Big Brother 18 LIVE FEED Upcoming Schedule With EXCLUSIVE EXTRAS!

big brother 18 live feeds 1
The Big Brother Live Feeds are back only on CBS All Access. Subscribers can watch the Big Brother Live Feeds 24/7 in HD across devices, stream the upcoming 18th season premiering on June 22nd live or on demand and access every episode of all past 17 seasons of Big Brother.

CBS All Access subscribers can also watch thousands of episodes of CBS shows on demand, get new episodes of hit shows on demand the next day in the CBS App, and stream their local CBS channel live*. CBS All Access is available anytime, anywhere across devices and streaming platforms.

Early Live Feed subscribers can tune in to the first-ever Big Brother Marathon, where every episode from all 17 seasons of Big Brother will be streaming for 17 days. During the Marathon, early subscribers will also get access to bonus features including subscriber-only video content featuring your favorite Big Brother stars.

Road Map to the Premiere:

  • May 23rd: June 9th: Big Brother Marathon of All 17 Seasons
  • May 23rd – June 22nd: Release of Houseguest Hotseat Videos
  • June 13th: Meet the New Houseguests! Exclusive LIVE stream interview with the new houseguests
  • June 22nd: Big Brother 18 season premiere
  • June 23rd: Live Feeds start at 10p PT


Ongoing subscription benefits include:

  • Big Brother Live Feeds – the full Big Brother experience with 24/7** live footage of what’s going on in the Big Brother house as it happens in HD across all devices and streaming platforms (Apple TV, Roku Players, Chromecast, Android TV, Fire TV, and Xbox 360)
  • Live Feed exclusives: full episodes from previous seasons, 4 cameras plus a quad view, rewind and highlight capabilities, and community and VIP chat rooms
  • New episodes of hit CBS shows on demand the next day across devices
  • Access to over 7,500 full episodes of current shows and fan favorites on-demand (including all past 17 seasons of Big Brother)
  • Live TV across desktop, mobile, and streaming devices*


CBS All Access Availability:

We’re sorry to announce that this year’s Live Feeds service will not be available to Canadian fans. It is included as a part of CBS All Access, a service only available in the US. We hope to make CBS All Access available to Canada in the future.
(Comment below if you live outside of the US and wish you could signup for the live feeds)

Sign up with our link and get a 1-week free trial.
After the free trial, CBS ALL ACCESS will only cost $5.99 / month.




By signing-up for the live feeds through one of the links on our site you are helping support all the spoilers we provide all season long at no extra cost to you. Its just one of the ways you can help support all the hard work we put into the 24/7 live feed updates.

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Hey Simon & Dawg
It’s coming less than 30 days
Please all new cast
Heard one good rumor giving more power to the POV winner
he gets to name the replacement. Good Idea it will make those
Players fight harder for it and not throw it !
BB18 it’s almost here


I live in the UK, will be elsewhere in Europe during the summer but really want to purchase the feeds. I have VPN but no american card to purchase the membership


Hi Dawg, thanks for great bb can coverage from yourself and Simon.

Will hidemyass vpn and prepaid american express gift card work if purchased via paypal or visa debit card from Australia? Or can i just use paypal to buy the feeds from Australia?

Why does the live feeds site ask for 4 numbers on the back of the amex card if youre saying its the 4 numbers on front of card?

Purchasing a pre paid amex gift card online – do you have to have the physical card mailed to you to be able to see the 4 digit code and use it or is it a virtual card, were you can see the 4 digit code and use it the moment its paid for online?

Is this the only way to successfully pay for live feeds outside usa to make live feed system believe youre in usa?

If you ever log onto the live feeds with vpn, then you turn vpn off or vpn fails, will their system detect it and kick you off?

So you only have to give any usa 5 digit zip code eg 90210 – but you dont have to give a usa full address?

Would you recommend buying vpn and paying one month at a time and renewing each month for the vpn, or paying for a 3 month period? is it cheaper per month for a 3 month block rather than 1 month at a time?

Is there any early bird live feed price and when is that likely to be? Can you buy 1 month at a time and renew 2nd and 3rd month of bb season or do you have to get entire season?

Sorry for so many questions, I wanna make sure I do this properly. I much prefer the Canadian seasons where you guys can post all the videos. Thanks for your help.


Thanks for your response Dawg.

Just saw this on the cbs all access site FAQ re payment…

FAQ question 11
Why can’t I use an international credit card to purchase CBS All Access?

Our enhanced upgraded billing system no longer accepts international credit cards; only valid U.S. credit cards can be used for payment. If the system detects a non-U.S.-based credit card during a transaction attempt, an “invalid credit card” message will display on your screen. If you successfully subscribed with an international card prior to our system upgrade, you will need to update your All Access profile with a U.S. credit card, otherwise the auto-renewal attempt will fail at the end of your billing period. We apologize for any inconvenience.

FAQ question 20
How and when will I be billed for CBS All Access?

CBS All Access is a monthly recurring subscription that bills from the beginning of your subscription (or the day your trial ends, where applicable) and at the beginning of each monthly renewal thereafter on the calendar day corresponding to the commencement of your subscription.

FAQ question 22
Why was my pre-paid gift card declined for payment?

There are many factors that can affect whether your pre-paid card is accepted or rejected for payment. Before attempting to use a pre-paid card, please read the information below:

Recurring fees. Some credit card issuers will not allow use of their pre-paid cards for “recurring” fees (i.e monthly subscriptions). This depends on the company that issued your pre-paid card. If the card issuer identifies the subscription purchase as a “recurring” fee, then your card will likely be rejected. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control.

(I checked and visa pre paid gift cards dont allow recurring payments – so there is no way an Australian viewer can watch the feeds as there is no way to pay without a usa credit or gift card that allows recurring payments)

Dawg/Simon please check your email, im gonna email Simons email address to ask you about this if its ok


im confused as it lists on amex site in describing the pre paid cards it says they cant be used for recurring payments…cbs site only allow cards that can be used for recurring payments…and cbs emailed me that they dont accept any pre paid cards at all…there is so much misinformation both from cbs and amex


so youre using a non usa bought card(why are usa based cards sold in canada?), the card cant be used for recurring payments(stated on amex site) and its a pre paid card – all 3 of these factors live feed support say arent accepted for subscription payment


thanks alot for the info – its bizarre that their own support dont know what actually is accepted and what is not(they told me basically the opposite of what youve been successful with)

however its likely this card only covers 2 countries to be able to get feeds – usa and canada

i hope my questions and the info youve provided has helped some people, all the best and enjoy the season


I have an american express prepaid card buy every time I try to sign up I get an error. Do you know why this would be happening?


you need a VPN as well.


thanks, will deal with that once my exams are over!


will amex + HMA work this year or they upgrade their security system ?


I have a prepaid american express card and using HMA but still getting an error, I have no idea what’s wrong.


whats the error?


I got it to work, I think the error was that I was trying to use the card soon after I purchased it. I waited a couple hours and it worked.


ahh.. awesome glad it worked!