part of the game that I hate. When people are treated like social pariah. Paul Paulie Za Da Meech james and his nat nat I cant wait to see them all go through what they are doing here.
The way this has played out, not to impressed with it. I am actually hoping Corey finds his set of balls and plays this game. I don’t even know how I like anymore, NO not just because someone I like is leaving (that always happens) its the way this is going down. How the hell does Paul win anything anyway…WTF. Who has this special power.

Will the cape crusader be able to get out of this one with his side kick? Stayed tuned.


Z took a huge step tonight in blowing up what little game she had through a series of petty issues. All she had for game was her connection to Paulie and that’s about to go south…like way south. Really stupid game play.

Large Marge

Comparing pissing on a tree like a dog to what you think you have with Paulie was so heart warming to hear. Is this how all the young folk do it these days.


Lol. Good one!

Frankie says Relax

And now she’s crying? After she said she pissed on him and now hes hers but she will play dirty and games and what not. Ummm was there a marriage in the house we didn’t see? Does Paulie even know her last name? Holy shit man easy there girl, there’s no need for tears when it isn’t even a thing.
It’s as bad as Nicole crying because Corey has an ex girlfriend.


you mean Corey’s ex boyfriend…


Zakiyah should self-evict. It seems like she only came on the show to find a man and be on tv. The things she say and how she act is embarrassing or should be to her family. The comment about the little boy in her class that was gluten intolerant and shit all over himself. Constantly talking about how she’ll fight somebody. That nasty shit with the maxi-pad and how she’s humiliating herself over Paulie. On top of that, she is useless to the game. She’s not worth info or comps. Her nor Natalie should still be there.


Zakiya should have been playing the game instead of worrying about Paulie raggedy behind. He is not all that. These people are very immature. Zakiya is admitting her faults but the rest of the house is really taking things like waaaaay far misunderstanding her reaction to feeling someone she likes giving attention to someone else ( yes she was extreme over nothing but she is very young too, remember that you guys). Paulie is loving it that she is jealous no matter how much he says he is not. I think it’s hilarious how the guys were giving her so much credit to be “trying to drive a wedge between them”………???????????????????????????? jokes on them Zakiyah is playing the Bachelor not BB. LMAO!!!

Freak Show

It’s true, they keep “going to Paulie” like he’s Don of the Family and poor Frank is about to get Moe Greened. Of course with his brother Frado running around and about to…. just about to….almost going to…..call people out. While the others chant *Gooble Goble one of us*


Why do I have a feeling that in the next 12-24 hours we’re going to see Raffe Califiore boiling in a pot on the stove? That poor giraffe, he never had a chance.

For Christ’s sake Z, get a grip! Youre being irritating as hell right now but all I feel for you is sadness because you’re making yourself look insane and insecure. I know you wish you and Paulie had the same relationship/showmance that James and Nat have but girl, Paulie ain’t the one for that and it’s obvious. Put on your big girl pants and move the hell on already, nobody has time for petty girl games! Bleh.

Man, it’s so damn irritating when females do this passive aggressive petty BS. It makes the rest of us look bad.

Zakiyah Can Go Home

Hey Zakiyah! We are watching BB and not The Bachelor. I bet if she is on that show, she will get eliminated right away. Lol

I watch the live feeds and these are the things Zakiyah do…
1. Be with Paulie 24/7
2. Put her make up on for hoursssss
3. Scratch her hair (She literally scratches her hair a lot. It is so gross. It makes me think that she don’t wash her hair, has dandruff or nits/lice to be that itchy???)
4. Wear her swimsuit around the house when she don’t even go to the pool and don’t know how to swim at all.
5. She just “second the motion” to what the houseguests say
6. She bully and mean to Bridgette too.

I don’t like Paulie but I don’t think he will date her after the show.


You forgot one thing.. How she panders to the cameras in every room…

Mike Booger

Most immature people to ever play in BB. Glenn dodged a bullet with this cast!!


Glenn for America’s Favorite House guest!


Did Zak and Paulie have sex? I must have missed that part.
With all fairness… Paulie has led Zak on a little bit. People on here are trying to make it seem like Zak wasn’t sleeping in the bed and Paulie didn’t wake her up by giving her kisses or all the sweet stuff he said to her. It’s her fault for being so gullible, but it’s also Pauliefault for leading her on. I don’t understand why they just don’t talk to each other about THEIR problems instead of bringing the whole house in. Day and Nicole sure did throw Zak under the bus to Paulie.


No! He won’t even kiss her lol! Probably the most pathetic thing I have ever seen.


They actually did have sex in the bumper cars. And he admitted to doing it about 5 times with her. He’s gross and the biggest douche to play in big B


What is it with the Big Brother House that turns “adults” into High School Students??? This is all Juvenile Drama and no strategy. Usually I have a hope that somebody wins HoH….. I don’t care because it will just be Bridgette and Natalie/ Big Meech. Then there is if Bridgette wins the PoV and the put up Da or Vic. I want a huge shake up… something big.

Is it me

Is it just me or does Frank remind anyone as a 70’s porn star ? Bomb chica wow wow

James is a Creeper

James is only worried about his woman, he will be voted America’s favorite creeper

Dear Z

You do not have a showmance/romance with Paulie!!!! You will never have a date with anyone after Big Brother is over. Please stop this nonsense. Next week please send Z home.
I can’t take it anymore!


Does anyone think that maybe Z is insecure because altough she’s very pretty, maybe some guys have rejected her because of her race.. and maybe she’s not sure if that’s the issue with Paulie, why he won’t even kiss her when it’s a common thing on BB.


I really don’t think her ethnicity has anything to do with it. Paulie likes her well enough. He’s actually as affectionate as one would expect when cameras are broadcasting your every move. She just wants a full blown relationship and he’s not looking for that. I’m betting once she’s out of the house, she’ll be embarrassed at how she hounded this guy.


Day, how the hell is Paulie wrong their not dating just cuddle buddies won’t last outside of the house worry about your own live


I’m not gonna be suprise if after this show Zakiyah or Nicole will join The Bachelor.