Big Brother Canada Episode 27 ** Video **

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV April 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April ?
HOH Winner: Jilian Next HOH: April ?
Original Nominations: GARY & TALLA
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Andrew
Have Nots Gary


Big Brother Canada Episode 27. Gary and Talla are nominated Emmett wins the Power of Veto Guaranteeing the MIlkmance in the final 3. Unless there is a feed Leak we’ll find out on Wednesday who Emmett sends home.

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Video from BigBrotherCA2013 youtube Channel Here

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I found to notes episode very dull. I was expecting the POV to be played and someone being sent home. I am having trouble trying to fit a POV, an eviction and then an hoh comp fitting into Wednesdays show and part of Thursdays.

Did anyone else find to note also the amount of screaming from Gary, Jillian and talla to get right on your last nerve? There was just an intense amount of it for no reason really. I hope that talla does go home because I can’t stand the thought of her on Thursday being in the final 2 and the screaming that I know will happen.



I’m just attaching this to your commently to get my observation early in the thread

So I’m sitting here Monday night and it hits me. The game says they’ll be an opportunity to use the points you have, It is basically 24 hours between slices 2 shows. What are they going to do have “Canadas Choice” be a voting block eligible of 24 hours or less. That sounds ridiculous to me. What is production doing for JC sake? Pretend it’s a vote and give the money to Gary?

I have to say I’m jaded. I think Suzette had ties to production and I think Gary does as well. Gary got away with murder after winning POV F5. If it was Emmit pulling those stunts he’d have been DQ’d in a heart beat. Then I realized if Gary was DQ’d Andrew had the second most points so production couldn’t DQ the cheating Gary.


Ya I definitely think Gary is productions favorite. (Bringing him back and all) I wouldn’t be surprised to see him hosting ET Canada or something similar in the near future. That’s what production is grooming him for isn’t it?


Yes, ANDREW was definitely cheated … ridiculous and unfair to bring a former player back so late in the game.


i actually went to the length of writing to slice about gayr and the pov for final 5, and apparently their excuse was that they said that gary had to BE awake for 24 hours, not STAY awake for 24 hours, meaning their assistance was not a make-or-break thing. if you ask me its a pretty shady way to cover their own asses. TEAM ANDREW <3 missing him dearly !


You should have complained to the advertisers ( the brick and Chevy ). Production and slice only care about ratings however if you say you are never going to shop at the brick or chevy because of the shows lack of integrity, they may put pressure on BB to cut their interference. Strength in numbers!!


The advertisers are who you contact. But that would probably only lead to The Brick and Chevy not sponsoring anymore and Big Brother finding some other sucker to finance their mockery of the game.


The punishment was clearly to ‘stay awake’ and is even written on the tally board. So whomever responded to you was incorrect. In re-watching the episode I think Andrew beat Gary on the shower punishment. But really, they are not going to correct anything now…to far in. And I agree, complaining to the sponsors is a route to express discontent, but again…a bit late.


Jessica, I got the same reply from Slice when I wrote in about them having to keep buzzing Gary awake. Their answer smacks of scrambling to justify what they did. Otherwise, how big a challenge was it – hey, you can keep falling asleep & we’ll just keep buzzing you till you wake up; & oh, yeah, you’ll be able to go to sleep for a few hours afterwards.

If they truly had faith in what they say the spirit of the challenge was then why didn’t they show Gary constantly falling asleep & being buzzed when they showed this on the episode? They didn’t even show 1 Gary buzzing – why not, if it was all above board?

Makes you wonder how many of us wrote in about this. I did tell them what I liked overall about this production of BB, including clever comps I feel BBUS might well be using themselves. However, I then told them how I felt about the twists: far too many of them; Too many that actually impacted only 1 or 2 players – a twist should have equal impact on everyone; & the fact that with so many twists, it actually negated the players actually “playing” the game. The last 1/2 of the game actually felt like just another scripted reality show.

Will be interesting to see if they’ll take to heart what the fans are saying.


copied and pasted, my exact email from slice, jfs :

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for contacting Slice and for your interest in Big Brother Canada.

We appreciate you taking the time to bring your concerns to our attention. Your comments have been shared with the production team. In regards to this particular competition, the challenge was for Gary to be awake for 24 hours straight, not to necessarily keep himself awake, and so Big Brother occasionally sounded an alarm to ensure this happened. Please be assured that no favouritism is shown to one houseguest over another and that all challenges and competitions are taken seriously and monitored closely.




Word for word the same email I received. Now try & tell me they didn’t get a bunch of emails with the same complaint & had to come up with a form reply to try & appease the masses. By the way, didn’t work!

I would think those who only watch the Slice episodes wouldn’t know anything was amiss with that challenge due to the editing. Course, I would think most are connecting somehow to social media – I don’t have twitter (gasp!). Did this trend at all with the bird? How about the Gary returning twist, Andrew getting screwed royally twist?

Name, I can’t believe I didn’t think to cc. the sponsors – Damn. I worked in television long enough to know that is the type of thing they definitely don’t ignore. As others have pointed out, too late now to impact the game but really, a reset back to the original F4 would be nice. Unfortunately, I have a better chance of winning the Lotto Max $40M than that happening …. Hmm, now there’s a pleasant distraction from all this… & yes, I’ll be sure to invite you all to the party when I win Friday 😉


And isnt Gary on slop for the rest of the season ? On sundays episode he was drinking champaigne, i didnt notice if they showed him eating anything, but either way, its not fair! just cuz its a special nite they let him drink ???? BS


Cindy, earlier in the seasond other HG’s were allowed to drink alcohol while on slop.


I agree that Gary had connections because in Live Feeds he mentioned certain hotspots around Toronto that I personally know to be where TV and film staff and and other Canadian “celebs” hang out on the regular. You can’t tell me they missed a 7ft Glitter fairy 😉


Which hotspots?


Sorry for the typo in above post. Note should be nite.


Or tonight- lol!!


…Did Jill just say that she and Emmett will be the first showmance to make it to F2? Well… it’s pretty clear that the broad did not watch BB7 US… er, Boggie and erika, anyone? lol
Please BB CAN cast actual BB fans in the next BB Canada


maybe she meant the first Canadian BB couple ? afterall there was about a billion showmances for the 1st season


I agree it was slightly boring not sure hoe they are going to fit everything in they still have to show pov, pov ceremony, someone leaves, jury discuss the final 3 ( they may skip this), hoh part 1, hoh part 2, hoh part 3, jury questions, and the all this is two days. I don’t get it. After tonight i can see why jemmette want talla out she came closer to winning then gary did.


I would finally have respect for Jillian if what she was saying to Talla to be true. That she would in fact drop Emmett and take her to the final two. She would guarantee herself the $100, 000 and stop playing for 2nd place. The funny part is that she literally mocks the fact that they’re two dumb girls. NEWSFLASH Jillian, you and Talla both are. Jillian, for settling for 2nd place and not realizing she came into the house to win. If she was looking for romance she should have applied for The Bachelor Canada. And as much as I enjoy Talla at times for her bubbly yet annoying personality, she’s stupid to think Jillian would drop her beloved milkman. Does Jillian really think that relationship is going to last, with what she’s risking I hope for her sake it does.


And the sad thing is that somewhere deep underneath Jill really DOES seem like she might make a good player if she didn’t have Emmett around telling her what to do. When she was talking to him in the hammock she explicitly said “Talla is more likely to take me, but I feel like Gary is more likely to take you.” So it’s obvious that she KNOWS what is best for her own game, but is purposely choosing to ignore it out of some sort of… love/crush/weakness thing. Dan was correct. Jill is just playing for 2nd place right now, and she seems perfectly fine with that. =/ Forget your freaking “crush” woman and JUST CRUSH THE GUY.

But she won’t. She’ll never turn against Emmett (though Emmett might turn against her. I think her 4 HOH wins are starting to worry him a bit). I am just so incredibly FRUSTRATED with Jillian at this point. Blind, blind, blind.


Emmett is the only reason she has made it this far in the game. She has had no game strategy other than winning competitions.


