Big Brother Spoilers Helen Cleans out the lies But Howard isn’t ready to fess up

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots ? Judd, Jessie, McCrae, Amanda ?


3:01pm Bedroom Kaitlin and Jeremy
He has to tell her something and hopes it doesn’t piss her off.
Jeremy tells her that day 2 he made an alliance called The Moving Company “We were going to move them all out” The Alliance was with McCrea, Howard, Spencer and Nick. Jeremy adds that Spencer and McCrea voted out Nick last night and that is why Howard was so pissed. Jeremy explains that they had the votes to keep Nick it was going to a cakewalk for them but Spencer and McCrea jumped ship.
Spencer went upstairs and told Helen about the alliance because Spencer and McCrea turned on him. He told her that she was their target.

Kaitlin is worried that Jeremy is going to go up with her Aaryn and Howard. Jeremy thinks he is. Kaitlin starts to conspire about getting Aaryn out this week. They know one of them will be going home for sure and getting rid of Aaryn is the only way. Jeremy tells her to just wait and see, “Don’t jump to conclusions”

Helen told Kaitlin that the only reason why Jeremy is not going up is because of Andy, Kaitlin “He really likes you.. Jeremy” Helen also told her that Aaryn wasn’t going to be nominated but after the way Aaryn acted last night Helen wanted her out.

Helen told KAitlin that she’s going up as a pawn 100%. Kaitlin tells him to stop being cocky and be extra nice.. Jeremy agrees and Leaves


3:04pm McCrea, Helen and Amanda HOH
McCrea outs the Moving Company to Helen. (Helen already knew) Helen is really surprised about Spencer and Howard. The first week all she talked about in the Diary Room was how much she trusted Spencer and Howard. Amanda adds that Howard plays so low she wouldn’t be surprised if he came up to the HOH and told Helen they should stick together because they are minorities
Amanda: “He will use anything he swore on his bible”

They’re plan is to put Aaryn and Howard tell Aaryn she is the Pawn. This is so Howard thinks he’s the target and fights like hell to win the Power of Veto. When he uses the POV they will put Jeremy up and get him out of the house. If POV isn’t played then Aaryn goes home. They do not think Jeremy would use the POV to save Aaryn as that would mean Kaitlin goes up. They seem 100% confident that they will win MVP again.

Before they leave they all hug it out..


3:09pm HOh Howard and Helen
Helen wants him to be truthful but why did Spencer want her to put up Amanda as the replacement nominee for Jeremy

Howard doesn’t know if it’s out of fear. Howard honestly had no idea about Amanda and McCrea as a team.

Helen: “Nick was a strong player… I want you to tell me the truth why did Spencer want me to put up AManda” Howard fumbles his words

Helen says why should she have put up Amanda when the whole point of their group was to take out the other side, “I’m not stupid Howard”

Helen knows she is being lied to, She’s going to talk to Spencer
Howard: “I don’t know why.. maybe he was scared.” he adds that Amanda and Spencer never got along and he thinks Spencer thought Amanda was coming after him on a personal level”

Helen: “Why did the vote go down 8-3”
Howard fumbles around says Judd was 50/50 and Jessie was really back and forth about it..
Helen asks him again…
Howard rambles on.. he does mention that Aaryn has some nasty stuff about him and he had to be the bigger person and step down and cry alone.
Howard says everyone is focusing on last week’s vote and not on Aaryn, KAitlin, Gina and Jeremy. He thinks that 3 of them should go up on the block because they will start making deals again. Helen: ‘Everyone knows the target is Jeremy at the end of the Day” Helen tells him that Gina is not going up on the block.

Helen: ‘I’ll tell you something.. you are not my target .. I may nominate you but you’re not my target… I need you to trust me”

Howard: ‘I trust you I need you to trust me”
Helen: “That vote is funny.. until someone fesses up to the vote… I can’t talk to anybody”

Howard makes a play that Helen, Spencer, Elissa and Homself make a “Mature” person alliance.



