Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – Have / HaveNot Competition Results!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots ? Judd, Jessie, McCrae, Amanda ?

2pm When the live feeds return from showing TRIVIA during the have / havenot competition – Judd, Jessie, Gina, Spencer, Amanda and Aaryn are in the bathroom showering and talking. The bathroom is coverd in plastic to protect it from the mess. Jessie and Judd talk about how it was fun. Gina says I look like a Jew! Gina asks who do I look like? Amanda isn’t sure. Gina says a Jew! Amanda says oh. Jessie comments that the living room tv says Nominations Today! (Not sure but I think the havenots are Jessie, Judd, Aaryn and Amanda)

CBS Interactive Inc.

Up in the HOH room. Helen tells Candice that she can’t trust Howard or Spencer. Candice asks what why?! Helen says she doesn’t want to talk about. One of them is being back doored. I am bringing Jeremy over to our side! Helen says they are totally against us! Candice says that we can’t bring Jeremy over. Helen says fine we can back door him. Candice asks can’t we just scare Aaryn, one of the girls. Helen says okay we can do that! Helen looks at the spy screen and says I am on to you Howard and Spencer!! Andy joins them. Helen says that she wants to start talking to people, I want information and I want people to be honest with me. Candice asks again can you please just tell me what happened? Helen says no, not now. Andy says he dug his own grave. Candice says she wants to know why Aaryn yell out that Amanda and McCrae were in an alliance with them. Helen says that she is just trying to throw them under the bus but we trust McCrae. Helen says that she wants to put up Spencer as the pawn. Helen asks why not Howard. Helen says because he was trying to throw the competition. Candice says that she is on their side but she needs to know information to be on the same page with them. Elissa says that she is going to be using all of their have not guacamole. (Havenots have to eat Guacamole and Grapefruit.)


2:20pm – 2:30pm Helen asks Jeremy to come up to the HOH room. She says that this is like making a deal with the devil but if I keep you safe will you do the same in return. Jeremy says that he will keep her safe and not go after her for not just 1 week, 2 week, 3 weeks… but for as long as I can. Helen says you hear that America, You hear that Jeremy’s mom! Helen says that she hates disloyalty and can’t stand it! I know that there are people in the house on my side that are being disloyal to me. Jeremy says that he aligned with someone that is hurting his game and she is not helping his game. Helen says if you can be loyal to me I can be loyal to you! Jeremy says that he will be loyal to Helen. Helen asks if I put up Kaitlin how would you react? Jeremy says that it would suck but I understand it and I know everyone needs to go home. She is my cuddle buddy but I am here to play the game. Helen says I may put her up as the pawn, I have other bigger fish to fry but she may go up and I want to make sure you won’t come after me for it. Helen tells Jeremy that they can help him and can use him because he is strong in competitions. Jeremy says that he wants to work with them. Jeremy heads down stairs. Helen goes into the HOH bathroom and talks to Candice who over heard the whole conversation. Candice heard about the guy alliance and tells Helen that she knew it!

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2:30pm McCrae comes up to the HOH room and talks to Helen about how he wanted to admit to her about the guys alliance. Helen says Amanda told me just in the nick of time. Its better that you and Amanda told me before he (Jeremy) did. McCrae says that he want’s Jeremy gone, he walks around like he owns this place. McCrae tells Helen that the missing vote was either Howard or Spencer it was a conceited effort where one would vote with and one would vote against to then blame it on Jessie. Helen says that she knew it! They talk about them getting out Nick was the best thing that could happen. Helen says what do you think about me putting up Aaryn, Howard or Spencer up. And then we can back door Jeremy if we win the veto. McCrae says that sounds good to me. Helen asks who would be better to go up Howard or Spencer. McCrae says either or it doesn’t matter.