It doesn’t really matter if jillina thinks talla is better for her game it is emmettes choice who to take and they got each other to the end nether carried the other. If jemmette didn’t work together both would have been gone a long time ago


i dont get why people think that jillian would have never made it this far without emmett… she’s the one who’s won 4 HOHs, guaranteeing her (and emmetts!) safety all those weeks and never once getting nominated. she got out danielle (who she personally didn’t like), made a huge move as early as week 2, nominating gary (although he won pov, this is still a big move) and she alone got out the shield (she was the one who proposed targeting alec and then got peter out, even though emmett did not want this). she is currently in a spot where all 3 of the final 4 (and all 4 of the final 5 if we count andrew) would take her to final 2. if only she hadn’t lied so much to every juror, she would be in the ideal spot to win! so even though she may not actually win the whole thing, it pisses me off that people don’t even give her credit for getting herself this far!! if anything, i think if she hadn’t won HOH so many times, her and emmett would have been nominated and emmett evicted if anyone else had won HOH those weeks…
i still think she has a shot against emmett as andrew, aj, talla and topaz may vote for her simply because they were not milkman supporters. although emmett started manipulating houseguests since the very beginning, he has actually not done very much if you look at it week by week:
1. he managed to not get evicted the first week, great, jillian never even got nominated!
2. jillian got danielle out for personal reasons, not emmett (he may have suggested her name, but jillian wanted her out)
3. tom wanted aneal out, even if emmett influenced this, the house all wanted this
4. gary got out tom (huge player), emmett simply ok’ed it (the first of his many backstabs). emmett did push really hard to get rid of liza, but this was a house decision and andrew got her out, not emmett. he did win POV, but against weak nominees liza and suzette!
5. suzette going was a house decision, again he won POV but again against weak nominees suzette and aj
6. didn’t have anything to do with topaz getting out aj, he didn’t have much influence on either of those players. didn’t have anything to do with andrew getting gary out (if anything, gary was more jillian’s target).
7. jillian targetting alec and peter was her decision, she got alec out (a “big” player, part of quatro and the shield). emmett put up talla and topaz, 2 weak players and got out topaz, who he could never control…
8. jillian got out peter (which means she eliminated both parts of the shield and half of quatro), even though emmett didn’t want this
9. emmett is responsible for getting out andrew (a huge player, no doubt, but a HUGE backstab move)
10. jillian wins her 4th HOH, the first to guarantee her spot in final 3. emmett wins POV, secures himself in final 3.

when i look at the game this way, i really think that jillian deserves to win more than emmett. she got out the shield basically by herself. they have both lied and backstabed, but the difference is that jillian was exposed (and still never got nominated!!), whereas emmett hid behind all of jillian’s HOHs like a snake. i know people think that he has manipulated the whole game, but i REALLY don’t see it. i see his influence to get liza out (but she wasn’t even a comp threat…), he did get topaz out (big deal, everyone wanted her out) and he did get andrew out but this was the ultimate backstab (he only did it because he KNEW he couldn’t convince andrew to take him to final 2, he would have taken jillian – so much for him being a “master manipulator”). as I see it, he just spent the whole game failing his alliances (first tom – who he used as a shield the first 4 weeks, then alec, then peter, then andrew) to keep his showmance who had to carry her OWN weight all the way to the end. if only jillian could convey all this in her speech, i think she could gain a lot of respect.


A huge move Emmett made was getting Peter (horrible player) to not use the POV on Topaz.


How can you say emmett is the only reason shes there ? If it wasnt for HER 4 hoh wins, he would of been gone long ago


I dislike Emmett even more after watching more of his complaining.
It’s sad that Gary or Talla have to go this week 🙁


I don’t get it you would rather have the guy who got kicked out three weeks ago win or the girl who floated by that makes sense. Talla has complained or just got drunk through this whole game i don’t get it


It’s called jury nulification. Or in big brother speak “jury vindictiveness”. He simply does not like Emmit. Since your comments always represent the “Emmit love thread” you do not understand many in the forum here do not like Emmit. Turning on Andrew which was completely unjustified dispite your lies on the matter. Emmit cheating and being DQ’d 3 times. You do remember in another thread you said the winner should be honest! THen when it was pointed out Emmit was a 3 time CHEAT you had no answer just more lies and 1/2 truth. I don’t think Emmit using Jillian like a toilet seat sits well with alot of folks either. Even though Jillian is equally to blame. Emmits game was/is far from perfect. You of course are the number 1 Emmit love thread fan and will never be truthful as to that perspective. This goes on and on. Fact is many do not like your douche bag favourite! He keeps Gary and Gary gets to decide who he sits by Emmit does not make final 2. If I were you I wouldn’t be celebrating just yet.


Thursdays episode is 2 hrs long so between that and Wed they should be able to squeeze it all in. Also, doesn’t first prize include a Chevy Trax and a 25 g gift card? So first prize is more like 150 thousand. That’s brutal that Jill will settle for 20 g. She will be in for a surprise when he boots her after the show. (After some off camera sex of course)


You’re right, the winning prize value is $150,000 and very importantly the title. The worst part is that Jillian’s job is at great risk of loosing her job as a teacher. The fact that there is a video online of her evidently having sex/dry humping with Emmett is her biggest downfall in the game. Some people are downplaying that the video will get her in trouble but even Dan, when asked, agreed that it is very likely. Since he himself is a teacher he knows that there is some form of image to uphold. Sadly, she will not have only lost $130,000 of money and prizes but most definitely her career.


Well here come the haters again it never fails


Your an idiot!!! Sheis not losing her job. 1st there is no direct evidence, only presumptions by you and others. Second if she is doing sex it is her right as an adult. TEACHERS HAVE SEX moron! That’s how we get the next generation of teachers. I guess if/do you have children it will be the imaculate conception. What a crock of BS your comment is. Grow the F**K up A..hole!

By the way the law suit she’d file and win would be alot more than 130K dumba$$!!!


Thank god someone else has brains! People make me so mad when they post crap like this. She isn’t going to lose her friggin job over this. Like her primary students are watching you tube and the live feeds! Get a grip

And pretty sure Jill and Emmett are adults. I like to see some of you stick your butts in a house for 60 days and try not to do anything that might be private! Until you actually do it, get off your milk crate and stop preaching! You have no idea.


There is direct evidence, did you not see the infamous “emmett and Jillian effing” (that youtube video had those exact words) on youtube. making no half assed presumptions. Second, of course she had sex and there are other videos of dry humping, etc. The whole point is, you twit, that as a teacher you HAVE to uphold a certain image, they are authority figures and are supposed to be models of moral and social conduct. In the live chat last night with DAN, he was asked about it! He himself even said that it is very possible for her job to be in jeopardy. You’re the idiot who thinks otherwise. I’m not saying I agree with the fact she should do something so natural and lose her job but the fact that she did it and there are vids circulating will cause a problem. That video had over 30k of views on youtube and who knows how many people including possibly parents who follow the show or co-workers have seen it. Are you going to tell that not one parent is going to complain and not want their child to be taught by her? You’re so naive, I don’t write the rules I’m just saying what is most likely to happen.

She also wouldn’t be able to file a lawsuit, they would have grounds if enough parents and complaints have been made. She put that on display knowing that she would be on live feeds. You sign a contract prior to entering the house that you allow them to record you at all times. Also, unfortunately, even the youngest of kids today are able to easily access the internet. And for those who say, parents should monitor their kids, you’re not with your kids 24/7 to stop them. Furthermore, I’m sure even Jillian weren’t to get fired from her current position she would get some emotional backlash. Depending on the age she teaches, kids can be very harsh and if they hear such things there would be rumours and most probably rude things being said of her by students at the school. I honestly hope for her sake that she doesn’t have to deal with any of that but it is very possible.


I saw this so called “infamous” you tube video jillian and emmett effing and I laughed out loud on how rediculous it was with the dubbed in music. I actually saw the live feed of this as it was happening and they were merely cuddling, kissing and talking the whole time . I don’t know about you but when I have sex I don’t engage in regular conversation.


Actually, I’m not so sure of that. Obviously, her students won’t be watching but what about the parents? If the parents complain about her conduct, which btw I have no problem with, isn’t her job at jeopardy?


Actually, Jillian herself expressed concern that she may not have a job when she gets out. Also, many teachers have been let go even for things they’ve done outside school hours as they are held to higher moral values and schools can not risk scandals. Very young children are internet savvy and these things have a way of coming out. Oh, and you might want to tone down the language. It’s just a show. 🙂


I agree…. Three teachers in my town have been let go just this school year for actions outside of school hours


Blahhhh, the worst poster since the Suzette and Peter fans.


Aw, did I hurt your feelings bbk by not kissing Emmett and Jillian ass? No, thank you.

Lots of LOVE,


You haven’t hurt my feelings about anyone. Judging by your hateful posts, you’re the one who had your feelings hurt. You’re very hateful and instead of making 100 posts in here and bringing the quality of posts down with your jealous negativity, perhaps you should go find a friend to talk about Big Brother with.


You’re right, the winning prize value is $150,000 and very importantly the title. The worst part is that Jillian’s job is at great risk of loosing her job as a teacher. The fact that there is a video online of her evidently having sex/dry humping with Emmett is her biggest downfall in the game. Some people are downplaying that the video will get her in trouble but even Dan, when asked, agreed that it is very likely. Since he himself is a teacher he knows that there is some form of image to uphold. Sadly, she will not have only lost $130,000 of money and prizes but most definitely her career.


You’re right, the winning prize value is $150,000 and very importantly the title. The worst part is that Jillian’s job as a teacher is at great risk. The fact that there is a video online of her evidently having sex/dry humping with Emmett is her biggest downfall in the game. Some people are downplaying that the video will get her in trouble but even Dan, when asked, agreed that it is very likely. Since he himself is a teacher he knows that there is some form of image to uphold. Sadly, she will not have only lost $130,000 of money and prizes but most definitely her career.