Howard in the bathroom

Howard: “This is the god’s honest truth.” Howard Explains that he voted Elissa out because he knew Nick was going home. Once he heard that Jessie, Judd, Spencer and Amanda were voting to Evict him he thought by voting to Keep Nick he might get in good with the next HOH to help their side.
Howard: “I feel that Amanda is after me.. I want to apologize.. I never lied to you other than that.. I will never lie to again”
Helen starts crying… “Thats a pretty big lie”

Howard: “please I don’t want to go home I have nothing to go back to.. I knew Nick was going home”
Helen wants to know what Spencer had to do with it. Howard: “He had nothing to do with it.. I wanted this to be for me so I could use it against Amanda”
Helen: ‘Were you working with Nick”
Howie: “No i’m working with nobody”

Helen: ‘You need to promise you will never lie to me again”
Howard says “My soul won’t let me lie again”
Helen: ‘You Promise.. You want to tell me One more thing you’ve been involved in”
Howard:”Ok.. “
Helen: “There’s one more thing”
Howard: “I ain’t got nothing else to tell.. what have you heard”
Helen brings up the guys alliance called the Moving Company
Howard: “No I didn’t mess with Nick he never talked game to me and I only talked to Jeremy because Spencer likes it
Howard: ‘I wanted to do something with McCrea but I can’t because of Amanda.. there can’t be a guys alliance because none of the guys trust each other”
Howard about the guys alliance: ‘I’ve heard about that that is funny”
Helen about the vote yesterday “Don’t do that again Howard”
Howard: “I will never lie about anything else in the house”
Helen brings up the guys alliance and tries to make it sound that she doesn’t think he was in it. Howard acts all surprised that McCrea, Howard, Jeremy and McCrea were in an alliance.
Howard goes back to saying he will never lie to Helen again the only time he lied to her was about the vote last night.. he had to come up here and tell her because it was eating him up inside.
(Howard denies being in the MC.. there no way on earth Helen is going to trust him he lied throughout this entire conversation.. insane!! The image above is the look on Helen’s face when he denies being in teh MC)

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds The CBS feeds are a HUGE improvement over the super pass feeds and they are 30% cheaper with no subscription to cancel. You pay a flat fee for the season.


3:51pm Cockpit Spencer and Howard Howard tells Spencer he was the odd vote to keep Nick this week. He wanted to use that to try and get out Amanda.
Howard says there is a rumor that Spencer will have to work on dispelling. Helen knows about a guys alliance, “You’ll have to weasel your way out of that one” Spencer: “The way Jeremy’s been acting he can’t be saved”
Howard suspects that Jeremy told Helen all about the Moving Company. Spencer thinks they have to come clean about it. Howard doesn’t want to. Spencer thinks they should tell people the allaince was Nick, DAve and Jeremy.


3:54pm HOH Judd and Helen
This is the plan
Aaryn and Howard go up if Elissa gets the MVP Kaitlin goes up. If POV is used Jeremy goes up. Jeremy is the primary target Aaryn is secondary. She wants to scare Howard. Judd is worried that will results in Spencer going to the other side.
Helen: ‘There is no other side.. either Jeremy or Aaryn are going home this week”

They shake on it..
Helen says there was a guys Alliance but doesn’t include Howard’s name as one of the members.

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Oh Howard, you just screwed yourself.


Howard is an idiot


Howard a real jackass

Zingbot Fan

It looks to me like Howard has dug his own grave by not being honest with Helen.


I would like to purchase the live feeds, but my computer will not display the page. Right now I would like to throw my computer out the door, or is there something else going on with the page.


Had the same problem using IE (and still do) but using google chrome was I able to access.


I have no idea why, but I found Helen bursting into tears when Howard he admitted he was the rogue vote funny. Helen isn’t going to believe Howard from now on and it looks like if Spencer follows suit, he’s still going to be suspect. I agree with other posters, get Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlyn…… And move on from there. My first person to evict is Aaryn and then Jeremy.


i say get out Jeremy and then Howard and spencer have to deal with women!


get out the mc MANda partnership asap


Man, Howard and Spencer are really bad players. Haven’t they realized the jig is up? The only way they would gain TRUst with Helen is if they tell the TRUth. Lies and deception haven’t gotten them in a good position, so why do they keep playing those cards?


