Candice says I work with children and you talk about drugs and wear booty shorts to work, and I’m the trashy one?

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POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots

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11:20am – 11:30am Up in the HOH room – Andy, Elissa and Candice continue to talk about all the fights and drama last night. Candice thinks they Aaryn, Gina and Kaitlin did it for more air time. Andy tells Candice that they will get bad air time and you will get good air time. The conversation turns to talking about the competition last night. Andy and Candice talk about how happy they were when Jeremy was knocked out. Candice talks about her and Howard sleeping on the havenot floor. Elissa asks what they talked about. Candice says oh just about what happened and racism. Elissa says its just sad that stuff even happens any more. Candice agrees. Candice says all you do is talk about all of the drugs you have done in your twenty two years of life and you call me trashy? Candice says I work with children and you wear booty shorts to work. Elissa agrees. Elissa and Candice talk about hanging out after the season ends. Candice says that she wants to see Helen and Andy too. Andy heads down stairs. Elissa talks to Candice about how she has the best husband.


11:40am – 11:45am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen. It looks like the have/havenot competition is starting now..

12:40pm The TRIVIA Continues..

1:45pm TRIVIA..

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Quote from ip:
Winning big brother: 500k
Runner-up big brother: 50k
Winning America favorite houseguest: 25k
Sending Aaryn out of the door:priceless

Charlie Hustle

Jessie is the d!ck hungry whore for crushin on a couple of dudes. At least one of which she probably regrets at this point. The broad who sucks face at every moment, is all over a dude on Nat’l tv and leaves stains on the HOH bed sheets is respectable. The inability of the Triangle of Bust to self reflect is priceless. There sense of priviledge is bothersome.

production rigged it

I completely agree with you, it’s amazing how they can talk about Jessie or Candice or whoever and call them all sorts of things….yet at the same time amazingly they seem to forget everything that they’ve done, like you said the bedsheet stain, also sucking face and ass grabbing every 10 minutes, all the racial slurs and mattress flipping. Just a bunch of immature morons who are in for a rude awakening when they step back into the real world.

Frank The Tank

I just can’t wait to see what happens when Aaryn gets evicted and comes out of the front door. Has anyone ever been booed before or will this be the first time?

Beaver Lips

She’s not gonna be booed jeez, she will get the normal cheer I’m sure.


They will boo. Even if they’ve been told not to. And Julie is going to go hard with her. I can’t wait!!!


Julie has too much class to do that to Aaryn. I think Aaryn is a spoiled brat but do I want to see her life ruined? No, because being happy that someone’s life is ruined would make me worse than Aaryn.


Thank you, “name” You’ve actually demonstrated real morality. Too bad most of Elissa’s fans don’t see it that way.


lol, keep those thumb downs coming….goodness knows the majority of you doing so can’t dispute what i’m saying, but if it makes you feel good…


Those three comments above you do not mention ruining Aaryn’s life.


There would be some booed & looking forward for Aaryn to be evicted.


If given the chance, I would throw something at her when she comes out the door. Since that’s the scene replayed over and over during the intro, she would forever have that attached to her as well as all the hate.


Thought this was both curious and interesting…. check out this link – its to a photo of a African American woman on Aaryn’s father’s facebook page. I am gather that he must ba photographer of sorts. The photo caption is : see. This is a black woman. you all have to say wow!!/photo.php?fbid=3772316718651&set=a.3758001440778.2129727.1598778250&type=3&theater


addicted to watching big brother for years but i would have drag AARYN long time i would of enjoy beating her in the face …. teaching her some manners


Kaitlin is now doing stand up comedy and says that she has stuck up for Candice, Elissa and Andy. I was shock she was able to say it with a straight face. However, she is learning she chose Andy to hear her woe and how other side is being unfair to Kaitlin.