I will never understand why Jillian is happy to play for second place after being a strong player all season and winning so many HOH competitions or why she is so protective of Emmett’s chances of winning.
And why do the men always play to win first and foremost and act as if they can win every competition and control all of the outcomes in the BB game even when their track records demonstrate that they cannot and do not? And why do strong, smart and able women competitors behave as if they can’t win the game even when they win HOH and POV competitions? And why it is so difficult for women to stab fellow competitors in the back to achieve strategic game-play moves instead of expecting a strong male player to shelter them and carry them along? It’s so frustrating to watch Jillian piss away her chance of winning the game.
Having said that, this first season of BBCAN was a season of showmances that even The Shield could not compete with and Jemmett may go down as being the strongest showmance team in BB history anywhere.
I think that the Canadian Producers did an excellent job of pulling off this first season and that The Brick ought to be applauded in their styling and production values and showcasing a beautiful BB House that really looked great on TV – much, much better than the cheap Ikea stuff used in the USA productions.
I am probably more sentimental that most and did not find tonight’s show irritating but rather, really enjoyed watching the video clips of this past season and seeing who won awards in the various categories and it was fun to see them all glammed up and enjoying champaign. Emmett looked amazing and very James Bond in that wonderful suit; Jillian looked luscious in her grey evening gown; Gary and his alter-ego were enchanting and Talla looked like a cute little nymph in that fairy dress. I thought it was a nice bit of production but you all can call me soft in the head and I promise, I won’t mind.
I’m going to be sad to see this season end but I suspect we will see Emmett and Jillian back for BBCAN All Stars at some point in the future and if they part in real life, then perhaps Canada will get to see these two really compete – especially after Jillian gets home and watches this season from start to finish.


I think jillian looking at it that she has played a strong game and she can convince the jury to vote her way talla is probably the only one she could beat since the jury has no respect for her game but i don’t think jillian would win against gary either. I think she just wants to take the person who deserves it and talla really doesn’t. I think with jemmette it is a double edge blade they are where they are because of each other but i don’t think jillian can win against emmette


Emmett didn’t look like a James Bond Type ……. He looked more like the Pilsbury Dough Boy stuffed into a sausage casing. Anyone who chews his food like a cow is in no way James Bond or even close to it. Come on !!!!


Jealous much !!!!


Dilusional much?

Busy Busy….. BUSY!


Dropping emmette isn’t going to help her at this point every season there has to be two at the end the only person she could win against is talla but the choice who to take is emmettes and he is taking gary. Jillian and emmette got each other to the end and maybe she can convince the jury not sure


Jillian. Get a grip! By this time next week, Emmett will be back in his own town where girls will be throwing themselves at him because he’s been on tv. He’ll tell you that you guys should “take things slow” or “take a break” now that you’re out of the house and he’ll be living it up with 100k. Then you’ll find out about his sleazing on social media and you’ll break up with him and be alone and bitter with only 20k. Cut your losses, Jillian! Play for yourself and drop Emmett! It’s all a game, right? Because that’s what he’s gonna tell you lol.

If you drop him and win the 100k, you’ll find out if he really cared about you. If he does, he’ll stick around and you can treat him to some nice gifts and a vacation… heck, you can spoil him with 80k worth of goodies if you want because that’s what you’ll be giving away if you take Emmett to the final 2.

Nana Jo

Excellent comment, Annette. I agree with every word. I am so disgusted that an obviously intelligent girl like Jillian would be so weak that a silly showmance would over-ride her own obvious best interests. If their positions were reversed, Emmett wouldn’t hesitate to throiw her under the bus!

I am wondering how each of the four will feel after viewing their portrayal on BB. I think Gary will be happy with how he comes across because, after all, his own self-image basically mirrors that of production. Emmett is the type of guy who will be pleased with his cut-throat image. It will booster his ego even more. He’ll even view any negativity with pride and won’t give a rat’s ass anyway, especially if he wins. Neither will it affect his career or self-esteem in any way. I think both Talla and Jillian are in for a big shock. Talla will be gobsmacked when she realises that Canada doesn’t actually think she’s a super social player, and that she lasted as long as she did because she coasted like a squealing little greased piglet right to the final week. But because she is encased in such a narcissistic thick skin and layers of dumbness, the full sting and impact won’t reach her. Jillian, however, I think will be in for a really rough time. Her career will most likely be affected, and she is smart enough to comprehend just how completely she is responsible for her own role in the result. I think eventually she’ll be filled with both shame and sadness.

Simon, Dawg … thanks for such terrific coverage. You did a stellar job! I’ll be donating a small contribution to the running of your site after the final.


I agree. Jillian has been an HOH beast but all she’ll be remembered for is for being that blind stupid girl season one who gave up 100k for a guy.


It just irks me that players base their decisions on who they think “deserves” to be in the final. The point of the game is to come in survive and make to the final with the ultimate goal of winning all the prize money. Didn’t Dan say his first choice to take the the final was Jen but she but got voted out so he had to change his plans!! Jillian really believes all her HOH comps will give her the title and it may have but the way she has lied and continues to do so will get her no votes in the jury. She could have held her cards close last night with talla but no she had to go all the way. What’s wrong with saying, “Ill talk to Emmitte” as he has done on several occasions when she had the power. Dumb dumb move … someone mentioned that she may be the vote that counted and Jillian may have just blew it. The only part I am looking forward to is when the jury has their moment to question the F2.


Marie thank you for posting something that actually has to do with game play and not all these other bs attacks on the players characters. I think you are absolutely right. Jill had a great opportunity to take over the game for herself but she made the wrong choice. With Emmett being the only one to vote though, her only shot to get Talla’s vote might be to act shocked or say something to her just before she walks out the door.

Alas though I think Emmett has this one in the bag.


Your comment makes almost no sense. Jillian isn’t voting out anyone Emmit is. Simple if your Jillian Emmit did what he wanted not what I wanted. She has lots of cover for Talla. Plus lets face it she’ll talk to the stoogies in the jury house Jillian isn’t losing her vote based on telling Lala shes safe.


Jillian’s endless recreational lies baffles me. I don’t see the point of most of them. And she seems to enjoy this so much. Being deceitful is done to further yourself in the game. But this woman WOW. In the DR she giggles and boost about how she lied to Talla. As if Talla would be hard to string along. That the other HG were fools to buy into her lies.. .As if telling the truth to make alliances and build trust is a bad thing to do in the game. She seems proud and feels deserving because of lies Then she says she must sit next to her boyfriend Emmett, her main threat, in the F2 because he is more deserving than others.. What makes her showmance real while everything else in the game is fake. Her delusional attitude, in the house, make me wonder what she is like outside. Does she just lie to everyone about everything all the time. Does she lie and be fake to be popular. Is the truth her personal enemy.. She sure is comforatable doing it.. I’m not judging her. Just exploring a flaw in many people that came be an used for both good or/and evil


It leaked . Aneal is back in Big Brothe Canada House . With a DPOV and a final 3 deal with Gary and Talla . That was the surprise Talla woke up in the morning .


Stay tuned for ‘The Brick Power Mattress Flip’. The first and second evicties get the money. All others were just playing for kicks! Power shift ohhh yeah.


There are scenarios where Gary can still be the one making the decision:

First Round Endurance: Everyone including Jill assume she is a lock to win the first round endurance BUT if you recall Gary was the last guy hanging on the tree in the first endurance. Emmett will likely be off first UNLESS he actually wants Gary to play him in Round 3 of the final comp so he may try hard to win it b/c knowing the 2nd round is likely something physical Gary would stand a good chance of winning that.

I also think if Gary was to make it to round 3 he has a better read on the jury so he could win the pivotal 3rd round & decide who sits beside him. Based on his knowledge of the jury house & their hatred for Jill I could actually see him not only taking Jill but beating her.

Seriously I think Emmett’s ego has clouded his brain b/c ultimately Jill would die before she let Talla win the endurance round & he would kill her in the 2nd round. She is a much easier out than Gary who has proven he can perform well in every type of competition EXCEPT puzzles. He only wants to keep Gary to hedge all his bets BUT I don’t think Gary will take him given the choice.

So, let’s assume Talla is leaving Wednesday:

Emmett’s best bet is win out or have Jill with him in the final round b/c then it won’t matter. There is a possibility that he won’t take Jill but he has repeatedly said he would, so something major would have to happen for him not to. However, he has grown increasingly paranoid so perhaps he would boot her in favor of Gary given the choice.

Who’ll vote for Emmett:

Facing Jill: Gary, Alec, Peter, Topaz & likely A.J. (Jill gets Andrew & maybe Talla)
Facing Gary: Jill, Peter, Alec (Gary gets Topaz, Andrew, Talla) A.J. is the swing vote

For Gary, his best bet is also to win out & gun hard to get to Part 3 of the comp as per above. Even though Gary has said he’ll take Emmett I actually believe he will take Jill knowing how hated she is in jury. I seriously don’t think Jill will take Gary tho it would at least earn her a modicum of respect in the jury (but especially in the real world).