Howard has a lying problem. Needs to work on that asap.
And he has a prolific way of handling his pathos, very endearing. The way he begs with Candace, the way he begs with Helen.
He just says the most tragic things, like he’s right out of a movie or something.

Poor guy.


he puts on the puppy dog act and then keeps telling them he doesn’t want to be questioned….so typical of that type of person…he doesn’t want to be questioned BECAUSE HE IS GUILTY!

I hope some women take away something good from watching him….this often how some women get played…the guy comes off as so sincere but he is actually lying. I liked Howard for the first couple weeks…interesting how his true colors came out.

This season we are seeing just how hard it is for people to get away with misrepresenting themselves anymore….it’s a reflection of what is happening in the world at this time…very interesting to watch it play out.


It’s funny you mention, “it’s like he’s in a movie or something…” Bc I was reading his profile on here the other day & it says he IS an actor & model. In fact, a lot of them are/were actors & models. Makes me question the casting process this year??? I too, wonder WTH Howard is thinking. How can he portray himself to the HG’s as a religious guy(not sayin he’s not, bc I know he is), but is actually lying the most. He’s definitely not doing himself any favors by lying about MC straight to Helen’s face. That was flatout stupid. Obviously ppl told her about if she’s bringing it up to him. So y lie about it. He could’ve came clean & regained Helen’s trust. Not now. It’s too late for Howard.

I just really want Jeremy or Aaryn to go home this week. Jeremy bc I can’t stand to look at him/hear him. He makes my skin crawl. And Aaryn bc she’s a racist homphobic Biotch! And I can’t wait for her exit interview, the crowd booing, and what happens following that…ie…her finding out about losing her job, ppl harassing her on social media, etc etc:)

I know that was mean, but I’m just really sick of her getting by with being racist on national TV. It’s BS & it’s bigger BS that CBS lets it go on:(

Dan's Mist

Oh Howard, I’m trying to like you. Just come clean, obviously you’re caught, and you don’t have the charisma to pull it off!! You being so wishy washy is putting the target on you, instead of germy or Aryan.

Suzy Sunshyne

Disappointment, Howard is thy name. Why wouldn’t he just take this chance to fess up!! Every man should know when I a woman gives you a couple of chances to tell the truth, she already knows!! Ding Dong! I love Helen though!! Boy how fast did Germy do a 180!! Get those idiots out and this could be a great season!!


if im helen i would like what howard did. he doesnt throw his alliance under the bus. that tells me, if jeremy and maybe spencer are out, he can be a loyal member in a new alliance.

i would hate people like amanda and mccrea. they sell out everyone at a certain time. not the type of people i would like to work with. because in the end they will blindside me too.


Thumbs up x 50!


O my goodness it actually looks like Howard’s lie might have actually worked on Helen…


Maybe I’m missing some pieces since I don’t watch the live feeds. I don’t get why it’s so important for someone to fess up about the vote. Outside Helen trusting Elissa and Candace Helen shouldn’t really trust or be surprised that someone else is lying or isn’t telling her the whole truth. This is a game so no one owes her honesty. It’s a gamble in who you can trust and you can’t. I would think the goal would be to try to get out Jeremy or someone on that side out and deal with the mole (Howard or Spencer) later. Unless she thinks that are one and the same. Whatever supposed alliance she thinks she has now or whatever deals she thinks she’s setting up may not last depending on the circumstances. I wished Elissa would have won this particular HOH. Whoever she decides to put up hopefully it’s a collective decision with some clear strategy involved.


I think the point of Helen’s conversation with Howard was to try to confirm what other people were telling her. It’s not about the vote. She is trying to figure out where everyone’s allegiances have been, including Howard’s and if there was a reason he flipped his vote. Sure they uncovered the moving company, but she wants to see if there are any more secrets going on. She’s actually gathering information to make an informed decisions with her nominations.

STFU Donnie

But she’s missing the bigger picture and proof is that last line when Judd worries that “scaring” Howard and Spencer will chase them to the other side and Helen says “There is no other side”. Helen really buys the idea that she’s running the game and will determine who goes out and when. It’s not entirely her fault for not seeing the big picture, but she should still be wary.