2:40pm – 2:47pm Kaitlin comes up to the HOH room. Helen says that she is going to be butt honest with her. Sit down! Kaitlin asks if she can talk first. Kaitlin says that she is upset that she aligned with Aaryn and doesn’t want to be with her any more. She is the cause of all the problems and I don’t want to be guilty by association. Helen tells kaitlin that she has seen glimpses of hope inside of Kaitlin. I was thinking of putting you up as the pawn but if you come over to our side I may not put you up. Helen says that Andy is your biggest supporter and if you don’t go up then you can thank him. Helen asks if I protect you, can you protect me? Kaitlin says she doesn’t know it might be better if you put me up as the pawn. Helen says that it would be better for Aaryn to go home. kaitlin says that Aaryn needs to go home. I love her but she is the root of all this. She is a child. Kaitlin says that she is way more mature than this, I don’t want to be a part of it. Helen says that Aaryn needs to go after all the racial slurs and drama. Kaitlin admits that she knows she fell into a black hole of caddyness and doesn’t want to be a part of it any more. Helen tells Kaitlin if she does go up, you are a total pawn .. you are not going home! Kaitlin says I trust you. They hug and Kaitlin leaves the room.


CBS Interactive Inc.

2:55pm – 3pm McCrae and Amanda come up and talk to Helen. They talk about how it was good that Amanda and McCrae admitted to the guys alliance before Jeremy just did. Amanda says that she just heard about it last night from McCrae. They talk about who to put up. Helen tells them that Kaitlin offered to go up as the pawn but isn’t sure it is the best plan. Amanda says she should put up Spencer, Howard and Aaryn. They talk about how they will try to back door Jeremy. Amanda says if Jeremy wins the veto, then we get rid of Aaryn. It makes sense to put those three up on the block because they are the votes for Jeremy. Amanda and McCrae tell Helen to tell Spencer and Howard that you are putting up Kaitlin and Aaryn. They talk about how Helen will nominate Aaryn and Howard. Amanda says to tell Howard that he isn’t the target, he is a pawn. But don’t tell him you are putting him on the block because he will freak out. Helen says what if we don’t get MVP we need to have Aaryn on the block. Helen says that she can’t believe how deceitful Howard and Spencer have been. Helen says that she will tell Aaryn she is the pawn too. Amanda says don’t tell her she is a pawn tell her she isn’t the target. Helen says that she wants this to be as shocking as hell!


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omg what a waste of hoh if she dont get somebody out the mean clique out


Agreed. Aaryn, Kaitlin, GM, or Jeremy should leave. Why even bother with Howard, etc?


Helen had it in her head to get out those who are disloyal. Get out the other threats and then deal with Howard.


They are all disloyal! I like Helen but she is starting to
Irritate me. Kailyn tells her she doesn’t want to be in team Aaryn and
Helen tells her, ok come to our side. Please! kailyn only hates her side because
She knows they are DOOM! Give me a break.
halen needs to be loyal and tight with Andy, Judd, Candice, Ellisa, Amanda and mcG because they
Have shown loyalty. Everyone can suck it. It’s fine to be nice and respectful but it seems
Like she wants to see the good in everybody and its focusing more attention in Howard and spencer.


I know it seems like Helen is trying to recruit the entire house, well if the whole house is “on your side”, who are you going to evict? These people have no foresight.

Say Fish to Fry One More Time


ultimate big brother fan

because this game isn’t about getting someone out because their mean no u get the strategic strong people out. You get the ones who are stabbing u from the back out not from the front. aaryn,jeremy,and kaitling are attacking from the front everyone knows that and sees it but howard and spencer are sneaky and attacking from the back now if I were Helen id get the ones attacking from the back. aaryn and them don’t have much power theyd be gone soon but get the two guys out.their the mentally stronger ones. she should do this aaryn,jeremy and spencer. with howard going up as the replacement because she can still reel in Kaitlin. I feel either howard or spencer will go this week


Amanda is essentially controlling this HOH, it seems. She (and McCrae) want Howard/Spencer out immediately. Helen isn’t particularly good at thinking for herself, so it appears she’ll go along with it.


If Elissa’s side is seriously so offended by Aaryn’s behavior, they should evict her this week. No debate. If they don’t, then clearly they have no issue compromising their own principles in this game. Not exactly people I want to support.

All evil needs to prevail is for “good” people to do nothing…

Jody H.