I can’t take Howard, he starts literally crying last night about these racist comments. Its starting to hinder him just from functioning in Big Brother. However, he then tries for the upteempth time to convey to Aaryn, that we are all good. He is really trying hard to corner the racist vote in the house. Howard, here is a little tip, if you had confronted the racism earlier, it might have improved the tone in the house. You can’t stop someone from being a racist, but can modify their behavior.

Jeremy says Howard is not a fake Black man, he’s true Black man. The jokes keep coming. Yeah Jeremy, he’s not fake. All Howard does is internalize these racist comments then cry, and pretends it doesn’t bother him.

Jeremy says he doesn’t bully people. Man this must be comedy night. Jeremy, how about when you told Elissa to take her ass downstairs or when you told everyone I drank the wine.

Aaryn gives the standard fake racist apology. She tells Candice, if you have taken anything I have said wrong, I apologize. So Aaryn’s apology really means, Candice you are being irrational and I didn’t say anything wrong. This must be the comedy portion of BB. Is Zing Bot still coming this season?

Charlie Hustle

How many Racists does it take to change a light bulb? None. Racists hate being enlightened. Aahhhh Ziiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s the difference between a Racist and a bucket of Sh!t? The bucket! Aaahhhhhhh Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!

Why do Racists smell so bad? So blind people can hate them too! Aaahhhhhhh Ziiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnngggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Silva


Loved those and wish the Zingbot could come NOW so that the racist people of the house could be told off.

I fear if they wait too much longer with him then they will all be out..


I sorry but what do you suggest Howard do.
Picture the image of this huge black dude going after 3 petite white female.
Howard knows reality so he is handling this racial stuff pretty good imo.

BTW it is not a HG job to deal with this BS in the house…this is not game but hate… PRODUCTION should intervene.


BLKG, I get your point and I understand where you’re coming from.
I don’t think anyone wants Howard to go crazy on the girls; we just want him to address the issue on the spot and tell them comments like that bother him and he will appreciate it if they refrain from making remarks like that again.

I guess what bothers me the most is the fact that Aryan continuously justifies her ignorance b/c of she believe Howard has ( and continues) to validate her belief that she is not a racist/ saying anything racist.


Name-calling (“Aryan”) doesn’t raise the level of discourse about race. It lowers it and comes off almost about as juvenile as those insensitive people in the house.


No, George, calling her Aryan is no the same as the comments that she ( and some of the other house guests) have made, and neither is it juvenile. You are comparing apples and oranges here. Now, Calling her an in-bred hillbilly with jacked up teeth, will be more inline with her comments. # justsaying


If you can’t talk about these people without racially charged name-calling (“Aryan”), how is that raising the level of discourse around here?

If you are really above the childishness and immaturity in the house, act like it.


Exactly. And as Howard said last night, the fact that production hasn’t stopped the comments means that the conflict is exactly what they want to see. We all know BB will do anything for ratings, but what they’re doing here is pushing it to an extreme.


JustForFun, you just got a standing ovation got that post! Nobody is saying Howard needs to go HAM on Aryan and the other klansmen to prove a point, all some of us want to see is Howard nip the racist remarks in the bud, as soon as they are uttered ( is that too much to ask?!)


Who is anybody on here to judge Howard for how he personally reacts to racially insensitive remarks? You don’t know what his experiences are in this area, nor do you know what he’s had to deal with in his life. Criticizing him in this regard shows a complete lack of perspective.

For all the talk about immaturity in the house, I see more than enough of it in these comment sections.

Yellow Jacket

You are way wrong on Howard. He tells people he won’t lie to them then does it consistently. He does not stand up to bullies and allows Candice to be picked on and thrown out of her own bed by people making racist comments. You make like Howard because you think you are the champion of all things good in the world, but you seem to naive when it comes to how real people interact.


I don’t know if she will get booed or not(she definately deserves it), but I certainly don’t think they will be cheering. My guess is an awkward silence followed by the best eviction interview EVER.