Who’ll vote for Gary:

Facing Emmett (as per above with A.J. being the swing vote)
Facing Jill: He gets: Topaz, Alec, Peter, Talla & possibly A.J. (Jill gets Emmett & MAYBE Andrew given how bitter he is)

For Jill, I actually think she stands the best chance of making it to F2 but the worst chance of winning once Talla leaves. She also has the worst chance of making the call. Although she is likely to win round 1 she has the worst read on the jury so I think either Gary or Emmett would win Part 3 against her.

Who’ll vote for Jill:

As per above I really don’t see her finishing better than 2nd against either man, but it will depend on how she responds to questions (especially facing Gary), garners any sympathy for putting all the blood on her hands and whether she falls apart when attacked about lying. The “I’m just a girl” & “I’m not stupid” won’t cut it.

Finally, I’ll repeat what I requested earlier to ALL fans of the show, whether you are a purist, an addict, a strategist, someone annoyed by the twists or someone who really wants production to improve the show moving forward. I personally get why some twists are thrown in but I feel production did something so completely unfair to one individual we need to send a message regarding what twists are unacceptable.

That is of course Topaz; in all the BB USA seasons & now our season I’ve never seen something done so blatantly to ruin an individual’s game. Based on the live feeds we learned there was much more told by Topaz to the house & she was lured into it. The fact is she had a better read on the house than anyone who is in jury now;

* she saw Jemmett as a target who needed to be separated & dispersed with

* she knew they couldn’t be trusted to keep their word long before anyone else saw it (evidently this is part of what she said out loud in the HOH room but we didn’t get to see on TV)

* she knew of the Beast Coast Alliance first & even told The Shield although they wouldn’t listen

* she saw Andrew as the competitor he was & also knew he was able to separate his emotions to vote people out without remorse & also recognized he wouldn’t feel the need to pay back people for keeping him

* she recognized Talla & coined her the “jumper” early on

* and she saw Jill as a habitual liar who would tell anyone, anything

To me, had she remained in the house & had production NOT coerced her into telling her strategy to the whole house she may have been sitting were Talla is now BUT I think the other players would have been different.

Therefore I encourage you to vote for her as Canada’s favorite as it would let production know it’s unacceptable to do this to an individual’s game. Think of it these terms; if you were in the house & had no target on your back but saw the house clearly how would you feel if it wasn’t even the other players who got you out but production specifically?

Also; Talla/A.J. didn’t do anything to deserve winning & Alec & Andrew both won $10k/$10k of product. Peter & Gary will translate their time in the house into revenue outside. That leaves only Topaz, Emmett or Jill & we’ll likely see the showmance in those F2 chairs.

Join me & let’s send Production a message of what’s acceptable for next season. Even if you don’t agree or see the value of this thanks for considering it.


Sorry, but Andrew would never vote for Gary to win. He would vote for the devil himself before voting for Gary. Not that he doesn’t like Gary, but like many of us, he would see him as undeserving. Andrew would gladly vote for Emmett or Jillian as he sees them as both deserving. He certainly didn’t like being backstabbed, but he understands it’s a game.

Say It Isn't So

I agree TTO…. I think the twist with Topaz was completely careless by BB Production and obviously an idea and concept that was not well thought out. Completely changed the game and I thought it was far more a travesty, then having Canada Vote for a returning player. I never heard Topaz even complain that much about it unlike Andrew, who could not stop whining about the fact that Gary returned to the house. I also think Topaz would have gone much farther in the game and been a strong player had this twist not occurred…. very unfair in my opinion. That said we are where we are in the game and I think all players deserve to be there…. including Talla, (please haters you don’t have to say it again… it is very clear to everyone how you feel about her) she has her own style of game and she made it this far and I found her very entertaining. Gary, he was voted back, like it or not and if he gets to the final 2 … I think he has a good chance to win and deserves it. Emmett, although at times his behaviour has been somewhat disappointing including going back on his word to Andrew, overall he has played a good game and kept his eye on the prize! The only one in the final four that I would not be happy with winning is Jillian…. I have not agreed with her style of game play from the beginning and I find her personality annoying and she does not represent the female gender well but that is just my opinion and we all have the right to one. Looking forward to the last couple of episodes.


TTO, Excellent points!

Do you mind if if I post that on my Tumblr? I want to get the word out. If not, Gary is going to take it hands down. As much as I love Gar-bear you’ve made excellent points and people need to know 🙂


Absolutely, go ahead & post it (although I see I’m not in the majority of thinking on here). It would be nice if you also asked people to follow my twitter (it’s the same name) especially if they like basketball b/c pretty much all I write about is NBA, NCAA, & Reality TV. THANKS 🙂

Btw for whoever said Andrew would vote Jemma I noted his exit interview said “I’m hoping for a Gary vs Talla final two” that spoke volumes to me. Perhaps you are right & he will calm down in jury.


Give me a fucking break. If Topaz was as “on the ball” as you suggest, she should have spent less time sleeping, defying Big Brother, ‘cuddling’ (or whatever she did after hours). She was not coerced into telling the house her thoughts, She did that knowing she was in full make-up, hair weave and still on camera (concerned about her beauty) rather than thinking strategically. Noone _ NOT ONE SINGLE PLAYER IN BB HISTORY (unless they are a dumbass) would have said OUT LOUD their game play. Topaz should never have dropped on that iceberg PERIOD. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK. She was more concerned about having full make-up and hair done to have her crotch waxed for filming on one of her final days, calling other women whores, etc. when all her activities took place after 5:00 am (by the way the feeds cut off at that time so she could do whatever the fuck she wanted and we wouldn’t know about it) She may be smart but she sure wasn’t there to use her brain. GIVE ME ANOTHER FUCKING BREAK. ‘Topaz’ or whatever the fuck her real name is gone with only herself and her pussy to blame.


Any by your very own words “she knew Jemmett couldn’t be trusted long before…” Well, wouldn’t that make her a HUGE DUMB FUCK for making a deal with Jill on the Iceberg challenge? Duh. She didn’t do anything about all these supposed things she knew about. So all her supposed ‘BRILLIANCE’ I guess was so wasted and she got fucked over. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK.


Please get a little fired up on your 2 comments I was getting put to sleep! 😛 Both comments are spot on. Add to that that Topaz infact had an HOH if she thought milkmance was a huge threat why not nominate them? Lots of people playing the game to cover thier a$$ both ways. Without the feeds you rely on editing on Slice/CBS. Both are natorious fpor slanting the truth. Topaz is a hoodrat who got a whooping 5% to be brought back into the house. She is definately not worthy of Canadas choice. As Megan would say…. Are you F***ing kidding me?

And who cares about folks making money outside the game I don’t. Someone wins 10K good for them. BB isn’t f***ing charity the guys ramblings are dilusional at best

Thanks for your comments Megan.


Nothing sickened me so much as people supporting ‘Topaz’ or whatever the fuck her real name is. She slept, cuddled and whatever for more than half of her ‘stay’ there and supposedly had the best intel on all the going’s on? She had a hell of a lot of time to align herself if she was armed with all this so-called knowledge. Oh, but no – production screwed poor ‘Topaz” over. PUHLEEZ. She had her chance to make things happen in all the time she was there but once she got the boot , people said yeah but she really had a good feel for everything that was going on in the house. What exactly makes her Canada’s favourite pray tell? Is it calling all the other women whores? Is the sleeping and walking around in a her grey robe and head scarf (to cover her nappy hair)? What makes her worthy? Was it showing all of the viewers her vagina while the camera was on her (in the pool)? GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK.


I don’t understand how people like you get so worked up over a show/game. You need to get some class.

Team Topaz

I feel Anger Management Counseling sessions would be beneficial for Megan and maybe Stan could benefit as well from a session or two.


In my opinion (and based on what she said afterward) she was the most concerned about saving herself & being able to play the following week. Jill had told different people she wouldn’t put them up like Suzette at that point so Topaz believed her. Also, after the HOH airing fiasco she felt she had NO CHOICE but to stick with her alliance although she already knew they didn’t have her back.

So the analogy is; you are friends with two groups; Group A you’ve known a while & Group B you’ve only had peripheral conversations with but they’ve been told rumors about you. You find out Group A was the one telling lies to Group B but you really want to hang out with Group B, in an effort to do so you accept their olive branch hoping they will be honorable. YES it’s a game but seriously she had no choice either way ALL BECAUSE OF PRODUCTION!


Marie, I agree with your point on how players in this series are making some of their decisions. I was disappointed to hear Jillian speak of who ‘deserves’ to move forward to F2. This is an emotive strategy filled with judgement. If Jillian had a true desire to *win* she would not be dismissing either Gary or Talla in F2 with her. She has attained the position in BB history of winning the most HOH’s (pre-final HOH), Sadly this might be tagged with the most wins without the big win.


OOPs, forgot to tag my ‘name’ to name.


Has there been any leaks or notice about the formatting of the final 3 part HOH yet? Are we just assuming that they will follow the same format as the US version?


No leaks yet, but we’re watching to catch them if there are any. We’re also not 100% positive on the final HOH but we are assuming it will be very similar to the US version.