You can just get her out and it won’t mean a thing because people think it’s personal.
But, take out her support system, ignore her and show your disdain of her hateful words and you cut her off. You do this without going down to her level and show her that she is not even a blip on the radar. If she doesn’t self evict, you can get her out the following week. And then it’s not out of spite, you are playing a game AND making a statement on how others are treated!


Yeah, except they haven’t really stood up to her. Amanda came closer than anyone, and I’d hardly call her “team elissa” Amanda is “team amanda”

Sorry, but elissa’s side is a bunch of whiners and cowards. This week, they’ll prove it.

Jody H.

I always notice people who say nasty things are hoping for someone to tell them off because they get attention that way. In their minds, it somehow boosts them up. But, ignoring them makes a statement that what they said is so ridiculous, THEY are not worth your time or effort. Why argue, they are not going to change their minds and the succeeded in sucking you in and dragging you down. Hopefully, others will follow your lead. Without an audience, it will be meaningless.


Jody you seem like a nice lady, but i respectfully disagree. Aaryn should have been called on her crap day 1, and this would be a non issue. The house would have either united against her and evicted her, or she would have self-evicted because she’s just such a weak girl used to having so much privilege.

Elissa and Helen have been painted as the white hats this season, but they’ve clearly compromised their morals and integrity just as much as anyone else in that house, especially if they keep aaryn this week. A compromise of one’s behavior is always expected in big brother….but this decision to boot jeremy over aaryn seems off to me, especially after the deal helen made with jeremy. Helen is playing a very different game than she believes she is. She’s no saint.

Jody H.

Maybe that’s true. But many of the others said things just as nasty. Their derogatory comments about women or homosexuals were just as vile. So who to pick. If they are all as guilty, get the ones who are most dangerous out.
I have more issues with CBS who should have addressed this publicly with the hgs and let them know it was unacceptable.


If that is the case, then why even bring up Howard. Aaryn wouldn’t care if Howard got eliminated. In fact, she might even be pleased. You take out Jeremy if you want to hurt Aaryn, otherwise you take out Aaryn. I think Helen is so caught up in people not being loyal, that she is missing the point of the real people who were going after her. Howard didn’t want to send Helen home. He wanted Amanda out and that shows that Amanda has more influence. What about Amanda and McCrea making a deal with Jeremy and Aaryn? Isn’t that its own type of betrayal? So why be so hard on Howard?

Helen Rules!

Helen doesn’t know how to think as HOH? She seems to have answered a lot of questions in the competition for HOH and she rallied the troops to go after NIck and get him out. What game are you watching in your fake lil’ world?


that is incorrect George – helen/elissa/andy are controlling this hoh


Jeremy Aaryn Kathin Gina Spencer ect should all leave the show this week as a group..They have no chance to win the game anyway with this MVP rigged twist..Even if they win HoHs….That will punish CBS for the rigging …They will have to finish the show 5weeks earlier than expected and all the problems coming with that….DR production has influence Jessie so she flip alliances at the last minutes yesterday..and by that she decided which group will win the game….Production obviously didn’t wanted Jeremy group or even the MC to run this season and win …the next 5 weeks will be boring as hell…we know already the evitions…and it look like it will be a all womens season at the end

BB15 Unfkingbelievable!

From what I’ve been reading Helen has said numerous times that what she really wants to do is backdoor that Asshat, Jeremy, and that’s why she’s putting up who she’s putting up. If they can’t backdoor him then they’ll vote out Aryan.


Helen’s doing what’s best for her game and that’s covering her own hide before everyone else. Personally I’d think it best if Helen watch out for Amanda which in essence means to watch out for McCrae, seeing as the boy is literally being puppeteered, or Aaryn. I think Amanda would drop Helen first considering that Elissa loose MVP votes would go to Helen once the people in the house saw no more need for Elissa… That being said if she wants to put either Spencer or Howard out I would say Howard, although it’ll do nothing but provide atleast one more target on her back. As much as I like Howard for the sake of game if he isn’t eradicated by Helen or her posse he and Jeremy could wreck havoc in the competitions… and he’s much smarter than anyone is giving him credit for i.e. he was super close to winning HOH…


everyone should be looking to break up mc MANda


Say what? I thought she was smart?