I agree! Definitely awkward silence I think.. I cant see the audience cheering for her and I also think Julie’s interview might not be as pleasant as she normally is.. Of course she will remain professional.. but I bet she will have a slightly different tone!

Best interview ever

THE BEST interview would be if Julie Chen replayed some of Aaryns comments including the ANTI Asian ones, and then asked her what she has to say for herself… Or what were you thinking….


I hope Julie tells her she lost her job. The look on her face with be priceless.

Charlie Hustle

She should hand her a McDonalds job app.


I know right, she probably put in the I’m the member of KKK and so forth on the application.

Thinking Man

What makes you think McDonalds is interested in that trash? C’mon, I mean, even McDonalds has their limits.


I think Denny’s would be more her speed.

Ian's Quack Pack

Frank the tank?! More like I spanked the Frank 😛


i’m not so sure that aaryn will be gone so quickly. socially she’s venom, and physically not that impending, plus she has few friends and is a huge target.

there are several advantages to voting out other hg first, like jeremy or howard. i hope helen and the mvp (elissa?) don’t make the same mistake as aaryn, to play emotionally.


One of Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin, and GM will be picked off each week as long as the MVP power is in place (as Elissa has a free weekly nomination and the numbers to vote out that person). There is nothing that J/A/K/GM group can do unless production removes the twist. HOH has ceased to even be meaningful.

Charlie Hustle

Yeah, it’s been beyond their ability to treat people with respect and form working relationships with multiple people in the house. They have had control of the HOH for two weeks and now on the first day of the new HOH it is impossible for them to compete. The game is so rigged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT.


It’s actually just taking the twist to its logical conclusion. If Elissa has a nomination every week (she does…”America” gives it to her) and the numbers every week (she does, she has a majority alliance of people floating to her power), she can take out any enemy she wants.

The J/Aa/K/GM alliance quite literally has no chance now unless the rules change. Even if one of them wins HOH, they won’t be able to get out who they want as Elissa has a nomination power and all the votes. Where is the drama in that?

Charlie Hustle

The logical conclusion two days ago was that the MC would hold tight and Elissa was a goner. Her and her MVP lock. So much for logic. I don’t dispute that the game would be more interesting if the power was actually awarded as it is intended, and maybe not at all. Hell, it would be more exciting if she just kept it quiet.

I too hope that now that she isn’t such a target, the Brenchel army will allow the game to be played how BB had planned it and vote MVP for someone who would do something interesting with it. Not just this side that side. It is a great weapon to get out people close to you without getting the proverbial blood on your hands.


it would be glorious if it were crickets. booing wouldn’t be classy and I expect more from the audience. I would even allow a dry awkward cough.


Aaryn is one of those people who will NEVER apologize for anything or take any responsibility for her actions. She is the true “fembot” in the house. When they leave, I can see Kaitlin and GinaMarie somewhat apologizing for the comments they’ve made because they are emotional players, but Aaryn truly seems like she doesn’t give a crap about anybody. She made fun of David’s life behind his back and the guy treated her like she was his girlfriend or something. She will run off of the stage crying before she says that she’s sorry. It’s also really funny how she stated that she wanted to be tied to the show forever after this season and unfortunately for her, she will be. They better not carry her to jury.

Charlie Hustle

She also talked about being asked back to the show. The spinoff maybe. BB Klans Mtg.

Before she’d apologize, she’d get “14” tattooed on her forehead.


I hope not. I’m sick entire of Aaryn being a queen bee. She really needs to go. PERIOD!


“Helen says that she wants to question everyone to find out what kind of deals were made.” ROFL talk about letting the power go to her head!


Seriously, this just reeks of the friendship from season 6. Being HOH doesn’t entitle you to everyone’s secrets. Did you catch her and Elissa interrogating Howard this morning? Give the guy a break, he kind of had a rough night….

Mom Squad is lame. So not looking forward to this week/rest of season.


