Britney: “I’m rethinking this entire thing.. about getting Frank out.. Janelle’s team is falling apart”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

7:28pm Cam 1-2 Janelle and Joe
Janelle is saying Wil is being a little bitch all she is trying to do is keep him safe in this game and now he’s acting so distant to her.
Janelle asks joe if he thinks the vote with wil is locked. Joe laughs says that’s what Wil has been saying. Boogie joins them Janelle heads inside.

7:51pm Cam 1-2 Boogie and Ian
Ian asks where Boogie’s head is at for Thursday. Boogie: “If 50/50”
Ian is worried sick about this Thursday
Boogie: “I think my biggest hope for Frank is Dan”
Ian agrees.
Britney joins them.

8:00pm Cam 3-4 Ashley: “It’s the ultimate HIgh.. M@sturb@tion”

8:06pm Cam 1-2 Jenn, Britney, Janelle

Jenn telling them she was recruited on facebook.. she had literally 2 week to get her “shit” together before everything started. Janelle: “Really”

Jenn starts talking about her the relationship she was in before the show. They broke up after being together for 5 years. Jenn has used the time to reflect on what happened and she thinks no matter what happens in this game she’ll come out a changed person.

8:13pm Cam 1-2 Britney and Janelle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Talking about how sick they are hearing the new players talk about all the stuff they plan to sell on eBay.
Britney asks if she’s talked to wil
J: “No
B: Is he still made at you
J: No..he’s getting mad at me for helping him.. I’m the one getting mad.
B: doesn’t matter he’s coming after us next week (They both laugh)
J: Britney you have to win the endurance competition or we’re screwed.
B: It’s going to be hard to beat dan.. If it includes water I’m not good with water.
Janelle has been thinking that they should keep Dan and Boogie around to take out the noobies. Britney wants to call a coaches meeting as soon as they get dropped into the game.
Britney wants to know who they will nominate first out of the noobies… She thinks maybe Ian.. Feeds cut.
Janelle says the ideal situations will be Ashley, Jenn, Danielle and them in the final 5. Britney points out that it was all girls last year and Adam. janelle explains that the vets were smart last year they took out all the strong players first. Janelle: ‘We took out pawns first.. we’re fucked if we don’t win HOH”

Janelle goes on and on how scared she is that Wil is going to flip. Britney explains that Wil might think Frank has a better chance to win HOH than ashley, Joe or himself.

Janelle asks her if Boogie wins the HOH they can talk Boogie into in not putting them up. Britney thinks they should approach Boogie but she really thinks it won’t make a difference.

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8:30pm Cam 1 (feeds cut in and out)
Janelle: “they told me last night…. Give up 100K or….. ”
Britney: “Well I guess the obvious choice… ”
Britney: “Are you going in?”
Janelle doesn’t know she thinks her team wil be messed up anyways because Wil is going to be pissed.
Janelle points out that if Dan and Boogie enter the game the newbies don’t have a chance.
Britney agrees says if all 4 coaches enter the game the Newbies don’t stand a chance.

Britney one in a 11 shot for 1/2 mil or a 1/4 shot at 100K.
Janelle: “I’m going for the 1/2 million”
Britney agrees, She points out that she only has 1 player and he’s not totally not off the radar.
Janelle asks about dan about what type of game he’s playing. Britney doesn’t now, she doesn’t think he’s really playing just being very social. Brintey: “boogie will be much harder to get rid of than Dan”
They both agree that Shane will be a solid ally because he’s so Loyal.
Britney: ‘It’s going to be crazy.. I can’t believe they asked you that…” Feeds cut

8:50pm Cam 1-2 Frank and Britney

Britney telling him that JOJO leaving wasn’t’ the worst thing for Shane because sometimes they would isolate themselves and it hurt his game. Britney also adds that JOJO didn’t say all those things about Danielle they were 100% fabricated. Frank understands tells her that there was a lot of stories going around about him and he knows where the stories are coming from. (Janelle) Frank: “We went from final 2 with Wil and now they’re saying I was going to Backdoor wil” Frank brings up calling Joe out. Britney tries to talk him out of it. Tells him whatever he says is going to be twisted by Janelle’s players “Franks a loose cannon.. Frank is out of control”

Frank tells her that his main target is Janelle. Frank goes on and on about how trustworthy he is and how he’s playing this game with integrity.

