Frank told Janelle she reminds him of his momma. Mike laughs, she’s like 5yrs older than you..

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 13 (Friday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July ???
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: ??? and ???
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe

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9:30am Mike, Frank, Joe and Shane talk about how lazy the girls are in the house. Mike and Frank start going off about how lazy Danielle is, how she doesn’t clean at all. Frank says that she thinks because she is a have-not she feels like she doesn’t have to clean up after herself. Mike says I don’t even understand why Danielle was picked… like what is her role. Joe says the southern bell … some people just interview really well and then nothing when they get the job. Mike comments on how she knows a lot about medical things. Mike says then yesterday Ashley said what medication she was taking and Danielle asked how many milligrams. He says that there is no way she knows that medication … I think she is a nurse or something.
The conversation changes to talking about Ian and how his motivation is to get his name on Wikipedia. Mike says that he is the coach that wants to grab the player by the helmet. They bring up how Ian goes into the bathroom every time the girls are having a shower and the girls are getting annoyed. Shane says that if Ian keeps doing it he is going to have to say something to him. Frank mentions that after the POV competition when the players were all sudsy …he was the first one in the shower and he didn’t even play. They talk about how Ian just doesn’t realize what he does some times.
9:40am Frank and Mike are alone out in the backyard. Frank says that he put in some quality time with Janelle. Frank says that Janelle told him that she felt like a fool … how you clowned everyone in big brother 7. Frank tells Mike that he told Janelle that he wanted to separate himself from him. Mike asks you said that. Mike says it would be real good for you to infiltrate some of their meetings. Mike says if you could get in there you could keep the heat off Jenn. Mike says that Ian is pissing people off and I don’t know if I can get the kid where he needs to be.. I’ll try but I dunno. Frank says our ace in the hole will be the couches competitions… Frank says that Janelle even brings up the whole trading thing …like she wants to trade for me later on. Frank says he told Janelle that she reminds him of his momma. Mike laughs .. she’s like five years older than you but whatever. Mike tells Frank that people like him and that over the next five days he needs to just strengthen those relationships. Mike says that once Kara is out ..Dan only has one player so you can virtually count him out. Mike says that despite how things worked out in our season ..Janelle and I worked together .. so she knows she can trust me if we get down like that… so maybe I need to spend a little time like that too. We had a good hidden alliance back then.

10am Joe joins then in the backyard. Mike asks Joe if he has decided which way he is voting. Joe says Frank. Joe comments on how yesterday Kara walked out and said she didn’t want to talk about it. Joe says he wants people here that deserve to be here. Frank says people can ask me anything ..I am open and honest, I’m an open book. Mike says Kara is not an open book. Frank says yeah she has a chastity lock on that. They comment how Kara is the popular girl that isn’t popular in the house. Joe tells Mike and Frank that Kara was a Playmate of the Year. Mike asks how do you know that? Joe says that Janelle told him. Joe says that a playmates of the year get $200 Grand for doing that.. Mike says you know what’s funny she told me she lives with 4 girls on the border of west wood and Hollywood… and that is where the Playboy mansion is… Mike says that makes a lot of sense …she is indifferent about being here …she’s living at the Playboy mansion and she comes here and is told she can’t have a beer. Mike says that’s my neighbourhood … doctors and lawyers live there ..not 4 girls living in a house. (Big Brother cuts the live feeds to wake up the other house guests.)

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All the house guests are up and getting ready for the day and making breakfast. Joe, Jojo, Ashley, Willie and Mike are out on the backyard couches talking about random stuff.


10:50am In the storage room, Mike confronts Ian about how the girls are getting creeped out about him lurking in the bathroom while they are showering. Ian says oh no I didn’t even know I was doing that?! With who? Mike tells him not to get defensive and that this can be a positive thing. Mike tells Ian to go and privately talk to each of the girls and mention that he likes to be social and is just so happy to be in the house. Ian looks super uncomfortable and embarrassed. Mike tells him again not to get defensive ..that he is just telling him how it is.. Turn it into a positive. They both then leave the storage room.

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11am – 11:10am Ian tells Jojo in the bathroom while she is changing that he was told that some girls are getting uncomfortable with him being in the bathroom. Jojo asks oh really, who? Ian says that he doesn’t know he was just told that. She says it doesn’t bother her .. that coming in here you have to expect that. Ian tells her that the first night Jodi walked in on him in the bathroom. Jojo asks oh really?! Ian then leaves to go get in the hot tub.