Commercial on TV says special POV/eviction on Wednesday so they must be doing last hoh Thursday with POV etc


Was very disappointed that another one of Jilliian’s goals is to be the first Showmance in BB History to make it to the final 2. When she continued to say, “I’m not a stupid girl”, hoped it meant just that and she had plans “of her own”. How about being the first woman in BB History to use a man all the way to the end and cut him off. It’s so common on BBUS. Dan said there is a double standard for men and women who lie in the game but I think the same standard would apply for men who drop the girls at the end (we think they are douce bags) but just think if a woman did it (smart girl) !!!


unfortunately jillian doesn’t know that the first showmance who made it to final two were boogie and erica in bb allstars. so its been done before. talking about double standards it would actually be the other way around: if emmett were to get rid of jillian people would say smart move, if jillian cuts off emmett they would say what a lying sneaky snake bitch.


I actually think if Emmett wins part 3 quiz and cuts Jill then he would lose 4-3 to Gary, as Jill, Andrew, Talla would be bitter at him and AJ would vote with Andrew…but if he took Jill he would win 4-3…it may also be better for Jill to throw part 3 to Gary, then she doesnt have to cut Emmett and would retain his vote, then against Gary, there would likely be a 4-3 win for Jill…if Jill wins part 1 endurance, it would be better for her for Gary to beat Emmett in part 2 physical/mental, then Jill could throw part 3 quiz to Gary, then Gary takes her F2, but it would be a 4-3 win for Jill


jill said she would never ever throw a comp


i know, but I dont rule out any scenario


TTO – see this is what I love about this site you can gain a different prespective on the game. If there were a players choice I may just consider Topez as you suggested. I do agree with all your points about her. Alex even said himself that everyone thought she was a sleeper but she sure was watching what and who was going on.

I was so disappointed last season on BBUS as I didn’t think Frank deserved america’s player. People who come on the blogs and watch after dark would have seen what a mean person he was especially when he was with Boogie. I was steaming each week at the good edit he was given!! I know there was call to vote for Jodi as everyone thought she had a bad break getting evicted the first night. I often wondered if this may have been the reason he won. I know my choice was Dan.


I love sharing my thoughts BUT it appears people are coming at me pretty hard on here JUST FOR HAVING AN OPINION. I look at this as a game & I analyze it as such. Although at times I may use adjectives to describe the “PLAYERS” I really try not to get so invested that I need to lower myself to making personal statements about the PLAYERS OR THE BLOGGERS as if they were a personal friend doing something to me/someone I know.

I know we get invested and form our favorites however my satisfaction in the show comes from dissecting everyone’s strategy & then trying to opine on whether it is working successfully or not. And of course I enjoy coming on boards like OBB & reading everyone’s thoughts.

I don’t come on here to attack anyone for having a different opinion & I don’t come on here looking for people to freak out b/c my opinion is different than theirs. I accept we all have opinions & I actually WELCOME hearing differing points of view b/c it expands how I see the game.

For those of you who I’ve offended for having a different perspective than you; it’s great what I wrote inspired you to have your say and I think I’ll just leave it at that.



In reading the first portion of your post earlier which you described the scenarios which may play out and how the jury may vote should Gary, Jillian, or Emmett be faced against the other in their perspective scenarios, I found it to be quite interesting to read. The second portion of your post was a ‘campaign’ to rally for *monetary purposes*, for someone you obviously have a favourable bias towards.

That is the part that generated an emotional response and (not an attack on you personally), counterpoint view on what someone else felt about your position on that subject. When I reread all your argument FOR Topaz’s gameplay being insightful, aware and so beyond others’ that she might be considered based on THOSE reasons: she did not act on of those said ‘great reads on the house’.

The anger generated as a response is actually based on factual material and not a *personal* attack on her, but the utter ridiculousness of even remotely considering these actions worthy of ‘Canada’s Favourite Houseguest’. This is an extremely skewed view of what exactly transpired based (it seems) on a personal relationship to Emerald ‘Topaz’ or some other reason that hints at a personal mission to gain support (again it seems for financial reasons only).

You stated you were expressing your *opinions* and felt that it had offended people when what it seems you were trying to do was generate funds for her. Just the way I read it. If you had said vote for her without adding that this HG or that HG is going to be making money off this, so why not give her something? That’s not how I understood it to work.

This is basically a calmer way of responding to your post with *far* less anger. You stated you wanted to send a message and encouraged people to vote with you to do this, yet again it seems it sounds like you were wanting payment for something wrongfully done to her. —– No personal offence.

Team Topaz

BB…. I think your still missing the point that TTO was trying to make. We all have the right to have an opinion on the HG who we like and their style of play…. whatever that style may be and if you don’t like Topaz so be it and don’t vote for her. This forum is for everyone and I don’t believe anyone should be attacked for suggesting that Topaz fans show their support if they want to. Some of the comments about Topaz are very personal and offensive ( check out Megan’s) and I believe not necessary…. it is after all just a game and anger should not even play a part.


Who is Jillian to judge who deserves final 2. Jillian has done nothing but lie her face off to every other person in the house and backstab them and in my opinion that behavior doesn’t DESERVE to be rewarded with any kind of prize.


That’s where ‘The Brick Power Mattress Flip” comes in, duh


If there is a Brick mattress flip then Jillian should win it cause we have all seen how she spends most of her time on her back on a brick mattress lol!


lol. yeah right. who are you to judge jillian on judging the other players? once again jillian is called out like she is the only person who has lied and backstabbed in this game. just ask yourself what emmett has done, starting with tom. haters will be hating, the usual double standards, but not giving credit to somebody who has played a good game(including winning hoh 4 times) to get this far like jillian, just because you hate her guts for evicting andrew or sth., seems a bit silly.


what did Emmet do to Tom?


Slop, for me, utilizing the term ‘deserve’, by either Jillian or posters to this site devalues other players game. Each of the 4 HG’s, should they make it to F2, warrant being heard by the jury. When Jillian speaks about who deserve’s to be sitting beside her she is referring, I think, to who may be rewarded with the $20G (Whether it is her or the other finalist).
On the point of lying and backstabbing; what is funny is the hypocrisy and self-ritousness that rings from Jillian when she becomes unsettled that others are potentially making deals she is aware of, or not . I personally, do not begrudge any of the final 4 a placement in the F2. They each will have worked to get there.


why do you watch?


strange question. if you watched you would know about emmett and tom and the great quattro allience and what became of it lol.


strange question. but if you had watched you would know about emmett and tom and the great quattro allience and what became of it. lol.


When it comes down to final 3 i don’t believe there is a pov. 1st comp winner makes it to the final round. the remaining two compete to go aginst whoever win the first part … the winnerof the decides who why want to take to the final.

Was watching last night and thinking the awards should have been the pov. Seems to me emmitt would have lost as he thought he should have won in the categories he was named… the ego would have got the best of him.


I wonder if after they watched the “awards” jemmett got a clue to how much Canada really DOESNT like them


Every one in the final 4 has lied to get where they are at , it a game if you can’t lie with a staight face then dont be on the show. And for Talla or Gary to think that they are going to final 2 with E/J they are only fooling themselves , no way E/J will take either of them if they have a real relationshiop why give up a possible 100K to someone elso.


I’m interested to know what everyone thinks about this question…..

If you were picking the winner this season, what would be your top three criteria for pick a winner?

Most comp wins?
Social game?
Made the biggest moves?
Lied the best?
Or maybe something else?

Mine is:
1. Best Social Game
2. Comp wins
3. Made big moves when it counted


1. Social game
2. Influence on others when not actually in power
3. Making big moves, I guess, but they would have to know how to handle the repercussions of them. Making big moves for the sake of making a big move can get you nowhere.

I definitely wouldn’t pick having a lot of comp wins – that’s not needed, or honesty – people are allowed to lie, it’s expected, but if they lie to everybody and all of their lies are easily exposed, that’s bad gameplay.


Oh yeah I like your number 2. That’s a good one!


For me I’ll just say almost everyone in jury got there at the hands of Jillian and Emmett, and they achieved this by actually having the POWER to do so by winning comps. Some people use their manipulation skills, some their social game and some it’s actually winning the power and putting the person up themselves. Either strategy desrves a win.
Yes winning comps isn’t everything but in this case for Jemmett it was everything coz it gave them the power to get rid of the right people. All those people would have got rid of them had they been given the chance, so Jemmett made big moves that pertained to their game, ensuring their survival.
Honesty is a non factor lying is a part of the game I don’t have a problem with Jillian lying, she’s playing the game. Of course when it’s overdone it can backfire and prevent a win like it did with Dan.

My 3 criteria? Hard to say but looking at the FiNAL 4, just for the fact that Jemmett sent almost everyone to jury they deserve to win more that the other two. They happened to do it by winning comps therefore making the necessary decisions.

Plus they’ve got good social game especially Emmett.


Let me say I see some of the game alot differently than many. I’m OK on history since season 1 of BBusa but I’m a strategy 1st and formost. One thing I’ll say up front making big moves is one of the poorest things you can do in the game. Supporting big moves with a vote(quietly at that) is good game play. Big moves makes you an instant target. HG’s think if they canmake that move perhaps I can’t trust them with my well being in the house in the future.

