Big Brother 15 BIGGER Than EVER Before! MORE House Guests NEEDED!

Big Brother 15 casting

With the finale of Big Brother Canada airing tomorrow on May 2, 2013, we can’t help but feel saddened by the conclusion of the first season. Thankfully with the ending of one season comes the beginning of a new season.

Big Brother 15 premières in just 56 days on Wednesday, June 26, 2013, which is approximately 2 weeks earlier than usual and something that has never been done before in the past 14 seasons. This means that our summer reality TV obsession is going to be that much longer giving us MORE Drama, MORE Outrageousness, MORE Fights, MORE Showmances, MORE Scheming, MORE Slop, MORE Pandora’s Box’s and MORE Twists than EVER BEFORE!

In the following video Big Brother host Julie Chen mentions Big Brother 15 on her talk show “The Talk” and says that it is going to be EVEN BIGGER with MORE HOUSE GUESTS than EVER BEFORE! She urges fans that although casting locations have concluded you still have time to apply online: HERE

** HURRY UP and apply as the submission deadline is May 11th, 2013, midnight Pacific Standard Time. **

Last season Big Brother 14 was advertised as the having the most house guests than ever before, however it had 16 house guests which was the same amount as season 9. From the sounds of it, Big Brother 15 will have 17 or more house guests to fill the additional 2 weeks this season making there be more evictions and double evictions.

As usual there has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not BB15 will be an ALL NEW Cast or if it will be an ALL-STARS Cast like Big Brother 7. Although, CBS is keeping this information tightly under wraps and likely won’t release the identity of the new cast until about a week prior to the première; our guess is that this season will be an entirely newbie cast. If that is the case, then Big Brother 16 could be an ALL-STARS season. Let us know what you think and what you want Big Brother 15 to be! All new cast? or All-Stars?

BB15 JC by DreamersVids

Also this season the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds are being brought to us by CBS instead of Superpass, but its still going to be exactly the same experience for the viewer. As usual you will be able to sign-up for the LIVE FEEDS right here on and remember that signing up for the live feeds with us helps support all the Live Feed spoilers Simon and I bring you.

Sign-up for the BB15 Live Feeds right HERE on OBB!
Sign-up for the BB15 Live Feeds right HERE on OBB!

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32 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 BIGGER Than EVER Before! MORE House Guests NEEDED!

    1. Yes there the live feeds are offered on a subscription basis where you will first get 3 days FREE to try them and if you like them you will can sign up for a month ($14.99 regular price) or 3 months for ($39.99 regular price). Typically 2 weeks prior to the premiere there will be an early bird special offer of $29.99 for 3 months access.

      The Big Brother US live feeds also offer a lot more exclusive content on top of the live feeds and allow users to FLASHBACK and watch anything they missed on the live feeds. This feature is great for people who don’t have time to sit and watch the live feeds all day like Simon and I. That means if you miss any of the Drama you can flashback and watch it for yourself :)

      1. Thanks dawg . I was wondering if it was the same as last year. I love the flashback part of the feeds as well as being able to view 4 screens at once. Hopefully when BBCan is back for season 2 they will have that option.

        1. Your welcome! Yeah I would hope BBCA has that option next season too. It was hard for Simon and I as we could step away from the feeds for very long. And I also missed having the 4 feed camera option..

    1. What wrong half and half? All newbies is little bit boring. Why can you have half newbies and half all stars?

      1. A whole cast of newbies is only boring if the casting directors do a bad job. If they do a good job, we’ll see a lot of big personalities. I think a lot of house guests talk a big talk in their audition but once they actually get in the house, they’re intimidated and scared of standing out… boring for us! Just like how Dan tried to emphasize a big-macho-jerk personality on his audition and bio (if Hilary Clinton were to become President he would leave the country, etc) but once he was in the house, he played it low key. He admitted that part of the game is to get cast in the game in the first place.

        I think BB needs to do a behind the scenes trial run with them lol because I will be totally disappointed by another nothing-season. The all-stars seasons are my favorite, too… but they can’t do that every season or else there wouldn’t be any all stars, haha!

  1. Sometimes I wish the BB producers could enlist the help of whoever does the casting for Bad Girls Club, LOL, minus the physical fights of course. Just the fiery personalities and the don’t-take-crap attitude.
    That would make for an explosive season.

    1. Ugh no lol. It’s not that I’ve never watched the show and had a good laugh but that is to another extreme. Those “bad girl” personalities have no sense of strategy or intelligence. It’s pure mindless immaturity and arrogance. The BB house is a confined space… even if you take away the physical fights, it won’t be a good idea to bring in people who show their worth by destroying other people’s property and drag mattresses into the pool. No thanks! I’d rather keep the production-heavy, twist-crazy, sometimes-boring BB as is!

  2. I don’t think they have enough people for an all-stars. A lot of controversial/favorite/memorable players (Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Britney, Dan, Dick, etc.) have already returned to the game a second time after their first season. I feel like viewers would be kind of mad with some three-time contestants.

  3. I don’t want ANY PREVIOUS PLAYERS hi-jacking this season of BBUSA – NEWBIES ONLY!!!! Do you hear that Allison Gordon? Am I making myself abundantly clear??? I’m tired of seeing old players coming back into the game season upon season upon season.

  4. I feel like they need to do all newbies this season… They need to bulk up more choices for an all-star season, because they’ve used a lot of the good characters in 13/14 already.

  5. If it were All-Stars, I would love it to be:
    Eric (BB8) [great player]
    Jess (BB8) [fun to watch with Eric]
    Jen (BB8) [one of my favourites ever!]
    James (BB9) [liked him]
    Chelsia (BB9) [loved her]
    Natalie (BB9) [hilarious!]
    Keesha (BB10) [loved her]
    Libra (BB10) [drama]
    Chima (BB11) [drama]
    Lydia (BB11) [drama]
    Matt (BB12) [I didn’t personally like him, but America did]
    Shelly (BB13) [Almost everyone hated her, but she played the game and stirred the house up]
    Frank (BB14) [Comp powerhouse!]
    Shane & Danielle (BB14) [Love or hate Dani, she evoked strong emotions from BB Fans)

  6. Ahhh already have a premiere party planned!

    All newbies this time around. We need more material (people) before they do an All-Stars.

  7. Maybe 8 newbs, 8 returning hgs with the house split. All stars and newbs would have separate alliances amongst each other when the merge hits and create chaos in the house. Kind of putting a survivor esk type first month. I’ve really enjoyed bbcan and am looking forward to 15. Ill be donating tomorrow when I’m not on my phone. Thanks for the great work Simon and Dawg. Bb isn’t the same so y’all’s updates. Especially w ca how you guys’ were able to have videos with the text. That was on point.

  8. why not do a “saints and sinners” season? The most hated or questionable players against the ones that are to good and play by the rules…lol…yeah stupid i know

  9. If they do an all-stars bring back all the big time players. Would love to see Chilltown and Dan on the same show together, either they will go against each other from the start or they will team up…

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