This is purely personal, instead of getting bigots out that helped make their lives miserable, they go after alittle vote, which was harmless, Elissa is still in the house. Wasted HOH just like Aaryn….


I think this is where we’re starting to see Helen’s real life come into the game, so to speak. She works in politics, and in politics it’s never simple. You have to cover all the angles. It seems to me that she probably does want Aaryn out of the house, but at the same time she’s looking at the bigger picture. Overall, Aaryn is obnoxious, but not much of a threat. She feels like it’s a bigger threat to her game to have someone in her alliance playing both sides and there is some truth to that. So the question becomes, who do you want gone more, an irritating little brat with no game, but who’s absence would make the rest of your time in the BB house a little more pleasant or the gamer that you actually like, but would turn on you when the power shifts?


I agree, Helen said that she likes to play chess. And in chess you always play look forward several moves and evaluate all possible outcomes. Its very strategic and i hope she`s cautious with her game.

Lost in BB translation

I am trying to catch up on this season just now. You seem to be a consistent fan so can you please fill me in? Who/what got Nick out? Every season has low-life scum-suckers….I have a few ideas but I am not certain. Who are the lazy mooches this season?? Ugh, I promise to follow the show from here on out!


Please Helen nominated two mean girls GinaMarie & Aaryn while the MVP I mean Elissa will nominated Kaitlyn as third nominee or Backdoored Jeremy.

Big Jim

She feels bad for GM I don’t think she will put her up this week


and yet she doesnt feel bad for Howard and all the hate has had to endure? He has gone through more hell than cry baby desperate GM.


A HUGE thank you to Simon and Dawg willing to sit through watching the live feeds and transcribing them for us! Wow, I never had live feeds until last night and they are insane to watch non-stop and listen to them all talking in circles for hours. I’ll still to he spoilers for my primary source of BB info and pop in to the live feeds from time to time.


Read the spoilers that is as my primary source of BB info and not the gibberish my iPad typed


Helen making alliances with everybody. lol

VA Vet

If Helen isn’t careful, she’s going to get into trouble.

Since she is HOH for only one week as it now stands, she should decide the two house guests she most wants evicted and nominate them. Only one could possibly win veto so the other could be voted out. If she can use the MVP, put up #3 on her list.

My choices would be Jeremy and Howard with Spencer being the third. If Jeremy wins veto, evict Howard. If Howard or Spencer win veto, evict Jeremy. Helen knows those three were part of the MC alliance so removing another would make sure they won’t get together again down the road.

Stick with what got you in this position, Helen.


Aaryn is a problem. She is really has to go.


“Gina says I look like a Jew!”
What the hell does that even mean?! GM, you’re a piece of shit.


I agree, I wish Amanda had asked her what that’s supposed to mean.


I haven’t flashed back to watch the segment yet, but Gina has already said that she’s Jewish ( that’s why she didn’t want to play a Bible charades game). I think it’s just another example of her crude humor.


Oh, I didn’t realize she was Jewish. Still, I don’t really get the humor, even if she is Jewish. I just wish they’d get off using racial, sexual preference, and religious slurs when joking, and when fighting with each other. It’s making it really sad to watch.


I had heard Amanda say she is Jewish. I hadn’t heard GM say so.


This makes no sense. IF she brings Jeremy and Kaitlyn to “their” side, who is on the other side? You can’t have the entire house on the same side!


McCrae and Jeremy just increased the target on Howard and Spencer’s backs since they are now the shady duo that haven’t admitted to their votes or their secret deals. Wow. Spencer or Howard actually might go this week depending on how this plays out.


WTF with that Helen? Bringing Jeremy to your side is the worst move
Ever. Didn’t she forget how mean and bully he was to get and Ellisa!
She wants kailyn on her side too. Helen is losing me as her fan. I think the
HOH room is affecting her thinking.


welcome ot the 2nd coming of the Friendship. THE WORST MOST BORING ALLIANCE IN BB HISTORY.