Yeah, I’m not exactly why people like Elissa/Helen so much as game players. Nice people, sure, but there are undoubtedly others playing the game better than them (Amanda for one).

What’s really lame is one side of the house controlling the other one, which is going to happen as long Elissa is “voted” (or given by production) the MVP. There will be no drama or conflict for quite a while unless they remove this twist.


People just want Elissa to be Rachel, and they’ve deluded themselves into rooting for her, and into thinking she’s a master of the game. Despite this, she continues to win nothing, wants to go home, and was only saved this week by a combination of her allies and production-NOT HER CAMPAIGNING.

Helen is Elissa’s only real friend in the house, so of course by association they love her too.

People are sheep.

Charlie Hustle

The outcomes of her MVP have been good, but without the MVP what has she done? In fact, despite her choices being evicted, she bungled the social aspect of having a secret power. If she doesn’t get it, whoever does is going to be able to play some serious games on the house. Let’s hope that happens.


Pretty much. It also doesn’t help that BB has edited their shows to make Elissa look like a game player (when, in reality, we know she’s really not). Notice, too, that they didn’t show why everyone in the house has floated to Elissa (because they believe she will be handed MVP every week).

I’m sure the Rachel fans are loving the start to this game, but I wish production wouldn’t interfere so obviously like this. Let everyone have an equal opportunity.


Seems like they could solve the “unfairness” of the MVP twist pretty easily be having it to where it couldn’t be won back-to-back by the same person.

AG, you’re welcome.


But then it would just alternate between Elissa and Helen.


I love that you got thumbed down for suggesting the game be an equal playing field.

God I hate rachel/elissa fans.


She is acting like she would as a Mom. I would always pull my kids together and ask them all together. I could get to the truth most of the time because their faces would show who was guilty. Thing is adults resent it. It will backfire on her.


Candice, Aaryn, and Elissa are all at fault.

Candice – you can’t go around saying shaniqua and telling people you have a white family and a black family…saying it makes other people think it’s okay whether they’re saying it as a joke or being racist. period.

Aaryn – definitely in the wrong for all the racist remarks

Elissa – c’mon guys…we all know this mvp thing is rigged for her…she even stated herself on the feeds that they worked so hard to get her to come that she knows she wouldn’t be gone early…that she’s prolly gonna get mvp every week (which is unfair)…and that her dr sessions are basically telling her who to put up and who’s in who’s alliance (“how does it feel to get another…”)
only she would be dumb enough to publicly admit the dr sessions like that even though everyone knows
She would be gone week 1 if not for the mvp and also week 2 if not for the mvp

Her gameplay is basically waiting for the dr to tell her whats up with the house and waiting for her special power to come so helen can tell her what to do with it…she sucks in the comps….ugh


Belle, you’re clueless. Aaryn, started the Shaniqua thing and Candace has been throwing it back at her. Candace asked Aaryn what her middle name was and a=Aaryn said Shaniqua! That is wear that started. And second, she does have a white family and a black family. She is adopted and is in contact with her biological family as well as her adooptive family that raise her. PLUS SHE IS BIRACIAL!!!!! GET A CLUE, PLEASE!!!


way to acknowledge everything except for the elissa part. and no, you’re clueless. im pretty sure at least 50% of all the people posting here have made a racial slur or joke in their lifetime, more than once, so for everyone to be on their high horse about aaryn and her racism is suprising. 75% of the comments here are all about aaryn this or aaryn that and rarely even about the game.

yet everyone praises evil dick but he actually verbally abused women and physically too (pouring that thing over jens head and engaging in a battle over her cigarettes) and not to mention all the sh*t he actually said to her.


Belle, you’re going to get like 20 thumbs down from these rabid reilly fans, but I just wanted to say you’re demonstrate incredible insight into human nature and this game. Ignore the sheep!