Howard really s**t the bed, but Helen is fairly irrational, so her idea about the game could still change. Imagine if Spencer decides to go up to Helen and doesn’t tell the version of the truth like McCrae and Jeremy, but just spills his guts. Helen is so invested in people being honest with her. How she doesn’t have HUGE suspicions about McCrae and the timing of his admission and how he did it is beyond me…he waited until AFTER the vote, which means he was waiting to see how it all went down, playing both sides…and aside from Helen, Elissa, Candace, Aaryn, Kaitlin, and GM, EVERYBODY has played both sides. But Helen thinks she the powerhouse and everybody is loyal to her, except for 6 people.

What if Spencer goes up and just spills everything. The MC, the manipulated David vote, the plan to divided the house and let them pick each other off, and all the dirt he heard when they compared notes about everybody angling from all sides (Amanda was scheming with everybody, McCrae was always MC not pretending, Judd and Jessie did not turn until they were sure the numbers were going Nick’s way, etc). But the kicker will be him talking about yesterday. That Elissa was gone and the MC was solid, but then Helen called Spencer out and said she would hold him responsible if the votes go against Elissa. That’s when he re-thought the whole idea of the MC. He went to Howard and Howard told him he had his back whatever Spencer wanted to do (He owes Howard to make him look stand up here), Then he went to McCrae and McCrae was hesitant for the exact opposite reason Spencer was. While Spencer feared being on the outs with Helen and Andy, McCrae was worried about Jeremy and the mean girls. But he decided if the MC was done, then it was done.

If Howard goes full Chunk from Goonies, when the bad guys put his hand in the blender and doesn’t hold back anything, doesn’t try to shade it to make him look good like McCrae has, how will Helen respond? What if she calls Howard back up and this time he gives up, realizing he’s cooked, and answers every single question completely honest and confirms Spencer? What if she goes to Jeremy for whom she has presented herself as a life vest and grills him, and he answers everything that he knows completely honest and confirms Spencer? And what if she returns to McCrae and he tells the partially true story he told, which isn’t supported by the other MC? What will Helen do then?

Like I said, Helen is largely irrational and tries to hide emotional reactions in the cloak of logic, so who knows what she would do, but she will try to use it to her advantage, that much I think is certain. But for her sake, I hope she will appreciate that she does not have the game locked down, anymore than Jeremy did last week.

Big Sister

Full Chunk!!!! LOL!! The Goonies is one of my absolute favorite movies!!!


I can understand Helen being hurt by what she considers to be a big betrayal by Howard. After Nick was evicted, Howard was right there celebrating with the group who had supported Elissa and Helen by not voting to evict either of them. Helen knew the count was wrong and wanted to find out who the “mole” was in her group. That totally makes sense to me. She asked each and every member of her group. Howard kept on denying that it was him. Finally, when he realized that Helen had either found out the truth about him, or was close to finding out the truth, he confessed but still continued to lie when asked about his involvement with the Moving Company. I realize that his how the game of Big Brother is played. It’s duplicity personified; but how can Helen trust him again? Had he come out at the very beginning and told her with some chagrin (real or fake) that it was him, I think she would have accepted his reasoning and let it go. However, Howard continued to “play” Helen. It sends the message that, if given the opportunity, he’ll do it again. Howard with go with whatever side is in power, as will Spencer. I think Amanda has burned a few bridges with some of the other people in the house and will probably seek to stay on Team Elissa/Helen/Andy. Besides, I think Amanda would like to turn it into an all female final four.


Just want to say for everyone who says Elissa has duck lips, Aryan has a werewolf mouth. Her teeth hang all out andshe always has her ugly mouth open.


I dont like Howard he lied and he is tring to get with Candice she can do better


Why r we always takin up for Howard what has that guy really done or won for that matter


Why do people take up for Elissa, and make excuses on why she needs MVP when she hasn’t done or won anything???

Answer: We’re weirdos

Ted Marie

Actually Elissa has won something twice. She’s won America’s vote. That’s a pretty big win in my eyes. Just saying.

Chilltown Fan

Aaryn as a have-not is glorious!!!