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Aww Poor Ian baby lololol I don’t think he’s being a perv but anyways I really really REALLY hope they vote out Frank. Frank and Boogie are up to no good. SMH


Only week one and the two fake coaches think they have it in the bag! I can’t wait for next week when kissing ass to stay!


@Grimace122. Which two are you calling the fake coaches?




so the coaches can be evicted too?


poor little Ian .
I would loooooove to see him win hoh
that would be some funny stuff.


Hey Dawg. I was wondering if you and Simon are planning on watching the Canadian version of Big Brother next year (I believe that’s when it is.) If I’m remembering correctly from last year, one of you is in Canada, right? Anyway…if you guys are planning on watching BBCanada, will you be transcribing the feeds? I’m really hoping you will, b/c you guys have definitely made this show a million times more enjoyable for me. (Please transcribe the Canadian feeds…pretty please.) 😀

I”m now starting to think that Frank just may stay in the house…of course, there’s still a lot of time left before eviction, and things can change a lot between now and then.


Both of us are Canadian.. yes we are planning on watching BB canada. WE don’t know if there will be feeds yet


Both of you are fellow Canucks? Well, no wonder I like you guys so much. Lol 😉 Ok…I guess I just assumed there will be live feeds for that version. Keeping my fingers crossed that there are. My son is planning to apply to be on it. It would be hysterical for me if he was, especially if you do transcribe the feeds (providing there are live feeds.) Anyway, thanks for the response. 🙂

I haven’t really seen a lot of Ian, so I haven’t been able to figure him out yet. I’m not sure if he is being pervy in regards to the bathroom staalking, or just a socially inept guy who’s unaware of his actions.

From the first time I saw Jojo, I knew she was a “princess”…and she’s proven me right. Can’t wait to see her evicted!


jo jo is a stuck up conceited person thats for sure (as well as shane) on the first night of BBAD when shane was giving her a massage she implied that she wasnt used to not getting all the attention from both sexes annd had to fight em off cause she was so damned hot and shane said him too. what a arrogant conceited thing to say about ones self. I mean she is cute but there are alot of cute women in this world and most of em dont walk around like they are gods gift. I hope she goes soon too.


Cant wait for BB Canada….as I am a canadian and love BB I am hoping that the canadian version is just as watchable…..cant say that so far this year tho…hope it heats up a bit as the weeks go on

Jedi Jani

Lovin the Gold Apple idea…..Was crazy trying to make out what they all are saying when they are all talking at the same time…..


Can’t for the life of me figure out why Britney qualifies as a coach, other than she is extremely hot? In her season, she was played for a fool worse than anyone in the game’s history. 3 guys who had an alliance from day one dragged her along with them as nothing but a vote and a sucker that they knew they could beat when they got to final 4. Then they won HOH, nominated her, beat her at veto, then told her she had been played the whole season and laughed about it to her face til she ran off crying. Not exactly an impressive resume.


Admittedly, Brit is NOT the ideal coach, BUT I think the fact that she got played the first time helps her a bunch. Experience is KING. And let’s not be fooled, her smart-ass mouth got her back into the game (production).

Is she the coach I’d want? Well… nooo. However, I’m pulling for her and her team. Honestly, I think SHE CHOSE houseguests the VERY best. Her choices seem to be spot-on IMO.

That there makes a huge difference (imo) UNTIL the “unexpected” happens. Until then, I think Brit, and her team, are golden. I see the hate (in the comments) for her and I also dislike her “HATE EVERYTHING” attitude this year, but… but…. she chose the best. And right now (NOW) that means an awful lot in terms of short-term success. Her teaming up with Janelle also REALLY helps her (her team’s) short term game.

We’ll see.

I’m PRO Brit right now even though I don’t like her hate-everything attitude.


I am hoping that experience will help Janelle as well. She is good at comps, but is far too trusting. It seems like she wants to or will believe anything a guy says to her. I hope marriage and experience changes that for her, but so far it appears as if it hasn’t.


Was just thinking that maybe CBS wants us to believe that the “coaches” will come into play before long. If everyone believes that, then CBS could pull a whammy on all of us and bring in the buddies or enemies of the coaches from each coach’s respective season i.e.:

For Dan – Memphis
For Boogie – Dr. Will
For Janelle – Howie
For Britney – Lane


For Dan – Renny
For Boogie – Diane ( I think)
For Janelle – Maggie / April
For Britney – (God Forbid – Rachel)

I think that would be HILARIOUS! Talk about throwing the players AND the faithful that tune in for a loop!?!?!

What do ya’ll think? I know it would more than likely never happen, but I think it would be awesome just to see how everyone takes that news.