No one is saying that people do not make racist remarks sometimes. But when you make racist remarks everyday and do not feel any remorse and give the excuse “Well they make blonde jokes” you reveal that you are an ignorant person who desperately needs to be educated. No one is on a high horse they are against racism. You defending Aaryn does not make any sense.


if you are referring to me, I”m not defending Aaryn. I simply think anyone that points out that Elissa isn’t a strong player on these forums is immediately bashed and receives tons of thumb downs….yet no one thumbing the comments down seems to be able to put into words why they disagree with the sentiments.


Oh haha no I was talking to Belle I agree with you.


Actually I was not talking to you I was agree with Name.


I am, however, sick of all this Aaryn talk. I’d like to focus on the game at this point too. Tell you what folks, if Aaryn really is that awful, and Helen and Elissa are so awesome, then it should be without question that they will vote Aaryn out this week and that will be that, right?

I mean, surely these awesome strong women would never compromise their principles and play this game with such a blatant, hateful racist, right? Surely they’ll use the HOH (and the MVP-let’s just be real here), to assure that Aaryn is evicted.

I mean, otherwise, they’re simply using Aaryn as a target to get themselves further, at the expense of their principles. But they’re such good people, they’d never do that, right?


Its not even that…part of all the bitchyness is because they know production is rigged for elissa…how mad would you be if you knew the people running this show counter your every move with a special power “mvp” to protect elissa…and when they didnt have the numbers, production had to stoop so low to reveal that there was the all boy mc alliance…

in bbad, aaryn was telling gm about how week 1 elissa was mvp and cut a deal with mccrae and the whole david evict was a charade…im pretty sure half these people know the real deal but the feeds cut everytime…

must be pretty frustrating that production has to play the game for elissa (mvp, dr sessions with swing voters ie mc crae, jessie)


What sucks is you actually raise some good points, but the moment you question the integrity of Rachels game, the BRENCHEL fans descended upon you.

Yeah, I’m just going to start referring to her as Rachel, all of Elissa’s “fans” just wish she were Rachel anyway, and have practically deluded themselves into thinking they are the same person.


Leaving Aaryn in the house could benefit almost everybody there…nobody would vote for her to win…but I would hate to see her even get second place or jury for that matter…she is such a nasty person…I don’t think I have ever seen anybody like her..and I hope I don’t ever again!!


Aaryn will never made jury or final 2. She is going home with beloved brainless David.


I guess I live in a bubble because last night was the first time I’ve seen real racism in action (movies don’t count) and it was really hard to watch. It’s sad that Howard thought he would’ve been the one condemned for going off on white girls, when the reality is that he’d be fully supported in doing so. Now that Aaryn is off her throne I sure hope the other houseguests speak up against her, she is the ugliest “human being” I’ve ever seen….yeah there’s been houseguests over the years that pissed us off, but she takes the cake, I can’t even stand to look at her.
That being said, so glad Helen won HOH, I don’t know if I could take another week of hearing “Elissa has to go”.

Charlie Hustle

You must live in a bubble to think a big black guy can show any hostility towards anyone, let alone a petite white woman and be portrayed as anything but the most negative of stereotypes. Inside a vacuum, BB fans would understand, but thats like half of one percent of half of one percent of….

Mississippi Girl

Charlie, I couldn’t agree more. He lives in a place where times are Very Slow Changing. I don’t fault Howard at all for the way he is handling this. It is how most black men have been taught to deal with racism in Mississippi. Whether people approve of his reaction or not, until they can walk through the paths that he has, you can only assume that you’d stand for justice. I am proud of Howard. (as this goes; think his game sucks right now) He is handling this with dignity. Just my opinion.


Not sure if you noticed all of the outrage over what Aaryn has said, people are speaking out against her racism so Howard putting her in her place would’ve been applauded. Howard is well spoken and can get a point across without it looking like a black dude picking on a little white woman, geez, give people more credit than that. I’m not saying there isn’t backwards racists out there, I’m just saying the majority of us want to see somebody put Aaryn in her place because what she says is wrong on so many levels, it’s not only Asians, gays, and black people she’s offending, she’s offending the human race.