*sigh* I miss Janelle….


i don’t buy it for a second that helen is embracing jeremy – she’s setting him up to go next, via backdoor nom, with aaryn as her backup plan. kaitlin on the other hand might be a different story. hope helen doesn’t get sucked into that abyss.

Say Fish to Fry One More Time

Does Helen have bigger fish to fry? I’m not quite clear on her sentiments so far. Am I to understand fish are being fried? And they are somewhat bigger than other proposed fish?


Well, it really depends… Apparently the black fish are at the bottom

Say Fish to Fry One More Time

Black fish? White fish? I don’t care, just as long as Helen gets to fry them! fry those fish helen, and make it clear that you have fish in need of frying. Make it clear to every person in the house, every day, several times a day.



Well it took less than 24 hours for Helen to implode as HOH. I love early HOH weeks. You see so many personal flaws as it relates to BB.

Helen (I like) has decided to “bring Jeremy into the alliance”! Pure genius their. Now it’s Spenser or Howard rather than Jeremy. The 3 nasty girls may only have 1 on the block! It never takes long to see flawed players….

There are 2 viable strategies the first 3rd of the season. 1) pick off the floaters and my favorite…pick a side and go to war! Now we are going to be treated to complete over thinking and do nothing wasted HOH’s for a month. That’s just swell! Any nom combination that includes Spencer or Howard is just plain stupid. Even if either is the target which would be completely stupid. The game is playing completely different this year. Let me explain.

We all realize the power of the MVP. The HG’s for the most part also get it. HOH is virtually useless if you maintain an alliance with a wide enough gap to vote the MVP nom out even when your side does not have HOH. Yup the power is now similar to competing for Americas choice. By that I’m saying the audience “may” change MVP weekly if it sees players abusing the power. Become power hungry or just plain terrible in their decisions. Ellisa is dependent on her friends not messing things up with the voting audience. Any vote this week that does not send Arryn home would be potentially disasterous for future MVP choices.

Fact is that MC control could be boring but the moms could be equally bad or worse.

The Doctor

Yea true although it leaves Howard and Spencer and I don’t like people who say they hate disloyalty watch her in three weeks she’ll be backstabbing and she’ll try to justify it.


If aaryn doesn’t go on the block I am going to be pissed!!


Aaryn seems like the only sure one going up at this point.


She will be on the block. Just pray for her being on the block.

Big Jim

Don’t screw this up Helen. Even if you think Howard and Spencer are playing both sides they are not after you there are bigger fish to fry. Kaitlin, Gina Marie, Jeremy and Aaryn are first on the chopping block


Well I’ll be, there is a God. And his wrath is pouring down on Aaryn. FINALLY. Have-nots the week before going home. THE BB GODS HAVE SPOKEN! And when did we vote for the have-nots food?


Pussy whipped McCrae has completely thrown Spencer/Howard under the bus (even though he was just as big a part of the MC). He and Amanda are trying to get Helen to put both of them up and it looks like they’ll be successful.


ahnnnd again with the bigotry, GM?!!


“I look like a Jew”……GM your so ignorant


and another reason why you lost your job.


Just wait, if aaryn goes on the block she will self evict. It might be what sends her over the edge. I will laugh so hard!


Friendship 2.0 is better than Friendship 1.0

Say Fish to Fry One More Time

1. Give them time to show how lame they really are. The Friendship really didn’t make waves until Eric left.

2. No one as cool as Janelle is in the house any longer to display how lame they are by comparison.

Roisin Dubh

I thought Helen was smarter than that, but she’s as dumb as the rest of them, Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn should be on your hitlist. Forget about Howard and Spencer, you know about them and should play like you don’t. Does HOH make IQ’s drop the moment you step in the the HOH room?


“Does HOH make IQ’s drop the moment you step in the the HOH room?”

Apparently, Yes

Jeremy should be hit #1

The idea that MCcrae is acting all innocent of this, pretending to be loyal, when he just flipped towards Helen’s side a few days ago.