1) It doesn’t get any easier…. It’s a social game! PERIOD This won’t garuntee you the win but can take you a very long way. No single aspect of the game is more important. I think number 2 may surprise you.

2) Get in and be a part of the best alliance in the house or be the best floater in the house. Being in the 2nd best alliance or being anything but the best floater is a slow death sentence. The best alliance generally start with 4 players at it’s core. You go after any other alliances and pull in floaters unlike BBcan play this season. The floater strategy can play huge dividends but only if your the best in the house. When a “target” is saved from the block or cannot be backdoored due to POV winner the natural progression then becomes remove a floater. To float at the highest level you must build trust(social game) and value in the house. Chef Joe could cook(value), was reliable like the weather on who he’d vote to evict as you just give the word done. His social though not spectacular was consistant and unoffensive as 1 example.

3) This one can have different answers. I’ll choose comp competitor. We aren’t talking milkmance level play but rather being able to compete effectively when absolutely needed. If you have that core alliance working you may not need a comp win til well after the jury starts being choosen. It’s all timing and consequences.

I should point out based on the results in BBcan it would appear Emmit is right where he is suppose to be. I stopped being a fan after Andrew’s eviction which wasn’t necessary for him to win. He and Jillian certainly headed the most effective alliances in the house. Made a great decision switching from the shield(throwing comps) to the stoogies and Andrew winning comps plus Lalas reliable vote. Comp beasts speaks for itself just bad Social on Jillians part likely costs her the money versus Emmit.


If Jillian has a choice and votes to keep Gary over Talla, she is showing everyone that she is a very weak female who lets a man run her life! She has said many times that Gary is good for Emmett’s game but Talla is good for her’s. I believe she will choose to hand the game over to Emmett. She probably thinks that laying down and doing…whatever, will guarantee a continuation of the showmance. Emmett? 25 years old? Winning 100K? Doubt it Sista! You can see in his face that he hates when she talks baby talk to him….get a grip Jillian!


Patti I thought I wsas the only one who caught on to her baby talk. How old is she supposed to be? Does she think she is talking to her kids from school? And the one thing i will NOT miss about her is the constant biting of her fingernails. Everytime I seen her she had her fingers in her mouth. God knows where they had been 10 minutes before that


Yes!!! Biting the nails. Saliva all over her fingers, then sticking them in every snack bag or bowl of food she can find to nibble on!!!! Ewwwwwww!


Emmett is the only one casting the vote and he has made it very clear that he is taking Gary with him. Do you think if it comes down to Emmett choosing who he wants to take to the final two, he will drop Jill for Gary?? Now THAT would be a kick in the face to Jillian!


Ann, excellent point, as usual. Emmett said to himself recently that he wished he’d payed more attention to the many, unique BB happenings that occur during the game’s final week. He was even asking Gary for clarification! How often has Emmett done that this season? Not very. That’s not the best thing for a HG to be fuzzy on, at this point.

I believe Emmett is thinking that Jillian is *far* more of a jury threat than she actually is. He’s wrongly thought this, for weeks now. Last season, the jury made a clear “anti-Dan” statement, with their vote. I think part of that was Dan’s decision to bring Ian with him to the final two, opting to back-stab both Danielle and Shane in the process. Conversely, I think Emmett would enhance his reputation in jury, by taking his BBCA partner all season with him to the final. Yes, the jury knows that lying is a big part off BB, but I still think they like to see the favorite bring their closest alliance member with them, if possible.

After the last HOH win by Jillian, Emmett said in the DR, “Man, Jill winning all these comps is making it harder and harder for me to bring her to the final two!” No, it’s not, Emmett! Jillian’s comp win total means nothing, as far your own chances go! Ann, I’d be *very* disappointed in Emmett, but I honestly do think, at least right now, that Emmett’s leaning towards bringing Gary along with him to the final with him, and not Jillian. Yikes! Emmett, if you wanna win BBCA easily, bring Jillian with you, not Gary!

Mis-reading the jury, as Emmett is now doing, is something that the final, 3-part HOH winner simply cannot afford to do. I am actually now convinced that Emmett’s *easiest* path to BBCA victory is if Jillian, not him, wins the 3-part HOH. Because *she* will bring Emmett along, effectively stopping Emmett’s faulty thinking from shooting himself in the foot! She’ll be very happy with second place, with Emmett winning. Emmett absolutely has it in his head that the jury will *not* vote a HG first prize, who was returned to the game (Gary). Emmett’s wrong. They very well might. This could be the *second* time, that this exact same error (Emmett badly underestimating Gary’s chances, in a jury vote vs. him) ) could end up terribly harming Emmett’s chances to win BB, in the final few days. Emmett is certain that keeping Gary is a guaranteed Emmett win. It is not. Just the opposite, in fact. Keeping Gary is the only way Emmett can still *lose* BBCA!

If Emmett had evicted Gary on Sunday instead of Talla, BBCA could’ve just written the first-place check to Emmett, and given it to him already! As of when the feeds cut Sunday, Emmett had clearly played the best overall game. He *should* be home free now. Emmett evicting Talla over Gary will prove to be a major mistake. Emmett possibly choosing Gary over Jillian for finals could prove to be another major mistake. The jury vote between Emmett and Gary would likely be *very* close. Emmett could still squeak it out, 4-3. But it would’ve been 6-1, vs Jillian or Talla (with Andrew voting for Jillian, and probably Talla.) Emmett, why make it harder on yourself, when you didn’t need to?

Ian took Dan

pretty sure…


I don’t know where anyone gets the idea that Big Brother is a game based on honesty. It’s a social strategy game that you play what ever way you can to get to the end. It’s a game. Don’t Trust Anyone.

Last season on BBUS I think Dan should have won. IF only the jury wasn’t so bitter.

I would pick the winner based on : 1. Big moves 2. Comp Wins 3. Social game/clear strategy

Though comp wins doesn’t always count for me IF you have a brilliant strategy for purposely not winning comps. Like Will/Dan.


Interesting guesses on who will pick who for the win in a final 2 these are my guesses
Emmett vs Gary
E= alec, Peter,Jill, Andrew, aj
G= topaz, talla
Reasons alec and Peter play for the love of the game there for they will vote on game play not emotionally
Jill is in love and the only way she might not vote for emmett is if he evicted her
Andrew though his back probably still hurts from that knife in his back there is no way in hell he’s voting Gary
Aj well this is purely a guess I really don’t know
Topaz and talla vote emotionally and will feel betrayed by emmett

Emmett vs Jill
E= Gary, alec , Peter ,topaz
J= aj, Andrew, talla
Reasons alec and Peter same as above
Gary well he’s a maybe possible Jill vote depends on how he leaves and if he voted emotionally
Topaz hates Jill
Aj said when he was evicted that he thought Jill might win leading me to believe that’s who he’d vote for
Andrew loves Jill
Talla will still think there was a final 2 between the girls and emmett got in the way

Gary vs Jill

G= topaz, (Peter)
Jill= emmett, Andrew, aj, talla
Not sure where alec and peters votes will go
Peter seems to think Jill hasn’t played her own game and has no respect for her so I’m guessing Gary
Alec I have no idea what he will do.


Interesting take on the possible votes Meljay. A Gary/Jillian final two would make for a very unpredictable jury vote. I believe as well that if Emmett can get one of those final two seats he will take it all but having to decide between Gary and Jillian could be like voting between getting a root canal or living on slop for a year for the jury members! lol


A Gary/Jillian final would be interesting. But it is *totally* impossible that those two would ever meet in the final. Why? First off, the two have had little interaction, all season. Secondly, both of them play the game 100% emotionally. Logically, it very well could be either’s best choice to win it all. But neither of them will ever make the “Who do I bring with me?” decision logically. if Gary wins HOH, Gary will take Emmett. If Jillian wins HOH, Jillian will take Emmett. If Emmett wins HOH, I’m not sure who he’ll bring, but I *know* he’s surely taking himself!


Gary has said his best chance of winning would be against Jill…if he wins part 3 I think he would take her


Enjoyed reading your guesses Meljay,

I’d agree but I’d say there’s a slim chance more of the jury vote for Gary only because he was a fan favourite.
If the jurors don’t like either of the choices they just might make the fans happy.


Any leaks yet guys? I’m dying! How do people watch ONLY the episodes?!


No leaks yet.. there likely won’t be any but we have all four cameras recording just in case. 🙂 I seriously don’t know how some people watch just the episodes either, there’s just so much more to see and having it unedited gives you the real idea of what’s happening.