Too bad the have nots get to eat better food than last week

Dan's Mist



Amanda, McCrae, Jessie, and Judd are the Have-Nots for this week. Aaryn is not!




Helen, stick with your guns & put up Aaryn on the block. Send her racist a$$ packing.


If this was Helen’s way to figure out Howard. She is so smart. She basically outed Howard as a liar. Mcrae already told her about it. HOWARD…YOUR LIES SCREWED YOU! Maybe not this week…but soon!


I just think all the girls are jealous cause Elissa’s pretty and has the best body and all the guys call her ugly cause they have no shot with her or they want to keep the mean girls happy. If I was in the house and she was single I’d b on it.

Charlie Hustle

Team Jessie. Bangin body.


kick some ass jess im cheering for you


If you like fake boobs and enough Botox to kill a rhino, then yes Elissa is beautiful.

BB fan

Who cares, if I can feel it it’s real to me. Don’t be jealous. Anyways I’d pick Elissa over Rabid Wolverine Teeth(Aryan). Kaitlin’s pretty but I don’t think she stands out and Aryan is someone I would pass right by and not notice. I don’t know how she’s a model.


Helen is telling everyone they are going up as a pawn and she has bigger fish to fry… She told Aaryn, Howard and Kaitlyn this.


That way whoever stays in the house after this week will think that they weren’t her actual target. They will be less likely to target her in revenge.

Dan's Mist

Although it’s going to catch up to her eventually, she’s playing a pretty smart hand with it.


LMFAO Howie had no clue that McCrae the Vagina tattled on them like the puss he is.

At this point, I wanna root for Elissa and Helen, but If Howie goes up instead of the 3 bigots, and ready to backdoor the other bigot, the f***k is the point of her winning HOH? Candice should’ve won HOH.

Chilltown Fan

I agree, McCrae is whack. I thought he had some promise, but he’s just another comic geek, a tone down version of Ronnie from BB11.

Big Brother

McCrae had no choice imo. He knew Jeremy was gonna tell about the guy alliance to Helen. He had to tell the truth to gain Helen trust unlike Howard who keeps lieing to her and throwing his game away. Helen was happy McCrae told her because she said if he did not then she will be mad at him and not trust him again. Sometimes in this game you gotta throw people under the bus to save yourself or gain someone trust.


Tattled on them for what? MC is over. done. may as well not keep lying to the people you’re working with, Mc is smart, a lot smarter than spencer, howard, jeremy & nick who is gone now, Mc knew Jeremy was gonna go with whoever had hoh every week, keep himself surrounded with his hoes & had nick in his side pocket with GM, that’s a lot of votes HIS way, not the MCs, McCrae knew that, Howard & Spencer wanted ride Jeremys coattails as hard as Katlin & those girls.


Come on Howard, this was your big chance to come clean. Ugh. Now you might get sent packing.


wow, Spencer & Howard have control issues…..their egos are in the way of playing this game…dang! admit you over played, fess up to Helen & move on but nooo, & they can’t get over the fact that amanda figured them out, how dare her! oh well, let em hang theirselves…right now katln is telling jeremy he’s not going up or getting back doored & he’s believing it, hahaha, i hope jeremy gets all cocky again to remind helen what a d-bag he is, forgiveness is great but not in the BB house, I wish she would stop acting like dr phil with all those wenches, gettin on my nerves…


MVP check list
Evict David: check
Evict Nick: check
Next up: Kaitlyn or Backdoored Jeremy


Lets see the MVP put up 2 powerful people and both are gone. Lets start picking on someone else the next few weeks. Elissa has done a good job.


I hated Jeremy’s guts until last night. I still don’t really like him. But I hate him less. After watching the feeds of everything that went down after Nick left, Jeremy surprised the shit outta me. He seemed like the calmest one in the house last night. I thought he was gonna explode when Nick went out.


Like the calm before the storm…

Big Brother

Many of the players are dumb kicking out Aaryn. Yes I hate her for racial remarks but if I was there I be thinking about who I have a better chance at winning. Bringing her to the final 2 is an instant win. Just take out Jeremy, Katlin, and Gina Marie the next 3 weeks. No one likes Aaryn except those three and if you vote those three out then you already have four votes lock in since Andy, Elissa, Helen, Candice, Howard and Amanda hate Aaryn. If I was in this game then I will give Jeremy the boot.