If Spence of Howie gets put up, and Jeremy stays I hope he gets HOH and goes after Amanda and her Vagina, I mean McCrae


Oh yeah, been meaning to say this: Jesse has been the finest looking of the lady contestants since day 1. She could showmance me any day.


jess she fine, she definately is fine, and a really nice girl

Biff Tannen

If Helen’s target is anyone other than Jeremy she’s in trouble. This will be one of the few times they have a chance to get him out. Aaryn is all bark no bite, same with Kaitlin. Spencer will be loyal because he has no choice. Do the right thing, Helen. Send Jeremy to the Happy Hunting Ground.

Roisin Dubh

What up Biff? I agree, Jeremy should be target number one. The guy ain’t dumb and he can win comps. I think Aaryn and Kaitlin should be up there also because these people better start thinking about who they want on that jury. After last year’s jury you would think that would be first priority.


love how helen says shes hates disloyalty and being lied to , then she lies to jeremey to his face and wants to backdoor him , having power does funny things to people , esp when there really nothing to hide just nominate and be open with but nope hoh power goes to everyones head , gotta be shocking and be deceitful all be it saying i hate liars and dishonesty


I think that it was a smart move by McCrae to come out about the alliance now because he did it in such a way where now people are not upset with him about it. If he had kept it from them and they had learned about it on their own, McCrae would not be trusted. Personally, I think he is in the best position in the house


unfortunately due to the rigged power of mvp every week elissa is actually in the best position


1 Day of good time’s and the season has turn to crap again…. Helen not even going after threats, “bigger fish to fry” my ass, this is personal, just the same as Aaryn’s HOH.

Jody H.

Hey! I love coming to this site! You guys do an incredible job. I find these people incredibly sad. The fact that they see NOTHING wrong in what they’ve said shows that the truly believe the dreck they are spewing out.

The problem is, with that much ignorance, even if something was said, they would just get defensive and attack more. It really is vile to hear that though.

As to plans: I think Helen is setting it up to make it possible for different people to go out depending on who wins POV, etc. Her best bet is to get a guy out. The mean girls won’t stick together well. They will go wherever the power is at the moment.


Seems like production is trying to keep the “racial tension” in the house going. *Shameless*


Am I mistaken? Didn’t Aaryn get the opportunity to choose the have nots as soon as she was declared HOH? So why didn’t Helen get the same opportunity? This is like playing rummy with my Dad when I was a kid, the rules got changed all the time.


Because Aaryn won an endurance comp to become HOH so there wouldn’t be enough time in the sunday episode for a have/have not competition. Whenever there’s an endurance HOH competition either the winner gets to pick, or someone wins the power to pick from a prize.


When there’s no Have Not comp scheduled whoever wins HOH chooses the Have Nots.


Spencer is going to feel like such an ass for deciding to betray the MC. Like the MC or not they were in a good position and he threw that away to be lowest on the totem poll in another alliance, worse yet Helen thinks you were trying to keep Nick when it was the opposite. He needs to come clean and tell her everything if he wants to save his ass, because that’s the only way he looks good. But she probably still won’t believe it.

Sir Peanut

That’s what Spencer gets for trying to control his extended MC votes. (Helen and Candice) Telling them to wait for him to tell them what to do.


It’s a little early but Helen is probably setting up her final 4 deal. It could be all women and include Amanda and Candice. The fourth can’t be Elissa b/c
she’ll be evicted nor McCrae cause he’ll beat her in the late endurances so the other woman may be Jessie. Just spitballing.


Is Helen nuts?! She distrusts everyone, she thinks everyone is disloyal, she’s telling everyone they will be a pawn, she changes her mind like crazy. Send out the men in white suits. Helen is having a nervous breakdown, her friends and allies need to get rid of her, she is a liability!


I think there is a method to Helen’s madness…don’t forget, she is a political analyst and an avid chess player. I think she’s setting up the Come to my side” talks with everyone to ensure no matter how she plays it with the nominations, no one will know what hit them when they get evicted. Helen is no dummy. She is a strategist, but just not showing her hand just yet.