Ive got major withdrawal symptoms…and I would love to be a fly on the wall in jury house right now


Actually following this site sort of ruins you for the actual show. I really only watch it for the diary room most of the time. lol Your show is much better 🙂


so Im thinking it will be…

Wed ep – veto, Gary/Talla campaigning, veto ceremony, vote/eviction, start of HOH part 1 endurance

Thurs ep – end of HOH part 1 endurance, HOH part 2 physical/mental, live HOH part 3 quiz, vote/evciction, jury questions, jury vote, winner

also I heard there is a reunion taping 1pm Friday, which airs the following Wed May 8…i am not sure if this is 100% correct

I think its a good thing for Jill that Gary goes F3 as he is less likely to beat her in endurance or quiz, and a F2 Gary/Jill, I think it would be a 4-3 win for Jill


IF I DO RECALL CORRECTLY SLOP..EMMETT IS THE ONLY ONE WHO GAVE HIS VOTE TO TOM WHEN HE DIDN’T HAVE TO. IT’S NOT LIKE TOM WAS GOING TO JURY SO WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKLING ABOUT. and for your information gary and talla have not lied near as much as jillian so I would rather see one of those take it. everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


Megan the hate you have for Topaz and as you say ,( her nappy hair ),tells me you are one jealous ugly chick..The girl had her own strategy.I can’t stand jealous cows like you.Get over your damn self righteous ass.


For the record, i’m not an Emmett HATER. He was actually one of my favorites from the first night up until he decided to backstab Andrew and even still I wouldn’t mind if he won the game as I think he has played the best game of all the ones left. My issue is more so with Jillian lying to your face, telling everyone left in the house that their 150% safe. Does she not realize she has to vote out someone and these people are going to jury. Personally if I was going to Jury I would rather someone tell me straight up they were going to vote me out. You would have a better chance of getting my vote in the end if you were honest. rather then lie but maybe that’s me i’m a straight up person, tell you like it is, even if you don’t like it and even if it did hurt my game. Anyways everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that is mine.




I am halfway through watching Big Brother US All Stars (Season 7). There are so many differences in our first Canadian version of its predecessor, they are too numerous to count. Everything about Big Brother Canada screamed “Audition”. The houseguests seemed at all times like they were on an audition – either for Canada’s favourite (not wanting to appear mean to the audience). They were always so self-aware and way too concentrated on the cameras, their angles, their make-up, their clothes, etc. It even came down to the girls asking each other what they would be wearing on the next episode (to be aired for Sunday, Wednesday or Thursday). It was just so indescribably contrived. We were introduced to ‘characters’ who needed to further their image (for most of them) instead of people, and when that wasn’t the case, their persona was so contrived and manufactured, it was laughable at best. The tasks were also so overly-produced (even including rehearsals), it made it look more like a soap opera at times. I look forward to a more organic Big Brother in the future because this one understandably needed a lot of kinks to be worked out. Those kinks were replaced with inane drama and ‘reality show’ hype and orchestration instead of a game of honest to goodness Big Brother. This is not a grievance so much as it is an explanation as to where the frustration came from in watching Big Brother Canada (for me, anyway). I wasn’t expecting a clone of Big Brother US as much as an exciting Canadian version of what I had co Ime to love watching. Watching Big Brother All Stars (and having only watched Season 2 US), is like watching —– an Ali fight or a Venus vs. Serena tennis match or…. well you get the picture? I felt like this Big Brother Canada was condescending for the most part after viewing such great players in action without a care in the world about where the camera was at all times. Nevertheless, I watched and did get very much into the game was frustrated at the constant presence of all the production involved (and I’m not talking about Powershifts etc.). I can’t wait to see who wins and hope they have a great statement to make to the jury before being selected. Peace out.


Babybare, did I miss something? I don’t recall any ‘rehearsals’ for the tasks.


Babybare, I think you put your finger on what was bugging me in watching most of the players in this game! I just kept flashing back to BBUS players & wondering why the BBCan players just didn’t seem to be engaged, just too aware of how they would be portrayed. Hearing players talking about their “brand” & about wanting to be famous was really off putting. It affected how they did things, the things they did say & do.

Just felt like too many were acting – between that & those damn twists, it just felt too often like yet another boring scripted reality show.

Another issues I felt was there wasn’t much dynamic interactions between players like in BBUS. I think – & I know I’m going to be slammed as an Em hater by a certain poster but I think Em’s personality impacted the game quite a bit since with HOHs he was in the driver’s seat (& back seat driving Jillian’s) for large part of the game & his goal was to keep things on the down low. Whenever there was any blow-ups starting, he’d jump in quickly to stop them – not because he was such a good guy but in his own words, so that it didn’t cause problems for his game. Even the way he wouldn’t tell someone they were going until last minutes. Everything he did made things as boring as possible.

He hid out in HOH as much as he could, otherwise didn’t spent a lot of time on group gatherings. Too often the players seemed to isolate themselves – Gary spending hrs. putting on make up each day; topaz sleeping away the 1st 1/2 of the game; Peter sitting like a bump on a log, silent for hrs no matter who was around; yeah, Talla talked a lot but even that was isolating because it was this torrent that people just tuned out for the most part; while I liked the idea of the hot tub room, it also led to players breaking off in groups of 2 or 3 too much. There was just too many places for the players to isolate & also to talk without fear of being overheard – again, less drama.

There was a lot that was good about this 1st season of BBCan but… you know?


Do you think the speeches make a difference or do you think the jury members already have their minds made up?


It might not be as easy to beat Talla. I know she hasn’t done anything in the sense of winning or making any big moves, but thinking of the people in the jury house, they might vote for her solely based on the fact that they like her more than they like Jillian.

Donna BB US

Does Jill want to win this game or a BF ? Talla would be so easy to beat in the F3 . What are those two thinking ? I guess they dont know how this game is played !


it will be easier for Jill to beat Gary in F3 endurance and quiz…Talla is light and has proven a better at endurance than Gary, and has done better in mental/quiz comps…Gary could also beat Emmett in part 2 physical/mental, whereas Talla would likely lose that, and she knows Gary will take her F2 as she is not liked by the shield and Topaz in jury…so for these factors I think keeping Gary is to the benefit of Jill


i saw a few posts about topaz to win favorite houseguest if there is a vote (her and alec actually were my favorites in their “heyday”). i also think that casual viewers will vote like crazy for gary or emmett. so in case there is a vote, i would just like to post my argument for Andrew as favorite houseguest.

here are the reasons you should vote for andrew. 1. he played a great game with integrity and honesty. he was straight-forward and wanted the best player to win. 2. he was hilarious and was extremely entertaining on the feeds, especially with the stooges but i appreciated his relationship specifically with talla, jillian and even gary. 3. he won competitions, including 2 HOHs and POVs. he was responsible for sending home liza, a huge social player and for sending gary to jury house, a huge social and physical player. 4. he was part of basically 3 alliances, the original “9” or whatever, then the stooges and beast coast. so he was never a floater and made good bonds/fought his way to stay in the game as long as he did. 5. he was a really great bb houseguest. he always made coffee for everyone and never broke the rules and seemed to have a great knowledge and respect for the big brother game. even though he didn’t like it, he did dress up as the maid, was a really great have-not servant and never moved while his brother came in because he knew that this would lead to a punishment or rule-break, and he would never do that to his fellow housemates. finallly, did i mention he’s HILAR? VOTE FOR ANDREW.


I agree, unfortunately it’ll be either Gary or Emmett if they even have the “Favorite Houseguest” vote, I havent’ seen it anywhere and they’re running out of time for any sort of vote like that.


on the official website under spend points, it says “Stay Tuned There will be more opportunities to influence the show”. I know this is the same image they used all season, but I am hoping it is up there now bc they will announce tonight after the last eviction that you can go spend all the rest of your points to vote for your favorite houseguest which will be handed out at the live finale thursday or even during the et reunion special… here’s hoping 🙂

btw, for anyone who’s going through withdrawal, they just posted a bunch more exclusive videos and a remix season highlights video (, as well as some recent behind the scene clips (gifs) on their twitter. here’s a link to the ET reunion special promo:


d i thought Andrew was the most entertaining house guest…Im looking forward to the footage of him arriving at jury and telling Alec and Peter all about Dan…I must have laughed a hundred times listening to and watching Andrew being a stooge…great guy


I hope the person that goes to Costco and the liquor store for them wins. Excellent shopper. They are actually more deserving than anyone else in the house. I am from Nova Scotia and was excited to cheer on the Nova Scotia crew, until I got to know them through the feeds. Emmett and Jillian in no way project or act like your typical nova scotian, Andrew has the wit but Emmett and Jillian are the two most boring people I have ever seen. I could not imagine going to dinner or party with them, it would be way more fun to stay home in the backyard and watch the grass grow.

As for the comments about Jillian and her future job prospects. Knowing where Jillian is from and the WASP attitude in that area ..she can kiss her career in teaching gone in New Glasgow. she will be forever marked. they no longer make them wear the Scarlett letter but they will still think that way of her.

Emmett well Emmett is so full of himself and so self absorbed definitely not your typical farm boy type. Emmett isn’t “a poor poor farmer” not even close. And he will drop Jillian before they get to Pearson Airport on the return trip. All the kissing wasn’t to be romantic it was to shut her up, he couldn’t tell BB to call him to the diary room to get away from her whiney complaining voice.

Talla well at least she gave BB feed watchers a laugh and something to watch. I honestly don’t think she is as dumb as she plays. Her twin is so together you would have to believe Talla is as well unless she was air deprived at birth.