Frank brings up how 2 faced Janelle is.
Britney: “Trust me I had that cold slap in the face to.. believe me.. it’s not a good way to play this game”

Britney says that janelle saying those things to danielle were hurtful, “Especially to a girl like Danielle.. they only made those lies to ensure that JOJO went home” Frank can see that happening because they’ve told a lot of lies about him.

9:04pm Cam 1-2 Danielle, Dan and Britney

Britney: ‘i’m starting to rethink this whole thing.. I think janelle’s team is falling apart”
Dan: “Isn’t that good though”
Britney: ‘ya it’s great”
Britney :”We’re trying to decide what 6 horrible liars we can trust”
Dan: “We choose the ones we have the best chance beating”

Dan what are the main positives of keeping Frank
britney: “he hates Janelle.. he can’t stand her because he knows she’s saying things about him “

Dan:” I think if they are falling apart we have a better chance to grab one”
Britney: “Which one.. AShley is all over the place”
(They speak in code about who to grab.. Wil or Ashley.. I think it’s Wil)
Britney explains to them that Frank is on to Janelle he sees what she is doing. Dan thinks keeping Frank in the game is more dangerous

9:30pm Cam 1-2 Bedroom boogie, Frank and Dan

They ask Dan what the latest is. Dan: “it’s looking good.. just don’t be overbearing”

Boogie: “We haven’t spoken in 24 hours.. where is Danielle’s head is at”
Dan explains that he’s been trying to reason with Danielle to make her see that rolling with Boogie is a better idea than rolling with Janelle. Dan: “I was a 7 now i’m a 9.2”
Boogie :”I like what I hear”

Frank says he’s going after Janelle’s players Danielle is completely safe from him.

Frank asks him on a scale of 1-10 how much do you trust frank and Boogie. Dan says based on Boogies “Footage” he cannot assign him as high a number as he would to Frank.

Boogie says he’ll be pissed beyond belief if Frank goes home. He says if one of his players win HOH he’ll get up and tell the entire house and say “Upstairs is off limits I don’t want any of your fake shit..I’ll be heated YO.. Don’t even come up the stairs i’ll put a velvet rope up and they’re all off the list”

Boogie: “Janelle has turned into a HUge liar this season.. she’s turned into Matt Hoffman this year”

9:50pm Cam 1 Frank says to Dan while campaigning for a vote.
1) I can beat Danielle, Ian, and Jenn in a final 2
2) I’m going to win a bunch of competitions
(LOL hilarious)

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The diary room is at work!


NOOOOOOOOO, don’t let the coaches in. They have had a free ride for the first several weeks, they know everyone’s game and have a huge unfair advantage. If BB does that I think it will hurt them in the end with decrease ratings. They may get a slight bump but it sounds like most fans are voting no. I think the voting is ridiculous as they have already planned it since the beginning. Janelle has pretty much confirmed all week they have talked to her in the DR about it.


BB is like the honey badger. He just dont care!


Frank Tha Stank!!!!!! Woot!!!!!!


Someone clue me in here. So the coaches were told that they can enter the game by production already?


Smh…production sucks! They couldn’t just let it be unknown to them until Thursday.

And they would tell Janelle. They must want her to win.

Karen S

That’s what I thought too Brandy! If she has a signed contract saying she won’t go to jury house, then
it might already be settled she would win. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Its 100% BS they should have told the noobs not the coaches. Theyve already had safety now they get this heads up. Production blows donkey schlong at this point the noobs are in deep shit with no hip waders.


I just fired up after dark on the dvr should catch up shortly.


annnnnnnnnnnd here we go again with maybe changing the person to vote off lol.