“Elissa says that she is going to be using all of their have not guacamole”. Her mentality is just as bad as Aaryns. She just hides it better.
She is horible player too. Elissa needs to go before jury.


I was afraid of this….I really hope the HOH power doesn’t get to Helen’s head….bring Jeremy to their side!? Is she on crack?


I think Helen is planning on putting up Jeremy as a back door option
Seems like she will put up Aaryn and either Kaitlin or Howie.
I think bec Howie told her the truth about how he
voted he might not go up as a pawn


Howie lied about the guy alliance so Helen still won’t trust him even though he came clean about the vote.


I can already see Helen is going to overthink this. They have a chance to have a couple relaxing weeks and then start playing…just vote out the idiots. The sooner Aaryn and GM go home the better for everyone. They are disgusting people…


If Helen doesn’t get rid of Aryan Nation she is crazy.

Sausage sandwich minus the bread

In the picture where kaitlin is wearing a blue shirt ……she looks kinda like katy perry


one would say helen is kinda full of herself


Well I gave Helen way too much credit for being smart…I’ll shut up now…

HOH Room Drugs

I give people drugs to make them go crazy once they get to have me. Helen, enjoy!


Seems like ever since Arayn told GM about Amanda talking to her about her racist remarks GM has tried to back peddle & say racist stuff in front of other people as a “joke”…she went outside that day after talking to Arayn & put a folded paper cup under a wobbly pool table leg, looked straight at Howard & said “Yo, that’s how I n***** rig sh** back home then her hand went up to him for a high 5….And Helen, please, you control the nominations this week, you don’t control the whole house, please don’t dumb out on me now, people talk & everyone is gonna know in 24 hours or less that they are all “on your side”, please don’t over play(MC) and/or over think this thing, they are gonna tell you everything you want to hear….as for me, it feels sooo good seeing jeremy with his tail between his legs “yes Helen,anything you say Helen, lol…spencer & howard too as far as that goes…Also, kudos for Judd…I voted him MVP from one of the places I vote from, I had to… 😀


Just watched the replay of Katelin and Jeremy taunting Jessie, and Aaryn and GM goading candance — Howard picks Candace up and takes her out of the fray. This is over the top…i understand the desire for ratings, but Aaryn, Katelin, GM and Jeremy are out of control — the worst two appear to be aaryn and GM. Time to stop this…its horrible to watch.


This is all going to change over the next week. The Mean Team is still in shock and haven’t really talked and are just reacting to the eviction. Helen is going the alienate her team when they find out she is making some of the moves. I bet there is a whole new alliance in a few days!


Where can you go to look at Flashbacks? Want to see more of last night


Where are the flashbacks


Everyone says “oh get the sneaky ones first” meaning Howard and Spencer. Aryan and the bitchettes are easy to get out. But, what if they get let in the house all the way to the end? I say put up Aryan, GM, and Kaitlyn, back door Jerkymy. Then next hoh even if Aryan or of her minions wins, they have no muscle. These nasty critters really aren’t that smart. As much as I hate to admit, Jerkymy really isn’t as dumb as he appears. If he was, he would have behaved as badly as the critters did last night.


Come on Helen, are u serious??? I thought u were smarter than that, way smarter. Get rid of Jeremy, Aaryn, or Kaitlin. Y even bother with Howard or Spencer right now. When u could still fool them into working with u & trusting u. Then deal with them later, when the time is right. But right now is the time to get rid of Jeremy & Co.