I suspect Howard has a better idea of how people in this country take racial conflict than you considering what he’s undoubtedly dealt with in his life. Him arguing with three white girls (no matter the issue) is not going to help his game or his image in most of this country.

Big Sister

What state are you in?


someone BURN Andy’s cats shirt. SO FUGLY!! Not helping this Ginger kid’s “style” at all.

King Silva

LOL I agree.

I like him for the most part but those shirts have got to GO!

I’m pretty sure there have been competitions where they had to burn their clothes so hopefully his cat shirts are going to go up in smoke..

The Hole in Trayvon's Hoodie

I’d boo, if I could.


Aaryn won’t get BOOed just because the audience isn’t allowed to. We read it here before. No matter how much the houseguest that is evicted is hated. They are told NOT to Boo. sucks but that is the way it is.

Big Doug

If Julie doesn’t comment on the racism talk, especially how it personally offended her being an Asian woman, then Julie will lose credibility. Julie has to say something to Aaryn when she gets booted out, as well as GinaMarie, the two biggest racial offenders this season.


My favorites are Candace, Judd, Helen, Howard, and Jeremy. I feel sorry for jeremy because he seems like a pretty good duy but is unfortunately associated with Aaryn which makes him look bad.


Say what now? Jeremy a good guy? I have no words…

Charlie Hustle

Somebody is cray cray.

Big Doug

Jeremy is a douchebag bully. He is only being contrite now because he knows his side is on the way out…now all of a sudden he doesn’t like what GM and Aaryn and Kaitlin are doing?


Doesn’t Julie usually chat with the outgoing HOH on the live shows? I noticed she did not chat with Aaryn. How can such a pretty girl be such a nasty mean spirited person?


You’re right, she usually does and didn’t this time…for obvious reasons, I’m thinking. I’m surprised the HGs haven’t mentioned/noticed this yet.


Interesting….did she talk to McRae? I cant remember.

Rabid Reilly Ranger

OMFG!!! Can’t believe Elissa’s side won again! They’ve totally been the underdawgs this hole season! I never thinked they’d make it after they lost David, and then Nick! So happy theys finally in power for once! So exciting and not at all repetitive!!!! Go for that 3rd MVP yo!


This is completely random but I only watch bb after dark and it seems like Kaitlyn is eating all. The. Time. I hope she gains 15 lbs while she’s in the house!


Simon, what’s going on the have/Havenots competition? Who is Havenots for a week?


Hey dawg, just found out that McCrae,Amanda, Aaryn & GinaMarie are Havenots for a week. Is it true?

Aww yeah

Simon and Dawg .. I’m obsessed .. Thank you for doing this ! I can hardly understand what they are saying on bbad … Thank you for writing it out and making it easier to follow ! I always look forward to your comments !!


Part of Aaron’s comments sound like Angelia Johnson’s Beautiful Nail Skit
Granted a lot of her comedy is racial


First, thanks for the outstanding job Simon/Dawg. 2nd, this is a big cast of diverse personalities and they are feeling the effect
of the first 20 days. I was so happy the vote and HOH came down as it did, but the immaturity of Aaron, Kaitlin and even Jessie was
not a surprise. They turned their ‘mean girls high school venom’ on and couldn’t help themselves. Jessie should have seen it coming
and dealt with it better. Thanks to Amanda, stuff was said that needed to be said and tried to remind them this is a game, deal with your
disappointment and play on. Any attempt to fix Aaron and Kaitlin’s idiocy is now all for naught. Kaitlin may try but it will be futile.


wtf are you talking about???????????????????????????

jessie handled herself amazingly well against the 4 bullies

amanda came in later on and aaryn rightfully pointed out amanda is the worst offender in the house when it comes to people bullying jess




Racism ? ? ? ? ? ? You wanta’ hear racism……turn on some rap music or go to a local jail and you can really hear some racism ! ! ! You’ll hear the N word about 10,000 times ! ! ! This show is so stupid about this stuff…….CBS loves all this for higher ratings……’s just like the “Real Housewives” shows….they want ’em fighting and raising hell and calling each other names…………….ALL for the sake of ratings ! ! !