Can’t these people stay with a plan?

I dunno about Keeping Frank, But Janelle and Dan have that pact from last night not to put up either Dan or Danielle for eviction or even to be back doored… Maybe that’s why Dan so hesitant to get Frank to stay.


why did DR spill the beans to janelle but not to any of the other vets? this new procudtion crew playing favorites! so bad!!

Beyonce Fan

Frank go home stank stank.


I voted yes for coaches to comep back and i have feeling majority did and its not thatunfair newbies can change strategies so coaches dont know and they outnumber coaches so their going to have to win hoh or their gonna be nominated

Beyonce Fan

What the hell lol.

Fleur de Lis

9:50pm Cam 1 Frank says to Dan while campaigning for a vote.
1) I can beat Danielle, Ian, and Jenn in a final 2
2) I’m going to win a bunch of competitions
(LOL hilarious)

These are NOT good reasons for Dan to keep Frank in the game. Frank is stupid and his game has actually sucked. He may have some lies made about him but he actually started it himself when he couldn’t trust Willie in the first week. I hope he goes home. I can’t stand looking at that mop head any longer.


Frank talks like he’s for sure going to final 2. It’s week 3 and his ass is on the block and he’s probably leaving. idk, he’s a good bullshitter, but sometimes he says dumb things, speaking of dumb things-Ashley is starting to annoy me to no end with her dumb voice, dumb face, dumb act, I just can’t. She’s not pretty enough for it to even be tolerable.

That pic of Janelly dougnut look’s like her face has been inflated by a tire pump.


Frank is going home. Plain and simple.


Bratney is ruining everyone’s game with her paranoia! Get a spine, and make up your mind. Frank is disgusting and full of himself. Not sure who smells worse in person: him or Gnat.


Hope dan does not fall for frank a boogie shit.


Britney may be a two faced, gossipy, snarky, snide little bitch, but she is a smoking hot one!


I can guarantee you she is soft as all get out though and to me thats nasty. She doesnt work out at all and has zero muscle tone. Bet if you grabbed her ass it would feel like it contained mashed potatoes and is completely devoid of any firmness. She has some pretty fake tits that I bet are real firm though. You can tell she was a large A or small B cup befor she got em.


I hope WHEN the coaches enter that Shane, Dan, Brittany, Danielle and Ian team up and keep Janelle around for comps. I’ve always despised Booger. UGH. I thought Ashley said she’s smart but her game plan was to “act” dingy. I don’t think there is a better actor if that is the case. Shane FTW


So does anyone really like Boogie???


Hell No!!


Out the door with STANKY FRANKY!! SO what is a reasonable donation to sight Simon?? A poor chica I am but LOVE the site!!!! Props

Beyonce Fan

Frank call the meeting so you can look dumb.


It’s pretty obvious that all of the coaches know they are going into the game. Production should let the players know before the vote, or it will be completely unfair and it gives the coaches yet another advantage in the game. I lol’d at Danielle and Dan talking about Janelle and Ashley making her jealous. That girl is really an airhead. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan uses her as a shield for a week or two and then cuts her loose. I’m still holding out hope that Joe will go, if Wil gets wind of the coaches coming into the game he might flip, and I really think Dan would prefer Frank to stay, and he’s trying to convince Danielle and make her think it’s her decision. Danielle still doesn’t get that removing Frank does nothing for her game except piss off Boogie.Janelle will stab her in the back in a heartbeat, while Boogie has bigger fish to fry than Danielle, unless she sends his strongest ally home.


