Big Brother Pandora's Box twist

Big Brother Pandora’s Box

Big brother Pandora's box twist
The Pandora’s Box Twist was first introduced to the house guests during Season 11 of Big Brother. Pandora’s Box has been a part of each season since in some way or another. The premise behind Pandora’s Box is that the reigning Head of House Hold is presented with the choice to open Pandora’s Box, with both good & bad consequences being unleashed on a house guest and or the house. Pandora’s Box is a door in the HOH room that has a large golden question mark on it.

The origin of the Pandora’s Box comes from a Greek myth where a box was said to contain all the evils in the world masquerading as something good. Once opened, the box would unleash evils into the world with the possibility of also releasing a good consequence.

Pandora’s Box has become a regular twist throughout Big Brother 11, Big Brother 12, and Big Brother 13, with both rewards and consequences being unleashed into the house. The head of household is often tempted to open the door with the illusion of something good; however there is also the chance that the bad consequence will be unleashed on them or the other house guests. To date every head of household that has been offered Pandora’s Box has opted to open the door, the temptation is too hard to deny.

Big Brother Pandora's Box twist

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