Finally those who were getting bully did the right thing and didn’t let them get to them! I am happy Helen won HOH and I think she deserves MVP too.. Even on the block she still got people to vote to keep Elissa. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me. Now if they can get Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin, GM, Spencer and Howard then IDC who wins the money. I think they all deserve it having to put up with that crap

Zingbot Fan

I can’t wait until the Zingbot gets to throw some zingers at Aaryn.


loveeeeeeeeeeee this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Judd, Jessie, McManda are the have nots this week.

Aaryn is a have. You know she is gonna gloat lol


Watching the live feeds last night was so difficult. Howard had me in tears. The look on his face in the HN room was something I have never seen in my life. I was praying they would call him to DR and they did. Thank God he calmed himself down because I doubt any one of the camera guys would be able to stop it if he lost it. I wonder if it would do any good for the DR to show Aaryn on video the comments she has made. I am doubtful. She would probably say the it was taken out of context. She is a lost cause. Not sure what’s going on with Helen. She did tell Aaryn earlier that they could help each other out down the road and I am wondering if she still believes this. Not convinced that Jeremy will actually be her target either. Jeremy did handle things much better than I thought he would. There is no way he will win or ever be asked back but it was nice to see him keep his cool and look at the bigger picture, otherwise it could have been and even worse situation.


Hey Simon,

Who was Candice talking about when she said “all you do is talk about how much drugs you have done and how you wear booty shorts to work.” ?

Kaitlin or Aaryn?


No, Julie doesn’t always chat with the outgoing HOH. She didn’t chat privately with McCrae. I think it’s because there are so many people voting to evict there isn’t enough time for a chat but that’s just my opinion on why.


Everyone keeps saying Elissa has done nothing when in fact she’s done the hardest thing of all-keep a cool head and not scream at anyone. Plenty of people lost big brother because they couldn’t control their temper-Willie being the most extreme example. The greatest players, Dr Will, Boogie, Dan etc did well partly because of their calmness. This cannot be discounted. Even with most of the house talking s*** about her and being targeted she did not respond in an emotional way. Strategy wise, that is THE most important thing.


about 80-90% of the people who play this game still manage to do that….so what else you got?


this will be my only response to the annoying ‘nick’ . you’ve made it clear your position to support a selfish idiot who hogs wine then yells. therefore, since you support selfish idiots, you must also be a selfish idiot, as has been made clear by your posts. and no 80-90% do NOT keep their calm. Go back and watch the shows, dummy. Now rant and holler all you want back, as i said, this will be my only response to your stupid, unpopular posts. Sorry your boyfriend nick got booted but DEAL.



I’m team Amanda buddy, and I never said one positive thing about jeremy, aaryn, or kaitlin.

I watch the show and more importantly the feeds, thanks, how about you get your facts straight. Maybe take off those Reilly blinders….


And I don’t care that my posts are unpopular, or if you don’t respond to me. People knew Elissa would run away with the MVP the moment she was announced as a cast member. Why? Because people who simply watch the show, with no knowledge of the live feeds and what goes on outside editing, are SHEEP.

Likewise, Rachel Reilly fans are notorious bullies, and hate on everyone that doesn’t mindlessly agree with them. So thumb me down, call me ignorant. I don’t care. I’ll still speak the truth, and there’s nothing you can do about it. So you deal, buddy.


i wish that the could tell those assholes that they lost their job and are make themselves look so stupid,


Since when did Big Brother become the Real World?