Britney&Janelle should try and relax about the votes on Thursday.Wil has sort of made it clear that he’s mad at Janelle for helping him stay in the game(I phrased it that way,because that’s basically what he’s complaining about).But he said he still plans on voting Frank out this week.They can either believe him or not.But Britney needs to stop with all of this talk about,‘i’m starting to rethink this whole thing.. I think janelle’s team is falling apart.”What doesn’t she understand?No matter what,Frank needs to be evicted this week.End of story.I love how Boogie said in the DR earlier in the season,that Dan won his season because he was competeting against amatures.Yet,Dan is lieing right to Boogie’s face and he’s believing what Dan’s telling him.(What does that say about Boogie?He’s being played by Dan,just like the house guests on season10,that Boogie called amatures)Lol.I think Boogie might be a good person for Dan to take to final 2 because,when Boogie doesn’t get his way,he acts like a total jerk.Even in his conversation that he had with Dan,he’s basically letting it be known if he doesn’t get what he wants(Frank to stay in the house)then he will behave like a bratty little kid.I remember on All-Stars(season7)after Dr.Will was evicted.Boogie behaved like a big baby.It’s obvious his attitude hasn’t changed much from season7.I really think if Dan were to bring Boogie to final2,he would have a extremely good chance getting the jury to vote for Dan to win this season.That’s one of the main reasons why I want Frank to leave.Boogie isn’t good at hiding his emotions,when he doesn’t get his way.The bottom line is,as of right now,Dan is well liked and Boogie isn’t.Boogie hasn’t even gotten a chance to show these house guests,just how much of a arrogant jerk he can be.Yet he still isn’t liked more than Dan.But if Frank leaves out that door on Thursday, these house guests will get to experience Boogie behaving like a big baby/bully.Which will obviously make them hate Boogie and that’s great news for Dan.Lol.


Don’t forget Janelle lies for a living……she could be making it up


sorry,, that should have been a reply to above….what I mean is that she is probably lying about DR telling her she would enter


The way each coach has talked, the twist is in this week. Welcome back coaches into the Big Brother game.

Beyonce Fan

Danelle mad because shane told ashley to get in bed with him lol.


Did Shane just snap at Britney on BBAD?


Shane, Dan, Danielle, Brit alliance if the coaches get dropped in……………….HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYES my 4 favorite players in this crazy ass season


did frank really say all of these so-called lies


The worst thing BB players can do is underestimate people in the house. Just because Janelle’s players haven’t won now, doesn’t mean that they won’t.

I hate to have to hear Danielle say people in the house aren’t good players when she hasn’t even done anything but complain, be jealous, and be self centered.


I love hearing Danielle talk like she is a bad ass competitor and she isnt weak like Dan thinks she is. Maybe she should listen to Dan a bit more and STFU sometimes. Dan is fully aware how weak of a player she is. If you got in her face and said ugly things about her body she would probably quit the game.


Wil is REALLY getting on my last nerve… he should be thanking Janelle! She was pretty much right about the gay men on the show being so emotional & annoying! I really hope the Janelle & Dan alliance works out (if it even still exists) I think they’ll make a great team… & let’s face it, if anyone knows how it feels to fight for your BB life week after week, it’s Janie. But the other 2 people i’m rooting for would have to be Ashley & Shane. :) But please get Frank out ASAP!! He’s just as annoying as big baby Mike…


If Frank leave, either Half,whole or none these coaches will or will not return. Shane will regretted that putting Frank on the Block is a huge mistake. He would been Ian going home not Frank because he is really good with mental & physical challenge. Shane will end up going home next week because of Janelle’s lies & she is gutless, coward, manipulator, arrogance, cockiness and jealous b*tch. If Shane did the right thing of keep the nomination a same, Joe will go home. I can’t wait till the coaches coming in. I will let the newbies or Dan/Mike Boogie gang up to backdoor Janelle on the Block. Let’s see how Janelle feels if she will never regret of keeping a floater over bigger target. Like Rachel of Season 13, she target floaters from left to right. She Knocked-out floaters:Keith,Cassi,Lawon,Shelly. But Janelle, she carried three floaters. How stupid is Janelle will be? She target floaters & look what happen. She still a two time loser. If Janelle is really scare of getting back in the game, she will be easily go home. My point is that if the coaches coming back in the game, shane would never put Frank on the block & got evicted. I have to warn Shane, Don’t trust Janelle or her team at all.