Big Brother 18 Exclusive Live Feed Content – Big Brother Alumni HOTSEAT Videos!

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The premiere of Big Brother 18 is fast approaching and we’ve got exclusive live feed content to share with you. By signing up for CBS All Access you get access to thousands of CBS shows, plus all of the Big Brother bonus content. Right now the Big Brother Marathon is running where every episode from seasons 1 – 17 are streaming. In addition to VIP Big Brother Alumni chats, plus you will get the first look at the new house guests when they are release on June 13th!

The “Houseguest Hotseat” videos are interviews with past Big Brother house guests that will be released when their season airs during the Big Brother Marathon. These will only be available on desktop.

House Guest HOTSEAT Video Release Schedule:
*** Only Available on the Live Feeds! ***


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big brother 18 marathon


By signing-up for the live feeds through one of the links on our site you are helping support all the spoilers we provide all season long at no extra cost to you. Its just one of the ways you can help support all the hard work we put into the 24/7 live feed updates.

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So i’m assuming by the alumni list that it’s basically everyone who was picked to play The Price is Right.


Don’t see dr will on the list and he won on the prices right


I just don’t get the interest in Frankie grande. I’m actually on the fence over even watching this season if he’s on again in protest and I’ve watched since season one.

Jimmy 64

14 days till we know the cast
23 days till BB18 starts
All new people please!!!


I’m excited too! Can’t wait to meet a new cast of new people. The last bunch nearly burned me out.

Min O'Pause

Swear to heaven if Skankie Grande is on again I’ll gouge out my own eyeballs with a plastic spork from KFC.