Plz Helen, do not waste your HOH on someone u could work with. Of course Kkkaitlin is going to tell everyone that will listen that she doesn’t wanna be aligned with Aaryn. That’s the game. But u don’t have to believe it. That’s just pure ignorance. Same with Jeremy. He is telling Helen what she wants to hear. Does he mean it? Hell no! And y do u keep saying, “come to my side.” Ummmmmmm…..heeellllooooo you’re side is too big as is. If everyone’s on your side, who would be left?? That’s just stupidity. To be frank…. I’m sick of hearing “come to my side”

I reaaaallllyyyy want Jeremy or Aaryn to go this week. Ohhh $hit it just hit me. Maybe Helen has some strategy behind all this. If she stays chummy with Kaitlin & Jeremy & puts up Kaitlin as a so-called “pawn” & Spencer or Howard. Then she could let Elissa do the dirty work by putting up Jeremy or Aaryn. Therefore keeping the target off of her & keeping it on Elissa. She would also be in good standing with both sides of the house. I don’t know if that’s her strategy. But it could work. If she puts up Spencer or Howard she can keep their trust to by telling them that they’re just a pawn & she wants them to play in the POV so they can backdoor Jeremy. That would work too. If they have ppl from “their side” on the block they have a better chance of winning POV & giving Jeremy the boot.

That last paragraph just hit me like a ton of bricks. I was actually finishing up my comment by saying I wanted Jeremy or Aaryn to go home this week, then I thought of that, therefore extending my comment to one of those long annoying ones that no one likes to read. So I apologize for that….Sorry;)


Sorry about the error in the have nots we originally posted.. McCrea is the have not we had Aaryn at first


trust me you guys helen is playing smart,


Helen why you so concerned about Howard and Spencer ? and now you are trying to work with Jeremy?? Are you trying to win this game or what?!


It is so maddening how nonsensical these women are! Take your emotions out of this, they’re all too focused on playing a personal game instead of strategic.AND these people better start thinking about who they want on that jury. Do none of these idiots have any foresight??? (The only one that has a right to be emotional in that house right now is Candace!!)

I liked Helen but she’s really irritating me for a 37-year old woman who is in the political world she doesnt seem to be very smart. She getting way too caught up in targeting who was disloyal to her that she’s missing the point…She needs to be taking advantage of her HOH & get out who her biggest threat is or who will be coming after her next.I thought Helen was smarter shes just as dumb as everyone.. Howard didnt want to send her home, he wanted Amanda out.. which should should show how Amanda has more influence.Amanda is essentially controlling this HOH. She (so therefore her puppet too) want Howard/Spencer out so badly… WHY? Because they’re the bigger threats to Amanda/McCrae..? Helen isn’t particularly good at thinking for herself, she is being led by others which way to go.

Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aaryn… or Amanda should be on your hitlist. Forget about Howard and Spencer!! I say Jeremy, for obvious reasons.. & Aaryn, although with her I dont see her as a real “physical threat” especially if she gets crippled by losing her crutch (Jeremy). Kaitlin isnt anything special, she’s just decoration in the house. I included her because it’d just be nice to not see her dryhumping Jeremy neanderthal ass all over the house & to not hear her voice or see her Sharpie Eyebrows anymore. & she is an extra vote towards the mean girl side. But I say Amanda because her & McCrae have set themselves up in a nice position where they’re kind of cool with everyone & since the obvious assholes of the house put themselves so out there with a target Amanda/McCrae are flying under everyone’s radar. I bet they will end up sneakin up on everyone & one of them taking it all. Helen needs to break up their tight alliance now because they depend on each other & only talk/trust each other. Helen is pulling everyone aside telling them “come to her side” she’ll work with them, etc. Dont you know you’re only HOH for a WEEK! She needs to decide the 2 houseguests she most wants evicted & nominate them, & since most likely Elissa, Her, or someone like Andy/Candace will get MVP you can use their power to put up another threat.

….*sigh*…. another week of wasted HOH… *rolls eyes*

Jeremy is an idiot. I dont for a second believe Kaitlin’s sudden change of heart sob story… & Helen is a complete moron if she does. How can you just take what she says at fact value. It’s funny how she’s trying to jump ship & have all these sudden revelations about Aaryn the same night the power switches & its no longer on a side she is aligned with. This game is Chess, not Checkers. & Helen always say how much she loves to play chess… in chess you play looking forward several moves & evaluate all possible outcomes, its about real strategy… unfortunately I’m not getting that vibe off her, & unless she has some super secret mindblowing scheme up her sleeve it looks like she’ll be someone’s Checkmate real quick.