Helen is trying to bring everyone on her side which is not good. Like Brian from BB 10 saind he was building an army and no one was on the other side.


IMO Best case scenario for Jeremy if he doesn’t want to go home (as he is the #1 target) based on this post is this: Howard and Aaryn go up, Jeremy wins POV takes Aaryn down, Kaitlin goes up, Jeremy convinces the house to vote out Howard for being a liar.


let me apologize in advance before this rant…

when will these idiots realize that lies only work if you keep them secret! elissa denies she’s rachels sister, elissa denies she’s mvp, spencer lies about anything to everyone, howard lies about his vote, then they all ended up confessing afterwards – what imbeciles!

this has got to be the least experienced bb cast *ever*.


Does Helen really believe?:

(1) Howard was not in the male alliance.
(2) Amanda and McCrae were really working with the other side based on what Aaryn said.

Surely she will know that if Amanda and McCrae really ever wanted to be on the other side, they both would have voted Elissa out. She must know they were only telling Aaryn what Aaryn wanted to hear – especially while Aaryn was HoH – to prevent them from being targeted. Actually similar to what Helen is now doing will Jeremy etc.


[Howard makes a play that Helen, Spencer, Elissa and Homself make a “Mature” person alliance.] SO does this mean Howard is only playing Candace and not looking to form a genuine alliance with her? He left her out of the “mature alliance”. He’s a shady tree and should be voted out right after Jeremy. amazed that there is so much to deal with Aaaaaryn is not even in the cross hairs anymore despite her despicable behavior. smh


LOL! and that’s how a mom does it!!!!!! They always know when you’re telling a lie. Team Helen…at this point. 😉

Charlie Hustle

Oh, my soul. I will never lie again. Er, wait, that was a lie.

Bling bling

Kaitlin reminds me of Porsche from BB13. Doesn’t do terribly in competition, but she’s terrible with strategy.

Bling bling

Kaitlin reminds me of Porsche from BB13. Doesn’t do terribly in competition, but she’s terrible with strategy.


If you read the first few sentences under the 3:28pm post, I don’t understand Howard’s logic. Firstly, why does he completely assume that someone in the Jeremy alliance will win the next HOH “to get in good with them”. Secondly, how does voting against Elissa if he “already knew Nick was going home” a good strategy, and how does that vote “help him get out Amanda” If anyone can explain any of this to me, please do


They, (McCrae,Amanda,Judd,Jessie,Candice,Andy,Spencer & Howard) all went to helen & elissa saying they were voting to keep Elissa. Since you really never know til they walk out the door He knew that if Nick was gonna be voted out he would vote to keep him & thought Amanda would be blamed for it, that way everyone would be mad at her & not trust her & he would be solid with the winning side…If Elissa her been voted out that 1 vote would have kept him in good with Jeremy & them & also covered him in case someone from Jeremys crew had won HOH. i hope that helps…


Thanks. Explanation makes sense regarding Howard and Amanda, even though it seems like a bad move considering Amanda was one of the most obvious Elissa supporters this week. I could maybe understand it better if he was trying to cast doubt and blame on Jessie who had seemed a bit more on the fence. Well, either way, I think he’s in trouble now.


First off you just answered you just answered your first question with your second. Concerning your first question I believe that is somewhat a lie infused with the truth, he may have assumed the whole dynamic may take on a very similar route as last weeks HOH and considering before the reveal of MC he was in the good with the Helen side of house he was trying to cover himself… the reason in part I think this is a bit of a lie is because Howard didn’t throw the HOH meaning he wanted to win it (pretty close to it too) and wanted to make those assertion to Jeremy and Co. in the his supposed HOH room. And this is also the reason why he thought he could come to Jeremy and Co. side pledge his loyalty and ask for Amanda as a nominee for the week.. Howard is trying to cover to many sides without being exposed and still trying to work damage control as of right now… to me hindsight is always 20/20


Gollly I really need to proofread hope you understand what I was trying to say…


Howard is one hell of a guy.