Gary I love my Gary Glitter he brought so much to the show, even some great makeup tips for us ladies lol. Does he deserve to win..only way is if he convinces Emmett or Jillian to take him to the final two .If jill takes him well he definitely deserves to win cause we know there is a better chance the leafs will win the Stanley Cup than Jillian not taking Emmett.

Looking forward to watching the feeds for BBUS, Dawg will be donating something soon..Will have to read the updates alot with the twins arrival soon I am sure I will not have the time to watch like I did with BBcan. But thank you this site made bed rest much more enjoyable and got me through ..though i am not naming my boys Dawg or Simon I will always remember you..once again thank you for the great work you both put in.


I dont think anyone is dropping anyone…the E/J showmance is not a serious relationship…they are just having some fun

While I agree with you about Emmett being an incredibly boring dude, I think Jill is a pretty fun girl…and it is for this I could never see Jill wanting to date a guy like him…also I would have enjoyed watching Jill as a single player


CG, let me guess. You’re a guy, right? How can you possibly think you know what’s going on inside a woman’s head? Ask the female OBB regulars. 90%+ will tell you that Jillian is *very* serious about a relationship with Emmett after the show. It’s obvious! That’s why she so cool with second place. Emmett’s her first prize. I know you strongly disagree with this. But listen to the females – not you, and not me!

I’m a guy. I know how we think. But I grew up with four younger sisters, and no brothers. And man, did I get myself an 18-year education on how they tick. Not 100%. At least 75%, though. Us guys always want to think that if *we* don’t want a relationship to continue, the girl didn’t want it to, either. And we really fight to hang on to that mindset. It saves us guys a *ton* of guilt. And we love not feeling guilty, when we decide that we want to move on! But it doesn’t mean we’re not totally BS-ing ourselves, about what they were really wanting. Hey, sometimes it is “mutually casual.” But no one who’s watched BBCA could honestly say that Jillian’s is one of those “casual” cases, to her.


everyone is welcome to their opinion Jim…based on what Jill herself has said in the house, and the qualities she says she likes in a boyfriend, I cant see Em as a guy she would be interested in, in terms of a serious long term relationship…many agree he is pretty boring, and i think she would lose interest pretty quickly with his kind of personality…just my observation, if you dont agree with my comments I have no problem with that


There is a reunion special, this was posted on Arisa’s blog:
ET Canada is also holding a reunion special, where only we will be reuniting all 15 houseguests under one roof – the ones you love and love to hate – on Wednesday, May 8 on Global at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT


Reunion May 8…..Busy…. Busy… Busy….Had enough of the fake flakes posing… So boring. Watched to support BBCan. Was glad we have the show. Didn’t enoy the cast mix and production focus.. Only interested now to see how the jury votes. Don’t care who wins.. Won’t watch again unless I know one of the HG. Or someone watching recommends.. What saved the season for me was this site and it’s many comments.. Love the idea of a Brick mattress flip poweshift. So funny. Thanks for the memory guys.


and I think its being taped the next day after the finale, Friday 1pm, so could be a few hangovers…really looking forward to this, could be pretty explosive


In terms of the cast, the only interesting and entertaining people were tom,peter,gary, kat,talla and andrew. Everyone else was pretty bland and boring, seriously i have no clue how aj got cast..if he can make it then i gotta chance to get cast for season two. The problem is they cast people who were too much alike, but
There was no variety…2 alpha males, tomboy, black girl, gay guy etc..they were also pretty much the same age


I don’t think they saw Emmett as an alpha male when they cast him. I think he came off as more of a hick than anything. Tom was definitely the token Alpha.

I think their biggest inconsistency was the ages they casted. They probably wanted it to be wild, which thanks to Talla and Topaz, it was…at times. But they didn’t take into consideration how young people are more insecure and will just follow the herd. If there were a few more older HGs to look up to and who would take the lead on throwing off the major power, things could have been different.


After more thoughts about the OverTwistyShiftyProductionPower (by Slice) on their newborn Big Brother foray into mainstream, I thought of something else that is remarkably different for me in watching Big Brother allstars and BBcan; not one single person that I’ve watched in that particular season and Dr. Will’s season (2) – did I come away really disliking (to the point that I would blog about it anyway). This Canadian version attempted to manipulate emotional responses by manufacturing them instead of allowing them to organically occur without (so much) of productions’ interference. That specifically is what was so disappointing yet got my ire up. Both because there was a natural progression to the relationships occurring as the houseguests positioned themselves socially from the beginning, then suddenly some outrageous method of changing that (be it a twist/powershift/Canada vote) – and it threw things into a more manufactured state than natural. On top of which, 2/3 of the houseguests were inexplicably behaving in ways that seemed overly self-conscious. Like I stated in my earlier post, *that* was the very thing that I found upsetting the whole process and thus my emotional ride. Knowing you’re being manipulated is almost if not worse than not having ever know it to begin with. Hope that makes sense.


After more thoughts about the OverTwistyShiftyProductionPower (by Slice) on their newborn Big Brother foray into mainstream, I thought of something else that is remarkably different for me in watching Big Brother allstars and BBcan; not one single person that I’ve watched in that particular season and Dr. Will’s season (2) – did I come away really disliking (to the point that I would blog about it anyway). This Canadian version attempted to manipulate emotional responses by manufacturing them instead of allowing them to organically occur without (so much) of productions’ interference. That specifically is what was so disappointing yet got my ire up. Both because there was a natural progression to the relationships occurring as the houseguests positioned themselves socially from the beginning, then suddenly some outrageous method of changing that (be it a twist/powershift/Canada vote) – and it threw things into a more manufactured state than natural. On top of which, 2/3 of the houseguests were inexplicably behaving in ways that seemed overly self-conscious. Like I stated in my earlier post, *that* was the very thing that I found upsetting the whole process and thus my emotional ride. Knowing you’re being manipulated is almost if not worse than not having ever know it to begin with. Hope that makes sense.


GAWD I hope all that blather didn’t get posted twice. Pressed twice. *experiencing powershift on the keyboard tonight*


potential finale night ridiculous power shift twists…

both final 2 house guests get the opportunity of giving 10% of their prizemoney (10k or 2k depending if they finish 1st or 2nd) to a juror of their choice in the form of a bribe to secure their vote, but the juror could reject it if they want

there is no jury vote and instead a game of puck ball decides the winner

the first house mate to down a large bowl of slop gets an extra 8th vote from Canada

Canada votes to see which house guests buzzer is tampered with in the part 3 quiz

Kat and Suzette and Aneal and Danielle are declared the new final 4 because production can do whatever they like…you ask why? why not bro

Tom/Liza versus Alec/Topaz – a fight breaks out between them, and the final 2 house guests are asked questions about it as part of the part 3 HOH quiz

when asked for her vote, Talla, still bitter about being voted out, says “busy…thats a fail arissa, major fail” and elects not to vote…so Canada gets the 7th vote

AJ and Andrew smoking cigarettes, stooging around cracking jokes…annoyed with the antics and disruptive behaviour Arissa/production play a prank on AJ…canada fake votes AJ back into the game but this is soon reversed with a fake reverse power shift to put up AJ immediately as a POND(how Talla pronounces pawn) just for the hell of it, then he gets voted out by Canada within a minute…Andrew laughs and says “hey a-holes! i loathe you, you vile individuals! FLONK!”

gary loses the vote 7-0 to emmett, but moments later emmett is DQ from part 3 quiz for breathing too hard and Gary given the overall win…then Gary says lets play some nude CHEST(how Gary pronounces chess)

peter is told he will get a job in wrestling and a meeting with Dan guarenteed if he votes for Jill to win, and bows down to Jill on hands and knees, praising her awesomeness in HOH comps, and wearing a t shirt that says ‘The Shield was penetrated…Jill for the win!”


Very nicely done. Does Peter still have that elastic hairband around his two fingers in your scenario? GAWD; if that wasn’t one of the most bizarre OCD behaviours I’ve seen on television (if you don’t count My Strange Addiction on TLC).


yeah he has the elastic band, otherwise there could be chaos


That was hilarious!! Wish I could infinitely thumbs up

The Shyeld

I will be changing my name from The Shield to The Shyeld

Spelled with a “Y” because of one of the worst phrases ever on Big Brother History ” Y not bro , Y not ” Tom was an idiot .


Ugh, why couldn’t someone have mistakenly pressed the “Live Feeds” button at BBHQ like they did that first week?!?!


I know! I was really hoping for a leak too!


I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE. MAJOR BBCAN WITHDRAWL……and yes I know I am yelling. Only 45 minutes to go


The editing on this episode tonight is killing me. They’re really trying to imply this is happening tonight.
Unless they say something differently before the POV comp like “Here’s how it went”, cause Arisa saying “We still have to get to the all important POV comp” implies this is today/tonight.


Hmmm maybe not. There’s no way they could think no one would notice Gary’s glitter makeup magically appearing. lol
The eviction though they’re still trying to imply happened tonight. I’m pretty sure it was probably Sunday night or Monday.