What a fun couple of days. Helen has really flipped the game, she is playing hardcore right now. She was handed a gift by Amanda for flipping McCrae which scared Spencer and sealed Nick’s fate.

Her alliance is strong right now, but if she keeps playing this hard, she’ll get burned like Nick & the MC. This game keeps getting better, hope Helen makes it!


What I really cannot understand is why Ginamarie seems to be not in the same spotlight as Aaryn when it comes to bigotry. No one seems to be talking about it and she is as awful and mean as Aaryn. Her mouth spews a lot of filth that I am surprised that everyone is so focused on hating Aaryn when there is another person who is just as bad, maybe even worse. In fact I feel GM is worse than Aaryn.


Oh great! Nick is gone (I was rooting for him) and now Howard disappoints me. I’m not sure who I’m rooting for now. Definitely not Aryan, Spencer, Jeremy, Kaitlin or GM. Helen may get too big for her britches before the week is out. Ugh. Who’s everyone’s favorite so far? (Keep in mind I’m a die hard Janelle, Jeff, Jordan, Dr. Will fan who actually wanted Rachel to win towards THE END of her second season!)


Does anyone really want to still argue that Howard is a strong player?

These houseguests in general are underwhelming, but I really don’t get why anyone was impressed with Howard’s gameplay.

crime syndiciator

Is Helen’s day job running the Yakuza ?? Man, she is a don’t lie to me or its off with your head gal !! The woman is an assassin.


and just when i thought i could i could walkaway for a while! lol love it, keep it coming!


yikes! meant only 1*i could*


I think it’s now time for Helen to ‘shut the f**k up* about everything she’s thinking and doing. She’s smart, yes but overestimating other people’s desire to be just as ‘honest’ as she is just because she’s now HOH. Jermy is and will remain the biggest threat; Amanda next.

Charlie Hustle

Helen needs to solidify a smaller group of HGs, strong players. Amanda, Candice, and Andy, maybe string along a few others like Jessie, Kaitlyn, and McCrae. Making deals with others always seems like doing too much. If Helen doesn’t put you up, why would you target her? Why if you told her you wouldn’t put her up would not put her up if it was your best move? Everybody is playing a version of the same game, so one and two week agreements don’t mean jack. They’re all based on assumption and speculations. There is less than a ten percent chance any of the HGs win. Work on securing your alliance and votes to make decisions.


idk how strong Candice is gonna be, she’s all week-in-the-knees for Howard now, he’s gonna milk the whole last nights ‘bed flipping, Amanda hating, i’m gonna protect you’ as long as he can, I hope Helen can talk some sense into her. She just don’t wanna believe Howie can do any wrong now.


*arayn hating not amanda…last nights fight…..


As much as it pains me to say this…i think you have the HN wrong. Candice was giving McCrae advice about the HNR earlier. I think it’s McCrae not Aaryn.

i'm tall

the black widow(amanda) is going to spew her venom this week to get howard out of the house. they need to just get aaryn or jeremy out and then play amongst themselves. but i have a feeling that amanda is not going for that.


Love Helen as a player but come on “Helen says there was a guys Alliance but doesn’t include Howard’s name as one of the members” Why are we takin up for this guy Jeremy is my least favorite player but at least he can come out and show his true side


well her 2nd bff is digging him now…idk, it has me confused too…don’t know if she’s thinking maybe he will tell candice & she’s gonna see if candice will tell her, She trusted spence & howie, she might be second guessing candice also…idk, i’m rambling, think i’ll go vote amanda MVP…maybe andy…i already voted Judd..


Yoooooo Helen is rockin’ it!!!! Good for her, she’s laying down some mad smart gameplay!


Why didnt Howard just come clean!? Everyone else did! sheesh!


-Meh, Helen is playing a poor hoh, going around calling people out isn’t going to put her in a good position for next week.
-Instead of raising hell against her enemies who make asian jokes at her like gina marie, aaryan, helen and kaitlan she goes around picking on spencer and howard, it is utterly piss poor game and bad play.